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DpxDc prompt:
Dick woke up one day to find that a little girl broke into his apartment, raided his fridge and pantry, exploded a smoothie in the blender, and started cooking pancakes on his stove. When he asked for a name and what she thought she was doing in his apartment, she claimed that she's his daughter Dani.
Dick knew she was blowing smoke. With how old he guessed Dani's age to be, the only likely mom culprit is Babs, and she didn't have any kids.
For now, Dick will see how far this little gremlin will go with her farce and get her to clean up her mess, starting with the pink smoothie spatter on the ceiling.
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Short DPXDC Prompts #658
very powerful spectral entities serve on the Ghost Kings council to advise and assist the king in his duties. Some commonly powerful entities are collectives. Usually the collective consciousness of a city, a concept, or an ideology.
Two of those collectives that serve the Ghost Kings Council is Metropolis and Gotham.
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This was inspired by this post. This will also be turned into a multi chapter fic on my ao3. You can subscribe here
But enjoy <3
Tw: talks of vivisection and abuse
Harley Quinn stumbled through the streets of Amity Park, newborn baby clutched to her chest as she furiously checked over her shoulder to make sure no one was following her. She had done it, she had finally gotten away from Mr. J for good just six months before. If he came lookin’ for her, she would be able to handle him on her own, especially with the help of Ives. But Danny wouldn’t be able to do jack shit against his crazed sperm donor. So, Harley was doin’ what she thought would be best. She was going to ask her step-brother and see if he and his wife could take him.
If anyone would be able to protect her baby it would be Jack Fenton, her step-brother was a hulking giant of a man and while his aim may have been shit, his wife’s wasn’t. The two were scientists, ghost hunters if Harley remembered right and they would be just crazy enough to think Mr. J was a ghost if he showed his slimy face around Amity Park.
“Don’t worry Danny, they’ll keep you safe, I promise. You’re never gonna have to worry about a crazy father tryin’ to kill you or use you for his own gain, I won’t ever let that happen,” Harley said quietly before pressing a soft kiss on her son’s head and knocked on the door of Fenton Works.
His father was trying to kill him. Danny allowed his sister to drag him out of Fenton Works and to her car, head spinning, lungs burning for oxygen. Telling his parents about his ghost form had gone bad, it had gone so, so, so bad and now Jazz and Danny were running for their lives as Jack Fenton shot another ectoblast at the siblings.
“Jazz, where’re we going to go? What are we going to do? You destroyed the portal,” Danny gasped out once Jazz had shoved him into the backseat of her beat up, gray, ‘78 Volkswagen Beetle. He scrambled in just as Maddie shot in the spot he had just been occupying, his sister grunted as she took the shot. While she was liminal, she still had enough human in her that it was nothing more than feeling like she got an instant sunburn.
Jazz slammed the door shut, ignoring the shouts from the Fentons behind her as she got around to the driver’s seat and sped off, tires spinning against the pavement.
“We’re going to Aunt Harley’s,” Jazz said determinedly.
“My mother?” Danny squawked from the backseat. “Didn’t Da-Jack say she was crazy?”
“Jack’s crazy Danny! He had you strapped to a table-” Jazz stopped herself as a guttural growl escaped her lips. “Whatever. Aunt Harley will be the best option. If anyone can keep us away from the Fentons it’ll be her.”
Danny slumped down in the backseat and finally looked down at the giant cut on his chest and let out a groan. His mother. Jack and Maddie had never hesitated to tell Danny where he had come from. Jack in particular boasted about how his poor, abused sister trusted him of all people to raise her baby and keep him safe from harm.
Joke’s on him apparently considering he was the very person who had managed to hurt Danny the most. Danny wasn’t stupid, though, he had heard about Harley Quinn. The psychiatrist turned villain who was now in her own way a hero but remained the self titled Queen of Chaos. He knew that his mother was dangerous, each time she had come to visit with her pasty white, tattoo covered skin, chemically bleached hair, and slightly crazed look in her eyes, Danny knew. He knew that the reason Dan was a reality was because of his genes, because of where he came from.
He had done everything he could to make sure he wouldn’t turn out like his mother. And if his suspicions were correct, he would do everything to make sure he didn’t turn out anything like his sperm donor. There was a reason Danny hated clowns and it wasn’t just because of Freakshow.
“Do you think she’s going to be happy seeing us at her house, though? Or Aunt Ivy? She’ll probably be annoyed that we dropped in unannounced,” Danny said before reaching down and grabbing the metal box that held his first aid kit. He used his powers to thread a needle with fishing wire and bit his lip hard as he forced the needle through his skin and started to sew up where his parents had started the vivisection. It would most likely scar but Danny didn’t want to think about that right now. Danny didn’t want to think about anything right now except for the fact that they were going to his mother’s house of all places.
“Danny, your mom adores you. She didn’t drop you off at the Fenton’s to abandon you. She did it to protect you. Aunt Harley knew that she wasn’t capable of raising a baby and she did the most responsible thing she could think of. But she loves you, she’s loved you from the moment you were born,” Jazz told him, glancing in her rearview mirror to watch her baby brother sew himself up as she sped down the highway.
“And how do you know that?” Danny asked, a hiss escaped from between his clenched teeth as he got to the worst part of the cut and continued with his sewing.
“Because I was there the night she brought you home. And I see it in her eyes when she comes to visit us. She loves you Danny, she was just in a bad situation,” Jazz reasoned, knuckles white on the steering wheel as she sped onto the onramp to start their journey from Amity Park, Illinois to Gotham City, New Jersey.
“And she’s just going to be happy to have her sixteen year old son randomly appear in her front door? She couldn’t take care of me then, what makes you so sure she can help us now?” Danny spat out as he finally finished his stitching and tied off the thread. He reached into the kit once more and grabbed a few of the antiseptic wipes that had been packed in and cleaned the ectoplasm-blood mixture off of his chest as best as he could before taping gauze to his chest. It wasn’t the best patch job and Frostbite would probably be horrified if he saw it, but it was the best Danny could do with a tiny first aid kit in the back of his sister's rickety car as she went well over a hundred miles per hour in a seventy.
“I think so, yeah,” Jazz admitted after a few minutes of silence. Danny let out a huff of a laugh as he struggled to sit up. “There’s a shirt in this bag,” she said, tossing him the backpack that sat in the passenger seat, the go bag for if the worst had ever come to fruition. Which it definitely had.
Danny dug through the bag and found the tried and true NASA shirt folded carefully within the bag and let out a sigh through nose as he carefully maneuvered around to get the shirt on without angering the stitches on his chest too much. Even if his mother wasn’t happy to see them or able to take care of them, she’d be able to help. She was a better option than any other.
Vlad was completely out of the picture. Dani was ancients only knew where and she wouldn’t have been able to do much anyway. Sam and Tuck still didn’t even know what had happened and Danny hadn’t decided how he was going to deal with that. Aunt Alicia would most likely call mom-Maddie if she saw them on her doorstep.
Aunt Harley was their only option now that the portal was destroyed and Danny certainly did not have the strength he would need to open a portal. Plus, Gotham had plenty of ambient ectoplasm according to Tuck’s research.
When they had first made this plan, Tucker had looked into any place that came close to having the same amounts of ectoplasm as Amity Park and Gotham had been number one on the list. So at least Danny had that going for him.
“I’m going to try to get a little bit of rest, getting cut open drains a guy,” Danny said with a chuckle, pressing the backpack into the car seat and carefully laid back down. “When I wake up, we can switch and I can drive for a bit. You need rest too.”
Jazz simply hummed in response and said nothing more as her little brother settled into the backseat and allowed sleep to take over.
“I told you I could have helped drive here,” Danny muttered as Jazz pulled into a shady looking, nondescript building.
