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renton6echo · 1 day
We don’t need more “Tales of the Jedi.” What we DO need is just a compilation of clone troopers reading thirst tweets about themselves and being shooketh/flattered/embarrassed. Like…
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
This is for @wwheeljack, you are so so right Tech and Crosshair should interact more! ✨
I wholeheartedly believe Tech is Crosshair’s favourite Batcher I’m sorry but I just think they would understand each other the best
They’d be petty gossip bitches together change my mind <3
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32rotations · 18 hours
Tumblr media
clone force 99! finally did all of em :]
+individual headshots:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Giving The Bad Batch Nicknames
The Bad Batch/Reader. Headcanons. | writing-positivelyexisting🫧
Tumblr media
The obscurity of ‘bear’ throws him off and he’s definitely going to ask why you said it.
“It rhymes, it’s fitting, and it’s cute. Better than ‘babe’, yeah?”
Despite not knowing where that nickname came from, Hunter eventually grows to love it. It’s so endearing to him that you came up with a nickname just for him.
The little name had grown on him so much that one time you didn’t say it, you just said his name, his heart sank and his eyes looked at you with so much concern and guilt. He thought he had wronged you in some way and didn’t think twice to make it up to you.
Flowers, a night out on the town, a cute dinner, a full body massage, anything you even LOOKED AT with interest he bought for you.
When you asked why the sudden flash of romance, he said, “You didn’t say ‘bear’ after my name and I thought you were upset with me. You always call me ‘Hunter-bear’.” He had the saddest puppy eyes and little frown you seriously thought he would shed a tear or two.
You got a good laugh in that day, realizing this nickname really stuck with him. You explained that you weren’t mad and it was an accident. “But, I might keep making the same mistake if this is what it gets me,” you joked.
Tumblr media
The funny look you got from the man almost took the breath out of you. He seemed so confused and a little annoyed, asking why ‘bird’ was necessary.
“Your name is Echo and some birds are known to repeat back phrases and words. It’s fitting,” you laughed softly.
Echo rolled his eyes and huffed. He thought he was through with the echo-jokes. “Oh great.”Then again … it reminded him of his old team.
The first few times you said it, Echo would look at you with a stern gaze. Kind of like when a mother looks at her child, silently saying “watch it”. However, the more you called him Echo-bird the more he felt his body relax.
Your nickname had become one of the most precious things to him. You always seemed to know when to use it, too. When the mission was stressful, causing his mind to cloud with doubt you’d say his nickname in such a calm, sweet, and soft whisper. Your hands would always touch him when you said it, getting his full attention.
More often, now, each time you’d call him by his nickname he would hug you so close to him. It always put a smile on your face when he’d bury his in your hair or in the little nook of your neck.
What you couldn’t see when he did that is the biggest smile with tears threatening to fall behind his lashes. While it hurt to remember his old squad, it felt so much better to know they never really went away.
Tumblr media
It’s simple. It’s sweet. And he absolutely loves it.
Wrecker doesn’t question it. He was all smiles and laughs when you first said it.
He picked you up in a hug, telling you to use that all the time. And you did.
“Wrecker, dear, can you help me for a second?”
“My dear, could you grab that for me?”
It fills the guy with so many butterflies and completely melts his heart. Anytime you called him “dear” he would stop what he was doing to help you.
When you can, you kiss his cheek and say “Thank you, dear.” This is the one that gets you lucky.
“Come here, you!” It would be a very short chase full of laughs and squeals.
Sometimes the other guys will joke around, mimicking your voice and calling him by his nickname when you’re not around just to see him lose his cool for a little. (Even Tech would chime in with a logical jest sometimes).
You only caught them poking fun once and it was the last time you heard the jokes.
“You boys better watch yourselves. Just because you don’t have someone to make you feel all warm and good inside doesn’t mean you gotta poke fun at the one who does.”
Wrecker stood behind you, arms crossed, with the biggest “what she said” look on his face.
The men looked everywhere but you two in shame, muttering apologies.
Tumblr media
“Boyfriend” / “Husband”
This man is IN LOVE with the title.
You said it first when you introduced him to a friend. “This is my boyfriend/husband, Tech.”
It sent a tingle through his body and scratched an itch he didn’t even realize he had. It cracked a smile on his lips and it stayed for the whole day.
He requested that you called him by his title regularly and he would call you by your title, too. It made you giggle but of course you agreed with Tech, who wouldn’t?
“Oh, boyfriend/husband!” “Yes, girlfriend/wife?”
“Boyfriend/Husband, what do you think about this for the Marauder?” “Absolutely brilliant, girlfriend/wife.”
Being called boyfriend/husband made this man feel so important and loved. It was definitely an ego boost for him, but you didn’t mind it.
When you two were alone, doing whatever or nothing, you would touch his face so lovingly and say, “My handsome boyfriend/husband.”
