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Remembering ‘ The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes who passed away 9 years ago today.
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WWE Hall of Fame || 05 April - 2024
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to me bull nakano is the ideal woman. randy savage was right about her.
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WWE Hall of Fame 2024
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A Paradise in Paradise💗 🌊☀️
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SMUT❗️Warnings: praise kink, daddy kink, unprotected p in v, Oral (f receiving) Otherwise just fluff!💕
As Y/n laid on her lounge chair, she finally felt a sense of peace wash over her. Finally her and her husband Joe had some alone times to themselves. Since Joe was taking a break after his most recent WrestleMania loss to Cody Rhodes, he decided it was the perfect opportunity to take his girl on a nice vacation. But Joe being himself always went above and beyond with it. He rented out a whole private island in Hawaii, just for him and his wife. He almost himself thought he did too much, but the smile it brought to his beautiful wife’s face made it all worth it.
Y/n was reading her novel she chose for this trip while tanning peacefully. “Baby! Come on, let’s go in the water!” her husband shouted. Y/n shot up from her chair and made her way through the sand to him. “There you are! I missed you!” Joe told her dramatically while planting kisses all over her face. She let out a giggle and cuddled into his chest.“Okay then…let’s go in the water!” she screamed out excitedly. She’d been dying to go to the beach ever since he announced this trip.
He threw her over his shoulder and sprinted towards the water. “Ah! Put me down!” Y/n squealed as they got closer to the water. The couple landed into the teal beach water with one big splash. They rose from the water at the same time and wrapped each other’s arms around one another.
After some time of messing around in the water they decided to head back to their luxurious villa. “Look at my tan lines! I feel like a new person!” Y/n told Joe while moving her bikini strap to show him her new tan lines. “You look beautiful as ever” he told her. She blushed. Her husband always had a way with words.
The couple took a shower, and decided to get ready for the dinner Joe had planned out. Y/n exited the bathroom wearing a beautiful silky dress Joe had picked out just for her. “Woooo damn baby, are you cinderella, cause that dress gon be gone at midnight!” Joe said. Y/n laughed at her husband’s corniness. But she had to admit that was a good one. “You look so beautiful too handsome.” Joe felt his cheeks heating up. Even though he was the talker in their relationship whenever his wife threw a compliment his way, he always felt shy about it. Y/n loved how she could make him shy too though.
The couple shared a beautiful Hawaiian themed dish together for dinner, and then headed back to the beach for a late night walk. While walking together quietly in the sand, Joe decided to spike some conversation. “Babyyy it’s almost midnight, I get to take that dress off you soon..” Joe said whispered to her, while purposely brushing his lips against her ear. He felt her skin grow goosebumps on it. Y/n felt a wave of neediness and desire for him surge through her body. “Mmm sure..let’s just go back now..” Y/n told him. His eyes lit up excitedly while picking her bridal style and heading back to their villa.
Once they got back Joe placed her on the corner of their king sized bed, and slowly began taking her low sandal heels off. “Hurry up” Y/n pleaded him. Joe let out a chuckle at her sudden neediness. “Ok babydoll chill.”
Once he successfully took off her heels he brought her up from the bed and began unzipping her dress. “Oh my days! I swear, if you don’t hurry up!” Y/n complained. “Talk one more time without permission and you ain’t gettin nun tonight” Joe told her threateningly. Y/n let out a small sigh knowing she couldn’t fight him on this. After she was fully undressed he laid her down gently on her back, back onto their bed. He slowly began undressing himself making Y/n more and more inpatient.
Finally after what felt like an entirety for y/n, he was finally all undressed. He crawled up onto Y/n and moved in for a passionate kiss. Their tongues both fought for dominance, and Joe won. He removed himself from her lips and ran his thumb over her puffy bottom lip. He placed one more peck on her lips before travelling down towards her neck. He nibbled at her sweet spot causing a small moan to leave her lips. She felt him smirk at the sound.