“Danny, you had to sew yourself back up in my backseat. You needed the rest far more than I did, besides, no use in complaining, we’re here now,” Jazz said, glancing back at the tired, pouty look on her brother’s face and smiled. “Aren’t you excited to see your mom and Aunt Pam?”
“Is she technically my stepmom?” Danny asked once Jazz put the car in park and shut off the engine. She got out and went around to Danny’s door and helped her baby brother out of the car.
“Technically?” Jazz said, crinkling her nose as she thought it out. Yeah, that would make the most sense anyway. “Are you okay?” She asked as Danny winced, pressing a hand to his chest as he climbed out of the small car and leaned heavily against Jazz’s side.
“Yeah, just hurting,” he murmured and shook his head as if that would get rid of the pain. “Let’s just go.”
Jazz gave her brother a concerned look but locked her car nonetheless and started to help the boy up the stairs before she rung the doorbell.
The two tensed as they listened to footsteps stomp their way.
“Look, I’m Jewish, I ain’t interested in that Jehovah’s Witness shit,” they heard Harley shout before the door swung open.
Harley’s jaw fell open as she froze in place at the scene in front of her. The two teenagers were quite the sight. Harley had never seen the usually put together Jasmine look so frazzled as long as she had known her niece. Her son was in even worse states, if the eyebags on his face, the strange blood and green stains on his shirt, and panting told her anything.
He looked up at her tiredly, the dark circles under his eyes even darker than she had initially noticed. “Hey mom,” he said with a huff, hanging from Jasmine’s shoulders.
“Aw fuck, come in, come in,” Harley said wearily, ushering the two into the building. “Ives! I need your help!”
Harley carefully moved her niece out of the way before she quickly lifted her son into her arms and started down the hallway. “It’s okay Danny, Mama’s gotcha,” she murmured, cradling the sixteen year old boy to her chest as she carried him bridal style. Jazz followed her aunt as they made it to the living room just as Ivy came out of the bedroom looking confused.
Her eyebrows shot up in surprise, though, as she spotted the three before her. “Shit, I’ll get the salves,” she stated before her eyes landed on Jazz. “Come help me?”
Jazz looked between her aunt and her brother before looking back at Ivy and gulped, nodding her head once before following the eco-terrorist back into the bedroom.
“Oh sweetie,” Harley murmured, carefully setting Danny on the beat up couch. “Baby what happened to you?”
“Jack and Maddie happened,” he said with a hiss as his mother raised his shirt and took in the cuts that had been sloppily stitched up.
Harley’s eyes flicked between the incision that seeped red-green liquid and Danny’s pained face. “Jacky boy did this to you?”
Danny nodded, letting out a whimper. “It’s a long story,” he said as his mom traced a finger over the cuts, the pieces connecting in her brain.
Harley Quinn was a lot of things but she was not stupid. She may not have gotten the chance to visit her son as often as she wanted but the last time she had seen him she had noticed something was different about him. She had been around Ivy long enough to know when someone had gained powers that they barely had control over. She had noticed the way her son’s eyes would flash a startling green whenever his emotions got out of hand. Noticed the way he was colder than before and how his shoulders looked as though they carried the entire world on them.
She didn’t know what had happened to her son or what it had done to him, but she knew he was more than human now. She had seen that plenty of times before. And it looks like the Fentons had discovered this and decided that Danny was one of their new experiments.
“You’re dead, aren’t you?” She asked bluntly, recognizing the toxic ectoplasm that seemed from between her son’s stitches. “Not all the way but somethin’ happened and they didn’t like it.”
“Yeah. I uh, I was fourteen, didn’t kill me all the way, just enough for me to be considered a ghost and you know how mom-Maddie and Jack are about ghosts,” Danny said just as Ivy and Jazz came back with towels, wet rags, and salves to cover the incisions.
Harley raised her eyes from Danny’s wounds and looked her son in the eyes. “I’m gonna kill ‘em,” she snarled, snatching a wet rag from Ivy and started to better clean the wound. “I’m gonna murder them and then when they turn into ghosts I’ll give ‘em a taste of their own medicine,” she said, hands gentle as she cleaned around the wound.
“You’re going to need to redo those stitches,” Ivy said softly, sitting beside Danny’s head and taking it in her lap as she ran her fingers through the black locks, trying to distract her wife’s son from the stinging pain he was likely feeling.
“There’s no point, the wound will be closed by tomorrow,” Jazz said quietly and handed a warm, dry towel to Harley after she had finished cleaning the incisions and carefully patted the skin dry. She then took the salve and carefully coated it over her son’s chest.
“Don’t kill them,” Danny said quietly, taking his mother’s hand in his and squeezed the pale hand in his. “Just, mom, just protect me. Please?” He asked, voice cracking slightly.
Harley let out a sigh and squeezed her son’s hand tight. “Baby, I’ll always protect you,” she promised, still feeling her chest burn in anger at the fact that her step-brother, the one person on this earth she had trusted to take care of her son had caused him this much pain. Jack and Maddie Fenton would rue the day they hurt Harley Quinn’s baby.
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King and Joker
The bats were confused when Joker announced he gained a companion. His partner (or sidekick) is strong and has too many powers but looks sad. They tried to ask him if something was wrong but he remained silent. Joker liked to call him "The King", but he insisted that he was only "Phantom". The clown didn't care and continue with the nickname.
"King Phantom" tends to ignore when civilians are evacuated, feign ignorance when someone tries to escape, and has offered the bats bandages and medicine a couple of times. But when The Joker is present he becomes completely desperate and aggressive, as if he is fighting for something.
On the other hand, Joker got a completely new weapon, it was a green sphere that produced lightning but Phantom winced every time he saw him use it. On one occasion Tim swore he heard him whisper "Ellie".
Danny was scared, Ellie was unstable and anything he did could be fatal. When he arrived in Gotham looking for her missing core he didn't expect to find it in the hands of a clown. The clown realized that he had something to bribe him (although he didn't know how important it was) and began to order him around.
Danny hated it, he held back most of the time because he was fighting humans, not revealing many of his powers. And he would have killed the clown a thousand times if it weren't dangerous for Ellie. Joker would never break away from the core by saying it was "good luck", and would lock it in a ghost-proof cell, which is probably where he found it originally. The halfa just wanted his the girl back.
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DP x DC prompt - Mr. Fenton and His Magic School Bus
I’ve seen a lot of posts where there is unhinged science teacher Danny and people compare him to Ms. Frizzle.
But what if it can actually happen?
Like Fenton-Tech is weird enough and Danny (as Ghost King) would have access to all the tech and magic across all dimensions. Not to mention he has a good relationship with someone who is essentially the Lord of Time.
So imagine Gotham Academy Teacher Danny who believes in practical experience and/or first-hand experience.
Mix in a bit of Fenton-tech here, a bit of time magic there and you have a class full of high schoolers who have witnessed things.
It’s a toss up whether people believe them or not because thanks to Clockwork, no time has actually passed when they left.
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DP x DC Prompt/notion #3
So Danny is dating one of the bat kids, specifically one of the Robins (I'm picturing Tim but this could potentially work with any of the Robins).
They've been dating for a while and they know each other's secret identities (I'm imagining that the reveal was fairly recent and they're still getting used to it). The bat family doesn't know about Danny's secret identity yet, only that he's dating their brother. They all think he's a civilian.
Danny has worked with the Justice League before as the Ghost King (maybe as a regular member or maybe they just consult with him occasionally). Nobody has recognized that King Phantom and Danny Fenton are the same person.
When Danny became the Ghost King he got the Crown of Fire and the Ring of Rage. The two artifacts got their names after having belonged to Pariah Dark for centuries. The Crown on his head a dark black surrounded by flame and the Ring on his finger an angry skull set in darkness. Very few ghosts remembered that the symbols of the ghost kings power are a reflection on the true nature and innermost desires of the current ruler.
