#why is Vox a flat screen?
iwozlegit · 3 months
|| 🍍• Is the reason why Husk is a cat because he lived his living life as if he had 9 lives?
Constantly flitting here, there, and everywhere, taking risks until he literally had nothing left?
And he, in struggle and despair, became the coward crumbling scaredy cat identical to what we see when Alastor comes to rock his shit?
Tumblr media
(I don’t know, but if Angel has a connection with his demon form to his past life (web of crime as he’s now a spider), Husk has to have one, too).
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pareris · 6 months
You know this scene?
Tumblr media
Ofc you do.
Now please look at Val's face:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
and at Vox's:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Idk but yall but this is all the proof I need to say that these two were making out before this.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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vroomian · 3 months
I absolutely love your Hazbin Oc's, also your Vocx Angel Dust just makes me think of That B!tch by Anna October with Mob Wife Angel having a shotgun ready for every hussy wanting to crawl into Vocx's bed, lol. Does Vocx look like canon Vox or do they have something different about their looks? I am so interested to know more about them~!
Mafia wife angel out there playing defense like world class hockey goalie. You have no idea. The rise of social media was a boon and a curse to angel. He loves to show off the shit vox gets him and the softer moments of vox (that aren’t too private of course) have shot him to the top of the desirability scale in hell. (I’m talking about vocx singing silly little songs or dancing or after a creativity binge or being covered in paint or cooking).
vocx looks completely different! he started out with the tv head but it’s honestly impractical— let alone a flat screen tv. That’s way to delicate for hell! It’s stupid! Vocx has a screen for a face still, but it’s actually face shaped and reinforced. His head looks like a regular humans, but think android rather than tech. I think he has longish ‘hair’ but it’s actually made of cables and connectors for tech and detachable.
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melmos-basement · 2 months
Been looking through posts criticising hazbin hotel and they made me want to test my skills at redesigning the cast . I'll probably make some this weekend or when summer vacation rolls around.
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countlessrealities · 2 months
Tumblr media
@mcltiples sent: "And why should I be wasting my time with you?" { To Vox from Verosika 👀}
Tumblr media
Verosika Mayday is a tough customer. Vox had known this even before arranging that meeting. He always made a point of digging information about his potential clients and employees before approaching them. Being properly prepared for what was lying ahead was the best strategy to a successful business, after all.
And also a way to make sure that he would remain in control, on top of everything and of everyone. That, no matter what, he would be the one to call the shots.
He took a moment to study the succubus, his screen showing nothing but an air of confidence and his most charming business grin. He could see her skepticism, her reluctance, but they didn't worry him. He had dealt with many others like her during his years in Hell.
She was used to being wanted, praised, desired, lusted after, admired. She was a star, a sex symbol, a fashion icon. Gorgeous, hot, stylish. She favoured a life of luxury, excesses, excitement. She had it all...at least for now.
Flames like her never lasted long, not without the proper fuelling. The moment another talent would rise on the stages, she would quickly end up forgotten. Between her addictions and her scathing personality, she wouldn't have been able to claw her way back to the top.
Not without some expert help. And that was where he would come in.
Tumblr media
"I think you mean to ask why you should invest your time with us," he corrected her in a tone that was just shy of patronising. "We've had our eyes on you for quite some time, Miss Mayday. Naturally. You're the real deal, among so many mediocre wannabes!"
That saying about flattery leading you nowhere? Oh, experience had always shown him that it was bullshit.
"But let's be honest here," he went on, joining his hands in front of him. "People like us know far too well how fleeting fame and success can be, especially down here. People get bored, get distracted, change their tastes. They leave behind oh-so-easily the things they adored till the day before. And idols, when they fall, they fall hard."
A spark of electricity lit up at the tips of his claws, as his grin widened, turning sharper and more dangerous.
"I'm offering to be your parachute. Even better, your wings! The stable ground under your feet that will never crack or crumble. I can immortalise you and make sure that no one will ever be able to look away."
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silkythewriter · 6 months
Tumblr media
Vox and alastor with an undeserving to be in hell reader!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fandom!: Hazbin hotel!
Author note!;I THINK TUMBLER ACTUALLY HATES ME (メ﹏メ)(。•́︿•̀。)it keeps not letting me edit my drafts, it’s happened like 3 times already this week alone!,…BUT ANYWAY I LOVE THIS IDEA I REALLY HOPE YOY ENJOY!!!!♡´・ᴗ・`♡
Summary!: alastor and Vox x reader WHOs I. Hell for a minor sin/crime
❤️Written by silkythewriter do not steal or repost any other platform please! <3❤️
“Each time I find myself
Flat on my face
I pick myself up and get back in the race!”
Tumblr media
When you first admitted what you did that counted as a “sin” he was flabbergasted! He thought they must’ve made a mistake. All be it one that was in favor since he got to be damned with you. But still!
Out of every monster known to man kind one who’ve committed acts that are despicable. You, one who can barely hurt a damn fly get sent with them?
At first he thought you were genuinely just joking. And he actually laughed! Like audible chuckled before waiting for the actual reason, which never came, and he soon realized you were being serious!
He always questioned why you use to refuse to kill, or at least scare people into respect. But then you explained how you refused to be like the rest of the sinners.
He utterly dumb founded you made it this far without spilling a bit of blood, at least for survival!
He becomes more overprotective as if he wasn’t before, good luck with that!
Cause now he knows your rules, he knows you won’t budge. Nothing would get you to change your mind. So he made sure to keep eyes on you 24/7, you may be nice, but the other sinners in this damned place definitely aren’t. And he knows that from experience
Would neither confirm or deny he put a small tracker in an item you carry every where.
This man has enemy’s as you’ve seen, demons, overlords, rival company’s, it’s a headache an a half for him. Not that he hates protecting you and your values! No never!, but the nerve of the people who think they even have a chance to lay a hand on you.
Gives you the lastest phone from his series, and yes he will text you and blow up ur phone up if he can see you through cameras around the city.
Even if you put it on silent he wouldn’t put behind himself to over load it and just show up on your phone screen.
Sometimes he’s just so confused how you can be so nice, or at worst passive to those who are poking at you. He thinks your a saint, even if you aren’t, an maybe you have a short temper still the way you hold yourself form blowing up is astonishing!
Sometimes he jokes about how if you were to go to Charlie you would be redeemed in a day. And at night sometimes he thinks about it and it scares him to know there’s a possibility for you to go where he will probably never be able to follow you too
He loves you to the depths and the crooks of hell, and he’ll be damned again if he lets anyone hurt you. He sees you as a small soft light in the red cover world, and he will do anything before anyone can put out that light.
He makes sure to keep a good distance between you and Val, a BIG distance.
He’s always on the edge about people around you, how can’t he? He can’t trust all these “disgusting and repulsive” sinners in hell around you. The thought alone cringes him out and stresses him.
He knows to some degree he isn’t exactly better then them sin wise, but he makes sure to do his best for you while infornt of you, he cares about his image, and wouldn’t be afraid to scare someone into discipline. BUT he will tone it down, just for you ♥(⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝)♥
He has you under wraps, from the public eye in this case. As much as he’s one to show off his earnings, he loves you a little to much and knows well people will use you as a advantage. He loves to show off but you something just for him behind close doors for now before he can work something out
NOW if the public were to already know, he show off by showing how untouchable you were, demons knew better to approach you seeing as how fast he is to get rid of those stupid enough to try something.
Overall he respects your morals of not wanting to stoop as low as other sinners. But it dose make him more protective of you, your like a rare gem. There’s only a handful of people like you, and even then the numbers decrees daily, so he dose his most to make sure you safe and happy <3
Tumblr media
Like Vix he humors it at first! Playing around with it before Laughing with his usual staticky voice as he stared at you with his unnerving smile. You guys quite literally stared at each other for a hot minute waiting for the other to say something.
It took you clearing your throat for him to realize you weren’t just trying to get a chuckle outta him.
And for the first time since you met him you caught a hint of confusion, making you explain that it was genuinely what you did.
He quite literally burst out laughing, you, someone who probably did something everyone did once is in this horrid place stuck with the horrid monsters ever! Just for that single act alone.
He will admit he found it a bit amusing how you refused to kill or lay a hand on anyone. Refusing to stoop to other people’s levels. Now that for him is pure gold of entreatment! He’s seen people like you, say the same exact thing then crumble when backed I to a Corner.
But for the first time, for all the decades he’s been damned here, he’s seen you stick to what you’ve stated. You were very much quite a spectacle!
Now finding new amusement, he decided to protect you, cause someone like you were sure to be a one time experience. Aside from loving you of course
Now with your name being accosted with him alone is a shield in if its self. Barely any one approached you, aside from those playing with their afterlives of course.
If you ever feel a looming shadow or presence it’s most likely one of his shadows. Like Vox he is gonna have his eyes on you almost always
Although he loves you he will play around to get a reaction out of you. All for the fun of it!, he knows you cringe when he talks about his cannibalism tendencies he just loves seeing your cute little face scrunch up!
Even though with all of that he is a gentleman and will make sure no one is to bother you.
He’s quite impressed you made it this far without getting killed, I mean of course you have him but if you arrived to hell and didn’t met him immediately he’d be quite impressed and surprised one you both do meet
He indulges himself in the horrible aspects of hell, with no remorse or shame what so ever either. So although he dose respect your wishes he won’t stop or calm down his tendencies.. (;へ:)but on the bright side he’ll make sure your far away or he goes off to other part of the city and do whatever he wishes. But your likely to see on the news either way… ( ̄▽ ̄💧
He dose enjoy the more civil and nice talks he has with you though! He finds it nice to take a break from all the crude talk on the street from other sinners and have a nice conversation!
Great listener let me tell you, he’ll happily sit there as you explain your day away! He honestly enjoys hearing you genuinely happy!, although his a chatter box himself but he enjoys listening to you more then anyone or anything else!
Watches you be nice to the most repulsive, and rude demon like it’s nothing. Even when disrespected you find a way to calm down the situation and nicely at that. Of course the demon doesn’t live long once their out of your sight, but still! He’s pleasantly surprised.
He finds it rather weird that your nice just for the sake of being nice but still it’s definitely a nice refresher from all the horrible people down in hell!
You catch his eye rather quickly with how you stick out from others (in a good way! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ) and his eyes end up on you, you mainly have all his attention almost always if he isn’t off doing something!, your his light just live Vox he’ll make sure you’ll shine bright as ever and won’t go out.
Not everyone can catch it but in some rare moments he’ll be seen just staring at you as you happily talk away to Charlie. And for the smallest second you can see his unnerving smile turn into a soft smirk, eyes only on you and his mind filled with only you. This happens on the regular, it’s just he’s quick to cover up so no one sees!
Overall he loves you, even with some differences between your views he’ll still do his best to make you comfortable. Aside from teasing you here and there! But other then that he’ll protect you, your one of kind. And he loves having things no one else can.
Tumblr media
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animeismyhappyplace · 6 months
Taking Control
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Synopsis: Vox needs a break from obsessing over Alastor's return, a break he's unwilling to take so his girlfriend must take matters into her own hands by getting down on her knees.
Vox x fem reader smut
Word count: 2K (I didn't write a whole novel for once 😂)
Trigger warnings: 18+ only!!
Vox's bad temper makes a brief appearance, established relationship, marking, kissing, oral fixation, sloppy blow job, rough face fucking, deepthroating, cursing, pet names (doll and darling), obsessive behavior, sex on furniture, semi public oral sex? They're at his tower so I suppose anyone could walk in, dirty talking, Vox has a filthy mouth, praise kink, dick worship, body worship, porn with very little plot, fluffy smut, soft Vox, Vox is whipped, vocal Vox
Authors note: Vox has been living in my brain rent free since episode 2 so I had to do something before I exploded 😂 I hope you all enjoy 🫶🏻
Tumblr media
Y/N walks around Vox Tech Tower looking for her boyfriend. His usually fiery temper has been even worse since Val informed him that his old enemy Alastor was back and working with/for the Princess of Hell.
Humming as she looks around unable to see him she decides to check his TV room. She walks in cautiously, eyes darting around at the different screens showing multiple areas of the Hazbin Hotel, she finally spots him sitting at his large chair plugged into his systems.
You see Vox sat at the large chair. He looked annoyed, tapping his foot on the floor. Vox was muttering something to himself. The screens were changing angles rapidly, showing the different sectors in Hazbin Hotel, zooming in once the system found the radio demon himself.
Y/N sighs shaking her head at her flat faced lover, she approaches his chair placing her hand on the edge of it as she speaks lightly "Voxie honey, I think you need to take a break"
Vox's body jolts before twisting to look her way.
"I DON'T NEED ₳ ₣Ʉ₵₭ł₦₲ ฿ⱤɆ₳₭ ł-
Vox pauses and sighs, unplugging himself from his many screens.
"Sorry doll... I didn't mean to yell at you... Again... I just-"
He lets out a long groan as his clawed hand gestures to his wall of TV screens.
"I just can't... sit back and do nothing while he's out planning FUCK knows what!" Vox exclaimed, slamming his fist on the arm of his chair, shaking the whole room.
Her brows knit together eyes brimming with concern but she nods "I know but you've got cameras watching him, if he makes a move you'll be the first to know"
Vox huffs at her, crossing his arms.
"I guess... But cameras and security systems always have blind spots... Always. That's why I need to keep an eye on him. He's just such a slippery little bastard..."
Vox mutters under his breath as he glares at a screen showing Alastor patting Charlie's head with a rather wide and unsettling smile on his face.
"That may be true but isn't Vox Tech the best in Hell when it comes to technology?" She smirks, her small hands moving to rub over his taught shoulders.
Vox sighs, relaxing a little as she moves to begin massaging his shoulders, closing his eyes as her fingers dig into his sore muscles.
"I suppose... I don't let anything get past me but... Alastor! He makes me so ₥₳Đ"
Vox's screen malfunctions as his anger rises, his claws digging groves into the chairs faux leather arm rests.
A barely stifled giggle leaves her lips as she watches her boyfriend get heated at the mere thought of the radio demon.
