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aynavaano · 2 months
Sunsets on Pabu
Old Hunter x f!reader
Rating: Explicit
Wordcount: 3k
You spend a wonderful day at the beach with Hunter, Wrecker and Crosshair. In the evening the two of them decide to join the rest of your family at Sheps for dinner while you and Hunter stay at the beach to watch the sunset together but Hunter decides to turn his attention to you instead.
Tadaaa! It’s finally here. I let you vote between a soft and a rough version and the majority voted for soft and loving. So this is what you get first. Reader is married to Hunter, you live on Pabu together and he absolutely worships you, we have oral (f receiving) and unprotected sex. Kind of public sex but not really. It’s porn with very little plot, just a little fluff. Also Tech lives, because I will die on that hill. And don’t worry all Hunter girlies that like it rougher, you will get your fic next week. (Spoiler alert: Hunter bends you over the dining table)
Tumblr media
As the day winds down and the sun begins its descent towards the horizon, casting a warm orange glow across the beach, you find yourself grateful for the simple pleasures the island has to offer. You're dressed in your new cute bikini, that you let Hunter pick, feeling the warm sand between your toes as you stroll along the shore with him, Wrecker, and Crosshair. You spent the whole day at the beach together, swimming, basking in the sun and eating more Meiloorons than you probably should. The sound of the waves crashing against the beach is soothing, and you can't help but smile as you soak in the beauty of the moment. Unfortunately Tech can’t be bothered most of the time and only joins you for beach days when Omega pushes all his buttons and pulls the sweetest face on him, but you got used to it and instead often spend the evenings together at his and Phees place.
You hear Batcher barking in the distance before you even see Omega and Lyana approaching, making their way down from the town to let you know Shep invited everyone for dinner on his terrace. But despite the tempting invitation, you decline, having already decided you want to watch the sunset with Hunter. Wrecker and Crosshair however head off with the girls to enjoy Shep's famous cooking, leaving the two of you alone on the beach.
You watch them walking up the steep alley, Batcher happily running ahead and barking, while gathering your things and making your way further down the beach, seeking out a secluded spot, away from the houses, where you can enjoy the sunset in peace. The sand is still warm beneath your feet as you walk along the shore, hand in hand with your husband.
Finally, you find a spot that feels just right, a cove with a small patch of sand nestled between a few bigger rocks. You spread out your blanket and settle down beside each other.
Nestled in Hunter's arms, you watch as the sun paints the sky in beautiful shades of pink, orange and gold. It's a familiar sight on Pabu, one you've witnessed countless times before, but it never fails to take your breath away and with Hunter by your side, it always feels even more special.
"You sure you didn't want to go to Sheps for dinner?" you ask, snuggling closer to him.
"More than sure," he replies, his voice soft and warm against your ear. "It's not often that we get an evening just for us."
You smile up at him giving him a sweet kiss, his arms tightening around you protectively.
"They'll be fine," he reassures you. "Wrecker's probably already stuffed to the brim, like always, and complaining that he can’t fit more, and Omega's teaching Lyana new gambling tricks. And I'm sure Phee's doing her best to get Crosshair to open up, most likely with the help of her secret stash of Alderaan wine, while Tech is trying to argue that thats not the solution."
You smile at the thought of your friends enjoying themselves. Evenings on Sheps terrace are always a lot of fun, everyone’s together with good food and good talks but in this moment, all you care about is the feeling of Hunter's arms around you and the beauty of the sunset before you, as you lean in to press a gentle kiss against his lips, grateful for the love and warmth he brings into your life.
He pulls you closer to his chest, planting soft kisses on your lips, one of his hands tracing the curves of your body, gently caressing every inch of your skin, leaving goosebumps wherever he touches you. You playfully shift around until you're straddling him, capturing his lips in a passionate kiss. Your hand moves to his cheek and you let your thumb brush lovingly against his greying beard.
"You're going to miss the sunset if you keep looking at me love," you murmur softly, breaking the kiss momentarily.
"Well, then I guess it's good that the one thing I like looking at even more than sunsets is you," he replies with a smile, his eyes filled with adoration.
A mischievous grin spreads across your face as you lean in closer. "In that case …you know… I can make that view even better," you tease, your fingers tugging at the strings of your bikini top and with a swift motion, you unravel the top, casting it aside to expose your bare breasts.
