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Jey Uso, Sami Zayn || Monday Night Raw (04/15/2024)
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I'm just enquiring here if I was to make a group on facebook a LADIES ONLY group for The Main Man Jey Uso who would be interested
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CM PUNK & JEY USO - boys night out ! 040224
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Can you do a story on jey about his gf tryna go to bed mad at him and he ain’t having it 🤗🤭
We Ain’t Going to Bed Angry
Jey Uso x Black Female OC! (Jasmine)
Rating: 18+
Warning: Smut; sex, fluff, couple arguing, Jealousy
Summary: Jasmine wants to go to bed angry and in separate bedrooms, but Main Even Jey Uso is putting his foot down.
My first ever request....I hope you enjoy it @mya2real
Tumblr media
Pensacola, FL
Jasmine’s POV
“Damn I finally get you alone, and all you want to do is cruise the coast and talk about your man. I hope he realizes how lucky his ass is, cause I really was trying to get your number,” Carmelo said as I laughed.
 “Thanks for helping me out Melo you are a sweetie. I promise he won’t come at you with any drama,” I said giving him a kiss on the cheek as I began my walk back to Jey’s house.
 I had Carmelo drop me off down the road from the subdivision. I ain’t crazy by no means, I ain’t letting just anybody know where I lay my head at night. Folks can be crazy as hell.
I groaned as my phone rang again looking down, I sighed. Another call from Jey. I knew I was wrong, but I was still pissed so I hit ignore and punched the code to be let into the subdivision. You let a bitch dance all up on you like you're single and shit.
But, oh, but when I leave yo’ ass at the club you concerned. Give me a break you weren’t worried about what I thought when she was twirling all up on your dick,” I muttered continuing my walk. I hate these fuckin’ groupies with a passion.
Jey’s POV
“Jasmine, I know you ignoring me.  What you doin'?  I know you had betta be on your way home. I bet he trying to fuck you ain’t he?  I’mma get’em you know dat right? I’mma hurt him bad Jasmine,” I said ending the voicemail before I dug an even deeper hole.
“Well damn, you just threatened to kill Melo for nothing, Jasmine ain’t that type of woman, and you know it,” Jimmy said shaking his head at me.
“She ain’t, but I know Carmelo likes her. I knew when I brought her to a show last year. He was looking wit no damn shame Uce, and tonight she got into a car wit his bitch ass trying to make me jealous,” I said steaming thinking about Carmelo touching Jasmine in any way.
"Hell, ain’t no tryin’ in it, you jealous Uce" Jimmy said as I rolled my eyes at him.
 “This woman gon’ be the death of me,” I muttered as Jimmy snickered. “Aye, sis told you not to play in her face, and you did anyway. Serves yo’ ass dead right,” he said laughing.
“I ain’t played in her face, I was just dancing with a fan,” I said oblivious to what he was trying to say.
“Uce, it wasn’t that you were dancing with her, it was how she was dancing all up on yo’ ass and you did nothing to stop it. Ya’ll was all but fuckin on that dance floor,. You lucky Jasmine didn't show her ass,” Jimmy said as I tried to think back to what happened, and when it finally clicked, I felt like an ass.
“Ok, yea, I admit it was outta pocket, but she ain’t have to leave with his ass to prove a point. She knows I’m wit her, that shit didn’t mean nothin',” I said as I heard the front door open.
A wave of relief washed over me as I saw her beautiful face as she took off her heels seemingly ignoring me. Thank God she was home safe.
“Uh, I’ll let myself out, and let ya’ll talk,” Jimmy said trying to hurry to the door but not before hugging Jasmine. “Glad you ok sis, you had me worried,” he whispered as she smiled rubbing his back. “I’m ok bro, tell Trin I’ll call her tomorrow” she whispered as I tried to keep my cool, at least until Jimmy left.
I felt my anger rising by the second. What had she been doing with Carmelo that she couldn’t pick up the fuckin’ phone? As the door closed behind Jimmy I exploded.
“Where the fuck have you been?!” I hissed trying not to wake up our son upstairs.
“I went for a ride with an old friend, is that a problem?” she asked with a bit of an attitude.
“Aye, chill with the attitude, I’m the one that should be mad. My girlfriend left me at a club to go be with another motherfucka she knows I don’t like,” I said as Jasmine rolled her eyes.
“Well, my man was dancing all up on a ho like he’s single so I guess we even, and can both be pissed the fuck off together then. Ugh, I can’t wait to go back to Georgia, this was a mistake coming here to visit, It just was too soon,” she said walking away as I followed her upstairs.
“What the fuck does that mean? You really feel visiting me was a mistake?” I asked as she stopped walking.
“Jey, all I wanted was to spend time with you, and all you’ve done is spend time with everyone else but me and our son! I feel like we don’t belong here Jey, that’s why I left in the first place!” Jasmine exclaimed as I ran my hands over my face in frustration.
I knew she was right; I had been on the go since they got here, and I had promised I wouldn’t be. I truly had no defense for my actions.
 I was in keep-busy mode because that’s all I had been doing since Jasmine had left with our son a couple months ago.
This was my fault, I agreed to host that party at the club tonight knowing they were here. I asked today to be added to the meet and greet for tomorrow instead of enjoying my day off with them.  
“Baby, I’m sorry ok can we just talk about it in the morning. I promise I’mma make it right please, I don’t want us to go to bed mad at each other,” I said as she sighed in defeat.
“I’m not mad, I’m hurt and I’m not going in there with you pretending everything is ok when it isn’t. I’ll sleep in the spare bedroom. I put my bags in there earlier anyway,” Jasmine said as I frowned at her not believing what she was saying.
Jasmine’s POV
“You ain’t staying in the spare bedroom, that’s for guests and this is yo’ fuckin’ home regardless of how you feel about it. “Jey I’m not,” I started as Jey cut me off firmly. “Jas! You ain’t stayin’ in there and that’s it!” Jey said as I felt myself shiver at his commanding deep voice.  
I was speechless looking at him trying to remain unfazed. “You are sleepin’ in our room…. In our bed, and in my fuckin arms 'cause that’s where you belong, nowhere else,” Jey said full of conviction as I shook my head in defiance at him.
“I ain’t doin’ this wit you, I’m going to check on Jayden,” I whispered walking away from him and peaking my head into our son’s room. I couldn’t help but be in awe of him as he slept in his crib.
He’s almost a year old, and I still can’t believe we made his little amazing self; he looks so much like Jey it’s scary.
I felt Jey’s eyes on me as I turned to see him standing now in the doorway of the bedroom, we shared together for the last four years up until four months ago.
His intense gaze makin' me weaker in the knees by the second as I closed my eyes finally breaking eye contact with him, it was too intense.
“Jasmine, we been playin’ this game for four months too long…Don’t make me have to come get you. Tell our son goodnight, and get yo’ fine ass in here so we can go to bed,” I heard him say as I opened my eyes ready to give a smart-ass reply but saw he had already disappeared into the bedroom.
I could hear him shuffling around the room, then the shower started. I blushed to myself at the thought of him getting naked to take a shower. “No, remain strong Jasmine,” I whispered to myself as I went to the spare bedroom.
Jey’s POV
 “I know her ass betta be in there when I get outta this shower. Sick of this shit, she knows I love her ass,” I muttered letting the hot water and steam relax me.
Ok, maybe my approach wasn’t the best, but I love my family and if I have it my way they won’t be going back to Ga if I can help it. “Jey, you got to get it together and get yo’ family back,” I muttered to myself stepping out of the shower and drying off.
Walking back into the bedroom I saw Jasmine wasn’t there. “Oh, so yo’ ass think I’m playin’ wit you huh,” I muttered to myself wrapping my towel around my waist, and heading down the hall. I could see the light under the door and as I got closer I heard her on the phone with her mom.
“Hold on mama let me put you on speaker, I'm changing," she said as I heard her mother take a deep breath. "Now like I was sayin' Mama I am trying, we came out here didn’t we,” Jasmine said as her mother laughed.
“Girl, you flew out there with hell in you, 'cause of them thirsty ass Instagram comments on his post he made about being happy ya’ll were flying out to see him. “Mama, I wasn’t mad,” Jasmine said as her mother laughed.
“Baby, he loves ya’ll. I know all the female attention he gets worries you especially since he’s on the road more with them adding more house shows,” she said as I frowned at her words as Jasmine wiped her tears.
“I know he loves us mama, and I love him.  I just want him to act like he’s in an actual relationship. I mean stop making these women think they have a shot with you dude, you got a family at home waiting on you. That's why I gave him the engagement ring back and told him we needed space,” Jasmine hissed as I sighed. Damn was I that bad?
“Baby, why do you think that man has been begging, calling nonstop, and flying to Georgia on every off day he has just to come to little ol Warner Robins, GA even if it’s only for a couple hours. He misses ya’ll and wants his family back. You gotta let him in baby, this been goin' on long enough,” her mother said as I felt the need to make my presence known as I opened the door.
Walking inside I saw her standing nervously there in her bra and underwear talking to her mom as she spotted me trying not blush.
Yea, I’m looking at yo’ fine ass. Damn, my baby was fine as fuck, it had been four months too long for my liking. How the hell did I even let her leave in the first place.
Jasmine’s POV
I can’t believe he brought his ass in here, didn’t even fuckin’ knock. He is getting next to my nerves I swear. I see him lick his lips looking at me as if he could devour me whole.
I ain’t gon’ lie, I felt powerful as hell.  I could see and feel his need for me, just from his intense stare that seemed to be burning a hole in my soul and it made my thighs quiver at the thought of being in his arms. He knows what he’s doing coming in here in that lil ass towel.
“I love you, sweetie, give my grandbaby my love,” my mother said as I smiled. “I will mama, good night and love you too,” I said rushing to get off the phone.
“Why are you in here?” I asked as Jey began walking closer to me almost like he was stalking his prey. “I told you to take yo’ ass in our room, but you just keep tryin’ me,” he smirked as I shrieked in shock as he picked me up and put me over his shoulder.
“What the hell are you doing?”! I hissed as Jey carried me down the hall back to our room. “What does it look like? I’m takin’ your ass back to where you belong, which is in our bed wit me with yo’ stubborn ass,” he said not missing a beat as I hit his back continuously.
“Put me down Jey! This shit ain’t funny!” I exclaimed irritated as he laughed. “Calm yo’ ass down, before you wake up the baby. I want you to myself da night,” he said slapping me hard on the ass before tossing me on the bed as tried to gather myself.
 Sitting up on my elbows, my eyes met his smirking face, and it made me madder.  “Oh, you want me to yourself?” I asked smartly rolling my eyes.
Yeah, I do. That ain’t gon’ never change Jasmine,” he said as I got up and tried to walk past him as he growled pulling me close.
“Jey let me,” I started as he took me in a possessive kiss, pinning my arms behind my back with one hand as the other grasped my neck, angling my mouth for better access as our tongues battled for control.
“Mmm, we can’t, we said we would wait,” I moaned against his lips as he released my arms, and I tangled my fingers in his hair. “Yes, we can baby, I got you,” Jey said picking me up by my thighs as I wrapped my legs around his waist tightly, as his towel fell to the floor. God, it felt so good to be this close to him again, I needed him bad.
“I want you so bad baby; Daddy missed you, and he needs his pussy,” Jey whispered against my lips as he ripped my underwear. “Fuck! I missed you too,” I moaned moving my kisses to his neck as he groaned moving us to the bed.
“Can I have you, it’s been so long Jazzy” Jey moaned gently sucking on my neck as I shivered at his use of his nickname for me.
“Jey, I’m still mad, we need to talk,” I moaned, unexpectedly gasping along with him as he entered me suddenly, both of us shivering at the feeling of our bodies and souls becoming one with each other again after four long months.
“You can be mad all you want tomorrow. Not da night, you gon’ enjoy Daddy reclaiming his pussy,” Jey moaned never stopping his thrusts as my hands clawed at his back as he hissed.
 “Jey, you feel so good,” I gasped as my body felt like I was on fire, I bit his neck before attacking his neck with kisses, sucking greedily, applying pressure trying to leave my mark for the world to see. I wanted them to know he was mine.