When Danny first put on the Ring and the Crown after becoming King (I'm imagining he avoided it for a while) , they transformed to match his true self, what was most important to him and central to who he was. The flames died out and the black metal of the crown froze over and turned to ice, the aurora borealis in a night sky reflecting in its surface. The ring shrunk down, the dark black background changing to a swirling galaxy and the skull replaced by Danny's personal symbol.
Every time Danny has been summoned by the Justice League its been in full Ghost King regalia with the Ring and the Crown in their new forms.
So Danny is summoned by the League to consult on a problem or maybe just for a regular meeting if they've been working together for a while. It's the first time he's been summoned since the identity reveal with his boyfriend.
Smoke clears from the summoning circle and Danny floats out smiling and greeting the heroes. Everyone stares at him. His crown is still made of ice but the northern lights have been replaced by a bright red, green and yellow. The shape and spikes of the crown are now in the shape of a bat symbol. The ring is similarly colored to the Crown and Danny's DP is now sharing space with the Robin R.
"Oh, shit," Tim whispers in shock.
"What?" says Danny not understanding why everyone is reacting like this. Then he sees the ring out of the corner of his eye and holds it up to see the new look. "Oh, shit."
Batman (and any other bat family members present) whipped around to focus on Tim as soon as he spoke.
"Is there something you'd like to tell us Red Robin?"
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DPxDC Prompt where Red Hood is bodily dragged into the Ghost Zone on Christmas, kicking and screaming. 
This Johnny guy keeps saying, "Come on, a little ghostling like you should be at the Holiday Truce," and Jason doesn't know what the fuck that's supposed to mean. 
Alternatively, Jason gets reprimanded for unknowingly breaking the Holiday Truce.
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My Regrets Follow Me To The Grave
I'm thinking about...
The Fentons suddenly dying in a freak accident and almost immediately returning as ghosts- only to realize that if they are ghosts, they feel too real to be mere simulations and/or imitations of the real thing. And if what they are feeling feels real enough to matter, then what does that mean for the boy in their basement?
They had cut him open, this ghost boy that's claiming to be their son, not thinking much about the damage they put his ectoplasm through. And surprise, surprise! They have a change of heart after they realized that Phantom may be a real boy.
So, they try to sew back together his wounds... But it's not going well. They arrive at the operating table, only for their hands not to properly interact with the medical equipment.
They lose time trying to interact with the real world. Phantom has not jolted or reacted in any way in the entire time they've been trying to save him...
But the real horror starts to creep in when the ghost boy suddenly turns into THEIR BOY.
Their mental scream summons Martian Manhunter into their town.
He's extremely disturbed by what he finds.
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Tumblr media
Rooftop express stuff for @emeraldsandamethyst
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Back-Seat Hero (DPXDC)
Warning! 6k fic under the cut!
Danny couldn't run forever, they had almost caught up with him. Dang it! He needed to hide!…Certainly one air-head rich guy wouldn't notice if he overshadowed him real quick would he?
Even though he hadn't needed to breathe for a long time, Danny's breathing was panicked and choppy as he flew as fast as he could. He knew that his pursuers weren't far behind him. They never were, but tonight might just be the night that they finally catch up to him. After months of running, and he was at the end of his strength. His burning wounds were a testament to that.
The cold wind whipped around him as he frantically checked his surroundings. It was dark, but he saw a lot of lights in one of the buildings...Maybe he could lose them.
He needed to hide his signature. It wouldn't work forever, but it would buy him a few minutes at least. So, turning invisible, the young ghost boy shot toward the lights and the voices of what looked like a museum. Inside were lots of people in fancy clothes and beautiful jewelry. But Danny didn't have time to stare at the crowd of clearly well of people. He could hear them get closer. He needed to hide his ghost signature. 
Luckily for him, he had learned a trick for that a while back. While he was in human form, it was a little easier, but his signature was still strong enough to track if they were close enough. However, if he hid his signature inside another human, then that was a different story. The first time had been an accident. He hadn't watched where he was going and the next thing he knew he was overshadowing another body. At first, he had panicked, but then he realized that none of his pursuers, who had been right on his tail, could track him.
So he tested it out. Every time they got a little too close for comfort, he would overshadow someone. It worked every time, even if the action itself felt wrong. He never overshadowed his targets for long. Only a few minutes so he could hide and escape when his attackers were far enough away.
He just had to overshadow someone who no one would notice was acting differently. His invisible eyes scanned over the room, analyzing every possible target he came across. There was that guy but...well, he certainly couldn't act that snobby ....That guy seemed to have a little too much energy and Danny wasn't sure if he could keep that up with how tired he was....and that other guy was talking about some kind of business jargon that Danny didn't understand at all. If he overshadowed that last guy, he would get noticed for sure.
Still invisible, Danny flew over to some older gentlemen that were having a simple chat. One man excused himself, walking over to the snack table. That would work. He wasn't talking to anyone so no one would notice the exchange. But...something was weird about this guy. From a little conversation Danny did hear, this man seemed to be a bit of an airhead. However, something felt a little too familiar about the way he held himself that had Danny doubting.
That doubt was erased when he heard the sounds of commands being spoken over a radio and the familiar boot stomps. The next second, Danny internally apologized and overshadowed the man.
...At least...That had been the plan.
As soon as he had tried to enter the man's consciousness and take over, it was like getting zapped by an ecto-gun, forcing his own mind to retreat for a second.
Before Danny could even wonder what happened, he felt himself stumble just a little as his hand came up to rub his head....Danny didn't raise his hand.
"Are you alright Mr. Wayne? You almost took a fall there."
Danny's head lifted, but it wasn't Danny's head. No, that much was obvious. He was overshadowing this Mr. Wayne guy...the problem was that despite overshadowing him, Danny still wasn't the one in control. He was still clearly overshadowing Mr. Wayne, but unlike what was supposed to happen, Mr. Wayne's consciousness didn't go to sleep. Instead, it had attempted to push Danny out and only succeeded part-way. Danny was still there, but he couldn't control a single thing.
He tried to test it and bring his arm up, but sure enough, neither arm moved. Danny wasn't the one in control, but he was still overshadowing this guy. How? This had never happened before. And what was that mental wall he hit? He should leave. Stop hiding in this man's head. Especially if he wasn't the one in control. But before Danny could try, he could already tell that his pursuers had caught up. If he left now, they would immediately catch him, so he had no choice but to stay hidden.
Hopefully, this Mr. Wayne guy didn't notice someone was hiding in his head long enough for Danny to escape.
"I'm fine." Mr. Wayne said, flashing a smile at the concerned woman who had asked him the question. "Just a dizzy spell. I think I'll just get a little bit of fresh air to clear my head and I'll be right back."
Danny would have been relieved by Mr. Wayne's dismissal that anything was wrong if it weren't for the fact that he inexplicably became suspicious....that wasn't his suspicion. Was that Mr. Wayne? He had never felt his target's emotions before. Then again, he usually put their conscious to sleep, so they wouldn't have any emotions while he was overshadowing them.
Wait...that's not good is it. Mr. Wayne was on guard. He must have felt something when Danny tried to overshadow him....And that name sounded familiar. Where had Danny heard it before? Wayne....
While Danny was overthinking, Mr. Wayne had already moved out to the balcony. The second he was out of sight from the others in the rich crowd, Danny could feel the lax smile disappear from his face. His eyes scanned over the balcony in suspicion.
"Is someone there?" Mr. Wayne asked, sending a spark of fear down Danny's core. 
Mr. Wayne couldn't tell he was being overshadowed, could he? Gosh, he hoped not...but Danny could feel that suspicion growing. Along with a practiced calm. Dang, this guy wasn't at all the airhead he had been acting like when he was talking to those other rich guys. Was it just an act? He hadn't overshadowed someone like Vlad, had he? He would hate that.
