leenabb104104 · 2 days
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It’s Omega Monday and our girl’s stopping by to make sure y’all are having a great day! 🥰💚💕
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snotbuggle · 1 day
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oddfaun · 21 hours
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The bad batch without Echo really were just some chaotic brothers
Meme based on this [X]
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paperback-rascal · 2 days
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Artwork done for @summer-of-bad-batch's week 1 prompt - "Water gun fight".
My fanart masterlist -> [LINK] <-
STAR WARS: The Clone Wars/The Bad Batch © George Lucas/ Dave Filoni/ LucasFilm/ Disney
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alabyte · 19 hours
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andddddd another (re)design for an postapocalypse AU! love mixing armor plates & normal clothes
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drafthorsemath · 3 days
Puppet Echo has arrived! This boy was such a labor of love and gosh he's cute. We're close to finishing the batch!
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@dahscribbler hoping he can reunite with Fives one day.
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candyfloss5000 · 3 days
Okay, but can we all agree that Omega would 100% be obsessed with mermaids. Like sometimes on the Marauder she steals Tech's datapad to binge watch H2O just add water. Wrecker would 100% watch it with her and love the drama. Hunter would have the theme tune stuck in his head 24/7 and occasionally catch himself humming it. Tech would give her a drawn out lecture about how "this is not beneficial education blah blah blah" when he catches her watching it, Echo would then tell him to shut up and leave her be. Crosshair debates launching the datapad out an airlock, but he settles on just hiding it around the ship. She's no ordinary girl after all 🤷‍♀️
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twinsunstars · 2 days
realized these two have the same haircut, but we know who pulled it off better
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xandyflare · 2 days
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This has been on my mind nonstop since saturday
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locitapurplepink · 2 days
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I know this gifset aren't perfect but I did my best to make. Hunter and Omega have their trust to Crosshair to take Dr. Hemlock down for once and all.
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avalon-knightly · 23 hours
Quotes from the original Bad Batch arc
"They're clones, but they don't all look alike. Obviously."
"Yeah... obviously."
"Ah, problem. Echo cannot be moved."
"I'm guessing no one wants to hear the odds of us making it out of this... aLiVe?"
"DON'T even think about it, Tech!"
"Anybody got a brilliant idea?" *silence* "I'll take that as a no."
"WAIT! I do have a brilliant idea!"
"Trouble always seems to find us."
"Unless we find it first."
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Hot days on Pabu
Coloured version of this
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kybercrystals94 · 2 days
A Tiny, Unfamiliar Voice
Read here on Ao3!
Summer of Bad Batch 2024 | Week 8 | Alternate Prompt: Lula
Rated: G | Words: 422 | Summary: A missing scene from 3x15...Wrecker is recovering after Tantiss and meets a new friend.
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“Are you awake?” a tiny voice whispers. 
A tiny, young, unfamiliar voice. 
Wrecker groans. He doesn’t want to open his eyes. He doesn’t want to wake up. Not yet. He feels floaty and heavy all at once. And painless. He’s contentedly numb. He doesn’t remember the last time he felt no pain at all, not in his muscles or his head or his heart…he doesn’t want it to end. 
Something pokes his cheek. “Hello? Omega’s brother? Are you awake?” 
Turning his head, Wrecker cracks open his good eye. A blurry figure stares back at him. Red, tan skin. Blue eyes. Small. Very small. A child. 
The figure gasps. “You are awake! Dr. Karr said you’d wake up soon.” 
“Who’re you?” Wrecker slurs. His tongue feels thick and useless.
The child seems to understand anyway and moves closer. “I’m Eva. I’m helping Dr. Karr take care of you.” 
Wrecker’s mind catches up. Omega.
“Where’s Omega?” Wrecker asks slowly, forcing his tongue to cooperate. 
The child – Eva – folds her arms on the cot, practically nose to nose with him. “Mmm…” she says thoughtfully. “I think she’s with Crosshair. They took Batcher on a walk.”
“She’s safe?” His vision begins to focus, his numb reality sharpening. 
“Echo says everyone is safe,” Eva tells him. She leans back. “Do you wanna see my doll?” 
Wrecker isn’t even given a moment to answer before a little toy is put in front of his face. It looks like it is made out of grass of some kind, with long ears and a familiar face. “Lula?” he asks. 
“No, her name isn’t Lula,” Eva says, bouncing the doll back and forth. “I call her Flower.” 
“She’s nice,” Wrecker murmurs, grinning. 
Eva beams. “Thanks! Dr. Karr gave her to me. Hey, what’s your name again? Omega told me, but I forgot.” 
Eva wrinkles her nose. “Oh, yeah. That’s a funny name.” 
“Can you think of a better one?” Wrecker asks. 
Eva glances up at the ceiling, considering. “No. But that’s okay. I like Wrecker. Even if it is kinda funny.” 
“Thanks,” Wrecker says. Sleep is calling to him again, his eyelids practically slipping shut on their own. 
Eva leans in close again, her eyes peering directly into his. “Are you going back to sleep?” she whispers. 
“Maybe,” Wrecker yawns. 
“Oh.” Eva blinks at him. “Can I still sit with you, even when you’re asleep? I’ll be quiet.” 
“Sure,” Wrecker mumbles. 
Eva hums happily. Wrecker drifts back to blissful unconsciousness to the sweet sound of Eva singing Flower a lullaby. 
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✨ Let me know if you'd like added to my tag list! ✨
Tag List: @followthepurrgil @amorfista @mooncommlink @arctrooper69 @nagyanna424 @proteatook @ezras-left-thumb @maeashryver @baddest-batchers @laughhardrunfastbekindsblog @omegafett99
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omaano · 2 days
Hello! If you're still taking the polyam sketch prompts I'd love to see i2 for the bad batch? (i know the prompts only have three so if this doesn't work pls ignore) - i got a bad error last time sorry if the message sends twice
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That icy creamy monstrosity in Crosshair's hand (as the only one who has one free) belongs to Echo. Allegedly.
I hope you are still around Anon, I got your message, and I'm real glad you sent it again, this was really fun to draw!
Polyamorous/platonic poses for sketching (I haven’t given up on these, I just needed a little break. I’ll try to get around to drawing all the requests before the end of summer!)
and the other drawings I’ve made for them
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alabyte · 2 days
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Crosshair with long hair, am I right? Design for Postapocalypse AU, sort of. Trying a new coloring style called “fuck it we ball”
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badbatcher-99 · 3 days
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I think he looks good 🥺
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