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Champagne Showers ft Jihyo, Sana
length: 20.8k words ✦
Jihyo, Sana & Male Reader.
Special Guest: Lee Gahyeon (Dreamcatcher) 
Queen of Hearts Sequel.
genres: dom! Jihyo, sub! Sana, threesome, double blowjob, bi, oral sex, dirty talk, voyeur, creampie, public sex (Gahyeon), bathroom sex (Gahyeon), sextape (Gahyeon), facial (Gahyeon) ✧ 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Just promise me you'll be okay and send me lots of photos," you told Dubu.
You and her were holding hands in front of each other, next to the line of people who would check in to take their respective flights. It was summer, a direct synonym for vacations. You had no plans of any kind, but Dubu was joining her family in Hawaii, leaving you alone in your apartment with a few free weeks ahead of you. Or so you thought.
"Honey, I'll be fine," she squeezed your hands, "And of course I'll send you pictures, or do you just think you'll never see this pretty face again?"
With a little smile she moved forward and gave you a small kiss.
"If I stopped I'd probably die," you said, kissing her back, "God, I'm going to miss you so much."
"And so do I, but hey, cheer up! You won't be alone all this time."
At that moment the line moved forward. Dubu released your hands.
"Huh? What do you mean by that?"
"Bye honey! I love you!" She blew you a little kiss as she left.
"I-I love you too! But what the hell do you mean?!"
She didn't respond to you anymore as she started talking to the airport staff. You stood there for a few seconds, making sure everything was okay until she finally passed the checkup. She turned once again, smiled at you in the distance and disappeared down a hallway to the right. So you turned around, asked for the taxi back home and left the airport.
The big answer to your big question came to you when you opened the door to your apartment and walked into the living room. Sitting very comfortably on your couch was Park Jihyo, who looked up when you showed up. Behind the sofa you noticed the handles of a suitcase. She smiled and leaned forward, one elbow resting on her knee and her chin resting on her fist.
"Ready for a hot and exciting vacation with me?" she asked with a mischievous tone.
"I'm only going to ask this once..." you sighed, "whose idea was it?"
"Sure, I imagined it," you nodded.
"I can go if you want, honey," she made a move to stand up.
"No! I never said I wanted you to leave. I just, you know, don't like not finding out about things before they happen."
She pouted.
"It was something that came out as an afterthought, sorry baby."
"It's fine, it's fine," you did a gesture with your hand.
You went to sit next to her and looked at her. As always, you were struck by how incredibly effortlessly attractive she was, with her short messy hair tied in a bun. The sleeveless crop top that she was wearing not only highlighted her tits in a hypnotizing way, but also showed off her toned shoulders and arms, a product of the gym sessions she had been doing for months.
Tumblr media
"Can I make you forgive me somehow?"
She hugged your waist and rested her chin on your shoulder.
"No need, I've already forgiven you."
Jihyo smiled, she surely expected such a response. She had known you for several months, after all.
"No but, I want to make it up to you somehow baby..."
She buried her face in your neck and began to fill it with kisses that made you weak in an instant.
"You said this vacation would be hot... how hot?" you gasped.
"Why don't we find out?"
Jihyo settled down on the couch, her face hovering over your bulge. She pulled down your sweatpants and boxers and gave you a perfect blowjob to welcome the summer. You came in her mouth, so there was nothing to clean up. She had her pants and panties pulled down only to the beginning of her thighs, you had done it so you could grope her ass while she sucked you off.
"It'll get better later," she said, wiping her chin with the back of her hand, "This is just the first level."
"Right," you nodded, still agitated, "Well, uhm… why don't we go and I'll help you get settled in your room?"
"My room?" She pulled up her panties and pants and stood up straight, you did the same, "Why can't I just sleep with you?"
"Well..." you avoided her gaze.
"I don't think you want to feel so alone at night... do you?"
She snuggled against your chest with both hands and scribbled with one of her fingers.
"Well… no."
"So, what do you say?" She kissed your chin, "I'm the best nighttime company you can have, cutie."
You didn't have to think about it for too long.
"My god, it's okay. You can sleep with me," you nodded.
"Perfect! I promise you won't regret it."
She smiled from ear to ear and stood on tiptoe to give you a small kiss on the forehead. She then went to grab her suitcase and let you guide her to the bedroom.
That same night you were getting ready to sleep. You already had your pajamas on—short shorts and a simple t-shirt—and you were lying on your bed, watching a YouTube video on your phone. Jihyo had gone into the bathroom half an hour ago to take a bath before going to sleep, and when she came out she did so with only a pair of dark blue panties on. Otherwise, she was completely naked. She spent a couple of minutes drying her ears inside with the towel and putting body lotion all over her body; she then went to lie down next to you. The red fruit smell of her skin reached you immediately.
"You just pretend I'm not here," she said.
Contrary to what she might have been trying to do, all she did was attract more of your attention when she turned on her side facing you and squeezing her naked tits together. You were too sleepy to try anything, so you just covered the both of you with the blanket up to your waist and focused on finishing your video until you decided to sleep.
"Hard to pretend you're not here when you're naked in the same bed as me. Rest well."
You heard a small giggle from her, you smiled too, turned around with your back to her and fell asleep after a few minutes.
In the morning you woke up feeling hotter than normal, which made no sense since you always turned on the air conditioning to sleep in summer. You tried to stir in bed, finding that you were restricted from being able to do so. Opening your eyes and looking over your shoulder you found that Jihyo was wrapped around you in her firm arms, her tits pressed tightly against your back. Your movement caused her to open her eyes, but you noticed that she wasn't just awake.
"Good morning, sweet sleeper," she told you in a husky, provocative voice.
She lifted your shirt and put a hand in to caress your abdomen while she placed kisses on the back of your neck. Then she used that same hand to put it in your shorts, under your boxers and grab your cock to massage it.
"Good morning indeed..." you gasped.
You turned your upper body towards her a little so you could kiss her. When your cock was completely hard, she pulled down both your clothes and started giving you a handjob.
"This is what every morning is like with me... I hope you don't get bored of it," she whispered against your lips, which sent shivers down your spine.
"Fuck… how could I?"
Jihyo rubbed your cock slowly at first, and as the seconds passed she increased her speed after spitting into her own hand. You got tired of it very quickly, you wanted more, so you gave in to your weakness and asked her to ride you. Jihyo seemed pleased with your request, you could see it in the triumphant expression she wore. She did so, taking off her panties to straddle you and ride you like the best of cowgirls. After a few long minutes you both came—you did it inside her—, and you got up to go make breakfast together.
From that morning on, you and Jihyo spent the entire week living together in a normal way as two good friends could. You enjoyed your vacation in many different ways, the most frequent was going to the pool of the residential complex, drinking cold drinks and swimming; you also watched a lot of movies in the comfort of your home, and went out to dinner a couple of times. You saw her as an older sister figure—taking into account the obvious differences, of course. In a way, your relationship with her reminded you of the relationship you and Dubu had before you were a couple, except that you didn't feel romantic attraction for Jihyo, and you were sure that she didn't feel it for you either. She just took extremely good care of you, and why not say it, she also fucked you spectacularly well.
When the vacations began to feel lacking a spark that would make them memorable, Jihyo opportunely arrived with news that took you by surprise. It was Saturday, you and she had gone out to the supermarket to do a little refilling of the cupboard. When you arrived you went to rest on the couch and Jihyo just went to the bedroom. After about ten minutes she returned and sat down next to you with a jump that gave you a start.
"Guess what!" she said. The excitement in her voice made it sound too loud.
"Don't scream, please," you sighed, "What's wrong?"
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she lowered her voice, "You don't know her, but I have a friend."
"You have many friends, it's normal that I don't know most of them."
"I know I know, but there is something important with this friend. Minatozaki Sana, do you know her?"
"I have no idea about her. Maybe if I see her in person I can tell you if I've seen her on campus or not, but her name doesn't ring a bell."
"It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter," she waved her hand impatiently, "she invited us to a party, a summer party."
She hesitated for a moment.
"Well, she only invited me at first. But then I told her about you and she said it was perfect, that you could come too."
"Aight, I guess it'll be okay. Where is it?"
Jihyo's expression changed. She avoided your gaze and gave an awkward smile.
"Uh… Busan."
You raised both eyebrows in amazement.
"What? Nah, there's no way," you immediately refused.
"But why!"
"Because it's a city I've barely been to, in the place of a person I don't know!"
"So what? You'll be with me! Besides, she's a trustworthy person!"
"Oh my god Jihyo," you put your hands up to your face and groaned in frustration, "Do you know how much worse my social anxiety would get?"
"Honey, you won't feel that way," she grabbed your thigh with both hands and squeezed it, "I'm all the extroversion and protection you need, how could anything go wrong?"
"Just promise me that you won't leave me at any time, will you?"
She rubbed your thigh a few times and then gave you a pat.
"Balto, don't be silly. How can I leave you alone around people you don't know?"
"I don't know, drunk, maybe?"
That got a laugh out of her.
"No matter how drunk I am, I'm not going to let you go, boy."
You removed your hands from your face and smiled. You hated yourself for giving in so easily to her attempts to comfort you and convince you, but you couldn't blame yourself either, she gave you nothing but security.
"Okay, we'll go to fucking Busan, Park Jihyo."
She closed both fists in the air and shook them. She reminded you of a baseball fan watching her team's home run.
Again the awkward smile.
"Tomorrow morning we will take the flight to Busan."
"You've got to be kidding me," you groaned again in stress and sank into your seat.
"She told me today!"
"Well, very inconsiderate of her then," you looked at her with annoyance, "We have to pack our things, I assume?"
"Yup, for two days or so," she stood up, "Come on."
"Right now?" you really felt too tired still.
"We have to get up very early, so yeah, don't be a weakling and get up."
You had no choice but to reluctantly get up and follow her to the bedroom to pack your things, wondering what the hell Park Jihyo was getting you into.
The next morning your waking time was 5 AM. You enjoyed getting up fairly early, but that was simply outside your comfort zone. You and her felt like a pair of zombies as you stood in line for the checkup, which moved relatively quickly. In a matter of minutes you were inside the plane, and as soon as it took off, you fell asleep for the entire hour of the flight.
Jihyo woke you up when you were already landing in Busan. You looked at the time on her phone: 8:13AM. The sun was shining outside, without a single cloud to prevent you from seeing the blue sky. It took some effort on your eyes to get used to the sudden change in light though.
"Where will we go when we get down?" you asked, then yawned and looked at your phone.
"Sana is going to meet us. In fact, she should be waiting outside right now."
Jihyo looked at herself in the portable mirror and lightly touched up her makeup, as well as her hairstyle and small areas of her outfit, which was nothing special but which she still wanted to keep in order.
"Well, there must have been some consideration," you said with a wry tone.
When you landed and picked up your luggage, you went through the respective checkout and went to the main entrance-exit of the airport, where the crowd of people hurried back and forth with suitcases in hand. Jihyo took out her phone and connected to the airport's Wi-Fi, attentive to any notification she might receive, you deduced that she was waiting for some notice from Sana. And indeed, the message arrived shortly after.
"Oh, come on. She's outside," Jihyo said.
You left the airport in search of the aforementioned. In front of you the row of parked cars extended in both directions, reaching the curves that faced the highway. The one you and Jihyo thought was Sana was off to the left, leaning against the trunk of what looked like a Toyota sedan. As you approached, Jihyo's change of expression was the confirmation you needed.
She went ahead of you, and with suitcase in hand, she ran with small steps towards Sana, who heard the wheels rolling on the sidewalk and looked up from her phone. Sana smiled as Jihyo approached her, and damn, she was gorgeous. You immediately noticed that her taste in fashion, as well as the aura she gave off, was impeccable and refined. She was dressed in a nice velvety khaki jacket, and high-waisted black pants that perfectly accentuated the curves of her hips. One side of her platinum hair fell over her right shoulder, and the rest of it fell behind her left one. She had a round face with tender features; a pair of cheeks that only invited you to bite them, and pretty lips that invited you to... You blinked repeatedly, you were rambling in your thoughts.
Tumblr media
"Minatozakiiiii!!" Jihyo squealed, setting the suitcase aside and opening her arms towards Sana.
"Unnieeeee!!" Sana screamed too, although in a more discreet tone.
They both merged into a tight hug. With her chin resting on top of Jihyo's shoulder, Sana looked you up and down with a little smile. Breaking away from the hug she looked back at your friend.
"Was it a good trip? I really appreciate you guys coming so early," she asked Jihyo, taking her from her arms.
Her tone of voice was so beautiful and delicate that it sweetened your ears. She sounded like a Disney princess, and she could perfectly be one if she put her mind to it.
"Well, we slept for the entire hour, so there's not much to say, honestly," Jihyo laughed.
"Oh, I understand you two must be very tired then..." Sana made a sad face, then looked at you, "I've never seen you before, it would be appropriate to formally introduce ourselves, right?"
You felt a prick in your heart when she spoke to you. As always happened to you when you met a new person, holding her gaze for more than three seconds was more than impossible for you. Jihyo also turned to look at you, and noticing your nervousness she nodded at you as if to say 'Come on, she's not going to bite you’.
"Y-yeah, sure," you nodded. You took a couple of steps until you were diagonal to Jihyo, "You can call me Balto, it's my pleasure."
You extended your hand, and she shook it gently. Her touch felt delicate, as if she were wearing a silk glove. You noticed her eyes on you at all times, but you were afraid that if you looked at her from that distance you would start to stutter more than usual.
"The pleasure is mine, Balto. I suppose I don't need to tell you my name, but I'm Sana. Minatozaki Sana, biomedical engineering student. Maybe that's why I've never seen you."
"Yeah," you nodded weakly, watching the cars pass by on your right, "West wing, right?"
Sana just nodded with a tight smile.
"I've only been there a couple of times, a-and I'm embarrassed to admit it was because the vending machines there had a snack I wanted."
Jihyo and Sana laughed at the same time, you had a hint of a smile too.
"Well, speaking of snacks, how about we go have breakfast? It's on me, and I insist," she raised her finger before Jihyo objected.
"I'd make it harder for you, but I'm hungry and not in my right mind," Jihyo replied.
"I wouldn't have changed my mind anyway."
Sana turned around with a superb smile and went to open the trunk of the car. When it opened, you put your suitcases in there and got inside with Sana. Jihyo sat in the passenger seat, and you settled behind her in the back seats. The entire journey was based on you being quiet looking at the streets of Busan, and Sana and Jihyo catching up on details about their social circle. You didn't know anything, you only recognized one or another name from having heard it from Jihyo previously, but it was fun listening to them talk. Your perception of Sana was not difficult to draw: she was an elegantly spoken person, her tone of voice and her words were always as sophisticated as possible; she also highlighted how perceptive she was in every response she gave, never remaining silent or giving up the last word unless the topic demanded it. She was the closest thing you could get to a Japan Princess today, but despite this you didn't notice her as egocentric or arrogant, quite the opposite, you could be sure that she could be as chill to deal with as Jihyo was. 
