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The best buddies in the whole GAR
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renif · 1 day
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two birds on a wire
yeah so i had to get this idea out of my system even if i am not satisfied with the outcome. i suppose i will return to this some day when i improve lmao
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Gay??? No no they’re just really close friends
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skybreakprimeonao3 · 20 hours
With the amount of Clones created, there was always going to be an overlap of names.
Marshall Commander Cody of the 212th was not the only Cody.
Jesse of the 501st shared a name with many soldiers across many battalions.
There were so many Foxes, younger Clones naming themselves after the Marshall Commander of the Coruscant Guards in a bout of hero worship.
But there was a set of Clones on each Venator that, after passing their normal tests and combat training, went into specialized training before their assignments. A majority of them didn’t have names before the specialized training, and those that did, weren’t really attached to their names and chose their new names amongst the others they worked with.
Obi-Wan met them on the flight deck, the group disembarking from the drop ship and saluting the Jedi.
All of them would join in on the battles and train with the others during hyperspace flight, but it was fairly quick to see that these soldiers worked together in a specific way.
“May I know your names?” Obi-Wan asked. He was still hesitant in asking, knowing names could be a private thing amongst the soldiers.
“My name is Spoon, sir!”
“Cup, sir!”
“I’m called Whisk!”
Eyebrows rose, and a glance to Cody told Obi-Wan that this group was a bit of a surprise to him.
“Are all of you working in the mess hall?” Obi-Wan, not bothering to hide his amusement.
“Of course, sir,” Whisk answered. “We’re all trained in ways to make the nutripaste more appealing, and not to give the soldiers food poisoning. We also know how and what to hunt and forage in case we run low on supplies during a campaign.”
“I see,” Obi-Wan said. And it did make sense. Many Padawans got the same training, especially if their missions took them to the more remote planets.
Obi-Wan continued to smile as he got the names of Fork, Lid, Pan, Pot, and Kettle, but he paused when he heard a second Spoon. He glanced back at the first one for a moment before looking at the second one.
“It’s not often that squad mates share a name,” he offered.
The second Spoon shrugged. “You can call me little Spoon if it helps, sir, but it’s silly if a kitchen only has one Spoon in it.”
The snort of amusement from Cody was more surprising than anything, and Obi-Wan accepted the explanation with a nod and chuckle of his own.
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tattycoram · 2 days
Cody: Sorry I'm late, I haven't been sleeping well Fox: Have you tried a weighted blanket? It's like two people holding you down whilst you sleep Wolffe: Fox blink once if you're in trouble and need assistance. Blink twice if you're just a freak Fox: *winks five times*
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deserthusbands · 2 days
cody: stop doing that.
obi-wan: stop doing what?
cody, leaning in close, frowning: saying things that make me wanna kiss the hell out of you.
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kitcat22 · 2 days
I like to think that it takes the Command BatchTM a long time to realise how young Alpha 17 was when he was given them to train.
When they were kids and even as adults Seventeen is always this immovable pillar in their lives. Yeah he was a hardass who wouldn’t know his own emotions if they punched him in the face but he protected, cared for and taught them everything they need in order to survive and is the closest thing to a parent they have (except for Wolffe - he’s infinitely smug about this) He’s the reason they were the most successful batch on Kamino and later the most notable commanders of the war.
Then after the war and the improvement of clone rights, this documentary comes out exploring the years on Kamino before the Battle of Geonosis. It’s basically a horror show and includes footage taken by the Kaminoans to monitor and record their army building process (footage that would later be used in court to convict them of sentient rights violations and various other charges).
In the show there’s this one photo of Seventeen and his kids that’s basically that photo of the mom helping her kids beat their game as they crowd around her. The difference being that it’s a bunch of 6 year olds (developmentally) crowded around a 15 year old as he does his own coursework.
Alpha’s still in his red and blue uniform and has pimples and baby fat clinging to his face and he just looks so, so young.
Afterwards the batch phone him up and its like-
Command Batch: Damn we didn’t realise you were a teen mom… 😕
Alpha 17: …
Alpha 17: I didn’t realise i was a teen mom
It takes some more time for him to understand that this did indeed affect him as a person.
