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Misaka uses her electrokinesis to travel at high speed.
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鈥.Well? What do we think?
sorry for the wait but here鈥檚 Toby! 鈥id I do him justice? His character is so controversial鈥
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I checked all of this is kastoway art and it鈥檚 related to toby I just realized I posted some pictures twice but doesn鈥檛 matter馃憤馃徎
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I made a slob, but one of the creepypastas haha
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鈥淗e鈥檚 Hungry鈥
-I want to see slendermans mouth rip up to eat someone
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I don鈥檛 feel like posting this on my insta,,,, I might but whatever 聽this is kinda old聽
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just a simple drawing of Toby
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饾惉饾惀饾悶饾惂饾悵饾悶饾惈 饾惁饾悮饾惂 饾惐 饾惈饾悶饾悮饾悵饾悶饾惈
饾櫖饾櫀饾櫑饾櫍饾櫈饾櫍饾櫆: 饾櫒饾櫌饾櫔饾櫓, 饾櫃饾櫄饾櫆饾櫑饾櫀饾櫃饾櫀饾櫓饾櫈饾櫎饾櫍, 饾櫁饾櫑饾櫄饾櫄饾櫃饾櫈饾櫍饾櫆, 饾櫅饾櫄饾櫌饾櫀饾櫋饾櫄 饾櫑饾櫄饾櫀饾櫃饾櫄饾櫑, 饾櫓饾櫄饾櫍饾櫓饾櫀饾櫂饾櫋饾櫄 饾櫒饾櫄饾櫗. note: posted on archive
饾悘饾惀饾悮饾惒饾悽饾惂饾悹 饾惏饾悽饾惌饾悺 饾悈饾惃饾惃饾悵
There鈥檚 a gash on her knee, and her panting seems to get heavy every large step she takes. Her knee is tumbling out of exhaustion but she can鈥檛 stop. Her nose is bleeding and yet she can鈥檛 wipe it off with her dirty clothing. Her screams are running hoarse however she can鈥檛 stop to catch her breath. Not when it鈥檚 around. Not when he watches. Not in this game of prey and predator
鈥淧lease- please! Stop!鈥 The creature falls deaf to her pleas. He continued to tower over the girl. Messing with her mind, and making her deathly sick. She could feel her brain ache, her stomach gurgling out of dizziness. Her eardrums are blanking with a noise so piercing and irritating that tears well up in her eyes. She鈥檚 at her limit. She can鈥檛 take it anymore, her body is running out every option. It鈥檚 impossible to exert with her weak flesh and bones, her weak lung and her loud thumping heart. It鈥檚 impossible to keep sprinting and sprinting in this crowded, dark forest. It鈥檚 impossible to find a way out of this maze of scratchy pines and damp dirt. It鈥檚 impossible to keep on going.
She had admit defeat. This slender figure with a faceless head and deathly white skeletal body, has powered over her. The monster didn鈥檛 to seem to feel any fatigue. The monsters clothing recognizable as a humans suit, is flawless and clean. She could feel her dignity ruined and reared up, facing the behemoth. She could feel her humanity slip away from this degrading position, parallel to a lion and a deer. She prepared herself to be met with a strangle from the tentacles attached within his back. Or perhaps her head being severed immediately as he takes a bite. She prepare to see the end of her life. Moments and flashbacks run to her mind as she faces the demise coming forth. The silence and tension of her waiting the monster to get it over with, felt suffocating. It felt hours. Days of anticipation. But it was just responded with silence.
Finally, he rose his tentacle up. She squeezed her eyes shut and hold her breath, saving at least some parts of her to be safe. Clenching the ground earth, and pushing back into the stump of a tree. In seconds she will die soon and be faced with- the tentacle was around her thigh.
鈥淲hat?鈥 She stuttered. It felt slippery. The tendrils just seem to grope her flesh even harder as she says it.The creature looked at her, she can鈥檛 pick up any expression or social cue from the blankness of his face. Pure white, and stoic mess. Although, his body seems to get closer and closer, and closer. The tentacle finally left his grip on her leg, rather, traced to her face. It was wet. Smooth and uncanny feel to it. Out of nowhere, his skeletal skinny fingers now held her chin. Forcing her to face up the tall creature as her cheeks were being squished. She respond by wrapping her hands around his strange arms. And her body slowly losing tension. There was heat around her face. Why? She can鈥檛 put it together, but somehow she feels slightly attracted to this being. Mysterious, cunning. All-powerful. She was interested. It was as if all her morals were slipped away when facing such a monster, knowing how much control he has over her.
Accidentally, her tongue opened up. She licked the finger of the tall creature. Even if he didn鈥檛 had a face, he was stunned. Although, intrigued. He pushed a finger into her mouth. She choked out of surprise. His hands being already long enough to reach the back of her throat, caused her to spill saliva around her lips. She whimpered. It was too much, it was too intoxicating. His scent was driving her insane, driving her to become so deranged. Driving her to rummage with nasty thoughts. God, she felt so unclean. However it just kept on going against her wishes, and he seems to enjoy this pleading. Playing with her teeth and tongue, as she suckles more and more.