She attempts to clear her throat before speaking again "careful honey, you don't want to have to get your screen replaced again~"
Soft circular motions against his shoulders starts to ease some of the tension he has rapidly building up
Vox sighs, trying to maintain his composure as he glances back at her "You laughin' at me doll? You're fuckin' lucky you're cute"
Another sigh leaves his lips as she starts to work on his back.
She quickly fakes a cough to mask another chuckle at his childish behaviour "your right I am lucky..."
She hides a smirk as she leans forward loosening the red tie he keeps firmly wrapped around his throat, she starts to unbutton his white dress shirt exploring his skin to her greedy eyes.
"Damn right you're lucky"
Vox rolls his eyes, smiling softly as he lets her fingers explore his neck. His large pupils dilate at her touch, his breath becoming more laboured. His lips form a sly smile as she works lower and lower down his shirt.
Vox reaches forward, gripping the chair arms and arching his body into her touch.
With his upper chest finally exposed Y/N's fingers slip into his opened shirt trailing across his skin.
Her face nuzzles into the space on his neck under the large screen, lips placing teasing kisses along his heated skin.
Vox feels a low hum run through his body at her tender kisses. His eyelids grow heavier as she works down his torso, her hands trailing along the skin covering his abs.
"fuck doll..." Vox mutters under his breath, his pupils widening with desire. His body involuntarily follows her touch, his body arching as her fingers graze across his pecs.
Her tongue slips out to lick along his neck and collarbone leaving small nibbles as she moves along, using his distracted state to twist the large chair he's sitting in away from the screens "you need to relax baby~"
Vox lets out a deep groan as her hands slip below his waist and her tongue leaves little nibbles and red marks all along his neck and collarbone.
"Shit... doll..." Vox mutters under his breath, his eyes almost closing as he enjoys her touch.
"You're not helping me stay focused here- You...Oh fuck... you make me so damn weak for you..."
Vox whispers, his legs involuntarily spreading to make space for her smaller frame.
Y/N can't help but smile as she sees his body visibly relaxing "I'm helping take the edge off Vox~"
She moves to rest between his legs kissing down his chest, sucking and nibbling on his pecs as she makes her way down.
Vox can feel himself relaxing more as she continues to work her way down his body. His body twitching as she leaves her marks, his breathing growing laboured from her kisses.
"Damn... doll... you're making me so... fu- don't fucking stop shit!"
Vox is cut off by another loud groan. His eyes snap open, static shooting across his pupils as she almost worships him.
"Happily" she grins as her fingers make quick work of his belt and blue dress pants tugging them down just enough for her to see the large tent growing in his boxers.
Her hands trail over his thighs as she uses her nose to nuzzle at his crotch, leaving feather light kisses in her wake.
Vox leans back, claws curling into her hair as his breathing becomes more rapid and shallow. He shivers in relief as she pulls his pants down, his legs growing warm at her hot breath tickling his lower body.
Vox tries his best to maintain his composure, but her teasing touches on his body were almost enough to send him over the edge and make him explode right then and there with how stressed he's been.
A small kiss is placed on his clothed length making Vox hiss before she tugs the offending material down enough for his length to spring up throbbing with need as precum pools at his slit.
She places kitten licks against his cock, tongue following the veins wrapping around his length before sucking his throbbing head into the warmth of her mouth.
"stop being such a fuckin' tease doll" Vox groans as he tugs on her hair, pressing her face against his cock.
Y/N smiles as she gives the head of his cock another harsh suck before relaxing her throat and slowly taking his throbbing cock into her mouth, using her tongue to lick what she could.
"Mmm... damn doll... you're so good... love watching you work that beautiful mouth of yours around my cock". As he speaks he places his hands firmly on her head, encouraging her to take him deeper down her throat.
She hums as his cock fills her throat, the vibrations making Vox whine loudly as she basks in his whispered words of praise.
With Vox's hand on her head he guides her face down until her nose bumps against his skin, hands grasping at his thighs as she tries to regulate her breathing, tongue flicking over his length.
She swallows around his length, almost gagging as he starts to slowly thrust his hips forward.
"Ohhhh... fuck yeah doll... swallow that cock. Show me what a good girl you are..." he growls, pulling her hair back and holding it in a tight grip. His hips thrust forward forcefully, burying his cock deeper into her throat.
Moving one of her hands from his thigh she uses it to massage his heavy balls.
She makes little gagging sounds as Vox fucks her face roughly getting lost in the pleasure, her gasps swallowed by his thick cock.
"Ahhh... fuck yeah, that's it... You're such a good fucking girl taking my cock all the way down your sweet tight throat..." he pants heavily, his voice rough with desire.
His thrusts get harder, unable to resist the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her throat. The sound of electric crackling enters the air as he starts to lose control over his powers the closer he gets to the edge.
Y/N tries to rock her head back and forth in time with Vox's thrusts but his grip on her hair is too strong, keeping him locked in place swallowing along the length of his cock.
She can feel his cock jumping against her tongue as he leaks precum down her throat, this thrusts starting to lose rhythm as his claws grip firmly against her scalp.
"Oh fuck... gettin' close darling... Shit your throat is s-so-" Vox groans loudly, his hips bucking wildly as he feels himself getting closer and closer to release.
Her thumbs rub her saliva into his balls, spit sliding down from the corners of her mouth as Vox's pace increases.
He pulls back for a moment letting her take a fresh breath letting her lungs fill with air before he's tugging on her hair, pulling her mouth back down onto his dripping cock, making her moan as she slurps up the increasing precum leaving his slit.
"Fuuuuuck..." Vox growls, his hips bucking wildly as his hips stutter.
"Ahh fuck... can't hold back anymore doll... gonna fill your throat with my cum... you gonna swallow everything I give you?" he growls, his hips bucking violently.
His grip on her head becomes almost bruising as he holds her while babbling he's eyes screwed shut "g'cum f-fuckk so fuckin' close that's it.... that's it~ f-fuckk... love your slutty mouth baby" he whines as he releases his hot sticky load into her mouth.
Vox watches with wide electronic eyes as Y/N gulps down all of his thick cum, licking over his cock as she slowly pulls him from her throat.
She moans softly as she cleans him up, sticking her tongue out when she's done to show him she swallowed it all with a wide smile.
"Ahhh... fuck doll," Vox groans out, a wave of pleasure coursing through him as he watches her clean up his cock with such eagerness.
His eyes burn bright red, his body limp after such a powerful orgasm "So fucking beautiful," he whispers, his voice rough and raw as his clawed hand trails over her cheeks in a surprisingly loving moment for the powerful over lord.
Y/N slips his cock back into his pants then climbs into his lap to give him a deep kiss, letting him taste himself on her tongue.
"Feel better?" she asks with a small smirk as his breathing starts to calm down.
"Much better," Vox breathes out, his eyes still locked onto hers. He leans in and gives her a deep kiss. His hands slide up her back and into her hair rubbing at her scalp to soothe the slight ache he's left behind, holding her close as he deepens the kiss.
"Fuck I love you doll" he whispers as he holds her body close to his own, placing a kiss to the top of her head.
"I love you too Voxie" she giggles as a blush burns across his screen.
"Take me home?" she asks looking up at him with the best doe eyes she can manage.
"Alright darling," Vox smirks, his hands moving to her waist "But don't think this is over," he adds with a flirty growl as he stands up, lifting her bridal style to teleports them home.
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hazelfoureyes · 2 days
OKOK so what if doe! Reader is with vox and readers in heat right right????
But vox can't help reader break it (he's been trying for hours)
So he has to call alastor to help you since he's the only deer vox knows of
Oh my goddd
Hohoho good night awquar 💖
Cucking Vox
「warnings/promises: Vox x Female doe reader, Alastor x female doe reader, smut, Cucking the TV man, knotting, heat, pussy flooded, Alastor says “good girl”, hell is heaven now, you’re engaged but meh, drones were not made for this, Breeding???, humilation of the flat headed prince, Vox loves you, but your pussy love Alastor」
Minors I stg! DNI!
It had been all morning. He didn’t mind the stamina required, but his love was still suffering. Nothing was satiating your needs, even when he went out of his way to transform his typically human male prick into something more akin to the wider based cock you needed …. It was still not enough.
As you laid supine and open, the artificial knot full and stuck in you, the whines didn’t stop. It didn’t have the heat your cunt knew a proper mate would have. His load was too small, your womb quivering in need with every pathetic release he buried in you. A real knot would pulse with the heart rate of the buck claiming you. 
“Nothing?” Vox’s voice was high and worried. 
“I mean… it’s something.” Grumbled into a pillow. You ground against him but it was useless to calm your burning walls. Ever hour that passed without being properly fucked became torturous. 
“What does it feel like? Not getting, ya know,” suddenly he felt shy, voicing the thing he was lacking, “knotted.”
You considered sparing him the truth but your animal brain said it before your human one could stop it, “It hurts. It feels like my pussy is on fire. Do you know how sometimes the roof of your mouth itches and you can’t scratch it? That. For fucking hours.”
Seeing you in pain hurt him, deeper than he could handle. How could he have so much money and power and feel so worthless for you now?
Did he truly have no resources? No recourse? No remedy? 
As he watched your large doe ears press back into your skull, the solution came to him.
“One minute babe, you just…” Vox halted as you rolled on your side, fingers coming to your center to have some friction, “Keep doing that…”
· · ─────── ·📺📻· ─────── · ·
When the drone approached his patio table,  he didn’t look up. 
When Vox’s voice crackled through the small speaker, he didn’t look up.
When the question, “How much for you to fuck my fiancée?” was shouted at him, he admittedly choked a little on his coffee and finally acknowledged the device.
“Why on earth would I do that?” Alastor set the mug down to keep from breaking it in his hand.
“To humiliate me.”
A beat.
A hum.
A twirl of his staff.
“Well in that case, for free!”
Vox blinked twice as he stared at the monitor, “Wait, really?”
Alastor mulled it over seriously now. Did he want to have sex right now? No, not really. Did the idea of making Vox’s future wife scream his name sound hilarious? Yes absolutely. 
He shrugged, getting up from his chair as the drone spun around him, “Shit, I didn’t expect you to agree.”
“So you don’t want me to bed your gal?” Alastor smiled, “Then I’m definitely in.”
Vox chewed on a claw, “Fuck! Fine just get down here. And I don’t owe you any favors for this, so don’t even fucking ask.”
“Oh Vox, favors? You’re hardly the one I’d go to when in need. You’re not even the first Vee I’d approach! Ha!”
Before he could crash the drone directly into that smug face, he heard your whimpers from the bedroom down the hall and paused. 
“Just”, Vox cradled his screen in his hands, “hurry up.”
It became immediately clear why his former partner had called him of all people when Alastor exited the elevator into Vox’s personal floor.
The living quarters were swimming in the heady scent of arousal. Specifically, a doe. 
Alastor rolled his eyes, of course Vox found one of the few other deer demons in the pride ring to marry.
“Ooh, you are in a pickle, huh?” He leaned against the door frame, taking in the sight of the overlord rubbing your back as you groaned. His eyes fell immediately to the downturned tail above your bare cheeks. “Poor thing.” He cooed.
You couldn’t find the will to turn your head to look. A growled, “Voxy?”
“He’s here to help, babe.” His hands sped up their massaging swirls.
“Who, exactly?”
“Alastor! The radio demon. A plea-,” He began but couldn’t finish. 
Vox laughed nervously, “He’s a deer demon! Like you!” 
“You grabbed a random deer demon off the street to-,”
“No! Not at all! Though, admittedly, the only other deer demon I know.” As you made a noise of disapproval, he added, “He’s an overlord! An old pal, even.”
You heard the strange man guffaw. Finally, you rolled over to lay eyes on the supposed cavalry your beau had summoned.
“Hmm.” Something in you unspoken yet still demanding made you roll into your back and drop your knees open. 
He hadn’t anticipated a fellow deer in heat. Vox had offered him more than just fucking his girl, it turned out. Alastor had come mostly expecting to laugh in Vox’s face as a second best humiliation and head to cannibal town, but seeing how Vox was so desperately in love, well, how could he say no? What more delicious of a meal could exist than splitting open Vox’s ego while splitting open his doe with the same effort.
Still on the bed, Vox felt the air shift as he stood between Alastor and you. 
“Well, I uh, guess I’ll leave you two to it.” His screen flashed a pink haze of embarrassment.
“Oh? Abandoning her already?” With a snap and a flourish of his fingers, a plush reading chair materialized on the opposite side of the bed. “Take a seat, old chum.”
“You can’t be serious.” 
Alastor loosened his bowtie, “You’d really leave your vulnerable and needy betrothed all alone with a man? Tsk tsk.”
Vox laughed, “You’re not a man.”
“Ooh, correct.” Alastor reached the bed, undoing his belt, “I’m a buck, right little one?” When his hand reached out and slid down your calf you trembled. Even his skin on yours felt different than Vox’s. “Now take a seat.”
His flat face turned to you, who could only nod as a long claw dragged down your shin.
Vox settled into his chair and crossed his arms. He wanted to say something snotty about how he would make more money on his cell during the little romp than Alastor could dream of, but the sound of Alastor’s zipper made his throat close.
“I’ll need a little assistance to catch up to you, sweetheart. Mind lending me a hand?” Alastor rested his knees on either side of your thighs,  body hovering over you as he knelt.
You briefly considered arguing, but as his other hand pulled his still soft cock from his pants and the scent of him hit your heightened senses, you found your body sitting up. Your hand went into his as he placed it around himself. His fist around yours as he showed you how to stroke him.
“Is that really necessary?” Vox’s voice seemed to glitch.
“Of course! I’m only capable of knotting when in rut. And a rut can only be triggered by a doe in heat. I’ll need her touch and scent to … get the show started, so to speak.” Alastor’s hand left yours, index finger coming to lift your chin. The first eye contact of the evening, funnily enough coming after skin met skin. 
Deep red eyes shone down on you behind a widening smile, “Good girl. I’ll take care of you.”
