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thana-topsy · 3 days
Different anon from the one you just answered...
You know you can take the ring, drop it somewhere- literally, just chuck it from your inventory, go to Brynjolf and tell him you lost it, then - BAM! - Brand-Shei doesn't go to jail and you can still start the Thieves Guild questline! I hope this helps :D
This changes everything. I can't wait to disappoint Brynjolf!!
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chrysanthemumgames · 14 hours
hello, thank you for the very wonderful game. i was wondering if there was anyway to beat alekto when you spar with her in chapter 2 or 3 i think. thank you very much.
There is not. At that point, Alekto's experience and literal centuries of practice, plus the way her magic aids her, means the PC doesn't have a chance.
That's not to say they never will, but at the beginning of the game, it's just impossible. That said, there are better and worse results as far as the loss goes, if I'm recalling correctly.
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cx-shhhh · 16 days
exr fic recs????? :0
I haven’t been keeping up with the ExR tag recently, but I have my favorite fics bookmarked here:
And if anyone else has other recommendations, please don’t hesitate to mention them!
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damnkenn · 4 months
Hello! 🌟crenny🌟 is one of my favorite ships and I just wanted to let you know that I love the way you draw them so much 💛
ahhh thank you kind anon, it means a lot!! here’s some cozy crenny ft. insomnia craig™ and sleeping kenny to show my appreciation ♡♡♡
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livia-dovehallow · 8 months
Tlh feels so disconnected from the other series. It ignores so many things established already, it's like it's in its own universe. For example:
- We know Cecily's father was an alcoholic and yet none of the adults noticed Matthew's problem.
- Cecily is very active and a fighter but in tlh she's like a stay at home mom and just takes care of Alexander.
- How is it that everyone is so accepting of all the lgbt characters. Like I know shadowhunters don't follow the same social rules as mundanes do but at this point in history being gay is illegal. LIKE YOU COULD GO TO JAIL. And you're telling nobody had a problem. I feel it really undermines Alec's story. He being the first gay consul is a big deal, his fight for himself and his identity is huge and here it's like it's not even a problem for someone being gay. I know history not always improves, so you could say that people got more homophobic with time, but how. How did we go from this generation to the Circle. Like let's pretend Alexander is the Lightwood ancestor, it means Robert is his grandkid, and we know Robert's father was awful. Are you telling me Alexander, Cecily and Gabriel's child, raised a person so badly? Like how? There's no connection.
- Also, how is it so easy for Anna and Ari, and possibly Thomas and Alastair, to adopt a child. Again, it was a huge deal for Alec and Magnus to adopt Max and Rafael, but for the tlh people is this easy?
- Also, we know Alex is the first gay openly gay consul, so should we assume Charles didn't get to be consul? Or he did get to be consul and the historians erased his sexuality?
I have seen this sentiment a lot and I do agree with it. Alone (entirely detached from the rest of TSC and ignoring the fact that these characters are the children of my beloved TID characters), it's an all right series. But knowing that it is a TSC book, you're right. Ignores so many established things.
I just try to think of some of the more historically-inaccurate items as intentionally inaccurate so that TLH feels more welcoming and a better version of history than we know truly happened. However, that disconnects from TMI, as we know, because of how much prejudice Alec faced being gay. If TLH truly connected to all established events, I don't think Alec would have been so scared and felt so threatened.
(And, no, I don't think Charles ever became Consul but that's another story entirely).
Given that we know TLH familes are the ancestors of the TMI families (or most of them, at least), it just doesn't connect well. Obviously, big things could have happened between TLH and TMI that made the Lightwoods go back to being assholes for a generation (don't get me started on that either because Gideon and Gabriel would be so disappointed in them).
I get not wanting to feel tied to the family tree to create the TLH story, but CC should have stuck to what she had already established in a main series. Side books I think have more leeway of being retconned or adjusted, but not a main series, especially not the one that started it all.
So yeah, I can overlook historical inaccuracy to a pretty far extent, but stay consistent in your storytelling among the 4/5 published main series, at least. You wrote yourself into that corner; figure it out. Sigh.
TLH would have made a better series if it had been written as an NA series rather than YA and wasn't confined to a trilogy.
Cecily being reduced to a housewife angers me too much to even address it in this already long post but suffice it to say that I ignore that part of canon because Cecily Herondale-Lightwood is not a fucking housewife ksjflkjs
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pallor-parlor · 1 month
To give you all the cuddles!! You looked amazing in last night’s pics ❤️.
