#so wrong
haha so I started listening to Malevolent
It’s effectively taken over my life so naturally I have vomitted up this 20 hour painting to cope
more to come
Tumblr media
for preface I’ve not at all looked at any fanart for referencing this in fear of spoilers (I am on episode 21) so the designs are purely my first impression pulling them out of the hamster wheel that rotates them constantly in my mind. hope its ok. but this is from the you know scene
oh and Arthur has a face in this version lol
Tumblr media
closeups \/
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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guardian-of-soho · 10 months
The more it settles in, the more I understand Aziraphale’s shock at Crowley’s no. Crowley is the one who’s always wanted to ask Heaven his questions. Crowley is the one who’d planned to talk them into mercy. He’s the one who’d taught Aziraphale to stay with Heaven for safety’s sake, to go along with them as far as he could, for the chance to help Earth. He’s the one who told Aziraphale it was time to stop going along with Heaven when it came to Armageddon — they had to take a stand and try to change the outcome. And now Aziraphale sees a chance for them to do exactly that, all of that. He remembers how delighted Crowley was when he talked them out of trusting the Great Plan. He stopped them with a question! And now they say they trust him — that they’ll let him lead them! He believes he’s gotten to do what Crowley never did — ask those questions and get a response, and a wholly welcoming one. He thinks he can bring Crowley into a Heaven that wants to learn to love Earth. He thinks they can make space for mercy. And that the joy that was Crowley’s when he still believed he could ask his questions could be Crowley’s again! He saw him all alight and glad, once, guiding Creation into beauty. It’s all Crowley wanted then.
He hasn’t yet understood it’s not what Crowley’s wanting now. He doesn’t know that Crowley’s found that human life is sweeter — that Crowley only wants to love the world with two feet on the ground; and only with him there. Crowley would be as glad to watch Maggie and Nina love each other, and grow his plants, and guard his angel, as he ever was with the engine of the nebulae in his hands. And he still will be, once Aziraphale understands it’s all he wants too, and that together they have the power to make it so.
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nothisisntmyname · 1 year
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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poyopaan · 6 months
Tumblr media
i decided to draw grizz’s guy based off of the only two teasers we have of what he looks like and when the episode releases tomorrow i’ll redraw him while looking at the actual ref
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murdrdocs · 11 months
Hiiii could you write a lil more about step bro rafe? Your other peace was too good. Thank you!
... just thinking about stepbro!rafe knowing you enjoy the little game
he knows when you pout and put up a fight, it's halfhearted. he knows you're wearing those little skirts and tight shirts for him. he knows you don't have any interest in the lost kook that you're draped over during a party.
because you've been eyeing him all night. your stepbrother who you have some "sibling rivalry" with, throwing insults at each other in the kitchen during a game of beer pong. but they're only rude insults to outsiders, because between the two of you, it's a whole lot more.
rafe sees the teasing glint in your eyes and the way you wiggle your hips when you get into position. you see the daring raise of his eyebrows and the way he crosses his hands over his chest to watch you through lidded eyes.
and if anyone questions where you've both disappeared to later that night, they don't put it together. they assume you're off with separate people, not fucking each other in rafe's bedroom where he has you bouncing on his cock, moans and squeals masked by the horrible playlist topper has created for the night.
plus, thinking abt him ruining you for anyone else.
because you both know that no one else, pogue nor kook, will give you the thrill and mind blowing sex that comes from fucking the same guy you sit at family dinners with.
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existenceexists · 3 months
there can be only one editing is so evil i cannot
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drivingmebonkas · 5 months
Domino Masks in DCU
I recently got sucked into the dpxdc fandom (the dc part usually even the batman characters) and they kept referencing this thing called a domino mask. I'm not a huge comic book person so I had no clue what that was.
I was so confused. My imagination wasn't helping.
So here's what they actually are
Tumblr media Tumblr media
VS what I was imagining 🤣🤣🤣
Tumblr media
i was so wrong
Tumblr media
theirs is far more practical XD
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bu99erfly · 1 year
that cc that made the ines call out said they blocked u too :/ bc they think ur gifs arent right either
im gonna use this ask to talk about the situation
if you see something you don’t like just don’t interact, we all have different opinions and mindsets about the situation… tumblr is just a silly little hobby and i won’t waste my energy on something that in the end will conclude to nothing
so have a great may everyone 🤍✨
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allo-frouto · 8 months
Which do you want more upon your lips? food or dick?
Wait, dick isn't food???!?!?!
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jmkho · 1 year
Tumblr media
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pandawandagalaxy · 10 months
Even though I love lancelot with my whole heart, I wish with my whole body and soul that he didn't return in season 4 😭😭😭
Like it was just terrible to bring him back just to hurt all his friends, and the fact Merlin knew straight away that it wasn't actually him 😭😭😭
It's so sad bro, like why did they have to do him like that, let him rest in peace please 😭😭 I MEAN HE DIDNT SACRIFICE HIMSELF TO SAVE MERLIN, ARTHURT AND CAMELOT JUST TO COME BACK AND BREAK ALL THEIR HEARTS BROOOO
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mxrggo · 11 months
Tumblr media
~In the Dark Night~
Summary; In the dark night, you found your step brother, Rafe Cameron back home in a messed up state.