You arrived at your destination within ten minutes. The place where you were going to have breakfast was a nice cafe on the terrace of a five-story building. Sana was the one who guided you to the tables on the balcony, covered by large awnings that protected them from the hot sun. You sat in a triangle arrangement around the circular table, both girls on your diagonals. You ordered some toast with tomato, mortadella and mozzarella, accompanied by a glass of cold apple juice. Jihyo ordered lemon cake. And Sana ordered baked baguettes with bacon, egg and cheese.
While you were waiting for the food, Sana got some conversation out of you.
"Balto, what faculty are you from? Law, like Jihyo?" she asked you, then took a sip of her cappuccino.
"Uh, no," you shook your head, "Architecture."
"Oh… that's great," she nodded slowly, "Is it as cumbersome as they say?"
"I don't think it's as much as biomedical engineering."
Sana laughed again. Her laugh was as adorable as the way her cheeks stuck out when she smiled. She took another sip of the cappuccino and left it on the table.
"Both have their difficulties, the important thing is how you perceive it. Do you like it?"
"I love it, actually."
"Well, I love my career too. The difficulty doesn't matter," she shrugged, "Oh, how did you and Jihyo meet then?"
Jihyo finally got into the conversation.
"He is Dubu's boyfriend, a good friend of mine. She also studies architecture, in fact."
"Dubu? Kim Dahyun?" Sana raised both eyebrows.
"Aha, her. We've talked to her a couple of times, remember?"
"Sure, sure," Sana nodded, "How could I forget her? Beautiful smile, beautiful hair and beautiful figure. You're pretty lucky, huh?" she looked at you.
You didn't respond, instead of words just a silly babbling came out. You blushed and looked away. Sana giggled.
"Well, he and Dubu went to my apartment to drink and do karaoke. That's where I met him," she looked at you, "The poor guy wanted to run away, she had forced him to be there."
"Really? I hope you don't feel that way. We can go to the airport right now and buy you a return ticket, if you want," Sana raised an eyebrow.
"No!" you said immediately, "N-No, no need, really. I feel good."
Her eyes on you were a huge distraction. You were already awkward at socializing, but with her gaze on you, you directly felt like you were an idiot. Again, she just laughed. You thought she was making fun of you, but it was more like a tender giggle.
Your food arrived seconds later. You had breakfast calmly and without rushing. When it was over, Sana went to pay the bill—without asking how much it was, it should be noted—and you went back to the car. She drove for another ten minutes to one of the coastal areas of the city, where you could already notice that the buildings became much more modern and visibly exclusive as you entered a residential complex.
After passing a few houses and turning a corner, you finally arrived at Sana's chalet. You confirmed what you had previously suspected: she had to come from an extremely wealthy family, because that piece of infrastructure could easily be worth millions of dollars. It was two stories, the lower one being wider in comparison. The façade was simple and elegant, with a perfect balance between exposed concrete and somewhat discolored oak wood. There were few windows from the front, just one from the hallway that divided the second floor. There was a garage to the right, and to the left, a small interior garden surrounded by concrete walls where the entrance was.
Sana took a remote control from the glove compartment and pointed it at the garage, whose wooden plank door began to open in an upward arc. After parking the car inside, you got out and took your suitcases out of the trunk. You left the garage, and Sana pressed the same button as before to make it close. Then you turned the wall to your right and found the main door. Sana entered a numerical combination into a small panel embedded in the left frame of the door, and it turned on a small green light signaling that the door had been unlocked. You went ahead.
"Would you like a little tour?" Sana asked as you crossed the small garden that led to the main hallway.
"I mean yeah, this place is huge," Jihyo responded, seeing a tall tropical plant to the left.
Sana seemed pleased at the answer, and she nodded her head. You crossed the hallway, and when you reached the other side you could already see the sea in the background. You were greeted by stairs that led to the second floor on the right, and a large interior yard on the left; the area delimited by a wooden plank floor to make it stand out from the rest of the surface, which was made of polished concrete. In the middle of this yard there were three groups of wide individual white sofas placed side by side, around two short squares that functioned as small tables. This small area was covered by the shadow cast by small palm trees planted on top of a raised surface that ran from wall to wall. In addition to this, behind the furniture and under a covered area there was a long bar with counters full of bottles behind it. The perfect space for a bartender, basically.
The hallway and inner yard were part of a larger loft, where further ahead, finally entering under the roof, was a large open plan kitchen to the right, a dining room towards the center and a living room towards the wall on the left. .
This open space flowed to the terrace, where the main attraction was a spectacular infinity pool overlooking Busan Bay, which was delimited by a glass fence that also extended around the edges of the balcony. At the edges of the pool facing the house there were two wide beach chairs that were level with the ground, and that protruded half a meter into the water thanks to two concrete pillars below.
"By the way, do you need separate rooms or are you okay sleeping together?" Sana asked as you went up to the second floor.
You and Jihyo looked at each other. Your cheeks felt hot, and she tried hard to hide a smile.
"We have no problem sleeping together," Jihyo replied.
"Wonderful! Then allow me to show you your room."
Sana guided you through a series of wide hallways until you reached the room in question. It wasn't too big, but it made up for it with beautiful views towards the sea thanks to the glass walls on the left. There wasn't much furniture there either, just a queen size bed with a wooden panel as a headboard and a short wide stool with white lights underneath. Without a doubt the most notable thing about the room was that, just like the first floor, it was an open space that connected to the bathroom. Without any walls, no separation and much less privacy for the shower. It was meant for just one person, and maybe Sana knew that.
"Make yourself comfortable and let me know anything you need, please," Sana said as you left your things around the bed. Her hands clasped on her belly.
"A shower curtain, perhaps?" Jihyo joked with a chuckle.
"I'm afraid it won't be possible. Most of the time they aren't needed so there aren't any."
"So if a boat passes by, someone can see my tits while I bathe?"
"They would have to have very good binoculars there to be able to see such a hypnotizing and satisfying scene, so I don't think so."
After leaving your suitcase in the corner of the bed you sat on the lower edge and stretched your arms. You looked to the right to see the sea, radiant and beautiful at that time of the morning.
"Well, it's not like I care," Jihyo said, and then took off her jacket to lie down on the bed.
Sana took a couple of steps back and leaned on the right frame of the door.
"Hey, there are a lot of preparations to make before the guests start arriving, but you don't have to do anything. I have a whole team already hired to do everything."
"Sure? I can help you with the logistics, it's fun," Jihyo offered.
"Dear, as a good heir to my mother, I should be able to take care of everything myself. So no, you just relax here with Balto."
She blew Jihyo a kiss and winked at you before leaving the room. Jihyo stood up and knelt behind you to hug you by the neck. She gave you a kiss on the cheek.
"Well? What do you think about her?"
"I think she seems like something out of a fairy tale. I haven't heard someone so well-spoken since I had dinner with Dubu's parents."
"And she's a fucking beauty, isn't she?"
You weren't stupid, you already knew the purpose of the question from that mischievous tone she added at the end of the sentence.
"I would believe it if you told me she’s a beauty icon in Japan."
"Her mother is pretty well-known in the tech world, so she might be," Jihyo laughed.
"What does she do?" you turned to see her.
"Hmm... do you know Neuralink?
Your eyes widened. You just nodded.
"Well, she is one of the spearheads. I can't tell you exactly what she does because I don't know."
"Damn, she was born in a golden cradle huh?"
"Yeah, something like that. But she's always stood up for herself. She's currently running a project at the university about brain chips. Brilliant mind."
"Does that mean that if she wanted to see us as inferior and worldly beings, she could do so on a basis?"
"Basically, yes," she let out a laugh, "But she doesn't thank god. She's always been a very kind and very sweet person."
"I just hope she doesn't give us caviar to eat, I'd throw up."
Jihyo burst out laughing and pulled you back with her, you fell back between her legs.
You two tried to sleep a little more, but the hustle and bustle that Sana had warned you about minutes ago began to make itself felt within an hour. You had no choice but to go out and watch as the staff that Sana had hired continually left and entered the house, while they decorated and prepared everything for later.
At around 12 noon Sana called you from the lower floor.
"Guys, come down to lunch!" she said out loud.
You were exploring the upper floor a bit, so you heard her easily. You went down. In the kitchen there were already a couple of men in chef's outfits filling the cupboards and putting things into the refrigerator, while preparing a wide variety of foods on the long counter.
"Order whatever you want, they will be happy to prepare it," Sana said from one of the stools to the left of the bar.
"Whatever we wanted?" Jihyo asked, while you bowed politely to the cooks.
"Aha, don't be shy," she insisted.
You and Jihyo were simple minds. You didn't have the slightest idea about rigorously prepared dishes or anything like that, so you just asked the cooks to prepare pasta with chicken and cream. They looked at you as if asking if you were born stupid. All you did was shrug your shoulders.
"Gosh, the house is looking amazing," Jihyo said as she watched the lines of warm light bulbs running from beam to beam.
"Wait until you see the icing on the cake, then," Sana replied, then turned to one of the men perched on a ladder, "Dear, further to the left. That line can't be that close to the corner."
You, sitting in one of the chairs at the dining table, also turned around. She was giving instructions to the man on how to arrange the lights. You focused your attention now on the cooks, who were already finishing preparing the pasta. It looked so amazing it made your mouth water.
"And what are you talking about?" Jihyo asked.
"Myself, of course," she replied matter-of-factly, "As a good hostess I must look beautiful for my guests, dear."
"I don't think that's too difficult, Minatozaki."
"I can always be more beautiful. Don't question me about it."
A couple of minutes passed until the cooks brought the pasta dishes to you. The accompaniment was croutons with tartar sauce and grape juice. You weren't impressed with how delicious it was, as you expected that. Still you devoured every part of your meal as if it were your last. Jihyo tried to be more subtle than you and not look like a savage in front of Sana, but finally her palate worked against her and she ended up looking just like you. Sana had ordered her own dish: grilled salmon with rice and asparagus. In comparison to you, she looked like a royal while she ate.
"So, how was it?" She asked, looking at your empty plates.
"I genuinely haven't had a meal this good in months," Jihyo said, wiping her mouth with a napkin.
"I agree with her," you nodded, sinking into the seat to rest.
"I'm glad you enjoyed it," Sana smiled, "I recommend that you rest and start getting ready. The party will start at 6, and the guests start arriving at 5."
"Four hours, more than enough, right?" Jihyo turned to look at you.
"I think so. I can be ready in less than half an hour," you shrugged.
"Then let's go, Mr. Speedy."
Jihyo stood up, wiped some breadcrumbs off her pants, and patted your shoulder as she passed you. You stood up, gave Sana a shy little smile, and followed Jihyo up the stairs.
The decision of who bathed first was not too complicated. You would shower faster than Jihyo in absolutely any situation, so you were the first to undress in the other's eyes. You tried to pretend that she wasn't watching you and that she wasn't there as the water ran down your naked body, but of course this task proved impossible. You did a few dumb things in the middle of your shower, and with each one you heard Jihyo's mocking giggle in the background.
When you finished showering and turned off the faucet, you grabbed one of the hanging towels and dried yourself as best as possible before walking towards the bed. Jihyo smiled, with her eyes still on you, she stood up and gave you a kiss on the cheek before going to the shower. Out of the corner of your eye you watched as she slowly undressed, hoping to draw your attention to her. But you wanted to be better than her in that sense and tried to ignore her.
You took off the towel with the intention of starting to get dressed, but inevitably your eyes ended up on Jihyo's naked and wet body. The gym worked wonders. Every part of her body was perfectly defined, from her incredibly sexy back to her firm buttocks. That, together with the side profile of her tits and her sensual abdomen, were too much for you. You sat on the edge of the bed with your eyes on her, and taking advantage of the fact that her back was turned, you began to touch yourself.
Your cock became hard in a matter of mere seconds. You rubbed it slowly from up and down, attentive to how Jihyo filled every corner of her body with soap. At one point she bent over because she had dropped the soap—perhaps on purpose—, and when she did so you got a perfect view of her plump pussy for a few seconds. You let yourself go and closed your eyes, moving your hand faster. What you didn't know was that she had seen you over her shoulder at that exact moment, and seconds later she turned off the shower.
When you heard the water stop falling you quickly opened your eyes and stopped as if it hadn't happened at all. You tried to stand up and this time start getting dressed, but Jihyo stopped you short.
"Nuh-uh! Stay there," she said from the bathroom as she dried herself.
You cursed inwardly and sat there, your cheeks red with embarrassment. When Jihyo was completely dry she tossed the towel aside and started walking towards you. Your eyes went to her tits and down her abdomen until they reached her pussy. She stood in front of you and between your legs, she grabbed your chin and made you look up.
"Enjoying the view huh?" she asked, eyebrows raised and her tongue pressing against the inside of her cheek.
She brought one knee up into the space of the mattress between your legs and rubbed it against the back of your cock, which throbbed at her touch. You rested your hands behind you and leaned back a little to look into her eyes. Her knee started rubbing up and down. That alone managed to cause a drop of precum to spill out.
"My needy little boy..." she rested her hands on your thighs and leaned in to kiss you, "How adorable."
You shared a slow, sensual kiss for a few seconds until she pulled away from you to bring her hand to your mouth.
"Come on, spit on it," she ordered, still touching you with her knee.
You complied immediately, releasing a thick spit into Jihyo's hand. She brought that hand directly to your cock in a firm grip, and then started rubbing it like you had been doing a few minutes ago. She kissed you again, also using her knee to rub your balls. And you moaned against her lips as she jerked you off.
It wasn't long before she pushed you back against the bed and urged you to settle into it. You got into bed and rested your head on the pillow. Jihyo climbed in as well and straddled you, both thighs gripping either side of your hips. She wasted no time and impaled herself on you. Every inch of your cock now gone inside her warm, wet pussy.
Jihyo slumped forward and cradled your face in her hands to kiss you again. Her hips began to move up and down. She did it slowly, maybe too slow at first, but she did it so that you felt your cock go completely in and out of her with each movement. As the seconds passed she pushed herself harder, and then she started moving her hips faster.
You saw yourselves wrapped in that tangle of desire and lust that kept you isolated from anything that was happening around you. Of course this didn't mean anything good, because you didn't notice when Sana entered. She caught your attention with a throat clearing. Your heart skipped a beat.
Jihyo quickly jumped off you and fell to the side. She then grabbed the blankets and pulled them over you two, even pulling the sheets out from under the edges of the mattress. Your eyes were wide, but you didn't have the balls to dare look Sana in the eyes for even a second. Instead, you looked at the ceiling and pretended to be invisible.
"I'm sorry," she said with a giggle, "I'd love to let you finish, but now I do need your help with a vitally important matter."
"How long have you been staring, Minatozaki?!" Jihyo exclaimed, the blanket covering her up to the top of her breasts.
"Since you rode his cock. I don't want to ask who the fool was that left the door ajar."
You didn't hide it by looking at Jihyo with 'are you kidding me' eyes? Her cheeks turned red, and she avoided the two of you's gaze. She was better at handling embarrassment than you, so she just let out a nervous laugh.
