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starwarjotta · 2 days
Tumblr media
I return! with Codywan cuddles, of course
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raphaerolo · 2 days
Tumblr media
Cody is very particular about his drive-through order and who is Obi-Wan to complain
(This was my warmup originally and it got away from me)
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twinterrors29 · 1 day
Obi-Wan, looking for his Commander after a battle: Cody? Cody, where- Cody, exhausted and facedown in the mud: I've decided that I don't want to be Cody anymore Obi-Wan: also exhausted: oh? who are you going to be then? Cody: I've decided to be a rock. rocks are allowed to just sit here and rest Obi-Wan, stroking his beard: I see Obi-Wan: *lays down on top of Cody's prone form* Cody: hng. sir?? Obi-Wan, getting comfortable: I like your reasoning, Rock. I've decided that I will follow in your footsteps and be Moss, which is only expected to sit on top of rocks Cody: hmmm. I'll allow it Waxer: ... Boil: ...we'll come back later
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kryte-col · 3 days
Okay but Cody covered in blood?
He's just come off a mission where he has nearly lost all his weapons and had to rely on his vibroknife and hands alone.
But it's never just hands, it's teeth, it's nails, it's screaming, it's the kicking people in the knees with that nasty crunch.
It's the deep primal fight to keep a clone alive. Complete the mission.
Then he comes back calm as ever covered in blood but it's not his and gets to work as collected as ever.
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deserthusbands · 3 days
obi-wan, watching as their tooka, cat purred and attempted to knead codys armour: perhaps we should leave cat behind next time.
cody, frowning: why?
obi-wan: anakin seems to be somewhat allergic, and refuses to be tested. he doesn't seem to do very well around him, my dear.
cody: can’t we just leave skywalker behind?
obi-wan, chuckling: if only it were that simple.
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leiaslightsaber · 23 hours
Everyone on Star Wars Tik Tok fighting about whether The Acolyte is good or not, while I’m just here mad about the fact that we could have had Cody meet Obi-Wan on Tatooine in Kenobi and see them grow old together.
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I saw someone saying how Cody would comb the deserts of Tatooine to find Obi-Wan after going AWOL in The Bad Batch. Somehow, this was the first image that popped into my head:
Tumblr media
Please, someone with artistic talent (not me) make fanart of this.
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headcanonthings · 2 days
Wooley: Hey! Hey! Cody: Shhhh Cody, whispering: The General's sleeping Wooley, whispering: Oh sorry Cody, whispering: What’s up? Wooley, still whispering: There’s a fire
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basickaminobtch · 3 days
tatooine husbands where cody and obi-wan struggle to reconcile what they were once to each other versus what happened with order 66 and the aftermath
cody drowning in guilt even though he had no choice, helplessly in love with obi-wan but thinking he’ll never deserve to be loved in return
obi-wan, angry and betrayed despite all the meditations he does to try and release it, but still in love with cody despite it all
and they go on for a long time tiptoeing around each other, because it hurts to be near but it hurts more to be apart
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fanfic-obsessed · 2 days
Time Given and Taken
This one is another time travel fix-it, also somewhat AU even beyond the time travel.  Our time travelers are Obi Wan Kenobi and Commander Cody, both from after their own deaths.  Let’s even put it after the Empire falls. 
They have reunited and through Force Shenanigans are sent back to five years before the Clone wars start (dealers choice if they chose to go back or just found themselves back in time), they land specifically on Ord Mantel, their bodies have been reformed at peak age and physical fitness (Late 20’s), there is not chip in Cody’s head and his aging has been slowed to match Obi Wan’s force assisted aging (Look if the Force has to build their bodies anyway it might as well get the best results possible); but we’ll get back to them in a moment. 