“You’re obnoxious.” You slurred, a second wave of his uniquely virile musk rolling off his heated crotch. “Good girl? You just met me you….Old timey…”, the lights in your brain shut off, “fuck. Fuck.” Your mind was a blank piece of paper, the word ‘breed’ scrawled haphazardly as your hand felt the weight of his erection. 
Vox had never seen you make that face, nor your eyes lose focus and dilate quite like that either. He couldn’t help but glance at the thick appendage in your fist.
A look shot to his own lap, he hadn’t considered girth into the equation… 
Your mouth opened, saliva pooling in your cheeks as you brought him to your lips. Alastor’s hand snaked back to grab you by the hair and gently keep you off of him, not needing someone’s spit slathered on his skin. 
“Okay now-“ As Vox interjected Alastor’s hand sat still on your head.
“I’ll allow it.” The radio demon had a change of heart at the upset tone of his former friend.
Your tongue blanketed your bottom lip to welcome Alastor in, cheeks hollowing from the size of him alone. Why did he taste like that? Like someone you should only view from your knees? A power to his sweat that made your pussy clench. 
Just a few bobs of your head and he was pulling you off, the job done when Vox seemed to slouch back into the chair in resignation. Large and warm hands guided you onto your back and then onto your right side. Your line of sight was your husband-to-be, claws digging into the fabric of his summoned chair.
It was nice to be handled in your heat. To have strong hands move you around your bed as they wanted you, that alone nearly distracted you from the throbbing of your pussy now showing behind your thighs. Alastor lifted your left leg and used it to pull you to him, a wanton whimper from you when he lined up.
His chuckle was more than annoying, but you were in no position to argue. The sound of impatient tapping momentarily took your focus away; Vox’s foot hitting the tile floor. Your eyes followed up his body to meet his stare just in time for you to let out a loud, shakey gasp. Another came before you could catch your breath, the stretch burning as Alastor pressed in.
He began small incessant thrusts, your slick lubricating his intrusion with each withdrawal.
Vox watched entranced as your body seemed to melt into the bed with every snap of the deer man’s hips. You had spent the morning tense and sweating, so to see you so lax and comfortable was momentarily reassuring. But as your head lolled back with Alastor bottoming out, a flame of jealousy began to roar in sincerity. 
“Fuck,” you tried to keep the commentary down to spare your love, but you could feel your walls spreading around Alastor in a way you’d been praying for since you woke up aroused and pained. When he was fully sheathed you had to grip your pillow to keep from rolling onto your back and spreading yourself wider for him. The baser part of your brain urging you to give yourself over to the more-than-suitable mate. 
“You sweet doe, you’re burning up inside. And so swollen. Feeling better?” Alastor said it with such a clear voice you wondered how he was unaffected by your twitching pussy. 
With a nod you buried your face into the pillow clenched in your fists. His thrusts slowed. “Yes,” you ground out. The rhythm picked up again.
“Better than Vox could manage?” He side eyed Vox.
Your left foot came up and pushed at his chin, “Shut up and fuck me.”
“Hmm, afraid I can’t do both,” Alastor pulled out entirely, lower head rubbing side to side as he spread his own precum along your folds. 
Closing your eyes to not see Vox, you mumbled, “Yes.” He wrapped his arms around your left leg for leverage and thrust back into you with a single push. With a shift of his hips his cock hit against your g-spot with every entry. Your breaths quickly devolved into raspy gasps.
You felt a rush of slick as your body responded to the stimulation. The sound of Alastor’s cock sliding in and out of your arousal reached Vox despite being a ways away from the bed. The previous flame in his chest began to lower. Watching your body rock along with the obscene sounds of you being fucked was having an unexpected effect on him. With a gulp he let his hand rest on his lap, a gentle pressure as he palmed his growing erection.
The deep reach of the radio demon’s cock churning up your insides was felt by you and seen by Vox.
“You’re doing so well, dear. Look how wet you’ve gotten.” One hand came down to run past your clit, “I promise to have you dripping.” He turned his head fully to Vox now, “That’s why I’m here, after all. To breed you.” Vox opened his mouth to shout when Alastor rolled you onto your stomach. The curve of his dick resumed hitting your inner spot, wide cock dragging against every inch of your walls. A pleasured cry, your pillow lost. Bringing your legs up and out you let instincts take over.
The yell died in Vox’s throat. His hand shifted to rubbing his cock through his pants. “Are you done yet?” He saw the swelling bulge at the base of Alastor’s own cock.
You didn’t hear the question, only processing sticky flesh slapping together and your own loud moans.
“My knot needs to be bigger. I want to make sure I plug her up well.” Alastor knew he could finish now but he just needed a few more moments of fucking with the overlord. His eyes came to watch himself disappear into your seemingly too small hole, “Is that what you want? To be stuffed with my knot?” 
You vaguely registered his gaze had moved from where you two connected up to your face. A hand coming to tug at your tail and grip it from the base tore an answer from you, “Please. Please, Please.”
“Do you remember my name in that brain fog?” He took both ankles now and pushed your legs as wide open as they’d reach.
Vox could see the shine on Alastor’s growing knot as he seemed to push more and more in with each thrust. His palm felt the slight damp of his precum soaking through his pants.
He had a name? Right. Yes he had a name. You dug through the mess of your thoughts, an empty room of smoke and sensations, and found it. “Alastor. Alastor please!” Vox had entirely disappeared, it was just the thick cocked buck pounding into you in your bed now. 
“Aww, that’s a good doe. And are you ready for my knot?” Your legs struggled in his grip as you attempted to thrust back onto him to take all he had for you. He hummed, hips slowly as he fought back the pending release, “But you’re still so tight… did Vox even try to fuck you?” 
Vox cried out a small, “Oh, come on. Jackass.” It didn’t stop his hand though. He couldn’t argue Alastor was thicker than he was, even his knot seemed unfairly large.
“Fuck you,” you managed, stomach muscles tightening and drawing your body toward him as the pleasure ratcheted up by leaps and bounds. 
Alastor pulled out entirely again, releasing your legs. The whimper you let out momentarily softened Vox’s cock. “I’m sorrrrry,” you pouted, “Come baaaack.” You thought you would cry, as soon as he was out of your cunt the painful throb was creeping back in. You needed his skin on yours. His body in yours. 
You were rolled onto your stomach, his hands wrapping around to pick you up by the hips. On all fours, he sunk back in. “Shh,” big palms stroke down your back, “don’t forget to breath, sweetheart.” Your body was meant to take a knot during heat and you knew you were capable of taking it, but a small panic made you crawl up the bed as the large, throbbing bulb threatened to tear the delicate skin of your opening. Those same powerful hands you praised before now dug fingers into your hips and held you still. Bruises he hoped Vox would have to see for days. 
A small sob as he mercifully forced the rest of himself in with one harsh thrust, his crotch finally coming into contact with your ass. Again, without thinking, you pulled away and saw stars. It took just a second though for your brain to flood your body with the feel good chemicals it had been withholding all day. The pulsing knot vibrating against your puffy g-spit, wide cock head just barely breaching your cervix and flooding your womb and walls with thick cum; it was everything you needed. Your vision went white as your orgasm made your thighs give out, body going limp entirely.
Vox knew very well what it meant as your entire body trembled, hips stuck against Alastor as the rest of you went boneless.
Alastor took a deep breath. It was oddly refreshing, a form of stress relief he hadn’t considered before. Long claws made barely there lines up and down your thighs.
Pressing his chest into your back, he carefully grabbed your body and rolled you onto your side again to face Vox, him still behind you.
Vox stood up, saw the tenting of his pants and sat back down, throwing one left over the other, “Well! That’s finally done with. You can get the fuck out as soon as your freak penis goes back to normal.”
Alastor laughed, your mind entirely having checked out in your blissful state. Your stupid and content smile spread wide as his body shook slightly behind you. He propped himself up on his elbow to look at Vox.
“You went through all the trouble of finding one of the few other deer demons in hell to replace me, yet didn’t bother to learn about her biology.” His grin morphed into a smirk so wide his black gums were showing, “Heats last several days, Voxy.”
Tumblr media
Added July 15th Luci x GN!Angel reader - Yes (Continuation of Lucifer x GN!AngelReader (fic based on Griftwood by ghost))
Added July 14th A Very Hazbin Happy Birthday imagine (Alastor, Luci, Angel, Charlie, Vaggie, Husk, Vox, Valentino)
˖ ݁𖥔.Summoning the Horny Little Deer Cult.𖥔 ݁ ˖
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selineram3421 · 4 months
Courting Pursuit
Part 2
Tumblr media
Part 1
Alastor X Deer Reader
Warnings ⚠
⚠ gender neutral (gn) reader, mule deer reader, assuming Alastor is a marsh deer, Spanish translated, stalking-Vox, cussing, implied/suggestive, italics=thoughts, ha..watch out for the end ⚠
Tumblr media
You continued to act affectionate towards him.
Even the others noticed and most of them would often ask you to do their work if it was related to him.
Niffty doesn't care and does her work as usual.
The thing is, you don't mind one bit and take up the work.
"Hola Alastor.", you'd greet him every time.
Today you were helping someone else, Husk to be exact, putting away some bottles in storage.
And then he heard that obnoxious voice of the sad excuse of an entertainment performer through his radio next to the television shop, Vox.
"Top of the hour! Today I have a special little treat for you, though the image is sadly glitched out, you can still see what is going on in the photo.", he says. "It's the Radio Demon, receiving an affectionate peck on the forehead from another deer!"
What a creeper. Alastor rolled his eyes and waited for the perfect moment to jump in and make the flat headed piece of tech look like a complete fool.
"From the looks of things, Alastor has a fuck buddy.", the TV demon grinned. "Wouldn't be surprised if he was taking it from behind.", he laughed and continued to rant on about innuendos like an idiot.
Turning a few knobs and flipping some switches, the Radio Demon was live.
"Salutations!", he greeted his listeners. "What an interesting start to the day! An overly cocky man acting like a news anchor when he doesn't have all the facts!", his smile widens. "For a demon asking his viewers to trust him, it's quite bold that he so blatantly lies to their faces."
"That's bullshit! I only provide the best-"
"Vox is so insecure and craving for attention from a powerful Overlord like myself, it's obvious that he's jealous.", Alastor laughed.
"Am fucking not you old timey prick-!"
"Why would he make such an announcement if not for that? Its clear to me that he wants someone to focus on him all the time.", he chuckles. "No wonder he always something new on his screens. But they lack so much that he has to resort to childish news broadcasts to seem important."
"As for the demon in the photo, that is a hotel guest and they do not understand English that much. There was a misunderstanding in translation and well..I'm not allowed to kill hotel guests.", then his voice switches. "This does not mean that I will let such an action pass, I will do something mμc# ₩θrs€ than death."
"You lying piece of shit! Tell me them the truth!"
"I should announce that the Hazbin Hotel has its doors open for all sinners who want a shot at redemption! Try to climb your way out of this fiery inferno, some might try to drag you back down, or you'll have trouble all on your own trying to redeem yourself! Anything is possible!", he put in his two bits for advertising the hotel. "And with that my wonderful listeners, I shall bid you all adieu~"
He switched on some jazz, not wanting to hear anymore of Vox's whining.
Something still irked him however..
Perhaps I should pay Rosie another visit. He thought. This time without them knowing.
As soon as he walked through the door of the emporium, his friend waved him over and pointed to her office, letting him know that she'd be there soon.
Once entering the office, he sighed and sat on the couch, already tired of what else would happen later in the day. He didn't want any other unnecessary conversations.
Rosie entered the office not too long after, setting her hat aside as she closed the door.
"You won't believe the gossip I've stumbled across today. Betty, the one with the pooch, not the one with the scar. She-", the woman started but then took notice of his mood. "What's wrong? You look worn out already."
"I don't know what to do with them. Vox, that piece of shit tech, has already made comments but I already put him in his place.", he sighed and ran a hand down his face.
"I heard.", Rosie let out a short laugh.
"The deer is still doing things, not as bold as the first time but I don't want them near me. It's-", he growled and made a choking motion with his hands.
"If it's bothering you that much, you know you can tell them to stop.", she says.
He looks up at her with a wide eyed stare.
She dead pans.
"Alastor. You know you can tell them to stop. Right?"
"The thought hadn't crossed my mind.", he simply says.
"Oh for crying out loud-!", she tosses a pillow at him. "You are unbelievable! Go and speak your mind! You've never had a problem with it before!"
She was right. Why had he been so bothered about something like this?
He should have spoken up about it from the start.
It was late when he returned to the hotel. The lobby was empty and he could only assume that everyone had long been asleep. Walking to the dining room, he spots the kitchen light on.
Angel is probably making an abomination of a hangover cure- He thought and opened the door, only to find the mule deer leaning against the counter half asleep.
You perk up when noticing him.
"Bienvenido. Hice la cena y te guardé un plato.", you wave and smile. (Welcome back. I made dinner and saved you a plate.)
"What are you doing up at this hour? Granted, it is Hell and there are barely any rules around here, sleep is still important.", he says as you pick up a plate covered with tin foil.
Taking off the foil, you give him a plate of food.
Your fingers brush against his, making him flinch back and drop the plate, causing it to shatter on the floor with a loud crash.
Instead of focusing on the mess, you looked at him with worry.
"¿Estás bien? No estás herido, ¿verdad-?", you reach out to him but he smacks your hand away. (Are you alright? You're not hurt, are you-?)
"Don't touch me.", he hisses out. "I am not comfortable with your advances, so I advise you to stop NOW before I tear you apart and make you into tomorrow's dinner."
With that you took a step back.
"No quería incomodarte. Me detendré. Perdóname por no tener en cuenta tus sentimientos.", you muttered and looked away. (I didn't want to make you uncomfortable. I will stop. Forgive me for not taking your feelings into account.)
Alastor didn't bother trying to translate your response in his head, just walking around you and to the door.
"Lo siento.." (I'm sorry..)
He heard you whisper as he walked out of the kitchen, leaving you alone.
With a sigh, you kneeled down and began to clean the mess.
Tumblr media
Sad times means cookies.
