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wearesociety · 5 months
one of klaus’ redeeming quality was how much he hated damon. he was always on that man’s neck. he treated him like the dirt on his shoes and i had to stan just because of that!!!!! like the amount of times damon would offer himself in place of stefan to be his ripper buddy and klaus would be so disgusted. it reminds me of how bonnie hated him in the earlier season. no one has ever hated damon like klaus and bonnie have. we had to stan the smartest tvd characters.
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georgiaheartsdilfs · 1 year
Can you write something about reader forgets Damon but she didn't but pretends to, to protect him and it hurts reader seeing him be so down? That she gives in and admits she lied but Damon doesn't believe her.
It was for your protection | Damon Salvatore x Reader
my masterlist ↪M A S T E R L I S T
warnings/ other notes ↪ reader is a vamp (older than damon only by a little)
Tumblr media
As your head lay smashed against the pavement, you watch your boyfriend maybe if you hadn't of met him eleven years ago all these dangers and threats wouldn't matter because without you he lead a nice life.
So despite him fighting for your life you couldn't help but think of a clever idea, to forget him. To pretend to forget him and maybe he'd move on, maybe this way he wont be attacked, it was to protect him.
he runs over to me and as I pretend to be unconscious he places his hands under my head, lifting it slowly.
"y/n, please y/n." his voice echoed through my mind, if i was to play this idea out, i'd have to stick by it. I blink, my eyes eventually opening to reveal his worrying expression.
My eyes stare at his, trying to feel no connection to him whatsoever "who are you?" my heart ached as the words slipped away from my mouth, a familiar sharp feeling in my body as I hoped it wouldn't hurt me this much to say those three words.
Damons lip quivers, running his hands along my cheek "it's me, Damon. Y/n, y/n?" he says and I take his blood covered hands off of my cheek "Damon? I don't know a Damon. Last I checked my boyfriend was James." I mumble confused.
Sitting up from Damons arms "no you can't play this cruel, twisted joke on my y/n. You can't do this." he says with tears forming in his eyes "i'm sorry you must be mistaken, I don't know you." I mumble, Stefan walks up beside him as Damon rubs his tears away keeping his tough facade alive.
"y/n?" Stefan says "Oh Stefan, god theres a familiar face." I act surprised to see Stefan "a familiar face?" Damon mutters "You met me first." Damon says trying not to show the emotion in his voice "I'm afraid not, I know Stefan Salvatore but who the hell are you?" I question him.
"Look y/n just come home with us and we'll run you through everything." Stefan says catching on to the fact that I couldn't 'remember' anything. Stefan walks up to me cautiously, placing a hand out for me to grab as Damon rolls his eyes storming off.
nine months later
"Good morning." I smile to Damon, I continued to uphold this not remembering thing and its been keeping this whole house out of drama so far.
Damon nods, he had been acting different recently. More sad, miserable if you will. He drags himself across the kitchen, opening the fridge and pulling out a blood bag.
He turns to me "you know..." he pauses watching me do the dishes "nine months ago, you wouldn't have woken up in a bed on the other side of the house." he says before leaving the house "what does that mean?" I ask him rushing after him.
"Damon?" I ask as he stops in front of his car "You never told me... about us." I clear my throat "And I don't intend to." he scoffs before getting in his car.
Jumping in the passenger seat he turns to face me "tell me." I demand and he shakes his head, insisting that it isn't what I'd want to here "if it wasn't what I wanted to hear, then I would not be sat here... asking." my voice was gentle trying not to overdo this charade.
"you and i dated, that was all." he says before turning the key in the ignition "it was more than that, i can feel it." I say and he shakes his head "nothing more than kindred spirits." before stepping on the gas.
I remained in the passenger seat, as we left the driveway. Somehow he managed to forget I was in the car by cranking up the volume of his music.
After a while I noticed a tear rolling down his eye, he pulls over on the side of the road. "You would have been my wife if I simply listened to you." he says "and without you, i felt like I was suffocating, drowning. Like I had no purpose. We were perfectly imperfect for each other, I inspired you to live in the moment, whereas, you would give me purpose after a torturous century of living." his blue eyes pierced into my soul like the did.
"When you opened your eyes nine months ago, on the night I lost you. I lost myself." he mumbled before getting back on the road once more.
"I don't understand, I brought out the good in you?" I ask him, pretend as if I didn't already know. Tears building up in my eyes I try to hide them, only one tear managing to escape.
"you brought out everything in me, the good, the bad, the flaws, the imperfections. I loved every bit of it." he snickered "I don't understand why you didn't try to fight harder for me when I first saw you." I question him.
"Because I love you y/n, and it is because I love you that I cannot be selfish with you. If you didn't remember me, I wasn't going to force it upon you." he muttered.