Now The Force did have to make some preparations for them, as it could not have two versions of the same soul existing in this universe at the same time.  Thus, in this universe,during the Naboo crisis Padawan Obi Wan Kenobi died in place of his Master Qui Gon Jinn. Jinn was still struck by Maul and Obi Wan did still bisect the Sith, but then the Padawan used a nearly unknown healing technique to heal Qui Gon at the expense of his own life.  Padawan Obi Wan’s last words to his master were ‘You said the boy needed to be trained, now you can’. He was mourned by everyone who knew him. 
That same year Unit CC-2224 was decanted stillborn, which happened at about the same rate of stillborns/miscarriages in natborn births. The Kaminoans did the typical cursory exam to make sure there was not a larger issue, and found that there had been a small difference in the nutrients in CC-2224’s growth pod that resulted in the stillbirth. No one knew to mourn the being he would have been at all. 
Having Qui Gon Jinn as a master did not actually make things better, or easier, for Anakin; though it also could be argued that it did not make things significantly worse either. It was different though. Though Qui Gon had more experience than Obi Wan would have in the original timeline, there were other issues now at play.  And Anakin was growing up in the blinding light of the memory of Obi Wan Kenobi, the perfect Jedi padawan who killed a Sith then died to save someone.  He was also growing up in the shadow of Xanatos, the talented, powerful former padawan that Fell and died a decade ago.  This is offset, just a bit, by Feemor coming back, telling Qui Gon that he could kriff off with his repudiation and installed himself as Anakin’s Padawan brother (“like I should have with little Obi Wan”). It is made worse by Anakin overhearing the wrong parts of a few conversations that heavily implied Obi Wan died because he felt he had little left to live for (Because Obi Wan was being replaced by Anakin)
It is likely that, left alone, growing up with the ghost (in tha he haunted the narrative, not that he was actually there) of Obi Wan would have made Anakin resentful of his dead padawan brother.  However Palpatine, who he still had frequent private meetings with (look no one was suspicious of this happening the first time around, Qui Gon would likely not have felt it was suspicious either), never met any potential resentment that he could not turn to his advantage.  Instead of letting resentment grow for Obi Wan, Palpatine instead leaned into this saintly memory of a young man Anakin only spent a little time with (a lot of, ‘I’m sure young Obi Wan would not have treated you like that’), something similar to what he supposedly did with Qui Gon in canon.  Basically polishing the image of Obi Wan Kenobi in Anakin’s head until the dead Padawan could do no wrong. Palpatine could have eventually used the memory of Obi Wan to further separate Anakin from the Jedi (“The Jedi let Obi Wan Die/Got Obi Wan Killed because he was the last good Jedi” kind of rhetoric).  
Had the dead man stayed dead. 
With that established we step back to 5 years before the Clone wars were due to break out, Ord Mantel, where Cody and Obi Wan find themselves appearing, young bodies, old minds, and a small amount of the local currency (not enough to destabilize the economy, but enough to start gambling with). They quickly, and quietly, win enough money to buy a small cruiser (taking care to keep their individual ins small enough not to catch the attention of anyone), just big enough for the two of them. 
Then they make their way to Kamino.
They very deliberately decide not to go to the Jedi just yet. There are a number of reasons.  Some are trauma based (the last time Obi Wan was Coruscant he was walking through the ruins of the temple and finding the bodies of children; the last time Cody was on Coruscant he was deserting the empire after Desix). Some are for practicality(Coruscant is Palapatines domain already; They do not realize that their alternate selves are dead here and do not want to run into Knight Obi Wan).  But the main reason comes from the fact that Order 66 caused two genocides, Jedi and Clone. They both reasoned that, while focusing on preventing the Jedi genocide (Going to the Jedi, killing Palpatine) would not necessarily prevent the Clones from being abused, used, and trapped by the chips, Freeing the Clones would, by the very nature of what happened, prevent the Jedi from being killed. 
