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Ahsoka vs Marrok (Ahsoka) | Sol vs Qimir (The Acolyte) ↪ for @azurecanary
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marroniere · 2 days
to all the ppl making thranto playlists: the only song that must be included at all costs is rickroll because Eli is:
never gonna give Thrawn up
2. never gonna let Thrawn down
3. never gonna run around
4. and desert him
4. never gonna make him cry
5. never gonna say goodbye
6. never gonna tell a lie and hurt him
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Ahsoka Tano in every episode - 1x04 | Fallen Jedi
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illuminatedquill · 1 day
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Shin gets diagnosed with “rizz”.
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roselightfairy · 2 days
weeping and wailing about the Ghost crew and other Rebels characters and baby Jacen...
Zeb! and his big hands! are SO good at baby-throwing! Zeb tossing him up and catching him so gently in those large warm hands while Jacen shrieks with delight!
Sabine makes him his own set of beautifully-painted cardboard Mandalorian armor for every age/size he is, and makes him a new beautiful one every time he grows out of the last.
He loves to watch her use her jetpack. He wants a jetpack SO badly and Hera has said Absolutely Not. "Not until you're at least nine, Jacen!"
Chopper is his fiercest protector and guardian, and when he gets old enough, they get up to SO much mischief together!
We already KNOW that he runs around in various political/military spaces and the chancellor knows him by name... Mon Mothma looking after him for a few hours when Hera has to leave on an unexpected mission or errand... Ahsoka doing little Force tricks for him... Kallus is so nervous around him because he spent so much of his time in Imperial military outfits and doesn't know how to behave around kids, but he lights up the first time he makes a face that makes Jacen laugh... Everyone telling him stories about Kanan, so he knows something about the father he'll never be able to meet...
And let's not even talk about when Ezra finally gets to meet him for the first time.
Just this little boy raised by a whole village, and Hera supported on all sides by the people who love her. I know she didn't plan this for her future, and wouldn't have expected to have to do it without Kanan, but even though he's not there, she will never be alone.
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that-dumb-dinosaur · 10 months
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look me in the eye and tell me this isn't one of the coolest shots in any star wars tv episode. and don't even get me started on when his voice overlapped with Vader's-
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stevenrogered · 10 months
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AHSOKA | 1x05 "Part Five"
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abucketofweird · 10 months
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I can’t get over this one shot:
It’s the version of Ahsoka in TCW that we knew. She was badass and deadly.
But now we see that she’s also a kid. She was trained to be a child soldier. This is her after years of fighting and learning how to handle herself in a battlefield.
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clonecaptains · 10 months
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CAPTAIN REX | Ahsoka 1x5
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chocomars · 8 months
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This is one of the ways they show their affection towards each other, by the way.
pt 2
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nimata-beroya · 1 year
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Note: Since my old masterlist is getting notes again (and I'm hosting @tbb-appreciation-week this year), I thought it's a good time to release a new version with a lot more resources. If any of you know another site or thing that it's missing from the list, let me know and I'll include it!! [Altho, I'm getting this close 🤏 to the hyperlinks limit on this thing 😆]
Note 2: To avoid tagging the 3 people from whom I got multiple resources repeatedly, I've placed 1-3 asterisks between square brackets after the links, depending on the OP. I give the respective credit to them in a legend at the end of the post.
Interactive Galaxy Map by Henry Bernberg
Map of the Galaxy
List of planets and moons [Wikipedia /needs expanding]
Planet Name Generator 1 [SciFi Ideas]
Planetary System Generator [Donjon]
Tatooine Location References [*]
Various locations Cross-Sections (Jedi Temple, Palp's office, Tipoca City & more) [**]
Republic - Separatist - Hutt space during the Clone Wars
Hyperspace Travel Times (to calculate how much time would take to go from point A to point B within the GFFA)
Standard Calendar and Holidays [including month names!]
Galactic Standard Calendar [wookiepedia // including week day names]
Date converter according to SWTOR [Google sheet]
Dated Star Wars Chronological Order (Movies + live-action shows + animation)
TCW Chronological Timeline by @mauvrix
Estimated date for: shared by @spectres-fulcrum
Partisans' attack on Onderon
Siege of Lasan
Star Wars Name Generator 1 [Donjon]
Star Wars OC flow chart by @thefoodwiththedood
Star Wars Name Generator 2 [FantasyNames]
Star Wars Name Generator 3 [FantasyNames]
MetaHuman [Unreal Engine]
The character creator
Droid Name Generator
Star Wars Randomizer by @aureutr
Character Picrew [Twi-leks, Zabraks, Torgutas and Nautolans] @/megaramikaeli
Taking a Closer Look at the Jedi Order in Star Wars Canon [Meta/Reference Guide] [**]
Jedi Order Structure Flowchart by @rileys-nest
Mandalorian Armor design by MandoCreator
Keepers of the Way (Mandalorian Lore) [*]
Complete List Of Named Clone Troopers shared by @propheticfire (Organized by Unit)
Clone Creator [MandoCreator]
Clone Picrew
Star Wars Character Templates by SmacksArt [the ULTIMATE battery of template for any human/humanoid original character in any era. From troopers to droids, from Jedi to Sith, from KOTOR to the sequel Trilogy. 100% RECOMMENDED]
Basic Guide to Clone Trooper Armour by @odekiisu
GAR structure summary by @intermundia
The Clone Wars Republic Military Hierarchy Flowcharts [***]
Clone Trooper Lore [*] [Ranks, Culture, Training, Organization, etc.]
Clones and Kamino [*]
The Bad Batch Characters Concept Art shared by @shadowthestoryteller
Star Wars Character Age Comparison Chart by @the-yearning-astronaut
Tusken Raiders lore by @snarwor
Materials (fabrics, leathers, silks, plastics, construction, metal composites, etc.)