"B? I saw you leave, what's up?"
Danny's eyes moved to see another man who was giving Mr. Wayne a practiced look. Danny knew that. It was someone who was putting on an act but was actually looking for answers. He used to do that all the time. It's how he would lie to his parents too. Who is this guy?
"Everything's fine!" Mr. Wayne said, flashing a smile. However, Danny could still feel that suspicion growing. "I'm just getting a little bit of fresh air that's all."
He felt his hand moving (it wasn't his hand though was it?). It was hidden, so much so that Danny doubted he would have been able to notice it if he hadn't been feeling it as his own. The hand moved in a manner that Danny didn't recognize, but he saw the other man's eyes squint just a bit before spreading in his own smile that Danny knew had to be faked. It was the same kind of smile Vlad would wear to fool the public when he was mayor.
Did Mr. Wayne give him some kind of signal?
"Right! I'll just be at the snack table then! Let me know when you're feeling better."
Oh crap they definitely noticed something didn't they? Dang it, he needed to leave as soon as it was clear. Gosh he hoped that this Mr. Wayne guy didn't get too close to his own pursuers. His signature may be hidden, but anything can be noticed if you looked close enough. Usually that wouldn't be a problem since Danny knew how close or how far he needed to be, but this guy didn't know that.
His panic grew the more he thought about it. But the more he panicked the more that Mr. Wayne seemed to be getting suspicious....and breathe deeply. Why was he breathing like that? Mr. Wayne was taking long and deep breathes...
Was Danny's panic affecting him?
Wait...if Danny could feel Mr. Wayne's emotions, could Mr. Wayne feel his too?
"Are you calmer now?"
If Danny had been breathing, his breathe would have hitched at that.
"Are you going to show yourself? Or am I supposed to just guess based off your emotions? I'm guessing you are close if you are projecting like that."
Ok ok, so he hadn't figured everything out yet. He just thought Danny was close. He hadn't realized he was being overshadowed....but now how does he get himself out of this situation? This guy was much smarter than Danny had assumed...and very calm too. Who feels emotions that don't belong to them and are this calm? This guy was weird.
Mr. Wayne scanned the balcony he was on, but he couldn't find Danny. Of course he couldn't. Well, Danny would just let him look. Meanwhile he would try to see if he could sense his pursuers. Then he would leave and Mr. Wayne would just assume he had too much to drink or something....even though he certainly didn't feel drunk.
 Luckily his hearing worked while he was overshadowing someone. Hm...they were definitely in the museum now. That much was obvious. And there were a lot of them. At least a dozen inside and more still waiting in their stupid cars. Dang it...this escape wasn't going to be easy this time. They must have picked up some tricks since the last time they had managed to catch up with him. What does he do now? 
He should be fine as long as he doesn't get too close though. So as long as Mr. Wayne stayed away from them it would turn out for the best. In fact, staying out on the balcony should work-
He was so focused on trying to listen for his attackers, that Danny hadn't noticed that as soon as he had tuned in on the museum, Mr. Wayne had frozen stiff for a few moments. That suspicion and curiosity growing. 
Danny didn't notice until Mr. Wayne started taking steps towards the door leading inside.
No no no no! He shouldn't get too close or Danny's signature might get picked up!
Mr. Wayne stopped walking for a second, hesitating by the door.
...Did Danny do that? ...no no, there was still the suspicion, and Danny couldn't move. That was still Mr. Wayne. Was he...listening to Danny? Or his emotions at least? Maybe he could convince Mr. Wayne to leave the museum? That was stupid.
Another step towards the door.
This time when Danny tried to project warnings and fear, Mr. Wayne stubbornly took a step closer. By the time he actually reached the inside, Danny was close to panicking again. What does he do?! Mr. Wayne might get hurt if he gets caught with Danny hiding within his mind. He had never had to worry about it before!
Maybe he could take control of Mr. Wayne's mouth for just a second to send a warning?
he tried to speak, but no words came out of Mr. Wayne's mouth.
'No no no no! Dang it! Stop!'
Mr. Wayne froze on the spot.
'That worked? Thank goodness. I hope he didn't get too close' Danny thought, noticing that he still seemed reasonably far away from any familiar white suits.
"Who are you?" Mr. Wayne suddenly whispered, surprising Danny out of his panic once more.
'Wait...you heard that?'
"Yes...where are you?"
Oh crud.
'You can hear me?! Crap, this hasn't happened before. What do I do now?' Danny wondered, uncomfortable with the idea that his hiding spot wasn't as secure as it should be.
"...Why are you scared?"
That caught Danny's attention, but he didn't have time to answer as a flash of white could be seen through the corner of Mr. Wayne's vision. Crap! They were getting closer!
'Don't let the men in white suits get close!' Danny said, a little fast. He was worried that Mr. Wayne didn't understand him at first, but when his vision suddenly flicked over to the familiar sunglasses and white suits, he knew he had been understood enough.
Mr. Wayne's eyes squinted just a little before he laughed along to some conversation that a random person had started with him. Danny wasn't paying attention. Instead he was using his hearing to try and see where his enemies were since he could no longer depend on his eyes.
He needed to leave! But if he did in the middle of this crowd, the agents might start shooting. Dang it! Someone would get hurt for sure! Dang it, he should have tried to fly away when Mr. Wayne was on the balcony. No, he had lost that opportunity. Right now he needed to worry about getting both him and his target out of here before the agents caught on.
'Ok this is going to sound weird, but you need to leave.' Danny said. If he was in his own body, it would have been him talking out loud. However, since he wasn't in his own body, it was more like speaking directly to Mr. Wayne's mind. At least, that is what Danny was assuming. he couldn't exactly test this out or be certain.
It took Mr. Wayne a few moments to answer back as he had to excuse himself from the conversation he was having.
"Why?" He whispered under his breath. "What would they want with me?"
'..uh, it's little hard to explain. It's me the want.'
He could feel the doubt Mr. Wayne was feeling. It was very clear. Dang it, he didn't have time to argue with a stubborn rich boy! Both of their lives would be in danger unless they got out of there! Not just them, everyone in this room would be if those agents figured out that he was actually there. He should have never overshadowed this guy.
'please I promise I'll explain later but if you don't leave then everyone here could get hurt!' Danny insisted, a spike of fear traveling through his core when he could see a few agents getting closer.
Mr. Wayne turned to see the same man from the balcony giving him a concerned look. Danny could feel him giving him another hidden hand signal. What was that supposed to mean?
"Can you let Alfred know we're going to need to leave a little early? Something important has just come up." Mr. Wayne said, giving the man a smile. Danny was impressed at his acting, and even more impressed that he was still completely calm if not suspicious and cautious. Was this guy a cop or a doctor or something? Those kind of professions knew to stay calm under pressure right?
The man gave a serious nod before slapping on his own smile. However, Danny noticed that after Mr. Wayne had given him that hand signal, he had eyed the men in suits with a calculated gaze....did he know something now? Just what did Mr. Wayne communicate with him?
"How close can I get?" Mr. Wayne whispered, getting Danny's attention.
'Try not to get within three feet. That's cutting it close but they'll start shooting if you ping their radars.'
"And why would I ping their radars?"
'uhhhh I'll explain that later too?'
"What about everyone else present? Are they in danger too?"
'They won't be as long as we get far far away.'
"And where are you?"
'....um....with you? It really is hard to explain but I promise to answer all of your questions as soon as we leave and everyone is safe.'
"How do I know everyone will be safe if I leave?"
'I...don't know how to prove that.' Danny admitted, mentally fumbling a little. He was surprised that Mr. Wayne was taking everyone else into such consideration. ....he was ashamed to admit that he thought the rich guy would just abandon everyone if he thought he was in danger. Clearly, that wasn't the case here. 'but please...I don't want anyone to get hurt because of me. That includes you. I'm so sorry, this is all my fault.'
