#Nazi Zionism
hayarthun · 1 month
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A pomnite «Luchshego pozharnogo 2023 goda». Da-da, togo samogo pol'skogo deputata, tushivshego v dekabre proshlogo goda v parlamente Pol'shi khanukal'nyye svechi ? Pol'skoy natsionalist Gzhegozh Braun izbran teper' deputatom Yevroparlamenta. Net natsistskomu sionizmu.
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And remember the “Best Firefighter of 2023”. Yes, yes, the same Polish deputy who extinguished the Hanukkah candles in the Polish parliament last December? Polish nationalist Grzegorz Braun has now been elected as a member of the European Parliament.
No to Nazi Zionism.
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tikkunolamresistance · 5 months
stop hiding behind a fake Jewish identity you fucking Nazi piece of shit. If you really had a point to make then you would say it upfront without needing to trick people into thinking that you're so mentally damaged that you'd cheer on the murder of your own people.
Totally unrelated but you know who else cheered on the murder of Jews?
Same guys currently arming Israel and funding all those birth-right trips, yknow? The ones convincing Jews we’re only safe in Israel? You know who we mean right, starts with “United”? The place that ignored the Warsaw Ghetto, made like 2,000 daily news reports on the Nazis leading up to the actual Holocaust but somehow didn’t intervene until millions were killed? Not quite got it yet…? Another clue: CIA reported major Oil acquisition in Israel? Current President of said nation once said they’d need to “invent” and Israel if there were not already one?
I’ll let you figure it out <3
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that-rad-jewish-girl · 6 months
If your “anti-Zionism” includes threatening Jews, synagogues, kosher markets, etc. - it is, in fact antisemitism.
If you are spreading misinformation about Jews and/or about this conflict, I consider you antisemitic.
If you call Jews slurs, or participate in the many dog whistles against us - you are an antisemite.
If you don’t even mention the hostages, but you refer to a Hamas member taken by the IDF for questioning as a “victim of kidnapping” - yep, you guessed it, this is antisemitism.
You don’t “just dislike the Israeli government”, you are a Jew-hater. You hate Jewish people. You are antisemitic.
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sissa-arrows · 12 days
People pretend the issue is with the “Israeli” government. That the people are good beans and innocents…
Tumblr media
Meanwhile a couple days ago French Israelis voted for a guy who said he unconditionally support Netanyahu and is even one of his friends. A guy who is against a Palestinian state, not even the bullshit two state solution that would still be colonialism, he says “Israel” should take it all and just kill all Palestinians if they can’t displace them in other countries. A guy who tried to pressure the cops into dropping the charges against Jewish guys who attacked 2 Muslims in France. A guy who said Palestinians were a “cancer” implying they should be all eradicated. A guy who said “and we’re not done!” When a French representative mentioned at the National Assembly that Israel was dropping bombs on the very same places where they told Palestinians to go to (some in the left wanted to remove his immunity for that but the president of the National Assembly was a Zionist piece of shit so she refused and said he was covered by his immunity as a representative)
(For the record the chick is a piece of shit as well but she didn’t go as far as he did)
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hilacopter · 7 months
Can we add Nazi to the list of words we're not allowing goyim to use until they learn what it really means. I don't think they should be using it until they learn Nazism is a very specific fascist political ideology with antisemitism baked into it's core and not just a placeholder word for "bad guys". If I hear "(((Zionists))) are the new Nazis" one more time I'm gonna fucking snap.
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daloy-politsey · 5 months
Take the case of journalist William Zukerman. A respected Yiddish- and English-language writer in the 1930s and 1940s, with clips in Harpers and the New York Times, Zukerman started his own biweekly, the Jewish Newsletter, in 1948. It was highly critical of Jewish nationalism and its destructive effects in the new state of Israel and beyond.
In one story, Zukerman reported about a Holocaust survivor who had recently resettled in Israel, in the former home of an Arab family. The survivor became “openly obsessed” about her morality, Zukerman wrote, after her children found some of the evicted family’s possessions. “The mother was suddenly struck by the thought that her children were playing with the toys of Arab children who were now exiled and homeless,” Zukerman continued. “Is she not doing to the Arabs what the Nazis did to her and her family?”
By the early 1950s, the Jewish Newsletter had a few thousand subscribers, and its work was republished in many other outlets, Jewish and non-Jewish, with much larger circulations — Time magazine, for instance. Not all of Zukerman’s readers, however, opposed Zionism. Each of the hundreds of chapters of the Jewish student organization Hillel had a subscription to the Jewish Newsletter.
According to declassified Israeli Foreign Ministry files found by Levin, the Israeli government was alarmed by Zukerman’s influence on American Jews. It started a campaign to keep him from “confusing” Zionists about Israel and Palestinian rights. Israel aimed a letter-writing campaign at the New York Herald Post to discourage the paper from running more of Zukerman’s work, and hatched a scheme to distribute boilerplate text for Zionists to mail to other editors, asking them not to publish Zukerman anymore. The head of Israel’s Office of Information in New York worked to have the prestigious London-based Jewish Chronicle get rid of Zukerman’s column, and he lost the position. By 1953, his work no longer appeared in the Jewish press.
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infiniteglitterfall · 4 months
Honestly: Not listening to Jews is one thing.