His kisses traveled down towards her chest where he took one of her breasts and massaged it thoroughly. She let out a sigh at the motion of his hands. He brought his face down to her breast where he brought her nipple into his mouth. He toyed around with it, slightly sucking, and biting down. He felt her hips starting roll against his to create friction. “Don’t try anythin yet you needly little slut. My little slut.” he told her roughly. “Ima take my time wit you.” She whimpered with impatience.
His kisses traveled from her breasts, down her stomach, and he pulled away. Avoiding the spot she needed his mouth most. “Please daddy” she whimpered. “Hmm I don’t know, you’ve been extra impatient today..” he teased her. “I promise i’ll be so good daddy just- please” she begged. Without warning he dove right into her pussy causing a loud moan to escape her lips.
He ate her like a starved man and purposely sucked extra hard on her sensitive bundle of nerves. After a few minutes a familiar feeling began to build up in her tummy. “D-daddy i’m gonna-” she tried to communicate but it was difficult when he was devouring her. He hummed, sending vibrations to go through her body. After one last suck on her clit she came undone. He licked every last bit of her essence and finally pulled away. “T-thank you daddy” she said shakily as she was still recovering from her earth shattering orgasm.
“Your welcome sweetheart, ya better be good for daddy now” he said to her. She nodded her heard reassuringly at his words. Joe stroked himself a few times before lining himself up with her entrance. He pushed in slowly causing a loud groan to leave his lips. Y/n gasped in pain and pleasure at the sudden fullness. He knew he has to take it slow with her. The size god blessed him with wasn’t something he could just slam into her. He looked down to see tears filling her eyes. “Hey, hey. Baby you okay?” he asked her. He would never wanna hurt his beautiful wife. She nodded her head. “Yeah just feels so big” she said softly while putting on a soft smile for him.
After staying still for a minute Y/n spoke up. “Baby, you can move now.” With one final look at his wife for reassurance Joe pushed forward. “Pussy’s all mine. All mine.” Both of them moaned loudly. “All yours daddy!” she chanted. When they made love they couldn’t help themselves from the noises that came out of their mouths. “You feel so fuckin good baby.” Joe thrusted in and out of her at a steady pace until he felt her squeeze around him. He knew her body in and out and that meant she was close. “You gonna cum baby?” he asked her. “Yes!” she moaned. “Me too, hold up.”
He reached down and rubbed her clit and that was it. Her body starting shaking and with one more thrust he released himself into her, filling her up. He let her orgasm ride out and then he rolled off of her and pulled her into his chest. “You okay princes? Need anything?” he asked in a concerned tone. “No i’m okay I just wanna get some sleep” she told him in a hoarse tone. “Okay baby” he told her before pressing a soft kiss to her temple. He made sure she was in a deep sleep before he fell into his own.
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Jimmy is so REAL! 😂😂😂
All day ☝🏼🩸
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You’re damn fucking right I deserve it - Paul Heyman WWE HOF 2024
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please randy's reaction is to funny 😭😭😭
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WWE Hall of Fame || 05 April - 2024
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Miss Elizabeth and Macho Man Randy Savage posing with The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, as a child.
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My little bookworm - J.U
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thanks for the request boo! 💗
Readers POV:
It was a lazy Thursday morning in May, and I was lost in my favorite activity - reading. I was lying on my stomach in bed, my face buried in a book, completely oblivious to my surroundings. The soft cotton of Josh's old t-shirt that I was wearing brushed against my skin as I turned the pages, absorbed in the story.
Suddenly, I felt the mattress dip as Josh joined me, his strong body settling on top of mine. I felt his warm breath on my ear as he nuzzled my neck, his black hair falling forward, tickling my skin. "Hey bookworm," he murmured, his deep voice sending a shiver down my spine.
I smiled, my body starting to respond to his attention, but I was determined to finish this chapter. "Hey yourself," I replied, my voice a little breathless as I tried to focus on the words in front of me.
Undeterred, Josh began to kiss and nip at my neck, knowing how sensitive I was there. His beard scraped against my skin, sending little sparks of pleasure through me. I gasped, my book forgotten as he sucked on that sweet spot just below my ear.
