#ben drowned x reader
Y/N, walking into their house: Hello, people who do not live here.
Jeff: Hello.
BEN: Hi!
Toby: Hey!!
Y/N: I gave you the key to my house for emergencies only.
BEN: We were out of Doritos.
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scary-lasagna · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Christmas Express 𝔬𝔣 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔘𝔫𝔡𝔢𝔯𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔩𝔪
P͓̽o͓̽l͓̽a͓̽r͓̽ ͓̽E͓̽x͓̽p͓̽r͓̽e͓̽s͓̽s͓̽ ͓̽A͓̽U͓̽
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bambiimutt · 2 months
He makes you cry during an Argument.
Arguments with these boys? What could possibly go wrong..
Headcannons and short stories under the cut!
TW!! talk of Hoodie stalking, but not major! I think that’s it!!
Tumblr media
Jeffrey Hodex:
- you’d think an argument with your boyfriend who loves you oh so dearly would hopefully end in him apologizing. Wanting to make sure he didn’t say anything to you to hurt you.. but you sometimes forget he’s not the normal person.
-Jeff has anger issues and it’s not a surprise to anyone when it’s brought up. So typically with any argument he has, his anger tends to get the better of him.
-which means if the argument is small it’s bound to be blown out of proportion, if it’s a pretty bad argument it’s about to be even worse.
-he doesn’t like to listen. To him he’s always right. He’s never wrong even if deep down he knows he actually fucked up he doesn’t want to admit it because he doesn’t want to look “weak” or too “soft”
-he typically doesn’t feel bad if you end up getting hurt emotionally, you’ll get a good ol scoff and roll of the eyes while he tells you “it’s not that big of a fucking deal, you don’t need to be so emotional.” Along the lines of that.
-but… you might just tug a few heart strings when he realized he’s made you cry. It’s when he sees that he’s scared you that he breaks a little. He’s got a habit of punching walls, breaking shit around the house when you both argue, screaming in your face.. and if it all leads to you finally breaking down and shaking that’s where he finally draws his line.
-he didn’t mean to scare you.. not like that at least. The last thing he wants is for you to be scared of him. He loves you.. even if he shows it in odd ways. He’s an asshole yes but he’s your asshole.
“Would you just fucking Listen!” Jeff screamed out. His hands were immediately gripping onto his pants, trying his damned hardest to not punch the closest thing to him. But he can’t help himself the moment you cross your arms and give him that fucking look. “Jeffrey. Cut it out, I’ve listened to you for the past 40 fucking minutes.. you need to listen to me-“ you’re cut off quickly hearing his hand collide with the wall and a loud grunt leaving his lips. He’s slightly heaving, breathing heavily and hair a bit messy in front of his face. You jumped a bit, backing up quickly when he immediately whipped around to trudge towards you, black combat boots making him taller then he already was. His large hand was quick to grab your jaw and squish your cheeks together just slightly. “No you fucking listen to me. Stop being a fucking bitch. Why do you have to pick at everything I fucking do, huh?! Huh?!” If he was a scrawny guy you’d say you’d be able to at least get free but no.. no he was a big guy, tall. Muscular, broad shoulders.. built chest. His biceps twitched slightly as his grip grew harder. There was no way you were escaping this. Not with him. Your small hands pushed at his arm and your eyes watered, a tear falling onto his fingers. Oh.. Jeff’s grip softened as he slowly let go. His form lowering himself so he was at your level. “Oh baby.. oh..” his hands hesitated before cupping your cheeks and his lips are kissing at the corners of your lips, trailing towards your ear. “I didn’t mean it..” his voice is deep, gruff and low in your ear as you immediately wrap your arms around his waist. “I’m sorry..” really it’s the only time you’ll get a sorry out of him, a genuine one at that.
Tumblr media
Tobias Rogers
- he’s one of the ones who’s a bit more understanding. He can’t exactly understand physical pain or frustration but he can completely understand emotional pain and anger.. and how fucking awful it can be to handle. So when he’s stood, tall and lanky in front of you, hands swinging in the air and his voice raising he can suddenly feel the room shift to a hurt.. deep cut feeling.
- he tries not to yell he tries to hear you out when you both have an argument, but having BPD can be an issue when it comes to that.. you say one thing in a slight tone and he’s set off. Oh? So this is his fault suddenly? Why did you have to say it like that? You could have said it this way. Why do you have to be such a fucking asshole?
-when in reality that’s not how you meant it at all.. and yes Toby does feel bad for it afterwards he shouldn’t have lashed out that way, he should have sat and listened and maybe asked why you said it that way.. but sometimes things get the better of us.
-he’s not always the one to apologize afterwards but he does when he knows he really fucked up. He can’t lose you not to something so fucking stupid. “I-I’m sorry.. you didn’t deserve to hear that.. to e-endure any of that..” with a sniffle you look up at him teary eyed. Oh that really hurts. “It’s okay Toby” he’s immediately at your side, hands brushing your hair back and placing gentle kisses to your jaw. It kills him when you cry.
“I don’t know Toby I’m just tired..” this is what set him off. The way you said it. You were tired? of this? Of him? Of this relationship? “Are you fucking serious?” He speaks with his teeth clenched together, his head resting in his hands before he’s looking up at your slowly. His body slightly twitches from time to time, though when he was angry it usually became an issue for him, twitching far too often, clearing his throat more aggressively. His tics would normally become more violent in some ways. “Are we just d-done then? That’s it just b-because you’re tired yo-you can’t fucking walk away-“ his arm flys up in the air as he stands, his hands coming to rub at his face and the patch of hair on his chin. His tired droopy eyes dart towards you. You didn’t necessarily start crying because he scared you it was more of the the stress of the situation. “Toby please that’s not what I meant.” He still hasn’t noticed as his tall figure is rambling on, tics making his occasional grip and smack to his leg but he of course can’t feel it. When he finally looks at you he realizes you’ve been crying and it stops. The room becomes quiet and he twitches a few more times before softly kneeling on the floor where you sat. “I shouldn’t have assumed like that.. I’m sorry..” he’s softly laying you down on the floor as his lips trail your neck, his hands placing your arms around his neck. “I’m so sorry.” He mumbles against your neck.
Tumblr media
-Ben Lawman/drowned
- to be honest he’s probably not the one who started it. He’s usually pretty calm, and quiet…. Except for when he wants to act like a child and become ignorant and downright inappropriate.