Finally the questions that Mr. Wayne kept bombarding Danny with seemed to stop as he tried to make his way towards the exit, sending farewells and goodbyes to the various people that would stop him to try and speak. Gosh, how could rich people stand this? Danny would die again if he had to talk to this many people in one hour.
There was still suspicion, but it seemed to subside a little after all the questions. After saying finally managing to say the last of his goodbyes and condolences to others at the party, Mr. Wayne was making his way to the exit. Danny's anxiety continued to grow every second that it took. Soon. They were so close!
"Excuse me sir!"
Danny's panic shot up the highest it had been that night. No! Not when they were so close!
Mr. Wayne turned around to see one of the men in the white suits had caught up with him, flashing a badge of an organization he didn't recognize. These people had most definitely not been invited, that much was certain. Especially if those barely concealed weapons were of any concern. How they hadn't caused a panic was anyone's guess.
"Hello there! Can I help you?" Mr. Wayne responded, completely calm and flashing a friendly smile.
'What are you doing?! Get away! If he gets too close then he'll find me! And he'll shoot!' Danny practically screamed, desperate to get Mr. Wayne as far as possible from the G.I.W. agent. 
"We're looking for a dangerous creature that we believe may have been hiding nearby. Have you seen anyone acting strangely or perhaps someone acting more differently than usual? This creature is known to cause reactions to those it's come in contact with. It's last victim was severely wounded."
'You say that like I'm some kind of monster' Danny seethed. 'I don't hurt anyone, and none of this would happen if you wouldn't chase me everywhere! You're the one who opened fire on someone who had nothing to do with me!'
He didn't even realize that his ranting seemed to be reaching Mr. Wayne, whose suspicion and anger was rising. However, none of those emotions seemed to make it to his face as he flashed a concerned look.
"Oh...no I haven't noticed anything. That sounds horrible though! Can you tell me what this creature looks like?"
'Don't make small talk!' Danny's fear started to grow. He could practically feel the burning marks on his skin as he was shot over and over by another agent just like the one in front of Mr. Wayne. 'P-please!....I c-can't....don't let him get close. He'll kill me. He'll kill you trying to kill me...please.'
He hated that it sounded like he was begging, but the more he had to look at those awful glasses and blinding suits, the more memories started resurface. He couldn't move! He couldn't do anything! They were hurting him and he couldn't do anything...He just wanted it to stop. 
So caught up in unpleasant memories, he ignored the conversation happening around him.
"-so it can take any form?"
"It is more accurate to say it disguises itself in order to blend in with humans. Don't be fooled, it would sooner kill than get caught."
'That's not true! Liar!' Danny screeched in Mr. Wayne's head. 'G-get away...just get away!'
Mr. Wayne seemed to grit his teeth a little, and that's when Danny noticed that his conversation seemed to be trying to deflect that of the agent's....was he trying to leave in a way that wouldn't rise suspicion?...Oh, then Danny wouldn't be helping much with his screeching would he?
"There you are B! Alfred's waiting with the car!"
Danny never felt more relieved in his whole afterlife to hear the stranger's voice. It must have been that guy again. Come to think of it, that was the same guy that Danny had considered overshadowing before he saw Mr. Wayne. The one with too much energy. Weird.
Mr. Wayne sent the man a grateful smile before turning back to the agent.
"I'm sorry, but it appears my son is waiting for me. I hope you catch this dangerous creature though."
He doesn't even give the agent enough time to respond before he turns around and walks out the door. The second that the agent was out of sight, Danny could almost melt with the pure relief and exhaustion overtaking his core. Dang it, that was way too close!
When he started paying attention again, Mr. Wayne was now in what looked like a fancy car of some kind. The strange man, that Danny now knew was Mr. Wayne's son, was looking at him with a suspicious glare.
"What's up B? What happened?"
"Dick, I need someone to look into those men in the white suits. Have Tim go through the cameras and see what he can find, and ask Barbara to do the same."
"The white suits?" Dick questioned, but he appeared to be typing the instructions into his phone. "Yeah, I saw them too. I don't like it B. They had guns."
"I know, perhaps now I'll be getting more answers since we are farther away?"
Danny had been feeling more and more uneasy the longer the conversation went on, and he would have jumped if he had been in his own body at the clear reference to him. What should he say now? Great, now he needs to explain himself but considering he's never had to before: Danny had no clue where to start.
"B? What are you talking about?" Dick asked, looking up from his phone.
"I left because someone told me to." Mr. Wayne said, his voice completely devoid of the air-headedness and ditzy persona from earlier. Just who did Danny overshadow? "I believe I was promised answers?"
Danny could mentally feel himself shiver in fear at the strangely threatening yet inquiring voice. Maybe it wasn't meant to be threatening, but the way this guy flipped personalities set Danny on edge.
'...I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to drag anyone else into my mess.' Danny finally said, sighing in resignation. It was only right he tried to explain a little. This guy had a teenager in his head and no explanation as to why. Danny would have freaked out by now, but instead this guy calmly got both of them out of a really bad situation. So Danny owed him at least some kind of explanation.
"Who are you talking to?" Dick finally asked.
"I cannot see him, but I know he's here." Mr. Wayne explained. "I can hear his voice. I'm guessing that he's nearby?...Or he has latched himself onto me somehow considering he needed me to leave in order to escape the men. Am I correct?"
...Ok, so this guy was really smart.
'I know that this is going to sound very creepy and wrong, and it is....but yeah. It wasn't supposed to end up like that! I was just going to hide! You weren't supposed to stay awake!' Danny tried to explain, fumbling over his own thoughts and words.
He knew he made some kind of mistake as some anger, suspicion, and concern filtered through Mr. Wayne's emotions. 
"Stay awake?" Mr. Wayne finally asked. Danny could briefly tell that he was writing down what Danny said, but he wasn't paying attention to that. He had more pressing concerns.
'...I-...I'm really sorry. I was ....going to use your body as a temporary vessel to hide in. They can't track me as easily when I hide in a human.'
"So you were attempting to possess me."
'NO!' Danny said, trying to wave his arms to exaggerate his denial, but no arms moved. Right, still overshadowing. He can't leave unless he's sure they were far enough away.
'It's not possessing!....I mean, it's similar, but not really! Possessing is like killing the original owner of the body and using as a suit. What I tried to do is called Overshadowing. It's like...er, pushing you into the passenger's seat? But unconscious? It's completely harmless I promise! You wouldn't have even remembered it. It would have put you to sleep until I left. But something went wrong. When I tried to overshadow you, I hit a wall of some kind.'
Danny felt himself growing more and more uncomfortable, and he couldn't tell if that was him or Mr. Wayne at first. He knew how it sounded. Bad, and it was. Danny hated overshadowing people. He didn't use to care about it all that much, but when he had been mind-controlled by Freakshow, he knew how horrible it felt to have your free will stripped away. How it felt to be a puppet. It was a horrible feeling. That's why he never did it for long, but instead only did so when necessary. 
But how could you explain that to the person you were controlling?
"So, why were they after you?"
'What? The blatant hatred and inhuman terms weren't enough to guess?' Danny bitterly muttered. 'They hate everything that isn't human. To them, I'm not alive, and I can't feel pain. I'm just a monster that infects the human race. But I'm not! I just want to be left alone!'
"You need to calm down." Mr. Wayne suddenly said, making Danny realize that his anger and frustration must have been transferring to the man while he was ranting. 
Dang it, it's a lot harder to keep secrets when you can be read at every sentence.
'I'm sorry' Danny admitted, ashamed at his outburst. 'As soon as we far enough away where I can't ping their radars, I'll leave. I'm sorry I dragged you into this. No one else was supposed to get involved. They aren't good to those who help my kind.'
