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LOOK AT ALL THE SLEEPY MICKEYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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p4rallel-universe 5 months
bros i have been SO inactive i am so sorry
just the holidays obviously, was setting up a new phone, etc
in the new year expect things to get back in order !!
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p4rallel-universe 5 months
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mickey milkovich in may i trim your hedges?
so, uh, what are you going down for, then?
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Tumblr media
鈽侊笍 enid sinclair x masc!reader request: May I request Enid Sinclair X male reader relationship Headcanons? 鈥 @rainbowsixreader
Tumblr media
you guys are always together, and if you're not because of schoolwork or classes or whatever, enid's with wednesday all sad and missing you
sneaking into eachother's dorms after-hours
you've gotten caught a couple times but you've always gotten out of too much trouble
enid's gotten caught too but somehow she just never faces any consequences ??
like she could be just at the door of your room, about to knock, and a teacher sees her
and you cant really hear what shes saying from inside your room, but shes having a conversation with the teacher and then it all goes quiet
you get a text a minute later and shes just like 'teacher saw me, ill be like 5 minutes late !'
and the five minutes later she just shows up ???
its wild
you ask her how she did it and she just smiles and shrugs, and changes the subject
as we know, she takes the poe cup very seriously, that doesn't change when she's with you
if you're not competing, then youre helping her team, decorationg the boat, planning strategy, whatever youre good at to help her out
if you are competing, shes very closed off on the matters of anything to do with it, yes she loves you but youre also the competition
matching outfits to the rave'n !
matching everything actually
she finds something she thinks is pretty and theres two of them? one goes to you !
she gets so happy when she sees you with/wearing the things you gave her
and its things like socks to jewellery to matching pens
you two definitely have matching charm bracelets, those heart best friends necklaces, rings, earrings if your ears are pierced, everything
it fills her with so much joy
back to sneaking into eachothers dorms
she brings snacks and blankets, and a new one of her soft toys every time
youre good friends with her toys, and even though its like choosing a favourite child, the two of you definitely have favourites she's brings around/you guys cuddle with more often
she loves sleeping in your arms
cuddling is a MUST
she loves being close to you
she spends as much time with you as possible
youre also safe from her gossip blog! shed rather die than spread rumours about you
that鈥檚 all i could think of for now, but i always have more thoughts and ideas so totally feel free to request more!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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p4rallel-universe 5 months
hiiiii <3 i have another request for ian
i was just thinking of ian with a boyfriend that knows how to sing, and one day his boyfriend is singing while doing work and ian wants to spend some time with him so he sits on his boyfrien's lap while he sings to ian until they can sleep together.
(i also have quite some other ideas for him i hope u like them lmao)
plssss send them all my way chick-anon 馃檹馃檹
will get to work on that idea between now and the new year
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p4rallel-universe 5 months
whenever i think about Lip i totally love him, but when i actually watch Shameless he pisses me off so much 馃槶馃槶
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Enid Sinclair - Christmas at the Sinclair's
Tumblr media
Fandom: Wednesday
Oh she does not want to go. Does NOT want to go.
As much as she does love her family despite everything, she does not want to be around them. For good reasons. And the holidays get even worse with more pack members coming over and young wolves and her mother-
She's ready to scream just thinking about it and you try to calm her down and offer to go with her as support?
She's so grateful but also doesn't want you to meet them or have your winter break entirely ruined.
When you get to her house it's already a whirlwind of rowdy werewolves roughhousing and knocking things over, the bent branches let you know the tree has already been victim to a few falls.
Her mother is rushing around and barely greets you both with a eying up to you and gripping Enid's chin for a few rude questions before going back to what she was doing without waiting for an answer.
Enid sighs and leads you to her room, it's very small and cramped but being the only girl she's still happy she gets to have her own. It's much less colorful and...Enid, but you don't comment on that.
You hear her extended family arrive before you see them, as they arrive like a herd of bulls charging into the house.
Hopefully you like red, extra-rare meat, because that's every meal with a very small and usually neglected bowl of vegetables.
