etincelleart · 1 month
Tumblr media
PEN PEN with the FROG CROP TOP (that someone posted on Twitter ehe)
It looks perfect on her omg-
I'll also post later the few Kofi requests I've done for the past few days !
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lovingly-chip · 1 year
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been lookin at lotsa frosen steel art and such and wow
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bardock1991 · 2 months
Nuts N' Dolts Week - Day 6: Future WIP
Tumblr media
@nuts-and-dolts-week 2023 may TECHNICALLY be over, but that doesn't mean MY entries are over. The skecthes for days 6 to 8 have been done for a while, but due to work & other life shit, i wasn't able to finish this challenge in time.
But i'm still working on it whenever possible, so here's a sneakpeak for the lineart of Day 6: Future. This + Day 4's linearts are proving to be difficult due to how detailed the art itself is & how thin i have to make the lineart due to the size of said artwork
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revueofsplitting · 6 months
When I said I wanted nuts and dolts content I DIDNT MEAN THIS AT FUCKING ALL.
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crimsonxe · 7 months
RWBY 9x02 spoilers below the cut:
- Watching Weiss crack and talking to herself in the background, throughout the episode - chef’s kiss- xD
- I think Bees are the most flirty and romantic displaying pair in the show, like Renora have had their moments but Ren kinda kept that from going full-blown. BB on the hand has the two glomping, very nonchalantly touching each other every chance they get, teasing each other, and the awkward nervous type body language that sends my hopeless romantic ass into a high xD Also find it very telling how each of the “prices” were tied to characters and what I’d think it a major thing they’ll be dealing with. Ruby’s being “hope” and Yang’s “knowing what its like to be loved”. Not only does Yang’s dive into being loved but also if done a certain way could tap into her self-sacrifice and self-value issues too. So excited. 
- Pennny’s sword -emotional spike to the chest- 
- “the weapon of a powerful warrior” “not just a powerful warrior, but the most powerful to ever live. She was touched by magic... and she gave her life for thousands. She took a message of hope to the stars. And she saw the world through better eyes.” “Take us to the royal birthday and allow us to present this most precious gift.” Ruby talking about the Penny while holding and looking at her sword -thousand emotional spikes to chest- WHY CRWBY? My NutsnDolts shipping side is thoroughly going through it T.T
- Love the commentary about Fairy tales, cause I mean it is kind of true. MC’s from them do some shady stuff, but since the story is from their PoV it’s not commented on. As usual RWBY is actually doing a “well maybe we should look at it”
- Weiss clocking herself in the back of the head with a rock ROFL. omg I have water in my eyes from laughing so hard  
Will probably add images later but this chromebook definitely can’t do CR and that means can’t take screencaps currently, but future will have the ability.
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Thanks for the tag Ire @urban-sith :) I'm posting my response here instead of my main because this is where I actually interact with people.
three ships: Dulcianthe, NutsNDolts (RWBY), Bariscend (see my previous essays on the subject)
first ship: If we're defining this as "first ship I sought out content for" then it's Roxas/Xion right after I finished 358/2 Days, and then Roxas/Axel shortly thereafter. Wish I'd known about polyamory back then, I'd have had a field day.
last movie: Mad Max: Fury Road with my partner, who thought it was only okay :(
currently reading: between books at the moment! Debating between rereading the unspoken name so I can get the sequel or starting on something new on my to read list.
currently watching: yellowjackets, which I went into blind expecting a survival drama, so RIP me
currently consuming: corn chips and Mexican pepper sauce at a truly alarming rate
last song i listened to: “Used to the Darkness" by Des Rocs
currently craving: Thai food. I finally live in a place with Thai restaurants and I want to try Everything. Jungle curry duck is next on my to eat list
favorite color: soft pinks, rich purples, and dark blues
sweet, salty, or savory: savory by default, but salty more often because my meds make me chronically deficient
working on: learning how to live in a new country, first and foremost! On the creative side, I'm trying to get my DnD game going again now that I have wifi, and then I've got an essay on Iscend to write, some more wlw review, a griddlehark Orpheus and Eurydice fic (I'm very original you see), two original fiction projects (one of which I teased briefly like three months ago), and, eventually, a beaujes critrole fic to "wrap up" (150k down, about 100k to go). So you know, nothing much
I'm tagging @thunderon @nikita-not-nikola @rnanqo @ollie-ollie-oxenfreee and @dragonwolfe22 . Obviously if for any reason you don't wanna, feel no obligation to play.