~Seline, the person.
Part 3
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ML II Alastor🎙 | CP ChL🦌
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lqveharrington · 4 months
You Look Beautiful | V.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: Alastor introduces you to Vox, leading to an unforgettable experience with your father.
pairing: vox x lucifer’s daughter!reader
includes: drinking, fluff, VALENTINO, secret relationships, awkward flirting, lucifer being an overprotective father, lucifer also being lucifer, that’s basically it (let me know if i missed any !!)
a/n: this takes place before Vox upgrades to a flat screen TV and before Alastor leaves for his seven year absence. Also, you’re older than charlie 🤗
Tumblr media
Being Lucifer Morningstar’s first daughter was something else. Especially when your mother left. When she left, your father fell into deep depression which left you with paperwork to fulfill from other sins and left you with the responsibility of watching over your younger sister. Having to take over both your mother and father’s royal duties was getting to you, so no wonder you resorted to occasional clubbing with your friends.
“Husk!” You enveloped the demon cat in your arms, earning a noise of complaint. “Rude.”
“I don’t take affection lightly.” He patted your back awkwardly and let you settle into the booth with him. “What took you so long?”
You roll your eyes, “Charlie wanted to invite the stupid Von Eldritch boy over. I at least had to set some ground rules.”
“She’ll disobey them.” Husk shook his head and ordered a whiskey. “You know her.”
“Yeah yeah.” You wave him off and order your own drink, tapping your nails against your flip phone. “Do you know if Alastor’s here yet?”
“Why, I would like to believe I’m here, darling.” The Radio Demon formed in front of you. Husk muttered something toward your direction, Alastor’s grin sharpening at the action. “I’ve brought along some acquaintances if you don’t mind.”
You look up before sipping your drink. “Yeah, what you’ve brought is a doll, a moth, and a tv— Ow.” You rubbed your arm where Husk jabbed you, glaring at him.
Your eyes drifted toward the three demons Alastor brought with him, tilting your head at the height differences. You learned that the shortest amongst them was Velvette. Out of the three of them, she seemed to be the one with the most fashion sense as she nitpicked everyone else’s clothing in the establishment. Her accent was heavy, leaving you to wonder what she said half of the time.
“Oh god, that bitch is wearing wrist ruffles! Someone burn it.” She spoke in distaste at the demon.
“Vel, she’s already wasted, don’t give her any more ideas.” The moth blew out pink smoke, watching the young demon stumble across the dance floor.
For a moth, he was the tallest demon between the three of them, towering over everyone even while sitting. He introduced himself to be Valentino… The porn demon. He gave you goosebumps from sitting across you. And for being the princess of hell, that means a lot. He seemed to be eyeing all the younger demons, his single gold tooth flashing when he grinned at them.
“Val, come dance with me.” Velvette dragged him out of the booth, not waiting for a response. “Voxy, you’re welcome to join.”
You shifted your gaze over to the TV demon, watching him politely decline the offer. He definitely kept you guessing. When you first saw him, he was reserved and only spoke to those he came with. However, he eventually started to loosen up, taking shots with Valentino. And for a demon with a TV box for a head, he was quite interesting.
“You’re not gonna dance?” You stir your red straw in your drink, catching the demon’s attention. “It seemed like Velvette wanted you to join them.”
“Dancing with big crowds isn’t my thing.” He swirled a claw over the rim of his glass and met your eyes. “What about you?”
“What about me?” Your eyes drift over to Husk ordering another whiskey at the bar, Alastor hot on his tail.
“Why aren’t you dancing?”
“I wasn’t up to it, but now that you mention it—“ You tilted your head back and downed your drink, not noticing the glitching TV beside you. “—You have to come dancing with me.”
“I don’t think—“
You click your tongue, pushing your drink away. “Just one song? If you don’t want to, you can leave when we get there.” You take his hand and pout, using the face your father gave you to make it more convincing. “Please?”
He huffed but let you drag him to the dance floor, moving his hand to your hip when you hit the center of the huge crowd. “You know, I’m starting to think he just invited me out to be more social with his friends.”
“Al and I are barely friends, but how is that working out for you?” You question as the red light glares against your skin.
He shrugged as his voice dripped with sarcasm. “Depends on how well I’ve been talking to the people he introduced me to.” He tugged you closer to you when drunk demons pushed against your body. “Do you even remember my name?”
You open your mouth but promptly shut it, cheeks flushed at the confrontation. “I know it! I just… Don’t want to say it.”
“Holy shit, you don’t know my name.” He spun you in his arms, smirking at your pink face. “It’s Vox, by the way.”
“I knew that.” You say with a teasing tone, laughing when he dipped you. “I bet you don’t know my name.”
Your name fell from his mouth smoothly, making you scoff in annoyance. “I believe everyone knows who you are, princess.”
You avoided his gaze after the nickname spilled out of his lips. Sure, you were called princess multiple times by many demons. But the way Vox said it made butterflies appear in your stomach, a different kind of goosebumps appearing across your skin.
As the song came to an end, you learned a lot more about the TV demon in front of you within those last six minutes than you learned from Husk in the last two years. Returning to your booth, your phone vibrated in your pocket as you excused yourself from your company. Charlie’s name lit up your screen, making you curse.
You went back over to the booth to find Vox covering your unfinished drink with his hand, glancing at his own phone. “Hey, I have to go. Sorry for cutting our discussion short. My sister called and—“
“Don’t worry! It’s not an issue! Your family is clearly important sooo…” Vox rubbed the back of his neck, tugging at the turtleneck. “Before you go, can I ask you something?”
“What’s up?” You look back up at him after shooting a text to Charlie.
His screen turned pink as your attention went back to him, all confidence leaving his system. “I was wondering if you would like to meet up again. Sometime? Not in a club possibly?”
Your face warms at his words, at a loss for your own response. “Uh.. Yes! Of course, let me just get your contact info.”
“Right!” He felt the inside of his jacket for a pen, taking your hand a scribbling down his number. “Just give me a call whenever you can.”
You smiled at how fast he switched from confident to shy within seconds. “Of course.”
Tumblr media
“Oh my god.” You mumble as you watch your father converse with the store’s employees animatedly, rubbing your temples at the sight.
Charlie snickered at your expression as he summoned a rubber duck he was working on. “You can’t tell me you weren’t expecting this when we went out today.”
“No, I knew.” You turn away from your father’s embarrassing encounter and flick through different dresses on the rack behind you instead. “I think knowing this would happen made it a hundred times worse.”
Since Lilith left, Lucifer took it upon himself to treat his daughters out to buy their own clothing at least once a month. He just always got distracted by showing other demons his creations.
“Char, do you think I could pull this off?” You pull a dress from the rack and put it against yourself, staring at the mirror with your nail between your teeth. You quite liked it, but you weren’t sure if you would wear it more than once—
“Personally, I think you would look amazing.” A voice that was distinctly not Charlie came from your left.
You whipped your head over as your face reddened at the TV demon. “Shut up, Vox.”
“I’m serious! You would look great in that.” He fully came into your view, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek. “Didn’t expect to see you today.”
Humming, you walk back over to the rack and examine the rest of the dresses, Vox close behind. “My dad wanted to take Charlie and I out.” You glanced up at him when you pulled out a maroon dress, silently asking for his opinion. “What are you doing here?”
“Well, this is Velvette’s own designer store.” He cleared his throat, eyes darting toward the sign that had his business partner’s name under it. “She sent me to check on the stock or something.”
“Did you?” You question as you scan over the prices on the dresses, clicking your tongue. “Check on whatever she needs you to check on, I mean?”
He shrugged, “You distracted me, princess.”
You flush pink again at the name, bumping him with your hip. “Go do your job, Vox.”
“It’s not my fault I saw you!”
“Yes, it is!” You tease with an accusatory finger to his chest. “I’m an innocent bystander—“
Charlie rounded the corner of the store looking for you, eyes brightening when seeing your figure. “Hey, dad’s asking for you— Oh!” You and Vox separated swiftly, eyes wide at the young Morningstar. “Uh, am I.. interrupting something? Orrr…?”
“No no, you’re fine, Charlie.” Your face remained warm, not meeting your sister’s eyes. An awkward silence filled the room before Vox cleared his throat, making you spring into action. “Right! Charlie, this is Vox. Vox, Charlie.”
“It’s nice to meet you, Charlie.” Vox gave her a polite smile, squeezing your hip. “Your sister talks a lot about you.
Charlie practically glowed at the confession, looking over at you for confirmation. “It’s nice to meet you as well!” She glanced at the two of you in suspicion. “I’m sorry to cut your… Meeting? Uh, short, but our dad needs her…”
Vox squeezed your hip one last time before pressing a quick kiss to your temple, soft static emitting from the spot. “I’ll text you later.”
“Bye.” You give him a lovesick look as you nod, walking over to a grinning Charlie.
“Soooo…” Charlie looked back, watching the TV demon’s screen become crimson with small electric hearts appearing. “Who was that?”
She rolled her eyes at your bluntness, “Okay, obviously! But who is he?”
You fiddle with the hangers in your arms, not meeting her eyes. “He’s a guy… That I’m seeing… Currently…”
“Oh. My. Gosh!” She squeezed your arm with excitement, bouncing with every step. “Why didn’t you tell me? That’s super exciting!”
“I didn’t want Dad to find out.” You shake your head at the thought. “He’s been a bit overprotective with who we hang out with recently.”
Speak of the devil, he’ll appear.
You and Charlie looked at each other while wincing, slowly approaching your father.
Tumblr media
“Charlie!” You yell from your bathroom, rushing over to your walk-in closet. You sift through your dresses, looking for the maroon dress.
“What?” She yelled from your bedroom, giving KeeKee stomach rubs.
Swiftly, you snatch the dress off the hanger and run back over to the bathroom, throwing your towel over the shower and slipping into the dress. “Can you run downstairs and make sure Dad doesn’t open the door? Vox is coming to pick me up—“
“Why can’t you do it?” She groaned, flopping down onto your bed
“Because I’m not done dressing!” Your eyes flash red in annoyance with small horns poking out of your head as you peek over at the young demon. “The staff has the day off today because it’s the end of the month, and I really don’t want Dad to open the door.”
Charlie muttered something incoherent before leaving the room, KeeKee right by her heels. To be fair, you were a little rude, but you had the right to be. You were terrified for your father to meet Vox. Not that Vox was horrible, but your father's protectiveness started to rise much faster these last couple of months. As you were finishing up your makeup, your phone rang, followed by a groan coming out of your mouth.
“Hello?” You picked up your phone, slipping on your red heels and gold jewelry.
“Hi, princess.” Vox’s voice came through the cellular device, making you smile.
“Are you here already?” You glance at the clock in your room and curse at the time, running down the stairs.
He chuckled awkwardly, “Yeah, but uhm, your dad looks like he’s gonna kill me.”
“Fuck, okay, give me a second.” You shut your phone and open a portal to the front door instead of running all the way down to the foyer. “Hey, Dad!”
“Sweetie, who the hell is this guy?” Lucifer glared at the TV demon. Vox buffered at the comment, embarrassment filling his system.
You wedge yourself in between the two, whispering an apology to Vox. “Dad, this is Vox. Vox, my dad..”
“It’s nice to meet you, Mister Morningstar.” Vox offered his hand but slowly lowered it as he received no reaction.
“Uh-huh.” Lucifer looked at him up and down. “And who exactly is he?”
You hold the urge to laugh at how similar Charlie was to your father but snap back to reality when you hear Vox’s fans turn on.
“He’s my…” You glance back at the demon behind you before down at your father, linking your hands with Vox’s. “Vox is my boyfriend.”
“Your what now?” He stared at you with wide eyes, gaze shifting from the now bright pink demon to his darling daughter.
“My boyfriend.” You say again with more assurance. “We’ve been together a bit after Alastor introduced us—“
“The radio demon?” Lucifer made a face of disgust. “Okay, well you can come back inside the house and you—“ He pushed Vox out while pulling you in. “—Can leave my property.”
“Dad!” You tug Vox back to your side, apologizing once more for your father’s actions. “I’m going out with him tonight.”
“Oh, c’mon. He’s associated with the stupid radio—“
“I’m friends with Alastor!” Your eyes flash red again but calmed once Vox squeezes your hand. You blink before speaking again, taking a deep breath. “Listen, can I just go out? I’ll be back later.”
Lucifer sighed, rubbing his temple. “You’re happy? He makes you happy?”
You nod while smiling up at Vox, “Very.”
“And you’ll watch over her?” He looked over at Vox, brow raised at the demon.
“Yes, sir.” Vox squeezed your hand again.
He bit back any words of annoyance and gave a strained smile to the both of you. “Have fun on your date, sweetheart.”
You grinned and pulled him in for a hug, “Thank you! Love you!”
“Alright, just be back by midnight.” He flicked his hand which set a timer over the doorway. “Be safe.”
“We will!” You take Vox’s hand again and drag him away from the door. “That was easy.”
Vox furrowed his brows at your statement, wrapping his arm around your hip. “For you, maybe. He looked like he wanted to murder me.”
You shrug your shoulders, “You’ll get used to it.” You give him a proper look, tugging at his tie when you thought you were far enough from your father’s gaze. “You look handsome as always.”
“You look…” He pulled you close by the waist, smirking as you flushed red. “Beautiful.”
You push up on your toes and press a kiss to his lips, hands coming up to the sides of his screen. He hummed and pulled you closer, thumbs rubbing circles by your hip.
“HEY! BACK UP, BUDDY!” Lucifer yelled from the door, full demon form out on display.
You chuckle when Vox glitches, patting his chest. “Sorry, handsome.”
Rolling your eyes, you turn around and let your own demon form come out. “DAD!”
Tumblr media
©lqveharrington - all rights reserved. do not copy, translate or share my work on other media platforms
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bunninophia · 6 months
Hi! I'm Bunny and I'm redesigning the whole cast for hazbin hotel
Anyway.... Onto my designs! I'll be detailing the stuff I changed/added
First is.,..!! Sir pentious! Weird right? You would think it's Charlie but uh nah, he's my favorite character and I wanted to make him similar to my tastes.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yes he is trans! I have a small little HC that the egg boys are his boys...