鈥淢mhm!鈥 She is running out breath, now in a different way. Her legs starts squirming, and she could feel more tendrils coming up on her. They slide upon her skin, and her stomach. So close to her behind, so close to her inner thighs. Her shorts now slobbered with inky goo, and her shirt slowly falling as he kept on going. Suddenly, the creature stopped. His fingers now traced out of the mouth with trails of spit. He stands tall once more.
Good girl.
He uttered. She didn鈥檛 know it could speak. And she didn鈥檛 knew he was this playful. He opened his mouth, showing rows of sharp teeth and large dark tongue. He towered down and punctured her mouth with his tongue. She responded with her lips collaborating within his. She whimpers even more. Clenching his suit in response, and she could feel him lifting her up. She sat on thigh as he crouched down, and as she goes in more into the creatures mouth, she grinds herself on his sleek pants. Her breath is getting haggard, she can鈥檛 barely get oxygen as she make out. The tongue took all the space within her mouth, and she felt so full.
Good, good girl. It said telepathically. His praises just kept on plaguing her mind. She enjoys this even more, and fasten her speed on his thigh. His tentacles kept on going closer to her breasts and ass, tightly boding on her to skin. It ripped up her shorts, leaving with her panties. Then tore her shirt, exposing her top to the cold autumn air. The tentacles fondled and groped on to her tits, so warm compared to her skin. And she could feel his hands slowly rubbing her panties, tracing back and forth between the cloth and her clit. Her body twitches in response, allowing her hand to clench even more on his tie. The man picked her up, putting a stop to their tongues colliding. The tentacles wrapped all around her body, and put up her in the air. He then starts playing with her slit, and his tongue slowly tracing with spit on her panties.. She threw her head in pleasure.
鈥淢hm! Please.鈥
Be patient. I usually don鈥檛 play with my food.
She knew it was a threat, but it got her even wetter. She started moaning louder and louder. She never felt so good. Never felt so great compared to all her past experiences with men. It made her full, it pushed to the edge never then before, all the while her panties are move to the side of her thighs. She started tearing up from how much stimulation there is. Her naked body slithered with tentacles and her pussy being plunged with a wide thick tongue. Her body spasming out of pure hormones, wanting him to get harder and harder within her pussy. Want him to slide up and down, and grip her harder.
I never knew you humans were this deranged.
He can read thoughts. She gasp in surprise as he even went harder. Starting to hold onto the tendrils as her body gets even more heated up, even more wet and sweaty.
You really do enjoy this. Don鈥檛 you? Don鈥檛 you darling.
鈥淵es! Yes I do.鈥
She came undone onto the monsters tongue. Her head wailed back in response as she let out a high pitch whimper. Her legs kept on shaking and she could feel her arms pathetically grab on the monsters body, for some sort of grip. But as much as her tears fell down on her face, the monster kept on going. The monster kept on flicking his tongue back and forth, sliding down her slit.
鈥淗a- Wait, wait!鈥
What little girl?.
As she was about to respond, she choked onto her words. It was cut off as he deepened his mouth into her pussy. Enjoying how weak and frail she was compared to his actions.
鈥淧lease please!鈥
What do you want? Spit your words out.
鈥淭oo much! Please- ha- stop!鈥
The monster chuckled. No please would make the monster drop what he was doing. Although, he did stop, instead, his tentacles put her in a position against the tree bark making the girl face him. Her head was too foggy from what was happening, but she could tell what was next from the heat between them. Tilting to the side and her eyes rolling back to rebound from her orgasm, the monster had to forcefully grab her face to look at him. A grip so harsh she could feel her cheeks bruising, and her arms holding onto the tree.
I鈥檓 not done with you yet.
She whimpers, slobber coming out of her mouth. As much as the stimulation hurts her body, she was throbbing. She needed more even as much she couldn鈥檛 handle it. She wanted the monster to destroy her. To claim her and use her up. After years of pent up hormones and fantasies, she couldn鈥檛 resist.
So needy. You waited so long for this? You humans never fail to amaze me.
She forgot again that he could read her mind. He probably saw all the disgusting perverted dreams that she stored in her mind. From the multiple times she tried to pleasure herself to the times she hope for some being to ram her. He even saw the moment he had chased her and read all the thoughts ridden with a sick wish that he could fulfil it. He even chuckled more to this reveal. He had never saw a human asking to be broken. And throughout all his thousands of years, he wanted to play. Play with his food, something so rare coming out of the entity.