“Yea, suck that shit and mark me up, this yo’ dick, let’em know I’m yo’ man fuck,” Jey encouraged as I purred at his words as he rolled us over with me now on top. “Jey! Shit! Mmm,” I whimpered scratching down his chest, feeling him so deep from our new position.
“Uh huh, daddy deep in his pussy ain’t he? Come on and ride Daddy's dick and tell him how much you missed him. Tell me how this pussy was made just for me,” Jey groaned grasping my hips as I began riding him slowly enjoying the jolts of electricity going all over my body.
“Mmhmm, it’s made just for you daddy, you hear her talking to you,” I moaned talking my own shit as Jey growled beneath me as the sounds of my wet pussy sinking up and down on his dick filled the room along with our moans of desperation.
“Fuck Yea, Daddy hear, see, and feel her, damn she wet and tight as fuck. Talk yo’ shit girl, you makin’ daddy dick even harder. Give me dat pussy,” Jey groaned slapping my ass before grabbing my breasts with his hands almost painfully squeezing my nipples while meeting my slow deep thrust.
Shit, he knows what to say and what to do to set my body on fire and I loved it. I’m addicted to him, and I didn’t care who knew it.
Jey’s POV
“Yea, ride that shit slow and deep, you know how much I love dat shit,” I panted biting my lip trying not to lose control. “Mmm, I guess you did miss me, Daddy. Shit, you gettin’ even harder,” Jasmine moaned swirling her hips beginning to bounce harder on my dick with wild abandon.
“Fuck yea, I missed you, only you can get me like this,” I moaned not afraid to let that shit be known slapping her on the ass again as she whimpered, her body shivering with anticipation.
"Oh! Fuck, you promise it’s only me that gets you like this…You promise,” Jasmine groaned leaning down, kissing me with all her might as I groaned complete putty in her hands. I held her closer as our eyes met.
 In that moment I knew I had to let her know how I felt. “We gon be ok, you hear me,” I whispered as she nodded as a few unshed tears fell from her beautiful eyes as we both were chasing our orgasm.
“Say you hear me,” I said more demanding, sitting us up as she held on to my neck as I gripped her hips helping her keep pace, thrusting her even harder down on my dick.
The feel and sounds of her wetness was driving me insane. “Tell me you hear me Jasmine,” I moaned, sucking on her neck trying to leave my own mark. “Josh, I hear you!” She cried as I moaned in satisfaction hearing my real name fall from her lips in passion as I rained kisses from her neck back to her beautiful lips.
“I ain’t never letting you go, we workin’ this shit out,” I growled holding her gaze as I reached between us rubbing her clit, while meeting her thrust with equal power.
"Oh my God," Jasmine moaned as I knew she was close. “You gon’ cum hard for daddy? You gon’ gush on daddy’s dick ain’t you?” I said, taking her in a deep kiss as she whimpered in my arms.
“Mmhmm!” she whimpered in pleasure as our tongues danced passionately with each other as I felt her nails scratching my back as she fell apart in my arm. “Josh, I love you!” she moaned as I saw the look of ecstasy that washed over her as her orgasm took over.
“Fuck, you are so fuckin’ beautiful. I love you too,” I said feeling my dick get even harder as I kept thrusting. Yeah, you gon’ give me another one and it’s gon’ be big.
Jasmine’s POV
 “Mmhmm, I want you to give me another one Jazzy,” Jey growled reversing our position as he now towered over me, playing with my sensitive clit, thrusting long and hard trying to make me cum again.
“Josh, I can't, it's too much,” I moaned as sweat dripped from his face, falling onto my chest as he kissed me speechless “I…Said. Give…It…To…. Me…Now, “Jey growled against my mouth, each thrust more powerful than the last as my pussy gripped him like a tight vice, and I couldn’t hold it anymore.
“Josh! I’m cummin’!” I cried as my pussy quivered and gripped him even tighter as another orgasm rippled through my body.
“Oh yea, that’s what I wanted, shit! Give it all to me baby, I’m cumin too!” Jey groaned loudly as he came inside me. I could only hear the heavy beat of my heart and our heavy breathing in sync as he collapsed beside me holding me close as we came down from ecstasy.
“You know you I ain’t letting you go right? We a family and gon’ stay one,” he said as I smiled. “I know and I ain’t letting you go either,” I whispered as he kissed me gently.
“When I’m on the road all I think about is you and lil man, you ain’t never gotta worry bout, nothin’ girl, I love ya’ll and I ain’t messin’ dat up for nobody he said as I tried not to get emotional. "I know, baby it's ok," whispered as he held me closer.
"I was outta pocket not stopping her from dancing all up on me like that, I promise it won’t happen again,” Jey said as I sighed tracing his arm tattoo.
“I love you and I’m sorry about leaving the club with Carmelo,” I said honestly as he growled. “You had my ass trippin’ I was ready to kill his ass, Jasmine. I don’t even wanna imagine you wit somebody else,” Jey said as I shook my head.
“Can we just drop it for tonight before one of us gets mad again,” I said as he laughed.
“A'ight new rule, we ain’t never goin’ to bed angry in this house again,” Jey whispered caressing my face as I smiled. “I like that rule, no more going to bed angry,” I whispered settling in his arms as we both fell asleep.
The end
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Thick Thighs: Jey Uso
AN I do not own the image in this imagine.
Tumblr media
You're not sure when you picked up this new kink of yours, but it was kind of embarrassing. But you couldn't help it. Everything your husband did was so attractive. From the grill wearing, the daddy shorts, the crop tops, and the exposed thighs were driving you insane and he didn't even know it. You watched as he was in the garage working out for his and the Bloodline's upcoming paper view this weekend. He had on his infamous hoochie daddy shorts and his thighs were exposed as he did some bench presses. You watch with hunger as his thighs flex each time, he brings the weight bar down. His thighs were so thick and tanned that you wanted to ride them badly. You wouldn't admit that to him though, too scared he might find your kink embarrassing. Sure he was into some kinky shit like daddy kink, choking kink, bondage, spitting, you name it, surely he wouldn't find this new kink any different right? Then again he seemed to be in a good mood so maybe he'd be down for it. Hell, your man was nasty as shit.
"You like what you see?" He asks throwing you out of your thoughts. He sits up from the bench wiping sweat from his forehead as he takes a drink of his water. You say nothing as you walk up to your man and straddle his lap. He wraps his beautifully tatted arms around your waist, groping your butt and massaging it gently. One thing about this man, he was going to touch you any chance he got.
"Hey daddy."
"Hey mama. What's up with you?" He asks looking to you with a smile. You know damn well this man ain't have his grill in too? Lord, he was about to kill you!
"Baby, I was thinking about trying something new. It might seem weird, but I think in the end it'll bring you and I both pleasure." You say biting your lip nervously. He raised a brow curiously while wrapping his arms around you tighter.
"What's what?"
"Welllll...I was wanting to try......" You somehow couldn't get the words out. Why was this so hard? You look away ashamed. He grabs your chin to look in square in the eye.
"Tell me."
"I want to try..t-thigh riding." You whisper.
"What was that?"
"Thigh riding."
"I can't hear you."
"Thigh riding Jey." When you don't hear anything, you look up to see your husband smirking at you as your face heats up a little. You hide your face on his chest. "Don't laugh."
"I ain't say nun baby, and I'm definitely not kink shaming, but where'd this come from?"
"I don't know it's just....you have really nice thighs and they're so thick and nice." You whimper as you look down at his beautiful thighs that you were sitting on. You begin massaging his thighs, inching closer and closer to his manhood. You were so damn needy right now and he wasn't making it any better. You desperately wanted your man. You feel him jerk under you at your sudden motion. You look up at your husband through hooded eyes as he stares you down intensely. He reaches his hands under the oversized shirt you were wearing just now noticing you weren't wearing any panties. Your pussy sitting directly on his naked thigh. He inwardly groans, feeling his dick slowly stiffening at the thought.
"Oh yeah?" He asks eyes darkening with lust. He was honestly ready to skip all the foreplay and just get straight to fucking, but he knew you wanted to try this new kink out. "Wanna get yourself off on my thighs baby?" He asks as you begin to slowly rock your naked pussy against his thigh, already dripping wet.
"Mmmm." You moan lying your hands on his chest.
"Words baby, words." He warns.
"Yes Jey mmm." You feel him flex his thighs under you causing you to throw your head back.
"Nah, you want it, you gon have to ride it, like it's my dick. Come on." He says wrapping one hand around your throat and the other on your hip guiding your hips as you begin to ride his thigh. The feel of his smooth skin rubbing against your folds were driving you mad. "Damn." He groans looking down at how soaked you were making his thigh. He grabs your chin and kisses your lips longingly. He flexes his thigh again causing as gasp to leave your lips, giving him access to your mouth. He slips his tongue into your mouth and you begin sucking on his tongue sloppily. His dick was twitching mercilessly and he couldn't wait to be inside you when this was over. He moves his hand from your hip to palm his aching bulge, hoping to ease the pain from being restrained. "Uhhhh fuck bae." He groans feeling overcome with need.
"I need you inside me right the fuck now Jey." You beg as you watch him hurriedly pull down his shorts, dick springing free, slapping gently against his stomach. Your mouth watered at the sight of his beautiful caramel dick, precum leaking from his tip.
"Come here baby, take what you need." He urges as you straddle his waist and sink down his dick a groan leaving both of your mouths simultaneously.
"Fuck me baby, please!" You beg shamelessly as you begin to bounce up and down on his dick. You kept clenching around his dick as he drove himself into you fast and hard, balls slapping against your ass as you bounce on him. Throwing your head back, you take in the feel of his dick hitting your spot relentlessly.
"Fuck, that shit feels so fucking good daddy!" You moan out wrapping your hands in his now damp hair.
"Look at how your pussy grippin this dick baby. Grip game on a hundred, shit!"
"S-Shit ugh, Jey you're so fuh-fucking deep!" You feel him begin to throb inside of you as you rode him faster. "Mmm you gonna cum for me daddy?"
"Hell yeah baby, I'm bout to bust. Shit!"
"Come on baby, give it to me." You encourage as you lift your up to where only his tip is inside you, before sinking back down as you squeeze around him, knowing that drives him crazy.
"Fuck baby, I'm cumin, I'm cumin." Burying his head in the crook of your neck, you feel the all too familiar feeling of his warm fluid filling you up. Heavily breathing your rest your head against his shoulder. "Hey, look at me." You lift your head to look at your husband who was a smirking mess. "Next time, don't be embarrassed to tell me, you never know what I'm in to." 
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Warm (Jey Uso/OC)
Tumblr media
An on-again, off-again couple takes the snowy ride to the next town together.
Word Count: 6.3k
Warning: The usual smut and everything in between.
A/N: First fic of the year! Enjoy!
Click here if you want to be on the tag list. If I’ve forgotten anyone please let me know so I can add you.
Credit to the owners of the pics and gifs.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Hey girl, got a sec?"
Looking up to see Nia standing right in front of her, Malia stood up straighter. The locker room was full of her friends and fellow wrestlers, all done for the evening and packing up to leave the arena. "What's up?"
"I totally forgot that I agreed to carpool with Maxxine after the show," she said as they exited the locker room together. "I'm really sorry, it totally slipped my mind."
"Oh, that sucks," Malia said, a little disappointed as Nia was great company. "It's no big deal. I'll figure something out."
"Are you sure? It's starting to snow out there. Will you be okay on your own?"
"Alone on the road with full control of the heating and my own playlist?" Malia laughed. "I'll be fine."
Nia nodded. "Okay. I feel bad, so I'll ask around and see if anyone needs a ride. That way you can split the bills and stuff," she offered, pausing when she looked over Malia's shoulder. "Oooh, look who's coming our way," she grinned.
Curious, Malia turned around, and her heart skipped a beat as Josh Fatu walked in their direction, his carry-on behind him and his phone in front of him. She plastered an unbothered expression on her face and turned back to Nia, but the Irresistible Force saw right through the facade.
"Girl, you're blushing already!" she cackled. "You and him still fucking?"