And he is much longer/bigger due to this because of sexual dimorphism! But we love him for who he is now he's so silly :). He also has a barbed tail that I would say is used as a 5th hand! To grab stuff. He already has 4 arms cause why not? He needs to push himself around already..
Next is.. Angel Dust!, he doesn't have an alt version because I feel it's not needed but here he is!
Tumblr media
I added pedipalps, those are the mandible looking things. They are a part of spiders I think are so cool and I wanted to add them! Unfortunately they're not counted as legs and adding another set of legs to angel I couldn't figure out... But good enough!
I also changed his eyes! To include a spiderweb, I'm not entirely sure why he has that black eye, so I thought I would change it up a little bit.
A friend gave an idea that his sight from that eye is kaleidoscope-like so I'm implementing that too! And how could I forget! The spiderbutt! Without it it's kinda weird looking so I wanted to add it in cus it's so cute
Next up.... Husk! He's one of my favorite characters so.. kinda went all out on him
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I didn't change much about him besides his patterns and colors, but generally his silhouette is the same!
I wanted to add a lot more feathers and fluff to him! And putting on the casino style bringing back the spades and hearts to his wings again!
I thought the spades were funny
Up next.. Vox!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I found his design interesting that he is a flat screen TV even though he died in the 50's? So I decided to change that! Turning him into a box TV again!
And giving him a cable tail, I thought it would be clever that when sleeps he charges himself up for the day!
Next up... niffty! She's the last character I've designed so far!
Tumblr media
Also while looking up her historically accurate date I found out she's 22??? Weird... But yeah she did end up looking a little older here I'm glad, but I really wanted to give her a bigger needle! What's she gonna do with that small thing?
And her dress is based on 50's maid outfits! With the addition of an embroidered poodle!
Well first I'm crazy and second, I've been now made aware that the show itself does a certain type of representation so disgustingly that I'd rather make my own designs and fix what they couldn't do.
I don't support viv or the show.
If you want to read into it yourself I advise a trigger warning for S/A. It happens in episode 4.
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thewinchestah · 6 months
"Good things come for those who wait" - Alastor x reader fic
Tumblr media
Pairing: Alastor x Fem!Reader
Tags: ,18+, Smut, NSFW, edging, BDSM, Alastor does what he wants, there's plot if you squint really hard, alastor in heat, breeding kink, Possesive! Alastor, Jealous!Alastor, Protective!Alastor, spanking,degradation kink, praise kink, Angst with a happy ending, fluff, I didn't proof read this, english isn't my first language, no beta we die like men here, etc etc etc
Fandom: Hazbin Hotel
Word Count: there's no point guys. I can't stop talking.
A/N: WOAH!! Hello everyone!! What the fuck?? I wasn't expecting my "debut fic" to blow up like that! Thank you so so much to everyone who took the time to read it and leave a comment! I'm truly flattered by your praise. So, I hope this sequel to "PREY" does it justice! (but it can also be read as a standalone). Let me know if you guys like it, and if you have anymore ideas/suggestions! I'm tagging everyone who asked me to, so if you want to be tagged on my next fics let me know! Without further due, here comes that mostrosity of a fic! Hope you like it &lt;3! (UPDATE: PART 3 IS NOW UP!!)
Part I  | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Taglist: @smallershorteranduncut @markster666 @jyoongim @stygianoir  @pepperycookie @fraspent @aether-th3-enby 
It all started, as many things do, with a joke and a simple misunderstanding. Dying and instantly going to hell is not easy. Being in hell and not understanding why the FUCK you are in hell is confusing, frustrating and sometimes drawright ridiculous. There’s no guidebook for the hellish afterlife, and more often than not you felt lost at sea, drowning. Until you found your questionable lifeline, the Radio Demon. 
Somehow said demon clocked really early on that you were completely infatuated with him, but too scared to act on it. And oh, how he gave you enough reason to be infatuated, enough reason to be scared. Luring you into the most delicious trap, Alastor had claimed you as his. His to breed during the height of his heat, his to care for, his to inflict the most heavenly torture. 
Being caught up in the middle of the living myth that was the Radio Demon was a dangerous thing, you had been warned over and over again. So of course that you had to almost fuck everything up in the silliest way possible.
The obnoxious TV set, also known as Vox, had just started another round of his futile attempts to win Alastor’s attention by airing the most absurd reality tv character assassination ever. You would put money on the fact that the obsessive flat screen was a deceased TLC producer. Usually, any of his pompous i-hate-alastor-so-so-much!!! fits would be met with enthusiasm around the Hotel. Everyone would cramp in front of the TV and make fun of the entire ordeal. Even Alastor would tag along and make a private edition of his radio show while he counter-narrated that nonsense. It became a fun bonding activity for everyone involved, it was a nice thing. But there’s a reason why you can’t have nice things.
Today the Hotel was mostly empty:, only you, Angel and a very on edge, sexually frustrated, irritated Alastor haunted its posh walls. Still, you and Angel carried on with the little tradition sitting side by side in front of the tv not knowing what to expect from today’s “My Strange Addiction - Alastor’s Version” episode. It was truly a laughable attempt of a character assassination, actors who could not act saying things like “Alastor isn’t even as bad as everyone says, his torture tactics are not that special either. My mom’s aunt was tortured by him and was going to work 10 hours later”, “i walked down the street today and alastor didn’t even try to kill me when he saw me crossing the street, he’s all talk” “i have video footage of the self-proclaimed cannibal eating a chocolate covered strawberry. He’s cannibalbaiting.”
“no self-respecting overlord would go out wearing those ridiculous out-of fashion clothes”. 
Angel was having the time of his life leading the daily Vox roast session, the spider was funny and you couldn’t hold the laughs. The camera cut to a close-up of Vox, babbling on about technology and the anti-Radio Demon speech you knew by heart at this point. As if on cue, Alastor entered the room. But the pair of you remained oblivious to his presence. 
“Toots, you totally should apply for this show! I mean it!. I’m sure Vox will buy literally anything you say. Anything! If you say Alastor likes to eat red nail polish cause it looks like blood he would believe it! You laughed at his words, what a ridiculous thing to say. You loved red nail polish, alastor drinking it because it looks like blood is absurd. “I mean, look at you!! Look at this face, these eyes!! This body!!!” Angel gave your thighs a playful slap. “If you say hell is actually cold using all that i would eat it right up. Vox will be too busy staring at your boobs to notice you dropping that even the oldest radio looks better than that fucking flat face”. The thought that you were the mind-numbing type of beautiful made you laugh. Sometimes you felt like your friends were being way too kind with the flattery about you. You were nothing special at all. It was nice of them to be kind to you, adapting to your new lifestyle was taking a visible tool, anyone could tell. Their efforts were honorable and sweet, but you just couldn’t let yourself believe what in your heart, you knew was a lie. A beautiful, comfortable lie, but still a lie. You weren’t much, you were just lucky. You started to laugh even harder, out of pure nervousness as your brain started to snowball into all the things you weren’t. 
“ Seriously Angel, you have the strangest ideas ever!” you tried to sound normal, putting up a confident facade. That helped, a lot. You had picked that up during your days with Alastor. 
Speaking of the devil, Alastor wasn’t amused by your little display. Standing on the corner of the room as you laughed, he made himself known by walking out of the room, in hurried steps. If it were anyone else, they wouldn’t think much of it. But you weren’t anyone else. You were Alastor’s. 
And that’s why he was seething with rage. His rut always drove him, an already unpredictable man, to the brink of true, pure instinctual insanity. He had to grip his marvelous constructed self control painfully hard. Since your paths crossed, the most chaotic part of his existence seemed in control, your pretty little body always ready to take him, your eyes always holding his gaze in a maddening  comfortable way, the way you would push your limits just for him. 
Only for him.
And the worst part was your softness when it was all done. Alastor would fuck you rentless, for hours, making you take all the mess of his most animalistic desires without a second thought. Both of you would be spent, bathing in the afterglow, room smelling like sex, and you would ask him if he needed anything. Him, that just fucked you so hard so won’t walk straight for a week, that feasted on the blood of the love bites he inflicted, him that covered you in a painting of bruises. 
How could he not want to just lock you inside his lavish room and give you all the rings of hell? to carve his name deep into your soul? to dote on you? to make him the only thing on your mind as he makes you his time and time again in the most sinful ways?
It was simple really, why he was shaking with anger: how you, who was his, was even thinking of being in the same vicinity of that scum of creation?  LAUGHING AT THIS ABSURD CONCEPT. Vox thinking of you was already a crime punishable by painful death, but Vox looking at you was heresy, and the entirety of hell would pay for his transgressions. 
As Alastor stormed off towards the Hotel’s large room corridors, he took several calming breaths. Losing control like this wouldn’t do anyone any favors. In the troubled waters of his mind, Alastor could only think of 3 things: you, fucking you and murdering someone.
 So he didn’t even realize your hurried steps trying to catch up with his long strides.
“Hey sugartits! Don’t take too long doing whatever you need to do! there’s a woman going live after the break saying she saw Alastor eating an entire packet of PAPER TOWELS!!! HAHA! This shit is too good to be true!” you heard angel scream.
Adding insult to injury, nice.
Trying desperately to reach your demon lover gait, you could only think about how bad you had messed up. Alastor was your only true respite in hell. He was a blessing in a mist of the worst humankind could offer. He made you feel hope, more than making you feel alive, he made you feel glad you’re dead. The Radio Demon felt like coming home. You just wanted to make it up to him. You could not lose this, lose him. You were not sure you would survive it. And who knew where you went after dying in hell? 
It doesn’t matter where you go after hell, it doesn’t matter at all if Alastor is not there. Your brain added to your inner monologue. True.
“Alastor! Wait” you shouted. He stops dead on his feet.
Finally, those long long legs of his do not make chasing after your love any easier.
“Alastor, I'm so so sorry. Angel gets way out of line sometimes and I was nervous” he is perfectly still, ears pinned back, listening. But doesn’t say anything back.
“Al I’m truly sorry. I didn’t mean it like that, at all. Look, let’s try to do something to make your day better. I know how hard this season is on you, I know you feel like you are losing contr-
Uh oh.
oh shit.
You used the two forbidden words together. The temperature in the room drops, Alastor snaps towards you. You feel something gripping your throat mercilessly, as you fall to the ground. Looking at the other end of the corridor Alastor has you on a leash of his magic. Eyes burning red, forehead marked “x” he grips your chains hard, pushing you towards him.
“That was a brilliant speech, little doe. Truly marvelous! I’m sure your television debut will be quite the show you were planning!”
His antlers were growing, his demon form showing itself as he becomes taller and taller over you. All bared teeth and flashing red eyes. This is what everyone warned you about. Don’t get in the Radio Demon’s way, he is dangerous and insane. You will regret it.
Hot. your brain thinks. He pulls your leash even tighter, and you feel wetness pooling on your core.
“Do you have any idea what I was about to do before I heard you so selflessly offer your services to that pathetic excuse of a demon?” Dragging you by the magic chains, his towering frame comes down to meet you at eye level. You can’t say anything back, your brain short circuits and goes AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
“You know better than leaving me waiting for an answer at this point, pet” He grips your face using his sharp claws,the pressure threatening to break skin. “But you seem so hellbent on being a bad girl today, I shouldn’t expect your usually good girl’s behavior, should I?”
You are, once again nothing but a doe caught in the headlights of his eyes
“One should always know better than expecting their fantasies to be true”
His sclera goes black, only the tiny blazing red radio dials devouring you as he stares so deep into you, you feel feverish. 
“But since we are already here. I. Will. Tell. You.” static picks up around the room and surrounds you both, the corridor is illuminated by an eerie green light. You start to kinda fear for your life, but Alastor has you completely hypnotized by the radio dials on his eyes. You shiver in anticipation. 
 “I was coming to ask you, to please, spare me a part of your day, away from you friends. Because the only thing on my mind has been you. Fucking you. Sinking my cock so deep into your tight, wet cunt it would mark your soul. Because you are the only one who can take me like this, who deserves being bred by me, who deserves every drop of my seed”
You feel the wetness on your panties grow until it runs down your thighs. There’s nothing right about this, but your dear Alastor showed you long ago how the concepts of right and wrong are meant to be skewed.
“But oh well, you seem to have your affections directed elsewhere…” he tsks at you using that delicious mocking tone. “But, you can’t blame a desperate man for trying” he goes from 100 to 0 really fast, his voice softens so much in a way that’s almost too heavy to hear after all that. Even with his demon form still very much present  “Do you still want to make my day better, pet?”
you are at a loss of words, but you manage to nod desperately. The anticipation of what he is going to do to you makes you giddy. 
He manhandles your leash until you are on your knees in front of him, tugging on the chains so you look up towards his crotch. He makes quick work of his pants, pulling his cock out. Hard, angry hot red coloured. Angry because of you, angry for you. 
“Open wide, little one” and without much more warning, Alastor is fucking your face, hard and fast. 
You position your arms behind your back as quickly as you can.  You know how hard it is for him to be touched when his rut is peaking. The overwhelming need for relief mixing with his ever present desire for control. This is about him asserting his dominance over you, making sure you don’t ever forget where you belong: In the warmth of his burning gaze, under him, on your knees, while he merciless fucks your throat into compliance. He’s taking it out on you, and you fucking love it.
He’s not saying anything, only growling like he’s about to murder someone. He grabs fistfuls of your velvety hair, but never leaves the white knuckle grip on your chains. You can only resist the urge of playing with your pussy while he thrusts so deep you feel his monster cock. hitting the back of your throat. This is about him, and you want to give him this so badly your cunt is throbbing with desire
Tears wet your cheeks, your lips around his cock are the definition of renaissance art to Alastor. He’s almost over the edge now, the head of his cock twitches on top of your tongue as a warning of his approaching orgasm. It’s hard, it’s hot, it’s fast and it’s angry.
