unlikelyanonymous · 10 months
I'm sorry I let you see me unguarded.
Let you see my darkness, left you forever haunted.
I'm sorry I killed you with my insecurities.
The atrocity, your ghost is keeping me company.
I'm sorry If I ever dared to make you cry.
For even the skies could fade at the blue of your eyes.
I'm sorry I could never quite be adequate.
You deserve everything and I'm so horribly limited.
I'm sorry I dreamt of us, peaceful under the moon.
A fever dream for someone who only knows how to ruin.
I'm sorry I blamed everything on the distance.
I can't get you to love me without this deafening silence.
I'm sorry I ever thought that we were binary stars.
Always said "I understand" even with a shattered heart.
I'm sorry I didn't listen to my obscene thoughts.
When they precisely said that misery was all I brought.
I'm sorry my hatred wasn't loud enough to hide yours.
A wreckage cannot be loved. I should've hidden my scars.
I'm sorry I ever let you see the real me.
I'll stay constrained just so you won't leave.
I'll hide myself a little to help you breathe. 
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unlikelyanonymous · 10 months
Green eyes
Green eyes more altering than the phases of the moon itself.
Warm green of honeydew when life strikes with kindness.
At crucial times, a poised snake; cautious and still.
A lurid shade of poison ivy, a secret to unveil.
A sea green touch when victorious. A glory to be held.
A lover's touch, an emerald flush. A fondness to be felt.
A steady green of summer leaves, at humour and sheer delight.
Anger darkens them cold and harsh, to the almost black of woods at night.
An endless chase of grief and despair, a helpless shade of teal.
A bleeding heel and olive green. Your eyes they haunt me still.
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unlikelyanonymous · 1 year
I fell for you gently as leaves do on a dreary autumn evening.
You continued to bloom delicately as you were the sweetest child of spring.
Unnoticed for years, my world has been touched by you.
In running away from home, I found a home in you.
I fell for you, like hades fell for persephone
And I am falling, like moon falls around the earth still.
I write this with my love, hoping that you might see this too.
I share this with the world, but really it only ever was for you.
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unlikelyanonymous · 1 year
You were scared to ruin me
I assured you that you wouldn't
The unsaid truth was this:
I was already ruined
Long before I met you
Long before I knew how to love
And even before you became my home
But you left and it felt like death
Everyone said I'd get used to it
The cruel desire was this:
I don't want to get used to you
I don't want time to heal me
I always want you to be
An unbearable ache that kills me
My mind is being held hostage by you
And even in grief you feel like home
The maddening question is this:
Will you love the monster in me?
Will you love me at the end of the world?
Will you simply just love me?
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unlikelyanonymous · 1 year
Your eyes that once looked like home
Now look like weapons that killed me.
Your face that once spelled out love
Now spells out grief to me.
You once were my cure from humanity,
Now I guess I was never meant to heal.
What once brought out the best in me,
Now brings out the poet in me.
Your soul that once meant beauty,
Now means emptiness and vain.
Our love that once made us soulmates,
Now makes us strangers again.
Your fictive touch, my anxious rush,
Now I know how grief feels.
Your gentle words and brittle oaths,
Now finally I let you ruin me.
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unlikelyanonymous · 1 year
Sometimes I want to go back and hug my younger self, and then I remember I’m still her and I’m still deserving of that love
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unlikelyanonymous · 1 year
If life is a cold, harsh night
You are the moon that makes it bearable
For what other thing would thrive?
Even in the most monstrous forms of dark?
If to love is to rest
Then I will perceive death for you.
For what greater form of rest do we know?
Than to lie in the cold, dark earth forever?
If to long is to grieve
Then I shall make home of a funeral
For what harsher grief it is?
Than to irreversibly lose someone
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unlikelyanonymous · 1 year
Dear universe
At 13 I thought that the universe hates me. For it made me tainted and it made me unlovable. Perhaps it was true; or perhaps I was just 13. Now I finally see that there are things that actually love me.
The darkness holds me still and grief kisses my hand. The demons in my head tell me it'll be fine. And hunger kind of always stays along with this unbearable ache. Longing lingers like a lonely child and sinister thoughts eat me up inside. Years of misery and wishing to be dead. Screams of terror and weeps of fate. But dear universe I wont complain. For dear universe I still am loved.
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unlikelyanonymous · 1 year
Pic via pinterest
Tumblr media
To simply exist in all her devotion.
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unlikelyanonymous · 1 year
The worst thing you ever did was to make me believe I could be loved
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unlikelyanonymous · 1 year
If to love is to rest then I will perceive death for you.
For what greater form of rest do we know than to lie in the cold, dark earth forever?
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unlikelyanonymous · 1 year
Tw: self harm, self loathing
A girl lies on her bedroom floor.
She bleeds through her eyes and cries through her veins.
I watch her helplessly and let her fall apart.
Everyday she fights long lost battles and dies gruesome deaths.
Her life is nothing but a grave full of dead hopes.
I watch her and do nothing.
Perhaps because there isn't much left of her to be saved.
She is covered in bruises I don't recognize her anymore.
I watch her with curiosity.
Her eyes dark and cold like the night itself, she reeks of misery.
A home full of ghosts, none of them remotedly as dead as her soul.
I watch her mercilessly.
After all that's what monsters like her deserve.
I say, and I stop watching her.
No part of her deserves to be loved.
I say, and I step away from the mirror.
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unlikelyanonymous · 1 year
Future love
Perhaps one day you'll hold me, once and forever.
Intoxicated we will be, lost in each other.
And then in the dark, you will touch the right parts of me.
In hushed tones I will show you, that you and I were meant to be.
Then slowly I will learn, how to truly love me.
And gently I will heal, like all my grief ceased to exist.
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unlikelyanonymous · 1 year
Thorn to my rose
Pic via pinterest
Tumblr media
In a room full of strangers, our eyes met in secrecy.
With that striking smile of yours, you simply just ended me.
Gently whispered words killed me more than any poison could.
Loved you way too fondly than any lover ever should.
In frightened voice and shaky hands, I was scared to lose you.
In granted lives and afterlife, I was never meant to have you.
What is life anymore, if not just the absence of you?
Had to watch you bleed to death, what is even left to lose?
Once again in life I am terrified to let you close.
You were my known ruin. A lethal thorn, my gentle rose.
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unlikelyanonymous · 1 year
What a subtle form of self harm it is to love you.
Such a gruesome death to die.
What a comfort it is to be to be loved by you.
Such a torment it is to be not.
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unlikelyanonymous · 1 year
I want to kill myself just enough for you to visit. Atleast then I'll get to see you somewhere that's not just my dreams.
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unlikelyanonymous · 1 year
Pic via pinterest
You were like the sea
Tumblr media
The delicate intimacy of you visiting my dreams. Only then I get to see you.
The sea, with all its hurricanes, all its storms. It reminds me of you.
Watching you fall in love and out of love. But never with me.
You were like the sea, with all its stillness. And all its peace.
My intense longing for you to stay. So hopeless yet so ardent.
Because just like the sea you were. Always changing yet so persistent.
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