"I'll be out in the hallway if you want to, you know, finish what you were doing."
She gave you a green light signal and left through the door, which this time was properly closed. Clearly neither you nor Jihyo could finish what you were doing, you had already lost inspiration completely and you were no longer hard. It's not like you care either. Your heads were clouded with shame for having been discovered by the owner of the house while you were fucking in one of the guest rooms.
You didn't put on your outfits yet, instead you put on comfortable clothes to go help Sana with whatever she needed your help. You found her in the hallway so calm, supervising the progress of the decoration on the floor below through the glass.
"Ready?" Sana looked you up and down with a mischievous smile, "Come with me, please."
You were guided to her room, which was significantly larger than yours as it was the master bedroom. The big centerpiece was the wide balcony on the left, right in front of the bed. On it the view of the sea was amplified in both directions, giving a beautiful perspective of the landscape. The balcony, bounded by the glass fence, extended further to the right, but you couldn't see what was on that side since it was hidden behind the room wall. To the right of the room was a small shaggy rug under a wide nightstand made of marble; next was the king size bed filled with pillows and cushions. And further ahead, at the back of the room, a mini living room with a sofa bed on the left, a rectangular table in the middle and on the right one of those chairs that were used in psychology offices. She also had a projector screen on the wall, with a small artificial fireplace underneath.
"Sit down, please," Sana said, pointing towards the bed.
She walked to the side of the room and pressed a button to lower a hatch that formed a wall and covered the balcony. Now you were under the artificial light of the room. You two sat on the lower edge of the bed as if you were two siblings about to receive a scolding from their mother; of course this was not the case, but the level of behavior you carried was worthy of. You were still looking at anything but Sana, but Jihyo did make an effort to try and pretend like nothing had happened.
After closing the balcony, Sana went through a door that was before the mini living room; you thought it was the bathroom, but she came out of there with like four dresses hanging on hooks in her hands. You came to the conclusion that the room was simply much larger than it seemed on its own.
"Very well, you are going to tell me what you think about each one," Sana said with a big smile on her face.
She began to show the dresses one by one, turning them around and putting them in front of her body. As expected, Jihyo, for the simple fact of being a woman, gave much more elaborate opinions than yours, which were only based on: 'I like this color more than this one' or 'I don't know, I feel like this one is more with the occasion'. What you didn't expect was that Sana would have a solution for your lack of eloquence.
"Mmm, I think I'd better try them on," she said, and she began to undress before the disbelieving eyes of you and Jihyo.
The first thing that fell to the ground was her jacket; underneath she was wearing nothing more than a gray bra that gave a slight push up to her more than generous tits. Her jacket was followed by her pants, which, being high-waisted, revealed everything you couldn't see from the breasts down. It was a perfect body in absolutely every way: nice and slightly toned abdomen, lethal hips, a pair of slender legs and an ass that could do wonders with. The panties she was wearing were the same color as the bra, and to give you a little show, she pulled them up just to highlight the shape of her buttocks even more.
She began trying on the dresses one by one; again, Jihyo was acting more normal than you, but you still did your best to formulate good opinions without making your mouth water. Finally, she opted for a semi-transparent red dress, with a long skirt at the back and an inverted V shape at the front.
Sana, being half naked again, approached you, and with each hand on one of your thighs she gave you both a kiss on the cheek. You were paralyzed by the kiss, your cheeks burning. Jihyo on the other hand looked at her with suggestive eyes, not hiding the fact that she was eating her out with the gaze.
"Thanks for the help, cuties," she said between you.
"Anytime, beautiful," Jihyo replied in a lower voice.
Sana gave each of your thighs a light squeeze and stood up straight.
"Feel free to go get ready. I have things to do myself," she nodded toward the door.
You diligently stood up and left Sana's room, heading towards yours. When you arrived you did finish what you had started in the first place—making sure that the door was firmly closed—, and when you finished you began to get dressed. Your choice of outfit was a headache; Jihyo helped you in any way she could while she put on her makeup, but your insecurity and indecision only slowed you down. It took you a little over an hour to finally make a decision: high-heeled black leather boots, black semi-skinny jeans, and an open black shirt with a white tropical print on top of a white t-shirt.
"Damn, you look gorgeous!" Jihyo told you as she adjusted her rose-shaped earrings.
"Not as good as you but thank you," you sighed, looking at yourself in the mirror next to her.
"Oh hell nah," she grabbed your face and made you look at her, "You look amazing, and I need you to feel amazing for the party."
"You know I'm not one of those, Jihyo."
"I'm not asking you to be. I just want you to feel good about yourself."
She shook your head a little and leaned up to give you a peck on the nose.
"Believe me, darling. You look very handsome and you will have nothing to envy of anyone," she remarked, looking into your eyes.
Your only possible response was to hug her; Hold her so tightly in your arms that just that was enough for her to know how grateful you were. You separated after a few seconds, and gave her a kiss on her forehead.
"Thank you, really," you smiled weakly, "Come on, keep getting ready, it's almost time."
Another half hour passed until Jihyo was completely ready. She gave you a little modeling show, which made you laugh a few times since she was really trying to be funny. The truth was that she looked beautiful; a sleeveless white top with red flowers on it, white flared pants with slits on the sides of the thighs, and white sneakers.
When you were both ready, you went down to the first floor, where the DJ that Sana had hired had already played some house music to relax while the guests arrived. The music was coming from the other side of the open space, from the pool. You could only see the mixing console and the massive speakers installed on each side. You looked around and admired the details of the decoration; from the lines of beach ball-shaped lamps to the lines of warm light bulbs. As icing on the cake, just as she had predicted, Sana was sitting on a sofa in the inner yard; on top of one of the squares in front of her, a bucket filled with ice with what appeared to be two bottles of champagne inside it.
She looked stunning. She was dressed in the dress that you had helped her choose and sandals with straps that went around her calves to below the knee; this, however, was not her main attraction, but rather the red flower attached to the side of her head which made her pretty crimson lips stand out.
"Look who we have here!" She exclaimed, crossing her legs, "Wow, you really wanted to compete with me, huh? You both look incredible."
"You didn't think we were going to make it easy for you, did you?" Jihyo asked, walking past you towards her.
"I said you wanted to compete with me. Not that you were going to win," Sana looked at you and winked, "Toast me, please."
She invited you to sit with her. You sat on her side, and Jihyo sat in the empty square in front of you. With a wave of her hand came a girl in a suit, who reached into the ice bucket and pulled out one of the champagne bottles to open it; as she did so she picked up three fluted glasses and poured the golden liquid into them. Sana thanked her with a smile and handed you the glasses. She raised hers.
"To the start of a wonderful night," Sana toasted, and the two of you clinked your glass against hers.
You had never been particularly a fan of champagne, but when you took the first sip from your glass you couldn't help but take the second almost immediately. It was delicious. Jihyo as well as Sana drank just a sip.
"Oh, it's about time people started arriving, isn't it?" Jihyo asked, looking at her phone.
"Aha," Sana nodded, looking towards the entrance hall, "There's security outside, so they'll come in any minute."
Just as Sana had said, within a few minutes people began to arrive. Luckily for you, there were a few familiar faces, like Nayeon or Han, or a few people you frequented in the university hallways. But the vast majority were strangers to you, and having each one come up to greet Sana for being the hostess didn't help your social anxiety. None seemed too relevant to her, except for a few people she introduced you to. They were three girls and one guy: Kim Minji, Chou Tzuyu, Lee Gahyeon and Kim Yugyeom. All of them, including Nayeon and Han, would be part of the group that the three of you would stay with for the rest of the night.
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After the arrival time there were around three dozen people in the house, not counting those who were going to arrive late. There were a lot of people, and soon the bustle began to get louder. Sana stood up and left you with the others to go to the stairs, climb a couple of steps and signal to the staff to turn down the music. Everyone turned to look at her. She cleared her throat to raise her voice.
"First of all, welcome and thank you all for coming tonight. I know that many, if not all, of you had to fly from Seoul just to attend this eventuality. I apologize for that, but," she raised a finger, "As compensation you should know that the bar is completely free tonight, so you can drink as much as you want!"
Everyone erupted in cheers, but Sana raised her hands again to attract attention.
"Oh, I almost forgot. The pool is available to whoever wants to enjoy it. Just keep it clean or no one will leave here until it's cleaned..." she made a small silence, looking into the eyes of everyone she could so they knew she was serious, "Enjoy the party!"
At the end of Sana's speech the music returned, this time to its highest point. Now the walls and floor were reverberating with the sound of the techno house that the DJ was playing. You recognized the first song: Losing It by FISHER. The lights went out to make way for the illumination provided by the decorations, and soon the party came alive on its own.
Small groups of people began to form around the bar, where two bartenders worked together to comply with every order they received. They were accompanied by a security man who made sure that people were orderly and nothing got out of control. Sana being the hostess was able to make her way through the people and order a drink for herself first, then she got one for you and Jihyo. All three were piña coladas. Nayeon and Yugyeom insisted for her to get them one too, but Sana sent them to stand in line like everyone else.
"Let's go take a seat on the couch before someone comes," Jihyo hurried you and Sana.
The three of you went to the living 'room'. The big white couch there was semi-square shaped, with the left side longer than the other. You skirted it on the left; you settled near the end, Jihyo next to you and Sana diagonally to the two of you. From there the smell of food was stronger; in the kitchen the two cooks were already beginning to prepare the appetizers that would later be distributed among the crowd.
"Are they making bacon?" you asked, trying to see what they were doing.
"I don't know, probably. Why, are you hungry already?" Sana asked with an amused expression.
She took a sip of her piña colada and stirred it with the straw.
"Oh yeah, he's as shy as he is gluttonous," Jihyo said.
You looked at her with a grimace and raised an eyebrow.
"Don't you love bacon too?" you asked, trying to defend yourself.
"I love it. He has a point there," Sana said.
Jihyo took a sip of her drink and looked at you.
"Of course I love it. But that doesn't mean that you could eat an entire Burger King menu by yourself if you set your mind to it."
Before you could formulate a defense, Sana's other friends began to arrive one by one. Nayeon and Han settled to the right of her; they were followed by Tzuyu, Yugyeom, Minji, and Gahyeon, who was facing you at the other end of the couch. Immediately the conversation flowed between all of them. It was obvious that everyone had known each other for a long time, a well-established group of friends. And how could it be otherwise, you soon felt out of place since you didn't have much, or rather nothing, to contribute to the conversations. That's where Jihyo and Han came in, who, having already known you before, did everything possible to include you and not make you feel like a zero to the left. You appreciated that, a lot.
"Hey hey, it's time to play something don't you think?" Yugyeom said, leaning forward, "I want an excuse to get drunk."
Han turned to look at him.
"And what do you want to play? Beach volleyball?"
"I'm not drunk enough for that. I have never ever."
The rest of you turned your heads in interest towards Yugyeom, who was smiling mischievously.
"Oh now I have your attention right?" He laughed, "Who wants to start?"
Everyone looked at each other for a few seconds, finally it was Jihyo who raised her hand.
"I'll start, but let's start gently, please."
"But that's boring!" Yugyeom protested.
Jihyo looked at him like she wanted to throw a cushion at him.
"Innocent questions are the easiest to make people drink quickly, you airhead," she looked away, "Aha. I've never ever cut my hair and I've regretted it."
An easy question indeed. The only ones who didn't drink were you, Jihyo, Tzuyu and Sana.
In order, the next one was Sana, who changed the leg that she had crossed and licked her lips.
"I have never ever cried watching a movie or reading a book."
You all drink. Then Jihyo looks at Yugyeom.
"I told you they were the easiest, idiot."
"Shut your mouth Park."
Next was Nayeon, who waved her hand for Jihyo and Yugyeom to shut up.
"I have never ever had doubts about my sexual orientation."
Tzuyu raised both eyebrows and looked at her.
"Wah! I thought you said innocent questions at first."
"That's innocent. I'm not implying anything, honey."
You, Minji, and Han didn't drink. You weren't surprised coming from Jihyo considering her recent history, but you were surprised by Sana, who Jihyo leaned over to talk to. You were close enough to hear her.
"That's nice. It would have been a real shame if you didn't bat the other way too."
Sana looked into her eyes with a sly smile.
"It's fun to eat all kinds of things, isn't it?"
The suggestive tone in her voice was accompanied by a small staring competition between the two of them. They were forced to break eye contact when Tzuyu raised her voice with a slightly more awkward question.
"I have never ever used drugs."
Obviously you don't drink. Sana, Minji and Han didn't either. As Jihyo drank you looked at her with a frown, she could only laugh.
"Honey, in law school you need to relieve stress with a joint once in a while."
"Well, how ironic."
"I know right?"
You and her laughed and then looked at the next person, Minji.
"I have never ever received a slap in public."
Neither you nor the rest of the girls drink. Only Yugyeom and Han did it. Gahyeon laughed.
"You are men. That makes a lot of sense."
You all burst into laughter, even Han. But Yugyeom didn't seem to be so amused. He looked at you and pointed with his arm outstretched.
"He's also a man, why don't you make fun of him too?"
You looked at him and shrugged, not giving a damn. Nayeon immediately came to your defense.
"I attest that there is no guy more calm and quiet than him. Who could slap him in public?"
You looked at Nayeon and said 'thank you' with your lips. She just winked at you and gave you a thumbs up. Yugyeom rolled his eyes and shook his head. The next one was Gahyeon, who raised the tone of the questions.
"I've never received a lap dance."
You all drink. Yugyeom almost choked while he did so as he let out a laugh. He didn't look at you, but you knew he was talking about you.
"I certainly didn't expect anyone to ever give him a lap dance. I don't think he knows how to ask for one."
Absolutely no one laughed. The only one who laughed but more out of pity was Tzuyu. Gahyeon made a confused expression as she looked at you and then at him.
"He's pretty cute, so I'd do it anyway. I couldn't say the same about you."
The general reaction was to raise eyebrows and look at Yugyeom's humiliated face. He didn't say anything, he just took out his phone and looked at it to get out of the situation. Then Jihyo broke the awkward silence to liven things up.
"Well, come on, do it," she nodded at you, "He needs to warm up. He's had too little to drink."
Sana turned to look at you with an expectant smile. She took a sip of her drink, which was close to finishing. She then turned to look at Gahyeon, who stood up without hesitation and walked around the coffee table in front of you from the left until she was standing in front of you. She leaned in to speak in your ear.
"First of all, are you okay with this? I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable or something."
Her sudden closeness made your heart faster. Normally you would have stuttered out of nervousness, but this time you took a deep breath so as not to make a fool of yourself. You turned your head to meet her face inches away.
"Don't worry. You go ahead," you nodded.
Gahyeon smiled and also nodded her head. She waited a few seconds for the current song to end and another to start. Slow it Down by Ty Dolla Sign blasted through the speakers. Gahyeon stood up and turned around, and before the eyes of everyone present, she supported herself on your knees with her hands and sat right on top of your crotch. Now you just watched her pretty, long red hair fall down her back as she pressed against your bulge and moved to the rhythm of the music.