Alastor cums, you swallow as much as you can, but he takes his cock out and spills everywhere, coating your hair,  your face. It’s so deliciously erotic Alastor can’t resist catching some of his cum and running his hands throughout your velvet locks, bathing you in his essence, marking you once more. There’s still a bit of cum on the tip of his claw, he feeds it to you, and your lips wrap around his fingers as you take as much of him you can take, gladly. 
“Oh how beautiful you are when you ruin yourself like this for me, my little doe” You look up at him with adoration and a lustful gaze, his eyes hold an equally lustful gaze and… something more. Something that you are sure will drive you insane. 
Alastor notices the pooling mess underneath your tights, he knows how desperate you are for relief, but he still wants to self indulge on you. He’s certain you still don’t understand the reality of what he is feeling. Swiftly he topples you down the corridor’s carpet and places himself between your legs, his crawled finger tearing your lacy panties away. 
Then, he feasts on you like a starving man, and he might be, because you taste like the ambrosia of the gods and he can’t get enough of it. Of how you make a mess of yourself for him and there’s still something for him to take. You just taste so sweet, what a perfect meal your nectar makes. His wicked silver tongue polishes you, aided by your whispered sighs, his name moaned like a prayer on your lips. You are so so close, alastor sucks on your throbbing clit you are already seeing stars, all you need is a gentle push.
 Grinning like a devil, Alastor looks up, tilts his head, gives you the most wicked-and-douchey look in existence. He gets up, your leash dissipating into the air and walks away in perfect composure, like nothing happened. Nothing at all.
“Well, I think that’s my cue!!” he says in his usually chirpy tone. You just stay there, flabbergasted. “I just remembered I still have a lot to do today! Work never stops when you maintain a facility like this in tip-top condition!” Already halfway across the corridor, Alastor’s head turns towards you “Still want to make my day good my dear? Be a doll and clean this mess up, will you?” you just stare at him, too fucking stunned to speak. You can’t believe it. That fucking devil. He’s about to make the turn towards the elevator and disappear when his eyes flash red as he warns you “Oh! and don’t you dare make yourself cum without my permission. If you cum before I say so, you won’t be cumming for a week. Choose wisely!Let’s see who loses control first Ha Ha! This will be fun!”
 Alastor can be a psychopathic demon in heat, but before all that he still is a psychopathic demon who loves torture. 
And he just left you all hot and bothered. 
Alastor knew better than believing in such things as heaven or holiness. In fact, Alastor was positively sure nothing was sacred. The concept of sacredness was non-existent in his book.
But his skeptic mind danced on the edge of belief when he touched you. To be inside you felt heavenly, heavenly in a type of way that should not even be allowed in this place. The way your lush body burned underneath his wicked gaze was sacred.The way you always presented yourself to him, with selfless abandon was sacred. Somehow, someone allowed him, of all people, access to a soul he frankly didn’t understand what was doing in hell in the first place. He never was the better man. He was never giving that up.
In all of his nature, Alastor felt the most sinful pleasure in defiling your sacredness. He wanted nothing but to take the heavenly thing you were and taint it with his darkness. 
He was well acquainted to torture and had no shame in inflicting the most delicious and depraved type of it on you ,until all of your holiness was irrevocably marked by him, down to the core of your soul.  Of course Alastor didn’t buy your soul. He didn’t need to use those means to completely own you. He did it effortlessly, because you craved it. Because he craved it.
That’s why the thought of Vox even looking in your way was heretic, and not in a good way. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing you to Vox. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing you. Period. You were his.
 But adding that man into the equation just made everything more intolerable. The things he would do if he found out about you… Found out that not only you were his but how you could make someone feel. How precious and undeserving of anything less than good you were… 
You were made to be cherished and protected. Protected by him.
 In fact, it took all of the Radio Demon’s willpower to restrain from walking to the Vees building, and kill Vox for something he didn’t do. Because Alastor wouldn’t allow the thought to even cross his mind. All that, a messy display of his desperation and loss of control. Giving that prick the smug satisfaction of knowing somehow he got to him, in his last moments. 
Damn, his rut truly did make him on edge.
Suppressing his murderous thoughts, Alastor focused his mind into something he as actually good at: torture. Yours specifically. He still wanted to punish you for making him feel like this. He still wanted to make you understand.
And he just thought of the sweetest way to do it.
After cleaning up the mess on the corridor, and yourself (you did it all on autopilot, still trying to understand what the FUCK happened) you still had to give Angel a satisfaction about why you didn’t come back. You must’ve looked really miserable cause Angel just hugged you really tight and ordered you to bed. When in reality all of your efforts were now focused on masking your humiliating arousal. So you find yourself lying in your bed, trying not to think anything Radio Demon related. You’re totally not thinking about the way he looked at you while he fucked you. The way his eyes would search yours in a crowded room, winking playfully at you. An inside joke. A promise.The way you both playfully banter at the dinner table over silly things. You are also totally not thinking about how he takes you, how you love to hear him saying “good girl” to you after you push your limits again, only for him. Not thinking at all about how his cock fills you so perfectly, you truly feel empty without it. Who’s thinking about what hides behind his eyes when he his voice goes all soft in the middle of a rough fucking? Ha ha!! Definitely not you. 
You punch yourself with your pillow. 
C’mon don’t think thoughts of Alastor now…
You are so fucked, and not in a sexy way. The worst part is that you want to endure it, you want to be good for him. Your pussy is aching to be touched, your mind begging you to have thoughts of Alastor while your pussy is being touched. But right now you would give everything in this world to hear him praise you again. You know how hard his rut is on him… He already carries a lot alone, the Hotel, the doomsday clock of extermination ticking closer and closer everyday. Plus the other things… You know there’s something more, something that haunts his nights, but it’s not your place to ask. Hell, you are too scared to ask. You just hope, you just pray that when it happens you are beside him. You don’t ever expect the Radio Demon to ever ask for help, or open up. Or seek comfort. Oh, he’s anything but comfortable. But you like to think that in time, he would feel comfortable enough around you he could let something slip, a tiny detail to add to your “The Mystery of the Radio Demon” clue board. Something that would let you show him he doesn’t need to pick himself apart, carry all these burdens alone.
Great, you are doing amazing at the “not thinking any Alastor thoughts” game. 
You hug your pillow closer and look across you window as you start saying out loud a list of things you need to do around the Hotel. Maybe this will take your mind off the devil.
Tend to the Venus Fly traps of the gardens. (You could ask Nifty for the bugs)
Write the thank you letters to the new guests that agreed to help with hotel chores.
Tell charlie about your book club idea using cool flashcards 
It’s your turn to organize “Theme nights”, maybe Alastor would enjoy a “great gatsby” theme, right?
Great, Alastor again. You sighed. 
Suddenly a red note written with perfect penmanship flies next to your spot on the bed.
“My darling doe, I’m waiting for you in my chambers.
Don’t take your time, we have much to discuss.-
Yours, Alastor.
You take your time, though, to thank anyone who’s listening as you sprint towards Alastor’s lavish room. You feel dizzy, anticipation like butterflies in your stomach. You don’t have to knock more than once for him to let you in. 
He’s on the edge of the bed, looking like his normal self (as normal as it gets for Alastor)
The taps the spot next to him on the the bed
“Come here, you darling thing!”
you don’t waste a second, and as quickly as you are sitting on his bed, you are sitting on lap. Holding you close, in a vice like grip with one of his arms, Alastor starts talking 
“How was the rest of your day, my dear?” you open your mouth to start talking, you have so much to say to him. That you were a good girl, that you were ready to do anything to make up for laughing at Angel’s stupid idea of seducing Vox. You are ready to beg for your release. to ask how his day was. But you don’t get to utter a word. 
Alastor quickly and swiftly maneuvers you: now your feet are dangling from the bed, your ass and  legs sprawled out across his lap. A powerful arm locking you to him by the small of your back.
Holy fuck.
“Well my day was downright awful! You see I overheard my pretty pet laughing at the prospect of seducing one of my most infuriating enemies. I’m in the peak of my unforgiving rut ,and all I wanted was the shared pleasure of our bodies as I fuck the darling thing senseless!” he pinches the back of your thigh, hard. You blur out a soft, desperate sigh. 
“Of course, the good girl she is, she went begging for my forgiveness. I didn’t fully give it, of course. That was a harsh offense, what my little doe did. But I did have my fill with her” You try to spea-
Alastor audibly shushes you.
“I did leave her all hot and bothered after spilling my cum all over her maddening little body, of course. I contenplated murdering the bastard demon so he wouldn’t get a chance of even knowing about her existence and what she does to me. But I still suffered with the hellish need of fucking her into oblivion, and pondered a lot about divine justice. So, if I had to suffer this entire day because of her offenses I think it’s only right for that darling doe to get her fill of suffering and punishment hmmmm?
 You try to look back to his face, but you feel the familiar sensation of magic wrapping around your throat. The leash, you are so so fucked. You couldn’t be happier about it.
He tugs at the chain, so your skirt rides up and your ass is totally bare for him and your head is buried in one of his fluffy pillows. With a snap of his fingers your panties disintegrate.
You shiver at the thought of what’s happening next, a delicious sensation that flows across your back and ends up inside your cunt, beginning to turn into a wet mess. He’s gonna spank you like the bad girl you were. He’s not going to be gentle about it either. You can’t wait. It’s gonna hurt, it’s gonna sting, it will leave you bruised. It will be deliciously wicked, like all of Alastor’s punishments. 
You feel another surge of magic, behind the powerful green glow something materializes.
Your horsegirl days back on earth don’t let you down. You recognise it instantly. On his previous free hand he’s holding a riding crop. A big, leather pointed riding crop. 
He’s going to literally whip you into submission. You squirm inside his arm. You can’t fucking wait. You’ve made yourself come a few times after the thought of being literally tamed, broke by alastor. 
You whimper. Alastor’s laugh fills the room.
“So this is how this is going to go, pet. I’m going to whip you lovely ass like the ungrateful slut you are and you are going to thank me for it after every crack of the whip. I’m gonna do this as many times as I see fit. Until your ass is as red as my hair. Until you understand what you did. By the time I’m done you will be begging to be punished more. Are we clear?
You can’t look back at him, but you can feel how his red irises make your skin burn. You like to imagine that his eyes did the thing where they soften for a heartbeat, if you blink you miss it. Waiting for your permission, even now. You are able to muffle a “yes, oh please Alastor, yes”. 
He didn’t even gave you time to process. The whip lands hard on the back of your left thigh. You let out a scream.
“Well?” he asks impatiently as he waits for your “thank you”. Seeing the way the spot where the whip landed turn a lovely shade of scarlet isn’t helping him hold his resolve either.
You wanna do this right, you need this as much as he needs it.
crack. the whip lands on your right thigh, a little lower.
 He whips you even harder, cutting the wind as it lands twice on your left buttcheek. Only four cracks down and you are a whimpering mess. You wiggle instinctively on his lap, seeking some friction, some relief. It hurts so bad, but it feels so good. You don’t know if you can take more. You want it anyway. “thank you, thank you” you whimper. Tears wet your face, arousal wets your core adding to the mess from before he even started.
crack. crack.
 He mirrors his movements to your right buttcheek. “thank yo- Holy fuck Alastor”
one more hit, now hitting both of your buttcheks. 
“I’ve told you many times before pet, there’s nothing holy about what I do to you. I’m gonna break you and then breed you. I won’t give you a moment of respite. And maybe by the end, when your legs are shaking from holding that orgasm you have been desperately chasing since this afternoon, I will be merciful and let you find your release. And we will know who’s really losing control here”
How can he do this to you with only his voice? You are not sure you’ve ever been so aroused in your entire life. You’re so wet, you’re staining Alastor’s pants. As close as you will get to marking him.
There’s a draft coming from the forest of his room, it softly kisses your abused skin, making it sting. You want to see the state of your lower body so badly. The way you’re submitting to him right now, the most sweet form degradation possible. Your eyes are clouded with tears, that line between pain and pleasure being blurred in ways only someone like the Radio Demon could cross. He tugs on your leash, to attract your attention from the sinful, unholy sensations you are feeling so openly, back to him.
Alastor drags the leather point of the whip across your throbbing cunt, collecting the obscene amount of wetness there. “By the 7 rings of hell, what do you have here? Are you such a slut that you are creaming at being whipped into compliance? I could do this all night long. Your ass is already red with regret for your actions but I’m not sure you learned your lesson yet.”
crack. The whip this time lands on your juicy cunt. Your hips trash with the sensation, your demon lover’s name escaping your lips like a prayer.You forget to thank him this time, despite your best efforts. 
“Are you so big of an ungrateful brat that you want this sinful punishment to continue? Not even bothering to thank me, in hopes it will end sooner. You know what you are. Nothing but a hungry greedy whore for the Radio Demon” 
crack, crack. One hit on each cheek. “But I already knew that” and with that mocking tone Alastor lands a  masterful final hit on both of your cheeks. He does have a way of proving his point.
You are fucking sobbing now. Tears coat your cheeks, now a colour so vibrant as the rich scarlet the covers your ass. Alastor knows everything that makes you tick. He knows how close you are to cumming. Cumming for only his masterfully inflicted punishment and his voice. Incoherent whimpers leave your lips “please please please” and soft “ohh and aaah, alastor”
He tugs on your leash again, he knows your body like the palm of his hand, and that you are probably entering the mind numbing phase of the pain and the pleasure. But he still wants your undivided attention. He has whipped you into submission, he still needs to fuck you into submission. 
“And you even made the mess of yourself stain my pants! My god, you are pathetic. Delightfully pathetic” 
Alastor gently runs his clawed hands across your ass, the sharp edges making you hiss. He looks in adoration at the masterpiece he inflicted on you. Your ass and thighs a shade of scarlet to rival his hair, the wetness between your thighs a heavenly invitation. Beautiful. Sinful.  Sacred. He will never forget this, and he will make sure that you never forget it too.
“Now, now, we are done with this my little doe” his voice goes extra soft because you can’t see him with your face buried in a soft pillow. “you were so good for me, you always are” 
The softness and sweetness of his praise makes you sob even harder. It’s maddening. 