We continue to drive down the road, I look around Mystic falls and how it had changed since that night.
Eventually we made it back home, Damon and I hadn't spoken to each other after what he had said, it made me question if this was really a good idea.
It wasn't like he had died from these fights, he had won just as much as he had lost if that made any sense.
So before Damon got out of the car I grab his hand "if the old me was here right now, would you want her?" I ask him "I'll always want her even if she was right in front of me." he said coldly before exiting the car and walking straight into the house.
This is wrong, so wrong. To fool the man I love, watch him fall into shreds before me and still love me even if my memory was altered. Damon Salvatore the man who couldn't be broken yet he fell apart when he realised the love of his life wasn't coming back to him.
Even if I wanted to tell him I suddenly remembered him, how would he take it. How different would he be, would he be happier?
I couldn't exactly tell him I forgot him for my better judgement of his survival, he'd kill me. So how exactly would I tell him.
Following shortly behind Damon, I open the door to reveal every single person of the original Mystic Falls gang was sat in the living room. From Tyler the wolf to Matt the inhumane human.
"Looks like they get along fine..." Caroline says confused "Hello?" I say confused and they all stare at me intensely "Who am I?" Elena asks "Elena?" I laugh confused "Look where is Damon?" I ask them "Who am I?" Bonnie asks.
"What is this?" I laugh "We are serious y/n." Stefan buds in "So am I where is Damon?" I say looking around the room.
"he vamped away with some packed bags." Caroline said "What but h- he was, why, he was, what?" I say in utter confusion.
"He left." Elena said.
three months after damon left.
"Stefan..." my voice was irritated, I still hadn't got over the fact the Damon left without a single word, not even a goodbye or a see you later.
Stefan nods looking over to me, I had told Stefan everything from the acting to the thought process behind the acting. He sat with his jaw hitting the floor "I mean Damon wouldn't know right?" I ask biting my nails as he shakes his head "No." he says.
"Wouldn't know what?" a voice says from behind me, I spin around and now my face looks like Stefans from when I told him the truth.
I ran towards Damon with open arms "Damon" I say excitedly, he opens his arms with a huge smile. "Someones excited to see me, did she remember?" Damon says taken aback at first before easing into the hug.
"God I missed you." I say getting a good look at his face "we need to talk." my voice still sounding ecstatic "good news?" he questions and I clear my throat shaking my head remembering that I sounded way too happy to give news that would potentially ruin my relationship... or the one i had.
Stefan looks at Damon and he faces drops almost as if he already knew what was going on "sit" I clear my throat and he nods going to the sofa and sitting down "so..." I take a deep breath in "i've basically been lying to you this whole time because i thought it was best for you to just not always be protecting me because i always get you into weird fights and supernatural disasters and like its very overwhelming but i remembered you this whole time." I say all in one breath.
Damon stares at me, trying to process all the 47 words that had just escaped my mouth.
Maybe 38 minutes passed before Damon finally spoke, Stefan had left and the house was empty besides him and I.
"I need a drink." he says walking down to the basement and retrieving one of the oldest bottles of bourbons in the cellar, he walks outside to sit in the brick wall leaving the door open.
I slowly take steps towards him as if he were a lion ready to pounce and I was just a zookeeper or something.
"I don't believe you." he says pressing his soft spoken lips against the old, bourbon glass. "you don't have too, but i've never lied to you..." I drag out the last few words "besides the past six or so months..." I mumble.
Damons eyes linger on my body, I place my hand on his cheek and he immediately melts into my hand like it was a familiar touch that he had longed for. "It was for your protection." I say quietly.
Still in denial, his looks into my eyes trying to find any part of me that was lying to him "tell me something only you would know." he whispered.
"when you accidentally killed my brother in law, and I was furious at you. You told me that you'd rather me live and be angry at you rather than you having to live another hundred lifetimes without me." I say making myself laugh at the fact that was one of my most angriest moments and I somehow managed to find some peace in it.
"Anyone could know that." he scoffed lifting his head out of my hand "fine" I say getting up and walking away "why did my dad spite me when i was younger?" he asked causing me to turn around "because he thought you stole his money, but you thought it was Stefan and you'd much rather take the hit than your little brother." I say and he stands up in disbelief.
Staring at me before running towards me and wrapping his arms around me "it is you" he says melting into me once again "I told you" I whisper.
