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Crispy Tofu & Rice Salad
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Vegan Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta
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Creamy Vegan Tiramisu Cheesecake
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Actually im mad bc "farmer" shouldnt mean whatever the fuck the animal ag industry does. That's not farming. We shouldn't let "farmer" mean "person who treats millions of lives as a cog in the machine, including the abuse of the people i employ to brave trenches of shit and death, which i will release into the community when i dont care anymore.
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Vegan Baked Ziti
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Pumpkin Ramen with Marinated Mushrooms (Vegan & Gluten-Free)
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This Vegan Thai Curry recipe is spicy, delicious, healthy and versatile!  Vary the veggies and add tofu or chickpeas for protein. It’s the perfect, satisfying veggie-packed meal that delivers comfort in every bite.
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raspberry pastry
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acti-veg · 2 days
Something I can’t wrap my head around is leftist who are against veganism. These are the same people who talk about how consent is the most important thing, about how capitalism exploits workers and the objection of woman. yet all that gets thrown out when we talk about animals? I am very left wing and before I became vegan I never disagreed with vegan ethics I just kinda expect I had a double standard.
(witch in hindsight isn’t much better, but hey I rather take someone being honest then being inconsistent just to save themselves)
but how can someone say I am against rape, exploitation and objectification and the next breath be all for it. I genuinely don’t understand and I feel I am going crazy?
Being against those things in principle doesn’t actually require anything from us beyond asserting that we’re against them, and perhaps signing a petition or two. Veganism however, requires personal sacrifice, it requires introspection, the admission of personal wrongdoing, and a radical shift in how you think think and live your life. You have to do veganism not just talk about it.
This obviously should also be the case for leftist politics in general, but veganism is an excellent example of how much of it is just talk. It’s all very well saying you support bodily autonomy and oppose exploitation when it’s being done by someone else, far away, then fail to do so when you’re the one benefiting from it. Blackfish was an excellent example of this, how suddenly people believed in animal rights and boycott when it was an activity they didn’t plan on engaging with anyway. See also Yulin, whale hunting, fur, foie gras etc.
There is also the propaganda and the social pressure to contend with. There is this enormous blind spot when it comes to animal rights, that otherwise progressive people find themselves parroting socially conservative (and sometimes even actual fascist) talking points to justify their own behaviour. Carnism is so difficult to contend with precisely because it is invisible, that’s why leftists in particular are irrationally offended by the fact that this word even exists.
Veganism aligns perfectly with leftist, anti-capitalist values, and is in fact a logical application of those values. This is why leftists are so aggravated by veganism; they know full well that this is in line with their own values. It is an affront to their identity as leftists, as animal lovers, as ‘good’ people in general. Coming to terms with the fact that you are complicit in exploitation and abuse, then changing your life accordingly is not an easy thing. It is all too tempting to treat those encouraging you to do so as an enemy so that you never have to really grapple with your own guilt.
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The Ultimate Vegan Lasagna
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Vegan Brown Sugar Buttercream Frosting
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[video description: a video by thegentlebarn. it starts with a clip of people grooming a cow's snout with the caption, "5 signs a cow is truly ✨ happy ✨." each of the captions describing the signs is accompanied by clips of cows exhibiting them. they are:
"1. they expose their belly for tummy rubs as a sign that they trust you 2. they initiate gentle physical contact like licking or hugging you 3. they're chewing cud - this means they feel safe & their digestive system is doing its thing 👍 4. zoomies! just like with dogs, this is most often a playful, happy behavior 5. they make a 'purring' sound - cows do this when they're extremely relaxed and content. it's like a big exhale"
in the background is peaceful instrumental music.]
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Baked Sweet Plantain Wedges
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twocarsonenight · 6 months
vegans would rather wear plastic head to toe than benefit from symbiotic relationships we've had with animals for thousands of years
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Delicious Chocolate Chip Zucchini Banana Bread
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