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dirt-str1der · 4 months
Ive said it a million times omegaverse power dynamics are worthless uninspired and boring— HOLY CRAP hes standing on a branch like a real bird ...
Tumblr media
#Listen to my problems#theyre always like oouggh widdle omeger needs penis and all these suave and in-control alphas will take care of his penis problem#like have you ever considered that alphers in heat lose 100% of their brain function because they need hole#and they will straight up turn into monsters for no reason. like i WILL be taking you away even if my apartment is shitty and if i had the#hand eye coordination i will tie you to my bed but ill just have to settle for fucking you until you cant walk#anyone who looks at you will be killed by me. i cannot stop starting fights because im convinced they want you (and they do ! because youre#irresistable) and i will go out and buy you the biggest food bundles ever because i cant cook right now and when i go out im a public menace#because i can only think and talk about you and all my friends hate me for this but they also hate me because i wont let them fuck you#if we go out im going to be clutching you to me and growling at everybody in a ten meter radius because i need to hide you away NOW lets#have a date in this dark cave where nobody can find you and also lets have sex please please please please please im so in love with you i#need you to bear my pups PLEASE give birth right now i dont care that youre not pregnant we have to start a family NOW im gonna be the best#dad ever you wont even have to get out of bed speaking of beds lets have sex#alphas CANNOT share they cannot cooperate. no matter how charming and leaderlike they are outside a rut they lose all ability when its matin#season. gotta become the stupidest motherfucker alive and get fired from my job because when my mate kicks me out the house im not going to#work im buying bedsheets and pillows and chocolates and fast food#you get it.
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bloodonmyhands-1221 · 2 months
Hello! How are you doing?
Umm…If your still taking requests what about a part 2 for ‘Guard Dog’ where Ghost is finally tired of all the soldiers flirting with his wife and decides to have them hear why she’s his?? Like Uhh…little smutty??
Hello! And thank you so much for the request anon! Guard Dog was a blast to write :) Here is Part 2 of the Guard Dog series, I took it in a slightly different route... But trust me when I say... those soldiers will remember next time...
Warnings: SMUT, Typical Ghost, unprotected sex, shower sex; IF YOU ARE A MINOR!!!! GO!!!! AWAY!!!!
Ghost X F!Reader
Guard Dog Part 2
Apparently, the Privates as well as other lingering soldiers on base just can’t seem to get it through their thick skull that you were a married woman.
Apparently, Ghost needed to be more intimidating…
“I swear to fucking god… If one more asshat comes up to me, asking to buy me a drink, I’m going to start throwing hands,” you lean back in your chair inside the hole in the wall bar.
“That bad?”
You glance at your friend Sarah, who takes a sip of her drink.
“It’s bad… They can’t seem to get a hint…”
Sarah glances around at the bodies inside the bar; it’s a quiet night, most of the men are either on missions or training.
Your team had just recently come back from a mission, and while most of the men wanted to shower to clean off the grime.
You needed a drink… ASAP.
“Are the guys coming?” Sarah puts down her cup.
“Why? Want to stare at Soap a bit longer?”
You watch as Sarah turns about ten shades of red, “He’s nice on the eyes.”
You took a swig from your beer, wincing as the liquid has turned warm, “MacTavish? No… He would be nice to look at if he could stay quiet for more than five seconds, can’t seem to get the bloody bastard to shut up.”
“His accent,” Sarah sighs, resting her chin on her hand, “I could listen to him talk for hours.”
“Fucking hell, can you not? I would like to keep the contents of my shit poor beer in my stomach, please.”
“Oh no,” Sarah sits up, eyes lingering behind you.
“What?” You turn around and your expression becomes dead and even.
A group of recent recruits had been eyeing since you and Sarah had entered the bar, you had heard the catcalls and piss poor attempts to get yours and Sarah’s attention.
“Fucking hell…”
“Want to leave? Call the guys and tell them to meet us at another bar?”
“Fuck no… I’m not leaving just because these assholes are thinking with their tiny dicks,” you speak a bit louder, hoping your message gets across to them.
“No tiny dick here, sweetness,” one of the asshats from before calls out over the music playing in the background.
You turn towards the group – an evil smirk gracing your lips. It’s not the kind of evil, that means death.
It’s the kind of evil that means – ‘you’re my bitch now.’
You’re gonna have fun toying with his cries.
Taking the piss excuse of what this bar considers beer, you down it – licking the last drop from your parched lips.
Your friend looks at you. She knows that look and knows there is trouble to be had.
“Oh fuck… That’s it, I’m calling Soap,” she pulls out her phone.
“Just watch and see – it’s time to give these boys a taste.”
Your walk is seductive – your all hips and thick thighs, you reek of sweat and your husband’s cologne.
The crew watches you, it’s all catcalls and whistles, trying to reel you into their grasp.
“So,” you step before the younger Private; he seems like easy prey, “What’s this I hear there are no tiny dicks around here?”
You bat your pretty eyes at him, watching him melt like ice cream on a sizzling hot day; he’s within the palm of your hand.
His smile is charming – it’s too white and too shiny for your liking.
He’s the definition of the boy next door.
“What’s your name Private?”
You see him.
From the corner of your eye – he’s a shadow, lingering in the background of the bar; he blends, nearly unnoticeable.
Yet, you know it’s him.
You’ve trained yourself to pick up on your husband’s antics – he’s watching you like a hawk to prey.
You see Soap, Price, and Gaz; Sarah’s moved over into their little circle, hovering by Soap, laughing into her drink, at whatever Soap is saying.
Yet, you are the center of their attention.
They are waiting for you; they want to see whatever stunt you pull – they want to watch as the boys fall beneath you.
“So… Are you wanting to come join me somewhere private?” David steps into your line of view.
You eye the Private.
Poor boy…
He doesn’t know what’s about to hit him.
“So, you don’t care that I’m married?” You speak so innocently.
David chuckles, “To that giant robot? As if…” he steps a bit closer.
His eyes are pretty, you can’t deny that – but he was a boy.
He is fragile – breakable… To easy to make cry.
Where Ghost was something of an enigma.
He was beautiful, both damaged and fierce.
He was yours.
Just as you were his.
You watch him – he’s stepped away from the group, you can see Price shaking his head, knowing what is to come.
Your smile is bright, it’s all teeth, as you feel the tug of your bottom lip caught between sharp teeth.
“I can treat you better than that asshole,” David continues; he isn’t giving up.
You had to give him points for being persistent.
You refocus on David, “Well David… How about this.”
You walk your fingers along his chest, licking your lips, “How about tomorrow… Say around 1300, you come find me in the showers, and I can show you just how much fun I can be?”
You see the struggle – the restraint David is keeping, the bob of his Adam’s apple.
“Why not tonight?”
“Now David… I’ve got to get my beauty sleep, plus it’s been a long day… But I promise, whatever happens in the shower… Will wake me up,” you wink at him, leaving him and his group to stare.
You stare at him – talking to him with your eyes, as you walk past the group.
He catches on to your silent conversation, watching you with steady eyes as you slip through the doors.
“Holy shit,” Soap coughs, eyeing Sarah, “Did we all just get turned on?”
Sarah nods.
Price coughs, adjusting himself.
Gaz tries to look at anything and everything but Ghost.
“Fuck off the lot of you,” Ghost stands from the bar, hoping to catch you.
1300 was here.
You had never been so excited for anything in all your life – and to know that Ghost, your sweet and adoring husband wanted in on this… It made it all the better.
You entered the showers, knowing David wasn’t due back from his training for another ten minutes.
“Well, hello there love,” Ghost steps out from the shower stall, arms crossed over his bare chest.
“Hi,” you give a small wave, you’ve suddenly becoming shy under his intense gaze, you feel heated and excited.
“Not getting shy on me now, are you?” He takes a small step into your space, arms hanging at his sides – wanting you to get a close look at him.
“No,” your voice is weak, it betrays the confidence you carried last night.
“We don’t have to do this… I can just kick their ass for you.”
You smile at your husband’s notion – but you know it won’t stop.
Ghost had brought it to your attention that he was getting tired of hearing whispers… About his glorious, hot, wife.
He wanted to stake his claim – he wanted to leave marks that covered every inch of you, like a brand for the world to see.
It makes him hard just thinking about it.
How you would do anything for him – you would fall to your knees for him.
As he would fall to his knees for you.
You were a match made of the deepest burnings fire – made from the darkest parts of each other.
He didn’t want to feel this jealous rage; this need that fueled his veins, but he couldn’t help it; you were his…
“As much as I want to see you kick their ass,” you press your chest against his; taking in his woodsy scent of rain and gunpowder, “I would rather have you fuck me, and show them that I’m yours,” you stand on your tip toes, caressing the tip of your nose against the sharp edge of his chin, “I want to feel you dripping out of me.”
“Yes mam.”
You’ve left a trail of clothes – knowing David would follow, like a bitch in heat.
The shower stall is average size, it can fit your goliath of a husband – you fit snug against him, back flush against his chest…
The water is hot, yet the feel the chill of Ghost’s hands as they manhandle you like a ragdoll to his will.
“Such a good girl for me,” he whispers in your ear; hand trailing down the path of your stomach, seeking out your little bundle of nerves.
He wants to see you fall apart, needs to feel your sweetness drenching his fingers before he takes you…
He knows you can handle it.
But he loves to hear you beg for his cock.
“Si,” you lean back into his shoulder, letting the water caress your breasts, “Please…”
Your voice is broken in small whimpers, it’s chocked and needy.
“Please what, puppet?” He presses his face into the crock of your neck, “Tell me what you want, and I’ll give it to you,” he squeezes you a bit tighter, the circles around your swollen bundle have become sharp and calculated, “I’ll give you everything…”
That’s when you hear it…
The opening and closing of the locker door.
“Where you at pretty girl?”
David’s voice echoes through the tiled walled, room – growing closer as the seconds become a faint buzzing.
“Let’s show our guests, why you’re mine,” Ghost whispers, eyes falling to the opening of the stall.
Everything comes to a head, blurry and dancing in twinkling starlight – the knot in your belly tightens with a vice like grip. It’s ready to snap.
You see him from the corner of your eye…
He’s frozen in place.
Mouth slightly agape as he watches you – he’s trapped in your web…
The first stretch always sends shivers down your spine – it’s a perfect mix of raw and pleasure. It’s the perfect touch of what you need.
Ghost removes his hand from your overly sensitive nerves; hands gripping your hips in a near bruising touch.
“So,” Ghost tries to speak between bared teeth, “Enjoying the show, Private?"
It was gonna be a long day.
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humansofnewyork · 10 months
Tumblr media
(15/15) “I used to smoke sweet tips, because I thought they were feminine. But I’ve learned I like heavier cigars. I’ve learned a lot about myself these past few years. I was put in charge of hiring for our entire company. I’ve produced my own play. My bracelet is so full of charms that Garrison had to buy me another. And that one’s half-way full too. I downloaded a dating app for seniors, called Our Time. I said: ‘Lord, you designed the body. I’m losing my ever-loving mind, so I hope you understand.’ I just wanted to see what was out there. And let me tell you, there’s a lot out there. I’ve tried all the flavors: Bangladesh, Egyptian, Hispanic, African. The whole smorgasbord. I’ve dated about seventy men. And I’ve had four marriage proposals, because what I bring to the table is rich. But right now I’m on a little bit of a break from romance. I’m taking time with myself. But that’s a romance too. It’s a love that’s lacy. It’s light filtering through the leaves. It’s not harsh sun, but it’s oh-so-warm. For 55 years I never liked myself much. But now when I hear people describe me, I like that woman. I’ve worked hard on her. I might be a little quirky. Truth be told I’ve sat down and pondered if I’m batshit crazy. But I decided no, I just hover over crazy, then I flit away. Like a hummingbird. Back in Arkansas I’d hang out feeders for the hummingbirds. I’d watch em’ all day. So I don’t mind being hummingbird crazy. I can be colorful, and dance, and sing, and make mistakes. I’m not hurting anybody. I’m not taking anybody else’s oxygen. I’ve got my own space. In the evening I like to set my chair out on the sidewalk, turn on my Bluetooth speaker, light my cigar. I never just stick the fire to it. I go around all the edges, and let it breathe a little. Until there’s no dead spots. Until I’ve pulled all the life into the it. Then I sit back, take a deep breath, and watch Harlem walk by. I smoke slow. It’ll take me two hours to finish. And I’ve made myself a playlist that lasts just that long: Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Bruno Mars. Everything has an order. And when that last song starts playing, it’s time to go home. Al Greene. Put a Little Love In Your Heart.” Detra has been working hard her whole life, but she hasn't always been paid for it. And living in New York isn't easy when you're on your own. Detra can manage the day-to-day, but she hasn't been able to tuck anything away for the golden years. If you enjoyed her story and would like to help her breathe a little bit, please consider helping us build her a little bit of a cushion: https://bit.ly/helpdetrabreath
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pastafossa · 6 months
A Brief Existential Crisis (Matt Murdock x f!Reader; Fic)
Because this fluffy idea wouldn’t let me go so now you all get a drabble. Set in TRT!Verse but not required reading. SFW. Minor spoilers for ep 8 of She Hulk!
Tumblr media
"She didn't know who I was," Matt said mournfully, staring blindly up at you.
"I'm sorry," you said, radiating as much sympathy as you could while also still kinda distracted by the Los Angeles weather report on the hotel tv. How was 68 degrees considered freezing?
"No one else recognized me either," he mumbled, his chest heaving on a great sigh. "All night. One guy even called me a gold ninja devil."
"Ridiculous," you agreed as he slowly edged his head further into your lap. You forced down your grin, which was especially difficult when his expression was so pitiful, not unlike that of a kitten caught in the rain. "Yes? What is it, beloved husband of mine?"
"You know what I want." He made a sad little noise, arching further into your lap until his head bumped your opposite hand where you'd settled it on your thigh. "Please, sweetheart. I need the dopamine after everything that happened."