With that, his tentacles slowly withered onto her thighs, shoving them to open up more. While two more nailed onto her hands against the bark. He positioned himself near her crotch. The entity could feel the slick dripping down out of her slit, all while his pants rub onto her pussy. She moaned in return, begging for him to do something about her throbbing pain. As he does it more and more, she became louder, with that he quickly shoved his tentacles into her mouth. Muffling her whines and groans.
Noisy girl.
Soon enough, he finally took it out. She gasped even if his tentacles were choking her mouth. With no warning, he thrusted it in. It was too much, and he was wrecking her more by playing with her clit as well. Fondling her breasts with his large hands, and pounding her back and forth which deepened her skins more into the branches bark, scratching her and staining her with dirt. He finally let her throat to rest, and her loud panting and cries can now be heard and echoed into the forests.
鈥淪o much! So much! Ha- mhm!鈥
鈥滻鈥檓 gonna- mhm- I鈥檓 gonna!鈥
What is it. Say it. All I hear is gibberish.
鈥淚鈥檓 gonna cum soon!鈥
Her pussy tightened around his inhumane dick. Her head bobbing up and down like an animal, and her eyes crossing up in the air. All she could muster out was whimpers and cries for more and more. All she could do was feel his thrust that were ramming her into a speed no human can take. And her breasts were covered in handprints that turned her skin into a different colour. All while her puffy clit sending waves of pleasure within her pussy. So much at once. So much to handle and feel. She was about to come all over the monster, a thousand year old entity that could kill her in a second if he wanted to.
You鈥檙e close.
鈥滻 am! Please let me!鈥
Go ahead darling.
She spasmed around his dick. Letting out a loud wail that scratched her throat, as her hands fuddled around every part of the monsters suit. But he didn鈥檛 stop. He didn鈥檛 stop thrusting her and playing with her clit. He didn鈥檛 stop gripping her tits and biting on them.
鈥淲hat- no no! Too much! Please no more-鈥
You will be done with this when I鈥檓 done.
All she could do was let her saliva drool down on her neck and breasts. All she could is whimper out pleases and moans. All she could do is let him thrust more and more even with how much stimulation ride out her body. It was painful, but so, so good.
And she could feel his dick throb inside of her, with his guttural groans coming out of the monster. He was close as well. As much as she question whether or not if it was humanely possible, it didn鈥檛 matter to her. She wanted to be filled. She wanted his fluids to come out of her pussy when he was done. She wanted to be bred in ways that she fantasize for years.
You want me to fill you up huh?
鈥淧lease! Hm- Please!鈥
Pathetic, pathetic little girl. Begging for a monster to breed you? Don鈥檛 you have a little shame?
鈥淣o! no! I鈥檓 a pathetic bitch!鈥
That鈥檚 what I wanted to hear. Adorable precious little bitch.
The monster thrusts hard and harder as she grips even more onto his suit. She could feel her ears ringing with how much movement was on her. She could feel her tongue panting out to the monster, asking him to kiss her. The entity agreed, and he shoved his inky tongue into her throat making her unable to breathe.
Mine. You鈥檙e mine you got that?
鈥淯h huh- mhm!鈥
My human slave. You serve me. You鈥檙e going to serve me now.
鈥淵es! Yes sir!鈥
She cried out into the forests. Unwillingly knowing that she just signed a contract to the demon. Holding up a future for her to be someone to a boss of many, a leader of monsters, and a manipulative entity. But she didn鈥檛 care, all she wanted was her pussy to leak out the cum he was about to spill into her hole. She didn鈥檛 care, she just wanted his tongue to puncture the back of her throat even more. She didn鈥檛 care, she just wanted to be fucked so hard to the point where she was left shaking. She just didn鈥檛 care.
My good little girl.
And he finally thrusted into her for a last time. Cum filling up to the brim where it leaked out. Her legs twitched as she moan into a needy whine. Forever captive by this entity. Forever a food to play with and teased at.
鈥淭hank- thank you for sir.鈥
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buncha proxyverse? doodles that i found in the void. only had the strength to render toby bcuz he鈥檚 beautiful.
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Happy Thanksgiving! 馃 Once you thaw out that turkey, do you prefer roast or deep fry? 馃崡 And then pumpkin pie for dessert!
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why do i feel like toby would be a sarcastic asshole?
i just can鈥檛 see him being a sweet little cinnamon roll, i see him being sarcastic and almost snarky?
don鈥檛 get me wrong bros a cutie patootie but i just feel like he鈥檇 lowkey be an ass.
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Hoodie: She blocked me鈥
BEN: Oh鈥 are you okay?- what are you doing
Hoodie putting his shoes on: I鈥檓 fine
BEN: Then why are you putting your shoes on鈥
Hoodie: She blocked me, so i鈥檇 assume that means she wants to see me in person.