-he can be perverted.. gross and this is usually where the arguments start, not that you don’t like him nor the way he acts it’s more when he says things he shouldn’t be saying. So you typically end up yelling at him and he will normally sit embarrassed and feeling a bit guilty.. he didn’t think you’d get so upset.
- on occasion if the argument isn’t about that and about something else he still is usually the one to just take it but there are rare moments where he snaps back. And when he does. Oh boy.
-constant pacing back and forth, hands in his hair, sharp glares at you and laughing in disbelief. He’ll sometimes say things he doesn’t mean. He’s usually not one to yell but when he does you aren’t really expecting it. So it scares you.. and the tears finally break.
- ben only stares for a moment. “Shit.” Yeah he fucked up big time. He immediately feels guilty and he immediately rushes towards you to pull you into a tight embrace. He didn’t mean to take it that far.. he really didn’t, knowing it was him who made you cry makes him want to break down himself.
“You can hate me yknow, I won’t blame you, or be angry..” Ben mumbled against your hair, your sniffling shattering his dead heart even further. You look up at the blonde, your fingers lacing their way into his hair as you force a bit of a smile “I just.. I hate when we argue like that..” your voice breaks causing Ben to swallow. Oh no. There’s that lump in his throat. His hands rub at your back before feeling his way towards your lower half, squeezing gently. “I know babe. Don’t listen to me when I get like that yeah?” You give a gentle smile as he softly lifts you up, bringing you closer as he grabs his controller, getting ready to play his game and have you relax against him. Occasionally he’ll presses kisses to your forehead. He doesn’t like to talk about the arguments, maybe because he doesn’t know how to handle his emotions and yours at the same time or maybe he’s just scared it’ll lead to another argument, but he apologized like he always does and makes sure your comfy against him while he games. As long as you’re content with it, he’s content.
Tumblr media
-Masky/ Tim Wright
- a bit like Jeff I just think he’s a bit more mellow, he won’t ever apologize unless he knows he’s actually in the wrong. Which ends up being majority of the time. You know he has his episodes, where he blacks out and doesn’t remember a lot of the things he ends up doing.
- he will sometimes black out during an argument. It’s not often but when he does it’s like arguing with a brick wall. Like Jeff he won’t listen. He refuses to listen to anything you say because In the moment he’s the one who’s right. But he’ll never go as far to say mean things like Jeff does. No Tim tends to stop himself before he does.
-he storms off frequently. I think he more or so hates the emotions that comes with this. He hates the yelling, the way you look at him with disbelief and anger.. Its more so he doesn’t feel like fucking shit up for being an asshole to someone who genuinely cares about him. So he leaves you to your emotions to figure out, and if they aren’t figured out by the time he gets back he tries his best to help. Even if he does seem annoyed.
- typically your arguments are more him being snarky, sarcastic and being too logical, he can raise his voice from time to time but he’s only ever yelled at you once, and he still beats him self up for it to this day. Seeing you cry at how angry he got, how you still reached out for him in your meltdown caused by him.. and you still reached for him.
“They’re pills y/n, prescription pills. I’ll be fine you know I need to take them. Why do I need to keep telling you thi-“ you cut him off quickly your voice already laced with concern as it shook. “Because you take more then you should be taking Tim. I don’t like it I don’t want you to hurt yourself..” he understood where you came from yes but what you needed to do was stop it. Just stop worrying about him. “Please for the love of god, I’m fine! I’m fucking fine! I’ll be fine! Please just stop it. I hate how much you worry and stress yourself over me. They’re fucking pills, I take them when needed. So just stop!” Now he didn’t scream super loud, but it was loud enough for you to feel the lumpy tingly feeling in your throat bubble, your hands softly twisting together “s-sorry..” you squeaked out. Tears brimmed your eyes as your bottom lip quivered. He watched you carefully for a moment, grimacing a bit as he watched your face twist with sadness.. and you slowly making your way towards him. Tim opens his arms and quietly pulls you in, one hand rubbing at the back of your head and the other gripping your back. “I’m an asshole. I know you’re just worried.” He mumbled quietly, lips pressed to your forehead as you hide your face in his chest. “You’re okay..” he continues to mumble, awkwardly trying to find a way to comfort you further.
Tumblr media
Hoodie/ Brian Thomas
-he’s quiet. Very quiet. I think he’s the most gentle when it comes to arguments with his S/O. He’s scared to hurt you, always in any circumstances. He’s more observant, he knows when the argument gets too much for you just by a single movement.
-though he does have his moments where he does get angry back, he can normally control his temper. Usually the argument starts by something he’s done so he can handle it, he can deal with it. He tells you “I promise I’ll change, just give me some time” and you believe him because he does change but then he falls back into his habits, leaving for weeks on end, taking too many pills, his stalker tendencies.
-the argument this time is unclear, you probably don’t even remember by the Time Brian starts yelling back at you. His hair is messy from running his hands through it one too many times, he’s clenching his fists and trying to breathe as he shakily keeps his voice down.
-even in moments like this he still thinks of you. Not wanting to hurt you nor scare you.. he just lets you have your outburst and then you both move on. But tonight was different.
-he tends to ignore you when he gets worked up in an argument. If he’s not yelling back then majority of the time he’s just silent. His back towards you. But only when he’s angry right back at you. He’ll give you that silent treatment for hours.
-but this time. He made you cry. And he’s stopped dead in his tracks, eyes softening, getting down on his knees and resting his head against your stomach,his hands holding onto your waist. Sigh… he just had to fuck shit up again didn’t he.
