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bikananjarrus · 2 months
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dancingdorito · 8 months
the way i borrowed the eye of darkness audiobook from my library just to hear elzar's message. i was not disappointed.
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roguestarr · 1 month
If someone who has a copy of Temptation of the Force could send screenshots of the best Avar x Elzar moments, I would not object!
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elzarkriss · 8 months
When @dancingdorito and I follow each other
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soneakyr · 1 month
What I loved about the beginning of Phase III was the multitude of parallels one could find on Avar and Elzar, and their distance, which was not really a distance. But rather something that rekindled the need for closeness.
The need of Avar to not be alone in the fight, and the need of Elzar to not leave her alone:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The need to know that they are still worthwhile in the eyes of the other, despite the mistake:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The need to be again as close as possible, as only two being can be:
Tumblr media
They are the reason for why they still fight, surviving into the dark of the Galaxy, despite being alone. But they never been so close as now.
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roseredsnow · 3 days
I will fucking laugh if Qimir ran off because he's scared Vernestra will react badly to him wanting a relationship.
And when they finally talk she's just like "You know my master was this close to fucking his two best friends? Everyone was at it back in my day"
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marsbarsfrommars · 13 hours
alone with you (the only heaven I'll be sent to)
star wars: the high republic | rated t | complete | 2,344 words | avar kriss/elzar mann | fluff, a little hurt/comfort
She nods and simply says the only thing she has to, “I understand.” 
“I knew you would,” he responds with a certainty that makes Avar's heart seize. 
or, in a quiet moment post-chapter 53, avar finds out about elzar almost dying on grizal
under the cut or on ao3 for better formatting
first of all, this is dedicated to the person who headcannoned that elzar has burn scars on his hands from crashing his vector on grizal. I've tried, but I can't find their post, so if anyone knows whose post I'm talking about, please comment so I can tag them here.
also, a huge shout out to the thr fans on tumblr: if it wasn't for you I probably wouldn't have finished this. thank you for all your support and I hope you enjoy this <3
this is the first time in at least six years that I've actually finished one of my wips, so while I'm a little proud of this, the quality might be questionable. my perfectionism made me proof read this so many times I could probably recite it from memory so I hope this is readable and I fixed all major mistakes. anyways, I hope you enjoy this
also, english isn't my first language, so please just ignore any grammar/spelling mistakes
content warning for mentions of scars, injuries, near-death experiences and past major character death. none of this is in any way graphic but I wanted to mention it anyways
The overhead lights in Avar’s quarters are turned down to a dim glow, and it's quiet apart from the gentle hum of the ship's engines. The night cycle must have started a while ago, but neither of them had noticed; both of them were too wrapped up in each other. Now, though, they're resting. Elzar on his back in her bunk, one arm gently wrapped around her with his hand lazily caressing her waist, and Avar on her stomach, half resting on his chest, the fabric of his shirt soft under her wandering hands. 
It's nice like this—peaceful. For a moment, Avar allows herself to forget about their upcoming task, about the possible danger the future holds, and just exist in this moment with Elzar. She feels more at peace than she has in months, possibly years. She slowly runs her hand down Elzar’s arm and intertwines her fingers with his, her thumb softly brushing over the back of his hand. The motion is familiar; they've held hands more times than she can count in those weeks since she escaped the Occlusion Zone, but there's something that makes her pause. It only takes her a moment to realise that tonight is the first time since that fateful night in the garden on Starlight Beacon that they've held hands without the barrier of Elzar’s gloves between them. Elzar wearing gloves is in itself nothing out of the ordinary for a Jedi; most of them routinely wear them as part of their robes, which explains why she hasn't noticed it before. Now that she really thinks about it though, it does strike her as odd that she can't remember seeing him without gloves even once since their reunion. 
She slowly brushes her thumb over the back of Elzar’s hand again. The skin feels rougher in some spots. Avar knows the feeling of scars, enough of them are covering her own body, but she can't recall Elzar ever suffering an injury to his hands that would cause scarring this significant. She raises their intertwined hands to his chest, and sure enough, a thin web of healed fine-line and burn scars covers the back of his hand and wrist. An uneasy feeling settles in her stomach. What happened to Elzar to leave his hands scarred like this, and why wouldn't he tell me? 
