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The boy grew up a bit Nobody can stop me drawing lanky Tobs, my art career lead me to draw lanky Tobs
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SO IM SORRY IF THIS IS REALLY RANDOM BUT IF ITS OK COULD I REQUEST TICCI TOBY,MASKY,HOODIE,EJ WITH A TEEN!READER that's like shy but when the reader gets more comfortable around them, reader acts childish/shows their inner child bc they had to grow up quickly ifykwim
(this sounds so cringe >_< 馃槶)
Theres no such thing as bad cringe here, friend. Be as cringe as you'd like!
Thank you so much for requesting!!
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Meeting you was pretty normal for him
Most of the other kids around the manor are pretty shy too, so you being shy doesnt matter to him
But once you start getting more comfortable with him, and start opening up more, he notices that you aren't really all that shy, just kind of...yk...traumatized??
He is here for it though, and will do all the things with you
He'll get matching footie pj's with you, He'll get you your favorite childhood snack, you'll turn on your favorite cartoon and He'll help you make an awesome pillow fort
Or, if you prefer, a blanket coccoon for you to snuggle into while you watch your cartoons
He'll also get things that remind him of you
"Y/n i saw this squishmellow and thought of you! Also, i got you some more snacks in this new flavor we haven't tried"
Also, i feel like he'd be the one you go to if you wanna play any games
Lord knows that boy has too much energy for his own good
His favorite is hide and seek, but if you wanna play something else, he's fine with that too
I warn you though, he's very good at hide and seek...
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Masky isn't terrible with kids, but he isn't the greatest
Teenagers are his favorite to babysit/watch, because he can just leave them alone for the most part, if they need anything, they know where to find him
So when you start to open up and show your more childish side, he is kind of taken aback
Not in a bad way, of course
Just shocked, is all
Mostly, he's just glad that you're finally opening up and being yourself
And i mean hey, if coloring in coloring books and eating fruit snacks makes you happy, then who is he to judge?
He won't partake in these activities himself, but if you wanna talk to him about it, then he's all ears
He'll show you his favorite cartoons he watched when he was a kid, he'll show you his favorite childhood snacks, and he'll tell you stories he picked up in his life
Like toby, he will also help you build a wonderful pillow fort
And tim, hes a real manly man, you know, good at building and hunting and stuff
So you KNOW that its gonna be less of a pillow fort and more of a pillow palace
Also, i feel like one of the creeps has a picture of him somewhere, all snuggled up into a pillow, nice and asleep inside your pillow fort while you watch tv
Its used as blackmail, of course
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Hoodie loves kids
He's always wanted a kid of his own, he remembers vividly daydreaming about it as a little schoolboy
His occupation has put a bit of a hold on that dream, but the manor has plenty of children that are always begging to be played with
And so, it's probably no wonder you were drawn to him
He's just got such a good vibe, you know?
Like you know that you could tell him anything and he'd just smile and say "i think you should keep living your best life"
Like toby, he goes all out
He probably won't wear footie pj's but yk
He's not too terribly good at making pillow forts, but oh my god can he throw a tea party
And he'll let you do his hair and makeup too!
After his numerous tea parties with sally, he knows all the proper etiquette too
He'd also probably be the one on this list who'd spoil you the most
Literally just ask and he'll probably buy it/make it for you 馃槶
Eyeless Jack
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From a medical standpoint he is very worried for you
His first reaction to you opening up was his eyes slightly widening and his thoughts going "good god who fucked up this kid??"
However, he understands that for a lot of people indulging in childhood interests is a coping mechanism that is very helpful
And it's not hurting you or anyone else, so why would he care?
