politijohn · 13 hours
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anastasiareyreed · 17 hours
one of the biggest man-made environmental disaster in decades!
the Kakhovka HPP is completely destroyed and can’t be restored.
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water continues to flood Kherson, Nova Kakhovka and other cities and towns, taking lives and destroying Ukrainian ecology;
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over 200,000 residents of surrounding settlements lost access to drinking water;
there is a threat of nuclear disaster due to possible cooling issues at the temporarily occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant;
over 150 tons of machine oil have contaminated the Dnipro River. there is risk of a further 300+ tons leaking;
Tumblr media
river water drifts russian mines, they detonate in the flooding zones.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
regardless, thousands of animals, both wild and domestic, affected by this flooding. Ukrainians save everyone they can find. the search for animals and people continues for the second day.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the scale of this terrorist act is difficult to predict. it threatens hundreds of thousands of lives — flooding will continue for at least another 4 days. international organizations created to save people and animals in such cases do not respond. Ukrainians were left alone for the second day in a row with a large-scale disaster!
please do not be indifferent, spread information, reliable information from the Ukrainians who are experiencing this catastrophe in real-time. do not believe russian propaganda, support Ukraine and Ukrainians in our battle for life!
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Please watch this video by Rudy Riggs explaining it!
There is no ID on this atm, but I will add one tomorrow after I process this.
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yomcloud · 2 days
It pride month so need remind everyone:
stop equating bigotry to intellectual and learning disability
Many of us who have learning disability and/or intellectual disability are queer too, we see you,
you are no ally to us.
every every every time see people argue against bigot, they make people out like self to be bigot, equal to bigot, is bigot, because "stupid, bad grammar, bad spell, bad read, bad bad bad brain".
saying "you're", "they're" is no gotcha.
so often we try fight for own self, or explain self, but because "stupid, bad grammar, you word bad", no take seriously, discount instantly. many many many of times in own community, told own identity "stupid, make head cave in".
and then you hold us up as target to laugh at "bigot bigot bigot haha stupid".
you can argue fight bigot without side step grab unrelated shit to laugh at mentally / intellectually disabled and pour out your abelism mask as "fighting bad people"
stop forgetting us, you dont support mentally disabled queer people
we never ever ever ever feel safe watch or read people argue against bigots, because Every time, equate people like us as bigot evil.
no care if "im disabled too, im autistic too, im mentally disabled too", no care, you eat own community alive. scum.
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kirbyddd · 2 days
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If Nano Could have one new hobby . What would that be?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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It’s very interesting to me how abled LGBT+ people are very much against performative activism by billion dollar companies and say that the companies only care about what happens to them financially, but they don’t care about the effect that these actions will have on queer people. Everything about that is valid and true, but it shouldn’t be that surprising when a big chain store pulls merchandise at the first threat from someone who has nothing better to do than be homophobic for a living.
But then go ahead and host for the second year in a row since 2021, an open, unmasked super spreader pride parade. You are openly hurting queer disabled people by hosting and attending these avents that have zero COVID precautionary measures or safety plans in use. There are no mask mandates, no sanitizing stations, and instead of showing that you do care about crippled queers (you don’t) you tell us to just “stay home” or “risk it anyway if you want it that badly”. Which means you don’t want us in the same place as you, you’d prefer it that way. We know.
Make it make sense. You’re either angry for the performative activism for every queer, or you’re very much tied into the exact ideation as straight/cis person who doesn’t care about “some” queer people— except with an ableist core.
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paperuniverse · 9 hours
Already 3.3 million hectares of land in Canada has been burning because of the extreme heat and dryness and it’s not even halfway through wildfires season. They’re actually predicting this will be the most destructive wildfire season in Canadian history. But most of what I’ve seen posted about these fires has to do with air quality. So I’ve decided to try and compile a list of resources to donate to help Canadians being affected at this time.
The Red Cross which seems to have a donation page for most provinces. Both the Canadian and Alberta government will match each dollar of your donation.