"No, I'm not blushing. And no, we're not fucking," Not lately anyway, Malia added to herself, fluffing her Afro as nonchalantly as possible.
"Liar. You two crack me up, you're totally in love with each other but keep acting like you're not. I did warn you about the whole friends-with-benefits thing."
She did. And Malia caught feelings and had been trying to run from those feelings since. But not with much success, given that she and Josh were both part of the Monday Night Raw roster and lived in the same goddamn city which gave him plenty of access to her. The problem was she was falling in love and he wasn't, so she tried to save face by imposing an extended 'break' from each other, under the guise of 'seeing other people'. Being alone with him on a long midnight drive wasn't going to help her cause to break away.
"It's a three-hour trip from here to Cleveland. Think you can hold off for that long if you go together?" Nia asked, a little too gleefully for Malia's taste.
"Stop with the slander. You make it sound like I'm this raging nympho," she rebuffed.
"When it comes to him? Yes! I've witnessed it! You jump each other's bones every chance you get. How you guys aren't official, I'll never understand. He's getting closerrrr," Nia sang, clearly enjoying the way Malia was trying not to squirm. "Let me go talk to him."
Malia started to panic as Nia moved towards him. "Where are you going?" she warned, "Nia, no!"
"Um, you want a ride or not? Hey, Joshyyyy!"
"Savelina!" Malia hissed, falling silent when Josh looked up from his phone, his gaze lingering on her for a long, tense beat before moving to Nia. "Sup ladies," he said, tipping his bearded chin up in greeting. His jaw moved repeatedly, and she saw he was chewing gum when he opened his mouth to speak. Juicy Fruit, she predicted. His favorite.
"I heard you're driving by yourself tonight," Nia said to him.
His eyebrows rose skeptically. "Yeah..."
"You want a passenger? Cuz my girl over here needs someone to ride with, in more ways than one..."
"Lina, shut up," Malia cut in, stepping in front of her and meeting Josh head-on. "Forgive our friend, Becky hit her in the head too many times tonight," she explained, her insides warming when Jey laughed. "I was supposed to carpool with bitch over here but she made other plans and left me stranded. So umm...if you're going alone, would you mind if I tagged along?" Why the fuck did she sound like she was asking him to Prom?
Again, the air around them simmered with an unknown element. When he took longer than usual to respond, her heart sank a little. "It's cool if you don't want to, I can find someone else-"
"Nah, it's all good, uce, you can come along," he spoke up with a smile. "But I'm 'bout to leave right now, so if you ready-"
"I am," Malia answered, a bit too quickly, and flushed with embarrassment when the corner of his mouth curled upward in a bemused smile. It was then she realized that Nia had disappeared, leaving the two standing alone in the empty hallway.
"Uhh...We should get going," Malia spoke up, scratching awkwardly at the nape of her curly Afro.
Josh nodded, pausing as his eyes scanned her up and down again. "This what you wearin'?" he inquired.
She made a quick, albeit thorough twirl to show off her outfit, a short, figure-hugging beige dress accompanied by a black pair of furry knee-high Uggs. "Yeah, why? What's wrong with it?"
"It's a lil' chilly, no? I mean, don't get me wrong, you look real good, it's just-" Catching himself, he trailed off nervously before he could say anything else inappropriate.
"My jacket is right here, I'll be fine. But if I do get too cold, I'm sure you can keep me warm." Her smile was syrupy sweet as she let the innuendo sink in. The awkwardness was melting away, leaving only the sexual synergy they were both accustomed to.
Josh chuckled to himself and stepped closer to her. "A'ight, I see what'chu tryna do," he said in a lower, huskier timbre that made her loins flutter. "Let's get outta here before I do sum'n we'll both like."
She wanted to ask what was stopping him but instead took the hand he held out to her. It was big and protective and the gentle way he rubbed his thumb over hers always made her feel safe. Together they left the building and into the indoor parking lot. He helped her put her things in the trunk of his Ford Expedition rental, and she fought the urge to stare at his ass when he bent over.
As they began their journey, her gaze landed on her on-again, off-again 'boyfriend', his own fixed on the road ahead. Wearing a fitting dual-colored Nike tracksuit, he looked yummy himself. The hand that had held hers was now on the steering wheel, and she found herself wishing it was touching her again but on a more risqué part of her body this time. They were on a 'break' but she envisioned a lot of difficulty keeping things platonic tonight.
"Since when do you listen to Bon Jovi?" She broke the ice several minutes later, talking over the eighties rock ballad that was playing on the radio and was surprised it hadn't been turned off. "You always used to tell me to change that shit," she laughed.
"They not so bad, they got some good workout songs," he defended with a shrug. "How come you didn't take a flight tonight?" he asked.
She gave a shrug of her own. "I don't know. I probably should have. But with the weather and everything, there'd probably be tons of delays at the airport. I would have ended up sitting there all night. How about you?"
"Same. I prefer the open road anyway," he replied. "Drive fast, blast some good music, you know what it is." He shot her a grin, making selections on the GPS. "Everything good? You comfortable?"
Smoothing her dress down her crossed legs, she nodded and tilted her seat back. "Yeah, I'm good," she responded.
"So how was Christmas? Whatchu do? Spend time with your man?" Josh asked.
Malia snorted and flipped her hair. "Ain't no man. He's an insecure bum so he's gone. I stayed with my brother and his family for a few days, played with my nieces, they're so big now."
He wanted to feel bad about the way his heart leapt for joy about her relationship status. "I told you he was a bum from the jump, uce," he mumbled.
"Well, you were right. Congrats," she bit sarcastically.
"I ain't wanna be right though. I just want you to be happy," said Josh, exchanging a glance with her, his stare filled with its familiar warmth that was charged with something else.
Being here is a bad idea.
"What about you? You were with your boys and their mom, I'm guessing," she kept the conversation going.
"More of the boys, less of their mom," he clarified.
"That's it? No woman to warm your bed?"
He snorted and shot her a bombastic side-eye. "If I remember clearly, you sent the last woman I was with packin', with your razor-sharp ass tongue."
Malia burst out laughing. "Ha, that bitch? She's a clout-chasing airhead. One conversation with her and my IQ got fucked up. Stop messin' with those NXT bimbos, Joshua. It's not a good look."
"Why you so pressed though?" He had an idea, but he wanted to hear it straight from the horse's mouth.
"I'm not pressed. You smarter than that. She wasn't good for you."
"And you know this, how?"
Because she ain't me. None of them are. "I just know," was all she said.
"Huh. We seem to 'know' a lot about each other," Josh noted, "So why don't you want us to stay together?" he asked.
And there it is. "You already know the answer," she responded, with a hint of attitude.
"No I don't, so how 'bout you fill me in, huh," he retorted. They had stopped at a red light so he now had all the time to look her in the eye.
Exhaling a heavy sigh, she refused to get suckered in. "Because. Your roster is deep enough as it is," she mumbled.
"What roster?"
Malia huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. "Oh, we gonna play dumb now? I'm not the only woman you're fucking, Joshua."
"The last person I had sex with was you, right before you dumped me for ol' boy," Josh replied, annoyance creeping into his tone.
"Correction. I did not dump you. Dumping implies that we were dating," Malia argued. "I distinctly remember you saying you weren't looking for nothin' serious, so it ain't dumping if there's no relationship to dump."
The silence that followed was deafening, even with the music playing. The temperature in the car plummeted several degrees. Josh simply shook his head. "Damn, that how you feel all this time? Okay then." he tsked, releasing the brakes as the light turned green. "A'ight. Note taken."
The hurt swirling in his voice surprised her. Rattled, she opened her mouth to speak, but wisely decided to close it back. Because there really was nothing to say. This was the consequence of getting involved with someone without setting clear boundaries; the result of repeatedly holding off the simple task of defining a relationship — nothing but uncertainty and heartache. It was the bed she made long ago and now she had to lie in it.
But oddly enough, that seemed to be the appeal of entanglements; the thrill, the warped sense of freedom to do whatever you wanted to each other with no strings. But intimacy always had its attachments, and Malia had been attached to Josh for a long, long time with no idea how to cut the strings without getting hurt.
"The snow seems to be getting worse," she changed the subject and with good reason. They seemed to be driving into a storm. The snowfall was heavier and the nearly empty highway was turning white. "Are you sure we'll make it into Cleveland like this?"
Her question was answered only a few seconds later, by the flashing lights and flares up ahead. A car wreck, and a bad one judging from the amount of fire, rescue, and police crews on the scene. As Josh slowed the car to a crawl, they were greeted by a gruesome tableau.
The many bright, flashing lights cast a grotesque glow on the crumpled remains of an SUV. A black bag, zipped and strapped to a stretcher, was being loaded into the back of an ambulance. Malia's eyes widened with horror. The mangled car was the same type as theirs, and the driver's seat was covered in blood, a lot of it splattered on the white snow. "Oh no...Babe..." she breathed.
Her voice was tiny. Scared. Josh grabbed her hand and squeezed it repeatedly to get her attention. "Ay, don't look. Look at me," he cajoled, waiting for her to do so, running his thumb over hers to quell her panic. "I'll take the next exit. Let's find somewhere to crash until morning." He cringed. "Bad choice of words. Sorry."
"You don't mind stopping?" she asked, feeling a little sick. There was no way she was going any further with what she'd just witnessed.
"Personally, I'd rather be late gettin' where I'm going than never gettin' there at all."
"I agree. I'll check if there's any available hotels nearby," she offered, reaching for her phone in the console.
"You good?" he checked on her again, his fingers flexing around hers.
"I'm okay. It's just...that was horrible," Malia shuddered. "But you calmed me down. You've always been good at that." She smiled gratefully at him.
"Mm-hmm," he mumbled, as he lifted the back of her hand to his lips in a gentle kiss. He then rested his hand on her bare leg, running it up her smooth chocolate skin. Ironically, her dress gave him perfect access to the sensitivity of her inner thigh, and he allowed his fingers to dance over it.
Malia cast her eyes down to watch his hand disappear under her dress. This was what she liked about him so much; his boldness, his sense of adventure. Only he could dare to touch on her while driving on a dark, sleety highway. "Boy, what are you doin'?" she asked as he squeezed her thigh. She tried to play it cool, tried to act like her skin had not been set ablaze by his touch.
"Keepin' you warm," he affirmed nonchalantly, as he slid his palm over her lace panties, his favorite on her, enjoying the feel of her moist warmth against the fabric. He had since learned that he couldn't stay mad at her for long. "I miss you," he whispered, breaching her underwear with one finger.
"I miss you too," she admitted, jerking as the finger slipped inside of her. "Oh, shit," she gasped, tilting her head back against the leather headrest.
"Phew, you wet as fuck," Josh whistled, eyeing up his ex with a Cheshire Cat-like grin. "Ol' boy wasn't fuckin' you like he should?"
Before she could answer, he slid another digit into her wetness, drawing another moan from her. She moved her legs further apart, causing her dress to ride higher up, and grabbed his wrist with both hands. "Fuck, yeah," she sighed, going slack in her seat.
Maybe it wasn't the brightest idea, Josh realized, as the sound of her wanton moans filled the car. As her pussy tightened around his fingers. He wasn't doing much for his own erect state by doing this, but the look on her face convinced him to keep going. He leaned over and kissed her cheek, keeping his eyes on the road. "How's that feel, hmm?" he asked.
The only response she could muster was another breathy moan while strengthening her grip on his wrist. She didn't want to come just yet, but between his fingers twisting deep inside her tightening core and the added heat rushing through her, she knew she wouldn't last long. She wanted this to last forever, just like every time she was with him; she clung desperately to every second, because each one was always better than the last. He just hit different. He always did.
The spell broke when she heard him curse and he abruptly stopped, slipping his fingers out of her. "The fuck?" she whined.
"Sorry, I had to," Josh explained, pointing. The smoky haze of passion and frustration cleared quickly enough for her to realize they had left the expressway and were now pulling into the parking lot of a hotel. Crossing her arms petulantly, she sat up straighter and pouted. "Goddamn tease. You ain't slick," she grumbled.