“Brian you can’t just leave me for weeks on end.. you can’t just.. disappear then show up like nothings happened. Where do you go..? Is there someone else” at this point he’s just been listening to you, letting you vent out but when you suddenly accuse him of cheating on you.. he snaps. You really think HE would cheat on you?! It’s not like he didn’t spend months watching you, becoming so infatuated with you to the point that it would make anybody so fucking sick to their stomach. But he couldn’t tell you that he couldn’t tell you he’s loved you far longer. So he stands, looks at you with anger in his eyes, a hint of sadness flashing on his face “don’t fucking accuse me of cheating on you.” He points a shaky finger in your face “don’t you ever. You don’t understand the shit I’d do for you, the shit I DO for you.” He’s close now, watching as you look up at him shakily. “This S-still doesn’t explain where you go Brian.. you-“ he’s grabbing your wrist and pulling you close “no listen to me. I want to tell you I want to tell you so badly but I can’t. I can’t. I just can’t.” His eyes are averting he’s becoming shaky himself, he’s panicking. Trust him. Is what he wants to tell you, that It’ll all be okay, he’ll be okay in a couple of days, he’ll change just give him time.. but he can’t lie to you.. not now. It would only make shit worse for you in this moment. When he finally looks back at you he sees you staring up at him, not a word spoken but tears streaming down your face, and your wrists still held tight in his large hands. “I..” he softly brings your hand down, lowering himself to the ground as he watches you still stare straight ahead. He scared you. Brian goes silent and lets himself sit on his knees, his hands running up under your shirt to hold onto your waist and burying his head into your stomach. “I’m sorry” he whispered gently, shivering when he feels your hands curl into his hair and finally look down at him. You know he feels guilty. He’s only trying to protect you.
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cyberp-1-nk · 8 months
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Masterlist. / Requests?
SYNOPSIS: How they'd react to you dodging one of their kisses.
PAIRINGS. Jeff the killer x reader , Ticci Toby x reader , Eyeless Jack x reader , Hoodie x reader , Masky x reader , Homicidal Liu x reader , Ben Drowned x reader
GENRE + WARNINGS. Nothing too explicit. It's mostly fluff overall.
Tumblr media
Usually — he isn't very affectionate. So one of the fairly rare times he decides to press a chaste kiss onto your cheek, and you dodge? He takes it as disrespect. Will probably and very suddenly — take a hold of your collar rather roughly, pull you into him, lips colliding as you were completely dumbfounded. He wouldn't even be gentle about it either, he'll probably give your lips a rough tug if he's feeling especially petty. The kiss he gives you will calm him down in a few moments, but he will grunt in annoyance, becoming conscious of the reason he had been slightly irritated with you.
He is extremely affectionate — he's constantly pressing kisses against your skin, and muttering compliments. So the next time he leans in for a kiss, and you press your hand against his mouth before he can manage — he's a little oblivious, he genuinely thinks you just want him to kiss your hand. He brought your hands to his cheeks to rub their backs against his skin. You absolutely flush when he begins peppering them with kisses so soft it almost made you question if he was even making contact. This man is so persistent with his affection. 
Will most likely bite your hand. Contrary to popular belief — Jack isn't as mature as most people think. Yes, he's usually one of the more level-headed and mature ones among the creeps, but it doesn't mean he doesn't have his petty moments. The moment you press your hand against his face before he has the chance to kiss you— he's sinking his teeth in your hand with an annoyed expression. The bite isn't hard enough to draw blood, but just enough to basically tell you to stop your shit, and give him a kiss already. He deserves it! (He thinks he's entitled to your affectionation, and you feed into this delusion.)
It's been an incredibly long day for him, he's finally home after an unnecessary amount of proxy work, and he's ready to just fall asleep with you. He leans in for a kiss — but when he's denied of it, he definitely just ignores your action and attempts to kiss you again. Making the mistake of pressing your hand against his mouth before he can kiss you will result in him glaring at you a little. Watching you, Hoodie smirks as he lands a gentle yet sharp slap on your backside — just to get back at you for being a little shit. 
This man. He's so petty. As soon as you decide to dodge him, there’s a pair of auburn eyes burning holes in the side of your head and you can feel the gaze penetrating further and further into your skull with each passing second. Will actively ignore you until you decide to just give in, and kiss him — he might even ignore your affection if he's really feeling petty. He bites. Not just your neck, he bites your shoulder, your arm. You assume he’s going insane since he has you pinned against the bed. 
メ LIU 
This man is so cute — if you playfully press your hand against his mouth when he tries to kiss you, he'll only smirk a little before grabbing your hand. He'll turned them around, rubbing his calluses with his thumb as he admired them. Hid lips drew a trail in kisses as they made their way up your hands from the base of your palms to the tips of your fingers. He'll compliment you — tell you how your hands are one of his favorite things. Your heart racing and breathing quickening, before you pulled his hands to your lips for a kiss of your own.
メ BEN 
Will fight you. Finds it annoying at first how you straight up dodged his kiss. Trying to fight back the urge to pounce on you and giggle with you like a shy school boy. After he resorts to tickling your sides he gives up and spins around to grab your hands, tumbling on the bed and wrestling with you. He doesn’t need any strength to keep you down, you’re too busy laughing under him — he presses a few kisses to your face and has a goofy little smile on his face.
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wifeyifey · 9 months
Slenderman: Y/N so about your soul you sold to satan
Y/N: no refunds
Slenderman: please it’s scaring him
Toby: look, I know you think my judgement is a little bit clouded cause I like Y/N
Masky, holding Toby's diary: you doodled your wedding invitation
Toby: no, that's our joint tombstone
Masky: my mistake
Y/N: I'll never talk!
Hoodie, sharpening a knife: I have ways of making people talk
Hoodie: *cuts a piece of cake*
Y/N: ... can I have some?
Hoodie: cake is for talkers
Y/N: (shaking a magic 8 ball) does EJ like me?
Magic 8 ball: not likely
Y/N: Oh...
EJ, with their head on Y/N's lap: we've been married for 8 years
Ben: what kind of guys do you prefer?
Y/N: my husband
Ben to Jeff: and what kind do you prefer?
Jeff: Y/N's husband
Y/N to Jeff:
Tumblr media
(After having sex in the kitchen)
Laughing Jack: that was a creative use of pancake syrup
Y/N: I can’t look Mrs buttersworth in the eye ever again
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k3rr0p · 3 months
𝐁𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐤𝐟𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐈𝐦𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐚𝐲
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Creepy Boys Wake up to you Giving Them Head
𝐓𝐰: cussing, being woken up by sexual advances, pet names, throat fucking, harsh language, etc. *please tell me if there's more*
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You and your boyfriend have been talking about ways to make the bedroom more exciting for the both of you. On one of these discussions the topic of being woken up by head made the both of you want to try it out. The conversation had happened weeks ago, but it was still fresh on your mind, though your boyfriend is very forgetful so it wouldn’t surprise you if he forgot.
You guys usually shared a room, even when your parents were home he would sneak in without a sound just to see you. On some level it made you feel special. This was one of those times.
