writing-prompt-s · 2 days
You are a super hero named “Hammerspace” due to your ability to seemingly pull objects of any size out of a magic bag. In actuality, you stop time and just grab stuff from your surroundings. You were captured by your nemesis and he is super confused as to why the bag won’t work when he uses it.
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theplottery · 2 days
Cheat-sheet to spot info dumps
When you get deep into your project, it can become difficult to spot things that may be telling too much to your readers.
Here’s a cheat sheet of questions you can ask yourself to spot them more easily, organised into categories you might find in your book.
📚 Dialogue
Would your character actually say this if you didn’t think that information was necessary for the reader?
Is all the information they give in that sentence actually necessary to make their point?
Are the characters discussing something they both already know?
Are you slipping in an extra descriptor or an explanatory sentence because you don’t trust the reader to understand?
📚 Internal monologue
Does the character give details that aren’t actually relevant to the reader in this moment?
Does the character immediately explain all their relationships to each new character we meet?
Are they reflecting on backstory at a relevant point in time and is that backstory actually important to the current plot?
Does the character immediately tell us exactly how they feel when a certain thing occurs?
📚 World-building
Do you open the story with a prologue that sets up the mechanics and legends of the world?
Do your characters discuss something about the world they would already know?
Do you stop to explain every new thing that you think is unusual in the narrative, because you don’t trust the readers will piece it together as they read?
📚 Descriptions
Are you spending too much time controlling the visuals of a story? Do the details you’re describing need to be a certain way?
Are you describing every character head-to-toe as soon as we see them, including the protagonist, to control how your readers see them?
Are you describing things in the scene that the character doesn’t even interact with, and they don’t actually serve to paint an atmosphere or a character?
Do you linger on details that will become important later, and describe them in a way that doesn’t correspond with the narrator’s current knowledge of events?
📚 Foreshadowing
Are you giving away the message of your story too quickly or too brazenly?
Are you outright telling your readers what your protagonist’s internal flaw or misbelief is, which they hope to overcome by the end of the book?
Do you put way too much attention on a detail that will become important later?
Do you use sarcasm to outright tell the readers what’s going to happen?
Want a more organised approach to your writing?
Tumblr media
Grab The Writer's Toolboox through [the link here] or below!
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writingdotcoffee · 2 days
Don’t give up, and don’t lose your stubborn belief that you have a story worth telling. I’ve had so many people tell me over so many years that I didn’t have the qualities needed to be a writer.
Devi S. Laskar
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Trope of the day is… return to hometown. The main character returns home for the holidays, special events or emergencies. Often after not having been in town for some time.
Can go both ways: either their hometown hasn't changed at all and all their high school friends are still there and the town still has the same traditions or their hometown has changed so much that they can hardly recognize it.
Oftentimes the main character themself has changed a lot and doesn't really fit in there anymore. Gets help with finding their true self again from the guy who used to live next door when they were kids.
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nikswonderland · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
lately i’ve been wondering why i love movies so much. yes i love the fantasy of film, but i think it’s also because i find it fascinating how movies stay the same forever even after so much time has passed and so many things have happened. i guess it’s reassuring to know i can always put on finding nemo and know that after marlin’s long journey through the ocean...he will always find nemo. it’s comforting and comfort to me is everything. especially in this world where things can be uncomfortable and unexpected. i also feel this way about the trees and flowers, i love how i know they will grow back in their familiar beauty every spring.
🎧: the gold - phoebe bridgers version
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"Are you busy right now? I need a favor."
"No, not busy. Unless the favor is to talk to [X], then I am so, so busy."
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😈 You are not bound by the Hays code.
😈 You are allowed to have evil characters who are not punished by the narrative by the end of the story.
😈 You are allowed to have evil characters who win.
😈 You are allowed to have evil characters who make evil look fun and cool.
😈 You are allowed to make your fun, cool evil character the protagonist.
😈 You are allowed to glorify, romanticize and eroticize evil characters and villainous acts.
😈 You are not obligated to teach your audience a moral lesson.
