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loth-creatures · 3 days
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Follow the Purrgil
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hayesflint · 2 days
manual work on yavin 4 gets everyone a little hot and bothered, but its not because of the humidity this time
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close up for freckled kallus appreciation
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for the heatstroke collab im running on @thehonorableones based on this photoshoot!!!
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reference under cut!!
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mayawakening · 3 days
As Kallus's hair starts to get longer:
Kallus: *struggling to keep hair out of his face*
Kanan: *hands him a hairtie*
Kallus: Ah, thank you.
---------A few days later-----
Kallus: *still struggling with his hair*
Kanan: *silently slides him a couple more ties*
Kallus: *sheepish, gestures in thanks*
----------A few MORE days later-----
Kanan: *breaks a hairtie* Aaggh, that was my last one!
Kallus: *removes a handful of new purple ties from his pocket and holds them out*
Kanan: Oh! Thanks!
Kallus: *smiles and nods*
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enbyenjy · 2 days
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was clearing out my phone and found a bunch of ahsoka sketches from like 2020/21 so I colored them:) (coloring took wayyyy longer than I wanted but ehh)
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starwarspossum · 3 days
strange magical-shaman Rebels AU and I promise to tell you more
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killermaxaroo8675309 · 18 hours
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Heat Stroke collab with @hayesflint and other amazing artists on @thehonorableones kalluzeb discord!!!!!
This was so much fun to draw omg-
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itsjayro · 2 days
Sabine Wren appreciation post✨💜
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victorianightlight · 3 days
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So we have Ahsoka, Andor, Obi Wan Kenobi...
But I also want the Ezra series! So this morning, I created this fanmade poster)
(Of course, technically, Rebels was also a series about Ezra, but it was more about beggining of the rebellion.)
So, what would this series be?
Well, for the first season I wanted it to touch on Ezra’s past before meeting the Ghost Crew (that is, from the moment his parents were arrested by the Empire).
And the second season would tell about Ezra (and of course Thrawn) after Rebels and before the events of Ahsoka.
I think that would be cool:)
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sabellart · 4 months
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girl help why is animation
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raphaerolo · 6 months
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My favourite father son duo
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bberry005 · 2 months
absolutely losing it at the polar opposite perspective we get on darth vader during rebels. kanan and ezra encounter him and there's a dramatic lead up to the cameo and they're like "who the FUCK is that???". they fight him and lose terribly. at least until they drop several tons of heavy machinery on him. but then he survives! and then they're like "if that won't kill him what can?!" "not us. let's go!". there's no drama, no extremely emotional dialogue, no agony over the man he used to be and the monster he became. just "hey what is that? a SITH LORD? that sounds like 1-800-NOT OUR PROBLEM!!!" and then they go back to doing whatever they normally do
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skywalkerrtno · 5 months
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mayawakening · 2 days
Sabine has been awake way too long working on an art piece in the galley and has gotten a bit loopy:
Kallus: *also exhausted* For all you complain about me not taking breaks, you seem to be having trouble heeding your own advice. You should sleep.
Sabine: *grumbling* Need to finish the thing..
Kallus: *fed up* It will have to wait until morning, for now I think it's time for bed.
Sabine: *mumbling, picks up more paint*
Kallus: No, Sabine. You need to sleep. *tries to wrestle the paint from her*
Sabine: *struggles while making angry noises* NEED. TO. PAINT!
-----a few moments later---
Hera: *walks in to see Kallus holding Sabine in a headlock while both are covered in paint* What is happening in here!?
Kallus: And she won't slee- did you just LICK me!?
Hera: *watching them bicker* Wow, I am NOT awake enough for this.
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gamelpar · 3 months
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tyquu · 6 months
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I was thinking things ,,, some master and Padawan bonding. Keeping Jedi culture alive
Bonus post Malachor doodle:
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strawbieoeo · 2 months
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I think their relationship is super underrated
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