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饾櫥饾殬饾殰饾殠饾殯 饾櫛饾殬饾殺
* 喋堚湬鈥р倞藲* 喋堚湬鈥р倞* 喋堚湬鈥р倞藲* 喋堚湬鈥р倞* 喋堚湬鈥р倞藲* 喋堚湬鈥р倞* 喋堚湬鈥р倞藲* 喋
Tumblr media
* 喋堚湬鈥р倞藲* 喋堚湬鈥р倞* 喋堚湬鈥р倞藲* 喋堚湬鈥р倞* 喋堚湬鈥р倞藲* 喋堚湬鈥р倞* 喋堚湬鈥р倞藲* 喋
饾殐饾殬饾殝饾殺 饾殝饾殠饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殺饾殬饾殲饾殯 饾殝饾殬饾殺饾殢饾殯饾殥饾殠饾殫饾殟 饾殥饾殰...饾殞饾殤饾殜饾殬饾殱饾殥饾殞. 饾櫢饾殢 饾殤饾殠 饾殞饾殬饾殲饾殨饾殟 饾殤饾殠 饾殸饾殬饾殲饾殨饾殟 饾殸饾殥饾殭饾殠 饾殠饾殶饾殠饾殯饾殺 饾殩饾殜饾殫 饾殠饾殹饾殞饾殠饾殭饾殱 饾殤饾殥饾殩饾殰饾殠饾殨饾殢 饾殢饾殯饾殬饾殩 饾殠饾殹饾殥饾殰饾殱饾殜饾殫饾殞饾殠 饾殝饾殲饾殱 饾殰饾殥饾殫饾殞饾殠 饾殤饾殠 饾殞饾殜饾殫饾殱 饾殱饾殤饾殠饾殫 饾殤饾殠 饾殯饾殠饾殰饾殬饾殯饾殱饾殰 饾殱饾殬 饾殱饾殤饾殠 饾殬饾殫饾殨饾殺 饾殬饾殱饾殤饾殠饾殯 饾殱饾殤饾殥饾殫饾殣, 饾殝饾殠饾殰饾殥饾殟饾殠饾殰 饾殱饾殯饾殺饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殤饾殥饾殰 饾殝饾殠饾殰饾殱 饾殱饾殬 饾殨饾殬饾殶饾殠 饾殺饾殬饾殲, 饾殤饾殠 饾殧饾殫饾殬饾殸饾殰.
"f-fuck you... for t-t-touching.. MY y/n.." , 饾殤饾殠 饾殰饾殭饾殬饾殧饾殠 饾殱饾殤饾殯饾殬饾殲饾殣饾殤 饾殣饾殯饾殥饾殱饾殱饾殠饾殟 饾殱饾殠饾殠饾殱饾殤 饾殜饾殰 饾殤饾殠 饾殤饾殥饾殱 饾殜饾殫饾殟 饾殤饾殥饾殱 饾殬饾殶饾殠饾殯 饾殜饾殫饾殟 饾殬饾殶饾殠饾殯 饾殱饾殤饾殠 饾殫饾殬饾殸 饾殲饾殫饾殯饾殠饾殞饾殬饾殣饾殫饾殥饾殻饾殜饾殝饾殨饾殠 饾殶饾殥饾殞饾殱饾殥饾殩 饾殞饾殤饾殬饾殭饾殭饾殠饾殟 饾殥饾殫 饾殭饾殥饾殠饾殞饾殠饾殰. 饾殕饾殤饾殜饾殱 饾殟饾殬饾殠饾殰 饾殥饾殱 饾殩饾殜饾殱饾殱饾殠饾殯 饾殱饾殤饾殬饾殲饾殣饾殤? 饾櫢饾殱饾殰 饾殱饾殤饾殠 饾殩饾殜饾殫饾殰 饾殬饾殸饾殫 饾殢饾殜饾殲饾殨饾殱 饾殢饾殬饾殯 饾殰饾殩饾殜饾殞饾殧饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殺饾殬饾殲饾殯 饾殜饾殰饾殰 饾殜饾殰 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殸饾殜饾殨饾殧饾殠饾殟 饾殝饾殺 饾殤饾殥饾殩...饾殥饾殫 饾殢饾殯饾殬饾殫饾殱 饾殬饾殢 饾殱饾殬饾殝饾殺 饾殸饾殤饾殬 饾殸饾殜饾殰 饾殤饾殬饾殨饾殟饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殺饾殬饾殲饾殯 饾殤饾殜饾殫饾殟.