I like to think that while dropping Fox off at his ex corrie guard support group in the community centre he accidentally finds himself in a young parent support group and huh these experiences of giving up your childhood (or never having one) while trying to give your kids the best of everything and feeling far too grown up and responsible and afraid really kinda resonates with him.
He gets invited back to this group because, despite not being a teenager or actively parenting anymore, he has a lot of experience in child rearing (even if the avoiding the wrath of evil scientists doesn’t really apply anymore) and for some reason all of their kids adore him even if he scowls at them constantly.
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new post on my patreon!! 👀
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starwarsbundle · 3 days
The Clone Wars Headcannons they probably deserve; pt. 1/6
And we are back, baby!
With what, I hear you ask? Why, THE CHAOTIC SHENANIGANS OF COURSE. Since ya’ll loved my Bad Batch Headcannons so much, now it’s finally time for the Clone Wars!
And who better to start out with than our sad-sassy-b1tch(tm), Obi Wan Kenobi?
(Also if you haven’t simped for this man at SOME point, you’re lying to yourself.)
Obi Wan is the kind of guy who is secretly ripped but no one realizes it - and that’s primarily because he always wears so many layers that he just comes across as soft. It was discovered at some point when he for some reason decided to spar shirtless, and every single Jedi who’d thought he was basically just a soft dad has gone 0_0 - until someone basically has to throw a robe over him like the Birth of Venus to keep everyone from melting in awe.
Drinks caf to live. Even in the low moments of the war, this man is a walking talking stress-bag, who DOESN’T get enough sleep - to the point where Cody has to basically file a restraining order on his General to force him to nap.
Fight flirts and Serious flirts. We all know Kenobi is the biggest sassiest flirt on the face of the earth, but here’s the thing - there’s two different types of flirt he uses, playful-I’m-not-actually-interested-in-you-romantically and seriously-can-you-take-me-on-a-date-or-marry-me-PLS. Cody and Satine mostly get the latter, but it is SO hard to tell the difference to the point where nobody knows whether to take it seriously or not. (Poor Cody takes it seriously)
FUN FACT: Rex is the only one who can tell the difference, and has been trying to help Cody figure it out for a while - with no success.
Is not the serious and sensible one of the Disaster Trio. Oh boy NO. He only looks sensible compared to Anakin - but away from him is basically the biggest disaster and danger magnet EVER SEEN. (Where do you think Anakin-dramatic-ass-Skywalker got it from, hm??)
Has great personal hygiene. Always smells like soft, sweet soap.
Is physically incapable of giving hugs (is touch starved(tm)) but would melt like butter in a hot pan into a hug. Might even cry a little too - he’s only held together by sass, stress, and caf, okay?
Is pedantic about having his robes ironed. He tried to drum this habit into Anakin - with many sighs and no success.
Absolutely has used his Disappointed(tm) Voice on everyone at some point. Cody has picked up on this voice and uses it on Anakin frequently.
Reads romance novels. Take this as you will.
Gimme Gimme Gimme A Man (After Midnight) by ABBA is absolutely his JAM. (Also if you haven’t listened to this song and thought of Kenobi, where’ve you been?)
Has a sweet tooth - and unfortunately no time to indulge it.
Obi Wan Kenobi… I swear everyone new to the SW fandom is like “no I will not simp for this man”, and then has the biggest Obi Wan simp phase ever.
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varpusvaras · 14 hours
"So, like", Bly starts. He is definitely drunk at this point. So is Fox, to be honest, but he is still judging.
"So like what?" Fox asks.
"So, like, what is it?" Bly asks. "The thing."
"Maybe we should have this talk when your brain is not made of 80 percent of alcohol", Fox says.
"No no, we are having this now", Bly says. "Like, the thing. With the Queen and the Senator. Like, you know, I like Aayla because-"
"He's asking you what it is about them that makes you like them that much", Wolffe explains, promptly interrupting Bly, before he can start rambling about General Secura.
Fox knows he shouldn't say anything.
But then he looks at everybody else around the table. They are all grinning.