So they go to Kamino. Talk their way into Tipoca City and to speak with Jango Fett.  First they help Jango remove his head from his ass and realize exactly what he did (effectively selling his genetic children into slavery to destroy a culture for revenge he was clinging to in order to keep from facing his culpability in what happened-Not only were the Jedi lied to at Galidraan, Jango shot first; he escalated things and it backfired on him). It took a few days (and included bringing Jango and Boba down to one of the creche rooms holding the clones the same physical age as Boba, putting Boba in clone uniform and asking Jango to try and pick him from the crowd. Jango promptly had a panic attack when he was face to face with 200ish Boba’s and unable to look away from the reality of what he was doing).
SIDE NOTE: Has anyone else noticed the parallel between Jango Fett and Maul. Both were obsessed with getting revenge for situations where they suffered from being in the instigator and losing. Essentially they fucked around, found out, and decided to get revenge, and it cost them everything they had left.  
Once Cody and Obi Wan actually got through to Jango, they told him everything. Being from the future, what Project Knightfall actually did, Cody talking about what it was like under the control of the chips, of never realizing why he betrayed his Jedi general or was willing to hunt down Force users, of waking up after the chip was removed and realizing exactly what he had done, Of the brothers he had lost to suicide, due to the horror of what had happened. They talked about the Empire and what it did to Mandalore. 
The three of them decided what to do next.  
Jango, looking at himself realistically for the first time in a decade, realizes quickly that he should not take the mantle of Mand’alor again. He was too young the first time, but had been growing into the role. Had Galidraan not happened, he likely would have been a good leader, but it did and the years of slavery (with its exposure to Spice) plus the trauma from Galidraan made their mark. Jango would, however, throw his support behind Cody as Mand’alor (Cody made sure it was clear that Jango would also be throwing in his support behind Obi Wan as Cody’s Jedi husband, alternately Cody and Obi Wan would share the Mand’alor title. Jango was fine with that).  
It is also decided, after much debate, that they would also inform the Kaminoans of the fate of their species in the original timeline (destroyed as soon as they could be) and get their cooperation.  There had been consideration for simply taking Kamino, or Tipoca city, but it was decided that it was simply more work than it was worth.  It took two months (during which Obi Wan and Cody functioned as additional trainers for the Cadets) before they were ready to present the truth to Lama Su. Thankfully they had enough working knowledge of things they should not, and were able to get enough proof of what they had to say, that they were able to convince Lama Su that aligning with the Sith would doom the Kaminoans; an if there was one thing the Kaminoan valued more than profit, it was their own survival. 
The Clone project, overall, was at a point where communication between the project and the Sith was infrequent at best (so that attention was not drawn to a seemingly empty patch of space too early), so Tyranus did not have cause to notice that Kamino started ghosting him (It should be noted that they also kept cashing his checks, ostensibly so that he would not notice anything wrong). 
With the Kaminoans on their side now, Cody, Obi Wan, and Jango got to work.  There were a few trainers that did need to be killed outright (Priest and Reau, whom Cody got to kill during one of the cage fights they were arranging-which forever endeared him to the Clone cadets, especially the batch he would have belong to in another life, who were around 10 years old developmentally,  who found themselves drawn to Cody, the trainer that looked so much like Jango Fett that he could have been a clone himself), and a few that asked to be paid so they could leave (and were paid extras so that Obi Wan could remove the details of what as going on from their mind, for safety reasons), but most were willing to follow Cody and Obi Wan as soon as it was clear that Jango has sworn himself to them (non sexually and non romantically, Jango is very AroAce, and very Sex/Romance repulsed). 