Good morning, kind anon. Thank you 🥺💕🥰💖 Mind if I share a fresh one just after waking up?
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magici-if · 3 months
Iri, honestly it seems so crazy to me how you've been treated so badly when you have only been kind:(
Guys you should remember that authors are humans too..she is doing her best for the story, i uunderstand why she'd be tired of getting the same questions when she clearly explained that a lot of times!
thank you nonnie, I feel so validated 😭
like I get I could've been nicer in the post, but I don't think I deserved the answer I got? Idk I try to be nice to everyone but sometimes people on the internet are truly unreasonable LMAO
love u guys, I rly appreciate how nice and supportive everyone else has been <3
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wisesnail · 3 months
you are such a talented person! i'm always happy to see your artworks :D
This makes me super happy and emotional! Thank you kind anon, I'm glad we make each other happy 🫂💙
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sotwk · 5 days
I have a theory.
Life is so hard these days. Like not just an individual person struggling but just life in general seems to just be turning even the simplest task into this unnecessary swamp which just drains even the hardiest person.
(bear with me)
I think fandom - being, of course, made up of people - suffers not so much from not appreciating fanworks - art and writing and moodboards and edits and all the other things we love to make and share - but from this perpetual drain.
Let me explain: A new fan to a fandom might be very active and excited and involved at first, especially if they're a little neurodivergent and hyperfixating (or are the kind of person who takes rules literally like "reblog stuff!" and they thikn Yes! Rule! I can follow rules, look at me!)
But the problem is they've come into a fandom filled with people who are drained, like everyo else, and who are not new and fresh and overly excited, and here is what I think happens.
They follow The Rules(tm) as they understand it. Reblog stuff. Comment on stuff. Be exited. Be supportive. But they kind of start to notice they don't really receive that same level of support in return.
They don't really see a lot of people reblogging their own stuff. (Maybe it's because they're new and not a lot of people know them yet, maybe they just haven't found their niche, maybe a lot of things) but the excitement starts to kind of... wear a bit.
And maybe they still share their stuff but start to lose energy on being that engaged. Maybe they don't reblog as quickly as they did before. Maybe they don't bother commenting as often. Maybe they kind of feel worn out with wanting to be part of something exciting when it doesn't seem there is much excitemenet.
And they become one of the people that is exactly why everyone feels so drained and unenthusiastic and doesn't reblog or comment.
Everyone is so tired. Everyone wants to know someone enjoyed their stuff. Everyone wants to share. Everyone feels like they came into fandom "just a little too late". Everyone.
I think the problem isn't people don't care, I think it's that caring took so much out of them and they felt they got so little in return that they can't put that much effort in any longer.
And hoestly I don't blame them I'm right on that edge right now. I want so much to be the fan that everyone *says* they want but it doesn't feel like all that many people are doing it and it wears you down and then you find you are aslo not doing it because you just don't have the energy to read another 50 fics when yours gets like 3 comments.
But I want to just tell the whole fandom - maybe if we *all* tried just a little bit harder to be excited again we could all help one another feel more engaged and appreciated and maybe we could all get that support we all want to receive because we have just a bit more energy to give it.
When people ask for readers to comment or reblog or for art appreciators to reblog or send in notes or for people who spend hours making moodboards to get reblogged and "wow this vibes so well!" what we are doing is helping lift everyone up just a little more out of that swamp of apathy and loss of energy so maybe we can all feel better about it again.
Tumblr media
100% agree, my friend! Thank you for saying so, and I am happy to share this for the rest of the class!
Everyone is so tired. Everyone wants to know someone enjoyed their stuff. Everyone wants to share. Everyone feels like they came into fandom "just a little too late". Everyone. I think the problem isn't people don't care, I think it's that caring took so much out of them and they felt they got so little in return that they can't put that much effort in any longer.
I don't have much to add to the Truth my friend dropped above, except for this Gentle Reminder: Let's all be understanding of each other's struggles, and support each other however we can. Every little bit of kindness helps and matters so much!
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giggly-squiggily · 19 days
I just read all of your Enmu fics and Enmu using they/them is something I didn’t know I needed
Akjjarjeajkrjew Thank you! :D I don't know why- They/Them just feels so right with Enmu, you know?