He studies you intently
He won't actively indulge in your activities like everyone else
He mostly just sits somewhere close by and watches your behaviors
He wants to know what is normal for you and what isn't, that way if your mental health takesa negative turn, he can get on it as quickly as possible
The last thing they need is a kid having a mental breakdown
Maaaybe of you ask nicely he'll watch cartoons with you
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c-horror-angel 2 months
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tim masky as tobys dad is my favorite headcanon ,,,
IDEA FROM @cupid-la-beaux LAWL
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bimbvx 9 days
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punks not dead (but you will be) closeups under cut :))
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...also i wasn't thinking while drawing this so uhhh in this au tim and toby are left handed ok
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kousomii 4 months
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yaa ! dont really like this piece anymore but thought id post it anyway. tim retweeted this actually, i was so happy getting recognized by him LOL shame i dont like it that much. maybe ill do one better someday !聽
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cyberghouleo 2 months
Proxy twitter au
part 2
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tiss-mushroom 24 days
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For the first time in a long time I drew on paper
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rebisrot 1 month
jay: hey, tim, do you still have your meds?
masky: ah, eto... bleh.
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eyygee 7 months
I summoned them out of their graves.
(Rook is my creepypasta OC)
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juniper555 8 months
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The core mentally insane four!
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rubyafton 5 months
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Tadaaa鉁 I made a Toby Coralie doll! I've gotta say, it was so good working on him. Maby I'll make some goggles and axes too~
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peachpopsstuff 10 months
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Masky !!! ^_^
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greydrit 2 months
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ensegnity 11 months
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I made this last year in August. Decided to post it because why not.
It鈥檚 Tim throughout the years. You can probably guess which was from Entry #9 and which was from his later adventures with Jay.
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creek-ink 1 year
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I couldn鈥檛 help myself
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odin-hatesu 5 months
Could I get a Masky x Fem!Reader x Hoody nsfw head canons? It's okay if not! :)
Yes anon yes you can馃き
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Masky x Hoodie x Reader Hcs (NSFW)
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Masterlist / Requests
Parings: Masky x Hoodie x Reader
Warnings: threesomes, smut obviously, throat fucking, double penetration, oral m and f receiving, they鈥檙e sadistic, knife play, blood play,
Tumblr media
Spit roasting.
Both fight for your attention, pulling your face to look at them, smacking your thigh so you can watch as masky fucks your over sensitive pussy :(
They both argue about how much better they鈥檙e making you feel and how the other will never make you cum that hard.
If you piss them off or need to be punished, thats when they work together. Hoodie fucking your throat, while Masky ruins your cunt. If you really REALLY made them mad, they鈥檒l both fuck your pussy at the same time degrading you when you say it hurts.
They love cutting off your clothes.
They buy you two pairs of the same lingerie 锟約o they can ruin one and you can keep the other.
They LOVE roleplaying. Keeping their masks on, and pretending you鈥檙e a victim is their absolute favorite thing, especially when you have a bit of fear in your eyes.
Knife play. They love holding a knife to your throat while they roughly make out with you.
Masky likes leaving small cuts along your body so Hoodie can lick up the blood
They dont give a fuck if you鈥檙e on your period. Sex helps with cramps is their main point when they really just wanna see their cocks covered in your blood.
Hoodie is a lot softer than Masky. He will pet your hair as you suck him off, giving praises telling you how good you are for him.
Masky will grab your head forcing you down on his cock, grabbing your neck so he can feel how his dick bullys your throat.
Hoodie gently rubs your thighs as he devours you. Masky sitting behind you marking up your neck, and holding your hips in place. 鈥淏e a good slut. You wanted this, so take it.鈥
Masky is rough and loves over stimulating you. He doesn鈥檛 listen to Hoodie when he tells him to be gentle with their darling :(
They wanna chase you through the woods, and fuck you once they find you.
If Hoodie gets you to himself for a quickie without Masky, He will get extremely jealous, punishing you for 鈥渂eing a fucking slut for him and not even thinking about me.鈥 He gets very vocal, asking shit like, 鈥淒id his cock feel this good? Did you moan as loud as you are right now?鈥
If a job from slender goes well, they鈥檒l celebrate by fucking their darling.
Sometimes they鈥檒l have you on your knees all day, sucking them off barely paying attention to you, hoodie always breaks first, telling you how good you鈥檙e being for them.
Hoodies usually the one cleaning you up after sex, while Masky goes out to smoke. As i stated before hes not the best with aftercare, but he鈥檚 trying:(
They take pride when you have trouble walking, or when your throats corse and sore.
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I hope you guys liked this 馃ぉ im thinking of making a whole fanfiction about them
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