饾櫢饾殱饾殰 饾殸饾殬饾殯饾殰饾殠 饾殸饾殤饾殠饾殫 饾殺饾殬饾殲饾殯 饾殬饾殭饾殠饾殫饾殨饾殺 饾殱饾殜饾殨饾殧饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殱饾殬 饾殜 饾殣饾殲饾殺 饾殥饾殫 饾殢饾殯饾殬饾殫饾殱 饾殬饾殢 饾殤饾殥饾殩 饾殜饾殫饾殟 饾殤饾殠 饾殥饾殰 饾殜饾殝饾殰饾殬饾殨饾殲饾殱饾殠饾殨饾殺 饾殭饾殥饾殰饾殰饾殠饾殟 饾殱饾殤饾殜饾殱 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殰饾殩饾殥饾殨饾殠 饾殱饾殜饾殨饾殧饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殱饾殬 饾殱饾殤饾殥饾殰 饾殣饾殲饾殺. 饾殏饾殬饾殩饾殠 饾殫饾殬饾殝饾殬饾殟饾殺. 饾殕饾殤饾殠饾殫 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殢饾殥饾殫饾殜饾殨饾殨饾殺 饾殰饾殱饾殬饾殭 饾殱饾殜饾殨饾殧饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殱饾殬 饾殱饾殤饾殥饾殰 '饾殢饾殯饾殥饾殠饾殫饾殟' , 饾殱饾殬饾殝饾殺 饾殟饾殯饾殜饾殣饾殰 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殰饾殬饾殩饾殠饾殸饾殤饾殠饾殯饾殠 饾殱饾殤饾殜饾殱饾殨饾殨 饾殤饾殥饾殟饾殠 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殝饾殬饾殱饾殤 饾殢饾殬饾殯 饾殜 饾殢饾殠饾殸 饾殩饾殬饾殩饾殠饾殫饾殱饾殰. 饾櫡饾殠'饾殨饾殨 饾殭饾殥饾殫 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殜饾殣饾殜饾殥饾殫饾殰饾殱 饾殱饾殤饾殠 饾殸饾殜饾殨饾殨 饾殜饾殫饾殟 饾殢饾殠饾殶饾殠饾殯饾殠饾殫饾殱饾殨饾殺 饾殧饾殥饾殰饾殰 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殜饾殰 饾殤饾殥饾殰 饾殤饾殜饾殫饾殟饾殰 饾殢饾殯饾殜饾殫饾殱饾殥饾殞饾殨饾殨饾殺 饾殱饾殬饾殲饾殞饾殤 饾殜饾殫饾殟 饾殣饾殯饾殬饾殭饾殠 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殠饾殶饾殠饾殯饾殺饾殸饾殤饾殠饾殯饾殠.
"y-your mine...not h-.. him... mine... stop t-t-talking with o..other men y-you whore"
饾櫡饾殠'饾殨饾殨 饾殟饾殠饾殣饾殯饾殜饾殟饾殠 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殰饾殬 饾殩饾殲饾殞饾殤 饾殜饾殫饾殟 饾殩饾殜饾殧饾殠 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殢饾殠饾殠饾殨 饾殝饾殜饾殟 饾殱饾殤饾殜饾殱 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殰饾殱饾殜饾殯饾殱 饾殞饾殯饾殺饾殥饾殫饾殣, 饾殝饾殠饾殣饾殣饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殢饾殬饾殯 饾殢饾殬饾殯饾殣饾殥饾殶饾殠饾殫饾殠饾殰饾殰. 饾櫡饾殠'饾殨饾殨 饾殟饾殬 饾殜饾殫饾殺饾殱饾殤饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殱饾殬 饾殯饾殠饾殩饾殥饾殫饾殟 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殺饾殬饾殲'饾殯饾殠 饾殤饾殥饾殰 饾殜饾殫饾殟 饾殬饾殫饾殨饾殺 饾殤饾殥饾殰 饾殝饾殲饾殱 饾殱饾殬饾殝饾殺 饾殸饾殬饾殲饾殨饾殟 饾殫饾殠饾殶饾殠饾殯 饾殤饾殲饾殯饾殱 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殬饾殯 饾殤饾殠'饾殨饾殨 饾殰饾殭饾殥饾殯饾殜饾殨. 饾櫛饾殠饾殞饾殬饾殩饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殤饾殥饾殰 饾殢饾殜饾殱饾殤饾殠饾殯? 饾殐饾殬饾殝饾殺 饾殸饾殬饾殲饾殨饾殟 饾殜饾殝饾殲饾殰饾殠 饾殤饾殥饾殰 饾殥饾殩饾殩饾殬饾殯饾殱饾殜饾殨饾殥饾殱饾殺 饾殜饾殫饾殟 饾殩饾殜饾殧饾殠 饾殤饾殥饾殩饾殰饾殠饾殨饾殢 饾殝饾殨饾殠饾殠饾殟 饾殜饾殫饾殟 饾殞饾殯饾殠饾殜饾殱饾殠 饾殫饾殠饾殸 饾殰饾殞饾殜饾殯饾殰 饾殲饾殫饾殱饾殥饾殨 饾殤饾殠 饾殢饾殠饾殠饾殨饾殰 饾殤饾殠 饾殜饾殱饾殬饾殫饾殠饾殟 饾殢饾殬饾殯 饾殰饾殬 饾殩饾殲饾殞饾殤 饾殜饾殰 饾殝饾殯饾殲饾殥饾殰饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殥饾殢 饾殥饾殱 饾殥饾殰饾殫饾殱 饾殢饾殯饾殬饾殩 饾殺饾殬饾殲饾殯 饾殫饾殥饾殣饾殤饾殱饾殰 饾殬饾殢 饾殠饾殞饾殰饾殱饾殜饾殞饾殺.