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studiorwby · 4 years
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Penny Hugs
v3 vs v7
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ookamihanta · 3 years
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Frosen steel kids!!! someone on reddit said frosen steel would have like 4 kids but i gave up on the fourth one OTL
The whiterose kid is named Gloria! NutsnDolts is Beatrice. Whatever weiss/penny is is Petunia! Which ones your favorite? I personally love Petunia.
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dragynkeep · 3 years
I get the feeling that part of the reason CRWBY is giving us merely crumbs with RG is cause so many people were up in arms about the age gap (despite the fact that it's the same age gap between ruby and her other ships, save for NutsnDolts). I could be wrong, don't quote me on that.
I think it’s also just because Oscar and Ruby weren’t together for a lot of the Volume, and when they reunited, it was also with Emerald in tow who Ruby, understandably, hates. 
Besides, RT have said before that shipping Rosegarden is fine, so I don’t see them going back on that just because the same people that complained before are complaining again. 
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Do you like RWBY? Who are your favorite characters and pairings if you do?
I like rwby! I like Weiss, I like Yang, I like Penny, I like BMBLB and NutsNDolts
I just like it
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commanderkurama · 5 years
If you think this “war” between Eclipse and the Bees is bad....wait til they make it to Atlas and we meet Penny 2.0 while Weiss deals with her family issues.
It’ll be a NutsnDolts/WhiteRose/RoseGarden/Lancaster Battle Royale.
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etincelleart · 7 days
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Warmth - Nuts and Dolts comic
Back in the game, enjoy more fluff EHE
This comic isn't related to the previous one or any other, I kinda make them all unique everytime :) In this one, Jaune healed Penny and they made it to Vacuo
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lovingly-chip · 1 year
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i forgot i had a tumblr
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bardock1991 · 2 months
Nuts N' Dolts Week - Day 4: Light & Darkness
Tumblr media
"It doesn't matter how many times i'm reborn, i will always follow the same path!"
- Ruby O. Rose
12 hours... I had to deal with this blackout that happened because of a gust of wind earlier this morning... FOR 12 F-ING HOURS!!!... From 10AM to 10:30PM, it was HELL!!! Okay, with THAT out of the way, let's talk about this @nuts-and-dolts-week Day in particular. Sun & Moon. For this one, i decided to give Ruby & Penny a different "class" that represented the Moon & the Sun respectively. For Ruby, it's a Dark Knight, while Penny's a Priestess. This was the one my closest friends called it their favorite & seeing the finished work, i can see why.
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lilac-bellfrog · 4 years
Gosh, I have this multichapter ironqrow / nutsndolts / freezerburn cyberpunk-ish AU idea floating around in my head. It's driving me CRAZY but I can't get my ideas on paper until I'm done with work, and I get so tired after work that I don't have drive to write.
I haven't written anything non-original in over a year and the itch is driving me batty today lol
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ozcarpin · 5 years
Ruby and Penny?
The ship is my: Cute
I consider this ship’s feelings: Mutual | Mixed | Strange | Awkward | Platonic | Sibling-like | One-sided | They don’t really like each other |
I’d consider the relationship: Healthy | Awkward | Abusive | Doesn’t work properly | They’d never get together |
Children: No | Yes | They’d think about it 
General Opinion: I think these two are very cute together. Ruby and Penny compliment each other well in their awkwardness and they both have the open-mindedness for a ship like this to work, and well. Just the fluffiest of the fluff honestly. 
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