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bonkai4ever94 · 4 days
It never surprises me everytime I see these witch power comparisons which is a whole other Conversation that will be talked about later being made that bonnie and the Bennetts including qetsiyah are put below so below hope Esther and even Davina its almost as if these characters benefit from the Bennetts being erased from lore to Uplift these other witches
And it's been pointed out that nobody seems to compare hope to Davina or her own family or any other witches on the originals
But bonnie and her coven every five minutes there's some reason they are Reduced to just being witches who do nothing but Serve people and Channel magic as if they are the only witches who channel from their coven 🙄
And they make them out as if they are lesser then the originals witches I'm just soo disgusted by this message that the Bennetts are seen nothing when if it wasn't for the Bennetts to set up the lore there wouldn't have been any witches in this universe
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lady-corrine · 2 months
Do you guys remember when Stefan said "Your commitment to the Confederacy (i.e. slavery) is inspiring" to Damon, and they were both smiling and hugging proudly? 😊
Because I do.
Tumblr media
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Since it's thankgiving, I wanna say something positive. I'm thankful for all the tvdu shows ending
Tumblr media
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michaeltrevino · 2 years
The tvdu is finally DEAD
if there was one good thing to come out of the cw cancellations it’s that
sorry about the crew who lost their jobs, may they find other gigs soon
but the tvdu fandom was the absolute worst. I don’t feel sorry for them at all.
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If I was Caroline…
Not only would I have chosen Klaus. I have told Klaus and Liz what Damon did to me. It makes no sense to me why Caroline has to be told by the fandom to shut up and stop being judgmental. I don’t think she was being judgmental. I think she was just worried for Elena. She didn’t want her to be taken advantage of by Damon the same way she was. When from Caroline’s point of view when the sirebond was affecting Elena’s choices and state of mind, Elena was acting like Caroline from season one when Damon compelled her to play foot soldier for him. Her every choice revolved around Damon and what HE wanted. She had to cater to his demands. Not the other way around! It was disgusting.
Why has Caroline not told anyone what Damon did to her?! Why is she 'keeping her mouth shut' for the sake of her friends! It’s disgusting! And on top of that, she’s forced to be around him everyday! And if she voices her concerns and frustrations with Damon, she’s brushed off! By her friends and this stupid fandom!
I know that telling Liz and Klaus what Damon did to her will possibly get him killed. And her friends. By Klaus. 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ Say what you want about Klaus but he does love her. It’s bad enough that she married her rapist’s brother and is now family with him. Like, this whole situation is unrealistic as hell.
You fans always say, “why would she date Klaus after what he did to Tyler?” If so. Then why would she marry her rapist’s brother so she can be forever connected to him? Hm? Oh, I know why. Because Caroline is obsessed with the idea of Stefan and the type of boyfriend that he was to Elena. Girl, stop. Wake up and smell the bullshit, Caroline. Stefan is not in love with you. He doesn’t even respect you. 🙄😑
It’s unrealistic that Caroline would even remotely want to be connected to Damon in any sort of way. He raped her and used her as a blood bag! And it’s also unrealistic and out of character for Caroline to keep allowing Stefan to treat her the ways he does. She dropped Tyler because she was sick and tired of waiting around for him. She wanted a boyfriend that was there and he did not fit the part, so she dropped him.
Anyways, it would have been interesting to see Caroline call her friends out and there be some sort of falling out. Because in my personal opinion… Caroline is too good for them. She gives way too much loyalty to the people who are buddy buddy with her rapist.
And don’t give me that crap about Klaus. Klaus is not a rapist. Yes, he did kiss her in Sire Boy’s body and I was giving him the side eye, but he gave her a warning. ‘Wrong time, wrong body’ or something like that. No, I do not believe that Klaus would have taken advantage of Caroline.
Klaus is way too arrogant to take away a woman’s will. He likes the chase. He also likes a woman falling at his feet just to get a taste of him. To take away a woman’s consent in sex is like poison to him, it hurts his pride. Plus, that’s not the way him or his brothers were raised. But not only would it hurt his pride, it would be violating Caroline, which would not sit well with him.
Klaus respects Caroline. Go argue with a wall. My opinion will stay the same. When she asked him to leave for her sake, he did.
But Caroline should have at least told someone! Not sire boy though. 'Cause he’s rarely even there. And he’ll somehow make it about Klaus when Klaus has nothing to do with it.
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bennettmaximoff · 2 months
When I see people say how they disliked Bonnie in the early seasons because of her attitude and dislike of vampires, but start to like her in the last seasons when she and Damon became friends, I have to give a slight side eye. People are allowed to dislike any character they so choose, but notice how Bonnie will get called annoying or judgmental even though she was just cautious and went through severe levels of trauma as a teenager, but the other girls are allowed to express their emotions and be justified in how they feel. When Damon assaulted Caroline, she had every right to hate him and be upset that Elena chose to get with him. But when Damon made Bonnie’s life a living hell as soon as he showed up and was literally the same person who killed her mother, Bonnie isn’t allowed to grief and be distraught by that because she should be grateful it wasn’t her or she should understand that it was to protect Elena, so she needs to shut up and deal with it.