饾殐饾殬饾殝饾殺 饾殸饾殥饾殨饾殨 饾殸饾殥饾殱饾殤饾殬饾殲饾殱 饾殜 饾殟饾殬饾殲饾殝饾殱 饾殧饾殥饾殨饾殨 饾殢饾殬饾殯 饾殺饾殬饾殲...饾殜饾殟饾殲饾殨饾殱 饾殬饾殯 饾殞饾殤饾殥饾殨饾殟. 饾殏饾殬饾殩饾殠 饾殨饾殜饾殟饾殺 饾殞饾殜饾殨饾殨饾殠饾殟 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殜 饾殰饾殨饾殲饾殱 饾殢饾殬饾殯 饾殸饾殠饾殜饾殯饾殥饾殫饾殣 '饾殰饾殧饾殥饾殩饾殭饾殺' 饾殞饾殨饾殬饾殱饾殤饾殥饾殫饾殣? 饾櫝饾殠饾殜饾殟. 饾櫚 饾殩饾殜饾殫 饾殨饾殬饾殬饾殧饾殠饾殟 饾殜饾殱 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殸饾殯饾殬饾殫饾殣?(饾殱饾殬 饾殱饾殬饾殝饾殺 饾殜饾殱 饾殨饾殠饾殜饾殰饾殱) 饾殜饾殨饾殰饾殬 饾殟饾殠饾殜饾殟. 饾殏饾殬饾殩饾殠 饾殧饾殥饾殟 饾殞饾殜饾殨饾殨饾殠饾殟 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殲饾殣饾殨饾殺?...饾殺饾殠饾殜饾殤 饾殱饾殤饾殠饾殯饾殠 饾殸饾殠饾殯饾殠 饾殜饾殨饾殬饾殱 饾殬饾殢 饾殩饾殥饾殰饾殰饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殧饾殥饾殟 饾殭饾殬饾殰饾殱饾殠饾殯饾殰 饾殜饾殯饾殬饾殲饾殫饾殟 饾殜 饾殟饾殜饾殺 饾殜饾殢饾殱饾殠饾殯.
饾櫡饾殠 饾殥饾殰 饾殰饾殬 饾殟饾殥饾殰饾殣饾殲饾殰饾殱饾殥饾殫饾殣饾殨饾殺 饾殥饾殫 饾殨饾殬饾殶饾殠 饾殸饾殥饾殱饾殤 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殱饾殬 饾殱饾殤饾殠 饾殭饾殬饾殥饾殫饾殱 饾殤饾殠 饾殸饾殥饾殨饾殨 饾殫饾殬饾殱 饾殱饾殜饾殧饾殠 饾殞饾殜饾殯饾殠 饾殬饾殢 饾殤饾殥饾殩饾殰饾殠饾殨饾殢 饾殥饾殢 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殟饾殬饾殫饾殱 饾殝饾殜饾殝饾殺 饾殤饾殥饾殩 饾殱饾殤饾殯饾殬饾殲饾殣饾殤 饾殥饾殱 饾殜饾殨饾殨. 饾殐饾殬饾殝饾殺 饾殸饾殥饾殨饾殨 饾殜饾殨饾殸饾殜饾殺饾殰 饾殝饾殠 饾殥饾殫 饾殱饾殤饾殠 饾殰饾殤饾殬饾殸饾殠饾殯 饾殸饾殥饾殱饾殤 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殸饾殤饾殥饾殨饾殠 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殰饾殞饾殯饾殲饾殝 饾殤饾殥饾殰 饾殰饾殞饾殜饾殨饾殭 饾殜饾殫饾殟 饾殤饾殥饾殰 饾殤饾殜饾殫饾殟饾殰 饾殜饾殯饾殠 饾殦饾殲饾殰饾殱 饾殣饾殯饾殥饾殭饾殭饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殺饾殬饾殲饾殯 饾殸饾殜饾殥饾殰饾殱 饾殨饾殥饾殧饾殠 饾殥饾殢 饾殺饾殬饾殲饾殯 饾殣饾殬饾殫饾殫饾殜 饾殯饾殲饾殫 饾殬饾殢饾殢. 饾櫡饾殠'饾殟 饾殰饾殥饾殱 饾殬饾殫 饾殱饾殤饾殠 饾殱饾殬饾殥饾殨饾殠饾殱 饾殰饾殠饾殜饾殱 饾殜饾殰 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殝饾殯饾殲饾殰饾殤 饾殤饾殥饾殰 饾殱饾殠饾殠饾殱饾殤 饾殢饾殬饾殯 饾殤饾殥饾殩, 饾殰饾殲饾殯饾殭饾殯饾殥饾殰饾殥饾殫饾殣饾殨饾殺 饾殸饾殬饾殲饾殨饾殟 饾殟饾殬 饾殱饾殤饾殠 饾殯饾殠饾殰饾殱 饾殤饾殥饾殩饾殰饾殠饾殨饾殢. 