Of course those who refer to the dream demon with He/Him are valid- I just favor gender neutral terms for them when I write Enmu :3
Thanks for asking :D
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hoppinhijynx · 6 months
This was commed like a while ago and im
I'm crying
I love
Look at they
@nilseyart did such an INCREDIBLE JOB capturing show style as she always does
I'm trying to ARTICULATE how beautiful this is but it's just 🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷
Tumblr media
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chrysanthemumgames · 2 days
!chapter 10 spoilers!
kind of!
sorry if i don’t explain this correctly, but you know how in some films/tv, there’s a scene where double doors burst open, and time slows down, and the unlikely group of protagonists emerge from a fog like they own the place, and there’s usually some cool song that goes with it?
that is exactly how i’m picturing chapter 10, and the song is ‘6 inch’ by beyoncé
As it happens, there is a semi-dramatic door opening involved! Though it's less 'fog' and more 'roiling shadow.' As the Chthonics do. :)
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lightningboltreader · 20 days
just an ask to say you are awesome and your contribution to fandom is amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love your writing and I see you helping so many people out with their fics from all over the fandom and I think that's really cool
🥹 What a lovely message to wake up to!
Thank you so much. I’m grateful everyday that I found a group of people from all over the world with whom to share my thoughts, thots, dreams, worries, sadness and joy about these characters and about life in these times.
The opportunity to help, to beta and cheerlead is a trust, a bond and a challenge that I love so much I could cry. Gah! I know it’s not easy to hand over a piece of your heart for humble inquiry and feedback, those who gift me their words for review or post their snippets and ideas are so brave!! The TALENT here is fucking incredible and getting better every day. I love it.
I don’t write as well or as often as I want to but I’m growing so much with the journey and I’m thrilled when my fics resonate or make someone smile.
Thanks again for taking the time to send this and for your kind words. I’m touched. 💕
Tumblr media
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damnkenn · 6 months
Can you make part two of shooting your shot please idk if i just cant find it or what but it was so cute
hey! thank you so much ♡(´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ ᵕ °̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)
i’m still working on the second part! (which is also going to be the final part…i think 👀) i was hoping to have it out already but unfortunately i’ve had some things going on in my life that have limited the amount of time i’ve been able to spend drawing. i’ve also had some pieces i’ve wanted to work on simultaneously so that’s also prolonged everything (。・・。)”
for now here’s a little bit of one of my planning pages for the comic to apologize for the wait:
Tumblr media
i just wanted to go ahead and answer this so you knew! i’ll be linking the second part on the first post once it’s finished and will also come back and link it here. (i also post them on ao3!) thank you again for your ask ♡
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livia-dovehallow · 8 months
Not spoilers from chot dint worry
A great plothole in all tlh for me is how not a single adult realised early on Matthew alcoholism, when Edmund was literally a drunk and lost everything because of it
YES! I have thought about Edmund's alcoholism and its impact on Cecily nonstop since I re-read CP2 during the peak of the pandemic.
As many of my followers are aware, I have a headcanon that I faithfully utilize in all my works that Gabriel intentionally does not drink because of Edmund and how it affected Cecily. Cecily has one of the most depressing childhoods of literally any TSC character and it's just so swept under the rug.
Sure, Will may not have seen Edmund's alcoholism first-hand, but he should have seen how it impacted his literal sister.
Cecily should have been able to recognize the smell and traits immediately and would have confided in Gabriel about her concerns.
Charlotte was always an attentive Institute Head and raised literally a handful of heathens when she was only 23 and we're supposed to believe that she had no idea what either of her sons were ever up to? That she was an absent mother?
Henry has always been absentminded but we know for a fact that he's very attentive to his family when he senses something wrong. He always knew when Charlotte was upset or angry without her having to say it. And we're meant to believe Henry didn't notice anything in his son? Or that he didn't smell the alcohol when the man works with it because of his science?
Or even Sophie. Sophie grew up Mundane for, what, 20-21 years of her life and spent a good number of those years as a maid? I'm positive she's seen her share of alcoholics.
And we're meant to believe that NONE of them ever considered that Matthew had a serious problem and they needed to intervene? It's just so hard to believe and it's a plot hole that really contradicts everything the TID characters experienced in their own lives.
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You’re welcome, anon! Glad I could make you happy 😘
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