In the morning you woke up not expecting him to be there, but as you turned over on your side you could feel an extra body next to yours. Immediately your eyes open before you relaxed at seeing your boyfriends face. After a minute of not being able to go to sleep, the memory of your previous conversation came to your mind. You bit your lip hoping not to wake him as you moved under your fluffy comforter and crawled in between his legs. Your boyfriend was a heavy sleeper on days where he had been out all night stalking his prey. Lucky for you this was the perfect time.
Your freshly manicured hand instantly found their way to his boxers where his length had already hardened from his morning wood. Your fingers grasping softly at his waistband, pulling them down ever so slightly before looking back up at his face to see if he’s awake. This went on for a moment longer before his boxers were able to come off like a feather against his skin. His sheer length never failed to surprise you, on this day his tip was especially red and irritated with pre existing cum leaking from it.
One of your hands softly wrapped around the base of his cock your freshly painted nails grazing the skin as you did. Your tongue reached out and kitten licked at his leaking tip a few times before your plump and shiny lips wrapped themselves around his girth and your head began to bop up at down while your tongue licked at it as well. Your hand began to move up and down and soon enough his eyes opened and he unexpectedly let out a loud groan from the sudden sensation.
Tumblr media
— Jeff The Killer —
His hands instantly went down to your hair as they kept pushing your head down more and more before pulling you back up. He knew it was you from the moment he opened his eyes.
The noises that left him were loud and lewd. Without shame he belted out cuss words and praises.
“Oh fu-uuuck baby..just like that..”
His fingers were gripping at your hair hoping to find some sort grounding sensation. But all he kept seeing were stars. Your hands went from his cock to his waist and stomach as your nails gripped into his skin as he throat fucked you. The pain was pleasurable and he could hear the gurgling and gagging noises you mad when he hit the back of your throat.
“Keep going fa’ me..”
As his high came near he twitched inside your mouth and his thrust and hair pushing became more sloppier. Your tongue kept moving around him as he did which only caused his breath to hitch and he hissed between his teeth and his cum shot into your mouth.
His hands quickly found your arms and he pulled you up from under the comforter and one of his hands found your jaw as he moved your lips to meet his before the quick and hot kiss ended. He looked at you with over powering lust.
“Such a fucking tease..”
— Eyeless Jack —
He instantly pulled the comforter off of you when he woke up not knowing what was happening. When he realized it was just you, he visibly relaxed. His voice came out deep and lustful as his hands gently found their way to your hair.
“Baby..shit..you’re so pretty like this..”
He would constantly praise you for anything you did. His pale grey and black skinned hands wanted so badly to shove your head down harder and quicker, but he wouldn’t do that to his angel. Instead, he flexed his hands from gripping your hair to harshly and gently guided you to your own pace.
His mask was off so his sounds weren’t muffled by anything this time. His groans were deep and animalistic. One hand came down from your head and gripped the bed beneath his tightly, his claws puncturing the soft foam.
“So good angel.. fuck..just like that.”
Your tongue drive him wild. And although his hands wouldn’t push your head down, his hips instinctively pushed his cock further down your throat.
As his high drew near his chest would heave up and down quickly before the one hand that was on top of your head pushed you down one finally time and his load shot into your throat hard and unexpectedly without any twitching. Your eyes widen as his cum leaked out from your lips and your tongue went to gather it up before swallowing what was left.
His hands instantly found your arms and pulled you up to his chest and he looked like he was cradling you almost. His lips kissed your forehead and your cheek profusely as he whisper sweet nothings to you.
“You did so good angel..you’re so beautiful..my pretty princess..”
He would instantly make sure you were okay as well his eyes scanned over your face for any signs of discomfort.
He would want to repay the favor to you.
“Does my princess want anything in return? Anything at all..name it..”
— Ticci Tobi —
When his eyes first open he feels the the station and he blushes heavily. He doesn’t know what’s going on so the question that are going through his head are ‘what?’ And ‘why?’ But instead of those words coming out, whimpers of pleasure take their place.
He sucks deep breaths in through his teeth as he tries to calm himself. He lays his head back on the pillow as his hands grip at the sheets below him. The lewd noise you make cause him to moan loudly. Of course he didn’t think you would do it, but it’s a dream come true for him.
He likes to think he can have you withering underneath him. Which he can, but most of the time it’s you making him moan in pleasure.
He begs constantly as his hips rut into your mouth and one of his hands goes to cover his mouth as he tries to come how stop himself from being so loud and embarrassing himself.
“Baby..p-please..please..com’ on..god..so good..”
He will not last long. His cock twitches for a moment before his load flows out of his tip like milk onto your tongue. If you poke out your tongue while his cum is still on it he’ll throw his head back into the pillow and groan loudly while blushing.
He hold his arms out for you to come back up to him and he cuddles you into his chest while his face is still red and his arms wrapped around you. While he thanks you profusely for giving him the best morning gift.
— Ben Drowned —
Ben doesn’t wake up immediately, he thinks that he’s still dreaming and it’s not really happening. His head moves from side to side before his eyes twitch open and he looks down and they widen at the scene in front of him.
After he gets over his initial shock, his lips form into a smirk as he groans at the little licks your tongue makes around his girth. His hands grip onto your hair and he lets you go at your own pace.
He is a moaning mess after a few seconds of acting like he’s put together. He is begging you to let him release.
“Please darling, c-can’t hold on..fuck..please..”
Cuss words leave his mouth rather violently and quickly almost as if it burns when he says them.
He’s too caught up in his own world to do anything, his hips push into your lips and his hands softly push your head down. His high is near and as his chest tightens he groans and whimpers out soft please into the air.
“Angel.. s’ to much..c-can’t do it..”
He tries to hold on until the last moment he can’t. His cum leaks out everywhere, it’s very soft and it comes out in different moments. The first is long and he whines throughout it, while the next few burst are short and he breaths heavily through them.
His hands will leave your hair instantly and they will fall to the side of himself as you climb up beside him. Once he feels your warmth he’ll roll over and push his face into your chest while thanking you for the good morning
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vpzllx · 4 months
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS - Just how the creepypasta characters would be like as your s/o :)
PAIRINGS - Jeff the killer x Reader, “Ticci” Toby x Reader, Eyeless Jack x Reader, Ben Drowned x Reader, Hoodie/Brian x Reader.