"And what exactly are you?"
At that Danny remained quiet, his unease growing. Mr. Wayne already knew that Danny tried to overshadow him, so how much more harm could it be to say he was dead?....Maybe a lot depending on what kind of man Mr. Wayne really was. Plus, the more Danny says, the more danger Mr. Wayne could be in. Or Danny. What if he explained everything, and Mr. Wayne turned out to be some power hungry maniac who wanted to use Danny's powers for his own gain? What if he turned him in to the G.I.W.?
What if-
Danny's own emotions of fear and doubt were suddenly swarmed with foreign emotions. Portrayals of calm yet concern washed over him. And above all, a sense of reassurance and security. What the heck?!
"Are you feeling better now?"
'...You have a lot of emotional control for a rich guy.' Danny grumbled. 'Where did you learn to do something like that?'
"Lots of practice. Now, are you going to be ok?"
Danny would have blinked in surprise.
'E-er...yes? It isn't the first time they've gotten close. I always lose them.'
"But they always get close." Mr. Wayne narrowed his eyes. "...You sound young. How long have they been chasing you?"
For some reason, when Mr. Wayne commented on his age, Danny saw his son inhale a little bit. That...was weird? What was with that reaction? Luckily It seemed like they had reached wherever Mr. Wayne intended to go, because the car stopped and the side door opened.
"We are home Master Bruce." sounded a fancy British accent.
Master Bruce? ...Mr. Wayne...Bruce Wayne? That sounded really familiar. Has Danny heard this guy on the news or something? Dang it, he couldn't even remember what city he was in, let alone who lived there. 
"Are you still there?"
'Huh? Oh! Yeah...are they gone? Where are we?"
Danny didn't recognize any of his surroundings, but it was just as fancy as the museum. Fancy and comfortable looking furniture, along with what had to be expensive decorations. Who takes a possibly dangerous creature home to their very nice home? Gosh, this guy was nuts.
"We are safe." Bruce Wayne finally commented. "Now, I believe that you promised an explanation."
'Yeah yeah, just let me get out-' 
Even though that was what Danny said, and it was certainly what he intended to do, the second he tried to stop overshadowing Bruce Wayne, a sharp pain hit him in his chest and his head. For a few seconds, everything seemed to disappear in a flash of white pain, making Danny scream in surprise before stopping immediately. 
He couldn't make out anything around him, but he definitely had done something wrong. What the heck was that?
'Ow' Danny winced 'What the heck-'
"Bruce! Are you ok?! What happened?!"
That...was that guy. Mr. Wayne's son. Why couldn't Danny see anything?
"I'm fine. What happened?" Danny heard Mr. Wayne respond.
Finally Danny could see...except they still weren't his eyes. He still had no control, meaning he wasn't in his own body.
'I...I don't understand' Danny whispered, shocked and beginning to panic again. 'T-this...I've never...I should be able to leave....w-what's wrong with me? Why can't I-'
If Danny could move, he would be hugging himself at that moment. He couldn't leave. He tried, but it hurt. What did that mean? Maybe it was because he was hurt? But he's overshadowed while hurt before, and this has still never happened. Did he mess up? Was he going to be stuck forever? What was he going to do?!
Once again Danny's feelings were suddenly surrounded in a feeling of calm and reassurance. It was like being wrapped in a protective hug of some kind...but mentally? It was hard to describe. It didn't take long for Danny to figure it out this time. Bruce Wayne was taking long, steady breaths, trying to calm down the emotions that were flooding his own system.
"There...I need you to try and remain calm while you explain what just happened. Can you do that? Or do you need some more time?"
Danny was stunned to silence for a few moments.
'I...I'm stuck...This has never happened before.' Danny admitted, embarrassed. 'I tried to leave but....it hurt. A lot. I don't understand why this is happening to me....I'm so sorry. I d-didn't...I never meant to....J-just give me some time to figure it out and I'll stop causing you trouble....How are you so calm right now?'
Even though Danny could feel unease and still some suspicion, there was still a practiced calm with Bruce Wayne as he talked with a literal ghost in his head. Granted, Danny had never told him he was a ghost, but that was besides the point.
"I have dealt with many things. Are you sure you're stuck?"
'Positive, unless you want me to try again...but it really hurt trying the last time. I hope you didn't feel that because it was bad.'
"Then we'll have to come up with another solution. First off, I'm going to need you to answer a few more questions."
Danny didn't miss the uneasy and slightly fearful expression that Mr. Wayne's son sent him while he got filled in on what happened. It was suspicious, but very concerned at the same time. Danny had done that...why did he have to put himself in these kind of situations? The best he could do now was hope that Mr. Wayne had a solution, because he certainly didn't have one.
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hailsatanacab · 2 days
"give me a fandom and a prompt and i'll give you at least five sentences"
Ok then.
Jazz, Danny and Bruce are in the same age range, and Bruce has been harboring a massive crush on 7'foot tall Jazz since just after he began his training journey.
His kids know about and are mercyless. Danny thinks he's a bit of a fruit loop and 100% knows Bruce has a crush on his sister.
Into the future his coworkers find out that batman has been quietly pining after the Ghost Kings sister for years.
love that this reads as a challenge. Ok then. Write it. i will, let's goooo!
(sorry i kinda took it so that Jazz, Danny, and Bruce were all old friends but in that horrible adult way where you can only hang out with each other once in a blue moon when your work schedules miraculously align)
"Respectfully, Batman, you can take your "it's not necessary" and you can shove it up your arse. There's a demon the size of a skyscraper heading towards Metropolis and we need reinforcements."
"Superman can—"
"Superman can't. You do remember the part of the report I made telling you this, right? Or did your stubborn little bat brain just shut down when I mentioned magic?"
"Actually," Nightwing interrupts from the side, a shit-eating grin on his face, "I think his brain shut down when you mentioned the Ghost King."
"Nightwing." Batman growls in warning, his jaw clenching so hard Constantine can swear he hears the bones creaking.
Nightwing just snickers, and turns away to press a finger to his ear, no doubt letting the rest of the bat brood in on what's happening here... Whatever that is. All Constantine knows is that Batman is standing between him and fixing this mess for no God-forsaken reason.
Luckily, some of the more reasonable members of the League step in to try and talk some sense into Batman. It gives him some time to calm down.
"Batman. We need him. I know you dislike working with unknowns, but he's our best shot."
It actually looks like Wonder Woman might be getting through to him, Batman even opens his mouth to actually explain some things—a huge step forward for this incredibly emotionally constipated man.
Instead, Nightwing snorts and beats him to it. "Unknowns? More like—"
"Nightwing, please."
"Oh, for Pete's sake, get your head out of your arse and let me do this. The Ghost King is our only hope. I'm summoning him, no matter what you say."
For a long second, Constantine thinks that he'll refuse and he might have to resort to more violent methods of persuasion—which, honestly, Constantine has fantasised about many times during the more boring JL meetings—but eventually, Batman relents and steps out of the way.
"Fine. Nightwing, go check in with Red Robin."
Nightwing has the kind of devious smile that makes John glad he doesn't have kids.
"Oh, don't worry about it, B. Red Robin's coming here. So's Red Hood, I don't need to go anywhere."
"Sh, it's starting." So saying, Nightwing then very obviously ignores Batman's protests with a poker face that even Constantine envies. What he wouldn't give to be able to shut the bat out like that.
The summoning goes quickly, thankfully. The lights flicker, the temperature drops, and the chalk circle erupts in green flames. Standard summoning practices, sure. Even the impromptu appearance of Red Hood and Red Robin—"Did we miss him?", "No, not yet! I got 2:37, what about you guys?"—doesn't throw him off.