Especially Christmas dinner, a large variety of red meets and a few other dishes (rolls, mac & cheese, 1 bowl of cheese Broccoli only Enid touches). For your own safety, let her get your plate for you, the wolves have no manners but she will fight for you.
You had brought a little gift for each of her brothers to be polite but upon meeting them, decide to get a refund or hand them to someone else you know.
When it's time to pass out gifts and open them, it's a frenzy of young wolves going after gifts and their parents cheering on their behavior, you and Enid safely sit out of the fray beside her father. You quietly hand him the gift you brought and he smiles when opening it.
One of her brothers goes tumbling into you harshly while fighting with another and Enid is pissed. Immediately springs up with her claws out and gives him a deep scratch across his face and growls at him to stay away from you.
You calm her down and pull her back to you side so she doesn't really get pulled into it, despite her mother telling her to "Get in on it!"
Not long after you slip away easily unnoticed back to her room, and give her the gifts you brought and spend the evening cuddling and trying to ignore the ruckus outside.
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p4rallel-universe 5 months
do you have any works in progress rn? i want to request something, but i don鈥檛 want to overwhelm you.
i always have works in progress lol i'm super chaotic when it comes to writing
feel free to send the request anyway as my reqs are always open 馃憤馃憤
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p4rallel-universe 5 months
Do you write for teen wolf or twilight ?
i could probably, haven't watched teen wolf in YEARS but could always try
never seen twillight but i could maybe get a general idea for a character
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p4rallel-universe 5 months
probably gonna be a bit inactive because of xmas
happy holidays everyone 馃憤馃憤
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p4rallel-universe 5 months
ummm could you maybe write some enid x himbo reader hcs?
love your work btw 馃馃徎馃馃徎
Enid Sinclair x Himbo! male reader
Tumblr media
i feel like a himbo is just Enid's type tbh
someone sweet, honest and, of course, gorgeous
Enid is a little smaller than average, and she loves having a boyfriend who's taller than her
finds the height difference between you both hot and also just pretty convenient - how helpful to have someone to reach the top shelves!
speaking of - you're always doing chivalrous things
carrying her books for her, holding her hand wherever you go, holding her bag, jacket, phone
she finds it so adorable and swoons
really enjoys the whole picture perfect romance you have going on
having a tall, goldenhearted boyfriend was literally her dream since she turned 12
Enid, herself, is possibly the sweetest girl there is
for some people (ie. Wednesday), your combined levels of sweetness could honestly be considered lethal
you're not the brightest when it comes to school, so she reguarly hosts study dates
most of the time, you don't get much studying done. at all
but when you really put your mind to it - like, if you have a big test coming up - the little sessions prove really helpful
Enid practically throws a party in celebration when you get an A on a test you studied day and night for
she loves your good heart. you're sweet and thoughtful, but you stand up for what you believe in.
your perfect balance between gentle and determined makes her swoon
loves to pick matching outfits for the two of you, and you wear them with no questions asked just because it makes her so happy
she takes a million selfies no matter where you go and you always stop what you're doing to pose, just to make her smile
if you aren't already a social media addict, she ends up converting you, and you have SO many posts dedicated to her
she almost cries whenever she sees a new one, she lies in bed looking through all the TikTok videos, the Instagram posts
and the highlight you have titled "< enid 3 馃挒馃挅馃挍馃挄馃А馃挋"
(Wednesday is fed up of seeing her so sickeningly overjoyed, rolling around in bed)
if you play a sport, she's at all the games
and is SO stealing all your hoodies and jerseys
always steals your clothes - which are all big on her - just because she loves the way you smell
especially with her heightened sense of smell
gets so giggly whenever you're just really cute without realising it
like when you compliment something small or specific on her or just flash a lovely smile
she loves your smile. how it reflects your cheerful self
she loves that you're sweeter than most guys
for example, you never pressure her into anything
you're not so good with words, so you usually express your love through actions or acts of service
sometimes though, you say the sweetest things without even trying
like once, while making out on Enid's bed, you just looked in her eyes and told her, "i could kiss you forever"
she. died
(well, not really. because if she had died, she wouldn't have been able to practically jump on top of you to kiss you even harder than before)
in short - sweet, energetic Enid + sweet, dim but caring bf = perfect couple
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Hold, Nicknames, and Unique for Xavier please!