He gently maneuvers you further into the bed, making space for himself. 
“But now I’m painfully hard, and I still need to bury myself inside that tight throbbing cunt of yours, so deep it will mark. your. soul.” static picks up around you, a delicious omen of what is about to happen. 
Alastor positions himself behind you, immediately entering you and bottoming out. 
His first thrusts are sharp and deep, as to make his promise of marking yourself from the inside real. He pulls your chains so your scarlet ass is presenting itself to him like the most sinful gift. 
Alastor picks up that breakneck pace of fucking, common to him, specially during his rut. He fucks you like he hates you. As hard as he possibly can, to make you know that you are his and his only. That even thinking of someone else, even as a joke, will not be tolerated. You wanted all of him didn’t you? You’ve made that clear, with words, with actions, with the things your body endures for him. So he makes sure to give you that. 
Moans drip from your lips in a crescendo, you are screaming now, you don’t know how long you will last. It feels so good. That delayed gratification drowning you in maddening pleasure. 
“Who do you think is losing control here?” he asks after a painfully sharp thrust. “Me, or the mess of a slut underneath me? That is screaming my name loud enough for the entire pride ring to know how she loves being fucked like a common whore for the Radio Demon,hmm?” 
One hand pulls your leash upwards, the other your hips. He’s even deeper now, you can feel him in your core.
You don’t reply to the question even though you want to, even though you know the answer. 
“Again, since you like being bred like that so much you are not hearing me” he takes all of his cock out and enters you at once. “Who’s losing control here? Me, or my little plaything with the scarlet ass from being whipped into compliance like the pretty little brat she is?” 
You don’t forget to answer him now, you need to cum, desperately. You withheld your building orgasm  for an entire day, you wanted to be good for Alastor. You wanted to be able to take everything he gives you. The pleasure, the pain, the sinful, delicious depraved torture. “Me, I am!” you scream out. 
Alastor’s pace is becoming erratic, you feel the shadows of his growing antlers cover you.
“Again” he tugs at your collars. Another sharp, deep thrust. 
“Me, i’m losing control” 
“And what are you?” his voice is filled with static now, he’s close too.
“Yours! I’m yours Alastor, yours to fuck, to break, to punish” you cry out in sweet pain and pleasure. 
Another tug, Another painfully sharp thrust 
“I’m only yours Alastor” you finish. 
“Good. girl.” he spaces the words out between thrusts, knowing how you relish in them. 
“You can come now” 
Your orgasm comes crashing down. You grip the sheets like a maniac, your legs shaking so hard Alastor needs to hold them in place. You scream so loud you are sure they can hear you in heaven. You hope they can, so they know. So they know this man owns you. So they know you love him. 
Alastor is not far behind, your cunt tightening around him like a vice. He fucks you specially hard and deep know, delayed gratification hitting all at once. He cums so hard inside you, he’s sure he finally marked your soul. The feeling of his cock twitching and spilling inside you, adding to the indescriptible sensation. You are completely over the edge now, you feel weightless, free falling. 
You know Alastor will catch you.
“Ah! There she is” you open your eyes and feel a soft kiss on your cheek. You are lying on top of Alastor’s chest, he cuddles you gently, making lazy circles on your hipbone but still buried to the hilt inside you. He still plans to give you all of his cum, all he has during his rut,after all. 
“woah, that was… amazing” you say after a while.
“Well, I did whip and fuck you to the brink of insanity my dear. And you came so beautifully for me, you passed out. You’re such a sight pet. I will never forget it.” you blush at his words. You feel so happy. 
Alastor kisses your cheek again, and with a final thrust he leaves you with a obscenely wet noise. You are dripping with his cum, it’s running down your thighs, staining the sheets. 
You whimper in complaint. 
“Ah ,don’t be like that” he laughs, is a genuinely happy laugh. “There’s still plenty of where that came from, but I need my darling doe to rest first” he says. He’s lying you gently on the bed as he gets up. “Don’t leave” you whisper. 
He’s out of the bed anyways, and seems to be on his way to do something. You don’t care, you want him back here, holding you. You don't want him to ever let you go.
“Al, i’m truly sorry about today. You know that, right?” You know that I love you, right?  You want to say, but you are scared that confession is a little much for today. You see where he’s headed now. He opens the bathroom door.
“Don’t even think about it, my dear. It’s all water under the bridge” he says in his usual chirpy tone, louder than the noise of the bath running. “Now you just need to promise me that you will never even let the thought of that pathetic demon cross your mind, my love”
my love.
“And if he ever does, you will let me know. So I can fuck those wretched ideas out of your mind” Alastor is walking back to the bed now. He picks you up bridal style and carries you across the room. You can’t help the hiss that escape your lips as your irritated skin touches him. “I know, I know my dear. We will fix that right up. I can’t have my favourite doe hurting. We still have a long way to go until the end of my rut, dearest” you don’t reply, you are just happy. perfectly happy. You could hear Alastor’s voice for days without complaining. “But you did look so perfect with that scarlet ass on my lap. Crying from how much you love what I do to you. I hope you never forget that” 
You both reach the bathtub, he drops you with all the care in the world inside the water.
“I’m so proud of you. I truly am” the water is warm. The soap smells so nice. He lit candles too. You give in to the soothing sensations. You might have tuned out for a bit, cause you hear alastor calling your name so softly… He says it again, slow, soft, gentle, pleading. As to catch your attention, he has something important to say. “You know how precious you are to me, don’t you my little doe?” “yes” you respond, trying to fight the tears that begin to spill down your face ‘
“Oh my darling girl, why are you crying? There’s nothing to cry about. You are here, safe with me. As you will always be, as is your place.”
“Alastor I-I-” your heart swells, you want to say something. You want to say everything you are feeling. How consuming, in the best way possible, your feelings are for him.
But Alastor is always 10 steps ahead. 
“I know, I know darling” he kisses your hand “I feel it too.” he says. It feels like a confession, it sounds like a confession. The look on his eyes is the one of that mystery that hides there every time his voice in the midst of your passion. 
When you,know you know. your mind reiterates. 
“Let me help you dry those tears. Save them for another day” He holds your face and kiss your lips. “The only thing you need to worry about right now is resting and recovering that luscious body of yours, as well as your brilliant, witty mind”
He hands you a sparkly fancy pink soap, and gets up to find the softest sponge he has stored. 
“Now, I hope you like the smell of these candles, cause I’m not letting you out of my sight for at least the next four days!” 
Alastor continues to chat away sweet nothings as he helps you bathe. Maybe it will take a while for the Radio Demon to say those 4 words out loud. He has enough reason for that, inside that beautiful, complicated mind of his. His actions always speak louder than words, your relationship was proof of that. 
Until then, you will always have sacred moments in crowded rooms, you will always have jokes that only the both of you understand. He will always keep sweeping you off your feet in the most deliciously wicked ways possible. 
Right now, you have him by your side after everything that happened, you have his heart too. You are sure of that. So you don’t mind waiting for him.
Good things come for those who wait.
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timeslugarts · 6 months
OOO Hazbin Hotel requests????
I'll order a Vox with a reader who misses the ocean and the beach. Like take on an almost mystical water creature look and clearly looks like they were made to swim in open waters <33
Vox x Reader with Ocean traits
I hope you like this!! This is my first real request!! I did have a lot of fun writing this :)
Oh gosh I'm nervous lol
Vox looked at his hands, at the room around him. All wires and screens, electronics floor to ceiling.
He didn't understand why you were with the self declared king of the future when you were a mythical creature that belonged to the sea.
You were beautiful, and you were graceful like ocean waves, you even smelled like the salty water of the sea. It wasn't hard to believe that in your "life" you spent your time living on the rocky cliffside, laying in the sand beneath the sun, feeling the gentle waves roll against your body. 
He shouldn't have been surprised when you told him that you had missed it. Hell didn't exactly have beaches, at least not like the ones on the surface.
No warm sun, no salty water.
Vox was nothing if not resourceful though. He had the perfect idea to maybe help ease some of your homesickness. 
You came home from a long day, being one of Voxtech's top secretaries was a very demanding job, but one you enjoyed nonetheless. Plus the boss wasn't too bad to look at.
The smell of the beach was the first thing to hit your nose when you entered your shared flat in the Vee tower. 
"Vox?" You asked into the dark apartment.
"In here my darling~" His voice was buttery and warm. You knew he was up to something, but what, you weren't quite sure yet.
You walked forward to the shared living room where all the LEDs that hung through the corners of the rooms glowed a gentle pink. There were candles lit throughout the room. You picked one up and sniffed.
It smelled like home. 
The label read something like, Sandcastle Surprise *new scent by Voxtech*, which made you giggle. 
You continued your search for your favorite TV, which led your eyes to rest upon a trail of seashells. 
It wound through the hall and ended at the bathroom door. You perked an eyebrow. What on earth and hell was this guy doing?
How did he even find all these shells??
When you opened the door, you gasped. 
Vox was soaking in the tub, bubbles everywhere. The sound of gentle rolling waves played on a speaker nearby. More candles lit up every inch of the counter. And he grinned at you, that stupid lovable grin that made your heart do little flips.
He held out a flute of champagne.
"I thought, maybe you could use a piece of home." You smiled and gladly accepted the glass, climbing gently into the tub with him.
He leaned back so you could see his screen, and then he flipped it to a scene of a beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean. 
It was perfect. You could feel the water against your scales, fins fanning out in the large tub. The sounds of the ocean and the view of your perfect boyfriend's face.
It was like a little piece of heaven in hell.
"Is this Epsom salts?" You asked curiously.
Vox's face flipped back on, "I know right!? This shit rocks!"
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qu1cks1lversb1tch · 15 days
Day In | Vox x Fem Gen Z!Reader
A/N — f/c = favorite color. It's used like once, but I thought I should clarify for anyone who might get confused <3. Just a little nonsense drabble showing what a classic day off could look like.
Warnings: Valentino existing
Word Count: 440
Summary: Spending a day with the Vees in the tower — only so much could happen
Tumblr media
"I hope when you microwave those leftovers later, the container is piping hot but the center of the food is colder than your dead heart." Your cool tone pierced the silence of the room, with your arms crossed over your chest, noting how Vox didn't even look in your direction, instead glancing to Valentino to see his reply.
After what happened in your first month, you weren't all that surprised that he was avoiding you as much as humanly possible.
"I can just mix it up and put it back in for a couple more minutes, I thought you were smarter than that." The moth demon replied.
"That's not the point I'm trying to make, asshole. And you know it."
You had been forced into spending 'quality' time with everyone on the very rare day off.
Avoiding talking to Velvette about the design concepts you drew up for her, and your obvious problems with Vox that stemmed from you being, as he put it: 'a disrespectful little shit'; your only other option was to immerse yourself in spending time with Valentino.
Not your greatest moment.
The bitch wouldn't let you touch the f/c jewels to bedazzle your phone case because he was insistent on using them for his new gun.
It was downright hoe behavior.
"You should calm down, Miel."
You cringed and reached for the glue and the jewels that happened to be your second favorite color. "Don't call me that."
"Why are you taking those ones?" Valentino questioned, glancing at the box of jewels that now laid before you.
"Because I fucking can, Mothman."
"Voxy ~ she's being mean."
The TV demon groaned and looked as if he wanted to slam his screened face into the table until he blacked out from damage to the motherboard.
Velvette snorted and took pictures 'for memories'.
"I wouldn't be mean if you weren't hogging the best color." You huffed, annoyed.
"That's a lie, you and I both know it, babes." Velvette piped up, the sketches before her long abandoned.
"Fine, I'd be less mean. . . What should we eat?" You questioned.
"The flat faced prince picks tonight." Velvette announced.
"Go fuck yourself." Vox said smoothly, although he glitched.
You groaned.
"Pick something good. Or else." You threatened lightly. The boys had a habit of picking stuff only they liked, which left you and Velvette to be the more considerate ones so that you didn't have to hear their bitching.
"Italian?" Vox questioned the table.
"Sounds good." Valentino hummed, placing the last jewel on his gun.
Sounded better than steak for the second night in a row. . . For the second time that week.
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lurochar · 1 month
Relief in Falsehoods
Background Alastor x Reader, One-sided Vox x Reader, One-sided Vox x Alastor
Just wanted to try writing Vox. Hopefully I didn't mess his character too bad
This was a new low.
Even for him.
But how could he help it? He had no idea that old-timey prick and his companion (his lover? wife? Or in deer talk, mate?) had come back after a seven year absence.
It pissed him off.
Because deep down, he still felt that yearning that never extinguished, even after that oh-so brutal rejection he had gotten from Alastor.
Approaching you hadn't even been an option after that either, as Alastor had ‘kindly’ warned him to never step in your presence again.
And now here he was, standing in his penthouse suite, standing tall with his normal cold expression on his flat-screen face, but internally, he felt like the lowest of the low, a loser who couldn't get over his strange obsession over two people he should have forgotten about years ago.
Val had seen the anger and stress and provided him with a simple solution: he sent Vox two of his porn actors to give him the release he desperately needed.
And not just any regular porn actors, Val had gone out of his way to look for ones of this specific type and so Vox had damn better well be happy with it or–
“You're fucking joking, right?” Vox's eyes twitched. He glanced between the two shivering, scantily-clad whores already on their knees, waiting to take orders. 
Val had really sent him two deer demons, one male and one female, in an attempt to get him out of his pissy mood?
This just pissed him off more.
Had it been Alastor or Y/N, that would be a completely different story, but–
“I guess this is what role-play is for.” Vox muttered to himself before his eyes widened and it swirled with hypnotic waves and the two deer whores immediately stiffened as they fell under his trance.
“You,” Vox pointed towards the nameless doe, “until this is done, your name is now Y/N. Is that understood?” He moved to her, disappointed there wasn't much of a resemblance between her and you other than you both were deer demons.
“Yes, Mr. Vox, Sir! My name is Y/N!” She stated, absolutely beaming up at him and then shuddering when he reached down to stroke one of her ears.