Caroline is allowed to be insecure and jealous, and call other female characters derogatory names such as slut, and no one bats an eye or criticizes her for that because it’s what normal insecure teenage girls do. Elena nearly kills her best friend and shouldn’t be reprimanded for that because she had her humanity off, but Bonnie is in the wrong for defending herself and feeling hurt by the fact that someone who has been her friend since childhood, just tried to kill her. You see Bonnie’s suffering and pain as annoying, but say that Elena and Caroline’s actions and feelings are valid and justifiable—and I think we all know why this is a common theme within the fandom.
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bennett-mikealson · 2 months
POV: Me whenever I started to read a Bamon fic but the author had Bonnie still playing second to Elena.
Tumblr media
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"(s)he was sunshine, I was midnight rain" ships
tvdu edition
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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klonnieshippersclub · 2 months
Bonnie, The Bennett’s, Black Witches and The Magical Negro Trope & Mammy Trope - TVD META
Tumblr media
Bonnie and the Bennett’s have very rich lore. It’s not glorified by the fandom unless it’s by Bonnie fans themselves. That’s the way it’s always been, no one paying any mind or deeper thought to Bonnie/and the Bennett’s outside of her fans. This isn't a new thing but I want to highlight this once again because I don’t think fans understand there is more than one negative trope rooted in Bonnie, the Bennett’s and black witches only.
Before we get into anything heavy let’s have some key-terms here: Let’s define a magical negro trope: where a black character appears in a plot solely to help a white character and then vanishes. Now what a mammy is: a black woman engaged to take care of white children or as a servant to a white family.
Everything in the series can be tied back to a Bennett witch. Let’s list a few things the immortality spell, immortals, the other side, the cure, supernatural hunters, creating rings to preserve life, the Gilbert device but only a Bennett witch can enchant it, prison worlds, the traveler's curse, vampires, hybrids etc…You name it without the Bennett’s creation there would be nothing. You would think because of this the Bennett’s would be respected in the narrative and by fans. Wrong. Some of these women aren’t even given actual names. Everyone can have a Bennett witch at their disposal but they won’t be respected either. Bennett blood is essential to certain spells. A loophole.
Tumblr media
Let’s talk about Ayana. The Mikaelson’s were only able to become vampires because Esther stole Ayana’s spell. It is forgotten that Esther/Mikael begged Ayana to perform the spell first. The Mikaelson’s as humans trusted Ayana. Rebekah was in shock that a necklace from Ayana burned her. While Ayana remained unnamed this time while the story was told. Rebekah was talking about Ayana. Ayana was known as a healer and given Esther’s praises they were close. The series doesn’t show us why Ayana should value the Mikaelson’s but we do understand why Esther, her husband and children valued her. That infamous necklace that Rebekah loved belonged to Ayana. We don’t know about Ayana’s life outside of being a healer. We don’t know her marital status, how many children she could’ve possibly had and anything tied to her after the plot has used her up. One would think with how close Ayana was to the Mikaelson’s, they’d have some respect or acknowledge Bonnie but that never happens.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
We see this in how Emily was enslaved to Katherine. Julie may have labeled Emily a handmaiden but we knew what that meant. Emily only had one request from Damon that he watch and protect the Bennett line which he never did. The black witches never ask much of anyone in the plot or ever given the chance too. Yet when a request is made no one ever meets said request for them. This form of slavery repeats again through Lucy. She claimed Katherine saved her life therefore she is indebted to her for however long she needs. Sheila has her hand in aiding the Gemini Coven, Beatrice helped with the Sirens.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
There are other witches that are black who serve a purpose to aid in many and leave such as: Gloria, The Martin’s, Bree, Aja and her coven just to name a few. Friends of the main characters or enemies but quickly there and dropped. Originally due to all witches appearing Black fans believed they were all Bennett’s. Julie has no answer for why all witches that is until they weren’t. Remember witches were servants of nature. The Mikaelson’s popularity, Gemini Coven and other witches. Fills the space that Black witches were once in. Notice a pattern here?
Tumblr media
Qetsiyah’s plot line should’ve centered on how she created immortality, the cure, and the other side. But Qetsiyah’s existence revolves around demanding and enforcing continuous revenge on Silas and Amara. Tying her into another repeated love triangle in the franchise. May I add that she and Bonnie are the only women to have been betrayed by a partner and criticized for their reactions. There’s nothing wrong when a man wants and craves power but Qetsiyah is considered the worst of them all. Here’s an amazing video that details Qetsiyah’s writing too. Please review.