You snorted and gave in, running your fingers fondly through his dark hair. You even made sure to scratch with your nails just for the way it made him purr and melt into your lap, his eyes rolling back as his mouth fell slack.
Unfortunately, this particular existential crisis was too great to be struck low but something so minor as your fingers in his hair.
"Is it... the suit?" he mumbled, the words just a little slurred. "Not... mm, mm.... recognizable?"
Honestly, considering the color, he's now recognizable from space.
It was just a good thing he was handsome enough to pull it off.
"You're always recognizable as the only Devil-based hero with any real charm," you said confidently, keeping your thoughts to yourself. You shifted your fingers to his temple, scratching at a new spot. You were rewarded with a blatant moan, Matt's toes curling in his socks. "Trust me. It's not you. It's them. LA is, uh... just... more focused on... its own thing. You know how it is. So fuck em. You're still my favorite even if they don't know you."
"Mhm. And think about it this way. You might be less known, but that just means you're like, uh..."
"...I'm small-time," he sighed gloomily. "Just admit it."
"Hang on, I've got a comparison coming." You rolled your head up, narrowing your eyes at the ceiling in thought as Matt rolled over to burrow in against your abdomen with an exaggerated groan of sorrow. But there was no hiding his grin, not once you could feel it. "Don't suffocate yourself just yet."
He mumbled something unintelligible, and presumably tragic and martyr-y.
It took you a minute, but then you nodded. "Ok, I've got it."
He grunted, and tipped his head a little in prompting until you started dragging your fingers through his hair again, this time at the back of his head where the Devil mask always made him sore. The, "Mm?" he let out in response was glutted and thick, like the slurred purr of a cat on its back in a puddle of sunshine.
"You are basically one of those 'best kept secrets of the city' things," you said lightly. "All the tourists flock to the flashy stuff, restaurants that are shiny and get all the attention. But the locals know where the good stuff is, the quality stuff, and they know the best burgers always come from that one mom and pop hole in the wall. They don't tell the non-locals, cause someone might steal the recipe or buy it out. That's what you are. You're that burger."
There was a pause, and then he tipped his face up so you could see his warm smile, his eyes crinkling at the corners. "That was very sweet."
"Thank you."
"It's also horseshit."
You groaned, rolling your head back as he laughed and dropped his head back onto your lap. "Come on, it was a good comparison!"
"No, no, there's no helping it. I just have to grieve my murdered ego," he sighed, blinking sadly up at you. Or your chin, really, but it was close enough. "There is one thing that might help me feel better, though, and distract me from my wounded pride."
"What's that?"
He hummed, licking his lips as he rolled onto his side, his head still on your lap, close enough for him to nuzzle at your abdomen. "I could eat."
Your brow furrowed. "We literally ate an hour ago. We went through In-N-Out. You were not impressed, you blasphemer."
He hummed, before leaning in and pointedly nipping the waistband of your sweats.
"I'm hungry, sweetheart," he murmured, tipping his head down towards your lap as he drew in a slow inhale. "So hungry and empty where all my pride used to be. Can't I just have a little to help fill that void?"
"Oh my god, Matt," you choked out, two seconds away from losing it as he rolled upright to grab your legs and drag you down the bed until you were flat on your back.
"You're the one that chose food for your metaphor," he said with a grin, nudging your legs apart. "I'm just following my wife’s example."
"Oh alright, I suppose I could be charitable just this once. You did get spanked by a Hulk today, after all."
"She caught me. She didn't-"
"Spanked," you repeated gleefully, making him snort. "Want me to kiss the print on your ass and make it better?"
"At least let me eat dinner first."
"Fine. But I expect it as my tip at the end."
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callsignvalley · 6 months
"is that my shirt" with jake please<33
don't play fair, don't be sweet
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing- hangman x reader
warnings- one or two sexual innuendos and hangman being hangman so 18+? this is pretty much fluff @justfandomwritings is gonna divorce me i just know it
length- 1.2k
an- welp. as per usual i went the opposite direction the prompt might suggest. this is..very silly and fluffy and idk I’m sorry this took so long (promise y’all I only have one more 500 celly prompt….over a month later)
title from teeth by mallrat
Tumblr media
“You better buy me a new shirt.” Jake’s unsuccessfully fighting a chuckle as he yells to you in the other room.
You roll your eyes as you come back into your bedroom. “I’m sure you can afford another J.Crew button-up, Lieutenant.”
Jake tries not to preen as you drag your eyes up his naked torso. There’s a fire lit in them that has him immediately pulling his phone out to cancel on everyone you’re supposed to be meeting when a black t-shirt with an alligator logo lands on his face.
“Here, wear that.”
“I’m not wearing Payback’s shirt. I can go without until we get to my place.” He tosses it aside flippantly, throwing a wink in your direction. “If you think you can keep your hands to yourself for that long, that is.”
You let out an exasperated huff. “We don’t have time to go by your place first.”
That pulls a smirk from him, as he tugs you back to straddle him on your soft comforter, already running his hands underneath your red dress. “Well, shit, darlin’, guess we can’t go.”
You drag your lips across his collarbone, nipping at his neck and he tries not to shudder.
“It’ll be suspicious if we both bail. You don’t want everyone to figure us out, do you?” You counter once he’s sufficiently distracted, running your fingers through his hair, gently forcing him to meet your eyes.
Your gorgeous, doe eyes that do nothing but get him into trouble.
“They’ll figure it out when I’m making you scream my name in the bathroom because you chose to wear this tease of an outfit,” he quips, long fingers tugging at your short hem.
You level him with an unimpressed look, and he smiles up at you, turning the charm up to eleven.
It’s truly unfortunate that you’re all but immune to his draw after so much time spent sneaking around.
“What about when he sees me wearing it?” Jake whines finally, after realizing you have no plans to give in. He’s very much disinclined to leave this bed for anywhere besides his house that boasts a distinct lack of roommates.
You raise an eyebrow, probably at his petulance. “He’s not coming tonight. Said he had a date.”
Jake remains unconvinced.
“The sooner we go out, the sooner we can go back to your place,” you promise, fingers running across the ridges of his abs invitingly.
“Fine, but you’re not wearing these,” Jake sighs, feigning irritation as he starts dragging lace panties down your hips.
“You’re a menace,” you tell him, blush rising high on your cheeks, but you don’t move to stop his hands.
Jake kisses your cheek in response, nauseating himself a little at the saccharine gesture. He grips your hips a little tighter than necessary to make up for it and is pleased to hear your breath hitch as he manhandles you around his lap.  
At least some of his tricks still work.
“Hangman…what the hell?”
Jake freezes. So much for Payback’s date. “What?”
“Don’t play dumb. Is that my shirt?”
The blonde looks around, ostensibly for an escape route. Why did he stand in the corner?
Not finding one he finally answers, silver tongue failing him at the worst possible moment. “No?”
The other man gives him a look like Jake must be a moron. Jake thinks that might have some merit, considering he’s standing here wearing the stupid shirt.
“How did you get my shirt?”
“You must’ve let me borrow it,” Jake answers, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.
Payback looks like he’d sooner believe Jake moonlights as a stripper.
Jake is fucked. He knows he’s fucked.
He knows how the other man got his callsign, knows Payback is going to make him regret his very existence for sleeping with his best friend. He’s the nicest guy ever until you push his limits.
And Jake has pushed well beyond his limits. He basically sped right past them, while flipping Payback off in the process, by doing something Payback asked him not to do.
The only thing Payback has ever explicitly asked him not to do, actually.
Jake’s not used to this, caring what people besides Coyote think. Being a friend.
Gross. He doesn’t like it.
It snuck up on him, this worry about upsetting the people around him, but Jake would honestly rather eject from his jet than deal with the frankly insane look in Payback’s eyes right now.
He’s not quite sure what to do with that feeling.
“Hey Reu, what’s up?” You’re smiling as you appear at his elbow. Jake’s just trying his best not to damn himself further by checking out the way the neckline of your dress dips invitingly. “I thought you weren’t coming tonight.”
Payback’s gaze flits between the two of you. You clearly have not picked up on the tension settling in the air.
“Seresin,” he says slowly.
“Wait.” Jake holds his hands up, trying to seem less threatening. He steps away from you, as if some distance might help Payback suddenly forget Jake’s seen you naked.
It doesn’t.
“I’m gonna fucking kill you.”
“Hold on!”
“Dead,” Payback threatens. “Six feet under.”
Realization dawns on your face as you remember the shirt, looking like you’re just barely resisting the urge to slap yourself on the forehead. If Jake wasn’t sure Payback was seconds away from smacking him over the head with his beer bottle, it’d make him smile, how adorable you look right now.
Seriously, what is wrong with him. He doesn’t even recognize himself anymore.
Payback’s expression is quickly turning from terrifying to disappointed now that he’s looking at you, and that’s horrifyingly even worse for Jake’s psyche.
“Why couldn’t you go for a nice guy, like Bob?”
Jake’s brow furrows. He knows he doesn’t have the best track record, but he’s trying here, has been since the mission. “Hey, I’m not—”
“Shut up, Hangman,” you and Reuben say simultaneously.
He raises an eyebrow at you, hoping to clearly indicate you’ll be paying for that little comment later. You ignore him, which is pretty much par for the course at this point.
Payback pulls Bob off his stool to stand next to him, the WSO stumbling a little in the process. “Seriously, look how cute he is. This is the kind of guy that’ll treat you right.”
You and Payback glower at each other for a moment before Bob clears his throat.
“Uh,” Bob starts like he’s not sure how to handle this as the only sober, sane one left in the bar. “I’m flattered, Payback, but I don’t think you getting involved is going to keep them from dating.”
Payback deflates, unable to keep his anger burning in the face of sweet, lovable Bob.
“I hope you’re not flying tomorrow,” he tells Jake before stomping to the bar.
You shrug, staring at your friend’s retreating back. “I feel like that could’ve gone worse, honestly.”
Jake can’t help himself, hands already drifting towards your flimsy sundress. “Does that mean we can go to the bathroom now?”
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writing-by-mimi · 6 months
Breeding/knocked up
Fandom: Obey Me!
      My opinion on who would have a breeding kink and to what degree. I'll write one on how they would be with children later. XD
Adult content, read at your own risk. Not beta read.
     Would absolutely love cumming inside of you...not so keen on any offspring. Look at his and Satan's relationship... He loves you, he does...but if you want a kid, go baby Satan. Seriously. He'll let you pinch Satan's cheeks and the whole nine yards, just please don't get pregnant. He couldn't stand another offspring hating him, Mc.
     "Please don't make me fail you. I couldn't stand it if our child hated me too."
     Babies take Grimm...so he isn't looking to get you knocked up on purpose. Would 100% be for cumming inside of you, but Mc, the Grimm a baby takes! The thought of breeding you though...it's all most worth it. You'd make a cute baby Mc...okay, okay...Maybe, Mc. Still cumming in you on accident, and if it does happen, he'd be shocked, but after the initial freak out, would 100% start actually saving Grimm. (He is still gonna gamble though...just a bit more responsibility involved.) After your knocked up though and every time after the baby is born, he's gonna breed you. He's Greed incarnate and he's had a taste...he isn't stopping now Mc.
      "Our baby is cute as fuck, Mc...and making 'em is the fun part. Let's give our baby a sibling."
     His favorite hentai is all creampies and cosplay. If you consider letting him have sex with you, he'd probably pass out. It would take a while for Levi to get it together and not pass out seeing you naked. Absolutely wants to get you pregnant! (Though it's a messed up reason and you'll hate him if you truly knew why Mc... Envy is a hell of a sin... if he gets you pregnant, you'll be with him and a part of him and a part of you will be joined forever...something no one else could ever have and to have absolutely all of you....his envy knows no bounds. He's so sorry Mc!) After he is used to your naked bodies touching, he is a man determined. Doing every pose he's ever seen in a hentai and filling you to the brim. Seeing you leaking his cum brings a peace to him. It won't be long Mc! Be ready to be breed, even mid raid. He can multitask.
     "Y-you want to what? I...I can do that!" *takes pants off and immediately passes out.*
     Adores cumming inside of you, but like Lucifer, is in no way aiming to get you pregnant. The unresolved issues he has with the man who spawned him...just get a kitten. It's cute, you can cuddle it. He's good with cats. He'll even by it cute little outfits you can dress it up in. Just please don't get pregnant. He doesn't want his child to feel even an inclination of what he's dealing with.
     "Mc, you said you wanted a baby, so this is Sugarloaf. I found her at the park and the mother hasn't been around for days." *hands you the ideal kitten you've always wanted.* "I even picked out outfits and toys for our fur baby." *proud cat Daddy smile.* (off topic, him and Jumin Han would be Cat Daddy Bros...)
      Uh, of course he is going to breed you? Did you really think the Avatar of Lust didn't have that kink too? Oh Mc, your so cute! Literally jumping you at random. You'll never know when he's ready. Walking to R.A.D.? Not anymore, your going to be late, but don't worry, he can charm the teachers. Yes, he's fucking you behind this bush and filling you to the brim. Public sex is hot, Mc. In the kitchen making dinner? Boom, the turkey isn't the only thing being stuffed. Your baby is going to be the cutest in the three realms! He can have Levi help him make baby clothes, and you'll look so adorable pregnant! He can buy maternity clothes for you! There is nothing that would make him consider not breeding you 24/7.
     "You look so cute cumming, Mc, but I bet you'll look cuter carrying my child."
      This fucking man...he's breeding you. He wants a huge family and the fact you'd be extra hungry all the time, and he'll have a cute child with you?! It's go time. Literally fucking you in the locker room after the game. You look hot in his jersey and he absolutely adores the sounds you make as he has you pinned against his locker, legs against his chest as he fills you up. Celestial realm help whoever walks in... your knocked up within two weeks, and he's gonna breed you again first chance he can.