His hands started to wander, sliding up my sides, underneath the t-shirt I was wearing. I felt his calloused fingertips grazing the bare skin of my hips, making me arch my back slightly, pressing my ass against his hardening dick.
Josh chuckled, his warm breath now on my shoulder as he kissed along my collarbone. "That book must be really good if it's holding your attention when I'm doing this," he teased, grinding his hips gently against mine so I could feel his growing erection.
"Mmm, it is," I murmured, my eyes finally tearing themselves away from the pages. I turned my head to look at him, seeing the desire burning in his brown eyes. "But I think I might have found something even better."
I placed the book aside, finally giving him my undivided attention. Josh smiled, a sexy, cocky grin, and pulled the t-shirt up over my head, leaving me bare from the waist up. I loved how his eyes darkened with desire as he looked at my naked breasts, his gaze burning into my skin.
His hands roamed over my body, cupping my breasts, his thumbs brushing against my already hard nipples. I moaned, my back arching, offering myself to him. He leaned down, taking one tight bud into his mouth, sucking gently as he teased it with his tongue.
I threaded my fingers through his hair, holding him to me as a moan escaped my lips. "Josh, oh god," I breathed, feeling my body getting hotter and my pussy getting wetter with every touch.
He switched his attention to my other breast, lavishing it with the same attention, his beard tickling my sensitive skin. His hands moved down my body, his fingers skating over my ribs, making me squirm with anticipation.
Then, his fingers found the waistband of my panties, and with slow, deliberate movements, he peeled them down my legs, over my feet, and off. I lifted my hips to help him, now completely naked and exposed to his hungry gaze.
Josh's eyes devoured me, making me feel desired and wanted as he took in my naked body. His big hand reached between my legs, one finger tracing my slit, collecting my wetness. I was so turned on, my pussy was soaked, and I moaned as his finger teased my clit, making little circles that had me squirming.
"Josh, please," I begged, my hips bucking up, seeking more contact.
"Please what, baby?" He teased, his finger still circling my clit, making me desperate.
"Fuck me, please. I need you now," I pleaded, my body on fire, my pussy clenching with need.
With a growl, Josh finally gave me what I wanted. He positioned his hard dick at my entrance, and in one smooth thrust, he slid inside me, filling me up. I gasped, my eyes rolling back in my head at the sensation of him stretching me, claiming me as his own.
He paused for a moment, giving me a chance to adjust to his size, before beginning to move. His hips thrust slowly at first, setting a steady, deep rhythm that had me moaning and my nails digging into his shoulders.
"You feel so good, baby," he groaned, his eyes clenched shut as he moved in and out of me, his cock sliding in deep. "So fucking tight and wet."
I met his thrusts, my hips moving in time with his, our bodies creating a sexy, slick rhythm. "Harder, Josh," I begged, wanting more. "Fuck me harder."
He obliged, his thrusts becoming more powerful, his hips slapping against my ass as he drove into me, faster and harder. The bed creaked beneath us, the sound of our skin slapping together filling the room, along with our moans and gasps.
I felt my orgasm building, a coil of pleasure tightening in my belly. "Josh, I'm gonna cum," I gasped, my fingers finding my clit as I rubbed little circles, sending me over the edge.
"Cum for me, baby," he urged, his own voice strained as he pounded into me. "Let me feel you cum on my cock."
I did as he said, my pussy clenching around him as my orgasm washed over me. I cried out, my body shaking as wave after wave of pleasure racked me. Josh followed soon after, his own release hitting me deep as he filled me with his hot cum.
We lay entangled for a while, our hearts pounding and our breathing ragged. Josh nuzzled my neck, placing soft kisses there as he played with my hair. "Best way to get your attention, huh?" he teased.
I smiled, feeling satisfied and loved. "Definitely," I agreed, turning my head to kiss him softly. "Anytime you want to distract me like that, I won't complain."
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