He instantly wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you closer, burying his face between your soft breasts with a contented sigh. His beard tickles slightly against your skin, sending shivers down your spine.
He carefully begins to lick and gently nibble on your hardening nipples, getting a few soft moans from you in response. His hands roam over your breasts, cupping them with just the right amount of pressure as he looks up at you with admiration in his eyes.
"Sometimes I still wonder how I got so lucky to have you," he murmurs, his voice filled with love.
You chuckle softly and reach behind him, pulling on the back of his bandana to release his hair, which cascades over his shoulders in soft waves. You marvel at how long it has grown since you first started dating, admiring the subtle streaks of grey that have begun to appear over time.
With a gentle push, he guides you to lay on your back, positioning himself over you.
"If we're going to miss the sunset, we might as well make it worth it," he grins, his lips trailing kisses all over your body leaving a line of fire in their wake.
He takes his time, savoring every inch as he carefully removes your swim bottoms. Each touch is deliberate and full of love, each caress sending shivers of anticipation through your body, heat already pooling between your legs.
"Let me make take care of you my love," he murmurs, his breath hot against your skin, turning his attention to your core, already yearning for his touch
He kisses along your inner thighs, his breath warm against your skin as he moves closer to your center. When his tongue finally makes contact with your folds, a low moan escapes your lips and you arch into his touch. He quickly wraps his arms around your tights to keep you from moving and to hold you flush against his face.
"Oh, Hunter," you gasp, your fingers tangling in his hair as he continues to tease and lick. His movements are deliberate and unhurried, each stroke of his tongue sending waves of heat radiating through you.
"You feel so good cyare," he murmurs against your skin, his voice husky with desire. "I could do this all night."
He slowly increases the intensity of his licks and kisses and when he starts sucking your clit you are already a whimpering mess in his arms.
“You want my fingers?” he asks looking up at you.
Your only response is a desperate moan, the words lost in a haze of pleasure as he pushes you ever closer to the edge with his tongue but he doesn’t need to hear you, after all these years he knows exactly what you like.
He slowly slides first one then a second finger into you without any resistance, your pussy practically dripping for him and when he begins to thrust into you slowly you can feel the tension building in your core, the familiar coil of desire tightening with each stroke of his tongue and thrust of his fingers.
“Oh fuck…Hunter…feels…so good” you moan,
“Mmmhm…don’t hold back love” he groans before he descends down on your clit, mercilessly sucking it into his mouth until your body begins to writhe under his touch.
“M…m close” is all you can get out between your whimpers and mewls, his fingers pushing into you with an intensity that leaves you unable to have any coherent thoughts.
"Come for me, baby," he murmurs, his voice vibrating against your core as he curls his fingers up to find that extra sweet spot, the one that makes you see stars, driving you higher and higher until you're teetering on the brink.
With a final, desperate cry, you shatter beneath him, waves of ecstasy crashing over you as you ride out the storm of your release on his fingers, you pussy clenching hard around him. You’re a whining and panting mess, it’s crazy what he can do to you only with his mouth and his fingers.
When you slowly come down from your high he carefully slides out of you, his arms wrapping around you in a protective embrace and your body starts relaxing against him. Hunter's lips find yours in a searing kiss, his hands moving to cup your face as he gazes at you with a mixture of awe and adoration. His eyes are filled with love and tenderness, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead, his lips lingering against your skin.
"You're so beautiful when you come on my fingers," he murmurs, his voice filled with awe as he gazes at you with adoration, peppering your face with soft kisses. “I’ll never get tired watching you like that, it’s divine.”
You smile up at him, your heart overflowing with love and gratitude pulling him close, cherishing the moment and the man who means everything to you.
You wrap your legs around him, feeling his hardened length pressing against your thigh, your hunger for him in not yet sated and you eagerly wiggle around reaching down to free his cock.
“Can’t get enough, hm?” he chuckles.
"Mhm, help me take these off," you whisper, tucking at the hem of his swim shorts.
He quickly cast his shorts aside and crawls back over you, leaning in to kiss you, propped up on his elbows. You love how his body changed over the years, it got slightly softer as he let go of the hardships and battles, but lost not a single bit of his strength.
“I want to feel you inside me” you whisper desire lacing your words when his beautiful rock hard cock is finally freed from its confinement.
You reach down to stroke him, his lips grazing your neck, whispering sweet words of adoration and when you feel the precum already leaking from his tip you shiver with delight.