H, N and U - Xavier Thorpe Fluff Alphabet
Hold 鈥 How do they hold you? Cuddling, sleeping, holding hands鈥
Xavier seems like he lies in the fetal position when sleeping alone, like he has to be entirely curled up, lots of pressure all around him - this translates well into cuddling, as he basically just holds you tightly, pressed against him and he lets you curl up into him, which is his ideal.
is very intruiged by your hands. plays with your fingers whenever you're holding hands, traces the back of your hand and draws little shapes. ALWAYS presses your hands together and holds them there for a couple seconds before clasping them together.
Nicknames 鈥 What do they call you, and what are their favorite things to be called?
he lets a nickname slip out one day because he calls you it in his head, then he just starts using it all the time
doesn't seem like the type who uses petnames like, "baby" or "sweetie" or anything, probably just makes a nickname from your name, like, by shortening it or something
if you want to call him a nickname he'd prefer the same, just a shortened version of his name - eg. Xav or Vie
(jokingly) calls you his muse
Unique 鈥 What鈥檚 an unusual thing about them that鈥檚 oddly charming?
takes like, really good care of his hair.
he doesn't put in much effort at all with skincare or working out or anything, and he doesn't care about his clothes being covered in paint, or his hands, face, anything being dirty with whatever material he's using for his art
but he has a 5 step process for his hair, and keeps his MANY products hidden away and concealed because he doesn't want anyone to know about his deep dedication
it, obviously, makes his hair very, very soft. so nice to play with.
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p4rallel-universe 5 months
Headcanon Game - A to Z (NSFW)
Hey guys! I thought I鈥檇 so something fun this weekend, so I did my best to sexualize the alphabet and turn it into a headcanon game!
So here鈥檚 how it works. You send me a character (or a few), and the corresponding letters that you want me to answer for them!
A = Aftercare (What they鈥檙e like after sex) B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner鈥檚) C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically鈥 I鈥檓 a disgusting person) D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs) E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they鈥檙e doing?) F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual) G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc) H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.) I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect鈥)聽 J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon) K = Kink (One or more of their kinks) L = Location (Favourite places to do the do) M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going) N = NO (Something they wouldn鈥檛 do, turn offs) O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc) P = Pace (Are they fats and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.) Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.) R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.) S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last鈥) T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?) U = Unfair (how much they like to tease) V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make) W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice) X = X-Ray (Let鈥檚 see what鈥檚 going on in those pants, picture or words) Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?) Z = ZZZ (鈥 how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
I鈥檒l have this running all weekend, so feel free to drop by!
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p4rallel-universe 5 months
i want to do smth like this, so feel free to request a few letters at a time for any character 馃憤
Fluff Alphabet Template
I've seen so many of these, and a lot of them are super similar, but I couldn't find one I really liked... so I made my own! Feel free to share it around and use it yourself!
Send me a character (or a few) & some letters!
Activities 鈥 What are their favorite things to do with you? How do you spend your free time?
Boo! 鈥 How do they feel about surprises, giving and receiving?
Comfort 鈥 How do they comfort you when you鈥檙e upset? When the tables turn, do they come to you, or try to handle it themselves?
Dance 鈥 Do they like to dance with you? How good of a dancer are they?
Excitement 鈥 How do they act when they鈥檙e excited? What excites them?
Future 鈥 What are their plans for the future? Do they see themselves getting married, having kids?
Gifts 鈥 What do they give you as presents? How often do they get you gifts?
Hold 鈥 How do they hold you? Cuddling, sleeping, holding hands鈥
Ideal 鈥 What鈥檚 their ideal date like?
Jealousy 鈥 Do they get jealous easily? How do they handle it?