It takes time for any given person to work their way around to educating themselves about their learned biases, to what tropes and traps they're missing. Much less to learning history and culture and prioritizing the voices of a marginalized group on its own issues.
However. I fucking draw the line at you fools who are SO enthusiastic about getting a free pass on one group, SO happy to cave in to all that unexamined bigotry from the world around you, SO overjoyed at the high of being told it even makes you a BETTER PERSON to do it, that you're fucking SWALLOWING KKK TERMS LIKE "ZIO" AND SPITTING THEM BACK OUT AT JEWS.
When you sound like David Duke, you maybe wanna CHECK WHAT PIPELINE YOU ARE ACTUALLY IN.
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chaiaurchaandni · 8 months
surprise! zionists' murderous hatred of palestinians has existed from the very beginning
Tumblr media
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lets-make-light-now · 4 months
The Secret and Explicit Goals and Deeds of the Zionists : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Get it while you can.
Reblog Reblog RE Reblog
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violottie · 5 months
...this... I don't even have words for how evil this is.
for those who dont know, the phrase "final solution" is indicative of the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question”, a euphemism used by Nazi Germany’s leaders. It referred to the mass murder of Europe’s Jews. It brought an end to policies aimed at encouraging or forcing Jews to leave the German Reich and other parts of Europe. Those policies were replaced by systematic annihilation.
This should terrify you. Remember: these statements are pre-approved. They know what they're saying.
from African Stream, 23/Feb/2024: (caption under video)
Moments after vetoing a UN Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, US ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield told the press that Washington would pursue what she termed as a ‘final solution’ to the conflict.
That reminded some of the ‘Final Solution to the Jewish Question,’ a N*zi plan to exterminate the Jewish population in Europe. Whether she meant that or not, it came across as a tone-deaf response negating the grave situation facing Gaza’s people and ignoring the United States’ role in perpetuating the brutal Israeli occupation Palestinians have endured for more than 75 years.
Since 7 October, Washington has reportedly supplied 21,000 precision-guided munitions, including 100 2,000-pound ‘bunker buster’ bombs designed to penetrate hardened structures or underground targets. The remaining weapons are reportedly able to sustain 18 more weeks of bombardments. This is on top of the $3.8 billion the US annually gives Tel Aviv to beef up its military. Plus, billions more in US military aid have been proposed since the escalation began.
Israel has killed close to 30,000 Palestinians and has forced 1.9 million—85 per cent of Gaza residents—to flee their homes. More US arms are reportedly on the way as Tel Aviv prepares to invade Rafah, where 1.5 million Palestinians are trapped on the border with Egypt.
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tomi4i · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Al Shifa Hospital
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that-rad-jewish-girl · 2 months
Who would’ve guessed the guy who did this:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just dropped a song claiming:
- the protests are completely peaceful
- Israel controls American companies
- Israel is a white supremacist state
- the good Jews hate Israel too
- Israel is an apartheid state
- Israelis are colonizers
- Israel specifically targets schools, mosques, (+ similar entities) for bombings
- any resistance is justified
- ‘resistance’ from Palestine is only not allowed because they are brown and Israel is white
- also no mention of hostages or October 7th
Who could’ve guessed it…
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hussyknee · 7 months
Tumblr media
The greatest threat to the armies of Israel is little dudes throwing rocks. Sometimes the existential irony is so on point that you wonder whether there is a God after all.
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transnpd · 3 months
Shout out to folk with "satire" or "troll" transIDs!
Shout out to TransNazis!
Shout out to TransAntiSemetics!
Shout out to TransKKKMembers!
Shout out to Trans4ChanUsers!
Shout out to TransKiwiFarmsUsers!
Shout out to TransFatphobes!
Shout out to TransIslamophobics!
Shout out to TransTransphobics!
Shout out to TransHomophobics!
Shout out to TransZionists!
Shout out to TransXenophobics!
Shout out to TransBigots/Hated/Hatefuls in general!!!!
Shout out to LITTERALLY any TransID folk who have been told they are "faking" or are "ragebait" for their IDs, I love y'all!!!!!!
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i-am-aprl · 7 months
Tumblr media
You both are war criminals.
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yumemiyas-wips · 9 months
"Both sides are suffering." Oh really?
Go into an Israeli house. Any house, really. Just pick a random place. Go into said house, to the kitchen or nearest bathroom. Open the tap. Is there water flowing out? Is the water not brown?
Go to a store, any store, in Israel. Preferably a grocery store. Are the lights on? What about the shelves, are they stocked?
Find a hospital. A big one, a small one, it doesn't matter. Go inside. Did you trip on a corpse? Are they resorting to treating infections with vinegar? Is the hospital intact, once you're done with your visit?
Go to a graveyard. Any graveyard. Look for a fresh grave. Is it a single grave or a mass grave? Or do they burn the dead, with fuel that they can afford to spare?
Finally, once you've done your rounds, are you not dead? Has there not been a bomb that came down and blasted you to pieces? Can you hop on a flight and get out of there? What about going out to the sea? What about just driving through the border to Egypt? You can do all of that, right?
Well, Palestinians can't.
Israel isn't suffering shit. Now get the fuck out of my face.
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