"Nope. But you are," he emphasized, holding up his fingers covered in her essence and bringing them to his mouth. "Mmm, sweet and spicy, like always."
His dirty snicker had her pussy clenching again. This man was going to be the death of her.
Parking the Expedition in front of the hotel door, they rushed in with their bags to the check-in desk and found the exhausted-looking receptionist behind the counter. It was clear they'd had a massive influx of people and that she was the only one handling everything.
"You're just in luck. We have one room left," the lady replied when Josh asked her if they had any vacancies. "It's probably our smallest room and only has one queen-sized bed, but it's perfect for a lovely couple like yourselves," she smiled warmly.
"We'll take it," Josh responded, handing over his credit card before Malia could reject it. Given the state of the weather outside and that horrendous crash they came across, it was likely the best, safest option.
They got the keycards and made a quick stop at the nearby Chipotle to get some food. Josh paid again, boxing Malia against the counter with his big frame and frowning menacingly at the cashier who had the nerve to flirt with her. Though there technically was no territory to mark, she didn't mind. Besides, it was cold outside and his body heat was inviting and much needed. Afterwards, they returned to the hotel and made it into the small room that was warm, toasty, and quite clean, making them feel a bit better that they wouldn't be stuck in some Bates Motel-type murder house.
"Last time we were stuck in a room together, we spent all afternoon working out how many pinning combinations we could make each other come in," Malia reminisced as she bit into her burrito.
"Yeah. I remember winning," Josh grinned proudly. "You can have the bed, by the way," he gestured to her. "Imma sleep on the couch, give you some space."
"Why?" Malia gave him a stern look. "The bed is big enough for both of us. Plus, your back will be fucked up if you sleep on that lil ass couch."
She wasn't wrong; the couch felt rather firm and it wouldn't be pleasant. Josh was trying to be a gentleman, but he ultimately agreed since driving tomorrow with a backache did not sound ideal.
After finishing their meals, they settled in, and Malia texted the Talent Relations rep to inform them of her and Josh's whereabouts. Unfortunately, the weather forecast on TV was pretty grim as they were expecting upwards of forty inches of snow. Getting to their destination in time tomorrow would be a tough ask.
Josh used the bathroom first to give Malia some privacy. When he re-emerged, she was stripped down to a short white bathrobe that did nothing to hide that body of hers, giving him a little peek of her voluptuous behind as she picked up her toilet bag.
"Babe, do you got a spare shirt I can sleep in?" She stood back upright, her throat drying up at the sight of his towel hanging low on his hips. She watched the rivulets of water drip down his tattooed chest and felt parched.
Josh swallowed. "Sure, I got somethin'." He crossed the room, reached inside his open luggage and pulled out a 'YEET' hoodie. "This okay?"
He gazed into her eyes, and Malia felt her knees quiver, almost like they were threatening to collapse beneath her. "Yeah, thanks," she smiled, taking the hoodie.
"You called me babe again." There was a small, teasing smile on his face.
Malia felt her face burn. "Oh, um...Yeah. Habit. Sorry..." Lost for words, she quickly departed, silently willing her limbs to not give out on her.
Waiting until the door had closed behind her, Josh sank down on the bed and tried to focus on the TV. He could hear her moving around. Brushing her teeth. Undressing. Rubbing his face, he groaned when he heard the shower start. After their argument in the car and what he did afterwards, his emotions were all over the place, and now they had to share this bed. Keeping his hands to himself was going to be a tough ask.
Keep your hands to yourself, Malia repeated to herself over and over as she finished up her skincare routine. It's just one night. Behave yourself. What happened in the car meant nothing.
Yes it did, the voice she fondly named 'Delulu', debated, He misses you, he said so himself. That's why he acted the way he did in the car. That's why he almost bit that cashier's head off in Chipotle.
She had a point. She recalled the full-blown lust in his eyes as he touched her, the eager movement of his fingers inside her as though he couldn't stop himself. Overall, it felt good to know he wasn't quite over her just as she wasn't quite over him.
Don't do it, her other voice, dubbed 'You Right' because it always was, warned. You're just his plaything, always have been. Why do you want to play house with a guy who doesn't love you like you love him? He just misses the pussy. That's it.
Good point.
But I miss the dick too! 'Delulu' pouted.
'You Right' rolled her eyes. Too bad. Take another shower, a cold one this time.
With a heavy sigh, Malia wrapped up her hair and put on her pajamas for the night. The hoodie was big on her, reaching her thighs. She decided against panties, having made up her mind about the voice she was going to listen to.
She returned to the warmth of the bedroom, instantly landing on the ruggedly handsome man stretched out on the left side of the bed. His favorite side. His gaze flickered from the TV to her, his lips twitching into a small smile.
"You make my merch look so sexy, baby," he commented.
"Why thank you Daddy," she replied, then froze, her eyes wide. Shit, did she just say that out loud? Judging from the heated look in his eyes, the answer was yes. The tension in the room could be cut with a knife as they regarded each other.
Sitting up straight in the bed, Josh clapped his hands. "A'ight, enough of this. Come here," he growled.
She thought he would never ask. She hurried to the bed and crawled towards him. He sat up straighter and reached for her, their lips crashing together before he had finished pulling her onto his lap. All the weeks of pent-up urges and desires came pouring out of them both as they kissed like the desperate, needy souls they had become. They only pulled back long enough to take off his t-shirt before they embraced again. His bronzed skin was warm underneath her palms, the touch of his hands seemingly burning through the hoodie onto her own.
Without breaking the kiss, Josh shifted so that they were lying on their sides, helping her tug his sweatpants down his hips. Once they were gone, he pulled her tightly against him as he slid his leg between hers, draping her top leg over his waist. He then pushed his hands under her hoodie, his fingers digging into her waist to grind her against his thigh. Malia smiled at his surprised gasp, his realization that she was wearing his merch and only that. She knew he could feel the moistness of her core, smearing his upper thigh as their kisses got even more heated. She let him pull off the hoodie, and Josh's eyes blazed with need as he gathered her right breast in his hand and devoured it with sucks and licks. Meanwhile her hand wrapped around his dick, stroking for a few moments before easing him inside her.
"Oh, shit," Josh froze, his expression slightly panicked, "I ain't got-"
"Calm down, I still got my IUD. You good." She kissed his lips and reared back a little, letting him push fully inside her, and he ripped his mouth from hers in a low groan and tucked his face in her neck.
"Fuck, Malia..."
She moaned with him, gripping his muscular shoulders as he moved inside her, and groaned again when his hand scraped down her back to squeeze her ass cheek tightly.
"Yeah, I know you like that," he whispered, slapping her ass this time, his breath hot and heavy against her face. "Say my name baby, call out for me."
"Mm-hmm, I love it. God, you're fuckin' beautiful," he said, his voice rough with need as he tongue-kissed her slowly, matching his grinding thrusts, sending chills running all over her body.
"Ohhh," she gasped, tensing in his arms, bewildered by her desire for him.
"Relax. I gotchu," he promised with another hungry, borderline sloppy kiss. He was nearing the pit of her stomach with his lengthening strokes, but he wanted more. He held up her thick thigh, automatically sliding him even deeper inside her. A big smile lit up his face as her mouth fell open; he knew she could feel all of it, the head of his dick toying with her g-spot, her breathing quickening as her slick moisture made its presence known with every push of his dick into her.
"Hear that?" Josh whispered, "Hear how wet you are?"
Malia dug her nails into his skin, staccato breaths pulling from her lungs as he rammed up into her again and again. "Shit," she whined, "Aw fuck, please don't stop," she begged, tears gathering in her eyes at the thought of him ceasing his actions.
"I ain't stoppin' baby." He couldn't seem to stop kissing her, doing it again as he increased his speed, his dick all up in her wet pussy. The sensations were dizzying, taking her to another dimension. "Uuuunh," she cried out with a shudder, the flutter of her pussy around his cock sending shockwaves of pleasure through her.
"You wanna come, babe? Wanna come for Daddy huh?" He pressed his forehead against hers, his hypnotic eyes holding her gaze as her whimpers for him grew louder. "Come, Malia," he urged with gritted teeth, his heart pounding from the emotions vibrating through him. "Come, baby girl. Nut on Daddy's dick. You look so beautiful when you come."
Malia heard what sounded like waves crashing in her ears. Immediately her body seized up, and her voice was a high-pitched cry as the pleasure ripped through her. Moaning his name repeatedly, her head fell back and she saw stars as the bliss took over.
Man, she missed being touched like this, kissed like this...fucked like this.
Still trembling, she was vaguely aware of him pulling out, letting her leg down and rolling on top of her. Stroking her face, he stared at her with a mix of wonder and tenderness and something else she couldn't quite determine in his eyes.
"What?" she pressed.
Josh licked his lips, looked away for a second and then back at her.
"I love you."
She expected to be shocked, stunned by his declaration. Instead, it felt more like a eureka moment, like she had finally cracked a passcode she had been struggling with for eons, like the world had at last righted itself after an eternity of confusion.
"What took you so long?" she asked, emotion seeping through her tone.
"I don't know," he confessed, and when her brows furrowed, he elaborated. "I just know I can't do this no more. I'm fuckin' tired. I been feelin' this way for too long. You the only one that makes me feel like this."
"Like how?" she breathed. She wanted to hear it, wanted to know if his agony has been anything similar to hers for the past couple of months.
"Like I'm empty inside when I'm not with you. Even when I'm with someone else, I feel like I'm cheating on you," he went on, suddenly feeling free, unburdened. "I can't stop thinking about you, can't function...I don't just want sex, Malia. That's all good but I wanna be your man. For real this time. I want you."
There it was again, that intensity in his eyes that never failed to steal what was left of her breath. If this was a dream, she did not want to wake up. "I love you too. I wanna be with you. Let's not break up ever again. I don't like not being around you," she admitted.
"Same here," he said, covering her mouth with his. This kiss was so passionate, so deep and all-consuming, that she struggled to hang on to her sanity. She groaned against his mouth as he found his way back inside her with a couple of swift, seamless strokes. Her wetness instantly enveloped him again, prompting his hips to roll seemingly on their own accord. Malia wound her arms around him, holding him as close to her as possible. There was no more talk after that, letting their bodies do the talking, writhing together as if they were meant to exist that way.
"Wrap your legs around me, baby," he told her.
Immediately, she wound them around his waist with her ankles locked tight behind his lower back as he rocked into her. She moved with him, matching his tempo in a sweet symphony. There was no space between their flesh; and whatever tiny space remained was closed off with delicious, decadent kisses with lots of tongue. They savored every second in each other, every gasp and moan they elicited from the other. Her wetness compromised the friction between them as his dick slipped in and out of her with ease that still kept her walls snug and taut around him.
"God, you feel so good, baby," she moaned in his ear, weaving her fingers through his soft hair, anchoring him to her as though fearful that he would slip away at any given moment.
"I can feel you dripping all over my dick. You make me wanna pound this good pussy," he mumbled against her neck, his tongue swiping over her heated skin.
"Then pound it," she murmured, spearing him with a hot, hungry look when their eyes met. "Pound my pussy, Daddy, I need it," she practically begged, her voice a pleading whine.
"Bet." Caressing her thighs for a few seconds, he then propped her legs on each of his broad shoulders. Her gaze met the ceiling, clouded over with lust as he hunched over her, working his big dick in her. All she could see within the bluish hue of the small room was his larger, muscular body looming over her, like a glowing, almost nightclub-like dreamscape. His chest tattoos were a beautiful mural that she couldn't stop herself from worshiping, and she leaned up to drag her tongue along his nipple, flicking the hard bud playfully as she caressed his triceps. She was rewarded with harder snaps of his hips, his balls mashing against her ass from how deep he was digging. Every time she tried to look at it, she would grow weak from the sensitivity and fall back against the bed.
"Fuck, Joshua..."
"Mmhmm, I know it feel good. Your tight little pussy is creaming for me," he rasped. Holding her down to the bed, he circled his hips while buried in her for good measure, making her pussy greedily grip the entirety of his girthy length and wringing moans of pleasure from both of them. Dipping her hand down between her thighs, she rubbed on her clit only for her eyes to roll back as an intense fire lit inside her like a firework. Then, clearly intending to destory her, he sat back on his knees and wrapped his arms around her thighs, holding them to his chest as he thrust faster and harder.