     "A family? With me?" *unzipping pants, shirt is already gone.*
     Loves having slow, sleepy sex you with you. Not really into breeding. Loves cumming in you...but a half human child...after what he did to you... 100% not sure and would be the most upset that you got accidentally knocked up, and he wasn't even trying.
     "Mc...I'm not really into that..." *cuddles you harder and does almost anything else you want as an apology.*
     It's been pounded into his head since he was of age that having an hier was necessary. He's royalty, so he knows what a breeding kink is. It's not even so much the kink and the creampie that excites him as it is who it's with. Having sex with you, he understands the kink and is 100% on board. He'll have you under him, hands holding your thighs to your chest with your pleasure in mind, but the moment he cums inside of you and thinks of you being full of his cum and granting him offspring... he's breeding you every available moment, like Asmo. Has the main goal of conceiving his child on the throne and the view of you getting fucked full of his seed while his crown bounces on your head... it won't take long, Mc.
     "Fuck, you look so beautiful filled with my seed."
     Not gonna lie, I'm torn on Barb... I feel like he would only approach it with Mc if he knew for an absolute fact that you and any offspring that could result would be okay and safe. Like, if he did manage to get that timeline to work, he would indulge you in the kink whenever you asked. If he couldn't get it right...I think it would be such a feeling of failure on himself and Mc...he wouldn't want that for you. Would definitely creampie you and be rough, but the main purpose is pleasure and he won't do it unless he is 100% sure you will not get knocked up.
     "I am sorry, Mc...the timing is not right yet."
     This man has lead a long life, and will continue too. Loving you, while it's wonderful now, it's nothing but pain and suffering later. If you remain. Mortal, I think he would pass on breeding you. He'll fuck you all kinds of ways, even loves filling you...but he can't takr the chance. A father shouldn't have to bury their children, he's buried lots of people mc...please don't make him privy to that. Although if Mc found a way to be like him and last through the ages, I think he would cave and give in...plus he'd love it, so you won't have to ask very hard. After all, once the kid reaches adulthood, if they wanna be immortal as well, he find a way. It's a family that will last and he won't lose. It's nice to finally have people that won't fade away...
     *Has already magiced his clothes off* "Mc, I need you to drink this..."
     Since being demoted...hes woken up with erections regularly... ERECTIONS! He never touched himself as an angel. It wasn't pure and he had more will than that! But now...he's human...so indulging can happen...right? Dude is exploring his own boners and thoughts when the thought of filling you up and having a family hits. Cums, and almost dies. Like Simeon isn't completely innocent, but he's never taken the time to do something so...sinful. Knows of breeding kinks, and is so flustered when he realizes it's his kink. He would love to indulge and breed you, but with being an angel originally...but being with you would be worth it. Yet after the brothers fall because Lilith fell in love with a human...I don't think he'd be able to bring himself to do it. Would cum while having sex with you, but be so overly careful. Like you have a condom, he has a condom, spermicide, the pill, even pulling out all in one session. Though if Simeon fell...I think he'd go full bore and breed the living shit out of you. All day, everyday. You chose him and he's going to leave proof in anyway he can. Plus thinking of how cute the children would be... it would rival Diavolo and Asmodeus as far as being jumped to be breed 24/7.
     "Safety is important." *pulls out a whole pharmacy worthy of condoms and items to prevent pregnancy.*
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kunislover · 5 months
perfect places. — a gift from kunikuzushi to you.
scaramouche x gn!reader ꨄ 774 words ꨄ more utc!
i love flowers and i love my little guy so… why not put them in a fic together :’) i think this might become a series, the other fics including the rest of his gifts maybe! im open to ideas!
Tumblr media
the picture-perfect garden was the first of kunikuzushi’s many exquisite wedding gifts given to you the during the week after the wedding. the garden was luscious, overflowing with life, and matched the inazuman-esque estate the two of you resided in perfectly. the garden was complete with tiny rolling waterfalls flowing into the massive pond, polished stepping stones leading up to purple-roofed walkways built over the reservoir below, and lanterns strung from the otogi trees that gave the place a soft glow. kunikuzushi liked to watch you feed the koi fish that inhabited the pond in the morning, your form bathed in the glow of the sunrise and gentle cascading sakura petals. seeing you in this light, he truly believed it was you who was divinity’s incarnate, and not himself. your initial reaction to the gift rather pleased him, your praises making him both happy and smug– because of course you loved it. it was his idea, after all.
“kuni?! this is incredibly–this is really.. thebestgiftihaveeverreceived! oh, it’s so romantic! how did you even do all of this–when did you even?!” you exclaimed, still taking in garden that seemed like it was taken right out of some old, charming film.
“if i told you, i’d have to kill you,” he smirked, finding your excitement as endearing as ever. tugging gently on your hand, he begins to lead you through the entrance archways.
“oh, giving me the tour now are you? way to dodge the question, honey,” you snickered, fingers interlinking with his.
“it’s not exactly rocket science, i merely hired the right people.” he exhales out something between a scoff and a laugh before continuing, “barely, might i add. i had to supervise them for the entirety of the project, lest they interfere with my planning. you’d think they were babies or something” he rambled, rolling his eyes at the mere memory of his attendants. just how was it possible they were considered some of the best craftsmen mora could buy?
“there’s my kuni, scaring the innocent people of teyvat shitless, as always” you tease. stopping at the balcony, you rest your forearms on the banister overlooking the rolling water below you two, lost in thought as you admired the subtle reminders of his love for you spread throughout the garden, something that would remain hidden to an outsider’s eye, while you and your lover would cherish them. you see, to any other person, kuni’s personal selection of flowers would only be seen as delicate, one-of-a-kind, and most of all expensive. you couldn’t get these blooms just anywhere. but to you and your husband, these flowers represented a story, a heartfelt memory the two of you shared. these flowers are not precious because they cost an arm and a leg to import– they are precious because in each petal lies the timeline of true love.
you don’t even feel kuni’s arms wrapping themselves around your waist to bring you closer, as he leans to press a fleeting kiss to your collarbone. “that look of wonder on your face clearly tells me how well i impressed you–no need to be in a rush to tell me or anything.”
“what a dramatic man i married,” you lightly laugh, tilting your head up to envelop his lips with yours, smiling into the kiss when he deepens it. when kunikuzushi pulls away, your eyelids are still heavy, his lips ever so slightly brushing against yours, as he confesses, hushed, “this garden is the personification of my love. so know that if there is ever a time words fail me, let it speak on my behalf” he whispers, thumbs cradling your cheeks.
it’s only when your honeyed gaze stares into his does he register just how soft his words were, so he abruptly turns around, his back now facing you in a desperate attempt to conceal his blush. clearing his throat, he says, “of course i knew you’d enjoy the garden, which tells me you’ll also like the other gifts i have saved for the rest of the week. you’re predictable, after all.”
“you mean there’s more?!-”
— wondering which flowers made it into the garden? what they mean? have a look in the floriography book! ꕤ
camellias to show his longing for you.
dahlias, for you are his eternal love and his sole commitment.
hawthorns, for you are his standing hope.
honeysuckles, for his devotion and affection know no bounds.
ivy, for his attachment and fidelity cannot be measured by mortal means.
lilacs, for his first love.
finally, lily of the valley, for you by his side was his return to happiness.
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atinylittlepain · 2 months
Grocery Store Blues - Chapter 1
Eddie Munson x f!reader/f!oc
He falls for the pretty girl with the pretty daughter in the cereal aisle.
Two tired hearts share a few bowls of Lucky Charms.
warnings | 18+ eventual smut, angst, the fluffiest of fluff, single young mom dynamic
How is it only Wednesday? It’s the middle of the week, but she feels like she’s been slogging through it for at least a month. She goes to class, she works, she goes and gets nasty looks when she’s late to daycare pick up, day in and day out. She knows there must be an end to this crawling time, but right now, pushing her grocery cart down the cereal aisle, the odds are looking dim. 
Her girl felt warm to the touch when she picked her up this afternoon, too warm, and squirmy. Probably some sort of cold getting passed around on tiny hands and drippy noses. She’s droopy in the little seat in the cart, folding over in her puffy pink coat, cheeks a similar rosy hue. She’s feeling good enough to perk up when they near the technicolor boxes of sugary  cereal, making grabby hands at the Lucky Charms. 
She watches her daughter for a moment, a hiccup in time of pure loveliness, only snapping out of it when someone clears their throat.
“Excuse me, sorry.” A young man is trying to slip by her, she only now realizes she’s stopped in the middle of the aisle. He’s a blur of wild, long hair, and black denim, she hears the squeak of his sneakers. “Oh my god, sorry about that, just totally out of it for a second there.” He smiles at her as he turns around, leaning his hip on the end of her cart.
“No worries. I’m a big fan of Lucky Charms myself.” He nods to her girl, still looking enrapt at the animated Leprechaun on the front of the box.
“Oh jeez. I don’t usually let her have that, basically candy for breakfast. Wouldn’t bring me any wins in the mom Olympics.” She winces hard at her lame attempt at a joke. He just smiles wider. “Well you can’t be doing too bad, seeing how cute your little girl is. I’d give you a gold medal for sure.” Her daughter has shifted her attention to this stranger now, trying to twist back in her seat to get a better look at him. He waves at her, mouthing “hey, sweetheart.”
Even if he is a stranger, she beams at his kind words, that rolling pride for her daughter buoying her. But just as quick, she drops back into reality, the reality that she probably couldn’t even buy the cereal if she wanted to, considering it’s the end of the month and she’s giving her wallet a herculean stretch already.
She clears her throat, “sorry again for being in the way, total mom brain of me.” He tilts his head at her, furrowing his brow a bit, “no apologies needed, made up for it by letting me meet this little lady.” He wiggles his eyebrows at her contorting daughter and gets a high pitched giggle out of her, before turning his attention back to her, “have a good night.”
“You too,” she watches his back as he keeps on down the aisle before quickly averting her gaze to the shelves, not totally understanding why she feels so flustered. 
By the time she gets to the checkout lane, she’s got a massive headache. Her girl has dissolved into tears, and feels even warmer than when she first picked her up. As the cashier starts ringing her up, it turns into the worst kind of puzzle. How many things can she buy without leaving her wallet empty. She has to put several things back and can hear the older woman in line behind her pointedly clearing her throat. Just at that moment, her daughter starts to wail, she thinks she might start too. 
After that trial by embarrassment, it’s all she can do to get out to her car. She hoists her girl out of the shopping cart, keeping her on her hip while she loads the grocery bags into the trunk. Her daughter presses her soppy face into her neck, and she murmurs comfort into the top of her head.
“I know, pops. We’re going home. We’ll get you all cleaned up, lovely. Get some food and medicine in you. It’s ok, baby, please don’t cry.” She’s struggling with her squirrely girl and the bags, and ends up dropping one. She curses silently, trying to bend at the waist with a toddler clinging to her like a wet blanket. A pair of familiar sneakers comes into view.
“Here, let me help you with that.” It’s the man from the cereal aisle. He bends down, gathering up the bag and the last few in her cart, tucking them into her trunk. He’s holding onto two bags of his own, but holds the one out to her, she can see in it some of the items she had put back.
For a moment, she feels panic rise in her throat. He saw that, oh god, so much for that gold medal. But then she looks at his face, and his brown eyes are so soft they quiet that rising fear.
“I know what it’s like, doing the end of the month cash register dance. I hope this is ok.” She’s still frozen in place, so he smiles, and places the bag in her trunk with the rest of her groceries.
“I’m Eddie, by the way, forgot to mention that earlier.” She finally picks her jaw up off the ground, holding out her hand for him to shake, telling him her name. She tries to coax her daughter’s face out of her neck, but to no avail.
“And this quiet little thing is Poppy. She’s usually not so shy, just not feeling her best at the moment.” She has no clue why she feels the need to tell him that, but again, he meets it with a smile. 
“It’s real nice to meet you. You usually come to the grocery on Wednesday nights?” She looks at him, a bit confused. He laughs, “well, it’s just, I don’t usually shop on Wednesdays, just had to pick some stuff up, you know? But, I might have to change my schedule around if it means running into you two ladies more often.” That drags a giggle out of her that she’s downright embarrassed by, but he grins big at it.
“Um, well, yeah. I guess we do usually come Wednesday nights.” He nods at this, a newly shy smile on his face, “maybe I’ll see you next Wednesday then.”
“Maybe you will.”
They both laugh a little, and just then a car honks somewhere in the parking lot, pulling them out of whatever world they were both just in.
He nods at her one more time before walking off. She lets out a sigh she didn’t know she was holding onto.
When she gets home that night, daughter curled up on the couch as she puts away the groceries, she sees that Eddie included something in that bag that she hadn’t put back. There’s a box of Lucky Charms, and on it in black sharpie, a phone number and a note.
To the prettiest lady I’ve ever seen in a grocery store (and her equally pretty girl),
It’s not a gold medal, but I think these are better. 
Call me, I’ll bring the milk.
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navybrat817 · 3 months
Put on a Show
Pairing: Nick Fowler x Female Reader, surprise guest Summary: Nick doesn't like to share, but he'll let you put on a show. Word Count: Over 1.2k Warnings: Explicit sexual content, unprotected vaginal sex (wrap it before you tap it), possessive behavior, slight dirty talk, voyeurism, exhibitionism, Nick Fowler (he's a warning, okay?). A/N: Third day of my Naughty & Nice Nonsense belongs to Nick Fowler and a surprise guest of @rookthorne's choosing! Inspired by this ask here and as a thank you for the beautiful banner (and being awesome in general). ❤️ Not beta read and written on my phone, so any and all mistakes are my own. Banner and moodboard by yours truly. Please follow @navybrat817-sideblog for new fics and notifications. Comments, reblogs, feedback are loved and appreciated!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
One thing Nick prided himself on was how well he could read you. Part of his job was to pick up on subtle cues and tells from the people around him. It was only natural that he would use his skills to figure out your likes and dislikes when the two of you started dating. If he didn’t know what you enjoyed, how was he supposed to take care of you?
