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nohaibrahim-2024 3 days
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Help me and my family please 馃檹
@el-shab-hussein @ibtisams-blog @northgazaupdates @northgazaupdates2 @90-ghost
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siraj2024 2 days
The first goal is completed 鉁
Tears of joy mixed with feelings of gratitude to everyone who stood by me, those who spent their time and effort in order to reach my first goal.
Thanks and gratitude are due to:
1. The friends who pinned my story to the top of their page, those are great people.
2. The supporters, each with his name and title, are people of goodness and giving.
3. For those who proposed new ideas, the idea of artistic paintings, a march, and selling bread, they are the unknown soldiers.
4. These amazing activists who share daily updates are like dynamos who never stop serving those in need.
5. Friends who sent the campaign link to their friends and family outside this application, those who have humanity in their hearts.
I inform you that, thanks to you, I will move to a safer place than the old one.
I will spend part of the expenses of the first goal on transportation to the new place and save the remainder for the second goal, which is purchasing building materials, as this is considered the primary goal of the campaign. I inform you that I refrained from going to Deir al-Balah because of the astronomical costs of rent and the outrageous high prices.
I do not want the donation money to go to no avail, and for this money to remain in the circle of the primary goal, which is building a house.
Notice: The second goal will be to reach $20,000 CAD to purchase basic building materials for the house.
My friends who stood by me, I shower you with hugs and love you very much.鉂わ笍馃槶馃珎
馃檹 23-07-2024猬咃笍猬咃笍
Moving towards the second goal 20.000$
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revoltingcocks 2 days
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Please share & donate to Zinh!
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creelarke 2 days
Feminism is never and has never been about hating men by the way.
Don鈥檛 call yourself a feminist if you dismiss victims of SA or abuse just because they鈥檙e men whose abusers are women.
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decolonize-the-left 2 days
I don't really share hate often and even still I deleted a lot, but I know I posted a lot today. I'll probably just be deleting them again going forward.
I just wanted y'all to know what fighting white supremacy looks like. What poc go through every single election that we decide to advocate for ourselves. What it looks like when the people fighting you don't even really understand what they're fighting for or what they're asking you to do.
That the people who fight us often have queer flags and the Palestine flag in their bios and "dni: racist, nazist, TERFs, etc" in their bios. They're people who think they're allies and don't even understand how they're being harmful and upholding white supremacy. They're people who even as they ignore us still see themselves as people who listen to poc and are our allies.
And the people who messaged me all that stuff today are only the people who messaged me. And I'm a big blog. Not only that but my blog is for politics. I signed up for this knowing that being attacked would be part of my experience.
I really, really, really need you to listen to me and reread this post as many times as you need to.
The people attacking me weren't Republicans. They weren't Trump supporters. They probably weren't Russian psyops either.
They were Democrats living in the USA. And they were attacking me for not voluntarily electing a war criminal. On purpose. Literally dogpiling a native for not wanting to participate in a genocide.
These are facts.
And lot of people in the tags today did not sign up for that and their inboxes will have looked a lot like mine if not worse.
And most people criticizing Biden and Democrats are in fact...poc. It's systemic racism. Plain and simple.
This is the average Tumblr experience for us.
I'd even go so far as to say that about half of our interaction with people goes this way even outside of Tumblr.
We don't hang out in conservative areas.
So how it possible that conservatives are the only ones ignoring us? And if liberals listened to us, why are we having to fight with them to be heard?
I'm very, very grateful to those of you who messaged me with cute pictures or support amongst the chaos; instead of unfollowing or adding onto the hate. I'm grateful to those of you that took time to reblog and help tear them apart or added an article that helped validate something I said.
We need 1000x more of that, desperately. We need more allies, more people willing to speak up and reach out and let us know they have our back. We need people to actually have our back and listen to us. If you see a racist take, make sure it doesn't stay up. If you see a Black trans woman getting harassed then help her. If there's a protest for Palestine near you, go.
Performative allyship is so loud, I need the rest of y'all to be louder.
Make racists afraid again
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usernamesarehard1 2 days
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This is serious. We CANNOT let project 2025 happen. I dont think a lot of people really understand how horrible another Trump presidency would be.
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realsafari 3 days
I have a transmasc friend who lives in an unsupportive environment, and I really want to help him out. He isn鈥檛 misgendered as female, but is told that nobody should have to use his preferred pronouns (He/They) because they aren鈥檛 used to them, and that 鈥榝or good public image鈥, he should use They/Them only when he 鈥榤ust advertise his gender to the public鈥.
Obviously I鈥檓 pissed as FUCK, because this is exactly what I experienced (and still experience) as a young transmasc adult. I know firsthand how shitty it feels to be told that your identity doesn鈥檛 deserve respect or acknowledgement because 鈥榩eople aren鈥檛 used to seeing you that way鈥.
The main message of this post: ANYBODY who adds a note, whether liking, reblogging, or replying, will have their username written down in a notebook that I will send to him to show his family. If you reblog/reply with a supportive comment or tag, I鈥檒l write that too under your username.
Please and thank you all 鉂わ笍
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emanzaqoutt 2 days
After Tumblr terminated my old account for an unknown reason, this is my new one, I am Eman Zaqout from Gaza - Palestine, and this is my new account @emanzaqoutt
I had meaningful interactions with you all, and I found the Tumblr community to be the most cooperative and helpful馃А
I am very happy to be here again, and I hope you can help me in reposting this post to let other know 鉂わ笍
I hope you will stand by us and support us to reach our standard of life that we deserve 馃崏
Every contribution, no matter how small, can change a lot and make a difference 馃様馃挃
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yourdaddyfigure 2 days
Top, bottom, dom, sub!
Doesn鈥檛 matter! Everyone deserves aftercare!
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super-firepaw119 2 days
KOSA update 7/23/24:
Senator Schumer is growing desperate, He plans to bring two terrible bills鈥擪OSA & COPPA 2.0, to the floor for a procedural vote as soon as this Thursday.
Proof: https://x.com/omaseddiq/status/1815706689619816860?s=46&t=yFN9Hf-JJHJ9o67VUawUqg
Tumblr media
Spread this around. Do not panic鈥擟all your two Senators & tell them to vote 鈥楴o鈥 to both KOSA & COPPA 2.0!!
Keep calm & keep fighting!!
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folklorespring 18 hours
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Since 2022, russians have killed over 450 Ukrainian athletes.
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siraj2024 3 days
Daily update (17)馃毃
Urgent and dangerous
Date 07-22-2024
Time: 11 am
A sudden incursion by the occupation forces into the east of the Khan Yunis area, a displacement of citizens under bombardment, and dozens of martyrs and injuries until this moment. Ambulance crews are unable to arrive.
The Israeli army officially announces a ground operation in the Khan Yunis area, after leaving it months ago.
Tumblr media
Now I can say that we are on the outskirts of the danger zone and the danger may extend to us in the evening hours. At this moment I will be forced to make the seventh displacement, and so far I have not found a place to go to. We have no shelter left, unfortunately.
I request urgent support to leave this place as quickly as possible, knowing that our rent expenses in Gaza are very, very high, as are transportation expenses, as well as the commission rate for transferring money.
Note: Follow the comments to know the successive events in Khan Yunis
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bunsnoroses 1 day
Threatening or supporting actual non consensual abuse and harassment on this app is not cool!!Threatening to expose ppl (not consensually) and making them feel unsafe here is not hot!!
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maudiemoods 2 days
Your reminder to get registered/check your registration for voting! I believe the deadline is sometime in October and that'll sneak up on us before we know it!
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