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lonewolflupe · 2 days
Every time I write 'Crosshair' on my phone, it autocorrects into 'Crossword'. So let me introduce you to CT-9904 Crossword.
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This was the only pic I got of it before firing it
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No pressure tags:
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mantellmix · 9 hours
Remember what I said.
It took me a while to realize what Hunter meant when he said this to Echo. I was rewatching Clone Wars season 7 and I gasped--
Hunter basically said that Echo's welcome to come back to them. That he has a place in their squad, their family, even if he has a different path 😭😭😭
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badbatcher-99 · 3 days
Captain Baja Blast 🩵✨
Ft. Captain Rex
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I couldn’t draw his eyes so he got sunglasses 😎 ( larger version below ⬇️ )
Close up of sunglasses Howzer cause I actually like how it came out
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Howzer won the Twitter poll so now it’s on to Rex who won the tumblr poll
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vivaislenska · 2 days
Crosshair is Force-sensitive in the Hyperspace Stories comic?
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To be honest, I wasn’t really a fan of Force-sensitive Crosshair. But I did enjoy Tech’s dialogue!
(Unfuckery below the cut)
Alright fine it’s just a splice of these the two pages below (4 and 11), but I finally got the comic last night and I’m annoying and couldn’t help myself. [Star Wars Hyperspace Stories Issue #10]
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phresya · 2 days
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I feel like Cross would make a pretty decent fisherman, he can see where the fish are with those eyes of his
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lexavalon052 · 2 days
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I just want him to hold me dearly
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notgonnaedit · 3 days
bad batch as things me and my brothers have said (pt 2)
*after watching the Maze Runner*
Echo: So they're not rescued, they're still being tested...
Wrecker: What were the monsters called again? The gri....?
Omega: The grimace?
Hunter: The grimace! *Wheeze*
Tech: the Grievers
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stars-n-spice · 3 days
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Hello there!
Around a year ago, I came up with some designs for clone booty shorts because they were haunting me and I wanted them. Turns out other people wanted some too!
Someone then reached out to me with a company that could print out the designs and I spent so much time connecting that with Shopify and PayPal and doing a bunch of shit to pull it all together and for a bit it was successful!
However, to keep the shop up it costed like,, $34-$39 a month and after a bit there were no sales and that wasn't something I could sustain/continue to pay for. So I put the store on hold because I didn't want to take it all down since I spent so much time on putting it together 🙃.
I want to bring it back :D
However, that's only if there's enough interest in the shorts! Of course, I do have other products and am planning on making others as well! (Some examples of what is up on the site are under the cut!)
I want to see how many people might be interested in actually getting something from the shop, should it go back online to see if it's worth bringing back. Though, if there are a good handful I might just have it up for the summer and then put it back on hiatus then rinse and repeat. But we shall see!
That being said...
Please reblog!!
That way it can reach as much people as possible :) Thank y'all so much 🩵💫
Some product images under the cut!
Keep in mind all the shorts have a little logo pertaining to the clone on the front of them! (as seen with the clone force 99 ones with the skull and 99 logo)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here is a link to the store to see more!
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twinsunstars · 17 hours
"Can you braid my hair?"
Summary: Omega helps Emerie braid her hair during their time together on Tantiss.
Additional Prompt: "Can you braid my hair?"
Notes: Wanted to associate this prompt with Omega and Emerie getting some time to be siblings together. Hope you enjoy this small fic! divider by @summer-of-bad-batch
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The same everyday routine on Tantiss never really got tiring for everyone else as they continued to work their jobs. For Omega, it was getting boring. 
Four months had passed now ever since she was brought here, and every day there was a lot to do. Blood samples, feeding the lurca hounds, keeping everything organized, behaving well and not making trouble. Omega had forced herself to adapt to her new surroundings while continuing to wait for her brothers to arrive and rescue her. Deep inside, a tiny part of her was starting to lose hope when they never came. But every day was a new day, and Omega had to keep finding the perfect route to make an escape.