You didn't know what the hell to do with your hands or where to put your eyes. She had an incredible ass, more than could be seen above her gray striped white dress. That was where your eyes stayed stationary for a few long seconds. Her wide hips moved back and forth, doing an expert job that led you to finally put your hands on them.
You knew you had a lot of eyes on you, and that's why you didn't dare move your gaze from Gahyeon. If you had, you could have made eye contact with Sana or Jihyo, or worse, with one of the others. That would have made you nervous and made it look awkward. Luckily, and also unfortunately for you, Gahyeon didn't let the song end to stop.
The lap dance had been brief, but it was enough to leave you hard as a rock and breathing heavily. Gahyeon didn't stand up yet, she leaned back still sitting on top of you and pressed her back against your chest to get closer to your ear.
"If I keep going I’m gonna get too horny, cutie, I'm sorry. But if you want some private fun just look at me and give me a sign."
Gahyeon gave you a kiss on the cheek, stood up, straightened her hair and walked back to her seat as if nothing had happened. She had a proud little smirk on her face, and you were left with her offer running over and over in your head.
You continued avoiding glances. You were hard under your pants, and even though no one was going to see anything due to the lack of light, you tried to hide it as much as possible. But Jihyo knew you and she knew your body language. She leaned closer to your other ear with a little smile.
"That ass has to move great huh?"
She giggled mischievously and patted your thigh a few times. Then you both directed glances towards Yugyeom as he took his turn.
"I've never ever had to hide a hickey."
You all drink. The round passes without further complications. The next turn was Han.
"I've never fucked someone twice my age."
You all looked at each other in a mix between expectation and hope that no one would drink, but finally only Yugyeom and Tzuyu drank. Once again you all laughed. Sana leaned forward and looked at them both.
"Come on, tell me how that happened," she managed to say between laughs.
Tzuyu takes it much more naturally than Yugyeom, who seemed almost embarrassed but not remorseful. Tzuyu looked at Sana.
"Well, old perverts sometimes drop a lot of money when they're desperate," she shrugged.
Sana nodded slowly in understanding.
"Darling, I can get you a job as a model at any brand you want. Don't indulge those disgusting old men."
Tzuyu's face lit up. Beside her, Nayeon looked as surprised as you.
"Huh? Are you serious?"
"Aha. My father has a lot of contacts in that industry. I'll call you tomorrow, promise."
Sana winked at the smiling Tzuyu. Then she looked at Yugyeom and tilted her head, waiting patiently for his explanation.
"Damn, I'm not going to give details; I'm just going to say that I had to finance my vacation to the Maldives somehow."
With his answer he now gave way to the next turn, and that was you. You didn't know what the fuck to say, you had to look at Jihyo for help. She leaned close to your ear to tell you what you were going to say. It was a trick directed against you too, but you had no choice but to repeat it.
"I've never ever had a threesome."
You all drink, except Sana. You all looked at her like 'you're kidding, right?' But no one dared to question her except for Jihyo, who looked at her with a frown.
"You're just lying, right?"
"Why would I lie?" Sana raised an eyebrow, "No, I've never had the chance. But a first time wouldn't be bad..."
As she said that she looked at the two of you and bit her lip in such a sexy way that you couldn't help but look at her up and down, thinking of the thousand and one ways you would love to...
You were beating around the bush once again. What brought you out of your trance was the realization that your glass was already empty. And not just yours, but everyone else's too. Sana had to call a couple of workers to bring drinks for everyone. This time you ordered a Negroni, Jihyo ordered a Gin Tonic, and Sana ordered a Moscow Mule. You didn't even know what the hell that last one was.
The whole cycle came back to the very beginning, to Jihyo, who first took a sip of her drink before saying anything.
"I have never ever had sex more than five times in a single night."
It was a pretty bold question, in fact, Nayeon looked at Jihyo with a frown since it was obvious that no one was going to drink. But to your surprise, Yugyeom and Tzuyu drank. Nayeon turned to them and raised her eyebrows in an expression that made you all laugh.
"Mother of a fucking god, how do you have that energy? I do it once and I already feel like I'll be taken by the grim reaper."
"With two minutes I'm already out of soul," Han intervened out of nowhere.
The laughter only expanded and multiplied, even Yugyeom and Tzuyu, the victims of the joke, laughed.
You weren't so amused when Sana's turn came and she went straight for your neck.
"I have never ever been caught while fucking."
The question fell like a bucket of cold water on your and Jihyo's heads. You both avoided Sana's gaze, it still made you deeply ashamed. But you knew she had a proud smirk on her face, and that she didn't regret saying it in the least.
You and Jihyo drink with your face hot from blushing. Nayeon and Han also drink without commenting at all. The rest don't drink, of course Sana doesn't either.
"We'll complete this round and be done with it, okay?"
You all nodded, at that point it was being more than enough, since the alcohol was making more than one of you tipsy.
Next was Nayeon, who asked a question exclusively dedicated to women.
"I have never ever used a common object as a dildo."
The only ones who drink are Gahyeon, Minji and Tzuyu. They thought they were safe from questions, but Nayeon was an expert at asking awkward questions.
"What did you use? You don't have to explain."
The three looked at each other, none daring to speak first. It was Gahyeon who had to sacrifice herself and step forward.
"A cucumber with a condom."
"I mean, that sounds fun not gonna lie. You two?"
Nayeon looked at Tzuyu and Minji, it was the latter who spoke.
"The handle of a hairbrush."
Minji immediately covered her face to fight her embarrassment. Nayeon laughed.
"Damn girl, how desperate were you?" She didn't wait for answers, she just looked at Tzuyu, "And what about you?"
Tzuyu took a few long seconds to respond.
"A pearl necklace. I won't explain."
"You don't have to do it either, but for that just buy some anal sockets girl."
The next turn was Tzuyu's, who quickly spoke to change the topic.
"I have never ever masturbated in public."
She, Yugyeom and Gahyeon drink. Now it was Minji's turn.
"I have never ever exposed myself on webcam."
Saying that she turned to look in a very undisguised way at her friend, Gahyeon. Who just shrugged.
"What can I tell you, being a webcam model is easy money when you have a hot body," she said before drinking, but now it was her turn, "I have never ever slept with anyone in this group."
You, Jihyo, Nayeon, Han, Yugyeom and Tzuyu drink. At that moment you exchanged glances with Gahyeon, who raised an eyebrow in anticipation of some sign from you. She wanted it, but you were still full of doubts. You felt pathetic having to ask Jihyo for help once again, but she was the closest thing you had to a Jiminy Cricket. After explaining her situation to her, she didn't seem surprised, she just gently took your arm and spoke in your ear.
"Honey, enjoy the night as much and as you want. Do you want it?"
"Fuck, of course I want it. It's just that... you know, I'm afraid of making a fool of myself."
"Balto, you'd be surprised how really good you fuck. Now, don't be a whiner and get your claws out."
She tapped your shoulder with her fist and you looked at Gahyeon for a few long seconds as she spoke to Minji. You didn't do anything yet, but you had already made the decision in your head.
Next was Yugyeom. His question was extremely timely.
"I have never ever imagined anyone in this group naked."
Absolutely all of you drink, but you do it while looking at Gahyeon, who was also looking at you.
Next was Han.
"I have never ever recorded myself having sex."
No one except Gahyeon and Tzuyu drinks. Gahyeon kept looking at you, this time as she crossed her legs and leaned to the side just so you could see the width of her hips and the size of her ass. You couldn't take it much longer. You made the damn sign, and she smiled. You stood up.
"Guys, I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be right back."
You exchange a glance with Jihyo, who winks at you, and then you leave the living room. You made your way through the people as fast as you could, only one possible destination in your head: the bathroom on the upper floor, the one you knew no one was going to use since there were two more downstairs. You trotted up the steps, and hurried into the bathroom before anyone else decided to do so.
It was a long bathroom, wide enough to walk freely in it. It was funny to imagine yourself as a guy in the waiting room for a porn audition, who would say that at that moment you were almost guessing the future. You leaned your lower back against the sink on the left, so big that it looked like a whole dresser on its own. You crossed your arms and waited.
Gahyeon took longer than you expected, but she arrived after five minutes with a couple of knocks on the door. As soon as you opened the door she rushed in and closed it behind her.
"God, I'm sorry. I had to make a fool of Yugyeom again," she laughed.
"Did he say something stupid again?"
"Everything he says is stupid. But that's not what's important now."
She took a step forward and stood in front of you. You stared into each other's eyes for a few long seconds as she closed the distance, until finally your faces were inches apart. From that distance her absurdly attractive parted lips looked irresistible to you. You couldn't help but let yourself go and grab her face to kiss her.
Her lips were not only amazing, they felt amazing too. They didn't feel like any pair you had kissed before, these were like two delicious gummies because of how soft they were. As if that weren't enough, she was an excellent kisser.
She left her phone on the sink and wrapped her arms around your neck. One hand rested on your left shoulder, and the other on the back of your neck to caress the hair there. You deepened the kiss, now she invited you to swirl your tongues in an intense exchange of saliva and gasps. At that moment you remembered what Jihyo had told you: 'Get your claws out.'
Putting any possible shyness aside, you brought your hands directly to Gahyeon's ass and squeezed each of her buttocks tightly. She didn't bother to hide her surprise.
"Mmm, you're not as calm as you seem huh?" she murmured against your lips, "Grab as much as you want, go on." 
She crashed into your lips again, and you scrunched up her dress on either side of her hips to slowly hike it up until it was swirling around her waist. You left her nice round butt exposed;  you wasted no time in squeezing it again, this time feeling the milky soft skin against your fingertips. The flesh of her ass felt tender, perfect for spanking a few times to make her moan against your lips.
Gahyeon didn't leave her hands still up for long. She reached down to grab your cock over your pants. You were hard from before, she just had to squeeze it a little and start massaging it gently with her small hand. In a matter of seconds she had already unbuttoned your pants and unzipped you; then she put her hand in your boxers to pull out your cock and rub it slowly. You gasped and brought your hand between her buttocks, using your two fingers to rub her slit over her panties.
"Before I feast on your cock... can I make a request of you?"
Gahyeon took the phone from the sink and pressed it against your chest for you to pick up. Then she fell to her knees in front of your cock.
"Make sure you record everything. And when I say everything, that's everything. But don't turn on the flash, I don't want to go blind."
It really was something you didn't care about at all. You didn't know what she was going to do with that video, but you were okay with at least not showing your face. She unlocked her phone for you and you accessed the camera, held it vertically and started recording.
The first thing Gahyeon did was lower your pants and boxers to her ankles, then she gave you a wonderful first contact with your cock; she pressed her beautiful lips against the back of it and filled it with wet kisses. She also kissed the sides of your shaft, and then used her tongue to give you a long lick all the way to the tip, where she didn't hesitate to grip her lips around.
She took half of your cock in one smooth motion, making you moan as you watched her through the screen. Her head began to move back and forth, slowly so that you could feel how satisfying her lips were there too. She wasn't just seeing your panting face as she slurped on your shaft, you felt like she was also seeing through your soul.
Gahyeon's hand went to your balls to squeeze them into a soft bunch and then left it gripping around your base. You lost eye contact as she focused on taking a couple more inches into her mouth and increasing the pace considerably. You lowered the phone to now record from the side and capture every detail of the lewd act, trying to comply with her request in the best way possible.
She pumped her head faster, filling your cock with saliva in an amazing messy blowjob. Completely ignoring the camera she looked up to meet your eyes again. What she was looking for was to know if she was doing it in a way that you liked; she found your mouth half open and your brow furrowed in pleasure. More than positive confirmation.
"Mmm, you look even cuter getting your cock sucked," she said as she pulled you out of her mouth, now sucking on your balls as she stroked you with her hand.
After a few seconds she dove back into your cock. She threw aside any sense of restraint and simply began devouring your cock with frantic pumps. After a few seconds she removed her hand from around your base and brought her lips further; her nose rested against your pelvis, and feeling your tip rub against her throat made you moan louder. You returned to the initial recording angle, and she looked directly into the camera as she made gagging sounds against your cock.
She pulled you out with a sharp intake of breath, then brought her hand back to your cock to jerk it off.
"Do you have condoms? I left my handbag downstairs."
"Y-yeah, my wallet is in my pants pocket."
Gahyeon reached into your pants pocket and pulled it out. She rummaged through the sections of it, until she finally pulled out a condom.
"Do you want to see a magic trick?"
She didn't give you time to respond. She quickly opened the envelope, took out the condom and held it between her lips; then she took your cock with her hand and put it on you using her mouth. You captured everything up close on camera, and it was probably one of the hottest things you've ever seen. With the condom already on your cock Gahyeon stood up.
"Go ahead, fuck me however you want baby," she said over your lips, then gave you a small kiss.
You stepped away from the sink, and used your only available hand to grab her arm and bend her against the edge. Her face was inches from the mirror, floating above the faucet. Her dress had fallen down again, it was up to you to pull it back up and around her waist again. With her ass exposed again she lifted it up as high as possible, making it twice as attractive for you to grope and squeeze.
She looked at you over her shoulder with her lips panting. She moved her ass from side to side, and you slapped your cock several times against each of her butt cheeks while looking into her eyes. You soon stopped your foreplay and grabbed the hem of her white lace panties to pull them down to her knees in one fell swoop. You shifted the phone to your left, now using your right to reach between her thighs and rub her slit up and down. Her pussy was more than ready for you, it felt extremely wet and soft. You took your cock in your hand, rubbed it a few times between her folds and took it inside her.
"Mmm! Wait wait!" she sputtered, "Slow... it feels so fucking big, god."
Through the mirror you saw her face twisted in a mixture of pain and pleasure; you didn't want to hurt her in any way, so you were as careful as possible as your cock slowly worked its way into her. When you were impaled deep inside that hot silky pussy, you rested for a few long seconds. Gahyeon didn't say anything, her face was paralyzed by the sensation of being completely stretched. It wasn't until a few seconds later that you saw fit to start moving. 
You brought your only available hand to her waist, clinging there as you slowly pumped back and forth. Your cock went in and out completely without much difficulty; it disappeared between her buttocks in an almost hypnotic way, which led you to squeeze her left buttock and spread it, just to get a better shot of how her pussy was being fucked faster every second.
"That's it... give me more baby, fuck that hot pussy good," she moaned, watching you through the mirror and the camera.
In response you raised your hand and gave her a spank on the buttock that you had squeezed seconds ago. You caused her to squeal, and also to voluntarily lift one of her thighs to rest on the edge of the sink. You returned your hand to her waist, letting your fingers tightly grip on the soft flesh there. You moaned out loud, increasing the pace to now give strong and constant thrusts to her pussy.
"Oh fuck yeah!" Gahyeon whimpered, holding on to the faucet with both hands, "Fuck fuck fuck fuck!"