Tech would lean into your touch with the softest of smiles, mimicking your actions. “My beautiful girlfriend/wife.”
Tumblr media
A classical nickname. Sleek and dark. It suited him well.
It sent a dangerous shiver down his back when you first said it. Crosshair was quick to whip back around to you, a stern pointer finger in your face.
“Don’t say that.”
You swallowed, feeling maybe he didn’t enjoy being called that but you searched his eyes and found skittish curiosity.
It just wasn’t his normal, but you got him to accept it. Through rigorous perseverance of calling him “darling”.
“Crosshair, darling, could you come here?”
“Stop cleaning your rifle and come to bed, darling.”
The nickname soon became a beaconing and Crosshair would come to your side and assist you with whatever you needed.
At some point, he started using it for you as well. It was always subtle, too. Never using a loud voice, always sounding like a grumble.
“Focus, darling.”
“Here you go, darling.”
And of course, once he was comfortable with it, he started using it as a form of teasing in the bedroom.
I had this thought while on a road trip this past weekend and it’s probably the cutest thing I’ll ever write.
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rellicgin · 3 days
So I watched Mugler’s FW 2022/2023 runway and thought some of the looks would suit Cross well…
Tumblr media
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raevulsix · 2 days
Tumblr media
Tormenting Secretly.
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mrs-grumpysniper · 2 days
*smacks table* mirror sex with crosshair
*stands up from table abruptly, letting my chair topple over behind me* Absolutely anon!
Another wonderful request ty for all the love everyone! Stay tuned as I work on a 300 follower celebration for yall (when i think of something to do oops) and as always feel free to send some more crosshair requests! Also let me know if you want to be added to my taglist via DM
Warnings: 18+ Minors DNI, Mirror sex, Unprotected PiV not much else i dont think
Word Count: 972
Tumblr media
You had splurged on a hotel room when Crosshair came to visit you on shore leave. You met him not far away from 79’s as he separated from his brothers with a self-satisfied smirk plastering his face and instructions of ‘not to wait up’ yelled over his shoulder as he wrapped his long arm around your waist and led you towards the hotel you had previously mentioned.
He couldn’t keep his hands off you the entire walk, alternating between squeezing your ass, to pressing you against the nearest wall to smother your lips with kisses, to soothing his hand up and down you side. It was torture, you wanted nothing more than for him to rip your clothes off and take you outside in the Coruscant streets where anyone could see, but you had to be patient. You spent a lot of credits on this room, and you intended to make the most of it.
And that’s where you found yourself now, perched on Crosshair’s lap like a queen as you rode him in front of a floor to ceiling mirror. He was seated on the edge of the bed, feet planted on the floor, knees spread, your thighs resting over his legs putting you on full display.
You watched with rapt attention as his thick length thrust in and out of your entrance, your slick running down his shaft and onto his balls as he moves you up and down on top of him, right hand coming down to rub tight circles on your clit causing small whimpers and moans to leave you. His mouth leaving bites and hickies along your neck and collar bone that were sure to be visible for days to come. He paused his assault on your soft skin to lock eyes with you in the mirror.
“See that doll? See how perfect you look all spread out for me?” You have no idea how he’s so composed as he begins to fasten his pace in and out of you, sounding like he’s just having a leisurely chat with a fellow soldier as opposed to muttering filthy things into your ear as he spears you on his cock. He feels so good, but it’s not enough, and he knows it if the proud look on his face is anything to go by.
“Kark- Crosshair please… harder” you whine at him, hoping he would take mercy on you.
“Now, mesh’la, here I was thinking we were just enjoying the work of art in front of us, you can’t rush perfection you know” he purrs in your ear, eyes locked with yours in the mirror, blown pupils betraying just how badly he wanted you. Despite his words he does pick up the pace slightly, pounding into you harder, one hand grabbing your breast and pinching at your nipple while the other hastens his strokes against your clit.
Your eyes close slightly and your head lowers at the pleasure before he moves his hand up to your throat, forcing your chin up so you’re facing the mirror again. “Eyes open precious, I don’t want you missing a single second of this” he punctuates his statement with a harsh thrust of his hips into you. You let out another moan as his tempo increases, until you find yourself bouncing up and down on his cock, garbled whimpers leaving you.
Moving his hand back down to your chest to pinch and tweak your sensitive nipples, he moves his head down, sucking more marks up and down your neck, nipping and soothing his tongue over the heated skin.
You can hear Crosshair’s breath begin to quicken, and looking at his face in the mirror you can see the blush staining his face and the tips of his ears, a quiet groan forcing its way out from behind his clenched teeth. His half-lidded eyes find yours again in the mirror before he rakes them down your body, focusing on where the two of you are connected, taking in the site of your folds stretching to accommodate his girth.