Warning; Forbidden!! (Please don't interact if you're not into this, I won't be responsible) Language, smut (18+), angst, unprotected seggs, degrading etc
"The number you have dial, is not in service. Please try again later." It's already an hour you try calling your siblings, correction "step siblings". "For fuck sake, the Cameron really pain in my ass." You sighed at your phone.
The rain outside almost like storm been happening since an hour ago. You try calling Sarah and Rafe like thousand but none of them pick it up. "We'll gonna be late. Don't wait for us." You type and send to your mom.
Rose, your mom insisted you to wait for your siblings. "If she want to be a wifey material, should just her waiting for them...not me." You mumbled. The three of them, Ward, Rose and Wheezie already left for Bahamas.
You're going to have a family vacation but it's not a family if it's not complete. Being the oldest, the responsible fall on you, where you needed to drag those two to the airport first thing tomorrow morning. But there's no sign of them.
As far as you know, Sarah always been with the Pogues doing whatever what they are up to and Rafe always sticking with his drug dealers doing yeah whatever he is up to. You never put interest with their matters as long as won't crossed path with you.
"That's it, I'm done." You throw your phone on the side of the sofa. You wanted to treat yourself by making a cup of hot chocolate. You took a novel to accompany you with. Time passes, you are into the book, the heavy rain start to slow down.
Until you heard a slam in the front door. It's awake you and activate your fight or flight respond. You could tell you are stupid enough to sit alone in a big mansion with lights off, only small lamp beside the sofa was on. "Who's there?!!" You screamed ready to jump to whatever that will appear.
There's no answer. Only silence. "Sarah? Rafe? Is that you? You better answer or I'll smash your head!" You added. "Girl, could you slow down your voice, it's hurting my hearing." Rafe appeared from the dark.
"Fuck, Rafe. Should just answered me!" You let out your heavy breath. You can see he rolled his eyes even in the dark, it is obvious. "Jeez, you're awful." You just realised his state. Messed up, dirty white shirt sleeves, and a purple bruise that visible on his right cheek.
Tumblr media
"None of your business. Wait, is that hot choc?" He eyeing to the red mug and went for it. "It's mine! Do it yourself, bro!" You swiflty grab the mug. He sits beside you and took it from your hand anyway. "This house is mine, this mug also mine." He slurpped.
"I can't believe this." You shake your head. "You have to believe. You're not a part of this family. You're just outsider." He plays the card. "Yeah, fuck you Rafe." Annoyed by his behaviour, you stand up and wanted to head to your room.
"You're not going anywhere stranger." He pull your arms and immediately put you to seating again. "Rafe, what the fuck? Are you drunk or high something? You don't control me!" You push his chest hard. "Srrrttt.." He whined in a slow voice.
"Rafe, you're bleeding." Your eyes focusing on the blood stain from the shirt that wasn't there before. "Tell me something I don't know." His voice sound sarcastic. "Jackass." You mumbled but automatically your hands unbutton his shirt.
"What have you gotten yourself into?" You asked him as you saw the long wound across his right chest. "And what have gotten into you that wanting to open me wide like this." He somehow smirk.
"Fine, I'm out." Somehow you can feel your cheeks burnt. Rafe was right, what is wrong with you. "Wait...wait....just deal with this." He slowly beg when he saw you wanted to leave. You hesitated. "Please." He let out. Somehow, his face soften.
"Fine. Let me just....Remove your shirt." You ordered while you went to the kitchen to find medical supplies. When you arrived, he already shirtless and laying comfortably on the sofa waiting for you. You kneel beside the sofa to treat him.
The distance between you guys faces were very little that each of you could hear each other breath. "Are you nervous, sweetheart?" He try to trick you but you didn't answer him. You soak the clean cloth with water. After squeezing excess water to dry, you pat them onto his chest slowly.
"Luckily, it's not that deep, just a minor scratch." You let out a relief sigh. No response but you can feel his eyes followed every movement of your hands on his delicate skin. The humidity around you rising even the night was cold.
Since when he has those abs, like it's built perfectly for him. If he wasn't your step brother, maybe you'll be drooling over him. "Fuck, what is wrong with me? He is your step sibs." Your mind calculating. Meanwhile, you put antiseptic on that wound and covered it with cotton.
"You're sweating. Something bothered you?" He somehow brush his thumb over your sweats on the left side of your forehead and put it on his lips. Yes! He tasted your sweat. You startled by him as you backup a little bit. "You tastes a little bit salty...and sweet."
You place the surgical tape on the cotton just now in a hurry manner. "Alright, you can rest." Your heart about to explode, as much as you hate Rafe, you wanted to admit that you won't make it if he seduces you like this.
The tension between you guys always in a miserable state. You guys often didn't interact with each other around the family but the stolen glaze caught between you guys was immersing. He get up slowly not to hurt himself as he watches you clean up.