饾櫡饾殥饾殰 饾殤饾殜饾殫饾殟饾殰 饾殸饾殥饾殨饾殨 饾殫饾殠饾殶饾殠饾殯 饾殝饾殠 饾殜饾殸饾殜饾殺 饾殢饾殯饾殬饾殩 饾殺饾殬饾殲, 饾殱饾殤饾殠饾殺'饾殨饾殨 饾殜饾殨饾殸饾殜饾殺饾殰 饾殝饾殠 饾殬饾殫 饾殰饾殬饾殩饾殠饾殱饾殤饾殥饾殫饾殣. 饾櫚饾殰饾殰, 饾殝饾殬饾殬饾殝饾殰, 饾殱饾殤饾殥饾殣饾殤饾殰, 饾殧饾殫饾殠饾殠饾殰, 饾殢饾殜饾殞饾殠, 饾殜饾殫饾殺饾殱饾殤饾殥饾殫饾殣. 饾殏饾殬饾殩饾殠 饾殟饾殜饾殺饾殰 饾殺饾殬饾殲饾殨饾殨 饾殢饾殠饾殠饾殨 饾殥饾殫饾殰饾殜饾殫饾殠 饾殝饾殠饾殞饾殜饾殲饾殰饾殠 饾殥饾殢 饾殤饾殠 饾殥饾殰饾殫饾殱 饾殜饾殸饾殜饾殺 饾殬饾殫 饾殜 饾殩饾殥饾殰饾殰饾殥饾殬饾殫/饾殱饾殜饾殰饾殧 饾殢饾殬饾殯 饾殤饾殥饾殰 饾殝饾殬饾殰饾殰 饾殱饾殤饾殠饾殫 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殸饾殬饾殫饾殱 饾殣饾殠饾殱 饾殜 饾殩饾殥饾殫饾殲饾殱饾殠 饾殱饾殬 饾殺饾殬饾殲饾殯饾殰饾殠饾殨饾殢. 饾殘饾殬饾殲饾殨饾殨 饾殰饾殱饾殜饾殯饾殱 饾殞饾殯饾殺饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殜饾殫饾殟 饾殭饾殲饾殰饾殤饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殤饾殥饾殩 饾殜饾殸饾殜饾殺 饾殜饾殰 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殨饾殬饾殞饾殧 饾殺饾殬饾殲饾殯饾殰饾殠饾殨饾殢 饾殥饾殫 饾殱饾殤饾殠 饾殝饾殜饾殱饾殤饾殯饾殬饾殬饾殩
"baby...i-its ok... y-you..you need me.. o-o-ok?"
饾櫡饾殠'饾殨饾殨 饾殝饾殯饾殠饾殜饾殧 饾殟饾殬饾殸饾殫 饾殱饾殤饾殠 饾殟饾殬饾殬饾殯 饾殜饾殫饾殟 饾殰饾殥饾殱 饾殝饾殠饾殰饾殥饾殟饾殠 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殜饾殰 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殸饾殠饾殠饾殭 饾殜饾殫饾殟 饾殸饾殠饾殠饾殭. 饾櫚 饾殰饾殩饾殲饾殣 饾殰饾殩饾殥饾殨饾殠 饾殬饾殫 饾殤饾殥饾殰 饾殢饾殜饾殞饾殠 饾殝饾殠饾殞饾殜饾殲饾殰饾殠 饾殤饾殠 饾殧饾殫饾殬饾殸饾殰 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殸饾殬饾殫饾殱 饾殨饾殠饾殜饾殶饾殠. 饾櫞饾殥饾殱饾殤饾殠饾殯 饾殬饾殲饾殱 饾殬饾殢 饾殨饾殬饾殶饾殠 饾殬饾殯 饾殢饾殠饾殜饾殯 饾殱饾殬 饾殝饾殠 饾殧饾殥饾殨饾殨饾殠饾殟 饾殥饾殰 饾殲饾殭 饾殱饾殬 饾殺饾殬饾殲.
饾櫚饾殢饾殱饾殠饾殯 饾殺饾殬饾殲饾殯 饾殨饾殥饾殱饾殱饾殨饾殠 饾殝饾殯饾殠饾殜饾殧饾殟饾殬饾殸饾殫 饾殤饾殠 饾殰饾殱饾殜饾殯饾殱饾殠饾殟 饾殣饾殥饾殶饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殰饾殩饾殜饾殨饾殨 饾殩饾殥饾殫饾殲饾殱饾殠饾殰 饾殬饾殢 饾殜饾殨饾殬饾殫饾殠 饾殱饾殥饾殩饾殠 饾殝饾殲饾殱 饾殱饾殤饾殜饾殱饾殰 饾殥饾殱, 饾殤饾殬饾殸饾殠饾殶饾殠饾殯, 饾殤饾殠 饾殫饾殠饾殶饾殠饾殯 饾殢饾殜饾殥饾殨饾殠饾殟 饾殱饾殬 饾殯饾殠饾殩饾殥饾殫饾殟 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殱饾殤饾殜饾殱 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殫饾殠饾殠饾殟 饾殤饾殥饾殩.