Tumblr media
Lastly, The Bonnie of it all:
Bonnie’s a loyal, powerful and brave woman. She doesn’t let anything happen to her friends if she can stop it. She cares for them. That kind of loyalty can be beautiful but equally harmful when Bonnie has no regard to her own feelings. She continues to give for everyone and her friends rarely return the favor. Bonnie’s never thanked or rewarded for being there. The friendships stop being equal very early. Her traumas aren’t valuable in the plot. We don’t know what Bonnie’s home looked like. If Bonnie does grieve it isn’t shown on screen. Her family life is limited, while Liz and Alaric aren’t main characters. They have their own plotlines. It is revealed that Abby’s reasonings for abandoning her is for Elena’s benefit. Abby is killed in a coin toss and transitioned. Caroline gets to have a good friend moment while Bonnie isn’t have any feelings towards her mother for abandoning her after. Rudy isn’t seen in the plot longterm and when he appears in season 5 he’s killed in front of Bonnie. She grieves this in silence while grieving her own death that she didn’t make aware to her friends to avoid inconveniencing them. The plot makes it clear if the white counterparts aren’t happy then Bonnie will never either. Elena, Caroline got happier endings while Bonnie’s job was completed. Bonnie never once got to call out how her friends can disregard her, she feeds into them and they grow while sucking the life out of her. In the end, Bonnie went back to Africa. Never any reference to her life from there.
Another thing Bonnie isn’t shown to be feminine. Her best friends go on dates, go to dances, dress up and receive compliments. Caroline or Elena has ever given Bonnie a compliment that aided in her beauty. We don’t know Bonnie’s ambitions or fears. But you are aware when Bonnie wants to save her best friend. Thoughts on Bonnie’s relationships and ships is for the next meta though.
White witches did follow the servitude of others. They were still given the privilege of agency that black witches were never going to have. Witches like Dahlia existed, and although she had one goal she had more personality than others.
Tumblr media
When you have people like the TVD writers that continue to push harmful stereotypes there’s always going to fans who listen and continue to perpetuate those stereotypes. The writers had no value for Black women nor do the fans. They don’t care about how black women or people of color are treated in fiction or the media simply because their favorites get to reap all the benefits. That tweet is just one tip of the iceberg, there’s plenty more from Bonnie’s relationships, and storylines.
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wearesociety · 11 months
Tumblr media
Kat said what she said and I completely agree.
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georgiaheartsdilfs · 2 years
When Kol dies you turn your humanity off but he comes back and tries to get you to turn it on but doesn't have to try that hard. She tries to face what she's done, (she didn't kill anyone while her humanity was off), reader did hurt people though. Kol tries to help her through it.
Return of... Things | Kol Mikaelson x Reader
my masterlist ↪M A S T E R L I S T
Tumblr media
his death
"I will not fall to your knees because you think she is the cure, Mother!" Kol yells to his Mother angrily, Elijah trying to help his younger brother by pulling him away.
Yet his Mother's wrath was stronger than anyone anticipated.
"Then if I cant make you, I'll make everyone else." Esther says through her gritted teeth "NO MOTHER" Elijah yelled but it was too late because in the blink of an eye, Kol's heart was out of his chest as his body fell to the ground.
Without hesitation, I reach down to the depths of my heart. Flipping the one switch I swore never to touch.
I stare coldly at the Mikaelsons, snapping Camille's neck before scurrying off.
months later
Drinking out of a young female's wrist, I hear a knock at my door. Things hadn't changed much around here, besides the mass amount of blood I found, somewhere in my apartment.
"if you've come to weep about something, that's not me." I groan biting one of the girl's fingers off before getting up to walk to the door as the girl screams in pain "oh shut up its one lousy finger, i'll fix it you fucking wi-" I turn my head, to face the person at my door.
I didn't want to say I was shocked, nor did I want to say hello. Instead, I closed the door on the face of the man I thought dead.
"turns out my siblings didn't lie." he said stopping the door from slamming in his face "your siblings lies." I say coldly, "uhuh" he nods looking at my house "I didn't exactly tell you to come in, Mikaelson." I scoff at him as he nods smacking his lips "You don't need to invite me in y/n darling." he smiles at me and I dismiss him by rolling my eyes, continuing to devour the now bleeding out, fingerless girl.
"that's unhealthy." he points at me as I suck the flesh off of the bone, tossing the bone to the side "you not only drink blood but you eat the flesh." he shales his head disappointed.
"I would have eaten yours too if your stupid siblings didn't pity me the moment you dropped dead." I mumble "what are you here for Baby Mikaelson." my voice echoed through the room "here" i mumble biting my wrist, shoving it in front of the girls mouth so she didn't die.
"turn it on." he says standing in front of me "turn what on? my light, i like it dark in here Kol." hissing at him, my humanity already starting to seep through the cracks of this tough guy persona, not a persona it's just me but more tough... I guess.
