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dib-dab-art-attack · 2 days
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I would like to nominate myself for being the person so far behind in the @summer-of-bad-batch prompts that I only just finished Week one's prompts... In my defense, I had the sketch of the comic finished in week one.
Omega ate the last of the Coco pops....what would Coco pops be called in the star wars universe anyway O⁠_⁠o
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madsayo · 2 days
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beep boop beep
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vivaislenska · 3 days
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Self-soothing Tech doodle. He's thinking about his plans to rebuild Marauder! The… Havoc Maraudeux 😐
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gorlicberd · 2 days
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a drawing of the sillies ever <//3
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miss-musings · 2 days
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I love everyone’s HCs about how Echo and Crosshair would or wouldn’t get along, but I HATE that we know next to nothing about their dynamic in TBB.
(We get a few crumbs in TCW Season 7, but I don’t think that should count.)
In rewatching The Bad Batch S1 recently, it’s weird how Echo *never* comments about Crosshair being mind-controlled by the Empire.
Wouldn’t he have all people sympathize with Crosshair? Wouldn’t he of all people push to rescue him, just like he pushes Hunter & co to rescue Gregor?
And how come they rarely interact in S3 when they have more in common than ever? 🧐
Crosshair is Echo’s “Evil Counterpart” according to TV Tropes.
They both act as the Lancer within the Five-Man Band structure (although at different points in the show), and they both serve as Hunter’s co-parent to Omega and un/official second-in-command for the squad.
We really should’ve gotten something — anything — between these two in TBB. 😪
A real missed opportunity.
(PS, I also posted this on my Twitter. So sorry for any repetition across platforms.)
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havoc-7 · 16 hours
So like yes, I know that Wrecker and Hunter probably would have teased Tech about Phee, but like. You know that those boys were thrilled. Hunter and Wrecker are just watching Tech and Phee get closer and closer and Hunter feels so soft and happy inside because maybe they really do have a shot at this normal life thing, and Wrecker feels so much pride in his brother for taking the first steps really truly outside of their lives as soldiers and runaways. And I just. AH
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masksketchies · 1 day
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pidgotto · 2 days
"When you're lost in the darkness, look for the light."
I officially introduce my TBB x TLoU AU: Hope for the Hopeless.
I'm so excited for this and can't wait to work on it more. I hope to continue work on my fic, which will be under the same title on AO3, soon! Life's started to get a little hectic in my neck of the woods and has really slowed me down.
I'll keep y'all updated on the fic's progress as I share artwork for this AU!
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suck-a-egg · 1 day
Tech: Dear lord, we're under more than 150 atmospheres of pressure!
Wrecker: How many atmospheres can the ship stand?
Tech: Well, its a spaceship, so I'd say anywhere between zero and one.
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i think they would thoroughly enjoy grilling as a hobby
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amandamadeathing · 8 hours
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Social media post about Tech and his terrible posture.
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twinsunstars · 2 days
hey star wars fans, here's a fun game: pair one (or more) of your favorite villain/antagonists with a picture of the last thing you ate and determine if that's something they would actually eat or won't eat!
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starwarsrcanon · 1 day
I like Tech because he is the only Star War who wears jeans
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onesleepybeetle · 7 hours
Sleepy Omega takes a nap on Pabu.
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She probably sleeps better on a ship, but I couldn't help drawing her in a nice cozy bed.
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summer-of-bad-batch · 20 hours
I’m here for the Tech Lives, Fix-It Fics
*sips tea*
*remembers I don’t like tea*
*sips iced coffee*
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Find the Ao3 collection here!
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Ezra bridger successfully executing the “tech turn” in flight of the defender means that Hera, as his teacher, also knows how to do it. Meaning that she either picked it up from tech during their (limited) time together OR omega taught it to her. ————————————————————————
Rex sees the maneuver again after so many years, but this time from the inside. Stars, how he remembers the first time the Marauder landed haphazardly on the runway, almost running over a quarter of the ground crew. He can remember the cockpit and the constant mess of supplies and equipment that surrounded it. True, he was on it only a few times, but the mix of the constant bickering and the constant evations made possible by quick turns and bad odds created a strange sense of nostalgia. Normally, his fondness for the past seemed from memories of the clone wars, not the few years after, of which were filled with constant change and fear. But something about they way that Captain Syndulla flew…
perhaps it was how she meticulously scrambled the ghost’s signature in the same patterns every time. Maybe it was the unusually scientific prose she occasionally mumbled under her breath while flying. How her greatest strategy in a dog fight was to confuse her enemies.
it was all her own, and yet still a revival of what used to be.
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