She dropped her head between her shoulders, letting herself be carried away by the pleasure your strong thrusts gave her. Above the muffled music that was playing outside, the sound of Gahyeon's buttocks being slammed again and again by your pelvis. You gave her butt cheek another spank, her skin now marked in a dull red. And speaking of red, her long hair, held behind her head by a clip, looked too cute hanging down her back not to pull on it.
"W-when you're going to cum… take off the condom and paint my face!" she screeched, seeing you again.
"I got you."
You grabbed a handful of her hair in your hand and pulled it back. Her pussy clenched around your cock; her moans were interspersed with screams and grunts, and you couldn't do anything but fuck her with everything you had.
Her body bounced back and forth violently, at one point you were even afraid that she would hit her forehead on the mirror, but that's why you kept her face away by pulling her hair back; you didn't pull it too hard for fear of going overboard, however it was more than enough for Gahyeon to reach her orgasm.
"Yessss!!! Mmmm!! Don't fucking stop!!"
In her desperation to look for something to hold on to, she unintentionally turned on the faucet water, something that would have made you laugh if it weren't for the fact that you yourself were close to your orgasm. You grunted in pleasure and let go of Gahyeon's hair to give her another spank, fucking her mercilessly through her ecstasy. You hadn't looked at the phone screen for a while, when you did you realized that the shot was a little crooked and that you weren't capturing everything in its maximum splendor; to correct it, you changed the phone from your hand once again and lowered it, recording again from the side to capture in close-up how your cock hammered her pussy.
After a few seconds you felt the tingling, and in one quick movement you left Gahyeon's pussy to remove the condom as quickly as you could; in that period of time she had already lowered her thigh from the edge of the sink and had turned to fall on her knees to the floor in front of your cock.
You stroked your cock as fast as you could, moaning loudly as you recorded a perfect shot of Gahyeon's face as she closed her eyes and left her face as a canvas for you. As you reached your peak you let out a louder moan, while thick jets of semen came out of your cock and landed on Gahyeon's beautiful face; soon it was covered in a thick layer of white, she had to wipe her eyelids with her fingers to open her eyes, then she looked at you and smiled at the camera. You couldn't help but blush.
"You liked it huh? You came a lot..."
She took your cock with her hand and started rubbing it all over her face, collecting as much cum as she could with it and then putting it in her mouth and cleaning it. It was one of the hottest things you could ever see in your life; you had to make a great effort not to faint right there. She repeated that process a couple of times, until finally both your cock and her face were 'clean'.
"That's it, cut."
You stopped the recording diligently. Then she stood up, pulled up her panties, and pulled her dress back down. She took the phone from your hand and placed a warm kiss on your cheek.
"Thanks cutie. You're a great fuck," she said with a little smile.
"I can say the same about you. And hey, thanks to you. Uh… You didn't do it just because you're drunk, right?"
She laughed. You pulled up your boxers and pants again.
"Huh? I'm not drunk, silly."
She turned and began to wash her hands in the sink, your eyes met in the reflection of the mirror.
"I fucked you because I found you genuinely cute and I certainly wasn't wrong in thinking you would fuck amazing."
She lowered her face to wash the sticky parts of her face, being very careful not to ruin her makeup too much. Meanwhile you looked at yourself in the mirror, adjusting your outfit and your hairstyle. You thought now was your time to make a move.
"Well, I wasn't wrong either in thinking that ass would be wonderful."
Gahyeon raised her head and looked you up and down with a smile.
"Do you want my number? I would love for you to enjoy it more."
That, ladies and gentlemen, is a masterful victory.
"Yeah, sure," you nodded, pulling your phone out of your pocket.
You waited patiently for her to finish cleaning her face so she could dictate her number to you. You did the same with yours.
"Look for me on Instagram too: fox._.zzlo_"
You chuckled.
"Wasn't there a more complicated name?"
"Everyone I tried was already taken, it's not my fault."
You both followed each other on instagram as well. You were lying if you didn't say you were embarrassed by the difference in your feeds, a lot versus almost nothing. Your self-esteem didn't go that far yet.
"You go out first, I'll come down later," she told you.
"It's not like anyone is suspicious anyway, but aight."
"You have to maintain a certain degree of impudence, darling."
She patted your shoulder a couple of times, blew you a kiss, and urged you to leave. You did so, leaving her alone in the bathroom.
The loud music and bustle filled your ears once again. The difference in environments was overwhelming, you even considered running into the bathroom with Gahyeon again, but you were going to look like a chihuahua with nervous problems. You recognized that the party was at a high point when you looked over the railing and saw the vast majority of people dancing in the inner yard. The mere thought of having to get in there was overwhelming, but you had no choice.
Going down you made your way through the crowd, who were dancing to the rhythm of Lady Gaga's Applause. You were desperately looking for a friendly face, but you only found people that you only waved at from a distance when you were at university. After a few seconds of searching you finally found it. Even though she wasn't exactly who you were looking for, you were grateful.
"I hope Gahyeon was a nice fuck!" Minji exclaimed so you could hear her over the music, "Do you dance?"
Minji had something undecipherable about her; every movement and every expression she made was stupidly attractive, as if she knew perfectly how to use every one of her good qualities. That way it became rather impossible for you to reject her offer.
You sighed and shrugged.
"Yeah, why not."
You approached her so she could put her hand on the back of your neck. You didn't dare touch her with your hands out of mere respect, but you stayed close enough to her to feel the warmth of her body and the subtle scent of alcohol emanating from her. The song opportunely changed to SexyBack by Justin Timberlake. She danced amazingly, which was appreciated since you were pretty close to stinking at it, but you did your best.
"You know? You look like a good guy. Thank god you're not like that jerk Yugyeom."
"He doesn't have much of a good reputation, does he?"
She shook her head. She was staring at you, but you avoided her gaze.
"Not the best of personalities, as you may have noticed."
"Yeah, I can tell."
"All the girls he's been with leave him after a couple of weeks because he's unbearable. Tzuyu is probably going down the same path."
"They are...?"
"Oh yeah, but it's a recent thing. They won't last long."
She took both of your hands and made you put them on her waist, as if telling you to stop being so clumsy. Her body pressed against yours; you just let yourself be carried away by her magnificent movements. You now had to speak in her ear.
"You seem very sure of that, don't you think it's hasty to say so?"
Minji laughed into the side of your face, then wrapped her arms around your neck and placed a hand on the back of your neck.
"Well, as always, there is a chance that something will click and turn out well. But out of every ten girls, ten get hurt by that fool."
"And why do girls still go out with him?"
Minji shrugged.
"God knows why. But that's none of your business, you just worry about keeping who you are and behave."
The song ended, she gave you a kiss on the temple and let go of you. You looked into her eyes.
“I do what I can,” you nodded.
"Yes, I know you do," she smiled, "Oh, look who's here."
You turned to your right. Gahyeon emerged from the crowd, perfectly groomed and impeccable as if nothing had happened. She stood next to the two of you.
"Would you leave her to me for a bit, baby?" she winked at you.
"Of course, I was already leaving."
You returned the wink, smiled at Minji and walked past the two of them to resume your search for the two people you had been trying to find for ten minutes already. Among the entire crowd you found Nayeon and Han dancing, as well as Yugyeom and Tzuyu. Right at the division between the inner yard and the open space you found the two of them. To your surprise, or maybe not so much, they were dancing too close together.
Jihyo had Sana holding her waist from behind, her chin resting on her shoulder with a little smile of being quite tipsy. Sana on the other hand had one hand loose and the other extended behind her, holding onto Jihyo's neck as they danced. You hesitated to approach them for fear of disturbing them, but you had absolutely no one else, and going out there alone was not an option.
Luckily for you, you made eye contact with Sana, who immediately motioned for you to join the two of them. You obeyed and approached the two of them, standing in front of Sana with some distance between you. You moved to the rhythm of the music with the two of them.
"Everything okay, honey?" Jihyo asked you.
"Uh.. .yeah, everything's fine."
Sana grabbed your shirt and pulled you towards her, you were now dangerously close to her face and the rest of her body.
"Don't be shy, silly."
You looked into her eyes for a few long seconds; her smirk and sensual expression were hypnotic, as was the way she moved her hips and enjoyed herself. You two were close, but your bodies didn't touch until the atmosphere heated up.
Halfway through one of the songs you were dancing to, Sana grabbed you by the waist and pulled you even closer, now pressing your bodies together to wrap both arms around your neck. You and Jihyo danced with her in between you for several songs, practically making a tight sandwich that was driving you crazy for her. Everything escalated too quickly, the spicy hands went from here to there over every corner of Sana's body, and she was enjoying it almost as much as you were. You could have even sworn you heard her let out a very subtle moan.
Maybe things escalated too, too quickly, because something you didn't think would happen so soon happened. Sana looked at you with eyes full of desire, her mouth half open in pure sensuality and her hands on your neck, rubbing the slightly sweaty skin there; then she brought her face closer to yours, and without a second's hesitation she kissed you.
Everything around you felt like being in a painting, too perfect to be true. You were completely paralyzed. It was just a kiss, it shouldn't be a big deal; but it was Minatozaki Sana's lips that you had pressed against yours. Again, it shouldn't have been a big deal, she was a person like anyone else. But that felt like being kissed by Galadriel herself.
When she separated her lips from yours, you met Jihyo's knowing eyes, who also looked at your mouth, making her intentions very clear. To test if you understood, you leaned over Sana's shoulder and kissed her too. It didn't end there: after kissing Jihyo, Sana turned around and met her eyes. The two of them also kissed, giving you a little show that was enough to make you hard.
As soon as the two of them finished their mini make out session, Sana grabbed you by the back of your neck and leaned close to your ear.
"Let's see how you behave the rest of the night to see if you deserve to fill my pussy or not."
A chill ran down your spine. The song ended shortly after, and at that moment Yugyeom approached you to tell you that everyone was going to play major or minor with cards. You didn't know if anyone else had seen you, everyone was engrossed in their own world and you didn't think everyone had stopped just to watch the three of you kiss. It wasn't something relevant to know, but you were more afraid of what they might say about Sana than about you.
Hours passed and the alcohol levels gradually became higher in your bodies. Sana became much closer and more affectionate to you and Jihyo; she lets Jihyo handle her at her will, and she is possessive of you over the other girls. Whenever Gahyeon and Minji tried to make you dance with them after finishing a song, Sana would pull you back with her so you wouldn't get separated from her. You weren't drunk, but you were standing on a fine line that could be crossed at any moment. But the most important thing of all is that you were having the time of your life.
However, the best was yet to come.
At some point around midnight the lower floor of the house began to be invaded by a crowd of people dressed in suits and tiki masks; they carried large water guns and tanks on their back, making them look like they were carrying flamethrowers—you hoped they weren't. The three of you were at the kitchen counter eating prawn and bacon skewers when this happened. You and Jihyo were surprised, but you had a certain level of concern since you didn't know what the hell was happening. Sana leaned towards you while she watched the people in suits settle in different parts of the floor.
"Take that face off, it will be a pleasant surprise. I'm just warning you to prepare to get really wet."
That phrase contained a clear double meaning that she accentuated in the word 'wet'. Your head was flooded with thoughts, many of them not exactly chaste. However, everything was quickly eradicated when you heard LMFAO's Champagne Showers start playing. In that moment, you understood perfectly what it was all about.
Sana took you both by the hand and took you to the 'dance floor', where both the tiki people and the rest of the guests began to dance and jump euphorically to the iconic song. The three of you joined in the commotion, laughing and enjoying the moment as enthusiastically as possible.
The moment approached, that peak point of the song where the 'pop' arrived and everything exploded. The tiki people stopped their dancing and focused on preparing their weapons for what was to come. They pointed it in the air and waited.
"Shake that bottle and make it, pop."
They opened fire and the crowd erupted in an explosion of euphoric screams and laughter. The powerful jets flew through the air in all directions, and it didn't take long for you to receive several of them. The unmistakable aroma of the liquid instantly confirmed what you suspected from the beginning of the song, and which was actually quite evident: it was a Champagne Shower.
The end of the song continued until the tiki people had emptied their tanks and absolutely everyone present was drenched in champagne. That was the spark that ignited a next phase of the party: many, already soaked and euphoric, took off their clothes and jumped into the pool. The sounds of splashing mixed with the music, creating a cacophony of joy and celebration.
Like everyone else, the three of you were completely soaked. Your clothes clung to your body, revealing every detail of your figures. Your eyes fell on Sana and Jihyo, admiring the curves and shape of her breasts. You didn't bother to hide your gaze, and they didn't seem bothered by it either. In fact, Sana even seemed pleased that you could see her sexy body again.
Sana took your hands once again and pulled you towards her, brushing your ears with her lips.
"I could use a change of clothes. Would you walk me to my room?" she whispered.
Neither you nor she hesitated for a single second to respond affirmatively. Sana smiled and, without letting go of your hands, she guided you up the stairs to her room. You still couldn't shake the subtle feeling of unreality. If you looked back, everything seemed to have happened too quickly: just a moment ago you were having breakfast with her on the terrace, and now you were heading to her room for what could be the best fuck of your life.
As soon as you crossed the threshold of Sana's room, she pulled you into a fiery kiss, enveloping her body in yours. Your arms instinctively clung to her small waist, feeling the wetness of the fabric and the firmness of her skin against yours. You responded to the kiss with the same intensity that she had from the beginning. Between the heat of the kiss, you felt Jihyo position herself behind Sana, kissing her neck with heavy breathing.
"Fuck, I've been waiting for this moment all night," Jihyo whispered, "Can I take off your dress now, cutie?"
Sana separated from your lips and responded between gasps into your mouth.
"You would do me a big favor, go ahead."
Jihyo did not hesitate to unzip Sana's dress all the way down and remove the straps from her shoulders to slowly lower it to the top of her abdomen. Sana kissed you again, so you couldn't get a glimpse of her pretty tits once they were freed. But she made up for it by bringing her hand right to the bulge in your pants, groping your cock hard over the wet fabric of your pants.
You had to let go of Sana for a moment so Jihyo could finish pulling down the rest of her dress, but you wrapped your arms around her again, and the feeling was one of the most pleasurable you could have ever experienced; being able to touch that beautiful, perfect body to your liking felt ethereal, especially when you brought your hands to her tits and squeezed them between your fingers.
At that moment Jihyo filled Sana's wet back with kisses and licks that made her gasp against your lips. In search of feeling even more of Sana's body you now brought your hands to her perfect ass, which you squeezed as hard as you could; giving her buttocks an intense massage over her panties, which were already screaming to be taken off.
After a few seconds, Sana separated from the kiss and you were able to admire her statuesque, semi-naked body, more closely than a few hours ago. Her tits were stupidly perfect, with an average round size and a pair of pink nipples that made your mouth water. Sana looked at you with a sly smile, satisfied with your reaction.
"Well? What do you think of them?" she asked, her hand on your cock.
Jihyo also looked at you with the same little smile, she then ran her hands in front of Sana's body and squeezed both of Sana's tits for you, she shook them up and down as well.  Then she answered for you. 
"Look at his eyes, of course he loves them. I bet he wants to suck them too."