"your humanity." he stared at me intensely "no." dusting my hands off waiting for the girl to heal before compelling her to stand still and quiet, "this blood isn't sufficient, but I refuse to kill her just like I refuse to turn it back on." I mumble and he chuckles.
"Y/n Y/m/n Y/l/n" he says placing a hand on my cheek "you've been dead for months, why would i believe your actually here." a tear falls down my cheek, stopping at his hand as he wipes it away.
"i'm a mikaelson, I always come back love." he smiles kissing me and I instantly kiss him back, the switch automatically flips once more "No, no, no what am I doing back here." I huff pulling away from him, shocked that I still had a half tidy apartment.
"you can't be alive." I say hitting his chest "i'm not alive per say." he chuckles and I rub my dome "I can't they'll come for me and I can't do it when I'm all loved up to you, I need to be ready. On Guard." I say slapping myself trying to flip the switch back, obviously failing.
"y/n, you're ok." Kol grabs me "no Kol you don't understand I've hurt people, people who know how to hurt you." panicking, pacing around the room trying to find any excuses to flip that switch one more time for a few more months or so. Kol stops me, grabbing me again "i'll help you." he whispers rubbing the sides of my arm.
Reassuring me with every chance he can, handing me an asthma inhaler as I continue to freak out "I cannot be here." repeating, Kol shakes his head "always and forever, I'll help you my love." he smiles.
"you were bound to come back from the moment I walked through that door, besides i think we make each other stronger." he winks as my breathing calms down.
"i can't be he-" "of course you can, theres a reason you're here right now and you know, the other half of you isnt" he says continuing to rub my arm.
He shrugs with a gentle smile "besides, if you weren't suppose to be here why did you come back out of your little chair to come say hi." he winks making me giggle a little bit.
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philtatosbuck · 9 days
the thing about the thing is that any klaus ship makes more sense than kl*roline and those people have to act like that to compensate. and i do mean literally any klaus ship.
the originals edition? klaurora ate. would've done great things if not for elijah. klamille? ain't everyone's cup of tea but it still makes more sense for klaus to have an interest in her than that other blonde girl at the very LEAST from a psychology aspect and to get at marcel and kieran. klayley? even if the only thing they Ever did was hate fuck, it still would've been more in character. klaus and lucien, klaus and genevieve, all of them make at least some sense from a narrative point of view.
tvd? klaus and elena? would've been a dark and twisty ass romance, but would've been great to witness. klaus and bonnie? not only would it have been eagerly accepted, but it was WANTED by the actors too. klaus and katherine? c'mon. (if you come to me about 'he killed her family!!' i'm sorry but i do not care they would've been so fucking funny). klaus and stefan.
even in the fucking BOOKS, klaus and vivianne were so, so much better. it's just.
like i'm SORRY but no matter what other ship it is kl*roline falls flat. he liked her because why? he has a weird complex about his sister and he wanted to assert dominance over tyler. there was literally no other reason for that man to give a shit about her.
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“borderline racist”
When did anyone in the vampire diaries or originals do anything racist??? Characters btw, not actors.
First season of TO: Klaus mocking Marcel’s whip wounds, them all staying in the plantation Marcel was raised in, Elijah constantly calling him boy, Kol’s aggressive behavior towards him
Not to mention the treatment of Bonnie, the fact that Katherine and the Salvatore’s had enslaved people, and that Damon was a confederate soldier.
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Klaus and Rebekah -- Abuse
I often call Klaus out for his treatment of his siblings. Just like I call out the majority of the characters for their behavior. However, Klaus stans get very offended when I do this, even though they are the ones who say they love how evil he is. I often get accused of being biased and 'hating' Klaus. I promise you, I don't. I do not care enough about any fictional character to hate them. I may not like them or they aren't my favorite characters, but I clearly still tolerate them enough to watch the show. It's also funny because I don't talk about my least favorite characters specifically because I don't like them. Therefore, the fact that I spend time talking about Klaus means I like him to an extent. I like aspects of his character and was disappointed in his lack of development.
Too many people want to erase his abuse towards Rebekah or, even worse, justify it. As someone with a degree in Psychology and who works every day with victims of abuse, I wanted to break this down for the fandom.
First, I cannot stand it when Klaus stans want to pretend Klaus's actions are justified. Abuse is never justified. Mikael's treatment of Klaus was not okay even if Mikael thought he was creating a strong warrior. And Klaus' treatment of Rebekah is not okay even if he thinks he knows best.
Second, being abused and having trauma does not justify or relieve responsibility from someone if they then become an abuser themselves. It does happen, unfortunately, but they need to be held responsible as abusers.
Third, there are different types of abuse. One is not more damaging than another, they are all terrible and cause long-lasting trauma.