“You always were such a sweet little doll, Y/N. Why you are with that radio fucker is beyond me.” Vox's screen glitched as he recalled the true you and how content you were at Alastor's side.
It could have been him.
It could have been all three of you.
Instead of Valentino and Velvette, it could have – should have – been him, you, and Alastor ruling as Overlords as a trio, owning thousands of souls, drowning in money, and just living a life of perfection.
But Alastor threw that all away.
Vox's screen turned red and he turned to look at the buck still on his knees, still looking blank under his hypnotism. “And you, your name is Alastor until I say.”
The buck quickly responded. “My name is Alastor. I understa–” Vox kicked him in the stomach, causing him to double over, though Vox just lifted his head up by his (not red and black) hair.
“Y/N is the lucky one. I don't have much of a grudge against her. But you, Alastor,” Vox sighed, reaching down with his free hand for his belt and the buck began to tremble despite the trance he was under, “this night isn't going to be very pleasant for you. I can't even guarantee you'll leave here alive.”
Hmm, maybe Val was right.
Maybe he really did need this…
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merrygay · 5 months
“Ah ah… What did you say ?”
Alastor x reader
Warning : NSFW, Dacryphilia, Dark Themes, cannibalism, Alastor is a Warning himself. English is not my first language. I’m bad at writing synopsis. I’m bad at writing in general in fact.
Synopsis : Innocent reader tries to make a deal with Vox in order to protect herself from Alastor.
Other : Lovely ; Alastor x reader
(Sorry for the long delay, college is kicking my ass)
It’s been a week since the incident with Alastor happened, he hadn’t touched you since or even come your way.
Though you still tried to avoid him like the plague, every time you saw him, around the corner, in the living room, anywhere, you just quickly run away for dear life.
You were scared, what if this time he eats you for good ? What if he does the same thing he did last time and then proceed to eat you at the same ? You were getting paranoid at this point.
Seeing your small figure scare away from him like the pretty prey that you are made him grin even wider. He was clearly enjoying this, enjoying you, at first he hated that he lost control to a miserable thing like you, but as time passes the idea of a plaything didn’t seem to bother him anymore, especially when he was this hungry.
You've tried to forget what happened, you've really tried, but every night when you're alone in bed, you can't help yourself.
The pulsating feeling between your legs won’t stop, oh poor you, it gets even worse when the image of his head between your legs becomes clearer, his tongue unashamedly licking the most intimate part of your body, making a mess of himself with your juices as they drip from your sensitive pussy while you moan and whimper.
An innocent thing like you can’t even understand why you are feeling like this.
You rub your thighs to cease the sensation the same sensation you felt when he did this forbidden thing to you but it doesn’t work, you keep whining until you finally fell asleep.
You had to find a solution and quick, you don’t know when he’s going to jump on you again and this time eat you for good.
So Here you were, in front of the building of nonetheless than the Vees. It was a dumb idea let’s be honest here. Each step you take to get closer to the doors makes your heart beats faster. Making a deal with Vox must be better than being killed by Alastor right ? Right ?
“You want me to do what now ?”
The man in front of you, with a flat-screen TV for a face, looked at you as if you'd said the stupidest thing in the world.
“Why would I make a deal with an employee of this stupid fucking hotel huh ?”
You swallow nervously at his answer, playing with your fingers as you try to avoid his piercing gaze.
“I-I need to make a deal with you because I heard you are the only one who is as strong as Alastor-“
Vox smiles widen as he seems to like the compliment, “Ahah. Go on, continue I don’t have the whole fucking day” he says tapping against his office table.
You then proceed to explain, trying to avoid some of the… more embarrassing details.
he begins to laugh… laugh ? Why is he laughing ?
“You’re telling me that you are the new toy of Alastor”
He pauses for a second smiling devilishly while looking at you from head to toe
“You know what I’ll make deal with you, stealing Alastor fucking food is much more fun I can’t wait to see the face of this old prick when-”
His TV face starts to vibrate, you could see it was one of the other Vees calling. He puts the call in one of his other TV.
“Hello there, Velvet. How are you this Hellish morning”, in stark contrast to Vox lively greeting, Velvet response was one of pure annoyance.
“Cut the shit vox, i need you up here NOW. Your little boy toy is wracking my department while I tried to put together a show !”
Other voices could be heard behind her notably Valentino’s who was cursing around, yelling and destroying the entire department. Velvet ends the call without giving Vox any chance to say something.
Vox’s smiling face drops, he lets out a loud sigh.
“Here I was.. excited for something… anyway come this afternoon, so we can finalize our deal, I have a fire to put out upstairs”
With that, you leave the building, and quickly go back to the hotel avoiding the sinners running around and killing each other.
You open the doors, but it's strangely quiet - maybe they've gone out, you wonder. You climb the stairs back to your room, but when you finally reach the corridor, you suddenly hear a static sound.
“Are you still going to avoid me hmm ?”
You hear that familiar voice, filtered through the radio, with that all-too-familiar smile. He appeared right in front of you. You flinch and take a few steps back, your legs ready to run in the opposite direction.
He chuckles, his smile widening, awnnn how cute, you're still this scared of him.
“Now now don’t be scared, I just want to have a little chat with you” he says while turning around. Alastor was now walking towards your room Insinuating you to follow him.
“N-no ! I’m not going to, you should stay away from me, I made a deal with Vox !”
As those words settles in, the corridor seemed to shrink, suffocating you in a claustrophobic embrace.
The lights starts to flicker casting grotesque shadows on the peeling wallpaper.
A sudden chill permeated the air, causing goosebumps to rise on your already trembling skin.
“Haha.. What did you say ?” His voice took on a deeper timbre through his radio filter.
An oppressive weight settled over the corridor, squeezing the breath from your lungs and filling your minds with irrational fear.
He turns to you, his predatory eyes shining through the flickering lights. Each step seemed to echo with ominous intent while he grew taller and taller and his antlers increased in size.
"Do you really think he can keep me away from you? I don't think you really understand the situation you're in, my dear… You're my plaything, my prey and my meal. If you utter those stupid words again... I'll end Vox's life and broadcast his screams for every disrespectful wreck who dares to take what's MINE”
You were on the floor, you shaky legs were to weak to stand on their own, while Alastor’s glowing eyes pierced through your soul.
"Have I made myself clear?" He asks, leaning slightly so that his face is close to yours. You nod, lips pressed together, too scared to speak.
He tilted his head, his eyes softened, but the smirk that played on his lips refused to yield, a silent mockery that belied his gentle gaze.
In stark contrast to the anger that had consumed him mere moments ago, his voice now returned to its normal tone as he uttered the words “good girl” while petting your head.
The transition was jarring, as if a storm had suddenly given way to a calm, clear sky, leaving those around him bewildered by the sudden shift in his demeanor.
He straighten up and turns his back to you “Come now, I don’t know for you my dear but all that action has worked up quite an appetite, I'm absolutely famished !” he chuckles darkly as he starts walking towards your room.
He didn't give you time to get up, as one of his tentacles wrapped itself around your waist forcefully.
Next thing you know, Alastor was sitting at the edge of your bed, you straddling his lap facing him, with only your bra and skirt remaining still while your shirt was torn on the floor.
“You are terrible liar” Alastor force you to look at his smirking face.
“You didn’t make any deal .. yet” as he states those words without any warning he bites your neck, you let out a cry of surprise, you tried to get away, pushing him away in vain, he had one firm hand placed on your hips his claws digging in harder and harder each time you moved. Ironically his other hand holds yours in a romantic embrace, your fingers intertwined to his.
“Stay still, or I will devour you. You have no idea how much I’m restraining myself right now little one”, he can't help it, it's been a week since he's tasted you, since he's bitten your pretty little body, everything about you drives him crazy, your smell ahh your smell.
He goes back to your neck this time nestling there, inhaling deeply and then proceed to lick the spot he bit earlier, licking up the blood, his tongue started to go down, until he reached your breasts still covered with your bra, he looks up at you, smirking.
You were a trembling mess, your emotions swirled like a tempest, fear tightening your chest with every breath, embarrassment flooding your cheeks with a telltale blush. Yet amidst the chaos, a stirring of arousal sent shivers along your back, a well too familiar feeling between your thighs started to show up much to your dismay.
His hand, which was on your hips moved with a slow, deliberate, grace, gradually tracing a path upwards, each caress sending shivers down your spine until it reached the delicate lace of your bra.
His eyes were still staring into yours, drinking in your every reaction as his claws ripped the clasp of your bra, freeing your breasts for his hungry eyes to see.
You tried to cover them with your hand but He withdraws it “a-a”, he says sarcastically before his tongue trace a sensual path along your neck, gradually venturing lower and lower, your breath came in shallow gaps, each inhalation tinged with anticipation.
He finally reaches your chest, his tongue tracing precise circles around your nipples, you try to stifle your moans with your hand, but he suddenly bites your breast, making you cry out his name as he chuckles.
He continues for a while without ever ceasing to lick and bite, his hand still intertwined with yours, as you keep whimpering.
He was getting excited each sounds that came out of your mouth made him feral making his antlers grow and his eyes took on a predatory gleam, a never stopping hunger.
Without Warning, he forcefully lifted you from his lap, abruptly changing position as he pushed you down onto the bed, he slid your legs up onto his shoulders, giving him access to your thighs which he didn’t wait a minute before biting on it much more harder this time making you yelp in pain.
You watch his shark like teeth digging into the flesh of your skin, eliciting a crimson flow that trickled down you thigh, his tongue darted out to lap at the blood pooling around the wound, hungrily savoring again the metallic tang of the fluid.
“P-Please stop” you begged, tears rolling down your cheeks. He ignores your plead instead he keeps going, biting your other thigh, licking it and then taking another bite, while he slowly gets closer to your cunt.
His fingers played with the edge of your damp panties, teasing you. Your pussy was dripping wet. Your scent was intoxicating, everything about you was intoxicating, the way he was ruining you, both physically and mentally turned him on even more.
He abruptly ripped out your panties, your pussy was now exposed to him, it took him a lot of restraint for him not to eat you right fucking now, just like before.
His index finger teased a delicate trail along your belly, he descended lower his nail traced a deliberate scratch along your skin, igniting a surge of desire that pulsed through your vein.
You weren’t supposed to feel like this, but instead of hating it, you were desperate, one part you wanted him to touch your pussy, make you feel the same feeling of just pure bliss, and the other part, fear just pure fear.
“P-Please don’t go any lower” you plead again each word punctuated by a stifled sob, but it was too late, the demon before you was too intoxicated by your scent, by your wetness, your whole body really.
Again your pretty little mind had no idea about the struggle he was going through right now, struggling to restrain his cannibalistic impulses, and hearing your cries wasn’t helping at all, in the contrary, he derived such pleasure from your tears.
The way your puffy eyes would look at him, lips cutely pressed together, face flushed ahhh don’t blame him for acting out while you look this delicious.
“I want your soul” the demon says, before his finger applied gently pressure to your sensitive button, making you gasp in pleasure, he stroked circular motions over your clit heightened the pace, while watching your face which was trying not to moan but failed miserably.
“Let’s make a deal”, you were surprised by his sudden request “w-what” you stutters out, is he really suggesting it now ? Like right now in the middle of that ?
You couldn’t think straight you were too absorb by the pleasure he was providing you, you shake your head no, which made him stopped his movements making you whine, you look up at him, with that desperate look on your face.
Suddenly, he thrusts two fingers inside you, causing you to let out a moan of surprise at the sudden intrusion.
Alastor didn’t like the way you reacted to his request and it showed, as he pushes his fingers in and out with a forceful intensity.
He easily found your sweet spot, not letting you the time to process anything, you were a moaning mess at this point, clutching the sheets, fingers digging into the fabric while you begged him to slow down it was all too much for you.
“I will take you under my wig, and in exchange your soul would be mine forever” he declares.
Oh how ironic was it ? The problem himself proposing you this offer, it’s not like this morning you were literally trying to find a solution to get away from him.
You couldn’t reply back, only moans came out of that pretty mouth of yours making him chuckle, the intense heat that was building inside you, ready to be released at any moment was making you dizzy.
And then
He stops
Leaving you in a state of desperate longing, denied the released you craved.
“A-Alastor” you keep whining, moving your hips desperately.
“Accept my deal… just let it go” you couldn’t resist anymore you needed this so badly, you finally nod which made Alastor’s smile became more sinister as he starts to push his fingers in and out again, each stroke hitting your sweet spot harder, his other free hand comes towards yours to take, “it’s a deal then ?”.
The atmosphere changed drastically, Alastor form was becoming more demonic but you couldn’t care less at this point fear already consumed you, you were too absorb on reaching your climax now.
You hold his hand, nodding eagerly, moaning out a yes, and that’s all he needed to hear. Before you know it a collar appeared around your neck its chain dangling freely for Alastor to hold, which he does.
His fingers was buried deep inside your pussy while his other hand grasped the chain of your collar, you were his now forever there’s no going back.
Your body quivered with anticipation as you were reaching you peak, your tried to speak but your words were incoherent, but Alastor knew what you were about to say.
He suddenly buried his face between your legs, his fingers remaining inside you pumping in and out rapidly, while his tongue was devouring your pussy as if each taste was his last.
Your arched your back and with a shuddering gasp your body convulsed letting waves of pleasure washing over you, your moans getting louder as you finally came.
Your juices were all over his mouth and fingers. He eagerly took all in swallowing it without hesitation, while you were laying there panting and whimpering trying to regain some sense.
Alastor straighten himself, pulling out his fingers and bringing it to his mouth to lick it clean while fixing you with an intense gaze.
After regaining some sort of composure, a flicker of realization crossed over your features “n-n-n-noo what have I done !”, your voice rise in panic as you seat up, which made Alastor laugh with mockery each chuckle making you realize even more in what situation you were in now.
You tried to get off the bed but the grip that had Alastor on the chain held you firmly in place.
“Oh my dear, but I’m not done yet” he says before slamming you back into the bed.
Indeed he wasn’t done yet.
It’s 3 am and I hope what I wrote made sense
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