"Would you ride me a bit?" he asks softly, his voice a tender whisper against your skin.
"Who am I to deny you that wish?" you respond with a loving glint in your eye.
He rolls onto his back, effortlessly pulling you on top of him, his hands holding onto your hips, helping you to straddle him.
"Come here," he whispers, his eyes ablaze with desire, pupils blown wide, as you position yourself, sliding up and down his length, spreading your wetness all over him, before lining him up at your entrance.
With the last rays of the setting sun casting a reddish pink glow on your skin, you slowly sink down on his cock, until he bottoms out, relishing the sensation of being filled by him once more.
You both moan, taking a moment to fully enjoy it. You’ve been together for years but the sensation of taking him in completely, feeling yourself stretch around him, is still as good as it was the first time.
"Oh Hunter, you feel so good," you moan, steadying yourself against his chest.
You slowly begin moving up and down his length, relishing the sensation of being so full, his thick cock stretching you in all the right ways. Each movement sends waves of pleasure coursing through your body, igniting a desire within you that only he can still.
As you bounce up and down on his cock, your hair cascades in loose waves around your shoulders, still slightly damp from your last swim and your beautiful breasts bounce with every movement, drawing his gaze like a moth to a flame.
"I love you so much" he whispers, his voice filled with devotion, reveling in the sight of you on top of him, his eyes tracing every curve of your body illuminated by the dying sun. In this moment, he feels like the luckiest man in the galaxy, blessed to have you in his arms. Unable to resist, his hands come up to cup your breasts, his thumbs trailing over your hardened nipples, eliciting a soft gasp from your lips.
"I'll take it from here," he whispers huskily, his voice heavy with desire as he gently but hungrily pushes you onto your back, with ease, positioning himself between your legs and slowly starts thrusting into you. Taking your legs up over his shoulders, he picks up the pace, each movement driving you both closer to the edge of ecstasy.
As he plunges into you with increasing fervor, you become a moaning, whining mess beneath him, lost in the throes of passion. Fortunately, the waves crashing on the nearby rocks dim everything around, preventing your lewd sounds and the squelching of your soaking wet pussy from traveling too far up to the village.
"Hunter, I'm close," you gasp, your voice trembling with need. "Come with me?" You ask him, your eyes locking with his as you plead for release.
He lets go of your legs and comes down over you, propped up on his elbows, his hair cascading around your faces like a veil. With a deep, passionate kiss, he whispers against your lips,
"Cum for me, let me feel that beautiful pussy clenching around my cock" his words send shivers down your spine and when he thrusts deeper, his tip pushing against your cervix, just the way he knows you like it, you feel your body responding eagerly to him.
It takes only a few more of these deep, powerful thrusts until you feel your pussy clenching down on him, the tension in your core reaching its breaking point. With a lewd moan, the delicious heat begins pulsing through your entire body and you're consumed by the intensity of your orgasm. He follows you almost immediately. Before the first wave of ecstasy fully washes over you, you feel him harden even more, his rhythm becoming sloppy and his arousal driving him to the brink.
With one final, deep thrust, he releases himself inside you, filling you up with his hot seed. You feel a surge of warmth as he gasps, his body crashing down against yours, his lips seeking yours in a deep, soulful kiss. In that moment, the world fades away, your mind goes completely blank, all sounds dim around you, leaving only the sensation of your orgasm pulsing through your body and the feeling of his hot skin against yours.
You bask in the afterglow of your shared orgasm, his forehead resting against yours, reveling in the intimacy of the moment. Your bodies are sweaty and you’re panting when you slowly come back to yourselves, the sounds and view of the surroundings returning to your senses.
He leans in to kiss you, his lips conveying a depth of emotion that words could never express. With a soft whisper, he murmurs sweet, loving words that warm your heart and soul.
You revel in the feeling of you bodies pressed together and when his softening cock slowly slides out of you, you feel his cum oozing from your core dripping down into the sand.
“I know you like walking around with my cum leaking out of you, but we should get you cleaned up love”
“Mhm…can’t think…n…can’t walk…Cross took…took all our towels back home” you mumble, completely blissed out and cock dumb.
“Let me take care of you riduur, like I always do” he whispers, looking down at your flushed face and your silly smile with pure love and adoration before he scoops you up into his arms.
You know what he’s about to do. He always carries you into the ocean whenever you have sex on the beach and you love it almost as much as being fucked into oblivion by him.