When it came to what you wanted in the bedroom, he sometimes enjoyed outright asking.
Like tonight.
“Need me to fuck your pretty pussy, sweetheart?”
As fun as it was to whisper dirty words in your ear, he preferred looking into your eyes when he asked what you wanted him to do to you. Watching your dilated pupils peek through your lashes as you pressed your thighs together let him know how badly you wanted him. Which is why he wouldn’t settle for you giving him a single nod.
No, he needed to hear it.
“Use your words. You need me to fuck you?”
“Yes,” you whispered.
“With my tongue or cock?”
Your breath caught in your throat, the same way it did earlier in the day when he wore your favorite leather jacket. He owned a couple and considered buying more since he knew how much they turned you on. You liked how he looked in his suits and sweaters, too, but something about the leather excited you. He paid special attention to anything that got a reaction out of you.
“Nick,” you whispered when he nudged your thighs apart with his hand.
“Don’t ‘Nick’ me,” he said, biting back a groan when his fingers found his prize, getting them nice and wet. "Hardly touch you and you're drenched. You know exactly who you belong to, don't you?"
Your back bowed when he shoved two fingers in without warning, but your hips moved to take them in deeper. He didn't care if you ruined the couch. He wanted you to be a writhing mess by the time he finished with you.
“There you go. You can take it,” he smirked, grabbing your chin with his other hand when you tried to turn your head away. “Don’t look at him. Look at me.”
"C'mon, Fowler. Lemme see her."
Nick huffed as he spared Lee a glance. The sheriff smirked back as he palmed himself through his slacks. The man helped him out of a bind when he was still a rookie agent and they ended up forming a partnership of sorts. He was a man who didn't mind getting his hands dirty. He respected that.
"You're seeing plenty, Bodecker," Nick said as he pumped his fingers.
"But she wanted this," Lee said, unbuckling his belt.
"I know she did. I set this up, remember?"
The observant man Nick was, he quickly picked up on the attraction between you and Lee when you met. The sheriff put on the Southern charm for you and you smiled almost bashfully under his gaze. It didn't upset him the way he thought it would, but he did slip his leather jacket over your shoulders to remind his friend who you belonged to. He was never good at sharing.
But knew deep down his partner wouldn't make a move on his girl and you wouldn't leave him for another man.
It didn't stop him from asking you about it later when you were riding him.
"That's it, sweetheart. Fuck yourself on my cock," he smirked, gripping your hips to stop you. "Unless you'd rather be riding the sheriff."
"What?!" you gasped as he tightened his hold on you.
"You like him. Tell me why."
He was still hard inside you when you hesitantly admitted that you thought the sheriff was good looking. You explained that you admired Lee's confidence and respected his position of power. You enjoyed seeing him in his uniform, especially when he put his leather jacket on.
You really did like that look.
But the most attractive feature to you was that Lee reminded you of Nick. The sheriff was a bit heavier than Nick was and didn't have the same scruff he did, but he agreed that they bore a resemblance to each other. They were also men who lived their lives in the gray.
It made sense why you liked him.
"He wants you," he told you.
You squirmed in his lap and shook your head. "Doesn't matter. You said you'd never share me."
"Do you want me to share you?" he asked, watching you carefully.
The few times he caught you lying, you pursed your lips before you spoke. It was your tell. He never pointed it out to you.
It gave him a sense of control.
"No, I don't," you answered, framing his face. "I'm yours and I'm happy with that."
You didn't purse your lips.
"Then why is your cunt clamping down on my cock?"
"Because I want him to watch," you said without hesitation, beginning to ride him again when his grip loosened enough. "Wouldn't you like that? Showing him I'm yours?"
The way his cock throbbed inside you, he loved the idea. It was a bit of a power move. A way to show Lee you were his and make you happy at the same time.
He made the call the moment you passed out.
Lee's only stipulation was that he got to drink Nick's best scotch while he watched.
"I wanna see more," Lee smirked, bringing Nick back to be present. "You didn't answer his question, darlin'. Almost like you wanna be punished."
"He's right, sweetheart," he said as his lips ghosted over yours. “Tell me how you need me to fuck you or I won’t fuck you at all."
"No, please," you whined.
“I’ll cuff you and make you watch as I stroke my cock. I won’t touch you even if you beg," he threatened, nipping at your bottom lip hard enough to make you whimper. "I’ll finish on your weeping pussy and smack it for denying me an answer to a simple question.”
"Not exactly the show I want, but I'd love to see her in my cuffs," Lee said, taking himself out of his pants. "Tick tock, darlin'. Time's a wastin'."
"Cock," you moaned, clenching around Nick's fingers. "Want your cock, please."
"That's my girl. Desperate for my cock," he whispered, taking his fingers out to open your legs more. He'd give you what you needed, like always. "You wanted to look at her. So look."
Lee's teeth tugged over his lip as he stared at your glistening cunt, pumping himself at a slow pace. "Shit, darlin'. Pretty pussy's desperate to be stuffed fulla cock, ain't it?"
"My cock is the only one she'll get," Nick reminded him, that possessive streak starting to show as he released himself.
"Sure she can't give me a lil' kiss?"
"No kiss," he snarled, making the other man chuckle before he leaned back to give you room.
You blew Lee a kiss before you began to straddle Nick, your legs shaking as you faced away from him. It was overwhelming to be at the center of their attention. It was what you wanted.
You'd thank him later.
"Give him something to remember you, sweetheart," Nick ordered as you took in every inch of him.
"You heard him," Lee said, brushing his thumb along the tip of his cock. "Gimme a show."
That's exactly what you did.
Tumblr media
Could be fun to visit them again. 😏 Love and thanks for reading! ❤️
Masterlist ⚓ Nick Fowler Masterlist ⚓ Ko-Fi
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skz317cb97 · 7 months
The Cocktail Party
Jisung x female reader
Word count: 5.6k
A/N: 18+ only! I've been destroying you all with a lot of angst lately so here's a funny Jisung fic to make everything better! I hope you all think it's funny and enjoy reading it! If you do be sure to like, reblog, comment, send me an ask, whatever! I love hearing from you guys! Warnings and smut below the cut!
Tumblr media
Warnings: MDNI 18+ ONLY! Stong language/cursing, protected piv sex, alluding to cheating but no actual cheating, oral (m&f receiving) semi-public sex, coming on mc, cum eating, name calling (whore,slut). I think that's it but as always if I missed anything let me know and I will be sure to add it to the warnings!
Changbin was one of your best friends but even you had to admit sometimes the man had a big mouth. On this particular occasion that his mouth had over run itself he had a big work event coming up. A cocktail party his boss was throwing. All the higher ups in the company were going to be there as well as his own team and Changbin had run his mouth to his work buddies just a little too hard saying he had a ‘hot date’ he was bringing. Which he absolutely did not and that’s where you came in. A couple of days before his boss's party Changbin called you BEGGING for you to go as his ‘date’. 
“Please Y/N!? I thought I’d be able to get a date before it was time but it turns out to get a date you have to actually leave work, go out, and meet people.” You were seriously considering letting Changbin eat his words and learn his lesson on this one.  
“You forgot you also have to be charming.” Changbin scoffed. 
“Ouch, you wound me. Please, you know I’m the most charming man you know! Pretty please Y/N I’ll owe you big time!” You weren’t sold. Your couch sounded better this weekend. 
“Bin I don’t know...” You didn’t have to see Changbin to know the face he was making when he spoke next. 
“Y/NNNN-ie!!! PLEEEEAASSSE! It’ll be fun! There’s gonna be an open bar and finger foods, you love fancy shit like that. Come onnnnn!” While big mouth Changbin was a handful, whiney Changbin was by far your least favorite Changbin. 
“Binnie, I don’t have anything nice to wear and I won’t know anyone. I don’t th-” Changbin cut you off. 
“I’ll take you dress shopping, my treat! And I promise to be by your side the whole night! SWEAR!” You really had no reason to say no at that point. Free drinks, you get a new dress, and an excuse to doll yourself up? Also, to be fair Changbin was always helping you if you had any heavy lifting and what not and he was fun at a party. 
“Okay Bin. You buy the dress and promise you won’t ditch me with strangers and I’ll go.” You could hear his giddy little noises through the phone. 
“I PROMISE!” You let out a defeated sigh. 
“Seriously, if you ditch me Bin, I’ll tell all your work buddies you’re into... Dendrophilia or something.” He laughed nervously. 
“What-ophilia now?” You started laughing hysterically. 
“It means you’re sexually aroused by trees.” Changbin’s nervous laughter continued. 
“You... you wouldn’t really though.” You got very quiet on the line. 
“Don’t test me Seo. Pick me up when you get off work for dress shopping and don’t forget your credit card. Byeeee!” You hung up before he could say anything else. 
That was how you found yourself on Changbin’s arm at a cocktail party, in your new dress, munching on hors d’oeuvres, and sipping from a champagne flute that was definitely not your first of the night. You almost aspirated your champagne when Changbin’s arm snaked around your waist and pulled you tightly against his side. You looked at his hand gripping your hip and back up at him. 
“What in the fresh fuck do you think you’re doing Seo Changbin!?” He pressed his face into your hair and whispered. 
“This is one of my buddies walking up. Laugh and act like I’m whispering something devastatingly witty in your ear.” You scoffed and rolled your eyes before throwing your head back and letting out the most over the top convincing flirtatious laugh you could manage, slapping your hand against Changbin’s chest way harder than necessary, making him wince as his friend approached you. 
“Oh my god Binnie-babe you’re SO DEVISTATINGLY witty!” Changbin gave you a glare and you smiled at him. You grabbed one of the hors d’oeuvres being offered and took a bite very pleased with your performance. That was when you looked up and saw the work friend Changbin was talking about. You almost choked on your crab toast when you saw him. He was beautiful. He had chestnut colored hair that was mostly swept back aside from a few rogue pieces that had fallen in his face. He had a baby face and the cutest chubby cheeks with a beaming, toothy, smile that was infectious and made his big brown eyes light up. He wasn’t tall but he had long legs and his broad shoulders and chest were in stark contrast to his tiny waist. The suit he was wearing was definitely doing him favors. The cut of the blazer complimented the width of his shoulders and the one button closure drew attention to his lithe waist.  
Jisung was not blind either. He had definitely noticed that you were absolutely breath taking when he was walking up. He was a little surprised that Changbin hadn’t been telling tall tales again when he said he had a hot date. You were indeed VERY hot in the emerald green satin wrap dress Changbin had bought you. It had thin delicate straps and the front was draped and hung loosely, showing a decent amount of your cleavage. It had a strappy open back and a slit on one side showing one of your gorgeous thighs. Jisung had to make sure and not drool when he spoke. 
“Well now I know that’s not her first glass Bin. You? Witty?” You cracked a smile at the dig his friend took and Changbin rolled his eyes. 
“I don’t have to get my dates drunk for them to think I’m funny Hannie, but it doesn’t hurt.” They both laughed and shook hands firmly pulling each other in for a quick ‘bro’ hug which consisted of each giving one hard smack on the other’s back before pulling away and the attention falling back on you. Changbin pulled you close again and introduced you. 
“This is my date, Y/N. Y/N this is my good friend Han Jisung. We work on the same development team but he’s one of the very few coworkers I can stand to hang out with outside of work also.” Jisung nodded and smiled at you offering his hand to shake.  
“Nice to meet you Y/N!” You downed the rest of your champagne and placed the empty glass on a passing waiter's tray before ignoring Jisung’s hand and going in for a hug instead. He was surprised at first but politely hugged you back. Awkwardly smiling at Changbin. He couldn’t help the way his heart rate picked up a little when he was close enough to smell your shampoo and perfume. His hands innocently grazed your exposed back when he hugged you and it made you shiver a little giving you goosebumps. 
“It’s nice to meet YOU Jisung.” You shamelessly squeezed his biceps and smiled, shooting him a sly wink when you pulled away from the hug. Jisung smiled at you nervously and swallowed hard his adam’s apple bobbing with the effort. Your eyes lingered on each other a little too long it seemed because Changbin cleared his throat and pulled you back into his side effectively snapping you both out of your daze. Jisung’s eyes went wide realizing he was ogling his friend’s date and tried to quickly recover. 
“SO! Uh... um have you guys been dating long?” Well, this was awkward. You and Changbin hadn’t really thought of a backstory for this whole production not thinking about the fact people may ask when or how you met. You both answered quickly. 
“No.” “Yes.” Jisung looked at both of you confused and Changbin laughed nervously. 
“Uh well I mean we’ve known each other for a long time but the dating is recent. Isn’t that right cupcake?” You internally rolled your eyes at the nick name but smiled and agreed. 
“It sure is sexy pants.” You slapped Changbin on the ass and his ears got red. Thankfully before things could get too out of hand Jisung looked over Changbin’s shoulder and noticed their boss. 
“Oo Bin, there’s Mr. Ming now. He’s three sheets, you should go talk to him about that quarterly bonus for our department. If we get it we can finally get that new software!” Changbin looked over his shoulder and spotted their boss and then looked back at you biting his lip remembering his promise.  
“I know I promised I wouldn’t leave you but it’s actually REALLY important for me to go talk about this privately with him. Would it be alright if I left you here with Jisung?” You were ecstatic about the idea of getting some alone time with Jisung. 
“It’s fine Binnie go do your thing. I’ll be okay here with Jisung.” He looked between the two of you nervously for a second not sure if he should really go, not wanting to upset you by breaking his promise. When he was certain you meant what you said he leaned in, gave you a side hug and a quick peck on the cheek. 
“You’re not gonna tell him I'm a hemophiliac are you?” You laughed, shook your head no, and pushed him towards his boss. 
“I’ll be right back I swear!” You nodded and shooed him away to go do his job and then turned back towards Jisung. 