The next step is starting to remove the already embedded chips, which went quickly with the help of the Kaminoans, and partially demilitarizing the education of the cadets.  While they would be Mandalorians (as a warrior culture there is a certain level of military in their education) the cadets training would no longer be solely focused on being soldiers and nothing else.  The Kaminoans also keep cloning (Technically the original order was for 1 million clones for the Jedi, they may be taking Tyranus’s money and ghosting him, but they would fulfill their contract-It was decided by the Kaminoan Council that Obi Wan qualified as ‘Jedi’ for the purposes of the contract, so giving him the clones is really fulfilling their written contract)
Cody and Obi Wan, with the council from the remaining trainers and Jango, decided that they would spend the years between their arrival and one year before the Clone Wars was due to start on Kamino, still largely out of contact with the wider galaxy. In that time they develop their own culture (their own version of ‘how to be mandalorian’ built in part from the remaining True Mandalorians, the clone culture Cody brought from the previous timeline mixing with the ever evolving clone culture of the current timeline-which quickly became different from how Cody remembered it, Part of the Jedi traditions that Obi Wan brought with him from the previous timeline-some of which he may or may not remember correctly due to trauma and the length of time he spent repressing those memories). They also worked over talking points on how to unite their faction with the New Mandalorians, including going over what traditions/parts of their culture they would be willing to relinquish as a compromise and what parts they absolutely will not.  On Jango’s occasional trips out into the wider galaxy, to take jobs, he makes a point to get as close to Keldabe as he can to get a feel for the New Mandalorian as a faction (Obi Wan has inside knowledge, but it may be early or outdated is all kinda colored with ‘Satine died in my arms and it was my fault’). There was also a concerted effort to discreetly acquire enough ships for everyone. 
So we are one year before the Clone Wars were due to erupt. Palpatine is on Coruscant waiting for the perfect opportunity to enact his plan, believing that he had a handy clone army at the ready for the war he has been fanning. Tyranus, who has still not realized he has not spoken to Kamino in about 4 years, is quietly building his forces with the droid armies about 4 months from being completed. 
The Newer True Mandalorians (The name suggestion was from Rex’s-He still picked the same name and was adopted by Codywan along with Fox and Ponds, batch; the name is being workshopped) leave Kamino for Concord Dawn. They take with them a treaty between them and the Kaminoans that includes mutual protection, a live and let live clause, a few NDA’s about the Kamnoan’s gene manipulation process,  and a decent trade agreement where the Kaminoans provide genetic research and the clones provide free advertising for the success of the Kaminoans cloning process. 
Basically out of nowhere, as far as the galaxy is concerned, the True Mandalorians reemerge after being all but wiped out almost 20 years prior, and in far greater numbers than they had before. Numbers that sharply spike, as outcasts from the New Mandalorians and Death Watch, plus other remnants of the True Mandalorians flock to their banner. These are great enough numbers that when they reach out to discuss a treaty, and a possible merger for factions, with the New Mandalorians, the New Mandalorians actually take it seriously.   
This faction, the entire galaxy is surprised to learn, is being led by someone who looks an awful lot like Jango Fett, but is clearly not since Jango Fett is standing next to him (by this point Cody and Jango call ach brother, further confusing the issue) and a red haired man going by the name of Obi Wan Kenobi, who clearly is, or was, a Jedi. 
Tyranus and Sidious, realizing that Jango Fett showing up anywhere with a massive amount of being might be contrary to their plans, try to contact Kamino. Kamino doesn’t answer and their ‘we’re busy, don’t call us we’ll call you’ message included a virus that made it so they cannot find or contact Kamino again.
The heads of the New Mandalorian Government arrange to meet with the heads of the Newer True Mandalorians, including Cody and Obi Wan. Satine recognizes Obi Wan. It is at this point that they find out this timeline’s Obi Wan has been dead for almost a decade. They had known that this timeline’s Cody was never born, but had never thought to check on Obi Wan. 
The negotiations between the New Mandalorans and the Newer True Mandalorians lasts months, but eventually is hammered out between them, along with a new government structure. Cody and Obi Wan would jointly preside over a council made up equally of New Mandalorians and Newer True Mandalorian (and, should Death Watch want to actually come in from the cold, Death Watch representative, but the faction would have to swear to the agreed upon laws and to follow the joint Mand’alor’s- Satine insisted). While Obi Wan and Cody would have the final say in most cases, if at least 90% of the council agreed they were wrong there was a veto power that could be used. Membership on the council is decided by the faction in question, and if a new faction splits off and gets to a certain size (Generally enough people to populate a medium sized planet) that faction will also be able to put representatives on the council. 