The water on Pabu is always warm, enveloping you in its soothing embrace as he wades into its depths and you cling to him, your legs wrapped around his waist, exchanging tender kisses as the gentle waves rock you back and forth.
As you float together, you trace the lines of his tattoo on his face, your fingers brushing lightly over his beard before trailing down his chest. You let your hands rest there, feeling the steady rhythm of his heartbeat beneath your touch. He pulls you closer, his arms wrapping around you protectively as you nestle your head in the crook of his neck, his long locks tickling your face in the gentle breeze. In this moment, surrounded by the warmth of the ocean and the tenderness of his embrace, you feel truly at peace.
The sun has set completely when you reluctantly emerge from the water and the cool evening breeze sends shivers down your spine. You quickly make your way to your beach blanket and lie down, the chill of the night air causing your teeth to chatter. Hunter pulls you close, wrapping you tightly in his embrace. With gentle hands, he drapes his soft knit cardigan around your shoulders, cocooning you in its warmth until the trembling subsides.
Nestled against his chest, you watch in awe as more and more stars begin to appear in the night sky, their twinkling lights casting a soft glow over the beach. With each passing moment, the world around you seems to fade away, leaving only the two of you alone in the embrace of the night. In this tranquil moment, wrapped in his arms and surrounded by the beauty of the starlit sky, you feel an overwhelming sense of peace and contentment wash over you that he is able to live this soft and gentle live here on Pabu and that he chose you to be part of it.
“Let’s go home” he whispers “before you start freezing again. And I’m sure Omega got us some leftovers from Shep”
You chuckle.
“Then we better get home before Wrecker finds them”
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nightmaresyrup · 11 months
Tumblr media
Old Hunter...
I like the OG hunter garbs...but I imagine it would get sticky from the merciless "thwacking".
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locitapurplepink · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Taglist : @photogirl894 , @leosardonyx18 , @commander-tech , @aintinacage , @trapezequeen , @aesira-of-orion , @zaya-mo , @ambulance-mom , @aesira-of-orion , @thebadbatch2022 , @catcucumber-salad and anyone else who's a fan of the bad batch.
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amandamadeathing · 3 months
NALA SE: Look at my latest work, Lama-Su. This one will be big and strong. This one will be an excellent marksman. He will be very smart. And this one will be able to feel vibrations.
LAMA-SU: Feel vibrations? That's it?
NALA SE: Hmmm...the Clones are genetically predisposed to hair loss. Perhaps I can assure he has a luxurious head of thick dark hair even into his old age.
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bornetoblood · 1 year
Tumblr media
A very cool Bloodborne commission for one of my buddies!!
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techs-goggles9902 · 1 month
Okay I hate to say this but I was an emotional wreck after the finale and I know I’ve said I didn’t like the finale, but I was actually disgusted. I don’t know why if I’m being honest.
I HATE change so seeing them older was likely a cause. I really needed to get this off my chest lmao there’s no main idea to this ramble :3
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I just finished the bad Bach and I am crying because of the end I mean omega leaving to go help the rebellion has me sad that the bad Bach TV show is over
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katyspersonal · 1 year
You muppet
Gimme your top 5 non-boss Bloodborne enemies 🔪🔪
Hahaha! This is a hard question, because, like... Do I judge the design? The concept? The (presumed) pleasure of fighting them? xD Or, maybe, how good they are from raw gameplay standpoint, without any of our Tumblr sentimental values added? ...so, in the end, I decided to judge on raw personal enjoyment. Here goes!
Five - Edgar, Choir Intelligencer!
Tumblr media
Yeah, yeah, NPCs are a weird grey area since they're no regular enemies, blablabla. But, first, I wanted to include at least one Hunter NPC. Two - if I am choosing, it is DEFINITELY Edgar. I enjoyed fighting him on that moonlit bridge..... But, more importantly, I enjoy what this character entails. A player that was only yet to be educated would, soon enough, learn that Micolash has a friend. And then, some time later, the fandom would learn from official materials the character's name and get confirmation for his affiliation with the Choir! I just think that he is THE coolest NPC. Whereas others (looking at the no-dialogue ones in this) would be self-explanatory, with Edgar, there is a mystery that only people with imagination could solve! What else you could've asked for!
Also, I am totally weak for the fact that he does the 'Joy' gesture when he kills us. Way to kill the potential drama of "sparing us from the worse fate" and confirm that you are a simp insane, you lil shit! :pensive: Yet, despite saying less, it is saying more..... Anyways, onto the REAL enemies!