Kisses 鈥 How do they like to kiss you? How frequently do you kiss?
Love 鈥 How do they show you that they love you?
Melt 鈥 What do you do that absolutely makes them melt?
Nicknames 鈥 What do they call you, and what are their favorite things to be called?
Obvious 鈥 How obvious do they make it that they like you?
Pets 鈥 Do they have pets? Do they want them?
Quiet 鈥 How are the calm, quiet moments with them?
Romance 鈥 How romantic are they? What are their go-to ways of being romantic?
Safe 鈥 What makes them feel safe and comfortable around you?
Tend 鈥 How do they act when you鈥檙e hurt or sick, and vice versa?
Unique 鈥 What鈥檚 an unusual thing about them that鈥檚 oddly charming?
Variety 鈥 Do they prefer to keep things the same, or spice it up?
Wash 鈥 What鈥檚 it like taking a bath with them, or helping them wash up after a fight?
XO 鈥 How do they show you affection? How much PDA are they willing to show?
Yearn 鈥 What do they do when they miss you?
Zzz 鈥 How do they act when they get sleepy? How is it sleeping in the same bed?
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p4rallel-universe 5 months
begging for requests rn 馃檹馃檹
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p4rallel-universe 5 months
OMG hi! Can you do Xavier x Satyr male reader who does beautiful floral arrangements
Xavier Thorpe x Satyr! male reader
Tumblr media
when brooding Xavier meets a carefree satyr - aka. you, even he's surprised by the connection you made almost instantly
you met when you stumbled upon Xavier's art shed
you were running around the woods, dancing through without a care in the world, when you found the rustic little building
it's kinda weird how you hadn't noticed it before, given how much time you spend outside going anywhere and everything
but you probably just never took notice before, which is a common enough occurance for you
inside you found Xavier, your classmate who'd always kind of just been there
introspective and very intruiging. but still, just there
besides, he'd been dating Bianca up until recently, which was not the type of drama you wanted to involve yourself in
you preferred to just float through life, going off your own feelings and feeling free
Xavier was a bit stand offish initially, this was his private space and he was wary for someone to intrude on that
however, you capture his attention. something about your rugged, wild appearance. the easy, breeze you carried around with you.
he figured you could end up a great muse
and now here you are, different but together
he paints you. a lot
he captures you, existing in the vast forest, or a shimmering lake. he brings it to life
he paints you in his special way that makes you glow off the canvas
he realises you aren't just a "free spirit"
in fact, you can be even more introspective than he is
you're very in touch with life, and he adores it. he wants to reach inside your head and paint your feelings to life in a way that he can understand.
you see a million worlds existing inside a star, a dying flower
you talk to him for hours about the legends of Dionysus, and he thinks deeply about it.
he tries to capture the stories you tell - golden halls, the waters of Greece, grapes and wine, dances. he even gifts you a couple to lay at your altars to the diety.
you're in love with life, and he's in love with that about you.
when he sees what you can do with flowers, he's amazed
he thinks of it as an art form, how you can capture a moment with the right arrangement.
you pick wild flowers and arrange them perfectly. capturing a moment of love in a bouquet. when you gift them to him, his face lights up and you want to find a flower that holds the same beauty.
he keeps them pride of place at his workstation, and he paints every last one so he can never forget every arrangement.
you always have flowers knotted perfectly into your hair, and one day you convince him to let you make him a crown of them.
choosing the softest yellows and purest whites, his long, soft hair is the perfect canvas for your art form of choice.
when he looks in the mirror and realises he is as much your muse as you are his, his deft hands hold your face and he kisses you
it's sort of peaceful and holy, whenever you kiss
aside from all the deep, romantical aspects, it can't be ignored that Xavier is a goofball at heart and after all, you are the life of the party
you can't be the sidekick-creature to the god of partying, sex and wine without having a little a lot of fun
Xavier is surprised by how full of life he becomes with you - he wants to kiss until he can't breathe, he wants to run next to you and never stop running, he could talk forever and think forever and live forever
and, of course, he lets you get him drunk. on numerous occasions
which is really a sight to see
(Xavier is the kind of drunk who goes on long rambles about the dumbest things, then slips in one or two genuinely extremely deep, valuable statements then just goes back to nonsense)
in short - it's possibly the best combination ever, birthed from a chance encounter
A/N - i ADORE this concept so much @thisrequester i love u more than anything ever
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p4rallel-universe 5 months
awkward phonecall
Tumblr media
A/N - this is based off of a scene in the movie Metal Lords, which is a very good movie and should be watched by everyone.