Meanwhile in the Republic the reappearance of the True Mandalorians (it doesn’t matter that they have a new name as far the Republic is concerned) has derailed 90% of Palpatine's plans (he does not have time to grow another army, even if he could get in contact with Kamino again and he cannot start the war without an army).  The news that the Red Headed leader of the reemerged faction appeared to be Presumed Dead Obi Wan Kenobi, famed in song and story and all but sainted in Anakin Skywalker's head, derailed 90% of the rest. 
Padawan Anakin Skywalker, upon hearing that Obi Wan Kenobi might be alive, vanished from Coruscant. Just took off for Concord Dawn to potentially rescue his hero, or avenge him if it was someone else pretending to be him. Or something like that, Anakin was not thinking at all beyond that he needed to see Obi Wan, the man he knew for maybe a week when he was nine.  He also left prematurely, had he waited six more hours he and his master Qui Gon Jinn would have been assigned to investigate the identity of the presumed Obi Wan. 
Qui Gon did not know where Anakin was headed until he reached Concord Dawn (Anakin left a note that he was going radio silent to work on some course work he was behind in, so Qui Gon left him off the mission-This Qui Gon is just a little oblivious)  and was promptly led to a holding cell by some of the Mandos (I kind of want it to be Waxer and Boil, or one of the Alpha’s) who gestured at Anakin inside, glowering like a bristly wet cat, going ‘is this yours?’
I Imagine this ‘reunion’  is weird and awkward from every angle. Like this Obi Wan remembers holding Qui Gon as he died, raising Anakin, Anakin’s Fall, everything of the original timeline. But this Qui Gon held his Padawan as he died (which hold the residual guilt of surviving, plus the guilt of Obi Wan dying to save his life), has added the normal rosy shine to his memories of his padawan (gloss over the bad times to focus on the good times). This Anakin has few actual memories of Obi Wan, but a massive case of hero worship. possibly to the point of Obi Wan being akin to a deity to Anakin, so massively unhealthy(Which Qui Gon also realizes for the first time)  but in a way that is difficult to break. Palaptine inadvertently created the Cult of Obi Wan, with one cult member and brainwashed him so well that he fucked up his own plans.  Now that there is a living Obi Wan, it is everyone's problem. Cody is prickly with both of them, because he remembers the things Obi Wan, his husband, told him about his Padawanship AND remembers both Reckless General Skywalker and Darth Vader. 
I am not sure how much they actually tell the Jedi, but they definitely tell them that Obi Wan and Coy are from a different timeline, and no they can’t go back. Just so that they do not start thinking that Padawan Obi Wan somehow faked his death (they are just a little concerned how Anakin would react).
Eventually Cody gets to kill Palpatine, as a treat.
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fanishjuli · 2 days
I think that Cody should one day get so fucking tired with Obi-Wan loosing his lightsaber every other battle that one time Obi-Wan will return from the latest battle without his saber again and Cody will just sigh and call out "okay boys, here we go" and turn on a giant magnet in hopes of attracting the saber to him so they dont have to go search the battlefield but he kinda forgets that like. a lot of their stuff is magnetic. just because I think it'd be a very funny image to have Cody looking at Obi-Wan absolutely dead eyed tired with a massive magnet behind him that has like. half their blasters attached to it. and a good deal of destroyed seppie bot parts. and Wooley for some reason (Cody doesn't know why Wooley's armour is apparently magnetic while the rest of theirs isn't and he isn't going to ask what he did to make that happen. he really is better off not knowing). and some of their equipment around the base that wasn't properly secured. but no fucking light saber. and Obi-Wan just kinda smiles at him and goes "ah, but my dear, most Jedi's sabers' use non-magnetic metals for such and such reasons" and he starts explaining and Cody juat. Looks at him. dead fucking eyed. he doesn't hear a single word. he does not order the men to turn off the magnet and he makes no effort to help Wooley get free ("stop laughing you assholes and someone come help me!"). and after a while he just. nods. and walks off back into the battlefield to look for the lightsaber. and he is. so. fucking. tired.