Tumblr media
Tbh Jeff a lil bitch 🤷‍♀️ it’s not like yk he’s js mean n shit even though he’s just mean n shit.
Like for instance say if y’all were just sitting on the couch cuddlin n shit and then someone walks in the room, He’s pushing you off of him immediately.
It’s not like he doesn’t want to be affectionate, He just doesn’t want people seeing, He’d do a casually hug or hold hands around people but he’d never kiss you or anything like that around people idk why 🤷‍♀️
But back to what i said about him being a lil bitch this mf will tease you and tear your ass up 😭, Y’all could be casually play fighting on the bed and he’ll push you off on purpose then laugh at you. Or He would walk up and say some random shit like for expample
Jeff : You built like a capital P
You : what??
He’s just random asf but also When you two are alone oml this man is so vulnerable like he’d cuddle up next to you n shit, To the point that when he breaths out shorty ur breathing in that same air. He loves when u play w his hair even though it’s crusty asf (Please wash his hair)
For rating umm hes like a good 7/10
Tumblr media
how do i say this ummm… He’s bipolar and yall both hate it.
It’s so… Like one moment y’all are kissing and wtv then he js pushes you off of him and walks away and your js there like “?? wtf” And then after he’ll come back and kiss you and apologize and again your just like “wtf??” But you don’t mind since he actually apologized.
Attachment issues. He will threaten you if you ever want to leave 😟 or like you tryna go to the store and bitch he js stops you he grabs your wrist and is like “go sit yo ass down” BUT NOT LIKE THAT 😭 and you js go sit down best option tbh.
He likes laying his head in between your thighs for some reason idk like especially if you got em big ol thighs 😍 and when you stroke his hair it’s like love.
When y’all are sleeping together … he’s stiff this man doesn’t move it he falls asleep in one position you will wake up and see him in that same position, And it’s bad to the point when sometimes you gotta check and see if he’s not dead, If he wakes up while your doing so he’s lookin at you like “tf is u doing?”
He’s a good kisser don’t question it but istg, You could be in the kitchen getting something to eat he js walks up behind you flips you facing him and he js kisses you bitch tongue deep in ur mouth (He got that W rizz 🫵😜)
He’s like a good ummm 7/10 too
Tumblr media
He has definitely watched you sleep more than 5 times…
He not tryna be creepy with it he just wants to make sure that you’re sleeping well it’s all outta love. But ngl sometimes he will wake you up by biting your neck n shit but are you really complaining?? Right i didn’t think so.
If you ever cut yourself he’s the number one person for you to go to He was a medical student yk before the whole … scarfice thing … But if your bleeding heavy don’t step within a feet of him, istg he gonna start buggin out and most likely will try to eat you (Outta love tho).
I can say his tongue is very long … ;) Like make out sessions end in a snap then y’all end up fuckin 🤷‍♀️ (we can get to those fuckin headcannons another day 😘).
He used to be a good cook but since he doesn’t eat … people food anymore he just stopped cooking but if you’d ask him to make you something he’d do it for you no questions asked, Like maybe sometimes you’d wake up to breakfast in bed from him 😜.
He’s a quiet person to say the least tho like you barely see him interact with other pastas or wtv tf they called but yeah he’s usually by himself or with you one of the two.
He’s a 10/10 at everything 😘
Tumblr media
He has definitely asked you multiple times if you wanted to film y’all fuckin …
He has made you try playing games mostly horror games or shooters in which either you rage quit or got scared and quit, He enjoys seeing you scared or seeing you js upset and angry.
If your the type of person who brings their phone into the bathroom with them he’d use that as an advantage and js crawl out of ur phone.. He has done that multiple different times.
When y’all hug he either sniffs you or your hair and then your js like “Did he sniff my hair..?” He does it cause he doesn’t wanna forget what you smell like idk why but yk .. Attachment issues.
He always notices little slight things about you. Like you cut your hair a bit..He knows, You just cut your nails..He knows, Just got new underwear..He knows.
He’s most def a 8/10 yk minus the little weird things… 👴
Tumblr media
Yeah um… This man will manipulate and make you think that you’re nothing without him … (outta love tho)
He doesn’t genuinely care abt what you do unless it involves another person specifically another man, That’s when he starts to care.
Since he’s uhm a drug addict he would def try to get you high at some point, and when you do he would record the whole experience js for shits n giggles idk
Also same as ben he has probably asked if you wanted to record yall fuckin but even if you say no he’s not talking at as an answer, He will record it and then after show you … 😟
He likes it mostly when your vulnerable bc he could spew so many lies to you just so you won’t leave him (Best manipulator i’ve ever seen)
When y’all sleep together, you have to be directly laying on top of him or else he’s not sleeping. Period.
He’s a 6/10 (but he’s so fine 😖🫶) Yeah but umm he has a lot of problems …
Tumblr media
I gotta do another one but yk it’s more nice or either it’s gonna be very nsfw 🫵😭
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raythekiller · 6 months
hear me out…s/o waking up BEN,Toby,EJ,Hoodie,and Clockwork with head(they’ve given s/o permission to do it obv) if your not comfortable with writing that then I totally understand tho
🗒 ❛ Waking Them Up With Head ༉‧₊˚✧
Tumblr media
Featuring: Ben Drowned, Ticci Toby, Eyeless Jack, Hoodie, Clockwork
#Notes: yall a bunch of perverts (← foaming at the mouth at this ask)
pronouns used: none, gn! reader
˗ˏˋ back to navigation ´ˎ˗
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Ben Drowned
He's a very light sleeper, so he probably wakes up when you shuffle around the bed but still pretends to be asleep. When he feels you pulling his pants down, he can barely contain himself with the amount of excitement that came rushing in. Really? You're gonna do that? And he didn't even have to beg? Pretends to wake up when you take his shaft into your mouth, his hand immediately going to your hair and his back arching as he moans softly. Best morning ever.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Ticci Toby
Takes him a second to notice what's going on, he moans before he even realizes it. When he gets his bearings, he's completely red in the face. He tries to ask what you're doing or why, but the only sound coming out of his mouth are whimpers. He squirms a lot, his moans a bit deeper due to his morning voice as he tries not to thrust his hips upwards into your mouth. Wasn't expecting it, but he's not complaining.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Eyeless Jack
Jack's a bit of a heavy sleeper, so it takes a little while for him to wake up. He immediately growls once he gains consciousness, both his hands grabbing at your hair to help set the pace, his head thrown back as he keeps groaning in pleasure. Doesn't take him long to just pull you off of him and throw you on the bed, ripping your clothes off. You chose the wrong demon to play these games with cause it completely backfires.