Elzar, sensing the subtle change in her demeanour, chooses precisely this moment to open his eyes and look up at her. And for a moment, as silly as it may sound, she feels overwhelmed by the sheer force of her feelings for him. She had missed him for years, and sometimes, even though it's been months since their reunion, she still can't believe she doesn't have to anymore. Avar is certain he already knows what she wants to ask about, but he doesn't say anything, waiting for her to take the first step, so she does. 
“These aren't recent.” It's a remark, not a question. She knows Elzar will tell her everything without her having to ask. There are no secrets between them; nothing is left unspoken. Not anymore. The thought makes a familiar warmth bloom in her chest. 
“No.” Elzar’s voice is soft, reserved for the quiet of quarters and whispered secrets after dark. “I got them on Grizal when my Vector crashed. The healers at the Temple did their best and apparently Bacta also helped a lot, but they couldn't prevent the scars.”
Avar furrows her brow. “I didn't know you were injured on Grizal.” She feels Elzar's body tense ever so slightly underneath her, anyone else wouldn't have noticed, but him and her—and Stellan, of course—have always shared an unusually deep connection, and now they're as attuned to each other as they haven't been in years, perhaps ever. 
“It was at the end of the battle. We thought we were winning, but we didn't know there were Nameless on Grizal. I don't remember this part at all, and most of what came after is pretty blurry in my head, but Stellan later told me that he saw my Vector go straight down. I don't understand why, but I must have passed out when the Nameless appeared. My Vector caught fire when it crashed, and the cockpit bubble shattered. I wasn't wearing gloves that day, that's why the damage to my skin there was so severe. Ty pulled me out, saved my life. I don't remember anything after, but I know Stellan was with me.” 
Avar takes a moment to process all of this. When she finally speaks, her tone isn't accusatory, there may be a tinge of hurt to it though. “Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't Stellan?” she asks. Before Elzar can answer, a terrible thought takes shape in her mind. “It's not that you thought I wouldn't care, is it?” 
No matter what happened, she had never and would never stop caring about Elzar and Stellan. She knows without a doubt that it's the same for them, but she and Elzar hadn't spoken for a year at that point, and her relationship with Stellan had already been strained, so what if they had started to doubt her? Avar lowers her head. She's not sure she can look him in the eyes when he answers, the possibility of what she'll see there—of what he'll see in her—too overwhelming. 
Elzar draws his hand away from her waist to gently cup her face and tilt her head up until her eyes meet his again. His gaze is earnest and there's an urgency in it—he needs her to believe what he says next. She already knows she will before he can utter a single word because she trusts him implicitly, and she knows that trust is mutual. 
“No, I never thought that, I promise.” He pauses for a second and takes a deep breath, “And I know that Stellan didn't either.” 
Avar lets out a shuddering breath and tries to quell her bubbling emotions, which threaten to spill over at his words. Even so, her voice sounds a little shaky when she asks, “Are you sure?” 
Elzar nods sincerely. “I am. Stellan wanted to comm you, but I told him not to. We argued about it, and he relented in the end.” 
The sheer relief she feels at his reassurance is dampened by one burning question, but she doesn't have to ask for him to tell her. 
“I wanted you to know, I really did, but you were halfway across the galaxy fighting the Drengir and I didn't want you to be distracted.” He briefly averts his eyes, as if he's unsure about his next sentence, before he says, “I thought if you found out, you'd want to come see me, but we both know you couldn't have, and I didn't want to make it harder on you.” 
Part of her wants to argue, wants to protest that she would have come if only she had known. But Elzar is right; she couldn't have. Still, she wishes someone had told her. But of course he wouldn't want that, she should have known. Elzar tends to view himself as selfish, but she has always known him to put the wellbeing of others, particularly hers and Stellans, above his own. 
“And later?” she prompts gently. It's certainly not a conversation either of them had expected to have tonight, and she never wants to push him, but they've spent so much time keeping things to themselves in fear of crossing a line that hardly existed in the first place, and what good did it do them? 
“As bizarre as it sounds, almost dying wasn't the worst experience I had that week.” Now it's his voice that sounds shaky. The experience has clearly affected him more than he's currently letting on, understandably so, and Avar sends a burst of warmth through the Force. 