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raphaerolo · 2 days
Last Line Challenge
I'm pretty sure there were rules to this but i forget the specifics and anyway i got tagged by @lothcatthree :)
It's actually been a bit since i've written or drawn, like a couple days, and i can't remember which i did last so i'll just dump two entirely unrelated wips here to optimize the whiplash
First of all: Hockeyyyyy au
Tumblr media
I love bloody hockey obi wan i think it's a good look and i love this au, it will not leave my head. I'm still messing with the colours and I believe my last line was the blood on his jersey ❤️
Second of all: writinggg 😅, which happens to be some codywan fluff from one of my wips. I think i might've worked on this after the drawing
Obi-wan’s hands lingered on his face, brushing the cold droplets left by snow away, absently exploring. Cody was silent, not able to think of a single thing to say with obi wan so close to him. His breath hitched when he brushed his thumb against his bottom lip. Even that light touch sent his head spinning and tilted the world on its axis — cody couldnt think straight.
“Cody, can I…?” Obi-Wan breathed.
“I dont know, can you?” He murmured before instantly regretting his entire life and wanting to scream at himself for that remark- just shut up and say yes, hes literally offering—
Obi-Wan laughed, so undeniably him, that it brought cody out of his mental spiral. “May I?”
“If you must.”
“I think I might just,” he murmured before closing the
This is legit where i left it lol
Tagging @lightasthesun @snowywinterevenings @anxiousotters and anyone else who wants to play and if you remember the rules that could be helpful
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stars-n-spice · 3 days
Tumblr media
Hello there!
Around a year ago, I came up with some designs for clone booty shorts because they were haunting me and I wanted them. Turns out other people wanted some too!
Someone then reached out to me with a company that could print out the designs and I spent so much time connecting that with Shopify and PayPal and doing a bunch of shit to pull it all together and for a bit it was successful!
However, to keep the shop up it costed like,, $34-$39 a month and after a bit there were no sales and that wasn't something I could sustain/continue to pay for. So I put the store on hold because I didn't want to take it all down since I spent so much time on putting it together 🙃.
I want to bring it back :D
However, that's only if there's enough interest in the shorts! Of course, I do have other products and am planning on making others as well! (Some examples of what is up on the site are under the cut!)
I want to see how many people might be interested in actually getting something from the shop, should it go back online to see if it's worth bringing back. Though, if there are a good handful I might just have it up for the summer and then put it back on hiatus then rinse and repeat. But we shall see!
That being said...
Please reblog!!
That way it can reach as much people as possible :) Thank y'all so much 🩵💫
Some product images under the cut!
Keep in mind all the shorts have a little logo pertaining to the clone on the front of them! (as seen with the clone force 99 ones with the skull and 99 logo)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here is a link to the store to see more!
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translucent-sun · 2 days
Cody laid awake, lost in thoughts. He’d been trying to resist the temptation to ask Obi-Wan this one simple question for months now. There was no point in asking if questions about the past, Cody knew that. Nothing he’d do, no answer he could possibly get, would be able to change a thing that happened, how things went. And yet, he needed to ask. 
“Do you think,” he started, speaking quietly into the darkness. “If just one little thing had been different back then. Do you think everything would be different today?” He stared up at the ceiling. He didn’t even know if Obi-Wan was awake. If he heard him. But the question that’s been burning inside his mind for so long was finally out now. It was free. 
To his relief, or dismay – Cody wasn’t sure – Obi-Wan gave a questioning hum in return. “Of course. Every small decision or act shapes the course of the future.” Cody huffed. He didn’t know what kind of answer he expected, but it should have been this one.