All of her time was always spent either with Emerie, Batcher, or Crosshair. Emerie was always the first face she would see and always took her blood samples, along with making sure she was doing well. Batcher and Crosshair were stuck in cells, but they were still around. Omega developed her own daily routine while completing her given tasks. She was happy Crosshair was there to listen to her, and it still took time for Batcher to warm up to her. 
Emerie was also a good listener. Omega often told her stories about her brothers while they worked on tasks together. Omega deeply missed them. She told Emerie all about who each of her brothers were and what they were like. Omega even enjoyed telling her about the different places she had visited and the new life she was making for herself on Pabu. She never mentioned the island’s name explicitly just in case anyone was listening nearby.
“At our new home, Wrecker loves to catch a lot of sea creatures and help the locals fish. Hunter’s still getting used to everything. Echo sometimes comes to visit away from missions and I would show him around the beach. I think you would love beaches, they’re beautiful. Tech would hang out with Phee and talk about a lot of things.” 
Whenever Omega talked about Tech, she paused for a few seconds before continuing. Emerie would see sadness and grief in her eyes. 
Emerie loved listening to Omega talk about her brothers. The only clones she knew personally were Omega, Commander Scorch, Crosshair, and the other clones kept in cells here on Tantiss, so Emerie was intrigued by all the specific details Omega would tell her.
She noticed Omega’s hair had been growing longer each day, eventually reaching her shoulders. Emerie helped Omega tie her layers into a small ponytail so it wouldn’t get in the way whenever she completed her tasks. Emerie had always kept hers in a neat ponytail after her hair grew out while she was growing up, and Nala Se wasn’t there anymore to continuously trim her hair to keep it short.
Omega had hers always kept short with the headdress tied around her forehead. Having longer hair took some time to get used to. Sometimes, she let her hair be free whenever she had some leisure time or was alone in her room. She leaned against the wall and let her fingers play with her growing blond locks. Maybe her hair was almost as long as Hunter’s. 
She missed him so much. She missed everyone. Omega knew they were looking for her. She longed for the day they would come for her or when she would finally figure out an escape plan for her and Crosshair. 
Playing with her hair, Omega remembered how Hunter taught her to braid hair. He would sometimes make small braids in his own hair when he would be sitting by himself, lost in thought and wrapping strands of his hair around until they formed neat braids. Omega had watched Hunter braid his hair many times and wondered if she could make braids in her own. It had been too short the first time she saw him do it, but Hunter had offered to teach her how to braid so she could try it with him when her hair got longer. 
But he wasn’t here. Remembering the steps Hunter taught her, Omega grabbed three strands of her hair and looped them over one by one until it created a perfect braid. She kept on creating small braids to pass the time and calm down her anxiety while relishing the memories.
During another surprise inspection, Emerie noticed the small braids Omega had designed in her hair. While the troopers checked the room, Omega kept on toying with her hair and making braids. Emerie had seen that hairstyle before as other female doctors around Tantiss had crafted their hair into neat braids to work comfortably in. She loved how they looked, but had never learned how to do it on her own. 
After the troopers left, Emerie paused before heading back to wrap up for the night. Omega kept herself fixated with making her small braids, eventually noticing Emerie’s stare. “Is something wrong, Emerie?”
Emerie breathed. She wanted to have her hair in braids just like Omega’s and the others. Have something different other than the ponytail. 
“Omega,” Emerie began. She held her datapad close to her.  “Can you braid my hair? Please?”
Omega stopped toying with her hair and faced Emerie. She gave her a smile. “Of course I can!” 
Emerie smiled. She was happy Omega accepted her request. Omega patted the small cold bunk she slept on every night, signaling Emerie to sit down.