Before you could go, he pull your waist and force you to sit on his lap. He locked you with his arm around your waist. "Rafe, let me go. What are you trying to do!" He rest his face on your back and when he speaks you could hear his throaty voice. "Don't go. I'm messed up." His warm breath through your silk pajamas gives you enough shiver till to the core.
You try to escape but he got more strength. "I can't." You let out. "Pl...please...I don't want to be alone." His voice break down. Deep down, you feel bad for him but at the same time you know you will mess this up. In his arm, you turn your head to the side and ask him. "Could you let me go and we talk?"
He didn't respond but he did let you go. You slid to his side immediately. "What happened? You wanted to share with me?" You scan his face. Rafe shook his head unsure. "No...but I rather do this." He grab your face and smashing a kiss on your lips.
You push his shoulder to break the kiss. "Are you out of your mind?! I'm your sister." You mad but you knew you loved it. "We're only 3 months apart plus you're not my sister. I never thought you as one." His hands wrapped around your neck. "Oh, come on, you can't deny. Your face shows everything. You loved it." He continues madly.
Tumblr media
"You're sick, Rafe Cameron!" You scoffed. "Maybe, I'm sick for you." In a flash, his lips were on you again. This time, he devoured and explored your mouth. "Tell me to stop." Rafe whispers under his breath while maintaining his eyes on you.
A moment of silence when you stare at him back. The euphoria of sins starting to exploit you. You slide your hand into the back of his buzz cut hair and give him a kiss. Rafe already losing himself when he help holding your plump ass made you straddle on him. And just like that the gate of hell swung open.
Tumblr media
"No, we can't." You moan on his lips. You could feel his bulge is growing. "Fuck, Rafe." While you grinned on him. "Thing you would do to me. I fantasized about you all the time, sweetheart. Nothing can stop me now." He continue to lick on the edge of your jaw then to the neck. He left his marks there to show that you're his.
His cold hands exploring easily as you wore silk shorts that wrapped just above your thigh. Both of you drifted away deeply, in a sexual pleasure that have never been encountered. Your harden nipples started to show off behind those thin fabrics. Rafe cannot control himself, he sucks them even on the fabrics.
You arched your back to give him easy access. He slid down both of your strap and finally revealed your round breasts. He devoured them like there is no time left. Your soft moan are heavenly for his ears. "You're beautiful as I imagined." He stops to catch his breath.
You unbuckle his belt and take off his pants. You freed his erection and stroke them slowly while maintaining the eye contact. He tilt his head back while moaning your name. He loved it when your soft hands made him go crazier. He lifted you up and laid you across the sofa.
He pulled your shorts down and he adored your crystal clear diamond that dripping along yours. "Stop looking at me." You covered yourself embarrass from him. "So wet, and all that just for me huh?" He locked your hands above your stomach. Rafe get down to get a closer look.
For a second, you felt his cold tongue slick into yours. "Rafe, stop." The sensation is surreal. "Say my name louder. I want my name to escape from your beautiful mouth." He continues. "You're gonna make me come." You begging. He fasten his licks and all for that matter you only could feel your legs shake after reaching orgasm.
It didn't take too long when Rafe try to adjust his tip on yours. "Ready, princess. I'm gonna fuck you hard." He thrust fully until his body met yours. "Rafe, you're so big." There's a small tear break down at the edge of your eyes. It's so good until you left your claws marks on his back.
"It's so wrongggg." You cried his name. "Yes princess, it's so wrong to feel this good. You're too tight." Your wall clenched over him perfectly that made him moan your name too. Rafe never feel this close too soon but you're making him right now. His balls are heavy with all the cum he has saved for you. He continue to thrust like he is furious about something.
Then, you push his chest slowly not to touch his wound. You sit on him, and he loved it very much when you take control. You grind on him fast enough that your tits also bounce in a perfect motion. "Rafe, you're jackass. You're stubborn. A pain in the ass...my...ass." You moaned as you also feel close.
"Really princess? You like it huh? Me fucking you hard like this when no one watching." Rafe levelled up. He did you dirty when you nodded your head in sync with the thrust. "Yes...yes...yes..." you scream loudly. If there's anyone in the mansion, they would heard you clearly.
"I'm gonna cum all over you." Rafe short of breath and the thrust also feel sloppy. When he close, he pull his erection and stroke them fast, releasing all his forbidden cum on your stomach. You also reach your orgasm along with the strike.
Both of you fall on each other shoulder, feeling content and restless all at the same time. Only catching sound of breath could be heard. Somehow, you feel Rafe is smiling behind your shoulder. "Where the others?" He asked. "Seriously? Now you wanted to ask?" You laugh playfully. "Unbelievable Rafe Cameron."
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joelsgreys · 5 months
Hi! Sorry, I’ve been gone for a while…Are you no longer writing for Joel x Peach?
hi non! i am! i’m almost done making the changes im making to the masterlist and chapter (no content change but like revision)
i was supposed to have it up this weekend but editing 60k worth of fic is a lot more work than i thought it would be lmao
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kindahoping4forever · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A totally normal set at the iHeartRadio Festival 👁️👄👁️
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1hellofacookie · 9 months
man I'll be so sad when Barbie stops playing in theaters
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tattoorue · 1 year
Tumblr media
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