“Changbin has a blood condition he’s sensitive about?” You put your hand on your chest, threw your head back and genuinely laughed. Jisung loved the way it sounded and he couldn’t help his eyes following your hand, glancing at your soft breasts peeking from the top of your dress before he quickly averted his gaze. 
“No no, he meant dendrophilia.” You said as you tried to get a hold of yourself. Jisung’s face contorted. 
“He gets off to trees?!” You laughed even harder doubling over. The loosely draped front of your dress hung down and Jisung could see even more of the silky skin hiding underneath. His dick got a little hard and his face felt warm. He hoped he wasn’t visibly blushing. He needed to get a hold of himself. You were with Changbin, his friend. Jisung was NOT this kind of guy. 
“Oh my god! You know what that means!?” You couldn’t stop laughing. Jisung laughed nervously with you.  
“Oh, uh, well...” You wiped your tears away. 
“He doesn’t really, it’s just... it’s just a little inside joke between us.” You decided to go with that as you tried to catch your breath. You noticed Jisung’s face was flushed, his cheeks a soft shade of pink that you found endearing. You couldn’t help yourself, you wanted to push his buttons a little more, see how red you could make those cute cheeks and who knows maybe even get lucky. 
“I mean even if he did... everyone gets off to something...right?” Jisung could no longer look you in the eye, he gave a tiny nod as he looked behind you at Changbin talking to Mr. Ming, trying to keep your conversation from going off the rails into territory it most certainly shouldn’t with his friend’s date. 
“Yea... I... uh... I mean... sure... uh...” He was so flustered it was adorable. He looked like an absolute stud in that suit but he blushed like a teenaged boy when you said anything remotely provocative. Jisung took a big drink of his champagne trying to regain some kind of moisture that had suddenly completely disappeared from his mouth and you decided to strike the final blow. You ran your fingers between his lapel and his jacket and smoothed his tie, all of which was just an excuse to touch his firm chest.  
“What do you like getting off to Jisungie?” Your voice was sweet and sticky like honey. Jisung turned his head away, choked, and spit his drink back into his glass. 
“Wha...uh...I...I...” You ran your hand down his lapel again this time not being shy about the fact you were indeed feeling his chest muscles. He couldn’t answer so you decided to continue to share your own thoughts with him. 
“I like getting off to pretty cocks.” You looked Jisung right in his eyes as he continued to stand there absolutely speechless. You leaned in and whispered in his ear as you ran your hand from his chest, down his abs, and stopping at the waist of his slacks. You slid two fingers between the waist of his pants and his body and ran them across his hip. 
“I bet YOU have a really pretty cock. Don’t you Sungie?” Your warm breath tickled the side of his neck. How did you make something so dirty sound so sweet especially when you called him Sungie. Jisung’s dick was instantly rock hard and he let out an involuntary whimper. You almost couldn’t contain yourself when you heard the noise he made. Jisung was starting to sweat. He couldn’t believe you were being so bold when Changbin was right there. He looked over at Changbin and their boss again. Changbin was completely absorbed in the conversation they were having and had long stopped glancing over to check on you. Why would he? He left his date in the care of his completely capable and trustworthy friend. Suddenly Jisung was aware you had said something to him. 
“Wha-what?” He stuttered trying and absolutely failing to get a grip while still watching Changbin over your shoulder. 
“The bathroom Jisung can you show me where it is?” It sounded like an innocent enough request. 
“Oh. Uh. Yea follow me.” You slid your arm around Jisung’s as he led you towards the back of the party where the bathrooms were. Jisung was trying to be a good friend. He really REALLY was. He stopped at the end of the hall and pointed. 
“So, uh. They’re back that way. If you need me I’ll...” You grabbed a hold of Jisung’s tie and gently pulled it as you walked backwards down the hall towards the bathrooms. He slowly followed looking back again to see if Changbin was anywhere to be found, hoping maybe he would show up and keep him from making a terrible mistake he was certain to make otherwise. 
“Come, show me.” You smiled sweetly but there was something in your eyes that spelled trouble for Jisung. 
“Uh...um...okay.” When you got to the bathroom you pushed the door open with your ass and pulled him in with you. As soon as the door was closed you pushed him against it and kissed him. Jisung’s hands were up by his head like he was being stuck up by a robber, TRYING to not touch you no matter how badly he really wanted to. Your lips softly slotted against his and as hard as he tried to resist the urge, his lips melted into yours and he kissed you back. You slid your hands over his shoulders under his jacket pushing it off and tossing it over onto the counter by the sink. Your lips parted and you looked at him with the biggest ‘fuck me’ eyes he’d ever seen. 
“Touch me Jisung...” He looked at you, running his hands through his hair completely frustrated about the situation he was in. 
“I...I... but Bin... we shouldn’t...” You ran your fingers through Jisung’s hair and pulled him in for another kiss. Your tongue traced his lips before entering and tasting his mouth. That was it he’d had enough. 
“Fuck it!” He locked the bathroom door and then turned back and pulled you against his firm body as he devoured your lips. He slid his tongue into your mouth and your groaned as he gripped your ass and started sliding the skirt of your dress up, caressing your skin with his fingertips while you worked at his belt and pants. 
“God.... we... we shouldn’t be doing this... it’s not... it’s not right... Changbin... he’s my friend... this is wrong...” Jisung spoke in between kissing your lips stating how wrong it was but not stopping. 
“Shhhh shhh... don’t think Ji...” You got on your knees as you pulled his pants down to his ankles. You could see the outline of his erection through his underwear it was...big. You pulled on the waist band of his underwear and drug those down to join his pants around his ankles. When you saw his dick you couldn’t help the smile that crept onto your face. It was smooth and so hard, already leaking precum and you hadn’t even really touched him yet. You had to taste him. You licked your palm and grabbed his shaft softly stroking him. 
“I just KNEW you had a pretty cock Sungie. Mmm and it’s so BIG!” That sweet voice again. He thought it was going to be the death of him. That is until you wrapped your lips around the tip of his cock and gave it a soft suck collecting his precum on your tongue before you popped off and swallowed. 
“Yummm.” You went back for more. This time you took more of his cock into your mouth and started bobbing your head. You pressed your tongue against the bottom of Jisung’s dick while sucking and hollowing your cheeks as you gave him the best head he’d ever had in his life. He gathered your hair and pulled it out of your face so he could watch you take his cock. 
“Fuck, look at me beautiful, let me see your eyes.” You looked up at Jisung as you swallowed even more of him, the tip grazing the back of your throat a little. You pulled off his dick and stroked his shaft firmly while giving the head teasing little licks. 
“God! I want to deep throat you so bad Sungie, I just want to gag and choke on this pretty dick but we can’t mess up my make-up now can we?” You kissed his cock and winked at him. 
“Next time.” You swallowed him down again and Jisung pulled your hair tighter and gently started fucking your face making sure not to go too deep. 
“Ooooohhh fuck fuck we can’t... we... mmm God yes suck it just like that for me. Yes baby suck on me just like that.” When Jisung started flooding your mouth with precum you pulled away from his cock with another little pop and licked your swollen lips. 
“Damn you taste so good Ji.” He helped you off your knees and kissed you as he slid the straps of your dress down your shoulders. His lips trailed down your jaw and neck. He gently sucked the soft spot right under your ear and it made you weak. Jisung pulled the top of your dress down around your waist ecstatic to find you braless. 
“Fuck me beautiful...” You smirked and started unbuttoning his shirt. 
“If you insist.” Once you had Jisung’s shirt off you ran your hands over his bulging pectoral muscles. You had thought he looked good in the suit, naked he was like a demi God. You kissed him as he backed you up against the counter, then lifted and sat you on it. Jisung leaned you back and pushed your skirt up so that your whole dress was bunched around your waist now. He ran his fingers over your clothed pussy and felt the dampness that was already soaking through your black satin panties. He pushed your panties to the side and drug his fingers through your folds. You threw your head back, it felt like his fingertips were electrically charged when they touched your throbbing cunt. He pulled them back out and sucked your juices off, closing his eyes and savoring the taste of you. The growl that came from him just before he dove into your dripping sex made you gush arousal before his mouth had even made contact with your pussy. His tongue was wide and flat and pushed firmly against your clit as he lapped at you, latching onto you and sucking before flattening his tongue against your clit again. His mouth practically covered your cunt as he licked and sucked at every part of you that made you twitch under him. 
“OH MY GOD!” You clamped your hands over your mouth. The door was locked but you still didn’t want anyone knowing what you were doing in there. Jisung continued to drink you in and pushed a finger inside of you. 
“Fuck your dripping for me beautiful.” He pushed another finger in and pumped them into you as his mouth latched back on to your clit, still using the same licking and sucking combo that was making you bite your fist to keep quiet. 
“Cum for me... wanna taste it... cum on my tongue.” If his words weren’t enough to send you, the sucking and fingering was. You fell into a chasm of ecstasy as Jisung continued making out with your pussy, licking and finger fucking you through your orgasm until you went limp on the counter. He stood up and pulled you towards him, kissing you, his tongue giving your mouth a very similar treatment that it had just given your cunt. You could taste yourself on his lips. 
“Fuck me Ji. Please fuck me baby...” You kissed him down his jaw and neck, running your tongue over his collar bone as you tugged at his hair, giving yourself better access to the places you wanted to kiss him. Jisung was having an internal debate again. He can’t fuck you, you’re with Changbin, it’s so wrong. But he can still taste you on his tongue and you were begging for his cock so sweetly. He reached down and grabbed the pants he’d kicked off and got a condom out of his pocket. You bit your plush red lips as you watched him open and roll the condom down his dick. 
“Such a pretty cock Jisungie. Can’t wait to feel it stretch me open.” Jisung grabbed your hips and pulled your ass to the edge of the counter. You let out a small gasp when he pushed the head of his cock into you. 
“Fuck! Pretty and big mmm...” Jisung sank into you slowly, allowing you time to adjust to his length. When he was fully buried in you he gripped your hips, pulled out, and gave you a hard thrust. The gasp you let out this time was equal parts surprise and pleasure. So, he wasn’t afraid to be a little rough with you. It made your pussy tremble with excitement. Jisung could feel your walls clenching and fluttering around his cock as he set a steady pace fucking into you. He thrusted into you hard again and you clenched harder. 
“Oh, so you like it hard and deep huh?” You bit your lips and shook your head. 
“Jisung...” You pulled him in and kissed him.  
“I want you to fuck me stupid.” Your lips were pressed to his as you spoke your desires. His eyes rolled up in his head and he groaned. Your words made his cock twitch inside you. 
“Wrap your legs around me beautiful.” You did as he said. 
“Yea that’s it and your arms around me here, yea? Good girl.” Jisung lifted you off the counter and without any warning proceeded to fuck you absolutely stupid just like you asked. All you could do was hold on as he held you up and pounded into you at a break neck speed. The way he was fucking you was exquisite, not even your vibrator could compare with how good it felt every time Jisung buried his dick into you hard and fast. It wasn’t long before you were being pushed to the edge again. 
“Ji... Ji... yes... yes... Yessss... fuck me baby... I’m... I’m gonna cum... I’m gonna cum!” Jisung kept fucking you hard and fast like he didn’t even hear you. He did but he wasn’t stopping now, he had to feel you cum on his cock. 
“Cum for me beautiful make a mess on my cock, fucking soak me gorgeous!” You squeezed yourself tightly against Jisung, clinging to him like a koala as your orgasm tore through you. Jolts and shivers running through your body as he kept up his relentless pace, not only fucking you and prolonging your mind-altering orgasm but chasing his own. He laid you back on the counter, you were absolutely soaked, he slid in and out of you so easily as he continued to fuck your dripping hole. The way your walls squeezed his cock, it was the best thing Jisung had ever felt. When your brain could function again you started coaching him into his own climax.  
“Sungie cum for me baby, I want it please, so bad, cum for me right here.” You pulled your panties back showing him your cunt. 
“Wanna see you paint me Ji, cum all over my pussy baby, that’s right baby cum for me, yes... yes Ji cum...” Jisung grunted and pulled out of you pulling off the condom and stroking his cock over your flushed and swollen cunt. You pulled your panties out of the way more so he had a clear shot to cum on your pussy. He pumped his cock in his hand hard and fast and then let out the prettiest moan as his load shot across your pussy lips. It covered your mound and clit and dripped down your slit. You ran your fingers through his cum and sucked it off as Jisung shuddered and shook through the last of his orgasm. You dipped your fingers into your folds and gathered more of both your cum, sucking it from your digits and going back for more until you were all clean. It was the sexiest thing Jisung ever saw in his life and it was immediately followed by the biggest freak out of his life. 
“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I can’t believe we just did that! Fuck!” Post nut clarity about what he’d just done was hitting Jisung like an airplane crashing into a freight train and he was visibly upset. You thought it was nice he was so concerned about hurting his friend. While it had been fun to mess with him a little you actually really liked Jisung and you didn’t want him to be angry with you or himself. You got down off the counter fixing your panties, pulling your skirt back down, and pulling your straps back up as Jisung quickly started putting his clothes back on. You decided it was time to fess up. 
“Jisung...” He was still pulling up his pants and cursing himself for betraying his friend while not once blaming you, even though you had instigated and taken part in it. You thought he was probably the sweetest guy you had ever met. 
“I’m a fucking terrible friend! I can’t believe... I can’t believe I betrayed Bin like that! Fuck!” He kept panicking. 
“Jisung...” Nothing. He was in his own world of anxiety as he fastened his belt and grabbed his jacket getting ready to flee. You grabbed him before he could bolt. You cupped his face with both hands, squishing his cheeks, forcing him to look at you. 
“Han Jisung!” He stopped dead, his eyes finally connecting with yours. 
“I’m not really dating Changbin.” He looked at you blankly. 
“What?” You smiled at him and pushed his hair away from his face trying to soothe him. You pressed your lips against his softly. 