Emerie took her glasses off and undid her ponytail, allowing her dark brown locks to fall onto her shoulders. It was a breath of relief whenever her hair was let out of that tight ponytail after a long day of work. Omega sat up on her knees and got to work. 
Emerie’s hair was soft and beautiful. Omega separated her hair into three and wrapped them around to create a comfortable braid for her. 
“Hunter showed me how to do this. He said a clone named 99 helped him learn how to after Hunter saw it on the holonet during non-training hours in their room on Tech’s datapad.”
That number sounded familiar, but Emerie couldn’t remember. It felt like a fleeting memory. 
“I’ll teach you how to do it too! It took me a while to get the hang of it, it takes a lot of practice. Hunter said the same thing."
“I would love that.” Emerie would prefer it if Omega always braided her hair for her. She continued listening to Omega talk about her family. Emerie hoped she could meet them and get to know them one day, but she knew it might not be under the right circumstances.
For now, Emerie loved spending time with her sister. She was safe with her, and that’s all that mattered.
Nini's Writing Masterlist
taglist: @summer-of-bad-batch @orion-tyche @bossboudicca @magicandmundane @kurlyfrii @ahsokashawarma1138 @locitapurplepink
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skellymom · 1 day
Tumblr media
Death is nothing at all...
Tumblr media
I have only slipped away into the next room.
I am I, and you are you,
Whatever we were to each other, that we are still.
Call me by the old familiar name.
Speak of me in the easy way which you always used.
Put no difference into your tone.
Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.
Laugh as we always laughed
At the little jokes that we enjoyed together.
Play, smile, think of me, pray for me.
Let my name be ever the household word that it always was.
Let it be spoken without an effort,
Without the ghost of a shadow upon it.
Life means all that it ever meant.
It is the same as it ever was.
There is absolute and unbroken continuity.
What is this death but a negligible accident?
Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight?
I am but waiting for you, for an interval,
Somewhere very near,
Just around the corner.
All is well.
-Henry Scott Holland
Tumblr media
*I happened to find this poem in a box of family photos, birth, and death certificates. It was originally printed in a newspaper next to a photo of "The Wall" of missing persons flyers posted on the wall around Ground Zero (to protect the public from building wreckage) weeks after 9/11.
It was also used at my beloved grandmother's funeral reception.
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stellarbit · 2 days
I’m so god damn dumb man hahaha my friend and I are watching the bad batch together and at one point Echo speaks and I get a little confused and just go “huh, Echo sounded almost exactly like Hunter there.”
I was completely serious,
My friend:
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carhorno · 3 days
Tumblr media
Ventress, my darling ✨
Alternative w/o bg, dunno how I feel about it
Tumblr media
Tired old woman found dealing with 4 idiots that all share the exact same DNA, more at 9
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badbatcher-99 · 3 days
Bad Batch Band Au thoughts ✨
Cause I discussed this with my fam last week and the gears were turning
Wrecker is the drummer. He goes hard on the drum set but tries his best not to bust them. He does frequently break his drumsticks. The crowd loves it. Every fan wishes their concert would feature a drum stick break.
Wrecker has the most energy out of them all. Remember in TCW when he was cheering and hollering cause he got so excited and everyone just looked at him like 😐 yeah that happens (usually early on in the show) but his energy is still very welcome.
Hunter def plays guitar but he is probably the singer… (even tho I HC that they all can’t sing worth a penny)
If we are taking TCW Hunter into account he is def making a show. Throwing winks, making eye contact, pointing, smirking. Really good at engaging with the whole crowd.
Every few concerts he’ll raise his shirt up to wipe the sweat off his face. Crowd goes nuts. Crosshair is off to side rolling his eyes 😑
He doesn’t feed the audience excessively tho. His main focus is the concert. He’ll do one or two things that has people swooning but any other crowd interaction is him getting them pumped up. When omega enters the picture he doesn’t show off as much. He’s more srs.
Crosshair is pretty much good with any instrument but my money is on him being a bassist and the occasional pianist.