Materials in Star Wars by marvel_dc_heart_throbs
Star Wars Fashion [*]
Leisure, Art, Musical Instruments, Ethnography [*]
Political and Criminal Organizations in the GFFA [**]
Financial reference about credits by @thecoffeelorian
List of TCW Opening Quotes
Transcripts of all the TCW episodes shared by @book-of-baba-fett
Star Wars Crawl Creator [not exactly writing-related, but just for fun]
Canon Medical Lore [*]
Real World reference for Field organizational structure for corpsman (medics) [*]
Kaliida Shoals Medical Center (Republic Haven-class medical station) shared by @clonewarsarchives
GAR Battalion Aid Station [*]
GAR Clone Medic Q/A [*]
More combat medicine, shipboard medicine, veteran issues, and military culture [*]
Ship Generator 3D
Ship Name Generator
All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE) shared by @stairset
Republic Vessels Reference [*]
Low Altitude Assault Transport/Infantry (LAAT/i) [*]
List of GAR Flagships in the Clone Wars by @meandmyechoes
Layout of the Havoc Marauder
Dimensions of various ships from the Clone Wars [**]
Star Wars Menu Generator
In-Universe Alcoholic beverages
Canon Cocktails (recipes) [*]
Another In-Universe Drinks list shared by @systemic-dreams
Teas in Star Wars by marvel_dc_heart_throbs
Foodstuff [*]
Canon Star Wars Holiday Recipes [*]
Trask Chowder Recipe (from The Mandalorian) [*]
Languages of the Galaxy [*]
Script of different languages in the GFFA by @lucif-hare-blog
In-Universe phrases and slang [Google sheet]
List of phrases and slang [wookiepedia]
List of equivalents to real-world objects [wookiepidia]
Talk Like a Clone Trooper shared by @archeo-starwars
Aurebesh Translator [Aurebesh.org]
Learning Aurebesh Tools [Aurebesh.org] Reading - Writing.
Mando'a Database [Mando.org]
Mando'a Transcripticon [MandoCreator] (Create your own text in the Mando'a script.)
@project-shereshoy (Blog that collects and posts sources for Mando'a from all over the internet.)
Mando’a Categorized Spreadsheet
Learning Mando'a Tools [MandoCreator] Reading - Writing.
Setting Thesaurus Entry: Spaceport [Writers helping writers]
Fan-created Conlangs
@dai-bendu-conlang (Jedi Culture Explored) (This blog is the home of the Dai Bendu Conlang, invented by the Archive of Our Own Users aroacejoot, @ghostwriterofthemachine, and loosingletters for the Jedi Order in Star Wars.)
Lasana Lexicon by Anath_Tsurugi (fandom lexicon of the Lasat Language)
The amazing @fox-trot, who not only makes astonishing art and write an amazing fic, she also responds to medical questions and gives all kinds of references for writing medic characters. Check her #medicposting tag and you'll find tons of information. Also check #star wars reference and her art tag while you're at it.
@writebetterstarwars, which seems to be inactive, but there are a bunch of references there.
@howtofightwrite The place to find out how to write a good fight scene.
@scriptmedic no longer active, but it has a great deal of useful information.
@scripttorture for your whump needs. Major trigger warning for all its content.
@sw-anthrobiology A blog dedicated to collecting headcanons about the biology and cultures of Star Wars species.
@archeo-starwars In-universe sources on culture and history.
@clonewarsarchives Resources & Concept Art Blog for The Clone Wars animated series.
Wookiepedia If you don't find something in here, it's probably because it doesn't exist, neither as a canon nor legends reference.
Star Wars Databank: The official Star Wars website's reference guide. All canon.
WRITING IN GENERAL (For those who don't want to die like Stormtroopers)
SlickWrite: Completely free; online. Checks grammar, punctuation, flow, and writing style according to different settings (including fiction writing).
ProWritingAid: [RECOMMENDED] One of the most thorough online proofreader I've ever used. Although when using a free account gives extremely thorough feedback, with +20 different in-depth reports, for only the first 500 words. However, you can earn a premium account license (for a year or for life) if you get 10 or 20 new users signing up for free; (if you wouldn't mind doing so using the link above and help me earn mine, please). The settings allow you to check your writing according to your needs, from general to formal to creative. It has a bonus that you can check depending on the genre you're writing. For example, in creative, you can choose romance or sci-fiction (there are 14 sub-genre in total). And just like google docs, you can share a document, and people can view, comment or edit it too.
LanguageTool: [RECOMMENDED] Another excellent proofreader. It also has a word limit in free accounts, but if you use the add-on for Google Docs, it counts each page as a new document, so hitting the word limit is nearly impossible. It helps you to rewrite a sentence (3 a day), even if it doesn't raise any flags; it's very useful for when your sentence is grammatically correct, but it doesn't feel quite right.
Grammarly, Hemingway Editor: No so great, but they do the basic job.
[*] Shared by @fox-trot [**] Shared by @gffa [***] Shared by @cacodaemonia.
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darthyourmomgay · 11 months
It’s kinda goofy how no one has asked Thrawn if he wants to be heir to the empire. Wouldn’t it be funny if he’s chilling with a martini in the ascendency and has no idea any of this is happening.
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stealingpotatoes · 10 months
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deeply upset that Ezra didn't make a lightsaber so atrocious that it made Huyang want a second order 66
(commission info // kofi support!)
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delioncunt · 11 months
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STAR WARS AHSOKA PART ONE: Master and Apprentice REBELS 3x15 Trials of the Darksaber
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that-dumb-dinosaur · 10 months
Tumblr media
dave filoni, you're paying for my therapy
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