"Oh my god," Malia sighed, planting one hand up against the headboard to steady herself. She could feel her breasts bouncing recklessly with each stroke, felt his long fingers grab one and massage it in his hands, then the other, arousing her even more. His dick pulsed inside her as she tightened around him with increasing frequency. She willingly let him take her as he wanted, because she wanted to feel all of him, savor the sight of him breaking down and plunging headfirst into that secret place of pleasure that belonged to them and them alone.
The tricky part was Josh wanted to take her there first. He switched up again by pinning her knees into the pillow on either side of her head, opening her wide. He fucked her like a man possessed, the force of his movements knocking the bed hard and repeatedly against the wall. His hard, pounding thrusts had her pushing her face into the pillow and screaming into it. They hoped the room was soundproof. Either way, he didn't stop, not until the coil inside her body unraveled, and Malia screamed again as she came, hard and hot, her orgasm flushing through her like a tidal wave. It was the sweetest, the realest, the product of the joining of not just their bodies, but something deeper, too.
Josh must have been thinking the same thing, because when he stopped to stare her down again with those beautiful eyes of his, they glittered with warmth and affection. They gazed at each other, the stunned joy of their shared feelings morphing into something richer, something fiercer. He really did love her, she could see it right there on his face. She didn't quite know how she managed to miss it before.
The air between them thickened as they remembered they were still naked and entwined. Reverting back to their primal, passionate state, Josh moved again, thrusting all up in her dripping tightness. Malia gripped his hips to pull him deeper, her fingers digging into the flesh of his ass as he pounded into her with newfound ruthlessness. The mattress squeaked underneath them, mixing with their moans and whimpers and the wet slapping sounds of their bodies. He was close; his strokes became increasingly erratic, his grunts heavier and more vocal, his cock pulsing inside her pussy and his balls tightening.
"Fuuuck, I'm comin' baby, come catch this nut," he pulled out of her and quickly straddled her torso, stroking his dick in her face. Malia opened her mouth wide and poked out her tongue, watching his gorgeous face twist in painful pleasure as he unloaded in her mouth, thick spurts of his salty sweet cum flooding her tongue. Completely turned on, she rubbed herself with one hand and grabbed his dick with the other, stroking him harder to milk him to the last drop. His deep, throaty groan broke her all over again, plummeting her into another incredible orgasm, brought on by the sheer power of his.
Josh's chest heaved as he watched her slap his dick on her open tongue, coated white with his release. He then ordered in a husky voice, "Swallow it."
Malia obeyed heartily, slipping his cum down her throat then gently sucked him off for a couple of seconds, moaning softly from the unique taste of him mixed with her. Josh fought off the urge to nudge his dick deeper into her mouth and pulled away to lie down next to her. The realization of what had just happened must have hit both of them at the same time, because with one glance at each other, they burst out laughing.
"Damn," was all she had the energy to utter, allowing him to pull her against him as their joint laughter rumbled between them. He fucked the shit out of her. She felt like a brand new woman, even now, as he ran his hands all over her body, gifting her with a breathless kiss to her succulent lips. "I guess Lina's plan worked," she giggled, snuggling against him.
"Yeah," Josh agreed, his features suddenly serious as he carefully tucked a loose piece of her hair back underneath her scarf. "I ain't like how you be pushin' me away, Malia," he grumbled, "Don't be scared of us and what we got."
Not for the first time, she wished she'd been brave enough to express her true feelings. "It's not you I'm scared of... I'm scared of us falling apart if we become serious, and I don't wanna live without you," she confessed.
Josh chuckled and pressed his mouth to each of her palms. "You already can't," he smirked.
She rolled her eyes good-naturedly and smacked his arm. "You don't gotta agree."
"It's the truth though. But like I said, I love you and I'm not going anywhere. I mean that," he promised.
Hearing those three words from him again made her feel all giddy inside. "I love you, too," she whispered, smiling softly against his lips when he dropped a tender kiss to hers.
"How long's it been since we last fucked?" he inquired.
Two months and three weeks, but who was counting? "Couple of months," she answered, keeping it cool.
"Shame on us. I think we can make up for it, right?"
Malia raised an eyebrow when he started to crawl down her body, sprinkling butterfly kisses down her belly until his head was between her legs. Her body flushed with need. "You know we need to go to bed, right?" she questioned, her fingers sneaking into his hair despite her half-hearted protest.
"I know. But this pretty pussy is callin' my name." He winked at her and bit gently on her inner thigh, dangerously close to her throbbing treasure, soothing the skin with a wet lick. Her keening moan was all he needed to hear. "Now lay your sexy ass back and let Daddy eat."
And with that, he bent his head and spread his mouth over her, wiping every rational thought she owned with mind blowing pleasure.
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codyswhitebelt · 3 months
(18+) daddy?- dbsf!jey uso x fem! reader
seven sentence friday !!
ib: @harmshake (i love you pookie🤭)
Tumblr media
pairing(s): jey uso x reader
word count: 79 words😭
summary: your dad’s best friend talks you through your first orgasm.
genre(s): smut!!, dbsf!jey, innocent reader
warning(s): no use of y/n!, cunnilingus, fingering, virgin reader, age gap (reader is 19, jey is 36), petnames !!
Tumblr media
you never thought you would have your dad’s bestfriend’s head between your thighs, but here you are.
“c’mon baby, i know you have it in you.”
your breathy moans filled the room, his voice barely a whisper in your ear.
“jey, ‘m so close.”
jey flattened his tongue before diving into you, lapping at your sweet cunt.
your fingers threaded through jey’s hair, pulling tightly as you came on his face, his beard wet.
“you’re such a good girl, my good girl.”
Tumblr media
a/n: thank you so much for reading! have a good day, i love you!💌
taglist: @harmshake @alyyaanna @anomalisa92 @alikaheroes @cellard0ors
my masterlist
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maineventpapiuso · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The pain in Jey's voice sent chills through my body.
I have a feeling Jey will have no choice but to forget what Jimmy did and go save his brother.
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All Falls Down - Chapter 10 (Part 1)
Tumblr media
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Dividers by @firefly-graphics
Series Masterlist
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Tumblr media
4 months ago....
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“There goes my baby” Josh started singing a terrible rendition of Usher’s song as Kiyana waddled her way down the stairs. She rolled her eyes with a smile as she made her way over to the couch, plopping down right beside him. “How you feeling today?” He asked pulling her closer to him. “How was your nap?” 
“It was good and I’m feeling okay.” She shrugged. “Just ready for this funeral to be over with.” He frowned. “But, I'm fine. I promise.” She forced a smile on her face and cupped his chin, bringing his face to hers for a soft kiss. 
Josh sighed before he nodded his head. “I love you Key, I’m just worried about you.” He placed a hand on her round belly, smiling as he felt his son kick. “I just want you and lil’ man to be good. Doc said no stress.”
“Well, my dad just died Joshua, of course I'm stressed.” She scoffed “ I’m stressed for my mom, my little brother, my grandmother. I’m stressed for my whole family, Joshua.” 
“Key,I didn't mean it like that -” He started, but she stood from the couch and walked off into the kitchen. Josh sighed and rubbed his temples. He understood that she was upset and sad, and so was he but he also knew that she needed to remain calm for the sake of the baby. This pregnancy was already high risk and he didn’t know what he would do without Kiyana. 
Tumblr media
2 days later Josh found himself in a secluded hallway in the arena, trying to get in contact with Kiyan who was ignoring him.. still.   He sighed as another one of his phone calls to Kiyana went unanswered. He threw his head back against the wall and closed his eyes.  She was still pissed that he told her she needed to not be stressed for the well-being of her and their baby. He tried to apologize countless times but if he was being completely honest, this pregnancy was making Kiyana way more bitchy than she normally was with her other three pregnancies and it was different. Josh wasn’t used to Kiyana pushing him away. 
“Hey Jey, you okay?”  He cracked one eye open to see who was talking to him and exhaled a deep breath at the sight of Shanté in front of him. “You look like you could use a drink.” She smirked as she sauntered over to where he was leaning against the wall, eyeing him up and down. 
“You don’t know the half of it” He muttered before trying to call Kiyana again. Shanté watched as his jaw clinched before muttering a curse word under his breath. “Yo stop fucking ignoring me and answer the damn phone Key” He gritted into the phone before angrily shoving it into the pocket of his sweatpants. 
“Trouble at home?” She asked, trying to hide her smirk. She knew he was married and she did not care about his wife not one bit. Shanté had seen her once or twice when she would come to the shows with Josh’s kids and Shanté didn’t see what Josh saw in her, she was basic as fuck. A man like Josh needed someone like Shanté. 
Josh eyed her warily, he knew what she was up to and he wasn’t going to fall for it. He didn’t mind helping her in the ring - never without Trinity or Mercedes present but she was starting to push it. Her workout attire getting shorter and tighter, her lingering touches even after being reminded that he was happily married. 
“You wanna talk about it?”   He narrowed his eyes  and frowned, there was no way in hell he was telling some random girl what he and his wife were going through. Sensing his reluctance, Shanté pressed further. “Oh, come on. You need to talk to someone who doesn’t know you or your home problems and listen without any judgment.”  She crossed her fingers behind her back as she awaited his response. Josh contemplated her offer before letting out a sigh and nodding his head even though he had a bad feeling in his stomach. 
“Aight, fine. You got a rental?” Shanté nodded excitedly and told her to follow him as she started walking towards the car garage for the superstars. They went to a bar that was close to the hotel and sat towards the back, away from everyone else.
It took Josh four double Hennessy shots to actually get him to start talking and once he did, he couldn’t stop. It actually felt good to actually voice his frustrations without being told to think about Kiyana’s feelings first. 
Shanté just listened to him rant, offering her opinion when he asked and once she noticed he was drunk, she started to press him further. At first it started with just her placing her hand on his arm, squeezing it every once in a while then she decided to take it a step further by sliding her chair next to his and placing her hand on his thigh, rubbing it sensually, smirking to herself when she seen his dick starting to harden. She then finally went in for the kill, after Josh got finished taking his shot, Shanté reached over and cupped his jaw, and leaned over to kiss him, smirking into the kiss when he started to kiss her back. 
Tumblr media
Josh awoke the next morning with a pounding headache. He sat up in bed, promising himself that he’ll never drink that much again. As his eyes got adjusted to the bright sun rays pouring through the windows, he realized something was off, this was not his hotel room. 
“Oh you’re up.” Shanté smiled as she came out of the bathroom, with a tiny robe wrapped around her body. Josh moved from the bed abruptly as she started to crawl on it. 
“Nah, nope. This ain’t happening.” He grabbed the sheet, covering himself and started to look for his phone.’The fuck happened Shanté?” She cocked her head to the side in confusion. 
“You tryna tell me you don’t remember anything?” 
“Nah, I remember us talking at the bar. How the fuck did I get in your hotel room, in your bed?”  He hurriedly threw his clothes on from last night, still looking for his phone. “Fuck me, this cna’t be fucking happening!” He grunted in frustration. He actually cheated on his wife. What the fuck was wrong with him?!  
 Once he found it his heart dropped so far down into his stomach and he felt like he needed to throw up. He had 10 missed phone calls from his mom, 5 from Kiyana’s mom and 5 from his twin brother. 
Tumblr media
Talisua Fatu cursed her son as another phone call to him went unanswered. She turned to look at Kiyana laying in the hospital bed and her heart broke in two. Kiyana’s mom had found her passed out in the master bathroom and immediately called the ambulance to come to the house, leaving Kaiden and Kamari with Kiyana’s older brother. 
“He still not answering?” Jon asked as he and Trinity walked into the room and over toTalisua who shook her head. 
“No and he better have a good explanation for this.” Talisua muttered, taking one of the coffee’s from Trin and taking it over to Kiyana’a mom, who was sitting in one of the chairs by her daughter’s bed holding her limp hand. Talisua could only imagine what she was going through, first losing her husband and now her daughter was in a hospital with all these tubes and wires connected to her. 