“What I mean, is,” Cody elaborated. “If – You know there were some of us, some of my brothers who managed to remove their inhibitor chips long before we even knew what they were capable of. If I’d been one of them… We could’ve been together this whole time. We could’ve had a life. I caused you so much pain. None of that would’ve happened if that one thing had been different.”
“Or you and I could be dead,” Obi-Wan countered matter-of-factly before he continued more softly. “I know those thoughts are hard. I have so, so many regrets, so many things that make me wonder what could’ve been if I’d done something differently. About you, about Padmé, about – about Anakin.” His voice broke off almost unnoticeably, but Cody still caught it. “But all you’re doing is torturing yourself by asking yourself those things. We can’t change what happened, but we can make sure none of it was for nothing.” Cody felt Obi-Wan’s warm fingers against the skin of his arm, wandering down in search of his hand. “We’re here now,” he whispered, interlacing their fingers and squeezing gently. Cody sighed.
“I know you’re right, but it’s so easy to get lost in the past.” Obi-Wan stroked the knuckle of Cody’s thumb with his own, continuing the movement on his wrist, then his palm, separating their hands just slightly. It tickled, and for a split-second Cody considered pulling away before Obi-Wan suddenly stopped. Cody could almost hear the smile in his voice when he spoke.
“You know what I wish we could do again?” he asked. Only when Cody hummed in question did he continue, rising onto his elbow, hovering above him. “I wish we could go back to Coruscant, just once, and spend another night in the lower levels. Remember the stuffed Rodian peppers and Tsiraki we had at this little stall?” Cody huffed.
“The one that shushed us away and closed down when he saw a police droid nearby? How could I forget,” he chuckled at the memory.
“That one,” Obi-Wan said, chuckling now too. He leaned back just slightly. “I miss the food. And I miss the feeling of– this doesn’t make sense. I should be, and I am glad that we don’t have to keep us a secret anymore. Well, you know what I mean. But I miss the thrill of being close to you in public, on Coruscant. Being seen and knowing that no one down there knew or cared who we were. That’s something I wish we could do again. Here we’re just that strange old couple.” 
Cody smiled for a moment before locking his eyes on the ceiling, the smile disappearing.
“I don’t know…” He huffed. “Everyone always thought you’re so strictly by the rules. That we both were. I wish we could have told more people. It was exciting, even the sneaking around was fun, but I never liked having to pretend. So I am glad that we can now just live our life and be seen as whatever they choose to see, as long as they can see us. The risk is a different one now.” 
Obi-Wan smiled just slightly and Cody followed the movement of his lips closely. 
“If only it was us they were seeing. They’ll never see Obi-Wan holding Cody’s hand. They’ll only ever see Tem and Ben.” He huffed, drifting off for a second. “Sometimes I forget that this isn’t my name, I’ve been using it for so long.” He shook his head. “Either way, it’s made-up characters they see. In a way, we’re hiding more than we ever have before.”
Cody hummed. Obi-Wan was right. He hadn’t seen it that way before, but it was true. Though it didn’t really matter.
“My name was made-up to begin with,” Cody shrugged. “I love you. I don’t care whether I call myself Cody or Tem or anything else while loving you. It doesn’t matter what names we use, because it’s us loving each other.” 
Obi-Wan smiled before letting himself fall back onto the mattress. 
“You are such a smart-ass. Can we go back to sleep now?” Cody chuckled.
The bedding rustled beside him and a kiss was pressed to his lips, and without another word they went back to sleep.
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deserthusbands · 2 days
cody, squinting: morning already?
obi-wan, sliding over a cup of caf: early bird catches the worm.
cody: ... you think i look like a bird?
obi-wan, chuckling: no, but you could use the caf.
cody, still squinting, but suspiciously now: oh, yes. thank you, cyare.
obi-wan: no. do not give me that look. you do not look like a bird, cody. i promise.
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ilcuoreardendo-fic · 2 days
Tumblr media
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