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inky-duchess · 1 day
Fantasy Guide to A Great House (19th-20th Century) - The Lives of The Family
Tumblr media
When we think of the Victorians, the grand old Gilded Age or the Edwardians, we all think of those big mansions and manors where some of our favourite stories take place. But who lived here and what did their lives too like?
Who are the Family?
Tumblr media
The family are the owners of the house. They are the employers of the servants, the caretakers of the house/estate. Since we're discussing a great house family, they are usually upper-middle class or nobility. A family can consist of a couple and their children but since great houses are so large, sometimes extended family members would live with them such as unmarried aunts or widowed mothers.
Roles Within the Family
Tumblr media
In this era, the gentleman of the house would be the head of the unit, even if his wife holds their title in her right. They were in charge of hearing the troubles of the tenants, they would meet with representatives from the estate, deal with lawyers and other officials. He would often meet with the butler to discuss the household but would not be totally involved in its day to day running.
The lady of the house was heavily usually involved in the running of the household. She would meet with the cook daily to discuss menus, work with the housekeeper to ensure the smoothing run of the house during and outside events, keep an eye on the household accounts, the stock of supplies and the welfare of the servants. She would be in charge of her daughters' education and would will also be heavily involved with the local charities of the region.
Children lived relatively seperate lives from their parents. They would usually be cared for by nannies, nursemaids or governesses. They would eat seperately, sleep in the nursery and usually be left behind while their parents travel for the Season. Sons may be educated outside the house, usually sent off to boarding school. When they are passed their education, they would move out of the house (unless they were the heir, then they may be expected to stay around) and join high society. Daughters would live at the house until they are married. It's common for unmarried daughters to remain in the household as spinsters, even after the death of their parents. Daughters would be educated in the house by their governess and their mother.
The Daily Schedule
Tumblr media
Morning: At 9, the family would be awoken by the arrival of their hot water. Married ladies have the luxury of staying in bed to eat breakfast. Valets and lady's maids would arrive to dress the family after being summoned by the bell. Unmarried women and the men of the house would eat breakfast in the dining room. After breakfast, the couple would withdraw to their business of the day, such as meeting with estate agents or dealing with paperwork. Just before midday, the lady of the house meet chef to discuss menus. The children would go off to their lessons with their governess or tutors. Luncheon would be served at 1. After luncheon, the ladies of the house may travel to appointments such as fittings or paying calls to friends.
Afternoon: Tea would be served around four. After the tea is finished, the children would be brought down to spend time with their parents. With tea finished, the gentleman and lady would finish their work.
Evening: At 8, the butler signals the start of supper giving the family and any staying guests, 15mins or more to get ready. Valets and lady's maids would already be upstairs at this point, helping their master/mistress with dressing. When the family head downstairs, they linger in the drawing room to chat. They would dine together. The ladies would adjourn to the drawing room for coffee and tea while the men stay in the dining room to drink and smoke. When the men have finished, they join the ladies before going up to bed.
Social Aspect of the Great House
Tumblr media
One of the main functions of a great house is society. The family would host gatherings in the off season when they aren't in the city for the social season. If one lives in the country, one might be expected to host relatives on hunting/stalking/fishing holidays. All those extra rooms can be let to guests staying the night. Bachelors would be kept on seperate floor from the unmarried daughters with couples rooming together or side by side. The Great House family is expected to be gracious hosts and spare no expense to their visitors. Servants would have to do many times more work and put up with a lot of nonsense because of the added work load.
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ashen-crest · 2 days
would you like to be tagged in writing tag games?
I did this a few months ago, but it seems there are a bunch of new writers floating around, so I’d like to build a new list!
If you’d like for me to tag you in writeblr tag games, like Find the Word/Word Search, picrews, snippet-sharing/last line, etc- please like, reply, or rb this post!
You can also specify if you like or don’t like a particular game, and I’ll make a note of that in my little list. Having a list makes sure I’m not tagging the same three people in all my games. :)
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ceramicteapot · 3 days
it's a tuesday morning and your heart sinks. everything it calls out for isn't there. but you still toast some bread. you still taste the mint in your toothpaste. you collect yourself back up and start a day you want to skip.
