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relentlessescapism · 2 months
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— can i come in, please?
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klonnieshippersclub · 2 months
Bonnie, The Bennett’s, Black Witches and The Magical Negro Trope & Mammy Trope - TVD META
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Bonnie and the Bennett’s have very rich lore. It’s not glorified by the fandom unless it’s by Bonnie fans themselves. That’s the way it’s always been, no one paying any mind or deeper thought to Bonnie/and the Bennett’s outside of her fans. This isn't a new thing but I want to highlight this once again because I don’t think fans understand there is more than one negative trope rooted in Bonnie, the Bennett’s and black witches only.
Before we get into anything heavy let’s have some key-terms here: Let’s define a magical negro trope: where a black character appears in a plot solely to help a white character and then vanishes. Now what a mammy is: a black woman engaged to take care of white children or as a servant to a white family.
Everything in the series can be tied back to a Bennett witch. Let’s list a few things the immortality spell, immortals, the other side, the cure, supernatural hunters, creating rings to preserve life, the Gilbert device but only a Bennett witch can enchant it, prison worlds, the traveler's curse, vampires, hybrids etc…You name it without the Bennett’s creation there would be nothing. You would think because of this the Bennett’s would be respected in the narrative and by fans. Wrong. Some of these women aren’t even given actual names. Everyone can have a Bennett witch at their disposal but they won’t be respected either. Bennett blood is essential to certain spells. A loophole.
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Let’s talk about Ayana. The Mikaelson’s were only able to become vampires because Esther stole Ayana’s spell. It is forgotten that Esther/Mikael begged Ayana to perform the spell first. The Mikaelson’s as humans trusted Ayana. Rebekah was in shock that a necklace from Ayana burned her. While Ayana remained unnamed this time while the story was told. Rebekah was talking about Ayana. Ayana was known as a healer and given Esther’s praises they were close. The series doesn’t show us why Ayana should value the Mikaelson’s but we do understand why Esther, her husband and children valued her. That infamous necklace that Rebekah loved belonged to Ayana. We don’t know about Ayana’s life outside of being a healer. We don’t know her marital status, how many children she could’ve possibly had and anything tied to her after the plot has used her up. One would think with how close Ayana was to the Mikaelson’s, they’d have some respect or acknowledge Bonnie but that never happens.
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We see this in how Emily was enslaved to Katherine. Julie may have labeled Emily a handmaiden but we knew what that meant. Emily only had one request from Damon that he watch and protect the Bennett line which he never did. The black witches never ask much of anyone in the plot or ever given the chance too. Yet when a request is made no one ever meets said request for them. This form of slavery repeats again through Lucy. She claimed Katherine saved her life therefore she is indebted to her for however long she needs. Sheila has her hand in aiding the Gemini Coven, Beatrice helped with the Sirens.
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There are other witches that are black who serve a purpose to aid in many and leave such as: Gloria, The Martin’s, Bree, Aja and her coven just to name a few. Friends of the main characters or enemies but quickly there and dropped. Originally due to all witches appearing Black fans believed they were all Bennett’s. Julie has no answer for why all witches that is until they weren’t. Remember witches were servants of nature. The Mikaelson’s popularity, Gemini Coven and other witches. Fills the space that Black witches were once in. Notice a pattern here?
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Qetsiyah’s plot line should’ve centered on how she created immortality, the cure, and the other side. But Qetsiyah’s existence revolves around demanding and enforcing continuous revenge on Silas and Amara. Tying her into another repeated love triangle in the franchise. May I add that she and Bonnie are the only women to have been betrayed by a partner and criticized for their reactions. There’s nothing wrong when a man wants and craves power but Qetsiyah is considered the worst of them all. Here’s an amazing video that details Qetsiyah’s writing too. Please review.
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Lastly, The Bonnie of it all:
Bonnie’s a loyal, powerful and brave woman. She doesn’t let anything happen to her friends if she can stop it. She cares for them. That kind of loyalty can be beautiful but equally harmful when Bonnie has no regard to her own feelings. She continues to give for everyone and her friends rarely return the favor. Bonnie’s never thanked or rewarded for being there. The friendships stop being equal very early. Her traumas aren’t valuable in the plot. We don’t know what Bonnie’s home looked like. If Bonnie does grieve it isn’t shown on screen. Her family life is limited, while Liz and Alaric aren’t main characters. They have their own plotlines. It is revealed that Abby’s reasonings for abandoning her is for Elena’s benefit. Abby is killed in a coin toss and transitioned. Caroline gets to have a good friend moment while Bonnie isn’t have any feelings towards her mother for abandoning her after. Rudy isn’t seen in the plot longterm and when he appears in season 5 he’s killed in front of Bonnie. She grieves this in silence while grieving her own death that she didn’t make aware to her friends to avoid inconveniencing them. The plot makes it clear if the white counterparts aren’t happy then Bonnie will never either. Elena, Caroline got happier endings while Bonnie’s job was completed. Bonnie never once got to call out how her friends can disregard her, she feeds into them and they grow while sucking the life out of her. In the end, Bonnie went back to Africa. Never any reference to her life from there.