Sana grabbed your chin and caressed it with two of her soft fingers, looking into your eyes.
"Is that so, my pretty boy?"
What Jihyo had told you crossed your mind again: 'Get your claws out.' They might have expected a more passive response from you, conforming to the dominant energies they were transmitting, but you decided to become proactive.
"Why don't you come to bed with me and find out for yourself?"
Jihyo looked visibly surprised, but she also nodded with a proud little smile. Sana didn't seem all that surprised, since you were probably giving her what she wanted, someone to dominate her. That was like a turning point, since now Sana saw you with different eyes. No longer like a mistress, but like a girl who wanted you to fuck her brains out.
"Lead the way then," she gestured toward the bed.
You broke away and walked towards the bed with her following behind you. You sat on the bottom edge of it and leaned back, both hands resting on the mattress behind you. She immediately went to straddle your lap, gripping her thighs on either side of your hips. Jihyo also climbed onto the bed, and she crawled up to kneel behind you. 
You wasted no time in wrapping your arms around Sana's torso and pressing her against you, plunging your mouth directly into her perfect pair of tits to suck on her nipples. Jihyo behind you took off your shirt and took your shirt out of your pants to lift it up, this way lifting it from your arms and taking it off as well. She hugged you from behind her and filled your back with wet kisses, also going up to your shoulders and the back of your neck; at that you ate both of Sana's soft mounds hungrily, while she ground her hips against your lap and moaned above your head.
"It's not fair..." Sana gasped, "I'm the only one naked here. I want to see you both."
Jihyo rested her chin on your right shoulder.
"And why don't you help me then? We can help our pretty Balto too."
As much as you didn't want to do it, you had to stop eating Sana's tits and let her go. She thanked you with a peck on the lips and stood up with Jihyo. The two of them stood less than a meter away from you and shared a steamy kiss, Jihyo's hands on Sana's waist and Sana's on her shoulders.
Jihyo buried her face in Sana's long neck, filling every corner of it with wet kisses and giving her intense sucks that were with the sole intention of marking territory. Sana used her hands as well as she could to remove Jihyo's top, and in doing so she also removed her bra, leaving them both on equal footing. Again they hug and kiss for another long seconds, in which Jihyo saved Sana work and took off her pants herself. Now the only thing separating them from being completely naked were her panties; Sana's were as red as the flower she still had on the side of her head, and Jihyo's were white.
They broke the kiss and Sana turned to look at you. She smiled from ear to ear looking between your legs.
"That thing is going to tear your pants with how hard it is."
Jihyo, who was kissing her chin and jaw, also turned to look at you.
"Come here, pretty boy."
You took off your shoes and stood up to stand in front of the two of them. Immediately they acted and each took one side of your neck to kiss it. Sana was more delicate and passionate with her kisses, but Jihyo attacked your neck in the same way she did Sana's, as if she wanted to mark territory. Between kisses they took turns undressing you; Jihyo took off your pants, while Sana was in charge of taking off your boxers.
Once completely naked they left your neck and went down your collarbone and chest, passing through your abdomen until they fell to their knees in front of your erect cock. Sana's eyes lit up when she saw it for the first time. She took it with one hand and moved it in each direction to detail it.
"Oh my god..." she gasped, "This is probably the biggest cock that's ever going to fit in this fancy mouth."
She gave it a little kiss on the tip to see your reaction, seeing that you had a little shiver she giggled and gave your tip a little suction to now kiss the back of your shaft.
"And his cum is delicious… why don't we give it a try?"
Jihyo joined Sana and grabbed the right side of your cock to kiss it as well. Both pairs of lips ran over every corner of your cock between wet kisses and long licks, drawing small moans out of you every few seconds. Your hands went to the back of their necks and held on there as Sana now swirled her tongue around your tip and Jihyo sucked on your balls.
The first to take you into her mouth was Sana. She took only a few inches of your cock at first, giving you slow, strong sucks with her eyes on you. Within a few seconds she released you, now licking the backside from top to bottom and meeting Jihyo's tongue on the way. When both tongues came into contact, they raised it at the same time to your tip, where they converged in a sensual maelstrom of saliva and viscosity.
You moaned louder as the two of them made out with your cock right in the middle; they didn't stick to just your tip, they went down along your entire length kissing and licking. When your cock was soaked in a mixture of both of their saliva, Jihyo took her turn to wrap her lips around you. Unlike Sana she took a few more inches, reaching a little more than halfway down your shaft before pumping her head slowly.
Despite starting out slow, Jihyo picked up pace quickly, slurping on your cock hungrily as she held onto your right thigh with both hands. Sana didn't stay still, she was in charge of licking underneath the area of your cock that Jihyo didn’t reach with her mouth; she also massaged your balls with her gentle hand, and with the other she rubbed your thigh.
Jihyo pulled you out of her mouth with a sharp breath, giving your cock slow strokes over the area she had sucked to let Sana continue doing her work. She looked into your eyes intently; you held her gaze for as long as you could, then she took your cock and guided it back into Sana's mouth.
This time Sana went further, to your surprise taking almost the entire length of your cock into her mouth; she reached the end showing a slight gag reflex, but that didn't stop her from putting all her effort into giving you a wonderful blowjob. She moaned around your cock with each pump, making it obvious that you weren't the only one who deeply enjoyed that.
Jihyo let Sana move her head for a few long seconds until she put her hand on the back of her head and pushed it deeper onto your cock. Sana was forced to take you completely inside her mouth, her face scrunching up and her gag reflex kicking in immediately. She choked on your cock, but held on a little longer until she let you free between loud coughs.
Jihyo looked at her with a touch of worry in her eyes.
"Oh, was I too abrupt?"
Sana shook her head as she composed herself.
"Not at all. I needed to choke on a cock like this."
She returned to your cock and kissed it all over again, now showing a devotion worthy of a relic. But you needed more.
"Girls, I'm close… could you not… ?"
"Don't worry baby, we got you," Jihyo said.
Jihyo and Sana now each took short turns sucking your cock. They did it with fast and frantic pumps, causing thick drops of saliva to fall from the corners of their mouths to the ground. Your shaft was covered in that thick, bubbly viscous layer, which each one was responsible for spreading and absorbing with her lips. You couldn't look away from there, you were going crazy with pleasure and you couldn't do anything but moan. Soon you had to make the sign.
"Do it on our tits," Jihyo said.
She knelt up and turned around looking at Sana, who pulled you out of her mouth and adopted the same position. They pressed their tits together, giving you the honor of making the finishing touch. You jerked off as fast as you could, bending your knees slightly to be closer for when you exploded. Your cum shot straight between their tits, painting both pairs of soft mounds white. While you were draining, they kissed each other between loud moans, as well as raising and lowering their breasts to spread your cum on them. The scene would remain in your mind forever as one of the hottest things you had ever witnessed.
When your orgasm passed, Jihyo pulled away from Sana's tits and looked at you as she held her firmly by the waist.
"Baby… I'd love to see this cutie get fucked, you wouldn't mind being a little dominant this time, right?"
You looked at Sana, from her eyes you could tell that she was desperate for you to do so.
"Let's go to bed then," you gestured towards the bed.
You helped the two of them stand up and get back on the bed. Sana lay down with her legs wide open and Jihyo lay down next to her, putting her tits in her face for her to clean. While Sana was wiping your cum off Jihyo's tits you lay between her legs, kissing the inside of her thighs and moving towards her pussy over her panties.
Jihyo returned the favor to Sana once she finished, eating her tits between moans and eating your cum along the way. You grabbed Sana's panties by the curb and slowly pulled them towards you, they slid down her legs and then you threw them to the floor. Her beautiful, wet, inviting pussy was now inches from your face, screaming to be eaten.
You did not resist your carnal impulses and planted your mouth there without a second's hesitation. Sana moaned loudly and brought a hand to your hair, tangling her fingers through it with a subtle tug. Jihyo dedicated herself to kissing every possible corner of Sana's body, passing through her neck and her collarbone until she reached her sexy abdomen.
"Mmm your mouth feels amazing darling..." Sana sensually moaned, "Eat that expensive Japanese pussy."
You internalized that as a kind of divine commandment. You had gained a lot of experience over the past few months, you were more than willing to put all of that into practice to give Sana one of the best orgasms she could ever experience, and as you gained confidence and identified the spots she loved, it didn't take long for you to make her scream with pleasure. 
Much to your and Jihyo's surprise, you brought Sana to her breaking point faster than you expected. You had her by her thighs, eating her pussy up and down her while Jihyo rubbed her clit with her fingers. Sana's body tensed and then she began to shake. She pulled your hair hard and she buried your mouth even deeper in her slit when she exploded.
"Mmgghh!!! Yes!!!"
You and Jihyo kept her pinned to the bed as her spasms shook her body. You held her trembling thighs, kissing every corner of her soaked pussy in the throes of her orgasm; Jihyo on the other hand continued to rub her clit in slow circles, then kissed her. Sana clung with both arms to Jihyo's neck, moaning into her mouth in the middle of the kiss. You gave a few last kisses to her pussy, and then to her thighs.
Sana let go of Jihyo and broke away from her kiss, then leaned up on her elbows and looked at you with heavy breathing.
"For God's sake, I'm begging you, fuck me right now."
Her husky and sensual voice penetrated your ears to give you a chill. Her eyes emanated desire, the desire for you to fill her to the bottom with your cock. She was making you feral, so much that you got on your knees, grabbed her waist and roughly put her on her hands and knees. Sana moaned and looked at you over her shoulder as you settled behind her with her amazing ass perfectly raised. Jihyo positioned herself in front of her with her legs open, making her request clear. But Sana was also clear that she needed to see how you filled her.
"Come on honey, fill that slutty, Japanese fancy pussy with that huge cock," Jihyo said, biting her lip.
You didn't consider it necessary to spit on your cock, it was already lubricated enough by the saliva of the two of them; you just had to take it with one hand and guide it towards Sana's pussy, where you pushed to take just your tip inside her. Sana frowned and bit her bottom lip, stifling a moan.
"Mmmm yeah, put it all inside dear, don't hold back..."
You remembered your little adventure with Gahyeon and found it funny that Sana was the complete opposite: she didn't want you to be careful, she wanted it all in from the beginning. You had no problem pleasing her. You grabbed her waist and, staring into her eyes, sank into her tight pussy with one hard thrust that made her scream.
"Ahhhh! Fuck!"
Sana finally turned her head and came face to face with Jihyo's plump, wet pussy, which she was waiting to be eaten. She immersed her face in it, holding her thighs while you moved with slow, hard thrusts that made Sana bounce back and forth. You made eye contact with Jihyo, noticing her face drunk with pleasure thanks to Sana's mouth, which apparently worked wonders.
"Come on baby, fuck her hard, make that pussy yours once and for all! Mmmgh!"
She grabbed onto Sana's hair and let her head fall back for a few seconds, letting out moans only the way she knew how: loudly and shamelessly. You gladly complied with her request, tightening your grip on Sana's waist and picking up the pace until you were fucking her hard but not becoming frantic.
The view you had was worth framing: one side of Sana's beautiful silky hair fell down her perfectly arched back, which made her ass look like something out of a dream. Your cock went completely  in and out between that pair of juicy buttocks, making them jiggle from the collision of your pelvis against them. Up ahead was Jihyo's reddened face; eyes fixed on the work Sana was doing on her pussy and her mouth half open as moans reverberated through the room.
You squeezed Sana's left buttock and let out a loud grunt of pleasure. Sana's pussy felt deadly addictive; it was extremely tight, with a hypnotizing grip and a silkiness that drove you crazy every time you reached the bottom with your thrusts. You crossed a new threshold of pace, now fucking her fast and hard, making her scream in pleasure against Jihyo's pussy.
"That's it baby!! She's doing fucking wonders in my pussy so don't you dare stop destroying her!!"
Jihyo's face twisted in pleasure. She couldn't help but lift her thighs and trap Sana's head between them. The red flower was ruined almost immediately—you thought it was about time, because it had lasted long enough. Then she grabbed onto her hair with both hands, pulling it hard to push her further against her slit.
Sana rested her hands on the mattress and slightly raised her upper body for a few seconds, only to let it fall back down. You took it as a sign, as her moans intensified to the point that she had to leave Jihyo's pussy for a few seconds to release them.
The three of you were close to your ecstasy, but the first to explode was Jihyo. She lifted her hips and let out a loud cry, then slammed them back down onto the mattress and sank onto the pillow behind her, holding onto it with both hands behind her head. Sana ate her with pleasure through her orgasm, but as soon as it passed she was free to separate her mouth from there and be able to moan to her heart's content.
"Please don't stop!! Just like that, yeah yeah yeah!!"
She looked over her shoulder at you again. You were met with a pair of teary eyes and a face as red as Jihyo's a few seconds ago. She wasn't going to last another minute, as you found out when after a few more pumps Sana lifted her lower body and muffled a high-pitched squeal against her pursed lips. Tears spilled from her eyes as she fell back down and the side of her face was crushed against the mattress.
Her pussy was choking your cock from all directions, if it was already tight before, now you felt like you were being trapped by a boa constrictor. That seemingly insignificant thing was what brought you to your orgasm. You pulled out your cock quickly, and rubbed it over her ass before a new batch of cum shot out. Sana raised her head weakly, watching both of her buttocks be covered in your thick liquid. Jihyo raised her head to look too, she bit her lip and winked at you.
"Fuck, come kiss me. You guys are so fucking hot."
Sana and you obeyed. You helped her up so that her arms wouldn't fail and she would fall on her face, then you both lay down on either side of Jihyo and brought your faces together to share a sensual triple kiss. In the middle of the hot act, the three of you groped each other, but the main objective of you and Jihyo was to enjoy Sana's body as much as you could. Once your tongues had swirled and you had shared saliva between the three of you, Jihyo pushed you away.
"Fuck her again, baby. But this time I want you to fill her pussy," she looked at Sana, "What do you say, cutie?"
Sana looked at you, and crawled like a predatory lioness towards you over Jihyo's body.
"I want him to do whatever he wants with me… I want him to make me his."
You didn't know how to act in a situation like that since it wasn't usual for you to be so dominant over someone, so you just acted on pure instinct. You grabbed her by the neck and moved closer to give her lips a slow lick from bottom to top, then kissed her for a few short seconds and murmured into her lips.
"Put yourself however you want me to fill that pussy then..."
Sana moaned and bit your lip, visibly turned on by the fact that she was bossed around.
"Mmm... whatever you want."
She moved away from Jihyo, who was staring at you like a monitor, and went to lie on her side on the right end of the bed. She pulled her legs up so that her knees were close to her torso, and she turned her upper body up so you could see her tits. You thought it would be best to lay down behind her to spoon her, but Jihyo quickly took that spot to fill her neck and back with kisses. You had no choice but to do it on your knees.
You positioned yourself in front of Sana's ass and rubbed your cock against her butt cheek a few times; she spit on her hand, and brought it to your shaft to rub it and fill it with saliva. Lubricated again, you slipped back into Minatozaki Sana's heavenly pussy, which greeted you with overwhelming warmth and softness.