Everyone looked at Jon when his phone started to ring. He excused himself to go step into the hallway. “Yo Uce, what the fuck? We been calling ya’ ass all damn day.” 
“I fucked up Jon..” Josh whispered over the phone, tears spilling down his cheeks. “I fucked up so bad” 
Tumblr media
So... Josh is a ass who can't see a red flag if it was waved right in front of his face..
This chapter will have a part 2... y'all know I love cliffhangers ❤️😭
Reblogs, comments, likes, and feedback ALWAYS appreciated ❤ 
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acknowledge-reigns · 2 months
Sugar | Jey Uso x Black fem!Reader (first person pov) 18+!! SMUT!! MDNI
Tumblr media
Description: Reader takes care of Jey after his match with Gunther.
Warnings: Daddy Kink, Dom/sub, Praise (good girl), pet names (baby, babe, babygirl), service submission, blowjob, swallowing, extremely mild angst.
My other stories can be found here
My eyes went wide the second I laid eyes on him. "Oh my gods, baby! your chest." I cried out looking at the red welps on my husband, he had to be in horrible pain. But I knew what he was feeling physically had nothing on the pain he must be feeling emotionally after having Jimmy, his own twin, cost him yet another title match.
Jey had come so close. The battle wounds on his chest showed just how much hell the ring general had put him through. I'd watched at home, in horror the entire thing and counted down the seconds until he made it home to me so I could hold him and tell him I'm proud of him.
I rushed to him, I couldn't help but feel a mix of concern and admiration.
"I'm here, Jey. I've got you," I whispered, wrapping my arms around him. "You were incredible out there, baby. You fought with all your might."
He leaned into my embrace, his breath heavy and labored. "Thanks, babygirl." He said.
As we stood there, the tension between us began to shift. I could feel his heart pounding against mine, and I knew that he needed more than just words of encouragement. He needed to know that I was there for him, that I would always be there for him, no matter what.
"Let me take care of you, Daddy." I murmured sensually, my lips brushing against his ear. "Let me show you how much I love you."
He nodded, his eyes shining with a mix of gratitude and desire as we made our way to the bedroom, He needed to feel my love and support in a more tangible way.
I began to gently massage his shoulders, kneading the tight muscles and working out the tension. He moaned softly, his head lolling forward as he surrendered to the sensation.
"That feels so good, babe," he murmured, his voice low and husky, "Such a good girl for Daddy."
I smiled to myself, pleased to see him relaxing in my arms. I continued to massage his shoulders and back, moving down to his lower back and hips.
"Turn over for me, Please Daddy," I whispered, my voice barely above a whisper. Even though I was the one taking care of him and running the show tonight I was still very submissive.
He did as I asked, his eyes meeting mine as he lay on his back.
I leaned down and pressed my lips to his, my tongue exploring his mouth in a slow and sensual dance.
As we kissed I gently traced the red welts and bruises that marred his chest and he winced.
"Shh, it's okay," I murmured, pressing soft kisses to his wounds. "I'm here for you, Daddy. I'm here to take care of you."
He moaned softly, as I continued to kiss and lick his chest. I moved down his body, my lips trailing a path of fire as I went. I could feel his heart pounding, and I knew that he was ready for more.
"Ready for the main event?" I teased.
I reached his pants, and I could see the bulge that strained against the fabric. I undid his belt, my fingers trembling with anticipation.
As I pulled down his pants, his dick sprang free, hard and ready. I wrapped my plump glossy lips around the tip, my tongue swirling around the sensitive flesh.
He moaned loudly, his hands reaching down to grip my hair. I sucked him deeper into my mouth, my throat relaxing as I took him all in.
I soon picked up my pace, my head bobbing up and down on his dick. I was determined to give him the best night of his life.
"Oh god, babe!" he cried out, his hips thrusting up as he came hard in my mouth.
I swallowed him down, my throat working as I took every drop. I pulled back, my lips glistening with his essence.
"I love you," I whispered, my eyes meeting his.
He smiled, his eyes shining with love and gratitude. "I love you too, babe. Thank you for taking care of me."
I smiled, my heart swelling with love for this amazing man.
"Anytime, baby. I'll always be here for you, no matter what." I said.
"Promise, babygirl?" Jey questioned.
"Yeet" I giggled in response.
Tumblr media
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strxwberry-milku · 3 months
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐒𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐁𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫
𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐰𝐚𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐛𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐥𝐲 @wrestlingprincess80 ✰ part1 of the Gif euphoria series
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆: Desperate!JeyUso x Reader
𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐘: Kowing Jey could NEVER resist your pussy you use that to your advantage.
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆: Daddy kink, Sl*t shaming and just full on nastiness
Tumblr media
You and Jey got invited to one of Jimmy’s “ get wrecked ” parties in which you get shit face drunk and do whatever the fuck you want because Naomi and the kids went on holiday too spain for two weeks, so that means PARTY TIME! ( shhh don’t tell her tho ). Before you guys left your house you could already tell that Jey was horny due to him tryna pull up your dress every five seconds but you reassured him that when you guys get back home , he can damage your pussy all night long but for now you have a party to get to.
Pulling up to Jimmy’s house you knocked at the door and patiently waited for him to come out “Hold on guys , lemme just open this beer real quick”he shouted from behind the door , rolling your eyes annoyed you huffed and gave Jey a side eye , almost indirectly saying for him to fix up his brother. Lifting his hands up in defence he said “ Hey don’t blame me, it ain’t my fault your impatient ” and gave your ass a quick slap, before you could do anything back the door opened up and you were engulfed in a bear hug. “Heyyy sisssss , how u beennnn ? i ain’t seen yo ass since the last party .Jey got you locked up in his basement or sumn ?” he goofly remarked, laughing you said “ Nahh i’ve just been busy and shit , tryna keep your LITTLE brother under control “ you mockingly emphasised the “little”cause you knew it would rile him up. Attitude spreaded across his face and he kissed his pearly whites at you and remarked “ quit playin wit me lil girl , cause i wasn’t little when i was deep in ya gu-” Slapping you hand over his mouth you send him a glare and drag him inside the house , with Jimmy laughing behind you guys.
Walking in inside the house ,the stench of alcohol and bounce that ass over filled your nostrils, it almost made you wanna turn back around and leave but it would be a shame because you actually wanted to enjoy yourself so you walked down to the kitchen, swivelling past the drunk , dancing bodies. Reaching the kitchen you closed the door and grabed a red solo cup and poured yourself some of the alcohol fruit punch. Taking a seat on the counter you take a sip of the drink and close your eyes relishing the burning sensation going down your throat.
“ Hey baby , you good ?” Your boyfriend’s voice rang throughout the desolate kitchen scaring the shit outta you , snapping your eyes open you place your hands on your chest “ Baby you scared the shit outta me.” laughing he walked in between your spreaded legs and placed small kisses along your neck “ my bad bae,i ain’t mean to”. Knowing what he was trynna do , you decided to give in and let him take control since you kind of wanted it to and plus , this would be a new experience for the both of you. Pulling you at the edge of the counter he hastily pulls down your red lace panties “ Ooooo kinky , i see you baby ” he says and kneels down to face your already dripping pussy.
You felt a little bad that you were about to fuck on Jimmys counter but all that went down the drain as soon as you felt Jey’s lips kiss and prob at your outer lips.
Moaning in complete bliss , you lock your legs around his head to which he forcefully pries them back open and wraps his arms around your thighs, keeping you in place. “ That’s it baby , let daddy know how good he’s making you feel ” he said as his tongue skilfully glided against your swollen clit. Crying out you grip his hair “ Fuck, Fuck , Fucckkk ” was all you could chant out as you felt Jey’s fingers slowly slide inside your sloppy , wet hole . “You dirty slut , look at you . Imagine if someone was to walk in right now and see you all fucked out on the counter , i bet you would like that wouldn’t you ?” Gasping his filthy words you clutch your eyes closed and start to grip Jey’s hair even tighter , you felt your lower abdomen tense signifying your about to cum all over his face . Growling in response he fingers your pussy faster too the point all you could hear was squelching “ that’s it baby , let it all out , let the people outside hear much of a dirty slut you are”and on command you cum right then and there, eyes rolling back into your head as you squirt unto his freshly cut beard.
Just as Jey was about to say something, the door opens revealing a shocked Naomi and kids….
Tumblr media
𝐈𝐤 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐰𝐚𝐬 𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐭 𝐠𝐮𝐲𝐬𝐬𝐬𝐬𝐬𝐬 , 𝐢𝐦 𝐬𝐨𝐫𝐫𝐲𝐲𝐲𝐲𝐲 😭
Ps this ain’t proofread since i was in a rush to get this out so , sorry for the mistakes.
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raya-hunter01 · 3 months
Can you do story with jey uso about his gf getting really turned on by his grills and starts to tease her when he notices so she retaliates plz 🙈?
I Know You Love It...
One Shot
Jey Uso x Black Female OC! (Tessa)
Rating: 18+
Warning: Smut
Jey’s girlfriend Tessa is in town for the Royal Rumble, and he has a surprise for her. He has a new grill to show her. Tessa is having a hard time keeping her emotions and hormones in check as Jey is teasing her throughout the day and even during his Royal Rumble entrance when he realizes what effect it has on her.
Frustrated, her friends Bianca and Rhea have a solution to her problem. What is there left for a girl to do? Seduce her man of course and let him know who’s in charge.
A request for mya2realsworld, I hope you like it.
Tumblr media
GIF is by #kayah makes gifs
Royal Rumble 2024
Tropicana Field
Jey's Dressing Room
This is getting out of control, this man is too fuckin’ sexy to be doin’ this shit, I thought watching my boyfriend as he’s looking in the mirror at his new bottom grill that he had made.
“How you feelin’ this lion look, ma?” he asked, smiling at me as I blushed.
“Uh, it’s interesting,” I said as he laughed turning back to the mirror. “Come on, this shit fire,” he said pulling out his phone taking a picture showing his fangs as I felt a tingle down my spine.
Shit, it was more than fire to me. Hell, be my personal vampire and feed off of me wit yo’ sexy ass. Shaking my head at my thoughts I knew this was going to be a long ass day.
He’s so happy about his new grill and all I can think about is the coldness of it against my thighs as he teases me before devouring this pussy with his mouth.
 Then just take me and fuck me from behind, fangs cold against my neck as he nibbles and sucks on my neck marking me for the world to see.
Jey’s soft lips against mine brings me out of my dirty thoughts as I moan, my hands immediately wrap around his neck as he smiles against my lips.
“Where did you go beautiful?” he whispered as I blushed moaning as he stole another kiss.
“Just zoned for a minute, I’m sorry, what were you sayin' babe?” I asked as he smiled. “I said I can’t wait to put on for you tonight,” he bragged as I smiled.
Boy, you don’t even know how bad I want you to put it in me and on me right now. Tessa calm down and get yo’ ass together.
“I can’t wait, baby,” I whispered as a knock interrupted us.
“Uce, they waiting to do your photoshoot,” the stagehand said as he sighed. “Work is calling, are you still gonna meet Bianca and Rhea in catering to get something to eat?” he asked as I nodded.
“Uh, yeah Bianca texted me about five minutes ago, so I’m going to head that way,” I said standing up and drinking him in as he put on his white Yeet shirt and wet his hair.
The simple action caused a small moan to slip from my lips.
“You good baby?” he asked as I nodded, clearing my throat as Jey shot me a knowing smile. “Yeah, uh, I’ll meet you in catering,” I said giving him a kiss on the cheek before heading towards the door.
“Yes, sir ready to show off this new grill,” he said hyping himself up as I bit my lip glancing at him one last time before heading to catering to meet up with Bianca and Rhea.
Rounding the corner, I saw them waiting at the table, I waved and went to fix myself a plate before taking a seat opposite Rhea.
“Girl, we thought Jey had kidnapped you,” Bianca said as I laughed.
“I wish, the new grill he had made is doing something to my spirit” I sigh as Rhea wiggled her eyebrows knowingly at me.