summary: Enid has a crush on the reader, who has psychic/telekinetic powers. after sitting in on one of this light-hearted exchanges with Bianca, Enid sees a chance and takes it.
"you know, you do seem pretty gay to me, Y/N." Bianca is teasing you, as usual.
you could say the two of you have a love-hate relationship. mostly hate. and not really love. maybe...despise-tolerate?
sitting in the courtyard, at a bench and table is you, Bianca (of course) and a few of your classmates. this group includes Enid Sinclair, your bright, bubbly friend, who's been acting kind of different recently. you haven't told anyone, but you have a bit of a crush on her. you're pretty sure she's into Ajax though, which is fine, you're not gonna push.
"i am not!" you reply, faking offense.
"something about your hair, your voice, the way you walk. so...basically everything." she smirks and you roll your eyes.
"you're sounding a bit like Ariel there, miss mermaid." it's the best insult you can think of. if you're honest, your back and forth with Bianca is reminiscent of childhood squabbles.
"just because you've got Jedi powers." she mocks you, putting on a stereotypical nerdy voice.
"haha." you fake laugh at the lame insult, "spare me, i'll die a virgin if i'm known as 'one of the guys with Jedi powers'."
Bianca shoots you a look, an eyebrow raised, "i didn't mean it that way! i'm not, well-" you give up, and end up just sighing in frustration as Bianca laughs at you. you raise the middle finger to her before chuckling over it yourself.
the day continues as usual, and before you know it, it's 8 PM, and you're pretty relaxed in your dorm, when your phone rings. it's Enid. sitting up, you immediately answer,
"hey!" you greet, excited that she phoned you, but curious as to why,
"hey! uh, how was your day?" her sweet, clear voice rings out and you smile,
"it was alright, easy enough classes. except for Bianca's cruelty to me at lunch, of course." you chuckle down the phone,
"Bianca is always saying ridiculous things." Enid replies, a hint of actual malice in her voice.
"oh yeah, which parts ridiculous? the Jedi part, the gay part, or the virgin part?" you joke, but she goes quiet. worried you overstepped a boundary, you prepare to a) apologise (awkwardly) or b) make an excuse and hang up. before you can follow through on either option, she speaks up.
"well, you are, right?" her voice is low, like she's choosing her words carefully,
"gay? i mean, i don't think so. i guess it's a spectrum?" you tell her, confused
Enid huffs softly, "no, i mean, a virgin. a-are you a virgin?" she asks very quickly. as if she never even said it.
taken aback, you answer honestly, "oh! umm- yeah, definitely. 100%." you cringe at your response, smacking your forehead.
there's a pause.
"hello?" you say into the phone, thinking the lines went dead. or worse. she hung up after finding out your terrible secret.
"d-do you want-", she pauses, taking her time, "do you want to...not be?" she holds her breath, waiting for your answer. oh no. oh no. what a stupid thing to ask! she panics. what she doesn't realise is that, in your silence, you're also having your own moment of panic. oh. oh. is this a joke? i should say something. fuck. a million thoughts go through your head.
"uhh, yes? yes, actually. yeah." your mouth has gone dry and every second feels like an hour of waiting.
"can you meet me behind the greenhouse in half an hour?" Enid asks bluntly, her caution from before seemingly vanished.
"see you then." you blurt out, and Enid giggles as she hangs up the phone.
oh, you think to yourself.
(bit of a short, low effort fic. just bc i enjoyed the concept and wanted to put it down, also felt like writing. more solid fics coming soon 馃憤)
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