“When I was fully healed, everything was still so chaotic after Valo and Grizal, and there was so much going on that it just didn't seem that important.” Avar hates that he thinks that way but doesn't interrupt him; there will be time for reassurance later. “I got used to the scars fairly quickly, and even though they should be a constant reminder, I hardly think about it now. And I don't wish to. I've made my peace with everything that happened and everything I did then, I truly did, but I still don't like to remember it.” 
Avar understands, of course she does. Enough bad things have happened to her in these last few years that she's made peace with, as is the Jedi way, but still doesn't like to think of. They're the same in that way. She nods and simply says the only thing she has to, “I understand.” 
“I knew you would,” he responds with a certainty that makes Avar's heart seize. 
There's a pause in their conversation then, both of them processing and coming to terms with what was and what hasn't yet been said. Avar is the one to break it when she says, “Please never do that again.” 
Elzar quirks an eyebrow, the tension caused by their conversation slowly melting away. It seems he has decided that the heavy part of their conversation is over, which Avar truly doesn't mind. “Which part? Almost dying or not telling you about it?” 
“Oh, do shut up,” Avar says, but there's no heat to it, just affectionate warmth. 
Elzar laughs softly and pulls her down for a gentle kiss. Far too soon, Avar pulls away again and cups his face with her free hand, her thumb gently stroking his cheek. This time it's her who needs him to believe her next words. Her voice is soft yet insistent when she says, “I care about you, El. I don't want you to get hurt. And if you do, I want to be by your side if it's in any way possible. And even if I can't be, I want to at least know, please.” 
Elzar nods, every trace of playfulness gone from his face and replaced by sincerity. “I know, and I promise you, the next time anything of the sort happens to me, I will tell you.” 
Avar nods as well. “Good.” 
A slow smile spreads across his face at that and the tenderness in his eyes is almost overwhelming. Avar thinks if she had a mirror, she'd surely see it reflected in her own eyes. 
Elzar turns his head and presses a gentle kiss to the inside of her wrist, and she feels the familiar warmth spread in her chest once again, chasing away the last remnants of distress. 
She leans down to press her lips to his once again, their connection in the Force glowing with love and understanding, making her feel almost giddy. 
The kiss turns heated when Avar slides the hand still cupping Elzar’s check back into his hair, her fingers tangling in the soft strands, pressing her lips to his with more urgency. Elzar responds in kind by wrapping his arm around her waist once again and pulling her as close as their current position allows. She feels butterflies in her stomach at that, like when she was seventeen and kissed him for the first time. It amazes her that time and distance haven't dulled the effect he's always had on her in the slightest, but then again, how could they? He's Elzar, after all, her Elzar. 
They don't belong to each other, of course not; there's no possessiveness to their love. But they belong with each other; side by side always. They both know it and the Force rings true with it. 
They break apart, eyes closed and foreheads still pressed together. The kiss has left both of them breathless, as kisses like this often do. Once they've recovered enough to open their eyes and ever so slightly pull away from each other, and Avar really gets to look at him again, she is hit with the realisation of just how beautiful Elzar is like this. She doesn't think there has ever been a moment where she hasn't thought of him as beautiful, but seeing him like this is something else entirely. The dim glow of the overhead lights is reflected in his dark eyes, his hair disheveled from where she ran her hands through it earlier, a soft smile gracing his lips. A sight that's reserved just for her. 
Avar's musings are interrupted when Elzar starts to speak again, his voice still sounding a little breathless. “Avar, I…,” he begins but then trails off, unable to finish his sentence. It doesn't bother Avar. She knows. 
She pulls their still-intertwined hands up to press a gentle kiss to his knuckles, then the back of his hand, then his wrist. She feels his sharp intake of breath more than hears it, and when she meets his eyes, he's gazing at her with a look in his dark eyes Avar can't quite place. Later, she will come to recognise it as pure, unfiltered devotion. 
“Stars, Avar,” he murmurs. 
“What is it?” she asks. For a split-second, she's scared she's overstepped, but Elzar just shakes his head and leans up to brush his lips against hers in a tender kiss that ends far too quickly for her liking. If it were up to her, he'd never stop kissing her, she thinks, only slightly bothered by the fact that she sounds like a character in one of those stereotypical Jedi romance novels Kantam and her used to read to each other for fun in their Padawan days. 