Food Banks Alberta helping to feed those affected.
Disaster Aid Canada general help
Atlantic Canada
The Red Cross which if you donate to both the Canadian and the Nova Scotia government will match each dollar of your donation.
British Columbia
United Way BC supporting communities by giving them things such as food, mental health support, and shelter.
Food banks BC helping to feed those affected.
Canada as a whole
Unite for Change not directly donating to the fires but is working to make changes at a provincial and federal level to help fix the climate crisis which is directly making the fires worse.
Please tell me if you know of any other places taking donations to help either put out the fires or help the people affected. If any of these donation links are also donating to discriminatory policies or such like anti-trans legislation's please inform me so I can remove the link!
Quebec and Ontario links are especially wanted as I couldn't find anything for there and neither could my friend.
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on an unrelated-to-my-last-ask note there's like. malware discovered on curseforge and bukkit recently and they're trying to fix it but since minecraft is the subject i felt like i shoulg mention that. (called fractureiser).
Gods, thanks for telling me! I didn't know!
Please check your computers (or tablets) if you installed a mod recently from any of these places!
This website as a list of confirmed compromised mods!!! Please check!!!
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npdhollyleaf · 2 days
i wish i was getting paid but im not. because work hates me. my bank account is in the negatives please consider comissioning me. im doing icons for £5 and full drawn images for £10-15 (convert to your currency)
Tumblr media
any comissions will be treated as emergancy and will be done 1-2 days after payment. sorry guys 😭
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anoonimthepoorchad · 2 days
sheeriiiiiiii on tik tok
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redstoneflux · 2 days
hey so if you've downloaded anything from curseforge in the last 24hrs your minecraft might be compromised, please read this
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Congress fr said:
Tumblr media
Ok but fr it's getting really bad over here and it's very concerning. I know a lot of my followers here are American and I would like to link this resource here to the human rights campaign that has every states anti LGBT laws listed.
Please be safe
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jayplat · 2 days
Reminder to stop fucking comparing struggles. Just because you have a stomach ache doesn't mean you suddenly fucking understand what my condition is like
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nebuladreamz · 7 hours
Hello, I would like to make an ai of Your protective eclipse (I love him and need to talk to him MMMMMMMM) it will be on character.ai (which as far as I’m aware doesn’t use fan fic to generate responses) and I’ll send you the link when I’m done, also, could I use some of your art for the ai? (With credit of course)
Hi hi! I appreciate your liking to him but please do not.
While I am flattered that you like him so much to want to make a character.ai, under no circumstance do I want him or any character I make (fanon or OC or anything of the sort) to be used for something like this (ESPECIALLY if you're going to bring in how various AI programs are using fanfiction for responses).
This goes out to everyone even interested in this as well; DO NOT use anything I create for character AIs, whether it be my characters, art and especially not my writing.
Thank you!
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thenuclearmallard · 2 days
first you're causcaus then you're ethnic tribal then you're white then you're not white
make up your mind you pathetic ugly whore
you will never be as pretty as russian models. you will never be as pretty as actual ethnic russian woman. you are invalid
It's okay that you weren't hugged as a child and you're pounding your fists in rage, but your lack of intelligence is showing again. My profile clearly states Circassian (Caucasus) is in my bio which is an ethnic minority of Russia as well as the other republics. I've been pretty consistent whereas you have yet to provide any fraction of intellect. I feel sorry for you lol.
Being called a whore predicts that you assume I get more lay than you could. Maybe you'll get lucky and have an aneurysm from all your pent up rage and hatred for non Russians in your country. :)
Also I don't recall ever saying I'm white or being inconsistent as you claim. I'm a lighter skin Indigenous woman, but not what would define as "white". Caucasian as in having a mix of Circassian ≠ white. Caucasian is a word to describe the Indigenous people of the Caucuses not America's origin of "race" that is based off of pseudoscience that's been proven wrong.
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