“I’m not really dating Changbin Jisung, we’re just friends. I told him I’d pretend to be his date for this party as a favor. I’ve known Bin since kindergarten. He’s sweet and funny and cute but I wouldn’t date him if he were the last man on Earth.” It took Jisung a second to comprehend what you were telling him and even then, he still struggled. 
“So...” You laughed and ran your hand through his hair again. 
“So, you’re not a terrible friend and we didn’t betray Changbin Ji. It’s okay. Really.” Jisung finally let out a huge sigh of relief knowing he didn’t just commit the ultimate betrayal against his friend by fucking his girlfriend in a bathroom. 
“Oh, thank FUCK! I... I...” Jisung was laughing still trying to get himself pulled together when a realization hit him. 
“Wait, so Changbin running his mouth about his hot date WAS a lie.” You laughed and nodded and then a thought hit you. 
“Yea he did. Do you want to get him back?” The look on your face was absolutely mischievous, Jisung LOVED it. 
“Hell yes! What did you have in mind?” You laid out your plan with Jisung and he started dying laughing. 
“Oh my god! Yes! This is gonna be the best payback ever!” You finished freshening up really quick and left the bathroom first to find Changbin. You searched through the crowd of people and finally Changbin spotted you. He made his way over to you quickly and started apologizing. 
“I am so sorry! I swear I didn’t mean for that to take so long. He was so drunk...” You shook your head and gave Changbin a kiss on the cheek. 
“It’s okay Binnie.” Changbin was a little surprised you weren’t upset with him and he was just about to ask where Jisung had went off to when he saw him approaching the two of you with a very serious look on his face. 
“What's up Ji you look...” Jisung cut him off. 
“Can I talk to you Bin?” Jisung shot you a nasty look.  
“Privately?” Changbin nodded 
“Yea sure Ji. Uh... babe, I’ll be right back, okay?” You smiled and nodded. You and Jisung caught a quick glance at each other and smirked as him and Changbin made their way out of the party to a more private area to talk. After they were out of site you made your way their direction. You listened into their conversation through a cracked door and waited for your cue. 
“What’s up Jisung you look like someone...” Jisung put his hands on Changbin’s shoulders making him square up to him. 
“Look Bin I don’t know how to tell you this so I’m just gonna come right out and say it.” Changbin looked nervous. 
“Okay Hannie. Is everything okay?” Jisung shook his head. 
“No man. Everything is definitely not okay. Your girlfriend, date, whatever. She was coming on to me and then... she just tried to fuck me in the bathroom!” Changbin did his best to pretend to be shocked and upset. The way you had been groping and flirting with Jisung earlier he’d been afraid you might pull something like this. 
“Wha-” Jisung cut him off again, pretending to get angrier. 
“I had to tell you Bin, I had to tell you that she’s... she’s a slut man.” THAT was your cue. You walked in pretending you hadn’t just heard their whole exchange. 
“Hey guys...” Jisung snapped at you. 
“Don’t hey guys us like you weren’t just whoring around behind my friend’s back!” Changbin’s jaw dropped and his eyes were as wide as saucers, you almost cracked. Jisung was laying it on thick. He was great. 
“Whoa whoa whoa there Ji calm down a second.” Jisung turned to Changbin. 
“Calm down!? Calm down?! This slut tried to blow me in the bathroom behind your back Bin!” Changbin started to get a little mad that Jisung kept calling you names. 
“Seriously Jisung, calm down and stop calling her a whore and a slut!” Jisung deserved an Oscar and it was sweet that Changbin was sticking up for you but he was starting to get a little too heated. It was time to reel this in.  
“Jesus Bin it’s like you don’t even care that she was trying to fuck me.” Changbin sighed. The jig was up. He wasn’t going to keep letting Jisung think you were some tramp trying to cheat on your date. 
“Look Hannie...” Jisung interrupted him yet again. 
“It’s like... it’s like she’s just a friend you asked to come as your date as a favor to make you look good.” Changbin was wearing his confused face now. Just imagine someone trying to do advanced calculus in their head and that was the look on Changbin’s face. 
“I... what?” You and Jisung both started laughing. You walked over to Jisung and gave him a kiss on his cute chubby cheek and Changbin finally realized you guys were pulling his leg. 
“Aaaahh man! I thought... I thought he was really pissed. I mean really! I REALLY thought you had actually tried to fuck him in the bathroom!” You started laughing uncontrolably. 
“Oh no I did.” Changbin froze. 
“You did what?” Changbin’s face, you couldn not stop laughing. You were laughing so hard tears were actually rolling down your cheeks. You got yourself together enough to get words to form. 
“I did fuck him in the bathroom. Look Seo, you can't introduce me to your insanely attractive and charming friend and think I’m not gonna at least TRY to fuck him.” Changbin’s ears turned red and he shook his head. 
“So, wait... Ji... you thought she was my girlfriend and you STILL fucked her in the bathroom?” Jisung put his arm around you and pulled you close, he spoke sincerely. 
“Oh, hey look Bin, I tried to resist her man. I really, REALLY did, but I mean... look at her! I did feel really super bad about it after though, like terrible! Didn’t I Y/N?” You nodded smiling and Changbin shook his head. 
“You guys are unbelievable.” You both laughed and now that Changbin knew no one was actually upset or hurt he allowed himself to laugh with you. Jisung leaned over and nuzzled his lips against your ear whispering the filthy things he wanted to do to you. You giggled and shook your head yes. 
“So, Bin it’s okay if I take your date home?” 
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xxsabitoxx · 1 year
Pillars as Yanderes
Thank you for the request anon!
Some contain smut but not all — also contains disturbing themes so please do not read if things like this disturb or upset you!
Y/N’s gender: gender neutral!
Tumblr media
The surprisingly gentle Yandere
He may be blind, but he is very aware of his intimidating appearance
He doesn’t want to scare you more than he probably already does
His yandere tendencies are very subtle, and kept away from you at all costs
You are his “precious flower”
He won’t let anyone near you, but then again no one will approach you when he is with you
He has life pretty easy as a Yandere thanks to his height and appearance
Has he killed normal people for you? Yes. But only a few. And he cried the whole time
Tumblr media
The psycho Yandere
Good fuckin luck
People start calling you a bad luck charm since people end up dropping dead whenever you are around (wonder who’s doing that)
Sanemi will not let another soul within a foot of you, if they get that close, they are dead before they even realize what’s happened
He’s one of those guilt trip yanderes
“I told you to stay close. People die when you leave my side…remember?”
He is sweet to you when you are obedient
He’s cruel whenever you disobey, even if you don’t mean to
His punishments never last long thought, breaks his heart to hurt you.
He realized that sex was a great way to punish you — considering it still brought you pleasure in the end.
Has he killed normal people for you? Yes. So many he’s lost count.
Tumblr media
The quiet Yandere
You wouldn’t even realize he was there half the time
He rarely approached you
He kinda just followed like a shadow, so much so you weren’t even aware of his presence
He kind of forgets you exist till he sees you again
When he gets older, he gets a little more involved with you
He starts off by becoming friends and working his way up to lover without scaring you
He keeps all his Yandere shit hidden from you.
He’s so sweet, it’s hard to believe this boy as killed in cold blood just because they touched your hand when giving you change.
Has he killed normal people for you? Yes, he forgets a lot of the time. Once the mess is clean that is 
Tumblr media
Classic Yandere
Stalks you from a distance
He really wants to win your affection but he doesn’t have the courage to do so
His idea is to just eliminate anyone who tries to pursue you
When he does get the courage to talk to you he buys you small gifts to win your love
If he gets sick of the long process he’ll legit just kidnap you
He beats himself up for it thought, he’s convinced you’re scared of him now
He eventually opens up to you about his love for you, and how he didn’t mean to scare you — he kinda manipulates you bad lmfao
He’s not as good as the others when it comes to hiding the more murderous side of himself but you figure out that sex actually calms him down when he gets that way
Has he killed regular people for you? Absolutely.
Tumblr media
The over the top Yandere
If this man wants you, he makes it known
He’s actually very open about what he’d do to keep you his
He doesn’t hide the fact that he has killed and will kill again for you (because of you if he’s in the mood to scare you)
“Better listen to me y/n. You don’t want that nice man to die because you smiled at him, right?”
He will threaten you over the smallest things
It gets to the point where you can’t tell if you fell in love with him or convinced yourself you loved him
He doesn’t like to psychically punish you, sex is more so a reward rather than a way to blow off steam
He’s a Yandere with 3 other wives lol, he keeps all four of you on short leash for lack of better words
Has he killed normal people for you? Is that even a question at this point? Of course.
Tumblr media
Touch starved Yandere
I can’t lie, he’s the h0rniest Yandere
The first time you touch him he’s addicted
This is what leads him to become a Yandere actually
He realizes quickly that he wants your touch and your touch alone
He acts very forward with you, explaining what he wants right at the start
It’s a little intimidating, he realizes this and panics
You become a bit stand-offish because of this and it kills him
He eventually comes up with a plan to kidnap you
(Dub-con) he wins you over with sex, you can’t tell how or why but you find yourself craving his touch as much as he craves yours
He keeps you all to himself, you are only prohibited to leave the house when he is with you
Has he killed normal people for you? No actually, he hasn’t
Tumblr media
The two faced yandere
You never know what side of him you are getting
In public he’s a normal ray of sunshine
When alone, he is absolutely feral
He needs his hands on you at all times, he is sweet about it though
Typically Yanderes are ready to kill to get the one they love. Kyojuro follows that “rule” to an extent.
He’d rather hurt them severely than take their life
How nice… he actually does it so they suffer. Death is an easy way out in his eyes. He wants them to be scared for life
He keeps this completely far away from you though, he can’t have you knowing about this violent side of him
He’s sooner take your life and his own in an morder /sewer slide than having you find out about his “dark side”
So has he killed people for you? No.
Tumblr media
The devious Yandere
She likes to act like a tsundere to hide the fact that she’s a Yandere
She has killed countless people that have tried to pursue you.
These deaths can never be linked back to her. She uses poisons so uncommon a lot of the time the deaths are ruled as freak accidents
She uses these “tragedies” to comfort you.
She is guilt of using different herbs and medicines to make you sleepy — she doesn’t touch you without consent of course. She just wants to watch you sleep with no fear of you catching her
She does everything she can to have you make the first move
And if you aren’t taking the hint, she makes it obvious that you are in love with her by teasing you about everything so you blush
Once she has you, she never lets you leave her side. She’ll distract you with kisses and soft touched to keep you like putty in her hands
Has she killed normal people for you? Many.
Tumblr media
The harmless Yandere
She will never lay a hand on you out of anger
She won’t even hurt others that try to pursue you
She is obsessed with you, and will pursue you using non-violent actions
She just wants your love and for you to be happy
She doesn’t care if she gets hurt doing so
She is determined to win your affection
As harmless as she is, she will use manipulative tactics to get you to side with her or listen to what she has to say
She uses her body to keep you. She’ll let you do whatever you please to her, so long as you are happy
She gets addicted pretty quickly to your touches — eventually the “obsession” becomes mutual
So has she killed normal people? No
Tumblr media
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familyvideostevie · 7 months
the you are in love one was just precious and omg that's my favorite line from the song too! It's just so cute
Can i request another one, if it's okay? I was thinking 🌽 with "I want to wear his initial on a chain round my neck, not because he owns me but cause he really knows me" (I'm just a sucker for ts songs) with Steve, please <3
request as many as you want baby!!!!! I'm so glad u liked it :) more t swift for the win! this is just like, so fluffy i made myself ill -- Steve reaches across the gear shift to run his fingers along the gold chain around your neck.
"Where did this come from?" he asks. You're watching the Arcade door for the kids but turn to him at his touch.
"A jewelry store," you say. Steve taps your collarbone and scoffs.
"Smartass." He pulls on the necklace and frees the charm that's tucked into your shirt. You grab it before he can see, suddenly a little embarrassed. Steve removes his hand immediately.
"You okay?" he asks. His jump to concern for you softens you and you open your palm to show him the charm: a gold "S."
"Is that "S" for...smartass?" He's grinning, eyes warm.
"Steve," you mumble. "I'm wearing your initial around my neck and you want to bully me?" He thumbs the letter in your palm, the pad of his finger warm on your skin.
"It kinda feels like it's my job to buy you shit ," he says softly. "But I don't think I considered you'd want...this."
"I got it for myself." You drop the necklace and entwine your fingers, bringing them to your thigh. "To keep you close, I guess. It's stupid --"
"No," Steve says. "No, baby, it's so damn sweet I don't know what to do with myself. You're wearing my initial around your neck, I mean, Christ." He laughs to himself, a soft, bright sound.
"Well, I guess it's just because you're mine, Steve. And I'm yours."
"Yeah?" he says, leaning in to hover his lips over yours. "Gotta get one for me, too." You smile against his mouth and his other hand comes to tangle in the chain.
join the celebration!
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cirillafionariannon · 10 days
Ikemen Vampire (JP)
Tumblr media
Before You Become My Beloved
These translations are not intended as a replacement for the game. Please support cybird by buying their stories. JP SPOILERS under the cut. Expect mistakes.
Flowers bloom without anyone begging for them.
Their beautiful colors, sweet fragrance, and soft touch are etched in people’s memories, along with joy, surprise, sorrow, and anger.
This is the untold story of a vampire known as the Son of God.
Woman: “Which flowers do you think are appropriate for the workplace?”
Vlad: “I recommend dahlias and gerberas. They both have the word ‘gratitude’ in their language.”
Man: “Today is our wedding anniversary. What flowers should I give my wife?”
Tumblr media
Vlad: “How about red geraniums? In the flower language, it means you’re happy to have them.”
Vlad’s wagon, full of colorful flowers, was immediately surrounded by smiling people.
As the customers left with bouquets in their hands, Vlad gently narrowed his eyes.
Vlad: “Flowers have the power to make people smile.”
I smiled when I heard him mutter such kind words while helping him.