You no longer needed foreplay, now you could fuck her as hard and fast as you wanted from the very beginning. However, you didn't do it, first you dedicated yourself to fucking her slowly, only to delight in the changes in her face every time your tip touched her cervix; then you went harder, but not fast, just to watch her tits bounce hypnotically. Finally you started with a combination of the two, and picked up the pace at which she was waiting to be fucked.
"Do you like how that cock fills you up, princess?" Jihyo said against Sana's cheek, "If only you could see your little slut face..."
"Oh god! It feels amazing... that cock is fucking perfect, I want it to be mine! Mghh!"
Sana turned her face to kiss Jihyo, meanwhile you clung with your right hand to Sana's buttock, squeezing it up to watch as your cock hammered into her tight pussy. Jihyo wrapped her arms around Sana's body, groping her all over and putting special emphasis on her bouncing tits. You spanked Sana hard, now holding onto her hips with both hands.
Jihyo separated from Sana and let go of her body; she now settled back on the bed, getting on her hands and knees with her face right next to Sana's ass while you fucked her. You watched what she did for a few seconds, which was basically watching your cock go in and out of her while she bit her lip. You and Sana moaned in unison, and Jihyo took an active role again, this time with you.
She grabbed your balls and grabbed them in a squeeze to look you up. You winced a little, but then enjoyed it.
"Drain those damn balls into that pussy… make her yours baby."
"Oh fuck!" you growled.
You grabbed one of Sana's thighs and pressed it back. Now with the sight of how your cock hammered into Sana's pussy and how Jihyo had your balls squeezed, your orgasm came to you in a mere matter of seconds. You growled like a primal beast, squeezing Sana's thigh so hard with your hand that you were sure a small bruise would appear there later. You shot drop after drop into her, then Sana's mouth opened, her eyes rolled back, and she came too.
You both melted in a hurricane of pleasure, Sana letting herself be carried away by her intense spasms, shaking her in unpredictable ways while Jihyo, smiling and satisfied, held her with one hand; and you with a drop of sweat falling down your temple as you came inside one of possibly the most beautiful women in the world.
Soon your orgasms passed and you came out of Sana, falling on the opposite side of where Jihyo was. You came face to face with the Japanese girl, who quickly cupped your face with her hands to kiss you between pleasurable moans. You wrapped her in your arms, soaking in her warmth as you tasted her lips again.
Jihyo took the moment to spread Sana's butt cheeks and collect every drop of your cum that leaked through her folds. When she was clean, she lay back down behind Sana and hugged you both. A few long minutes passed in which only the three of you rested huddled together, until Sana turned up to speak to both of you.
"You better get some new clothes, cuties, we have a long crazy night ahead of us..."
Spren Notes: Alright, this piece was originally intended to be quite a bit shorter, like 10k words or so, but I got carried away and u know 👹.
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chuuyasheaven · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡ One of your girls tonight. ♡
Tags: fem! Dazai Osamu / fem! Reader, lesbian sex, pet names (darling, princess, sweetheart), praising, fingering, slight teasing, making out mentioned, nipples getting licked (guess who), neck kissing, hickeys?, overstimulation, dirty talk, porn w/o any plot idk, strap use (first time writing this), ooc? Dazai, might contain grammar errors, rushed, SHORT., etc.
Notes: @heluvaku idk bruh enjoy !!
Tumblr media
All you remember is going to some random club after a messy break-up, only trying to have fun. After being there for like 2 hours just sitting there on the bar, you noticed her. A beautiful woman, long brown locks resting on her shoulders, few bandages covering her body and her pretty red lips. Feeling entranced by her, you got closer to her. If only you knew what you got yourself into, not like you complained, the complete opposite actually. .
Back at her place you guys were kissing eachother passionately, she was on top of you while you laid under her, her red lipstick smudging your lips. She let go of your lips, looking at you seductively. Dazai lowered her head again until her breath was hitting your neck, leaving a few kisses and maybe hickeys here and there. Deciding it was enough, she was looking at your chest, from which she took the shirt off, your tits out for her to suck on. Her warm breath hitting your nipples before it disappeared inside her mouth, sucking on it and teasing it with her tongue. "Feels good, darling?", Dazai asked before going down on the other. "F–fuckkk.", was all what left your mouth.
Your nipples were drenched with her spit, even some of her smudged lipstick on your tits. Since you were only in your panties right now, she let her fingers trace over your body until she stopped at your panties' waistband. Only to leave it on and slid between your legs, pushing your panties to the side for easy entrance. Dazai's fingers were long and slim, her moves were delicate, making you feel like you never have before. With some moans slipping from you, she curled her fingers to unlock more. "Ah— D–dazai. .", you managed to say, she looked at you with a teasing expression. "What is it, sweetheart?", you gulped before answering, her fingers hitting your cervix.
"I'm g–gonna—", you gasped before your climax washed over you. How did you cum that fast? Probably because no one made you feel so good, not even your good for nothing ex boyfriend. "Good girl, think you're ready for the main course?", you automatically nodded immediately, she stood up and went to get something. When Dazai returned, she held a strap, you never knew you could wet this fast. As she finally got everything set, she inserted it into you, slowly and gently first so you could adjust. You never knew that there were sizes like that. While she waited inside you, she tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, after she just let her finger run up and down your thigh.
Soon you gave her the sign to move and she did, going slow at first. It felt so good, barely even started and you were already a mess. The way it hit spots you didn't even know about drove you crazy. As Dazai picked the speed up, you got louder, with the orgasm from earlier you were already sensitive enough. "D–dazai, please. . f–feels good– hah!", her grip on your waist got slightly harder, pleasure starting to take over her. "F–fuck, keep moaning my name like that and I'll never stop, princess.", in middle of the heat in the moment your phone rang, but you didn't hear, Dazai was your main focus right now. Dazai noticed but didn't say anything, she needed to make you cum again. Your cunt clenched around her strap signaling that your second release was nearing itself.
"I'm not gonna stop until you're going dumb on me, alright, pretty girl? I'm gonna make you forget about everything but me. ."
Tumblr media
This was rushed but ngh I need her so bad. </3
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nr1chaedickrider · 2 months
Like a habit, I’m thinking of you and I’m feeling freaky - I’m getting impatient so I’m going to you.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
desperate!momo ; degradation ; use of a strap on ; something short and silly ; bondage ; use of mommy ; you know who you are
men dni.
A new message.
Your cell phone rings as you sit at your desk. You look around to see if anyone heard it, but everyone in the library is quietly studying.
You pick up your phone to see who texted you, but you quickly turn it off.
You breathe in and out.
You look at it again and see Momo who wrote you -
'Miss you,
I need you'.
You stare at your phone as you see her continue to type -
'You are coming tonight, right?
I'll take care of you.'
You feel your cheeks turning red.
She knows you're studying and she knows you have to be serious and can't just start giggling.
She teases you.
"Momo, I'm home," you call into her apartment as you close the door behind you.
"Y/n!" she replies as she runs into the living room, a smile on her lips as she hugs and kisses you.
You kiss her back, but realize she hasn't forgotten what she said hours ago.
"Momo," you say as she doesn't stop kissing you, her lips landing on your neck.
"I missed you so much," she whispers against your skin, biting lightly.
"I-I missed you too," you answer with a whimper.
Her hands touch you everywhere as she takes off your jacket and you stumble out of your shoes.
She lifts you up and you wrap your legs around her waist as she carries you to the bedroom.
"Y/n," she groans as she sets you down on the mattress, taking off your shirt and looking at the marks she has already left - knowing there will be many more when this is over.
"I need you so much," she says, her hand disappearing into your pants as she rubs circles on your clit.
You feel yourself melting into the bed, turning your head to the side as she applies pressure.
She unbuttons your pants and takes them off, throwing them somewhere on the floor.
"I want to ruin you," she whispers into your ear and nibbles on your earlobe, making you moan.
"Please-..Momo-," you answer and grab the sheets.
She quickly turns you over and you already know what she has in mind.
You remember telling her one night - while you were half asleep - how badly you wanted her to make you cry as she pounded you from behind.
But you never expected it to happen today, at this very moment.
She lifts your ass and slowly slides your underwear off.
You feel the cold metal around your wrists as she puts on the handcuffs.
You try not to smile too much when you hear the sound of a strap being put on.
And you feel yourself dripping in arousal as she touches your clit with it.
"Don't tease me, I need you, please, Mommy..."
The nickname slips out of your mouth - Momo giggles in response.
"You sound so hot when you call me that," she says and enters you completely.
You moan into the pillow, your back arching and your hands moving against the cuffs as you suddenly feel her everywhere.
She starts thrusting into you pretty fast, not giving you any time to relax.
She takes your wrists in her hands as she continues to pleasure you.
You are already a moaning mess, only able to think about the way she fucks you, making you so sensitive.
"You're such a good slut for me, aren't you?" she moans as she leans down and kisses the back of your neck.
"Momo - I'm... I'm close -" you whimper.
"Yeah? Are you? Cum for me.. fuck-" she answers, moving even faster.
Her words only make you needier, getting closer and closer until you cum.
You let out loud moans, your whole body shaking as an intense orgasm washes over you.
Momo slows down until she stops completely, watching you breathe unevenly - probably one of her favorite things to see.
You turn your head to the side to look at her, your cheeks flushed, eyes slightly teary, your body trembling.
"Let me take care of you next..." you say, and she laughs at your words.
"Are you sure?" she teases and begins to move again.
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irondad-defensesquad · 3 months
My Irondad fic recs!
I thought of doing this because why not? Admittedly, I'm not reading as much fanfiction as I did a couple years ago, but some fics have changed my life entirely. In case I forgot one, I'll add it later!
I would’ve organized this in a bullet list, but Tumblr hates me and invented a character limit for that. So this is going to be long and will be under the cut. Anyway, let’s do this!
Rare and Sweet As Cherry Wine by loubuttons – I've mentioned this one before, but this fic right here was what inspired me to write my own Irondad works. One very particular detail I like about it is how it portrays Maria, Tony's mother. It's not what I usually see in other fics about Tony's childhood, since they tend to make Howard the big bad parent. Of course, this is because I personally related to it, as I don't believe in the "bad parent vs. good parent". I also like that it praises Edwin Jarvis as the one who looked out for Tony the most. It's pretty realistic and a very melancholic character study, IMO. *TW for abuse and neglect*
You're Always Iron Man by madasthesea – a very short fic but I absolutely love the premise. Takes place after the big battle in Iron Man 2, and Tony finds little Peter again. They have a very endearing interaction. The following chapter is also very cute!
Nothing like a fresh cup of humiliation in the morning by madasthesea – Pure fluff! This one is probably a classic in the Irondad fandom. Tony kisses Peter's forehead without second thought. Shenanigans ensue. It's so adorable and funny. If you just want to read fluff without angst, this one is for you.
when my body won't hold me anymore (where will I go) by madasthesea - I think I heard about this fic thanks to @/irondadfics here on Tumblr, but I might be wrong since I already knew the Nice work, kid series. Anyway, Peter is believed to be dead, so Tony (and the rest of the Avengers team) is mourning him. In reality, Peter is astral projecting. You know, sort of like how Stephen Strange, in his first movie, was fighting a guy in the other dimension while his body on Earth was struggling to live. That's basically what happens. Strange appears, of course, and saves the day. And I pretty much LOVE the presumed dead trope. I don't know why. Maybe it's the angst of it all. *TW for grief/mourning and temporary character death*
The Reason by doctornineandthreequarters – I think I read this one when I was still writing Oh, take me back to the start. I was looking for fics for inspiration, and I found this one. During the Time Heist in Endgame, Tony remembers the reason he's fighting to bring everyone else back. It's very emotional.
Couch Cuddles by happyaspie – Classic sickfic, but with more fluff than anything. I like rereading it when I feel lonely and touch-starved, especially when I'm also sick like Peter.
You’re So Much Like Me (I’m Sorry) by SpaceCowboysFromMars – Irondad + Miles Morales! Peter is an adult in this, and he freaks out when an injured Miles arrives in his apartment. Tony gives him some wisdom about mentoring and parenting. I don’t usually find Irondad stories featuring Miles (and not necessarily a Spider-Verse crossover), so this was a nice discovery. Peter & Miles & Tony is a very underrated trio IMO. *TW for slight gore*
I'm Glad I Have You by punkybunny – Peter has been having a rough time, dealing with loneliness as Aunt May is not home often, and with bullying at school... until he finally has the chance to spend time with Tony. However, the demons don't disappear completely. Obviously, more Hurt/Comfort, lmao. *TW for nightmare/bad dream*
I Want to Trust You by punkybunny – Actually part of a series that, admittedly, I haven't read all the other stories. But even this one is a very interesting concept on its own. This is a Hydra Peter AU, after Peter has been rescued. He gets sick but given his past in Hydra, he thinks Tony is going to get angry. Peter is proven wrong when Tony helps him get better. The ending is very adorable. I'll see if I can read the rest of the series one day. *TW for past abuse and experimentation*
what you think I've done wrong by ironxprince – I don't often read Biodad stories as you all know, but I was, again, looking for inspiration for You keep me searching for a heart of gold, and I stumbled across this one. Basically Peter, as Tony's biological son, finally meets Howard. It goes as well as you think /sarcasm. *TW for physical abuse*
i, in time, will climb my mountain by ironxprince – This one is heavy. Once again, Peter is Tony's bio son, and he's suicidal. Every time Peter attempts suicide, he buys a new plant. Tony doesn't know this, so he's confused as to why there are so many plants in their house. I love this one, but of course, I try to read it when I’m not having a really bad day. *Once again, TW for suicide attempts*
how do you get that lonely (and nobody knows?) by parkrstark – Yeah... another heavy one. Peter attempts suicide but he saves himself before he reaches the ground. With that, he goes to Tony. This ends happily, don't worry. *TW for suicide attempt*
When You Can't Sleep by Emily_F6 – Pretty much Tony comforting a sleepy Peter, who has just had a nightmare about Thanos. Just Hurt/Comfort and domestic fluff. *TW for mention of death*
i get by (but it's eating me alive) by Livinei – Honestly, I think this is the BEST May's Abusive Boyfriend story I've ever read. For one, none of the characters are oblivious nor dismissive of Peter's feelings. May isn't neglectful and Ned actually tries to encourage Peter to tell someone. I also like that Peter isn't completely helpless. I don't usually see those things in other fics with this trope, sadly. And of course, Protective Tony is my weakness. *TW for emotional and physical abuse*
Hold Me Together by An_Odd_Idea – Post-Endgame where Tony is alive, and Peter and Tony are both trying to cope, so they rely on each other. Pure Hurt/Comfort.
A Tremendous Thing by ExpectoPatronum – Possibly one of my favorite Irondad stories EVER. Also post-Endgame with Alive Tony (though the author better explains it in the notes, it's supposed to be part of a series, but this story can be read on its own). There are a lot of references to Charlotte's Web if you're familiar with it. Basically, it's Father's Day and Peter is feeling guilty and out of place at Tony's lake house, even though everyone is readily trying to include him. It's absolutely beautiful and painful.