Despite being quiet, aloof and the most private of the group… he’s incredibly popular… and he HATES it
Seeing wrecker break his sticks and getting a Hunter wink is one thing… it’s on a whole higher level to even GET a guitar pick from crosshair.
He rarely ever tosses them into the audience but when he does people are crawling all over each other to get one
The guys tease him about fans being lovesick over him all the time
Cross: “ugh more frivolous fan mail. Don’t see why I get all the mail when Hunter already puts on a show”
Tech: “Your silence and aloofness gives you an air of mystery. A mystery fans can’t help but want to solve “
Echo: “Doesn’t help he gets so engrossed while playing.
Hunter: “Well the fans will be disappointed to know he’s already in love… in love with that bass”
Wrecker: “yeah when’s the wedding crosshair!!!”
Crosshair: **storms off**
Things don’t get any better for him when the puppy and kitten interview happens and they’re all swarming him.
Echo is the other bassist + other instruments. Is also quite popular with the crowd.
Is very confused why he’s called the “mom”
It’s because he’s usually on stage helping set up everything with the backstage crew. He knows everyone’s preferences and makes sure everything is where it needs to be.
He probably comes out and does some sort of casual wave before getting to work 🤣
Also throughout the concert he’ll go around on stage and lowkey check on everyone
Makes sure the venue passes out water bottles to fans.
Competes a bit with crosshair on stage. It’s all good fun he usually loses tho 🤣
Towards the end of the concert or during a break echo always takes time to do a bit of advocacy (hozier does this for like 5-10 min it’s fantastic) he’ll do it in interviews as well.
The band member of the people 😭 💗
Tech probably uses a variety of instruments. He isn’t always on stage cause the heat gets to him a bit. But he’s also on tech duty and (like echo) is nit picking all the electronics.
Fans might catch a glimpse of him personally doing sound checks.
He’s pretty experimentive. He’s not afraid to try new instruments and tries to incorporate them into their songs.
Makes sure to put some flare in their concert set designs. There are usually surprises at each or every other concert. Something new about the set.
Then phee and him get into a relationship. Oh boy!!! It’s fantastic. She really adds a spunk to their music. She still tours by herself but once she’s with tech she appears frequently on their albums.
Just wait till the duet comes out with tech and phee. Fans goes NUTS!!!!!
If she’s ever on stage she def comes around to him sometimes and flirts.
He once stumbled the piano keys when she drew her hand across his back
Cross and wreck still tease him about it.
Crosshair had tech support replay it on the screen at another concert
If it weren’t for Hunter tech would not have played that night
The icing on top of the cake is bringing out omega. When she’s young (s1) she would just come out and dance but when she got a bit older (s3) she’ll come out for a song or two and play an instrument. (Which just started off as just her and Hunter and then evolved once she learned other instruments.)
Actually going to elaborate on that more:
So when she’s young she’s just dancing. She’ll go over to everyone and do a little dance with them. Cross and echo join her little dance. Sometimes she’ll hang on the back of wrecker while he drums. Also hangs by the drums cause she likes the view point. She sit by tech if he plays piano or dance around him. When this all started she sort of was Velcroed to Hunter.
Now… when she got older she learned to play the guitar first. Her appearances were then just solo songs with Hunter. Very adorable. Then she started learning the other instruments and that’s when she comes out for a couple songs. Really incorporating her into the band.
Remember when I said the fans loved crosshair for his mystery and then loved him even more after the kittens and puppies… well it got so much worse when omega started playing with the whole band. Cause she started learning from him first.
That’s it for now sorry for the drop off I just need to get this out of my drafts haha 😂
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vivaislenska · 6 hours
“Meanwhile, on Pabu”
Tumblr media
Wrecker thinks he can just water their garden in peace. WELL HE CAN’T
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snaggie-t00th · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
throws these at you and scampers away on all fours
Tumblr media
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