plastic-pipes 1 day
Hihi! 馃槂馃憢馃従
for art request kiss #5 kiss on the mouth(soft) Zelda x Minda
Thank you!
Tumblr media
Twilight princess, always close in our hearts and minds 馃槍 ~requests are closed~
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bigfatbreak 18 hours
did felix ever come out to marinette or did she like just sense it
she made an educated guess and then it was confirmed by white knight, she just tried to use they/them as a default and felix never corrected her so she settled on that
unlike marc who can just sense these things
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awingedllama 2 days
Tumblr media
thank you for the kind words :) of course i can make a tutorial, it's actually super simple!
Tumblr media
1: Open up Sims 4 Studio and press CTRL+Shift+C, like you would in-game. Type 'object-preview' into the Cheat Console.
Tumblr media
2: Search 'bassinet' and click on the Warehouse on the studio tab. The resources in red are EA's default newborn skin.
Tumblr media
3: Shift+click to select multiple resources - make sure the instance numbers match the ones in the pic above. Then click on 'Batch Export'. Don't change the file name from 'export.binary'.
Tumblr media
4: This is how the images should be named after saving, for reference. (this step is really just an excuse to sneak in a lil pic of my son hamster, heh)
Tumblr media
5: Once you've got your images, close the object previewer. Click on 'Tools' to create an empty package.
Tumblr media
6: Click 'Batch Import' and select the images you've just saved.
Tumblr media
And you've got your default replacement package! Now you can export the images (as .dds to preserve the alpha channel!) and edit them however you like, then re-import them.
The two light grey DST images are the normal maps (just a diaper by default). The pink ones are specular maps (just the eyeball). The greyscale ghost-looking ones are the actual overlay texture.
and if this seems like too much work feel free to just use my replacement .package as a base lol
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varethane 1 day
hi I鈥檓 new to ffxiv and your blue mage comic has inspired me to become a blue mage and practice the art of DIE
Tumblr media Tumblr media
In response to this shenanigan..... a followup comic XD
Featuring Aderyn (@feathernotes)
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stevecoven 2 days
Personally I like to be in denial and believe he's actually the plot twist last minute saviour of the episode out of nowhere even tho that would simply not make sense (unless it was all of the people of the boiling Isles coming to help and steve is just there in the front)
HONESTLY at this point I think this is the best scenario I can hope for
Picture it: The main group are squaring up for the final battle but look outnumbered, somebody expresses concern about there not being enough of them and then we hear that sick guitar riff and over the horizon comes a motorbike, with the entire remaining population of the island behind them. The rider takes their helmet off and we get one more take of Lilith screeching "STEVE??!?" for good measure. He gives the sickest 馃 you've ever seen and leads everyone into battle like the fucking hero he is
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ellcrze 2 days
Hi I was just wondering if you could make an alien version of your baby default? It鈥檚 okay if you can鈥檛. Also congrats on the pregnancy!
thank you! 馃 and i can update it for you once i am free!
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timethehobo 1 day
I literally have not been able to stop thinking of Charlie having an eyepatch, like maybe du'met hurt him and cut his eye with him needing a eyepatch.
Tumblr media
Oof that's a look. Poor Charlie. X'D
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ryuichirou 2 days
idia: i can take both lilia and azul
rando: in a fight right?
idia: ( 汀掳 蜏蕱 汀掳)
rando: in鈥 in a fight right?
As expected of Idia! A true genius, so skilled, so creative鈥
A lover, not a fighter. 馃挭馃様
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pluto-sims 1 day
omg wcif the colorful hair with stars on it from your last post? 馃ズ so pretty! thank you in advance
Tumblr media
Hey! let me tell you, i had a FIELD DAY when I first discovered this hair. the colour options are AMAZING????? Like, seriously top-tier level. I'm obsessed.
It's by @/s4simomo who, as far as I can tell, has sadly deactivated+. You can see a preview of the hair here (the link on the post is dead tho), and here is a working download link. I know simfileshare has been especially buggy this past week so if it doesn't work for you, let me know and i can send it to you no problem!