Another thing Bonnie isn’t shown to be feminine. Her best friends go on dates, go to dances, dress up and receive compliments. Caroline or Elena has ever given Bonnie a compliment that aided in her beauty. We don’t know Bonnie’s ambitions or fears. But you are aware when Bonnie wants to save her best friend. Thoughts on Bonnie’s relationships and ships is for the next meta though.
White witches did follow the servitude of others. They were still given the privilege of agency that black witches were never going to have. Witches like Dahlia existed, and although she had one goal she had more personality than others.
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When you have people like the TVD writers that continue to push harmful stereotypes there’s always going to fans who listen and continue to perpetuate those stereotypes. The writers had no value for Black women nor do the fans. They don’t care about how black women or people of color are treated in fiction or the media simply because their favorites get to reap all the benefits. That tweet is just one tip of the iceberg, there’s plenty more from Bonnie’s relationships, and storylines.
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queenofstelena · 2 months
My problem with tvd is that Bonnie should have had more scenes/screentime.
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choclateshortcake02 · 9 months
I find it very funny that they had a white witch break Klaus's sire line.
Especially when that was a minor storyline in the vampire diaries.
That role should’ve been Bonnie’s and Bonnie’s alone.
Also the fact that she brought Kol back with very little immediate consequences. (Total Bs)
Bonnie had to BEG her ancestors (the spirits) to bring Jeremy back. Even though he was human and would’ve immediately went to peace.
Davina did a spell that brought Kol back in his OG form and also somehow managed to bring Finn back!!!!!!
P.s I’m talking about when Bonnie brought Jeremy back the first time. When Liz shot him.
Since people keep getting confused.🤷🏽‍♀️
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maidmerrymint · 1 year
Something that bugs me about TVDU is some of the storyline. I didn't like that they killed off Kol in season 4. He didn't even have to stay dead. A witch working for the mikaelsons could have channeled the expression triangle at the end of season 4 and brought him back to life. And I feel like Bonnie's character never got to do anything. She didn't even get to go to the Mikaelson ball. That's ridiculous. The whole town was there. She was just there to solve everyone's problems with magic.
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mutatura · 1 year
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you can find my art instagram here.
The Vampire Diaries (TVD) au:
Bonnie Bennett was never interested in the title of Miss Mystic Falls 一 that was Caroline’s dream. But here she was, getting ready for the annual beauty pageant. It wasn’t too hard for Bonnie to be a last-minute addition to the Founders’ Court. Her dad, although out of town most of the time, was well-respected in Mystic Falls. When he told Carol Lockwood, the mayor’s wife, the tragic news within the Bennett family, they both agreed that this would be the best for Bonnie. Carol Lockwood wasn’t allowing this exception purely out of sympathy, though. With the recent rise of “animal attacks” in Mystic Falls, she needed a way to save face until the Council found a solution.
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Kat Graham brought to tears reflecting on the wigs they made her wear on The Vampire Diaries res (and other racist things said in front of her face about her character Bonnie Bennett)
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Poor Bonnie. She deserves SO MUCH better than a boyfriend who will cheat on her with a ghost.
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imhereforthetryus · 2 months
no matter what bonnie had every right to hate vampires in season 1 and it wasn’t even like she hated them she just disliked them. I mean we are told time and time again how vampires force and/or use witches.
We see bonnie lose family after family because the salvatore’s stepped into town. Damon causing the majority of the damage, not to mention in their 150years alive neither of the vampires held onto his promise to protect the bennett family till bonnie became his friend.
Also not to mention these vampires can compel themselves filthy rich and already came from rich familys. The brothers couldn’t spare a hundred for every spell they kept bothering Bonnie to make, maybe i be less angry if she was somehow compensated for her efforts or at the very least given a thank you/or got to say no.