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eventually27 · 3 days
Omg can't wait to read your smuts about my request of Frankenkyle 😭😭
Here we are, sweetness, sorry its a quick one💙🩵
While helping Kyle learn to communicate better, things get heated (Warnings, smut,intercourse)
Tumblr media
"Let's go bitches" Madison strutted round the room in her tiny dress, everyone was getting ready to go out, but it wasn't really your thing, Madison noticed you weren't ready, "Ah good you can stay and look after zombie boy, make sure he dosnt kill anyone" she pointed at Kyle, you hated the way she spoke about him, like he was an object, HER object. " That's fine, we can carry on with our word cards, can't we, Kyle? I'd rather spend time with him anyway. " You shot a look of anger at Madison, "whatever he's mine when I'm back, laters. " she slammed the door behind her. You were so glad she was gone.
"Shall we go upstairs and get started, Kyle?" You took his hand and led him upstairs. He smiled while squeezing your hand in approval. You had been spending time with Kyle every day working together to help get him back to himself or at least a version of himself. Well that was when Madison wasn't trying to have her fun with him.
You both entered your bedroom, you sat together both cross-legged on the floor. Kyle had been doing so well. He had learnt nearly all the basic words to help him communicate with everyone easier. You started holding up some hand-made flash cards with different words on them, "f-f- food, e-e- eat, d-d- drink," Kyle pointed at each of the cards successfully. "Well done, Kyle." You were so happy he was getting better. You then moved on to the harder cards, Kyle starred at you blankly, then at the card and back at you, he put his head in his hands and started to hit himself, "i-im stupid, s-stupid, stupid, s-stupid" Kyle's eyes were filled with disappointment. "Kyle, no, you're not stupid. You never have been. We just need to help you remember, that's all. You're doing amazing, I don't want to hear you talk like that. It upsets me. " You took Kyle's hands and removed them from his head to hold them. Kyle put his arms around you to embrace you, " I-I I don't love Maddison, I-I love you." Kyle took your head in his hands and kissed you softly on the lips. You kissed him in return, his soft lips felt like they belonged on yours, but you had to pull away to say, "I love you too Kyle". This time, he kissed you with more force. You felt his tongue searching for a way in, your tounges brushed against each other, both savouring every taste, Kyle took your hand and placed it on the hardness in his jeans. He still wasn't the best at communicating what he wanted, but from how hard he was, you knew. You signalled for him to remove his jeans, which was done with urgency, while you slid down your leggings. You placed your hand on his boxers and you could feel a wet spot from pre cum, this made your clit pulse. You lowered his boxers and his hard cock slapped against his stomach, you took it in your hand and began to play with it, Kyle let out a moan, He reached his hand around placed it between your legs, he could feel you were wet through your underwear, " t-this okay?" Kyle was gentle and sweet, but animalistic and sexy too. You took down your underwear with your spare hand to give him permission. He wasted no time slipping his fingers inside you, you felt his cock twitch as you let out a moan, you slipped your hand up and down him with ease your hand was wet from his pre cum. "Ready?" Kyle started to kiss you again while pushing your body down so he could get between your legs. He kissed down your neck, and across your collarbone, you felt him rub his tip upaginst your clit and move down to your soaked entrance, he slipped himself in and you both let out a moan, He sped up his pace, every thrust making you pulse, you dug your nails into his back, this only made him thrust harder, you loved how he could be so rough but so gentle at the same time. You closed your eyes while moaning as you were getting closer and closer to your climax. When you opened, them you could see Kyle staring at you in amazement, he loved seeing you in pleasure, he loved he was the reason for it. " Kyle I'm I'm going to cum" you moaned, "m-me too" he replied, he was looking at you doe-eyed, his hair wild, you wished in this moment you could take a picture with your eyes, he gently kissed your lips as he felt you begin to tighten around his cock, as you moaned it made him explode inside you, you felt every drop inside of you. You both laid there in each others arms in awe, "I-I love you Y/N," said Kyle, "I love you too," and you wished you and both never had to leave the room.