Mitsuki: “I don’t think it’s just the flowers that made everyone smile.”
Vlad: “Huh?”
Mitsuki: “It’s because of you.”
Mitsuki: “They were happy when you told them the language of flowers.”
Mitsuki: “They bought the flowers from this shop because you relate to their feelings.”
Vlad: “Thank you. I’d be happy if that was the case.”
Despite his words, his crimson eyes shook a little sadly.
Vlad: “The language of flowers is something I learned to get along with humans.”
True, Vlad told me before that he learned the language of flowers because he hoped it would help him get to know humans better.
Vlad: “I remember all of this because I read that book.”
Mitsuki: “I see.”
I imagined Vlad as a child, holding a thick book unfit for his body, tracing the words of the flowers one by one一It was a heart-wrenchingly sad and lovely image.
Mitsuki: “Hey, what was the first flower language you learned?”
I casually asked, and his crimson eyes narrowed nostalgically.
Vlad: “I think it’s the devil’s charm.”
Mitsuki: “Huh?”
Vlad: “It’s the language of the snakeberry flower. After blooming its pretty yellow flowers, it produces small, red berries.”
When he suddenly stopped speaking, Vlad smiled and looked at the sky.
Vlad: “This takes me back. The one who told me about those red berries was a human.”
Tumblr media
A long, long time ago一
The story is set in Vlad’s childhood, when he still had no idea of the meaning of eternity.
One day, under a blue sky, Vlad stepped out into a deserted corridor.
Tumblr media
Vlad: “Phew.”
Vlad: “I need to hide the rope so they won’t find it.”
He moved the broken cobblestones he had found earlier, hid the rope inside, and put the lid back on.
Vlad: "That should do it!"
Vlad: "It's time for some adventure."
He escaped from the room through the window and ran into the forest, his fine, flowing silver hair swaying.
Being born a pure-blooded vampire, he was considered special because of the blood of his ancestors.
His family considered him sacred, so they banned him from going outside as he grew up.
However, for a curious child, the inside of the mansion was too boring.
Vlad: "Wow! A creek! The sunlight glistening through it is so beautiful."
Vlad: "There are lots of fish! Ahahaha! Some little birds and foxes are here, too."
Perhaps because it has been a long time since he went outside, everything he sees makes his heart flutter.
Vlad: "The world is so full of lovely things."
He spread his arms out to embrace the glorious view and breathe in the fresh air.
At that moment, a lovely red berry caught his eye.
Tumblr media
Vlad: "What kind of fruit is this?"
(Wild strawberry? Raspberry?)
He crouched down on the spot and was about to touch the fruit when…
???: "If you're going to eat it, don't."
???: "That's a snakeberry."
Vlad: "!"
He turned around and saw a grown man with a tanned face, brown curly hair, and hands stained with mud standing there.
He was wearing a long apron and boots, but the scent of earth gave him the idea that he was a gardener.
He sat down on a nearby stump and gently plucked a snakeberry.
Gardener: “It’s not poisonous, but it tastes so bad you can’t even eat it.”
Vlad: “Are these berries called snake berries?”
Gardener: “Yeah, these things grow where snakes are likely to come out.”
Gardener: “So you have to be careful when getting this. Make sure there aren’t any snakes around.”
He smiled happily and put his big hand on his head.
(It’s so warm.)
It was the first human warmth he had ever felt.
Vlad: “Why are you patting my head?”
Gardener: “It doesn’t mean anything, but if I had to answer, I suppose it’s because all children are God-given lovely beings.”
Tumblr media
The moment the gardener said that, his heart overflowed with warmth.
(Just like I loved this world, this person loved me.)
He recalled all the ideas and beliefs his family repeatedly taught him.
(Everyone in my family says that vampires are the ones who rule over humans.)
(I’ve always thought otherwise.)
(I thought that since we live in the same world, there is no difference between the creatures.)
(I wasn’t wrong in my thinking.)
Tumblr media
Vlad: “Hey, hey. Are you still gonna be here tomorrow? Can I come and see you?”
He blinked his eyes like he was momentarily amused.
Gardener: “Yeah, I usually rest here during my break from work.”
He replied with a smile.
Tumblr media
That night, Vlad took every book he could find about plants from the library to his room.
Vlad: “Snakeberry, a perennial herb of the rose family.”
Vlad: “The flowers are yellow with red berries.”
Vlad: “So it was the berries I saw.”
He read through the description of the snakeberry and reached for the next book.
The book, entitled “The language of flowers” was a collection of flower-related anecdotes and sayings.
Vlad: “Does it also mention the language of flowers of the snakeberry?”
Curious, he flipped through the pages and found its name.
Vlad: “There it is! The language of its flowers is...”
❣ Next Part
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bluerskiees · 6 months
I’m obsessed right now with this idea: old mikey. And i don’t just mean haha he be a grandpa and take care of his grandchild- no i mean, cultural weirdness in elderly people, new habits, appearances, how he treats his life partners even in there old ages. I want everything that comes out of. Your. Head!
… as headcanons
Pretty please ❤️
Tumblr media Tumblr media
☆ Won't have kids because he's afraid he may hurt them.
☆ But he does go to orphanages everyday/ whenever he can and play with those kids.
☆ Considers them as his own children. So don't try to play any tricks unless you wanna be 6ft underground. 
☆ That's how he met you. In the orphanage.
☆ You were rocking a child in your arms, consoling him to stop crying. And when he did, you gave him a chocolate for being a good boy. You were laughing and playing with the children not realizing a pair of black orbs were staring at you.
☆ You both started off as friends. This surprised Sanzu as his boss doesn't talk much anymore. 
☆ Mikey felt comfortable in your arms. You were his home. His everything. 
☆ He felt new to this emotion. Its been so long since he was last happy. Since he felt really happy he wanted to smile. But the happiness was accompanied by fear. The immense fear of loosing you.
☆ Once he was clear with his emotions, he asked you to marry him immediately.
☆ That was the start of your relationship with Mikey. Love so pure, nothing seemed to break it .
☆ OldAge! Mikey Doesn't understand most jokes. So u gotta explain to him.
☆ OldAge! Mikey is definitely a "Back in my days....." type of person 
☆ OldAge! Mikey Who considers dorayaki greater than other foods. "You call this tasty? Hmph dorayaki is better"
☆ OldAge! Mikey Who Names those children after draken, emma, Shinchiro, mitsuya, chifuyu, etcc... (All his dead friends)
☆ OldAge! Mikey Who Spoils the kids with gifts.
☆ OldAge! Mikey Loves playing with his kids often. Considers them to be his lucky charm and his secret to happiness along with you.
☆ OldAge! Mikey Who still gets shy after you bake him a cake or show him the simplest forms of love
☆ OldAge! Mikey Who buys you flowers to show his never ending love for you.
☆ OldAge! Mikey Hires a whole protection squad when he has to leave you or the kids alone. Without him.
☆ OldAge! Mikey Who almost beat a man to death for trying to rob your house when you both were on a date, calms down only after you run ur fingers through his hair.
☆ OldAge! Mikey Considers meeting you as the best thing tgat happened to him in his whole life.
☆ OldAge! Mikey Who visits his friends graves on their birthday and talks about how he misses them and about his new family hoping they forgive him for whatever reckless actions he made when he was young, so that they may live happily together in the afterlife.
☆ OldAge! Mikey Who used to be the invincible one and still is, gets on his knees for you not caring if people are watching him.
☆ OldAge! Mikey Loves slow dancing with you. In the living room. In the kitchen. In the bedroom In the balcony. In ur backyard. Everywhere.
☆ OldAge! Mikey Looks different now that he's old. Puffy eyes and cheeks, fine lines to show he's ageing, hair turning as white as snow, his strength decreasing but his heart remains filled with love for you.
☆ OldAge! Mikey Who would travel the world with you. Showing you new places, taking many pics to remind him of the wonderful memories you both shared.
☆ OldAge! Mikey Who gets suddenly clingy with you refuses to share you with anyone. Almost as if he's the same old mikey Who refused to eat a burger just because it didn't have a flag on it when he was hungry.
☆ OldAge! Mikey Treats you as of you're a fragile glass structure ready to break anytime. Carrying you on his back or his arms <3
[ visualization ]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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obsessive-much · 5 months
✧ Meet me after class ✧
Thoma X Reader (F/M)
Word count: ~ 3.7k
Warnings/Tags: Female anatomy for Reader, vaginal sex/fingering, oral sex, jealousy, rough sex, pwp
AO3 Link
✧ Minors DNI, explicit content ✧
“Excuse me. You over there. Focus, please. I like to see active engagement in my lessons. That is unless some of you are looking to stay behind after class to catch up…”
Immediately, a group of young women begin giggling, swooning at the thought of getting some private time with Thoma after class. Lost in their fantasy, they miss the way Thoma only has eyes for you, smirking as he sees a blush creep up your cheeks. Satisfied that his message has come across, he returns to lecturing all about being a good housekeeper. How a good relationship always comes from giving and receiving. How good it can feel to help others, without expecting anything in return.
What he doesn’t point out, though you know he knows, is how you squirm each time he looks your way. How your breath hitches everytime he emphasizes being a giving partner. How you feel yourself getting more hot and bothered whenever he so much as motions towards you. You and Thoma had been dancing around each other for a while now, since you met him strolling through Inazuma city about a week ago.
You had immediately hit it off. Who wouldn’t with a man this charming? He had been carrying heaps of supplies for Miss Kamisato, no doubt preparing for another festival or event. The boxes were stacked so high, he didn’t see you round the corner and he ran right into you. Thankfully, ever the gentleman, he caught you before you were in harm's way, but the way his hands lingered on your back did not go unnoticed. Nor did the feeling in your chest when he asked if you were alright and offered to buy you dinner to make up for it. You stared back in silence, which Thoma took as a maybe, and he promised to meet you again later. Then he ran off, chasing after Ayaka. You stood frozen in the street.
Later that week, you heard a group of women all whispering, and your curiosity got the best of you. When you saw that they were all crowded around a poster for Thoma’s Housekeeping classes, you let out a small gasp. Warmth blossomed in your chest, and you had made up your mind to go attend. You thought it might be a chance to learn some valuable skills. Maybe make you a more fitting partner one day. Though you knew deep down that you had an ulterior motive for attending.
“And that’s all we have time for today,” Thoma’s gentle voice breaks the spiraling of your thoughts. “I hope to see all of you next week so we can go more in depth on some of these topics.”
You shudder again, cursing yourself at the way his voice gets to you. You play it off by beginning to pack away your items. You hope the crowd will dissipate quickly, so you can make your move. Unfortunately, the universe had other plans. A hand plants itself on top of your bag just as you were going to get up, forcing you to remain seated as you were.
“Excuse me, m’lady. I do believe we had some things to discuss after class. Don’t think I didn’t notice you daydreaming” Thoma says with a smirk that infuriates you almost as much as it turns you on. He shifts his hand to move from the top of your bag to your shoulder, lingering there a moment. “If you’re going to be distracted in my class, at least consider not sitting in the front row.” He then winks at you, causing you to roll your eyes so aggressively you think you might get a headache.
“Don’t worry Mr. Thoma, I won’t be a bother much longer.” You retort back at him, mimicking his shit eating grin. “I think this class may not be for me. I don’t know how good I can be at giving and receiving when it comes down to it.” You stare deeply into his eyes, please to see him stutter a moment.
“Then that’s precisely why you need this class!” He exclaims a little too loudly for your comfort. “Though I think waiting a whole week to practice some of the lessons we went over today would be a waste. Thankfully, I’m offering some one on one time after class today, as I already invited you to earlier, for people to ‘catch up’ if they need to.”
You don’t miss the way Thoma has moved the hand on your shoulder all the way down your arm, until he is nearly intertwining his fingers with yours. You hope that he doesn’t notice the way that sends shivers through your entire body, but the look in his eyes makes you think that might be a lost cause. The fact that he is still standing, towering over you while you sit on the bench, doesn’t help anything out. You gather all of your courage and slide your hand into his, preparing to stand up when -
“Mr. Thoma! We have some questions!” A group of girls exclaims from behind you.
“Yeah, we need some help with some of the lessons we went over in class today” Another girl, to your right this time. She has a small pout on her face and her hands squarely on her hips. “We heard you say we should meet you after class.” She giggles as her friends close in around the two of you. Suddenly you are surrounded, with no way to get up even if you wanted. You drop Thoma’s hand after giving it a small squeeze, letting him know it’s ok. He smiles at you, eyes softening, before turning to look at the group.
“Of course ladies! Let’s chat, what is on your mind?” He asks, crossing his arms and leaning his head to one side. You smile to yourself, noting how attentively he is listening, admiring him in his element. You take your bag off your shoulder and set it in your lap, ready to wait for this to wrap up before getting back to your… earlier conversation.
Thoma answers the questions thrown his way so diligently, giving examples, going over topics more in depth, and speaking so confidently it has you hooked as well. But no matter how entertaining he may be, you have your limits. Quickly, you start to feel bored, annoyed at the seemingly never ending list of questions they have for him. You feel frustration bubbling up in your chest, threatening to spill out if you sit any longer. You take a deep breath to calm yourself down, plaster a fake smile on your face, and finally get up off the bench. With a quick tap on the shoulder, you wave to Thoma, and head on your way. Regret fills you immediately.
Thankfully, you don’t have time to linger on the feeling, as you hear Thoma call out your name, pleading for you to wait. Satisfied that you’ve won this round, your smile turns genuine as you make your way across the courtyard. You hadn’t been to the Kamisato estate before today. It was a truly beautiful landmark on Narukami island. You made a mental note to ask Thoma for a tour soon. You are about to cross the threshold when you feel a hand grip your forearm tightly.
“I’m sorry m‘lady. I don’t think you understood me fully earlier.” Thoma is standing so close behind you, you feel immediately dizzy. “I cannot let the distraction you caused during class today go unpunished.” He is basically growling in your ear at this point, making you feel hotter and hotter inside.