Elzar seems to know exactly what she's thinking—or maybe he just shares the sentiment—because he kisses her again, his hand slipping under her shirt to gently caress the bare skin of her waist. It's an exquisite kiss, and for the moment Avar allows herself to get lost in it, in this, until the only thoughts in her head are how lovely it is to feel so at peace, and Elzar. Always, always Elzar. 
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Okay, if Yoda apparently accepts that Avar and Elzar love each other in Temptation of the Force, then how did it get from this to romantic attachments being forbidden in the prequel era?
Yoda being okay with Avar/Elzar is so unexpected. I keep thinking that there must be a limit to his acceptance. Perhaps he is okay with them loving each other but not okay with them going into an actual romantic relationship? Also maybe he is okay with their relationship but the rest of the council isn’t.
I mean, something more has to happen with Elzar/Avar because we know that Padme and Anakin will have to hide their relationship from the Jedi Order because the prequel Jedi forbid romantic relationships. My hope is that the romantic relationship will be found out and the council will not be happy about it (maybe because it causes Elzar or Avar or both to make a horrible mistake?) and will try to separate them or make them end their romantic relationship. Elzar and Avar will stand with each other and leave the Jedi Order. The council will then create stricter rules against romantic attachments to avoid a similar situation happening again.
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lilypuffsw · 1 month
Since I’m under writer's block right now, but I still want to post some Elvar fics before Temptation is out, you can send any suggestion/prompt or scenario you would want to read, to my ask box and I’ll try to write them!
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vulpes115 · 7 months
“The story happened a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. It is already over. Nothing can be done to change it.”
Tumblr media
“The best friends of our childhoods are the loves of our lives, and they break our hearts in worse ways.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“The hospital asked should the body be cast
Before I say goodbye, my star in the sky
Such a funny thought to wrap you up in cloth
Do you find it all right, my dragonfly?”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Revenge of the Sith (Novelization) - Matthew Stover, Shadows of Starlight #2 - Charles Soule, Us Against You by Fredrick Backman, The Fallen Star - Claudia Gray, Ribs - Lorde, Sink Away - Blixemi, The Haunting of Hill House
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bikananjarrus · 2 months
so about that epilogue huh
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dancingdorito · 8 months
as soon as finals is over, does anyone want shitty one-shots of elvar reuniting ive been in a silly goofy mood
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carleyjayden · 2 years
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I posted 1,850 times in 2022
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#and i like that while they're having a big group reunion dan just took a quiet moment to himself to walk around diagon alley and reminisce
My Top Posts in 2022:
I can't believe we got to see Grogu again and I couldn't even enjoy it.
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Me: *driving in my car*
*classic rock song comes on*
Me: I wonder if Eddie liked this song...
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Greetings, followers!!
I'm taking this rare time to make to a text post and announce I have a new side-blog @elzarkriss!
It'll be star wars-centric and it's named for two of my favorite High Republic disaster jedi who are simps for each other. And we all know Elzar would take Avar's name in marriage.
Anyways, go give me a follow if you're interested in more of my star wars thoughts! Or don't if you don't feel like it. I'm sure I'll end up posting a lot of them on main anyway.
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Alright Eddissy/Hellcheer fandom, who's ready for Taylor Swift to overwhelm us with all of the emotions of angst and romantic sadness in a matter of days?
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My #1 post of 2022
I still can't believe how much we got right about Din being sad during the time jump. We just got him back and we saw him walking around as sadly as possible, excessively killing people, and falling down some stairs in the first 10 minutes.
The first subtitle of the episode was *The Mandalorian sighs.*
We know him so well.
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elzarkriss · 1 year
The first adult novel of phase 3 is coming out in November and will feature Avar and Elzar!!!
Elvar shippers, we won today.
Or did we lose?
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knightotoc · 2 years
Avar x Elzar walking a fine line between compelling and annoying, what's going on here
"He liked having her in his head" aww that is sexyyyyy
I love that this couple is so hetero that the guy's last name is literally Man lol
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rhaenyrasdaemon · 3 years
HOLD ON do I smell a forbidden Jedi romance????
Tumblr media
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