 “Meaning you him want to eat the box so good, your spirit leaves your body,” Bianca said as I covered my face with my hands. “Jeez, somebody just heard that,” I moaned embarrassed as she shrugged her shoulders.
“Ain’t nobody listening to us, they in they own world, now be honest. I’m right aren’t I?” she asked as I nodded. 
“Girl, I want him to go down on me for so long he has to take up residency and pay rent,” I said as Rhea looked at me in shock.
“Well, listen to you, I didn’t know you had it in you Miss Innocent,” Rhea teased as I blushed.
“He brings out that side of me, I cant’ help it. Can we change the subject please,” I pleaded as they nodded.
Bianca and Rhea were my girls, and always made coming on the road with Jey so much fun. From the first day we met we all just clicked.
The catering area began to thin out as we ate and caught up on the recent happenings in our lives.
“So, when do you leave out?” Rhea asked as I frowned. “Tomorrow night, I got a meeting Monday morning and I hate it,” I said honestly as Bianca nodded in understanding.
“I feel ya’ Montez is heading out tomorrow, and I won’t see him until Wednesday,” she said as Rhea offered us a comforting smile.
“Dom and I are on the same schedule this week, but after next week it’s up in the air,” she said as I sighed.
“Damn, that su”—my words caught in my throat as I saw Jey and Montez walking into catering.
“Girl, what’s up with you?” Bianca asked looking up and smiling. “Oh, you wanna climb that fine ass tree, don’t you?” Bianca whispered as I covered my mouth in shock as Rhea laughed.
“More like fuck the shit outta the vampire. Do you see the fangs on that grill?” Rhea asked as Bianca nodded in approval.
“Ya’ll this ain’t funny, my mind has been everywhere since he put it on,” I said as Bianca laughed. 
"Don't tease her Rhea, she'll realize soon enough that she holds all the power between her thighs," Bianca said as I frowned at her.
“Huh, what does that mean?” I asked honestly confused. “The pussy holds power, girl. You want him, right?” She asked as I nodded unashamed.
“Hell, every second of every day I want that man,” I whispered as Bianca smiled.  “Then stop waiting on him, seduce his ass,” she said as my eyes met Jey across the room as he winked at me.
“Seduce him?” I questioned as Rhea smirked. “Hell yeah, take charge and tell him what you want him to do to you. I bet his ass will not know what to do with himself,” she said looking back at him, waving as Jey returned the gesture totally unaware of the plotting that was taking place.
“I don’t think I can do that,” I said a little unsure. “Look, here they come, act natural and just think about what we said,” Bianca said as Montez sat beside her and gave her a kiss on the lips.
 “How did the shoot go?” I asked as Jey sat beside me pulling me close, licking his lips as a near inaudible moan only Jey heard fell from my lips.
 “It went good, is everything good baby?” he asked caressing my thigh as I licked my lips, meeting his streamy gaze.
His grip on my thigh tightened as I smirked innocently at him. Once again, I saw a tiny flash of his grill as he sucked on his teeth causing Rhea to clear her throat.
“Damn, all this eye fucking at the table, I need a cigarette and I don’t even smoke. I bet the sex is wild” she said as Jey and Montez laughed.
“Never change Mami,” Jey said as she shrugged her shoulders and got up to throw her plate away. “I need to head to hair and makeup I got an interview to shoot with Kayla,” she said as Bianca sighed.
“The women’s Royal Rumble is opening the show, I’ll follow you down there so I can get a little touch-up,” she said as Montez helped her up and grabbed her plate.
 “I’ll take this so you can eat after,” he said as she gave him a chaste kiss on the lips. “Thanks, baby,” she smiled as they left catering arm and arm with Rhea a couple steps ahead.
“I’ll find ya’ll later and good luck,” I said as Rhea smiled brightly at me. “Thanks, boo but remember what we talked about,” she shouted as I blushed.
 “What ya’ll been talkin’ about that’s got you blushin’?” Jey asked as I smiled caressing his beard.
“Nothing for you to worry about baby, just a little girl talk,” I assured him as he seemed pleased with my answer.
 “So, it’s just us now, huh?” Jey whispered as I shivered leaning into him as he caressed my arms. “Are you cold, Ma? You have been shivering off and on today,” he said as I nodded not trusting my words.
“Well, I can’t have that, let’s go so I can warm you up,” he said smoothly taking my plate as we made our way back to his dressing room. Quickly ushering me inside he placed my plate on the small table beside the door.
The sound of him twisting the lock made my thighs clench. What was he up to now?
 I felt his presence behind me as he gently gathered my hair in his hands moving it to the side, his lips dangerously close to my ear as he held me close.
“I know you love it,” his deep voice seductively whispered as he gently nipped at my ear.  My soft purrs filled the room as his hands caressed my breasts over my Yeet crop top.
“You know I love what baby?” I gasped as he pinched my nipples smirking against my neck. The cold metal faintly marking my skin as he nibbled on my neck.
“My grill, I know you love it, and I can’t wait to taste my dessert,” his deep voice dangerously low, combined with his masterful lips, and hands had me at his mercy.
 “Mmm, are you gon’ be able to eat all your desert baby? Are you up for the job, it can get messy,” I whispered, too turned on to be ashamed of the words coming out of my mouth.
“Oh, I’m up for it, and I know you feel just how up for it I am. I’mma eat it all up real good, 'cause you deserve it,” Jey moans, his dick growing against my lower back.
 “Fuck, Jey,” I hissed as his hand found its way lower, skillfully sliding my panties to the side, caressing my pussy.
“Mmhmm, I love how she is already messy and wet for me. Damn, I bet you taste so sweet,” He groaned as I whimpered in pleasure and torture.
 “I got you, baby, you ain’t gotta worry bout nothin’ Tessa. Daddy gon’ eat and drink every last drop, I promise,” he whispered as a strangled gasp escaped my lips.
Pulling me closer, he feasted upon my neck, greedily sucking and nibbling as the fangs on his grill intensified my pleasure.
 “Yes! Make sure you eat it all baby. Mmhm, bite me,” I moaned as he groaned in pleasure as his fingers continued toying with my clit.
Just as I began moving against his hand another knock for the second time today disturbed us. This time causing us both to moan in frustration.
“Somebody better be dead,” Jey hissed as I tried to walk away, but he stopped me. “Oh, you gon’ get this nut, stay yo’ fine ass right here. This Pussy gon’ stay wet all night thinkin’ bout this mouth and this dick,” he whispered as his fingers began to swirl around my clit as I gasped.
 “Jey! Oh fuck!" I exclaimed quietly as he licked my ear before biting it. “Yeah, who is it?” Jey asked casually like he isn’t torturing my ass at the moment.
“Sorry to interrupt, I know Tessa is here, but they want to film some stuff of you getting ready for the show,” Sami said as Jey growled. “Cum for me,” Jey whispered as I shuttered against him.
“He’ll be right out Sami, thanks,” I answered trying to sound normal as Jey helped me chase my end.  “Give it to Daddy like a good girl,” he moaned I reached my peak.
"Yes! Oh, fuck!" cried, my head falling back against his shoulder in exhaustion as I rode the powerful wave as he kissed my neck.  
“You good baby?” he asked calming his breathing as I nodded.
“Yes, I needed that bad. I just hate that we don’t have more time,” I whispered coming down back to earth as our lips met in a sensual kiss.
“I’m good, that was for you.  I probably won’t be back in here until after the show, we gotta go over some last-minute stuff before the rumble,” he said as I nodded in understanding.
“To be continued,” I said pulling him into a gentle kiss as he smiled. To be continued and then some, I’ll see you after baby,” he said walking out to join Sami as I went to clean up.
By the time it was go time for the Men’s Royal Rumble, I was soaking wet again. Just thinking about the conversation, we had earlier and what Jey was going to do to me later had me in a daze.
Sitting in Gorilla, waiting on a stagehand to take me to my seat in the stadium I see Jey, Trin, and Jimmy come from around the corner talking.
His grill was ever present and his mouth seemed to take on a different shape as I saw a hit of his fangs.
“I’m beginning to think he’s doing this on purpose,” I muttered as Rhea smiled. “Why do you think that?” she asked as I watched him laugh loudly at something Jimmy said as I rolled my eyes, shifting uncomfortably in my seat.
He just is, he knows it’s turning me on, and he likes it. He told me so,” I said as Bianca smirked. “Girl……Finish him!” She whispered as Rhea nodded her head in agreement.
“Hell yeah, Fatality,” Rhea said as I contemplated their idea as Jey, Jimmy, and Trin came over.  Getting up I gave Trin and Jimmy a hug.
“It’s good to have you back girly,” I whispered as she nodded. “It’s good to be back,” she said as I saw the bright smile on Jimmy’s face.  He was happy to have his wife back on the road with him.
 “We’ll let ya’ll have a minute,” Jimmy said as he led Trin towards the curtain to wait with him. “You gon’ lei me or what beautiful,” Jey said smirking as our eyes met.  
“You ain’t slick, I hope you know that,” I said laughing catching the double meaning.
 “Come on, lei me….You know you want to,” he whispered, the silence defining as I finally took a deep breath, taking it out of his hand and putting it around his neck as he licked his lips.
 “Tessa they ready to take you out,” Paul said as I smiled. “Thanks, here I come,” I said giving Jey a quick kiss. “Good luck and crush it,” I encouraged as he smiled.
“Oh, I will. I already told you I’mma put on for you tonight, Ma. You just make sure you payin’ attention,” he whispered stealing another kiss before heading to the curtain beside Jimmy.  
That man is going to be the death of me with his sexy ass.
 The suspense of the night and his plans still had my mind in a chokehold.  I made my way to my seat, directly behind where Samantha sits so I could be out of the crowd view and enjoy the show.
The roar of the crowd as his music hit was insane as he bounced out into the stadium. He had a different swagger about him tonight as I watched him amp up the crowd climbing onto the ropes as the crowd bounced in sync with him.
“Damn, this is amazing,” I muttered truly proud of him looking around the stadium at the sea of hands bouncing. Walking around the ring hyping himself up our eyes met briefly as he hit the corner where I was.
“Let’s go Uce!” I cheered as he smiled before getting down and continued playing to the crowd.  
Coming back to the corner where I was, Jey released his long thick tongue flickering it back and forth fast as hell, demonstrating to the world just how dangerous his head game is as I involuntarily shuttered at the sight.
“Oh, you motherfucka,” I muttered as he paced back and forth, our eyes met again as I tried to keep my breathing under control.
I can’t believe he’s out here on national TV teasing me.
“You mine later,” he mouthed in character pointing at himself as I nodded biting my bottom lip.
There was nothing else I could say, he had made his point very clear.
 I was being set up and after Jimmy’s entrance, it became even clearer as the brothers stared each other down.
Watching the stadium's big screen, I felt myself getting hot as the camera panned to Jey as he sneered. His fangs peeked through as they created an amazing Royal Rumble moment with an intense stare-down.  
The heavy breathing, the fangs faintly showing, and the up-close camera shots up on the stadium screen of his angry face was making it hard for me to focus.  
Thirty minutes later a sweaty Jey leaning against the rope gave me the signal to go backstage before winking at me. I quickly got up and security led me backstage and I went back to sit in Gorilla with Rhea and Bianca.
“This is cruel and just unfair. Did you see that shit he did with his tongue during his entrance?” I asked as Rhea laughed.
"Girl, he was warning yo’ ass about what he’s gonna do with that tongue later on,” she teased as I shook my head watching him on the monitor trying to catch his breath in the corner.
“Teasing me all night is what he’s been doin’ and he’s been doin’ it since we left catering,” I said as Bianca smiled.
“We already told you how to handle this, take control and get what you want,” Bianca said as contemplated the idea.
Now our sex life wasn’t boring by any standards, it was just that a lot of the time Jey took control and initiated.
My man was a pleaser, and even though I give just as much as I get, tonight I wanted something different and I wanted it bad.
“Boy, them wheels over there turning,” Rhea said pointing at me as I laughed. “Maybe or maybe not Ms. Nosey,” I said as Bianca scoffed.  
“If you don’t fuck that man’s brains out when he gets back to the dressing room, I know something. Shit, it’s a long drive to the next city,” she said as Rhea laughed.