Tumblr media
This cocky asshole acts like it's no big deal. Wakes up as soon as you start going down on him and immediately thrusts his hips up, grabbing your head to keep you in place as he facefucks you, all the while looking down at you with this cocky grin on his face. Another one you can't pull a stunt like this with cause it backfires and it backfires badly.
Tumblr media
One of the only moments she's completely submissive. As soon as you take her into your mouth she's moaning and whimpering while grabbing the sheets like her life depends on it, begging you to keep going cause it feels good, completely intoxicated by drowsiness. Will be super embarrassed after it's done and says that you'll pay for that later, and trust me, revenge is a bitch.
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mew-c0m · 4 months
Tumblr media
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unpunishablelamb · 6 months
realistic general creepypasta headcanons
(requests are open!)
Tumblr media
-they don’t live in a mansion together
-most of them (the ones that don’t depend on e.g technology like BEN) either live in abandoned factories, huts in the forest or something like that
-some have never met eachother, others simply work together for some missions because of their connection to the slenderman
-the slenderman isn’t a father figure to them, he is something between a boss and a blackmailer
-i think they are all absolutely loyal to him but simply because they have no other option. they know that the slender man could potentially kill them anytime if they were worthless to him
-they probably all smell bad
-some may use the chance to shower at their victims house if the kill was messy, some don’t bother (cough cough jeff cough)
-they survive from gas station or 7/11 food they either steal or buy with stolen money
-i don’t think the wounds they had before they became creepypastas can get infected or heal (jeff’s scars, toby’s face gash etc)
-not one of them is a small bean or a softie or whatever
-some are more empathetic than others but at the end of the day al of their empathy is extremely limited
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average-egirl · 8 months
Who fell first vs Who fell harder (Creeps ver.)
Tw: brief mention of murder and sex in Ben's, mention of blood in ej's.
Characters:Jane tk, Nina tk, Jeff tk, BEN DROWNED, Ticci toby, Eyeless jack, Masky, Hoodie, Bloody painter, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Brahms heelshire, Bo Sinclair, Vincent Sinclair, Billy lenz.
Jane the killer
She fell first, you fell harder.
When you were first introduced to the mansion she was tasked to be your 'guide' of sorts. From the moment you locked eyes she knew you were different, you were special.
Nina the killer
You fell first, She fell harder.
She had just been broken up with, originally Jane was helping her recover but slender forced her to do some missions so naturally you decided to help. Seeing her sad expression made your heart drop, you had to do something.
Jeff the killer
He fell first, you fell harder.
After slender introduced you to all the creeps, Jeff couldn't help but feel just a little jealous seeing you give all of them attention.
You fell first, he fell harder.
Despite what you previously assumed, the mansion was actually quite boring, nobody ever did anything that wasn't killing or fucking. Or, that's what you thought before you saw BEN playing his switch on the couch. Maybe this place isn't as boring as you thought.
Ticci toby
You fell first, he fell harder.
From the moment you entered the mansion you could feel a terrible, dreadful aura coming from everyone in there, except for him that is.
Eyeless jack
He fell first, you fell harder.
You always saw him quietly walking around the mansion, sometimes covered in blood, but you never thought anything about it, little did you know that he noticed you as well.
He fell first, you fell harder.
During a crowded and quite frankly boring party at the mansion you decided to step out for some air, only to see him leaned against the wall smoking, and it appears that he noticed you.
You fell first, he fell harder.
You always saw him holding a camera, and sometimes you would hear people yelling at him to stop recording them all the time, and perhaps it shouldn't have but, it intrigued you.
Bloody painter
He fell first, you fell harder.
While walking through the park you quite literally fell into each other, you apologized, walked away, and thought nothing of it but after that interaction you kept seeing him staring at you while sketching in his book.
Michael Myers
He fell first, you fell harder.
You kept hearing about 'the shape' from the news you were getting sick of it to be honest, all you wanted was for this awful nightmare to be over, and as you walked home that feeling of being watched was only making you wish it even more.
Jason Voorhees
He fell first, you fell harder.
Your 'friends' if you can even call them that forced you to join them on some stupid trip, but after losing them in the woods and hearing some bloodcurdling screams you started running, that is until you tripped over a stick and knocked yourself out, only to wake in a small cabin.
Brahms heelshire
He fell first, you fell harder.
You were hired as a nanny for a doll, sounds easy enough right? That's what you thought until the doll started moving on its own, your really starting to feel like someone is watching you...
Bo Sinclair
He fell first, you fell harder.
Your friends had dragged you on a trip to God knows where, eventually the car broke down and you had to see a mechanic, as your friends went out and explored you decided to sit outside and wait although you could feel eyes on you the whole time.
Vincent Sinclair
You fell first, he fell harder.
You were walking around a wax museum admiring the art when you came across a guy wearing a mask, he looked quite surprised to see you, although you were to focused on your flustered face to really notice- or care.
Billy lenz
He fell first, you fell harder.
Getting perverted calls from some random guy was not something you expected when you joined the sorority, but it was happening anyway, and your starting to feel a presence watching over you at night.
Tumblr media
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[Over the phone]
BEN: Y/N! Im out for lunch.
BEN: If the Sims I trapped in the bedroom finally fall in love text me IMMEDIATELY!
BEN: …
BEN: Yes, I know they look like us. What about it?
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odin-hatesu · 8 months
Tumblr media
Creepy pastas sleeping hc’s/ Sleeping in The same bed as their s/o
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Masterlist / Requests
Pairings: (Jeff x reader)(ben x reader)(EJ x reader)(Homicidal Liu x reader)
Warnings: some of the gifs have knives ig?, fluff mostly
*I do not give others permission to translate and/or re-publish my works on this or any other platform*
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jeff The Killer
I head cannon him as a deep ass sleeper unless its a human like he could sleep through a tornado but if he hears a voice he is up immediately.
He also goes to sleep extremely late and wakes up early or not at all either to bed by 2 wakes up at 4 or bed by 12 then wakes up two days later. There is NO in between.