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lady-corrine · 3 months
The hypocrisy of some parts of the TVD fandom never ceases to surprise me. Granted, maybe some were not here since the show aired on TV and only got into the fandom after, but for those who go "Why is Bonnie so hyped, she was always loved, nobody hates on her"...
Bonnie is loved now. But for as long as the show aired on TV, Delena shippers were absolutely vile towards her, terrified that at one point the writers might go the books route for her and Damon.
(As if those racists writers would ever, but we move.)
It was only AFTER Elena and Damon fans got their endgame that they stopped spewing the most disgusting things at Bonnie's character and at Kat herself.
Now it's mostly book Bonnie that gets the most hate because Damon's in love with her.
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relentlessescapism · 2 months
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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES 3.21 'Before Sunset'
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klonnieshippersclub · 3 months
I’m sorry I don’t know who to ask this—I’ve tried several Bonnie blogs and get different answers.
Am I allowed to write for Bonnie if I am white? I’ve been told it’s racist to not write for her for that reason, but other people have said that I’m taking attention away from black women if I do.
What does everyone think?
You’re allowed to write for Bonnie if you’re white. Bonnie Bennett was created by a group of white writers. Not writing or ignoring Bonnie in your plot and concepts pushes the writers negligence towards her. Yes it is invalidating and racist if you plan on ignoring Bonnie for most of your plot and inserting her in to save whomever as the series did.
It is not the job of Bonnie fans to teach you how to write for Bonnie Bennett. They should not be tasked with holding your hand in writing for Bonnie Bennett. You do have to listen to Bonnie fans when they explain the topics of race and how that impacted Bonnie and family line. You can learn from Bonnie fans but that responsibility on how to write Bonnie doesn’t rely solely on those fans. Treat Bonnie the way you would treat her white counterparts. If you can imagine a plot for Bonnie’s peers than Bonnie shouldn’t be that hard.
I highly recommend you refer to these blogs here and here to help you write a character or color. You can take up the initiative to read articles about Bonnie’s and Kat’s mistreatment or watch YouTube videos. There’s plenty of resources there you just have to be willing to research that topic. This was not meant to be taken harshly just being honest.
Hope this helps!
- Rikki
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chernayawidow · 1 year
How I’m choosing to believe it went
Bonnie (rightfully) refuses to help Stefan find a cure for Damon because he’s horrible/doesn’t deserve to live and he wouldn’t hesitate to let Bonnie die.
Bonnie pretty much starts putting herself first from here on out because she deserves better
Damon (thankfully) dies from the wolf bite at the end of season 2.
Elena doesn’t forgive Damon for any of his misdeeds because death does NOT equal an automatic pass for all of his appalling actions.
She doesn’t give him that disgusting kiss while he’s on his death bed. (That kiss wasn’t their first kiss either btw, their first kiss was when Damon forced it on her in 2x01)
Stefan doesn’t leave town with Klaus because he didn’t have to go to him for help for his undeserving brother
Without having to take the cure to Damon, Katherine would remain trapped with Klaus and would be taken with him when he leaves MF
Stelena continues to flourish (as it should)
Life for the MF gang remains kind of normal (as normal as it can get in a supernatural town)
Season 3 pretty much doesn’t happen because it wouldn’t have the chance to snowball into the events that occurred
The only thing that would remain the same is the Jeremy/Anna/Vickie storyline I reckon
Season 4 would only partially happen because the hunter would still come to town, and Shane would probably still be a problem
Anyway, Damon dying from the wolf bite solves lots of problems and that’s why he should’ve perished!
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choclateshortcake02 · 6 months
I feel like Bonnie wouldn’t have just graduated normally like everyone else. I feel like she would’ve been Valedictorian or Salutatorian.
Mainly cuz she seems more academically focused even with all the supernatural shit going on.
She seems like the type to get honor role at least, along with a ton of scholarships at other schools outside of Mystic Falls. Along with Caroline but this ain’t about her.
I’m actually kinda happy that didn’t happen cuz we all know Plague wouldn’t have let that happen.
She (plague) would’ve probably had Bonnie get 1 scholarship and not get Valedictorian. Or even allow her to leave Mystic Falls. Cuz we all know she needs her magical negro. SMH
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maidmerrymint · 11 months
I was on a thread on reddit about whether people preferred kennett or kolvina and I came to realize in season 3 of tvd they celebrated both Caroline and Elena's birthday. But of course they didn't celebrate Bonnie's. Bonnie really go treated like crap.
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functionalbidisaster · 10 months
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some bonnie bennett icons because she deserves more love
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