Psychical Abuse
Tumblr media
"Involves the use of physical violence, or threats of it, to maintain power over an individual. Because of this, survivors are afraid and uncertain when more abuse will occur. This often reinforces the regular use of other, more subtle, types of abuse."
Physical abuse is the one that is talked about the most because it is so easy to see. Klaus has been physically abusing Rebekah for about 900 years. He does it so frequently that she often flinches away from him. She never knows what to expect from him, if he is going to be a loving brother or revert back to her abuser. This creates its own trauma as she loves the caring side of her brother but is terrified of what he can turn into. It's part of the reason they have such a codependent bond. She still sees the brother she loves and wants to save him.
The first moment of physical abuse that we see is after the Hunters dagger their family and Klaus slaughters them all. Klaus grabs her roughly and screams in her face. This is after Rekekah wakes up covered in blood and sees the man she loves dead. She is clearly terrified of Klaus in this scene. People will try to justify this and say Klaus was "in the right" since Rebekah shouldn't have trusted the Hunter. But, I'll refer you back to my first point, we do not blame victims for their abuse, we do not justify abusers in their actions. Rebekah did not plot against her family. She made a mistake in trusting someone, a mistake that everyone in that family has made. Hell, Klaus is sleeping with Genevive while she is actively trying to murder his child. He sleeps with Aurora while she kidnaps Rebekah and throws her into the ocean. But Rebekah was in love with the Hunter. Even after what he did, she still buried him in peace. Klaus was not in love with the women he allowed close to him and hurt his family. He does not have a moral high ground. And even if he did, again, we do not justify abuse.
This event starts a cycle of abuse. Klaus holds onto the weapons, even though, at this time he is not any stronger than his siblings and they cannot be used against him. He doesn't do it to protect them but to threaten them. Anytime they disagree with him, he threatens to take years away from them, to strip them of their bodily autonomy. They are so scared of those daggers that they won't even stand against Klaus for each other.
We don't see much of their lives, but in every era after this, we see Klaus physically abusing Rebekah. He is constantly waving the daggers around and using them against her. This is physical abuse. He is stripping her bodily autonomy away from her and taking years of her life away from her. We don't know how many times this happens but we know she lost 14 years of her life in the span of 200 years, so I can only imagine how much of her life she truly missed out on.
In the 1800s, he threatens her away from Marcel and when she doesn't obey him, he daggers her and costs her 52 years of her life. In 1920, he daggers her for wanting to be with Stefan, taking 90 years of her life away. In Season 4 TVD, he daggers her for months because she doesn't want to help him make his hybrids.
He has no problem choking her and breaking her neck after he left her to be abused and tortured by vampire hunters. He compels Marcel to kill her witch body if she disobeys him. Not to mention the sanitorium episode where she is running, scared for her life from her brother. He constantly threatens her with bodily harm if she goes against him.
Emotional Abuse
Tumblr media
"Includes non-physical behaviors that are meant to control, isolate, or frighten someone. These behaviors are often more subtle and hard to identify but are just as serious as other types of abuse."
Even as a human Klaus is condescending to Rebekah, telling her she cannot play with knives because she is a girl, despite the fact that Rebekah is the only one of his siblings who has ever been brave enough to stand up to Mikael. I know it is the times, but as a reminder, Viking women often wielded swords.
Klaus emotionally manipulates Rebekah from early on. He continues to gaslight her and make her emotionally dependent on him. He even jokes about his abuse to her and their siblings, often make jokes about daggering them and finding a place to store them if they disagree.
The first time is right after they are turned when Klaus tells Rebekah their father killed their mother. This is a lie. He killed Esther and he knows it. He tells Rebekah that so she won't leave him. Even if it comes from a place of fear, this is emotional manipulation. He does not allow Rebekah to make an informed decision. Their entire vow is based on this lie.
Klaus is very good at framing himself as the victim and making his siblings feel guilty, even when he has done the same or worse. He refers to himself as their "bastard-brother" often and talks about them abandoning him, which is just a lie. Rebekah and Elijah never once abandoned him for 900 years. Elijah only left to lead Mikael away and the only time we see Rebekah leave is when she is daggered. Yes, Rebekah begins to act in reaction to Klaus' abuse, but it takes about 700 years of being abused before she even does this. Also, you can't use Rebekah calling Mikael as an explanation since he didn't find out about that until 2012/2013.
I would also like to point out, Klaus is celebrated for killing his abuser but Rebekah is condemned for 'trying' to kill hers. I also hold that she didn't actually want him dead, she acted in pain and instantly regretted it. He is also the one who abandons her multiple times, even leaving her in Mystic Falls after she has been daggered for 90 years.