Four - Old Hunter enemy!
Tumblr media
They are fuckin' SOMETHING ELSE in terms of aesthetic and behaviour, you know? The bastards have far too much of a healthbar, I will admit, but it is more about the lore... And the vibe. When they are attacking in unhinged, terrifying rage - the beasts (Beast Patient type) cover in fear, that leaves the whole "who is the REAL beast here?" message! They have various weapons and fighting styles. And they have yellow or red eyes variants, that helped me to resolve the mystery of what is under Chester's mask, since he is heavily implied to be from Yharnam and teleported by an Amygdala!
Three - Fishman Mage!
Tumblr media
LOVE these guys! ...yes, despite the fact that they keep spamming me with DARN bolt spells and DARN purple homing skulls. But... At the same time, this is so BADASS. I can only speculate and bounce off ideas on why their magic has "wrong" colors; with this type of skulls normally being red and the bolt in Bloodborne normally being blue. But, I love the aesthetic and the cool magic nonetheless. Not to mention the Mystery TM of what is up with their "elongated" heads.
Tumblr media
I thought of something akin Lumenweed but more coral-like instead of plant-like, since they seem to pray for other Great Ones to avenge Kos that they "failed" to protect (and since one of Fishmen variants has something similar anyways), but we just don't know! Could be a polyp, could be a fin, could be a Cool Hat...
Two - Clocktower Patient!
Tumblr media
The amount of lore per pixel kills me! They have interesting VARIANTS - the regular, the naked, the completely tied-up one, the just-head one, the one behaving like a beast, the fuckin headless walking bodies... The HUGE one, that I fucking bet would be Pthumerians pushed into experiments too, all that.
And, although sometimes they can be frustrating to fight, ESPECIALLY when they come in a crowd, I just love how... "informative" they are? I have not learned more from any other enemy than from these people. They demand a keen eye to decipher no matter what. Like how it is easy to miss that their heads are covered so we can't know what is UNDER the fabric, or the tentacles... But yes, at the same time, the designs and the variations alone are pretty interesting AND scary!
One - Loran Cleric!
Tumblr media
Fuckin'. BEST. Display of the fact that what Yharnam is going through already plagued Loran once. Fuckin' AWESOME design. Fuckin' EXTREMELY on-the-nose way to show the "history repeats itself" sentiment. They have ROBES, and they have horns. And they have PYROMANCY... Like other Pthumerians, some Vilebloods (Maria) and, interestingly, Laurence in his beast form, have.
I always found it hard to kill them, because I just could not have enough of their moveset and appearances. They are the enemies I tried to NOT kill for as long as I could afford. Their pyromancy staff gave me idea that Laurence would be using one as soon as he'd get his hands on it, probably in Byrgenwerth + early Church era. I also remember having killed one and spending good 20 minutes just taking pictures, including their cool twisted smiles! I also think that Blood-Possessed Soul is their final transformation form!
Honorable mention: Church Servants. Of course.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thank you for the 'some things can only harm you if you are smart enough to PERCEIVE them' delivery, guys.
Thank you for the ask! It was insightful for me too! x)
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ditzydoggies · 2 years
Tumblr media
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batcavescolony · 1 month
Katniss is such an unreliable narrator. She says "Then something unexpected happens. At least, I don't expect it because I don't think of District 12 as a place that cares about me" girl you deliver strawberries to the Mayor, you hunt and trade for the district, when you fell at Prim being chosen someone caught you, when you went to Prim people parted for you, when you volunteered EVERYONE stopped. Idk how to tell you but I think you're a pillar of the community.
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aynavaano · 3 months
I have only one question before I start writing:
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zaana · 3 months
Tumblr media
I drew some old guys
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locitapurplepink · 2 months
Tumblr media
Old Hunter looks pretty handsome :)
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whisperwillyou · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I still haven’t watched the last two episodes lol
Have a Noceda siblings sketch that I never finished
Luz really cartwheeled into the boiling isle and swiped the brother Belos has spent the last 400 years fine tuning and I have nothing but respect for her. 😌
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bornetoblood · 1 year
Tumblr media
hummana hummana
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endivinity · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A retouch of an old old piece! Still super proud of it, didn't need all that much work to bring it up to standard. Mizutsune taking a cozy lil nap!
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