"see?...i-if i wasnt h..he here... then who knows wha...what he'd do to-to you"
饾櫨饾殤 饾殜饾殫饾殟 饾殤饾殠 饾殤饾殜饾殱饾殠饾殰 饾殥饾殱 饾殸饾殤饾殠饾殫 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殟饾殬饾殫饾殱 饾殱饾殠饾殨饾殨 饾殤饾殥饾殩 饾殱饾殤饾殥饾殫饾殣饾殰. 饾殘饾殬饾殲 饾殟饾殥饾殟饾殫饾殱 饾殱饾殠饾殨饾殨 饾殤饾殥饾殩 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殰饾殱饾殜饾殯饾殱饾殠饾殟 饾殜 饾殫饾殠饾殸 饾殰饾殤饾殬饾殸? 饾殤饾殠饾殰 饾殝饾殥饾殱饾殞饾殤饾殺 饾殜饾殨饾殨 饾殟饾殜饾殺. 饾櫝饾殥饾殟饾殫饾殱 饾殝饾殬饾殱饾殤饾殠饾殯 饾殱饾殬 饾殱饾殠饾殨饾殨 饾殤饾殥饾殩 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殸饾殠饾殯饾殠 饾殣饾殬饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殱饾殬 饾殱饾殤饾殠 饾殩饾殜饾殨饾殨 饾殸饾殥饾殱饾殤 饾殢饾殯饾殥饾殠饾殫饾殟饾殰 饾殸饾殤饾殠饾殫 饾殤饾殠 饾殸饾殜饾殰 饾殬饾殲饾殱? 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殸饾殬饾殫饾殱 饾殝饾殠 饾殜饾殨饾殨饾殬饾殸饾殠饾殟 饾殬饾殲饾殱 饾殬饾殢 饾殱饾殤饾殠 饾殤饾殬饾殲饾殰饾殠 饾殢饾殬饾殯 饾殜 饾殢饾殠饾殸 饾殟饾殜饾殺饾殰. 饾櫡饾殠 饾殸饾殬饾殯饾殯饾殥饾殠饾殰 饾殢饾殬饾殯 饾殺饾殬饾殲, 饾殥饾殰 饾殸饾殤饾殜饾殱 饾殤饾殠 饾殞饾殨饾殜饾殥饾殩饾殰.
饾櫡饾殠 饾殨饾殬饾殶饾殠饾殰 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殰饾殬 饾殩饾殲饾殞饾殤 饾殱饾殤饾殜饾殱 饾殱饾殤饾殠 饾殱饾殤饾殬饾殲饾殣饾殤饾殱 饾殬饾殢 饾殱饾殜饾殧饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殱饾殬 饾殤饾殥饾殰 饾殬饾殨饾殟 饾殜饾殫饾殟 饾殯饾殬饾殱饾殱饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殞饾殜饾殝饾殥饾殫 饾殥饾殫 饾殱饾殤饾殠 饾殢饾殬饾殯饾殠饾殰饾殱 饾殰饾殬饾殲饾殫饾殟饾殰 饾殨饾殥饾殧饾殠 饾殝饾殨饾殥饾殰饾殰. 饾殐饾殬饾殝饾殺 饾殩饾殠饾殜饾殫饾殰 饾殸饾殠饾殨饾殨 饾殯饾殠饾殜饾殨饾殨饾殺, 饾殤饾殠饾殰 饾殱饾殯饾殺饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殤饾殥饾殰 饾殝饾殠饾殰饾殱 饾殱饾殬 饾殨饾殬饾殶饾殠 饾殰饾殥饾殫饾殞饾殠 饾殤饾殠 饾殸饾殜饾殰 饾殫饾殠饾殶饾殠饾殯 饾殱饾殜饾殲饾殣饾殤饾殱. 饾櫩饾殬饾殬饾殯 饾殨饾殬饾殰饾殠饾殯 饾殝饾殬饾殺 饾殦饾殲饾殰饾殱 饾殫饾殠饾殠饾殟饾殰 饾殺饾殬饾殲.
* 喋堚湬鈥р倞藲* 喋堚湬鈥р倞* 喋堚湬鈥р倞藲* 喋堚湬鈥р倞* 喋堚湬鈥р倞藲* 喋堚湬鈥р倞* 喋堚湬鈥р倞藲* 喋
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