He spreads across the whole bed.
He moves in his sleep constantly. Will fall asleep on his back and wake up sideways in the starfish position.
He gets unbearably hot at night so he usually just sleeps in his boxers. He will sleep under the covers but by the morning they will all be on the ground.
Sleeps with a stuffed animal from his childhood you cannot change my mind on this. It probably looks like this too.
he moves around and jerks so much in his sleep and fucking punched you in the face. “Fuck! Jeff!” He jumps up looking around. “What!? What happened!?” He shouts still half asleep. “You fucking punched me!” He fumbled for the light almost knocking it off the side table. When he looked your nose was practically gushing blood all down your face. “Oh shit.” He quickly got up going into his bathroom grabbing tissues. He ran back out kneeling down on the side of the bed tilting your head up and holding the tissue against your nose. “Im so fucking sorry.”
He felt fucking horrible. He usually hid it well being a dick to cover it up but he was so mad at himself he refused to sleep in the same bed as you again.
Thats when he realized he cant sleep without you.. so good luck with that
Tumblr media
I don’t think he has the actual need to sleep considering he’s dead BUT he still can and enjoys it thoroughly.
Most of the time if you walk by his room you hear the sounds of some video game or light snoring.
He snores 100% btw not loud but just enough you can tell.
Likes to sleep on top of your with his head on your chest (or in between your tits.) or instead he lays in between your thighs while playing some game listening to your steady breaths as you cruise through deep sleep.
Has a bunch of stuffed animals on his bed. Almost all beanie babies because he collects them. (Your the only one who’s allowed to know that😭)
When he is asleep he spreads out but usually stays pretty still.
He is freezing so he will hog the blankets or curls up against you as tight as he can.
Wakes up super late and goes to sleep super early in the morning. Down at 3 AM up at 1 PM.
Tumblr media
Eyeless Jack
He is completely still in his sleep. No movement except for his soft breathing making his chest rise and fall rhythmically.
He goes to bed whenever but always wakes up at 5:30 am sharp no matter if he fell asleep at 4 am he will be up by that time and running smoothly.
He loves laying on his back with you curled up on his stomach it makes his dead heart flutter.
He’s warm, human Sauna warm, perfect for the nights the mansion gets extra cold.
He has to be touching you at all times to sleep no matter if its in a bear hug with all your limbs intertwined or simply a hand resting on your shoulder he just needs your skin on his.
Nothing can wake him unless his body senses you or he is in danger he’s out cold.
Doesn’t have any stuffed animals but has a bunch of pillows and blankets he makes a sort of nest with.
He purs in his sleep. No i will not elaborate.
Tumblr media
Homicidal Liu
Usually he goes to bed around 10 or so but i think he’s really restless and wakes up a bunch in the night mostly from nightmares :(
I dont think he’s slept through the night since what happened with jeff BUT its not as bad as it used to be!
He likes to spoon pulling you into a huge bear hug.
likes to feel as if he’s protecting you from the world.
Doesn’t move to much in his sleep but when he does he takes you with him HAJSH.
You can be spooning and he wants to turn onto his other side he will drag you across his body to get you into the position he wants.
He stays pretty curled up and doesn’t like spreading out. He also doesn’t mind if your a blanket hog!
Tumblr media
Praying y’all liked this considering its my first time writing for the creeps shdkndjd
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halloweenbitch2764 · 3 months
When They Get Feelings For You
Your consistent visits are what started his initial crush. Nobody had ever made such an effort for him. If there was a day you couldn't come, you would tell him the day before. Even small gestures such as that only solidified his feelings.
Getting to learn more about you made that little crush grow. You were similar enough, but in the same vein, you were also different enough. You were your own person with your own thoughts. Having the powers he did, he was used to people following his every word. Well... mostly. Having someone with an independent mind and considerate heart just made the crush blossom into more. You being so cute was just the cherry on top.
BEN Drowned
For him being a demon that appeared out of your television, you were pretty chill. You didn't judge him for smoking weed, and you were wicked good at video games. He was used to consistently and easily winning, so when you gave him a run for his money, his heart jumped.
You'd offer him snacks when he was over and made sure to keep some of his favorite munchies snacks in your pantry. You didn't pry about his background. You were respectful of his boundaries. His background was still a sensitive subject to him, and your tenderness about it made his heart leap.
Eyeless Jack
Your openness to him eating kidneys was the catalyst. He didn't expect you to be okay with something as vile as that and understood that you didn't want to watch him eat them. But you would let him eat them in your house.
He was by no means talkative, but he enjoyed the conversations you two would have. You were so opinionated but, at the same time, willing to change perspectives if you were proven wrong. He enjoyed how attentive you were when he would talk to you about the human body and different medications. No human would give him the time of day unless he forced them to, and then that whole scenario lost it's charm. Your personality and looks opened his heart to y
Similar to Masky, you gave him a more stable existence. College made his disappearances just look like he had to catch up on class work. You never questioned why he wasn't able to hang out, and you never pried when he'd give you a shitty excuse. After meeting you, though, he thanked the stars that he had asked to sit next to you that first day. He almost didn't approach you. You were in your own little world. So pretty. And you had only grown more attractive.
He loved when you would ramble about your hobbies and things you liked. He could sit for hours at a time and listen. Your voice was so sweet. It made him feel safe. It was safe to say you were becoming something of a home to him.
A hint of normalcy. That's what started his crush. You gave his life stability. He even cut back on his cigarette breaks because of you. You didn't question why he would disappear for days at a time despite his shifty excuse about it being work related. You helped make sure he took his medications on time.
He was petrified you'd find out about his Masky state. Masky was so unpredictable and dangerous that he prayed you two would never cross paths. How do you explain that to someone? That you becoming a murderer, controlled by an Eldritch abomination. He didn't want to think about it. So, he allowed himself to develop feelings for you. You were kind and understanding. Maybe he could allow himself something so nice for once in his life.
Jeff The Killer
Jeff had secretly had a crush on you since high school. He always thought you were pretty and *may* have stalked you on a few occasions. Just the way you were so nice and had your own group of friends made him envious, but not necessarily in a negative way. More like he wanted to be like you.
He thought you moved gracefully and honestly didn't expect you to be so open, considering he had broken into your house the first couple of times. Hell, he didn't expect you to remember him at all. He may be an asshole but your kindness forms a yin and yang with him (in his opinion).