It does pique his interest, though. Just what the hell is going on with them? Constantine's weighing up the pros and cons of asking them once all of this is over when the ground splits open and the clawed hand of the Ghost King begins to pull himself out of the ground.
John's a seasoned summoner. It's practically his job, he's done it countless times.
The icey fear that grips his heart, that freezes his breath in his chest, is new.
Pure, unadulterated power floods the area and he feels small, so, so small, like a child playing with things he doesn't understand. When he finally tears his eyes away from the portal, he catches a glimpse of the other magic users in the room, the same horror he feels clear in their faces. Even Captain Marvel stares slackjawed.
The pressure rises, death magic screaming in his ears, almost forcing him to his knees, and suddenly he's not so sure this is a good idea.
Too late to back out now, though.
Sickly green light pours from the crack in the ground, growing brighter and brighter as the giant figure rises, until Constantine has to close his eyes and look away. The last thing he sees are eyes, teeth, horns, a crown so bright that it burns an afterimage into his retinas.
When the light dies down and he opens his eyes again, a humanoid man floats in the centre of the circle. The ground is whole, nothing is burning, the man doesn't even have a crown. Instead, other than the wispy white hair, slightly green skin, and the—you know—floating, the Ghost King appears pretty normal. Huh.
Constantine blinks, rubbing his bleary eyes, and checks around to make sure everyone's okay. Most of the League are doing the same as him, taking fortifying breaths and trying to appear as if they've not just been completely blinded.
Most of them, that is, aside from the Gotham vigilantes.
Batman himself stands upright, arms crossed, looking completely unbothered by the whole thing and John's got to admit, he wishes he could do that, too. That was... a hell of a show.
The others, however, are waving frantically with huge smiles on their faces.
There's a brief, taut silence, as everyone else tries to catch their breath.
As much as he would rather take a bit of a breather, John should probably start making introductions. Unfortunately, he only gets as far as opening his mouth before the Ghost King beats him to it.
"Oh, Ancients, hey guys! It's been forever, how are you? Look at you all, so grown up, wow—Nightwing, buddy, do a flip!"
It doesn't take much to get Nightwing going, and he certainly doesn't leave it at one flip. The whole of the Justice League and Justice League Dark watch with open mouths as Nightwing performs for the Ghost King.
What, and John can't stress this enough, the fuck?
As soon as Nightwing rights himself, Red Hood swats him across the back of the head and calls him a show off.
The Ghost King just laughs as he claps. "There's my little monkey, look at you go! And I'm loving that leather jacket, Hood, is that new? Looks good on you, really your colour. Brings out the red in your helmet."
"Thanks, Uncle D. At least someone around here appreciates fashion."
"Are you kidding me, you know I breathe fashion, need I remind—"
"Need I remind you of the Discowing incident?"
"That was era-appropriate and you know it! Uncle D, tell him it was era-appropriate!"
"It was era-appropriate, but so are crocs and it doesn't make them fashionable." The Ghost King—and holy shit, is this actually the Ghost King? Or did Constantine just accidentally summon a deceased family member, what the fuck is happening here?—turns to look at Red Robin with a smile, resolutely ignorning the argument he created. "How you doing, Double R? You get that tablet Tucker made for you?"
"Yes, thank you! It's so cool, how did he—"
"How's Tucker doing?" Batman interrupts, his hands now hidden underneath his cape.
As soon as the question leaves his lips, everyone groans. Red Robin makes a show of lifting up his wrist and staring at it intently.
"Incredible," Red Hood mutters with a shake of his head.
Even the Ghost King seems put out, rolling his eyes and answering in a flat tone as if he knows Batman isn't interested in what he has to say.
Not for the first time, Constantine feels like he's missing something.
"Tucker's doing very well, thank you for asking."
What follows is the most awkward silence Constantine has ever had the pleasure to be a part of.
All three of the Gotham vigilantes, including the Ghost King, are staring at Batman, waiting for something. Batman's cloak shifts as if he's moving his hands, fidgeting. If Constantine didn't know any better, he'd say he was nervous.
"Good. That's good, I'm glad to hear it."
Instead of saying anything else, the Ghost King just raises his eyebrows and continues to stare at Batman. Has he offended him in some way? Are they all going to die because of this?
After what seems like an agonising few minutes but could only really be a few seconds, Batman's shoulders dip and he takes a breath. "And Jazz?"
They all erupt into shouts, the Ghost King being the loudest. The only thing John can make out is when the Ghost King throws his hand in the air to point at Red Robin with a shout of "Time!"
"1:30.91, we got 1:30.91 on the clock, who's closest?"
"Did you even try to hold it in at all, old man? I'm so disappointed in you. People think you're cool. People think you're suave, I don't understand how they could be so wrong."
"Thank you for that, Hood."
"No, thank you, I won. Again. Because you're so predictable. Actually, I had one minute seventeen, so you held out longer than I thought you would."
Batman pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs loudly.
Constantine feels like doing the same thing.
Whatever. He's going to have to interrupt... whatever this is. There's still a rampaging demon heading their way that they've got to bargain for. He can untangle Batman's personal connection to the Ghost King later. Or he could leave it alone and forget everything about it.
Yeah, he'll do that one.
But before he can actually open his mouth to say anything, the Ghost King, again, beats him to it.
"So, B-Man, did you summon me here for a particular reason, or was it really just so you could ask about Jazz?"
There's a beat of silence before Batman mutters, "I asked about Tucker, too. We've not seen each other in so long, it's only polite."
"And I'm sure you meant it, you're the paragon of manners." The Ghost King nods slow and wide-eyed as if he doesn't believe him at all.
At this point, even Constantine doesn't believe him.
"It has been forever, though." The Ghost King muses, bringing his hand to his chin and folding his legs underneath him. "We should all get together sometime! If you get Alfie to make some of his cookies again, I'll get Clockwork to lend us a pocket dimension where we can spend as much time as we want, deal?"
"It's a deal."
No hesitation at all, incredible.
Hold on. Wait. John has to fight the urge to pinch himself, because this has to be a dream, right? Is Batman actually smiling? He didn't even know he could do that.
An itch niggles at the back of John's mind. He's starting to get an inkling of what's going on here and it's... weird, to say the least.
"Oooh," Nightwing singsongs, like a child in a playground tickled by the very idea of romance.
But then, who's he to judge? John's no stranger to strange bedfellows, that's for sure. Whoever this Jazz is, she must be something incredible—she'd have to be, if Batman can't even go two minutes without asking about her.
"Batman and Jasmine sitting in a tree," Nightwing continues, with both Red Hood and Red Robin joining in for the rest. "K—I—S—S—I—"
"Stop," Batman growls, completely drowned out by the Ghost King's laughter, but...
It all suddenly clicks for John.
The Ghost King Phantom.
Her Royal Highness, Princess Jasmine Phantom.
"Holy shit, mate," John breathes, unable to stop himself as everyone looks his way. "You have the hots for the Princess of the Infinite Realms?"
The Justice League meeting room has never descended into chaos quicker.
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blackfoxsposts · 2 days
Serious chaos prompt:
"I trusted you," Dani's soft voice hit Damian like a truck. Her eyes glistened and a few somber tears escaped before she disappeared.
"Dani!" Damian called, taking a few steps toward the last place she stood, "Dani wait! Dani!" He searched the sky, roof tops, and the streets down below for any sign of her, "Come back." But there wasn't any sign. No familiar soft whisper in his ear. No gentle invisible hands teasing his hair, their signal to meet on the manor's roof later.
She left.
She wasn't coming back.
Clenching his fist, Damian whirled around, baring his teeth in a snarl, "Damn it, Father!"
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Only the Dead 3
part 2
“What?” Damian asks. “Overshadowed? Who are you? What are those things?”
The entity raises his hands defensively, palms flat in surrender. “Uh? Those are ghosts.”