Klaus has no compassion for Rebekah's feelings. He is constantly belittling her for loving or caring for others. He would often make comments, especially in front of others, about her being stupid or naive. Like making fun of her love for Alexander in front of Stefan or making fun of her in front of Marcel. This is a very common way for abusers to control their victims. If the victim feels small and insignificant, they do not feel brave enough to leave. He constantly makes her feel like she is nothing, that she has nothing so she has no choice but to stay with him.
He lets her think he is dead for days, despite what he knows it will do to her. When he reveals himself, he leaves her in the hands of self-declared vampire hunters and makes no move to rescue her even later.
And then Klaus' moment of 'growth' is when he doesn't kill her in the cemetery in Season 1, but "sets her free." Again, this is a way for him to exercise his control over her life. He is exiling her but frames it in a way that he is the good guy. He has complete control over her life still. She is not allowed to return to see Marcel, Hayley, Elijah, or anyone. She only is able to return when Klaus needs her.
Sexual Abuse
Tumblr media
"Sexual abuse is when a partner controls the physical and sexual intimacy in a relationship. This often involves acting in a way that is non-consensual and forced."
I think we can all admit, Klaus and Rebekah have a very strange relationship. He is very possessive of her and it often comes across as a toxic boyfriend.
For some reason, Rebekah has to ask her brothers' permission to turn her boyfriend, Emil, into a vampire. Further showing her lack of autonomy. Klaus laughs at her and shames her for her love life. He then takes it a step further and throws Emil off the balcony, proving to Rebekah once again that she is not allowed to have anyone in her life outside of him. He even does it with his siblings when he sees Rebekah and Elijah acting too close, he attempts to victimize himself, pretending they are excluding him because he is their half-brother, rather than for the real reason that he has hurt them once again.
The next romantic interest for Rebekah is Marcel. I'm not going to get into the problems there, but we do need to acknowledge the grooming that occurred. But that is not why Klaus is opposed to the relationship. He doesn't want Rebekah to pursue Marcel because he views them as being his. He doesn't want them to have anything in their life outside of him. When she disobeys, he punishes her. He doesn't punish Marcel even though Marcel was the one who pursued her. He only punishes her. Not only does he dagger her, but he barters her life for Marcel's desire to become a vampire. He does this specifically to drive an even deeper wedge between Rebekah and Marcel, so that when he undaggers her after 52 years, she will not seek a relationship with Marcel.
Klaus then wants props for later "giving permission" for Marcel and Rebekah to have a relationship. It is completely sick that he thinks he is allowed to regulate his sister's love life.
Rebekah next forms an attachment with Stefan. She actually meets Stefan first, but because Klaus is jealous, he is constantly throwing fits in the 20s and wants to separate the two. When it is time to run, he doesn't give Stefan the chance to come with them. He compels Stefan to forget about them, despite it being Rebekah's boyfriend. Rebekah decides she wants to stay with him and he daggers her for 90 years for this 'betrayal.' In fact, he only releases her when he plans to use her against Stefan. When he is done with her, he abandons her in Mystic Falls to go create his own family of hybrids.
And if you think this is okay because Rebekah is 'breaking their vow,' I want you to really think about that. Rebekah is 900 years old and not allowed to essentially move out and start her own life because her older brother never learned to make his own friends/romantic partners.
I also think we need to evaluate the vow. While Klaus may have kept to the words of it, he did not keep to the meaning of it. "Always and forever" was meant to show their loyalty and love for each other. Not that they were not allowed to have their own lives. Klaus broke his vow by keeping them in a box and robbing years of their lives. That is not an act of love but an act of abuse.
When they are back in New Orleans, he is constantly using her past with Marcel against her. He blames her for the issues with Marcel even though he was the one who introduced Marcel to the family and supposedly raised him. It is just another way to emotionally manipulate her as well as control her romantic life.
And then at the end of The Originals, the only glimpse of remorse we see is that he tells Caroline to get the cure for Rebekah. He doesn't apologize for the thousand years of abuse he inflicted on her and acts like this one act (which he has very little to do with) will make up for the rest of it. Someone recently pointed out the timing of it. Klaus didn't want her to take the cure before, but now that he is dying, he is fine with it. Since the show did very little to show growth in his relationship with Rebekah, it's not out of the realm of possibility that he has it in his head that Rebekah will be able to join him in the afterlife sooner if she takes the cure.
All of this to say, Klaus spent 900 years abusing his sister. Yes, she began to react against him, but that doesn't make it okay for him to continue to abuse her. It is fine to like Klaus' character, but it is not fine to justify abuse. People suffer this type of abuse every day and justifying it on social media allows this abuse to continue to be justified in real life. Don't be so blinded by a fictional character as to hurt real-life victims.
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