His unrelenting pace as well as the friction of his fingers dancing over your clit has the coil in your belly snapping, writhing against him as your orgasm washes over you. Your clenching muscles cause crosshair to let out a long groan, his pace quickening further as he pounds into you before abruptly stopping and pulling out.
“On all fours, facing the mirror doll” he orders, stroking himself as he waits for you to get into position. He moves behind you and re-enters you in one swift motion, setting a rapid pace, the new position letting him reach deeper than before. The sound of skin slapping against skin and your mingling moans are the only thing that can be heard in the room as he fucks you into the mattress.
“Remember… eyes on us doll, I want you to watch as I fill you up” he all but growls, thrusting into you as far as he can go as he spills inside you, letting out a string of curses and praises as he empties himself in your slick walls.
As he pulls out you collapse onto the bed, utterly drained as he moves to lie down beside you. He reaches a hand out towards his discarded armour placing a toothpick into his mouth as you both work to get your breathing under control, a thin layer of sweat covering both your bodies.
You try to think of something to say but you don’t want to ruin the moment, both of you content just to bask in your post orgasmic hazes. Crosshair then sits up, moving behind you and spreading your swollen lips, watching his spend ooze out of you and locking eyes with you once again in the mirror.
“Round two?” he asks with a smirk.
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chopper-base · 20 hours
Crosshair: ...can I shoot him?
Hunter: Cross, we are in public
Hunter: ...wait til there's no witnesses
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aflightysparrow · 3 days
I’m pretty sure the entire bad batch fandom would roll over and die if Echo got the attention he deserved. (I know I would)
Like a sweet conversation between him and Omega about his time with the 501- dead
Echo struggling with the fact that he is part machine and should be dead- double dead
Echo given any amount of screen time where he isn’t just playing devils advocate- extremely dead.
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adeadcrayonclone · 21 hours
Wrecker: I can jump higher than any tree!
Echo: How is that possible?
Wrecker: Trees can't jump. :D
Crosshair: Can I punch him?
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transformersluna · 3 days
Tumblr media
I just think he is neat.
Im so freaking pumped about this week's double episode. It cant come soon enough.
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starqueensthings · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Crosshair’s eyes don’t get enough praise 🫠
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bibannana · 2 days
Hunter *annoyed*: Why are you bothering me?!!?
Crosshair *who has been following Hunter like a persistent shadow*: I am simply gracing you with my presence Hunter.
Hunter *throws his hands up in frustration and walks away (quickly)*: Aaarghg!!!
Crosshair *follows with a smug look*
Echo *raises an eyebrow*: Why is Crosshair-
Tech *fiddling with the console*: Hunter told Crosshair to stop bothering Wrecker, it appears that he has decided to bother Hunter instead.
Wrecker *beaming*: He's been following him since yesterday!
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Rex waltzing onto the scene with all of his plot armour asking the Bad Batch to complete dangerous missions with him 🥴🥴🥴
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clone-lover · 16 hours
Happy Birthday
Crosshair x fem Reader
So this wholeeeee idea came from a head Cannon I read. I changed a few things and gave a little story behind it. This idea however is not mine and I will give due credit to the original artist below. Anyways it's a little cabin birthday celebration. (Because it's my bday 🥳)
(p.s. @the-marshals-wife if you want me to take this down just saw the word 🙂)
Soft, white light flooded your fresh morning eyes, while soft, warm blankets draped around you. You rolled over to shield your eyes from the window light. You slowly peeked from behind your eye lids to find your cabin mate was not in bed with you.
Instead you found loud shuffling noises. It was these same sounds that awoke you. "Cross?" You cry out to the abnormally loud man while sitting up.
The working sounds stop and out came a sigh, "you weren't supposed to be awake yet."
You giggle at his disappointment, "well, it's hard to sleep when you are making all that noise, but I can go back to sleep if you want." As you are saying that you begin to return to the warm blankets.
"No, come here." He grabbed your arm and pulled you from your bed rather quickly.
"oh come on cross, can't a birthday girl get some shut eye." You griped as he pulled you to a table. On the table laid his rifle.
"Look in the sights," He instructed. Upon doing so, you find your initial, inside a heart, ingrained in the crosshair. He replaced his crosshair with your initial.
"but won't that-"
"A real sniper doesn't need their sights to hit a target." Cross quickly cut off your question of accuracy.
You stood in shock. Words jumbled in you head until, "Thank you," finally slid out. This notion was all he had. Clones weren't given money and the only thing he cherished (more than you) was his rifle.
"Happy birthday, Angel." You smiled up at him after putting his rifle down. It was moments like this that reminded you how soft his usual hard nature can be. He took you into your arms and loosened into you.
The war often stole peaceful moments. But now you find peace in eachother. Tomorrow is a new day, with new challenges but for now you are embraced in a hug from the love of your life, in a beautiful cabin. It truly was a happy birthday.
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