“Bullshit,” Damian says. “Ghosts aren’t capable of affecting the mortal world to this extent!” He jabs a finger at the entity. “Tell me the truth!”
“I am!” the entity squawks, hastily lowering his hands. “Look, normally we don’t have enough ectoplasm to interact with the human world, but it can happen under the right circumstances!”               “Such as?”
“I don’t know. Maybe if someone opened a portal to the afterlife? Or maybe if there was a big enough mass murder in the vicinity.” The entity grimaces. “Considering the general atmosphere of Gotham, maybe if someone dropped a nuke on Newark?”
Damian doesn’t like the sound of either of those options. “You didn’t answer all of my questions. Who are you?”
“I’m, uh...” The entity shuffles awkwardly in midair, avoiding Damian’s gaze. He wraps his arms around his chest protectively. “You can call me Phantom.”
“Phantom,” Damian repeats skeptically. “And you’re one of those things, Phantom?”
Phantom cringes and shoots Damian a green-eyed glare. “I’m not a thing,” he says. “And I’m not subsentient like those thralls. And I didn’t come from where they came from, either. I was already in Gotham when this started.”
“You’ve been here? Doing what?” Damian asks.
Phantom wilts. “I’ve been trying to help the civilians, but I don’t have anywhere safe to escort them and I don’t have any way to contain other ghosts right now.” He floats a few inches forwards, looking Damian in the eye. “I saw that skeleton try to overshadow you. Please, if you can resist it, you’ve got to work with me!”
Damian doesn’t miss that Phantom dodged the question, but he lets it go for the moment. “What do you mean, overshadowing?”
“It’s like possession? Only possession is specifically for dead bodies,” Phantom says, “and overshadowing is for living people.”
“They’re taking over bodies?” Damian asks, aghast. He takes a deep breath and deliberately relaxes. “Fine. If they’re capable of possessing people, why can’t they possess me? How do I fight them?”
Phantom shrugs. “You punch them? There’s anti-ghost weaponry, but I don’t think you can find any in Gotham. As for resisting overshadowing, uh... I don’t suppose you’ve died and been resurrected or something? Maybe with a big personality change afterwards?” Damian stiffens. “Or maybe if you’ve just been around enough ectoplasm for long enough. I don’t suppose you’ve seen any weird ass glowing green pools of goo? Or white? I think humans without enough exposure see it as white instead?”
Damian’s never heard of someone seeing the Lazarus pit as white, but they certainly fit the description of a glowing green pool of goo-- and as for resurrections...
“I see,” Damian says, nodding. Phantom tilts his head, but Damian doesn’t elaborate. “If that’s the case, I may know where we can find someone else who can resist possession. We need to go to Crime Alley.”
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DPxDC: A Cry for help
Okay so I've been busy the past little bit because I'm prepping my cosplay for IEX on Saturday and I made the entire thing from scratch. I'm currently feeling like crying so Danny and Dani are too!
There have been reports of soft sobbing from all over the world, everyone can hear it no matter where they are but it's not loud it's soft. Eventually the JL is called in to take a look and Captain Marvel follows a trail of magic to a small forested area.
Inside the forest the trees and landscape seem to shift but the sobbing is also louder and it sounds like two voices instead of one.
Captain Marvel, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter go in since the others would either be too much or are extra vulnerable to magic.
Captain Marvel follows a trail only he can see and J'onn is hit with a wave of emotion.
"It's pain and grief and a deep sadness with just a touch of fear. But the minds are so young. Still children." Batman pulls into himself he hates when children are hurt and it seems like several have been.
They follow the path untill they come across two children with White hair and Green eyes faintly glowing crying above the body of a third even more inhuman person (Vlad.) The children are both bleeding green and the man's blood seems to have stopped as the blue of his skin appears to be fading away.
They interrupt the scene and the children whip around and try to stand and block the body from view but they can't seem to manage it.
"Why are you here? Haven't you humans done enough" the boy who looks 14 bares his fangs and it would be more intimidating if he had managed to stop crying and wasn't wrapped around the girl.
Captain Marvel is the one who steps forward recognizing them.
"I apologize your Highness but people all over the world could hear you crying and no one could find where it was coming from." The other three members exchange looks - Marvel recognizes these children? And they're some kind of royalty. Batman steps forward
"Can we ask what happened?" He asked gently, more gently then you would expect from someone so many criminals fear. The boy and girl exchange glances.
"The US government has declared all beings of the Infinite Realms as non-sentient and to be exterminated when possible." Captain Marvel let's put a string of curses as Batman reels back both from the language and the info. The girl chokes back her tears.
"It was just a normal day. I was out exploring in Amity with Danny when the GIW agents saw me. Daddy saw what was happening and got in the way. They chased us to a place near here and got a good shot in, Daddy covered us with his body and got hit. We took him here to attempt to heal him but it's no use" she breaks into tears again and the boy wrapped himself around her physically changing his body to do so. Wonder Woman was enraged at what had happened to these children and so were the others.
"The children are telling the truth. The GIW seems to be a government agency created to track down and experiment on their kind. It seems their blood can be used as an energy source." The JL heard projected into their heads and each fought to keep an expression of dismay or disgust show on their faces.
"Is there any way we can help your Daddy?" Batman asked
"No. Nothing can help him now" they boy responded "The weapon cracked his core," his voice broke "There's no coming back from that."
"Core?" J'onn asked. The boy perked up
"Martian Manhunter?" He muttered before sighing "Swear to not turn us into the GIW. A Vow" his voice rang with more then a request or order, something otherworldly and heavy. Captain Marvel is the one to make the vow
"We as Members of the Justice League and I as the Champion of Magic swear to you Crown Prince Daniel Janus Phantom of the infinite realms child of the Zone and to you Princess Danielle Phantom named grandchildren of the guardian of hope that we will not turn you over to the GIW and will seek to help you." The children stopped crying in almost shock and the others stood and wondered what was happening.
"We accept your vow Champion of Magic and hold you too it."
What had they gotten themselves into
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Past Errors
While traveling through Amity Park, Jason was arguing with Bruce and said the forbidden word in the city "Since you didn't save me, I wish I could travel back in time to save myself!", this was unfortunately overheard by Desiree, who fulfilled his wish and made him travel in time.
The only problem was that instead of waking up in his child body as expected, he woke up as a Lasiurus bat, and how was he going to save himself like that?!? The little Jay was staring at him and he had no idea how to help him, Jason felt helpless and powerless.
On the other hand, in the original timeline Jason's audio had gone silence. Bruce was worried, Jason usually hung up the calls not just disappeared. And no matter how angry he was, he would not stop communicating with his siblings because of him.
When Bruce went to investigate the last place his son was, all that was left was Jason's motorcycle crashed in the middle of the road and without trace of the boy, it seemed the vehicle had exploded, Jason helmet and clothes were completely burned in the place where he should be.
Fearing the worst Bruce began to investigate, but he would have noticed if Jason had been kidnapped (or his body was). Had he lost Jason over an stupid argument again? His fears multiplied as he remembered the way he had lost him the first time, and the start was not much different.
Unknowingly, Jason was stuck in the past, with his family thinking that he had died a second time in the future.
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DP x DC prompt - Time Travel Paperwork
Clockwork is getting annoyed at the Speedsters and their constant messing with the timelines. He figures since he can’t stop them completely, he may as well make it more difficult for them to mess with the time stream.
He creates the “Time Travel Paperwork” system.
Anytime a Speedster wants to time travel using the speed force, he pulls them into an inter-dimensional pocket and has them fill out mountains of paperwork so he can keep track of which timeline(s) is being affected.
Danny, being the Ghost King, is the unfortunate soul in charge of signing the paperwork as a “third party”
And for retrieving the speedsters when they have completed what they said they were going to do and/or stopping them from doing anything not paperwork approved.
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