Yes, his brothers have been teasing him about his choices. Oh, Fox has gotten fancy while on the Triple-Zero. He does not care for the same things as us common folk. No, Fox likes the finer things now, like all the rich people around him.
Fox knows that his brothers are not really taking Bail and Breha seriously. They all respect them, like they should. Bail is not constantly putting himself in the middle of battles to help them and the people out, nor is Breha constantly pushing more credits and aid and trying to handle diplomatics to get better things for the army, for them all to disrespect them.
But Fox knows that they don't take Bail and Breha seriously. They are still rich people, royalty, nobility, people who have gotten used to nice things and nice things only. People who are nice and aspire to do good, but are still soft and delicate in their eyes.
So Fox opens his mouth.
"They are nice", he starts, because that is the starting point.
"Yeah, yeah, we all know that", Rex says. Fox glares at Cody, who in turn, smacks Rex on the arm.
"They treat me well", Fox continues. "And they are fun to be around."
"I'm starting to think that we have a very different understanding of fun these days", Bly grins. "What do you even do for fun? Sit on fancy couches and talk poetry? Do they kiss your hand as a good-bye when you leave?"
"Sometimes", Fox says. Wolffe gags. Fox glares at Cody again, who, in turn, smacks Wolffe on the back of his head.
"Hey, you all have to admit, it's very romantic", Ponds says. "It's very nice."
"Yeah, if sappy romance is all you want", Bly says.
Fox should really keep his mouth shut.
But no. No, he has been listening to this enough. It's time to shut them all up for good.
"You know that they have been married for well over ten years now?" He asks.
"Yeah?" Bly says.
"Do you know how much sex people have on average in long-term relationships?" Fox asks. "According to several databases, at least once a week. That's sex on average every four days. Now, count in your little alcoholic head, how much that is in over ten years."
Bly squints his eyes. Ponds leans his head on his hand.
"It's a lot", Fox says. "And how does it go, Rex? In your book, experience outranks everything?"
Rex pulls a face for being included all of a sudden. Too bad, he opened his mouth first.
"Yeah, but", he says. "Isn't Senator Organa on Coruscant a lot, and not at home on Alderaan?"
"Yes?" Fox tilts his head.
"So like, the calculation is off, then", Rex tries.
Fox grins.
"It is not", he says. "I'm here, too."
Rex looks disgusted. Wolffe gags again.
Cody smacks Fox. Fox smacks him back.
"Is everything alright with your brothers?" Bail asks.
"Yes?" Fox asks back. "Why?"
"I met up with a few of the Masters at the Temple earlier today", Bail says. "Some of your brothers were there, too. They seemed a bit...strange, all of a sudden."
"They are all idiots", Fox says. "Don't mind them."
Bail shakes his head.
"If you say so", he says. "Oh, by the way, Breha is coming to Coruscant, to attend a couple of galas and session for educational aid budgeting. She'll be staying a little over a week."
"Oh, that's nice", Fox smiles. "Sorry, I need to send a quick message."
CC >>>>>>>>
Fox: Hey I have to cancel our next two nights out, Breha's coming over
Cody: Okay, say hi to her
Wolffe: Why next two
Fox: She'll be staying for over a week
Wolffe: And?
Fox: Remember, on average, once a week. gotta get that second week's average as well
Fox has been temporarily banned from CC >>>>>>>>
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Mer Obi-Wan and human Cody, kinda bodice ripper style but Obi-Wan’s a freaky lil guy and Cody likes his weird freaky fish boyfriend (somewhat inspired by lion fish but not really!)
As ever, incredibly rough sketches. One day I will complete a drawing past the rough sketch and colour experiment stage but it is not this day.