Laughing Jack
For being a child murderer he sure liked how nice you were to Lily. It's what made him want to meet you in the first place. Lily talked a lot about you. She always talked about how much she liked being at your house, going out to the park and mcdonalds with you, and just other small things.
He grew to love how quickly he could make you blush and how pretty it looked on you. You were just so pretty in general. You made his days less gray. You added pops of color to once monochromatic moments. How was he NOT supposed to fall for you?
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windtowee · 4 months
Things that you can do to/with them that others can’t
Creepypasta version Platonic/romantic Gender neutral reader Tw! Mentions of killing, and mentions of taking organs, cuss word, kinda short
Tumblr media
You could say the most dumbest shit ever and you wouldn’t die
He’ll also let you touch him, as he doesn’t like people touching him
He’ll let you climb him like a tree because he’s so freaking tall
Eyeless Jack:
He won’t nab your kidneys without asking that is but if you say no then he’s not gonna take offense to that and he’ll respect that
He’ll let you wear his classic blue mask as well
He definitely will have more patience towards you than anyone else
BEN Drowned
He will actually take you into his game to relieve stress
Speaking of games, when you two play Video games he will let you win, just don’t say “Man, you suck at this game” or any of the sort to him because you will be humbled in a matter of minutes
Will play board games with you even though he hates them with burning passion
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chocoshrooms · 6 months
Fluff creepypasta headcanons?
Tumblr media
• i do not own the image above •
NOTES ( i just went with adding random fluff headcanons of various creeps because i wasn’t too sure what to write exactly. hopefully this is what you wanted… but if not, feel free to request more! this took so long to get out, i’m sorry! life is a bit hectic sometimes but i still love to write when possible :) )
:; brian will hold doors open for you, he lets you in the room before he enters himself no matter where you are. even when you are away from the manor/their homes! he also opens vehicle doors, too
:; toby and ben will remove anything from your hair that gets stuck, they’ll also adjust your hair if your hairstyle gets out of place. this gives them an excuse to gently touch you and they “look like a gentleman”
:; brian, ben, eyeless jack, dark link and toby always give their S/O a kiss goodbye no matter where they are going. you could literally be going outside to hangout on the porch and they will get a quick smooch in
:; eyeless jack, brian, kagekao, nina, and jane are probably the most comfiest to cuddle with.
jack is tall and big which gives you plenty of room to cuddle him from all angles or get comfy underneath him.
brian likes to wrap his arms around you and bring your bodies chest to chest, he’s also really warm! it takes seconds to fall asleep!
kagekao is also similar to jack but always smells so good like lavender oils, which he probably does put on himself just because he also thought it smelled good. he’ll also share some wine with you while you wind down for the night
nina is a chaotic cuddler and definitely the little spoon. she will fight over this, but it’s cute! she’s all over you, underneath or on top. though she does drool once she passes out
jane has a warm, tight embrace. she will wrap her arms around you while scratching your head/back for comfort. she also smells amazing and her chest is a great place to lay your head, sooo comfy
:; jane and nina love to do makeup! they will glam you up in heartbeat if you ask them to. if your makeup starts to get a little runny or is a bit messy they will fix it for you, too! (they’re good about making it not discreet so you’re not embarrassed). their hands always smell fruity when they get close to your face with a makeup brush, you’ll be thinking about the smell all day
:; toby, dark link, ben, and nina are huge hand holders. they are always reaching for their s/o’s hand
toby has a tight grip, he’s the one who will grab your hand every single time you’re with him. almost without a thought, he’s wrapped around his s/o!
dark link is a gentle hand holder, he likes to be smooth with it and usually runs his fingers over your shoulders and down your arms before locking his fingers in yours. he’s very proud of his s/o!
ben is a lazy hand holder, he has a really loose grip but don’t pull away from him! he gets so offended but it makes him realize he needs to hold a bit tighter
nina is a bit like toby, she’s all over her s/o (or really anyone in general). she loves to hold hands and will comment on good manicure techniques that will get your hands/nails in shape
:; eyeless jack is a nest maker, if you’re his s/o he will definitely make you the most comfiest spot to lay in, even though his s/o’s are allowed to snuggle in his bed (which is a bundle of covers and pillows he’s arranged like a nest)
:; brian, tim and jeff love to tease other creeps, but especially their s/o. height difference is something they pick at. cant reach the top cabinet? they’ll come up behind you and coo at how small you are, “poor thing can’t get a cup? guess you’ll be thirsty, haha.”
but! they can’t be mean for long. they’ll get you whatever you need and expect a kiss for the help.
:; all the creeps enjoy when their s/o sits on their lap!
eyeless jack and kage are pretty huge guys being demons and all, so they’re the most comfiest to sit on. there’s so much room to move around and honestly if you do move around a lot, they more than likely don’t even know. they give amazing head scratches, you’ll be asleep in seconds
brian, tim, jeff, and toby are a normal size for humans. they’re also very comfy themselves but are more likely to be the ones who fall asleep first! brian and tim especially love when they’re busy doing paper work and their s/o crawls into their lap, they may scold you for a bit saying they’re busy but they’re really not busy enough for your cuddles
ben and dark link are demons like jack and kage (i hc them to be lol) but they’re much smaller demons! definitely bigger than the average human but not as big as the other two. ben is cold to the touch so he’s nice to sit on when you’re hot but dark is the opposite! both place their hands on your hips or wrap their arms around you right when you sit on them
jane and nina are the squishiest seats, and the most great smelling… and more! the second you’re on their lap they’re ecstatic, reaching out to you or giving you a hug from behind. they’re ready to talk so it’s never boring!
:; brian, tim, jeff, kage, dark link and eyeless jack are rough kissers. they’re more likely to bite your lip and start a heated make out session
jane, nina, toby, and ben are soft kissers (of course this depends if you’re getting freaky) but they’re more likely to kiss you and ask how your day has been before anything else
Bunch of random creeps! If you’d like a specific creep, please check out my profile & pick any character(s) from the list that i write for! Any request made will be out first thing! thanks so much for the requests/support so far! <3 i cant believe some of my headcanons have already gotten over 100+ hearts (or close to) ahhh :) everyone seems to like ben a bit 👀 - 🍫🍄
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