I hope you have a lovely day! + edit: they actually have a new blog now, over at @/simomo-cc! :)
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incandescentsims 1 day
Hello, I would like to know, since you updated the 'Under your spell' eyes for infants, do you think you can update the heterochromia version too?
Tumblr media
@pyxiidis聽Under Your Spell Eyes Heterochromia for Infants!
18x Base Game Default colours
shows up in the skin detail categories mole lip right and occult eye socket
Credits: video on creating heterochromia by @viiavi
Download under the cut
Always free and no ads
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treason-and-plot 1 day
Who does Angus favour in looks? I feel like he definitely looks like Roy there, but it鈥檚 hard to tell.
Tumblr media
Roy: Hmmmm, he's very good looking so it's pretty obvious he favours me. Aside from his teeth. The fact that we've had to spend squillions on orthodontics is all Sonia's side. I mean, have you seen the teeth in her family? Her mother could eat an apple through a tennis racquet, I swear to God.
馃グ Angus, handsome and talented!
Angus is so good-looking!
Angus: Thank you!
Roy: Well, you know, he did win the genetic lottery having me as a father, so....
Oh damn, back to bridgeport is here. Have to catch up to the end of the story before I saw spoilers about the Bridgeport peeps xD
Don't worry, I'm Simblr's slowest story writer- I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to catch up! And thank you so much for your awesome ask, I'm working on answering it right now! 鈾 鈾ヰ煉曗潳馃槝聽
I thought he was Roy from the side but he really favors Sonia in the face.
Tumblr media
He definitely does! His eyes and mouth are Sonia's, you can see it very clearly in the above pic. But his face shape is from Roy, and his nose is a blend of both. That he shares Roy's facial structure is even more obvious in the below pic.
Tumblr media
LMaoooooooooooooooo, this is awesome XD
Thank you dear friend! I had a lot of fun doing it.
HAHAHAHA what an adorable and hilarious moment 鉂
Thank you! It was especially nice to do a scene with them both- neither of them get enough airtime!
Thank you for the reblogs @queeniecook, @simstralia and @simsloveaffairreblogs- I love youse all!
Tumblr media
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plastic-pipes 1 day
monochrome + kiss on the cheek
Tumblr media
thanks for the request c: <33
~requests are closed~
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letomills 2 days
hiii sorry to ask, idk if you accept suggestions or not, but would you be interested in making an af version of kurima's denim skirt with the same cowboy boots you used for the tf version? tysm and sorry again
Hi! Yes, no problem! I like doing shoeswaps.
Tumblr media
Download AF skirts on SFS or Mega
Categorized as everyday. For reference, skirt is from here, boots are from here.
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ddaeng-sims 1 day
Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me what skins you use on the infants for your infant pacifier post. Their skin looks so soft and cute. Thank you!
Tumblr media
Hi! I'm using the amazing Infant skin by @sims3melancholic
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chocochipclaire 1 day
Tumblr media
I do the same thing! I'm so paranoid and afraid I'll make the wrong choice. For any big decision I'll immediately stop and go google it, read how both play out and then choose my favourite! Doesn't matter what game I'm playing, if I'm not sure it's the good outcome I'll google the choices. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that!
we鈥檙e making sure to give the little guys in our games the best possible time that we can!! 馃
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isagrimorie 2 days
@dadrielle I hope to GOD Fearne, Deanna, and Imogen smack some sense into him next episode jeeeeesus h christ he's so lucky Fearne is the most charming person alive
saunteringvaguelydownwards: Seriously, his evangelist martyr shit is wicked grating. Like, it's lovely they saved the bull, but FCG's gonna be fucking insufferable about it because there were no negative consequences for his foolish shit
It really is grating and grinding on my last nerve. And what Tal said about FCG is happening because FCG is not letting anyone check on them, and not listening to them.
What did Sam say in a slasher movie? FCG would go out of the house and say, 'Everyone come out! It's fin--'
And immediately gets killed.
This is what he's doing and very much imposing their wack belief system on the entire group.
In character, I want to shake that damned robbit.
(But also not just FCG, I'm also eyeing some of the things Frida's been saying. And damn, Aeormatons you're all on my suspicious list at this moment).
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