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writing-prompt-s · 1 day
A mark on your forehead identifies the god you must worship to stay alive, usually by joining its local church or temple. Your mark is unknown, meaning an old, forgotten god sponsored you. To survive, you must either find an old temple to worship at, or do the arduous task of building a new one
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theplottery · 1 day
5 signs your novel pacing is off
Here’s are some ways to recognise potential pacing issues in your novel. Most of the tips I found online for this were very detail-focused, but I think pacing issues tend to come from bigger root causes.
Do you feel like your book drags or moves too quickly? Here are some tell-tale signs to pay attention to →
Filler & transition scenes
Do you have a scene in your chapter where nothing substantial happens but you felt you needed it there to connect things up? You don’t. You don’t need it.
If you can’t pinpoint an important development for the overall story in your scene, it’s likely that scene will fall flat and feel boring.
Unnecessary description
Is that thing you’re focused on describing actually important? Does it tell us something about the character, about the atmosphere & tone of your story? Is it important to the plot?
If you have to force a “yes” to any of these questions, you can most likely delete that description.
Quick action scenes
Pacing action scenes can be difficult! You don’t want to rush through it so your reader can’t even process what happened, but you also don’t want to pause to describe everything and water down the immediacy of the action.
So focus on finding natural breathers. These can be moments where the character pauses for a second to process. Use them to slow the pacing and let the gravity of what’s happening settle in your readers' heads too.
High focus on plot
This one is all about pacing that’s way too fast. If you find yourself speeding through your outline and your plot beats, and running out of story to tell, it’s a sign you are prioritising the plot to the detriment of characters and tone.
Plot is there to structure your story and hold it together, but you need to allow time for reflection, character development, and setting.
Action is nothing without reaction.
Consider sentence structure
This tip is more detail based — for pacing within a scene or a paragraph.
If you feel a small part of your chapter may be dragging, examine the way you structure your sentences. Are they all lengthy run-ons? Or do you have a few shorties to break it up? Varying the way you structure your sentences can do wonders for readability and immersion!
Want a more organised approach to your writing?
Tumblr media
Grab The Writer's Toolboox through [the link here] or below!
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writingdotcoffee · 9 hours
I do not write with ease, nor am I ever pleased with anything I write. And so I rewrite.
Margaret Mitchell
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bodhrancomedy · 9 hours
You know what trope fucks?
The scene where the villain sends the underling that’s just turned traitor to go “quietly” bring in the hero’s family/friends/teacher/vulnerable dependent with the intention of using them as a hostage and the intended victim(s) not only see through the ruse BUT THEN KICK THEIR ASS.
Like I always love the “seemingly defenceless character kicks ass by being unpredictable trope”, but the extra spice of the narrowed eyes and the tests and then Oh Fuck You?
At least give the people a chance and not immediately be demoted to Damsel/Dude-in-Distress.
Also, opportunity for a cracking and interesting fight scene? Sign me up.
Inject it straight into my veins.
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definegodliness · 1 day
As a boy I lost my fear of thunderstorms when the violent spring ended the reign of the first seemingly endless pallid winter. I welcomed the roar of heavens as a herald of great expectations. Relief, I felt, when the pristine opaque pall at long last turned dark, and brooding. I watched the skies flash and swirl in the distance, as if following the hand of a master painter. With arms spread wide, reaching high, I embraced the cataclysmic rain, which, albeit announced, crashed down in an unexpectedly acute downpour. That small moment in time, I felt alive. And when lighting inevitably struck, I let it travel throughout me — consume me, till one with my core. It was the purest euphoria. Overflowing, overwhelming love to last a lifetime. The essence of fire, mine. I cradled it inside. A forest's old grown tree at long last struck by lightning. And, although your razing flame left but an empty husk, I do fill dead wood with gratitude. I felt alive. I was alive. For a little while. Thanks to you.
27-3-2023, M.A. Tempels ©
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