“Now if you’ll excuse me ladies!” he shouts in the direction of the gaggle of women who stood with shocked faces, betrayed he had run from them to catch up to you. “I hope I’ll see you next week!” He winks their direction before turning you to the right and forcing you forward. You hear the exasperated sighs of the others, but with Thoma pressed so flush to your back, it’s hard to process anything.
His hands loosen their iron grip on your forearms and slide lower, settling perfectly on your hips. He gives you a reassuring squeeze, pausing in front of the door leading deeper into the Kamisato estate. Your heart is beating a million miles a minute. A few seconds pass, and still you two don’t move. Thoma squeezes again, leaning over to look at your face. A silent question is being posed. Is this ok, are you ok. You blush again, looking deep into his eyes. You throw a small nod his way, and suddenly his hands are gone. He throws the doors open, throwing some excuse to the guards about asking Miss Kamisato something you brought up during class.
You are so shocked at how viscerally your body reacted to Thoma’s warmth disappearing that you stand in stunned silence for a moment. The guards huff, asking that you please walk in so they can close the doors again. You snap out of your stupor and apologise. Slowly, you slink into the estate, fully aware of the importance this location holds for Inazuma, and the tangible weight of the immense responsibility that permeates the air in these halls. The door closes roughly behind you, startling you. You realise as you stand in the middle of the entrance that you have no idea where Thoma went, or what he has up his sleeve. You begin carefully walking in any direction, hugging the wall to avoid taking up too much space in such a sacred area.
Hands grab your waist again, though this time one ends up covering your mouth just in time to muffle the squeak that escapes your lips. Panic runs through your veins as you are pulled into a room of sorts. You see the door close in front of you, and feel yourself pushed up against it roughly. Slowly, the fingers pinning your mouth shut peel themselves off, but not before lingering on your bottom lip. You subconsciously lick your lips. A warm laugh comes from behind you, and you begin to relax. You take in your surroundings, embarrassed to find yourself in what seems to be the Kamisato broom closet.
“If only those girls could see us now.” Thoma whispers in your ear, breath hot against your neck as he pushes you more firmly against the door. You feel his erection press into your lower back, and your knees weaken ever so slightly. “I bet they would finally get the message.” He mewls, nibbling on your earlobe and drawing a moan from your mouth. You can’t help it, feeling a twinge of superiority at their jealousy, knowing Thoma chose you over them.
“Thoma, please.” You beg, not sure exactly what you want, too flushed to think straight. Thoma chuckles again, moving his hands across your body. He grabs your chest, feeling your nipples harden under his large hands. Another moan comes out.
“Now, what did I say about being distracting?” Thoma says sternly, giving your nipple a pinch that has you biting your lips. “If you are to keep attending my classes,” he pauses, biting your neck roughly then licking to soothe the red skin, “then you need to learn some manners.” You nod lightly, hoping it will get Thoma to keep going.
Without breaking the full body contact between you two, Thoma drops his hands lower. Back to your hips, where they settle so nicely, and then lower still. He runs his hands up and down the swell of your ass, where he is slotted so nicely. He comes around to the front, rubbing the insides of your thighs so deliciously it almost has you trembling. Without warning, he grabs your pants and pulls them down in one swift motion, letting them sit low enough to expose yourself entirely to him. You shiver, feeling the cool air on your skin, and becoming increasingly aware of how soaked your panties are. Thoma notices as well, tracing feather light lines over your clothed folds.
“Now, I think we can come to some sort of agreement.” He says, before tracing the outline of your clit. You gasp, and he pushes you harder against the door. “If you can keep quiet, and pay attention to the material you missed when you were lost in thought today,” he whisper as he slips a finger inside you, “then I will agree to some one on one tutoring to help you… catch up with the rest of the class.” He stills both hands, leaving you whining. He starts to pull away, causing you to panic.
“Ok ok yes! Yes I will be quiet and I will pay attention. Please!” You blurt out, immediately covering your mouth with your hand afterwards to show your seriousness. Thoma chuckles, a sound you are quickly becoming obsessed with. He presses up against you again, finally bringing you relief. His hands hover around your clit and pussy again, as if waiting for final approval. You squeeze his hands between your thighs, begging him to start. He kisses the back of your neck and dives in, fingering you forcefully.
“Good girl.” he mumbles slyly, muffled by your skin. “Now, as I was saying..” He starts lecturing you, pumping his fingers in and out of your cunt viciously. His words sting in your eyes, the harsh tone completely out of place as he explains proper table manners and how to use serving spoons. You can’t help but whimper at the fullness you’re feeling. “Ah ah ah. What did I say?” He tuts, and stills his fingers. You drop your head onto the door and let out a shaky breath, clenching around him. He makes you sit in silence for a while longer, until he is satisfied.
\After a few more topics, from cleaning products to the difference between a broom and a mop, you feel yourself approaching a cliff you can’t wait to dive off of.
“Thoma… Thoma please I’m clo-” He twists his fingers, interrupting you as you gasp in response.
“Don’t make a single sound.” He growls as he shoves two fingers into your wet mouth, skewering you at both ends. You instinctively suck on his fingers, and a moan rumbles deep in Thoma’s chest. “Now that’s not fair.” He pants, dropping his forehead onto your back to compose himself. Nonetheless, he fingers you more aggressively, and you feel yourself snap. Clenching involuntarily, Thoma hisses at the tight space his fingers find themselves trapped in. “That’s definitely not fair,” he huffs, removing his fingers from your mouth with a wet pop, and bringing them to your clit.
A couple careful pinches and flicks, and you are coming undone like putty in his hands. Not trusting yourself to keep quiet, you twist your spine, ignoring the discomfort you feel, and connect your lips to his. Thoma gasps, allowing you to shove your tongue into his mouth. You smile slightly, for the first time in what feels like hours, at the small victory you’ve wrenched from him today. He responds in kind, and before long his sticky fingers are tangling in your hair as he turns you around to kiss you properly. You two are huffing and panting into each other's mouths when you decide to take matters into your own hands.
You move your hands from his broad shoulders to his large chest, dragging your nails along that sinfully tight v neck he insists on wearing almost every day. Thoma laughs quietly into your kiss, and you make a mental note to check how ticklish he really is. Later though, as right now you have a singular thought in your mind. You start pawing at this erection, which has been painfully straining against his pants this whole time. He melts into your embrace, disconnecting your lips to shove himself into the crook of your neck, breathing so heavily you’re sure someone has heard.
“Let me repay you for this lesson, sir.” You croon, and Thoma bites your neck in response. “Maybe you can show me how an expert keeps quiet.” As you whisper into his ear, you squeeze his cock through the thin fabric, and he exhales sharply against your collar bone. You start pawing at his many layers, cursing as you can’t seem to make any progress at all.
Thoma huffs and catches your wrists, pinning them above your head with one hand while all but ripping off his accessories. He pulls his thick dick out, hissing as he feels the cool air against his burning skin. Your eyes widen and he feels you tense under his hand. Another laugh, this time so sinfully low that it immediately has you feeling like you’re coming undone again. You struggle against his grip as he takes his cock in one hand and starts smearing it in your slick. As he’s about to press inside, you duck and replace the warmth of your cunt with the soft plush insides of your mouth. Thoma, in a moment of shock, lets his guard down and moans so loudly you feel like it is shaking the very ground you are kneeling on. He slaps a hand to this mouth, the other gripping the back of your head so tight.
You begin bobbing your head up and down his length, swirling your tongue and sucking so deliciously tight. Thoma is losing his grip, and you feel in control for the first time. You smile a moment, popping off his dick to give the red tip a little kiss. Thoma takes this moment of weakness to lift you back up and turn you around, pushing you into the wall near the door this time. Safer, he thinks, lest he fuck you so hard the door pops open. Though some part of him wouldn’t mind showing off his moaning prize, so drunk off his love that she would moan and whine so loudly in the esteemed Kamisato estate. The thought sends his dick twitching, and you feel it so hot and firm against your folds as he presses his broad chest to your back again.
He has no difficulty slipping in, with how soaked your pussy has been since you laid eyes upon him today. He hisses sharply, settling his hands on your shoulders and pushing you back into him as he bottoms out. Your mouth opens and nothing comes out. Finally, he thinks, you’ve mastered lesson one. He stands there for a moment, massaging your tight shoulders as your eyes roll back into your head from how full you feel. Then, he gingerly pulls out, feeling the way your walls grip to his thick cock as he pulls all the way out. You’re left gaping, squeezing around the air like a pathetic whore.
“I think it’s time for our final lesson for today.” He grunts, and starts plowing into you. His pace is relentless, and you feel yourself pressed harder and harder against the wall. Your hands are flailing, looking for something to hold onto. One of your hands makes its way to thoma’s chest, where you fumble around for his necklace, pulling once you latch your fingers around the chain. Thoma groans at the sudden tug, and snaps his hips into you so hard it lifts you off the ground for a moment. He stills there, removing his hands from your shoulders and pinning your arms to your sides in his muscular embrace. His arms are crossed over your stomach, and you are immobilised. This position forces him to lean more into you, forcing your back to arch and letting him get impossibly deeper. “No fair,” he huffs out, before moving again.
Your mind starts to go blank, fully immobilized and unable to process the intense pleasure you feel. Soon, quiet settles in the broom closet, with nothing but the wet sound of skin slapping to fill the otherwise silent room. In this position, you feel like Thoma is rutting against your cervix, pain mixing with pleasure so fully in your brain you can’t tell which is which. A few more thrusts and Thoma is shaking, letting go of you so he can grip your hips and push as deep as he can go. You can feel his impending orgasm, his dick twitching in your tight heat.
“Finish this,” you whisper and push your hips back towards him, hands coming to trap his own still locked to your hips. His eyes go wide, unsure of what meaning to glean from your sudden gesture. You roll your eyes at his confusion and twist around to look in his eyes. “Fill me up.” You barely utter the words before Thoma lunges forward to kiss you, sloppy and uncoordinated. You feel him pull almost all the way out before burying himself as deep as he can go, and stilling. His cock pumps thick cum into your hot pussy, and you come undone under his strong grip. You can’t help the way you yell out his name, knuckles turning white from how tightly wound you are.
Silence fills the room, finally. You two slide to the floor along the wall, exhausted and spent. Thoma doesn’t pull out until your position becomes unbearable, and even then he hisses in dismay when he realises the warmth he no longer inhabits. You fall backwards into his lap, not caring about the mess you are likely making on the floor. The two of you sit cuddled up against one another, sweaty and disheveled, breathing so heavily it sounds painful. You know you’ll have to get up and clean up sooner than later, but you aren’t worried about that for now. After all, you have the esteemed Kamisato Clan Housekeeper here to keep you out of trouble.
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oswildin · 11 months
im feeling extra sad so i was requesting steven sending you a voicemail of appreciation? he just rambles, goes off track if he brings something up and ykyk. him telling you that he loves how u laugh, care for him, brighten the mood etc.
pure LOVE
Tumblr media
i honestly shouldve asked first if you take requests 😃
Thank you for the request! I hope you are feeling less sad now, and I’m sending you all the love in the world 💚 hope this is ok!
Imagine Steven leaving you voicemails:
Tumblr media
Steven exited the museum, exhausted after his long shift. He couldn’t wait to get home and just relax. He had plans to see you for dinner, but decided to do what he often did. It was funny. He had once told you ‘don’t answer my call when I get off work’ and you only looked at him in confusion, hesitantly agreeing, not sure what on earth he was talking about. Why didn’t he want you to pick up? But then it made sense when you finally listened to the voicemail. Steven had told you ‘keep these and if you ever feel down in the week you can listen to them and know how much I appreciate you’.
So with that, Steven pulled out his phone, dialling your number as he walked towards the bus stop, a small smile on his lips already.
‘You have reached the one and only (Y/N) (L/N), sorry I can’t come to the phone at the moment, um, I’m probably busy- that’s a lie, I’m never busy- but anyway leave a message!’
“Hey Tink-“ Steven used your nickname. He had settled on the nickname ‘Tink’, as in Tinkerbell, because you brought light into his life. Sweet huh? “Just got out of work. Donna was her usual charming self-“ He joked. “But erm, just leaving this message to tell you that you are amazing.” He breathed out. “You made it through another week. Woo!” He subconsciously fist pumped the air as a passerby gave him an odd stare. “But anyway, as I was saying. You are wonderful, smart, funny and sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming and that you are real.” He laughed slightly. “Honestly, the only thing getting me through todays shift was knowing I get to see you later. I know, I know I’m a soppy git. Oh! I’m gonna pick up your favourite flowers also, considering last weeks are probably dead now-“
Yup, Steven even went as far as to buy you flowers every week.
“Oh gosh, will anywhere be open now?” He paused, frowning as he began to think. “Hmm, I’ll work something out. It’s the least I can do for you putting up with me.” He joked, as he neared the bus stop, seeing it approaching. “I better go. Surprised your voicemail hasn’t-“
‘You have reached the time limit to leave a message. Please hang up and redial.’
“Bollocks.” Steven muttered, hanging up, again calling you as it rang out, the bus getting closer.
‘You have reached the one and only (Y/N) (L/N), sorry I can’t come to the phone at the moment, um, I’m probably busy- that’s a lie, I’m never busy- but anyway leave a message!’
“Sorry! Me again.” He laughed. “Voicemail did cut off. Should’ve known it would happen. Not the first time.” He commented as he fumbled for his wallet to get his travel card. “But er- what was I saying? Oh yeah, you’re amazing. Obviously.” He smiled to himself. “But I better go, the bus is here and I have 3 hours until I see you. So, I will tell you then as well how amazing you are. And oh! I’ve got a new joke to tell you. You know how I love your laugh. Sorry- getting off topic again.” He sighed, the bus stopping in front of him. “Anyway, I’ll see you tonight, and I love you.
Laters gators.”
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