With and without light experiments
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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nottwonerdy777 · 1 day
The Bad Batch in High School
Hunter:Is a good student. Also he's a major chick magnet. On the school basketball team. Echo:The quite kid. Usually quite but when someone starts a conversation he talks. He likes his voice to be heard. And thats why he's vice class president. Wrecker:Popular jock. Not as popular as Hunter or Tech but he's kind to everyone and gets along well too!On the football team. Tech:A ٫Like Hunter٫ Absolute chick magnet!Has a group of girls "Stalking" him. Is also in the chess club. Crosshair:Emo kid. Hates everyone apart from his brothers an band mates. Plays the bass and backing vocals. Bonus Rex: The Class president. He's super happy he gets to help the school with his bestie Echo! Cody:Teachers pet. Has the best grades and everyone asks him for notes. Gregor:The class clown. Makes everyone laugh also shouts the most random stuff in the middle of class.
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deserthusbands · 9 hours
obi-wan, walking into the briefing room: ah, cody, there you are—.. is that my cloak?
cody, holding a cup of caf in full armour, wearing said cloak: no.
cody: i distributed the others among the men.
obi-wan: the.. others.
cody: yes sir. the ones i kept finding, on the ground.
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rochenn · 6 hours
Last Line Challenge
Rules: in a new post, show the last line you wrote (or drew) and tag as many people as there are words (or as many as you feel like). 
thank you for the tag @furious-blueberry0 !
Last line of writing: sneak peek at the next chapter of Leave Your Rifle by the Door :D
Everyone he shared this office with had some sort of volatile peculiarity about them; a twitch, a hair-trigger stashed away underneath their professional exteriors. Cody had seen through the last of them by the end of his first year on the job.
He wondered if his colleagues had made similar observations about him. It wouldn't come as a surprise. The chrono on the wall read two hours past his usual checkout—he was ravenous, stewing, and not entirely sure if he could get up from his chair. Tall orders had been coming in by the shipload as the entire logistics department worked overtime, processing materiel forms in numbers that seemed strange even in the throes of war. Like High Command was churning them out solely to torture him.
That, or someone was trying to build a planet from scratch.
Last line of artwork: Cody again (I'm fixing the mistake of drawing him as a stereotypical Bavarian that one time when by all means he should get to be a Baltic boy)
Tumblr media
no pressure tags: @charmwasjess @bolithesenate @dragon-subway @in-a-mellow-tone @ddeck @ghosts-of-rishi @friendlyneighbourhoodelf and also @ all the lovely mutuals and non-mutuals I can't think of on the spot xoxo
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prettyacademia00 · 2 days
as much as i like the fandom concept of commander cody being one of the main leaders of the clones, if not just straight up the one at the very top of the chain of command, it's interesting, and kinda funny, how it happened by misunderstanding
cody is a clone marshal commander, which is what people take to mean he's at the top of the "hierarchy" or whatever, but isn't that because he's the clone commander of a high general?
he's not just the commander of the 212th alongside obi-wan. obi-wan is the high general of the third systems army, which has almost 300,000 soldiers (according to legends wiki)
Tumblr media
it doesn't specifically point out that cody is involved at this level, but it would make sense if he did as obi-wan's second in command since he doesn't have a padawan
therefore, the clone commanders of all the high generals/council members should all be considered marshal commanders
this would include ponds, wolffe, monnk, etc. if they are the leaders of their respective generals' systems armies, which could fit as there are apparently around 3 million clones from 10 systems armies (leaving out 2 council members)
this could result in some sort of leading council like the jedi for the clones in AUs where the clones lead themselves or have their own planet and whatnot
but to make things even more interesting, we could also account for the ranking within the jedi council. while they are all high council members, yoda and mace are the leaders, with yoda being the grandmaster and mace being the master of the order. considering that yoda had apparently been retired or was going to retire from his role, he likely deferred to mace quite a bit right before the war and then just straight up worked together throughout the war
following this, their respective commanders could follow their high ranks in their own leadership and be considered the highest ranking individuals. however, although commander gree accompanied yoda in RotS, he's actually luminara's commander, and yoda and shaak ti could be the 2 without systems armies
in conclusion, ponds (in AUs where he survives the war/never died) is at the top of the hierarchy, being the marshal commander to mace, master of the order, and could be an understandable individual to lead the clones or vode unless the top commanders all share equal leadership
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roseaesynstylae · 1 day
Alpha-17 raising Rex and Cody explains so much about them. They’re both deranged, although Cody hides it better, and Seventeen is proud.
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