“The dressing room is tacky. Jey got a whole ass bus to do the nasty on as much as they want. You just make sure to get poor Dennis some earbuds,” she said as I rolled my eyes.
“Tessa, fuck that! He has been showin’ his ass all day, walkin’ round here teasing you and shit. He started it, now you finish that shit before you leave this building. I’m tellin’ you sis….. Finish…. Him,” Bianca said as I smiled.
"Ya’ll ain’t gonna corrupt me, I’m going to finish watching the Rumble in Jey’s dressing room,” I said licking my tongue out at them before getting up to leave.
“I smell a plan brewing in her head,” Rhea said as turned around giving her a sly smile before walking away.
The more I thought about him, the dirtier my thoughts became. Bianca is right, where you act up is where you get done up. We aint’ making it to the bus I can tell you that much.
Watching the disappointed look on Jey’s face as Gunther eliminated him I shook my head. "Guess Cody doing the finish the story gimmick and goin' to Mania again to lose," I muttered kinda bummed Jey wasn't at least in the two.
He did awesome and I'm so proud of him. His time is coming soon, I know it is. I saw Jey walking from the ring slapping a few fans’ hands heading backstage after Sami entered the Rumble.
“Alright, it’s showtime Tessa,” I muttered leaving on my Yeet crop top but removing my skirt and underwear.
I patiently waited for him as I knew people were going to stop him along with way to congratulate him on the awesome performance.
I also knew he wasn’t going too take long.  He had been just as turned on as me and was anxious to get back.
Hearing him and Jimmy talking I went and stood by the door. I held my breath as I heard his hand on the doorknob.
"Uce, I’m tellin’ you they fuckin’ up my plans by calling this last-minute meeting bullshit,” Jey growled as I smiled.
“You know Tessa’s going to understand, besides it’s about our plans for WrestleMania. I’ll meet you in thirty in the bossman’s office,” Jimmy said as I heard Jey sigh. "A’ight, I’ll meet you," he said as I nodded to myself.
 So, I had thirty minutes to get what I wanted. Eh, it won’t take that long, this will be easy.
The door opening interrupted my thoughts as Jey walked in and straight passed me as he seemed to be taking in the empty room. “Tee, where you at?” he called as I licked my lips hearing him call me by the pet name he gave me.
“Don’t turn around,” I whispered locking the door and walking up behind him caressing his bare sweaty shoulders. “Why were you over there where I couldn’t see you?” Jey asked, moaning as I kissed his back.
“You’ve been a bad boy, teasin’ me with that tongue for the world to see,” I whispered as he groaned, his breathing anxious as I ran my nails faintly up and down his back. “I had to stand on business,” He moaned as I smirked.
“So do I, now take off your gear,” I moaned biting his shoulder as he kicked off his shoes and made quick work of his tights as I admired him from behind pressing my body onto him as he hissed feeling my bare lower half against him.
“Let me see you, please,” Jey pleaded as I trailed kisses along his back tracing my fingertips across his pelvis as his muscles flexed.
“Not yet baby, I’m playin’,” I said as his sharp gasp of pleasure made my pussy tingle as I began to stroke him.
“Fuck…Yeah, stroke Daddy’s dick and get him off,” he groaned as I moaned at the thought.
“Mmm, it’s so hard, is that all for me Daddy,” I whispered toying with him, enjoying his struggle to steady his breathing as he’s tryin’ to figure out what I’m going to do next.
“Hell yeah, I been thinkin’ bout sinkin’ deep in that pussy since I picked you up from the airport this morning,” he groaned confessing his plan as I continued to stroke him, my pussy getting wetter by the second at his declaration.
“So, that’s why you been teasin’ me all day?  All you had to do was take it, it’s yours. Every inch of me is yours,” I whispered, his moans becoming more frantic as my strokes were becoming slower and more deliberate.
“You want me to tell you what to do with this pussy don’t you?” I asked already knowing the answer.
“Fuck, yes, it’s been awhile,” he moaned trying to focus on not cummin’ as I teased him.
“Oh, don’t worry you ain’t cummin’ yet because mama ain’t said you could. You know what those grills do to me, and you still try me,” I whispered releasing him as he hissed at the loss of my hand stroking him.
“Fuck, you ain’t playin’ fair,” Jey groaned as I chuckled lightly, walking around to face him as he groaned taking in my appearance.
“Neither did you flexin’ that grill any chance you could.  All in the ring taunting me, giving the world a taste of how you put it down for me,” I moaned biting my lower lip as my eyes on scanning his body.
“You know it’s all for you, only you…So, stop playin’ and come get this dick,” Jey moaned closing his eyes, stroking himself as I smiled.
Go in for the kill and let him know it’s your show.
“Nah, you stop playin’ and come get your dessert like a good boy,” I purred as his eyes met mine. “Shit, you ain’t gotta tell me twice, how you want Daddy to eat dat pussy baby?” he asked as I smirked.
Backing away slowly towards the counter, Jey stalked me like a lion stalking his prey. “I want to ride that tongue while you’re on your knees,” I confessed without shame.
 Turning my back to him, I placed my hands on the counter, spreading my legs as he smacked me on the ass as I groaned.
“Damn, you being a bad girl tonight, I love that shit,” he moaned sinking to his knees and placing his head between my thighs.
I moaned seeing his hungry gaze as he stared at my wet throbbing pussy licking his lips.
“What are you waiting for, desert’s ready Daddy,” I moaned as he grabbed my hips as his tongue brushed against my sensitive clit as I instantly grabbed his hair.
“Enjoy the ride baby,” he whispered, his face disappearing beneath me as he feasted greedily upon me. I could feel the cold metal of his grill each time he enclosed his mouth over my clit. “Yes! Eat all your dessert, Daddy, it’s just for you,” I moaned as Jey groaned against my pussy.  His vibrating mouth along with his masterful tongue were on a mission, working me over as my legs began to shake.
His fangs slightly dug into my sensitive lips with each flick of his masterful tongue.
 Looking at myself in the mirror I smirked as he took me to heights unknown, bracing my hands on the counter as I began swirling my hips riding his face.
Looking down at him as he moaned, flattening his long tongue, his deliberate strokes becoming faster as I groaned in pleasure trying to hold back.
“I said to enjoy the ride, don’t fuckin’ play with me right now, cum in my mouth,” Jey growled his eyes meeting mine as I smirked. “Make me,”  I panted gasping in pleasure as Jey began lapping up my juices.
My hand gripped the back of his head as he devoured me whole, swirling his tongue around my clit and occasionally nipping setting my body on fire.
The fangs on his grill heightened my pleasure as he inserted one finger then two curving them, hitting my G-spot over and over in sync with his tongue as I screamed in ecstasy. "Yeah, I know you love it, show me how much. Cum Tessa," he groaned.
 “Jey! Fuck, I’m cummin’!” I exclaimed exploding in his mouth as he welcomed my essence stilling my body over his mouth as he drank all my body had to offer.
“Mmhm, dats what I wanted, you taste so good baby,” Jey praised as I gasped, euphoria still overtaking over my body.
Gazing down at him I saw my essence dripping from his beard as he smirked.  “Thanks, for dessert baby it tasted so fuckin’ good,” he moaned licking his lips as I tried to catch my breath.
I knew he had a meeting to get to but he wasn’t leaving this room without rearranging this pussy. Deep in my own thoughts, I gasped as his arms pulled me close and he kissed my neck.
My brain was still fuzzy trying to figure out how he moved so fast.
“You like these fangs, don’t you?” he whispered gently nipping at my neck as I moaned.
"Yes!, Mmm, look at us baby,” I moaned as he pried his lips from my neck glancing up at our reflection in the mirror. His hand skillfully toying with my breasts under my shirt as I purred, his dick hard as a brick, rocked up against my ass begging for relief.
Tell him what you want, do it now before you run out of time. You want his ass to sink balls deep up in this pussy.
“Kiss me,” I whispered as I felt Jey’s heart beating wildly against my back as he grasped my neck, bringing my face close to his. Caressing my lips with his thumb before our lips met in a passionate kiss.
I couldn’t help but moan as I tasted myself on his lips.
“You taste good don’t you?” He whispered deepening our kiss. His tongue gently stroked mine as our mouths fused together, refusing to let go as I whimpered against him.
“I need something from you, it’s important,” I whispered against his lips slowly stroking him as he hissed, releasing my lips.
“What you need ma, you know I got you,” he panted as I slowly guided him inside of my welcoming warmth as we both gasped in pleasure.
“I want you to watch me in the mirror and make me cum again Daddy,” I challenged as his eyes widen at my request as I claimed his lips in another kiss.
“That’s what you want baby?” Jey gasped against my lips, his thrust becoming more powerful. “Yes, Daddy!” I screamed as he swallowed my cries.  “Look in the mirror and don’t close your eyes, if you do I’ll stop,” Jey whispered as I wined against him.
“Fuck you look so good in my shirt, bent over takin' all dis dick,” he panted, his strokes making my pussy quiver and tighten around him as his hands gripped my hips.
 “That dick feels good too,” I moaned meeting his thrusts as he groaned trying to still my hips and take control but Bianca’s words were ringing loud and clear in my head…FINISH HIM….
Arching my back using the counter as leverage I began throwing my ass back on his dick as Jey hissed.
“Tee! Fuck, you trying to make me cum…. Shit!” he growled as I smirked as his eyes closed in pleasure never stopping his strokes.
 “And will…Now, open your eyes, baby, if you don’t I’ll stop. Do you want me to stop,” I taunted throwing his words back in his face even though we both were in the same boat.
I was close and so was he.  “Don’t you fuckin dare,” he growled opening his eyes, smacking me on the ass as I purred.
 “Yes, stroke it, good Daddy,” I gasped as he moaned in shock at my words and how I was taking control. His heavy breathing and his tight grip on my waist, letting me know it wouldn’t be long.
“Mmhm and you betta keep throwin’ dat ass...Yeah, throw it back to Daddy just like that,” he commanded against my ear as I bit my lip continuing to meet his strokes, as he dragged his fangs gently down my neck as I moaned in pleasure against him.
“I know you hear it Jey,” I taunted as a low growl escaped his lips. “Fuck, Tee,” he groaned stirring the vixen inside me.
 “Mmhm, I know you felt that shit, I’m about to squirt for you baby,” I moaned talking my shit as Jey moaned gripping my hair.
 “Fuck, I feel it, now be a good girl and squirt for Daddy,” Jey groaned, throwing vicious backshots as I squealed in pleasure.  His intense, passionate gaze captivated me as I finally let go.
“Oh, shit! I love you!” I exclaimed, squirting as Jey growled “Yea, that’s it, fuck you beautiful. I love you too,” he praised as I continued to fall apart in his arms.
The force of my orgasm triggering his own. “Ahh, fuck,” Jey groaned, stilling inside me as he came, his head resting against my shoulder trying to catch his breath as I whimpered at its force.
“What the hell just happened,” he breathed as I smiled “Nothing, just something we both needed,” I whispered as he kissed my shoulder totally spent as I moaned at the loss of him inside me.
“Damn, I guess this grill is a keeper, huh,” he smirked showing his fangs as I slapped his arm.  “Hell yeah, it can stay but I can’t be responsible for my actions. I really like that one," I said without shame as he laughed.
“Shit, I don’t mind at all.  Hell, watchin’ your sexy ass take this dick in the mirror might be my new favorite thing, that was hot as fuck,” he whispered kissing my shoulder.
“I have to agree with you, it was very hot,” I said turning to face him, gently kissing him on the lips.
“I hate to leave you like this,” he said caressing my hips as I smiled. “It’s ok, I’m gonna get dressed and go shower on the bus. So, you grab a quick shower and go to your meeting,” I said as we shared a brief kiss before he started towards the shower.
“Keep the bed warm for me, we just getting started,” he said gathering up his gear as I pulled a Nike sweatsuit out of his bag for him to put on.
 “Well, you just keep your grill in please, and thank you, sir,” I said as he laughed going in to grab a quick shower as I got dressed myself.
Yeah, that grill definitely is a keeper…
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