Hug You I Must by spiderwriting (catch_you_later) – Probably one of the first touch-starved Peter fics I've read. I like how it describes touch-starvation as this "itchy" current in your body, something that makes you anxious. Thankfully, Peter gets his hug later on. Plus there are some Star Wars references (the title probably is one, lol). *There's some minor violence here when Peter is fighting off some bad guys, but not the focus of the fic*
When You're There With No One There To Hold, I'll Be The Arms That Reach For You by Squibbles94 – Another touch-starved Peter fic. But I really like the references to Cast Away. Ironically I saw this movie in the same year the author published this fic (dare I say SHORTLY after it was posted). I also had no idea that Cast Away was entirely about isolation. Gosh, the main character's monologue at the end ALWAYS gets to me... anyway, yeah, the peak of the pandemic was awful to me, so reading fics like this one helped tons. It still does.
I am cold by N/A (orphan account) – Peter tries to visit Tony, but he gets lost in a subway tunnel on a freezing day. Eventually we learn why Peter wanted to see Tony, but overall this is mainly domestic fluff. Everything ends well.
Sorry Pedro by PinkEasterEggs – One of the first Irondad fics I read. Peter has a nightmare about Homecoming (mainly Toomes), but he avoids waking Tony for that reason. But thanks to F.R.I.D.A.Y's protocols, Peter goes to his mentor. Tony is also super soft here and it makes my heart swoon.
you are enough by diaz_evan – Another post-Endgame fic. Arguably I began reading Irondad fics only after Endgame released. Anyway, this one is short, kinda sad but it ends well. It’s Tony’s birthday and Peter feels very anxious about what to get him as a present. Thankfully, he doesn’t need to prove his love for Tony. *TW for panic attack*
Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Stark by downeylove – There are a lot of Father’s Day fics for these two, of course, but this one takes the cake for me. It’s simple but very endearing to me. Tony obviously doesn’t have good memories of this day, but Peter changes that for the first time. It’s really cute. Plus, Pepper is here, and I love her. I wish I could read more of her interacting with Peter. *TW for mentions of alcoholism and past child abuse*
5 Times Peter Didn’t Say He Was Struggling… And The One Time He Did by Bladam_Shevine – Again, an old fic I read years ago. I admit I haven’t re-read it in a while, but I remember enjoying it and even saving it to read offline. It’s basically what it says in the title: Peter struggles in many ways and he initially refuses help. Tony is always there to reassure him he can count on him. Bruce is here if you like him! And MJ helps Peter on one of the chapters as well. The chapters might get heavier as they go, but it ends on a hopeful note. *TW for injury, panic attack, suicide attempt (it doesn’t involve Peter), and depression*
The Good Days and the Bad by SoupGirlLovesSoup - Peter has had a bad day, now he's cuddling with Tony. It takes a while before Peter finally tells him what happened. It gets sad, but it's mostly fluff and it ends hopefully. I love re-reading it when I need the comfort. *TW for mention of suicide attempt, depression, and bullying*
Breathe Again by gwenoakley - Post-Endgame where Tony survives. He's recovering in the hospital and Peter finally reunites with him. Before that, though, we can feel the anxiety and trauma Peter feels. Definitely makes me emotional. It's the ending they deserved.
Well, for now this is it! Again, I might add more fics here. I think I also could make a list of what particular concepts I want to read more in Irondad stories, so maybe you guys could give me your own recs. I might try to resume my habit of reading Irondad fics, because they give me a lot of comfort. Thanks for reading this far! I hope you enjoy any of the stories I included.
(I'm aware some authors here have their accounts on Tumblr, but I didn't want to annoy anyone by tagging them, so yeah 😅)
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unreliablesnake · 1 year
Animals – part 2 (Simon "Ghost" Riley x reader)
Summary: You go on a date, but your date suddenly disappears. On your way out, you bump into Ghost. But little do you know he was behind that mysterious disappearance.
Note: This is part 2 (here's part 1), but it can be read as a stand-alone. There's no smut this time. If you want to know when I post new stuff, follow @unreliablesnakefics and hit the get notifications button. I don't have a taglist.
Part 3
Warnings: afab!reader (i think, i can't remember every word), toxic!Ghost, mentions of sex so MINORS DNI!
Tumblr media
It had been way too long since you met a guy who actually entertained you. Most of those on dating apps were just looking for one-night stands, though you couldn't blame them since you were there for the same. But this guy? Damn, he was so nice and polite and handsome and perfect in every way.
Working as a research scientist at some pharmaceutical company on weekdays, volunteering at animal shelters on the weekends, talking about his sisters, nephews, and nieces so sweetly that it made you smile like crazy. And the best part? He wasn't taken aback by hearing you were in the military.
You definitely hit the jackpot with him.
"I'll go get another round," you told him, but you couldn't get yourself to let go of his hand. It was so warm and your hand fit so perfectly into his that you didn't want this to end. "Okay, I'll really go now," you added with a short laugh as you finally pulled away your hand.
As soon as you got far enough not to see the table anymore, Ghost sprung into action. He picked up his glass and walked over to your date, towering over him with a threatening look on his face. The poor guy only noticed him when he put his glass on the table and leaned down to make sure he heard every single word he was about to say.
"If I see you touch her or even talk to her again, I'll break every single bone in your body," he stated menacingly.
The man gave him a confused look. "I'm sorry?"
"You heard me. Leave. Now."
"Who are you, and why would I do as you say?" he asked, seemingly annoyed by this stranger bothering him.
Ghost let out an annoyed growl. "She's mine. Now, don't make me repeat myself." The man didn't move, instead he watched the soldier defiantly. He knew you'd be back soon, so he grabbed the front of his shirt and leaned even closer. "Trust me, mate, you don't want to know what I'm capable of. Get. Out."
This was enough to make him move. Shaking his head and cursing under his breath, he said a few words about how you weren't worth the trouble then left.
As he thought about what he had just heard, Ghost returned to the corner of the bar where he had been hiding until now. A part of him was outraged, having a difficult time keeping himself back from going after that asshole to punch him in the face for saying this about you. But there was another part, a much smaller one that fully agreed with him.
When you returned with the drinks, you found an empty table with only your bag on top of it. You looked around, utterly confused by the disappearance of your date. Even his jacket was gone, so he probably wasn't in the bar anymore. But where the hell did he go all of a sudden?
After fishing out your phone from your bag, you immediately dialed his number. "Where are you?" you asked when he finally answered.
"I left. Why didn't you tell me that you have a boyfriend?"
"What? I don't have a boyfriend."
He let out a huff and you could imagine him roll his eyes. "Well, some big, scary guy still came over to me while you were gone and told me to leave you alone," he explained.
You wondered what guy he was talking about. "I have no idea who it could be," you said after successfully going through the list of possible suspects in your mind.
"Whatever, I won't waste my time on you."
With that he ended the call and you were left standing there by the table. It was so strange, you had never experienced anything like this before. You had never been stood up like that by a guy you liked before.
Taking a deep breath, you thought about what to do. In the end you walked over to a couple sitting at the other table on your side and gave them the two glasses with a forced smile. "I don't need these anymore. Have a good evening."
You turned around to leave, but before you could reach the door, you bumped into someone. When you looked up, you saw a familiar face, brown eyes locked with yours in an instant.
"Ghost?" you asked, suddenly feeling a little timid.
He gulped, having an incredibly hard time restraining himself when being so close to you. You were his drug, something that was lingering in the back of his mind all the time, making him angry and desperate at the same time. The lieutenant didn't want to like you. He tried to fight it, tried to get you out of his system, but all of his attempts were futile. One way or another, he needed you to function properly.
"What are you doing here?"
"I wanted to ask the same thing," you replied as you shoved your hand into your pockets.
Ghost buried his hand into his hair as he watched you. "I was meeting a friend nearby and came in for a drink before going back home," he told you, the lie rolling off his tongue without a problem.
"Wait, you live here? I thought you lived in Manchester."
"I moved a few months ago."
For some reason you gave him a doubtful look. "Is that so?"
"Yeah, I needed a change of scenery."
"Good for you. Well, my night is ruined, so I'm leaving. Have fun," you said before you walked past him and left the bar.
Fuck, fuck, fuck. He couldn't let you leave like that. He needed you tonight, he needed to hear you let out those sweet sounds, the whimpers and string of incoherent words as he fucked you. "Wait," he called after you once he was outside. You came to a halt and turned back with a questioning look. "I'll walk you home."
But you shook your head at this. "I'll be fine, thanks."
"This wasn't a question," Ghost informed you, his voice carrying the sort of authority it did during missions.
This obviously didn't go past by you because you shook your head and pinched the bridge of your nose in annoyance. "What do you want from me?" you asked, sounding exasperated.
He stepped closer to you, close enough to lean down and kiss you with his arms wrapped around your body if he wanted to act on his instincts. At first he didn't know what to say. He had been keeping an eye on you for so long that now it was a habit he simply couldn't shake off. And being with you, either in a friends with benefits or actual relationship would fuck up the balance of his life.
Because he didn't want to be friends. He didn't want to be your lover. He just…
Well, he didn't really know what he wanted. To control every aspect of your life? To continue his ritual of secretly looking at photos of you in the middle of the night as he jacked off? Or did he just want to keep his distance, to continue to watch you from afar without you knowing about it?
You could tell something was wrong, you could feel it in your bones. His icy stare gave you the chills, and the more time that passed, the more anxious you became. Ghost was too close to your liking. You could feel the heat radiating from his body which drove you dangerously close to the edge.
Something suddenly changed about his body language, as if a switch had been flipped in his brain. "You. All of you," he replied. "We had fun last time, didn't we?"
Oh, yes, the last time when you threw your pride away just to be thoroughly fucked by him. As much as you hated to admit it, none of your one-night stands could satisfy you the way the lieutenant could. You were drawn to him, and he could easily control you like a puppeteer.
But his cold, dismissive behavior on missions was still a vivid memory, something you couldn't easily forget about. It was strange that he was so different in private, when it was just the two of you on your days off. "I thought you hated me."
Ghost thought about his answer. "My feelings for you are a little… complicated."
"How so?"
Instead of answering, he moved his lips to your ear, playfully biting it before moving down your jawline, just until he could capture your lips. You hesitated, but the familiar feeling made you return the kiss in the end, and you slowly wrapped your arms around his waist to keep him close.
"You're so fucking annoying and disobedient on the field," he whispered against your lips. "But I can't keep my distance from you. It's hard to explain."
His big palms brushed over the skin on your arms until he peeled them off of himself then he intertwined his fingers with yours. You wanted to accept his answer because you were just as confused about your feelings for him as he was, but your instincts told you to run.
"I should go home," you told him as you pulled away, your eyes fixed on his chest. You couldn't look him in the eye, afraid of what he would say or do. He took a deep breath, preparing himself to say something, but you quickly spoke up to stop him. "Alone."
Ghost let out an annoyed groan. He was ready in every way to fuck you again, but now you ruined his fun with these words. How could he convince you? You seemed so sure of yourself that he wondered if it was even possible to change your mind.
When he reached out to touch you again, you immediately pulled away, taking several steps back to build a distance from him. "Why are you doing this? Just tonight. Just this one time," he tried, his voice steady and confident, almost demanding.
But you shook your head. "This would be the second time. And then what? You show up again and ask for another time? Then another?" Probably, although he wasn't about to say that out loud. "I don't wanna do this, Simon."
"Don't you dare call me that," he growled, his hand instinctively wrapping around your neck. Your eyes went wide and he let go at once. Ghost bit on his lower lip as he buried a hand in his hair and began to pace in front of you. "I'm sorry," he apologized. But he was mad because he never gave you permission to call him that. Never.
Your chest was heaving rapidly as you watched him, your eyes not losing track of him for a second. He knew you were scared of him, and he also knew that you had every reason to feel this way. He shouldn't have done that. He shouldn't have attacked you. But when he heard you say his name, it made him angry.
"Just don't call me Simon again," he said.
"Goodnight, lieutenant," you told him, emphasizing the last word before turning around to walk away from him.
He kept his eyes on you, mentally kicking himself for not keeping his emotions under control. As you disappeared into the night, he caught a cab and went to your apartment, asking the driver to stop a few blocks away from it just to be sure you didn't see him.
Ghost had to see you again. He wanted to make sure you were home, sleeping peacefully in your bed. According to the GPS in your phone, you were just about to arrive when he turned around the corner. He managed to catch a glimpse of you when you opened the door of the apartment building.
Every bone in his body was drawn to you, but he tried to resist his instincts. He couldn't go after you, breaking in your door if he had to just to throw you on your bed and have you in any way he wanted. It was just him and his hand tonight, all thanks to his fucking mistake.
He glanced down at his watch–it was almost eleven. He waited for another hour on the street before you finally turned off your lights, giving him the signal that made him go home to his own place.
Far from you.
Far from the temptation.
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fayelynnee · 7 months
johnny ‘soap’ mactavish x reader
no prns, no use of yn, afab reader
warnings: none!! probably. it’s very short :(
content: smut (mdni), use of toys (vibrator), johnny being a sneaky shit, edging?? probably, that’s all!
smth to listen to: give - sleep token
bye!! -faye🍼
Tumblr media
Johnny Mactavish was easy to please. Dote on him sweetly, nuzzle into his chest, kiss him softly, it was too simple to keep him happy. And it was even more simple to keep him relatively active.
Being together for so long, it was relatively simple to know what Johnny enjoyed. And Johnny loved to play, easy as that.
He loved hunting you down, being hunted. Teasing you, vice versa. Though recently, you feel things have been a little too simple. Johnny was too sweet, too lovely to even mutter a word of complaint about the relatively...boring sessions you've been having recently. You decided it was time for a step up, something that'll excite him. Something that'll keep him giddy and chasing after you as he always does.
Though he'll admit, it takes him by surprise when you have a gift waiting for him. Slipping a box into his hands and kissing his forehead while he settles for the afternoon. Gently reminding him that you both have dinner reservations later that night, and to dress up nicely. Before he can slip in another word, you’re already off again, disappearing into your home, away from him.
On a 'grocery run', you stopped by a shop. Despite your nerves, the quirky, young clerk was more than happy to help you explore the wonders of their store. Following her neon hair and dark makeup through the magical isles of sex toys and bits of lingerie.
Through her babbling, your eyes were fixed on a bit of packaging that caught your attention immediately. "Ah, the remote one?" She took notice in how you stared, picking it from its place. "This one's got lots of settings, perfect if your lover's a big tease...yours is, yeah?" "He is, yeah.." You felt sheepish, shy, speaking to this girl about your sex life. She didn't seem to care one bit. "Should be perfect for ya, baby" Goodness, that right there just convinced you.
"Alright..I'll get this one-" Was an answer she humbly accepted, and seeing as that was all you needed, the two of you swiftly began weaving your way back through the store. Your poor, innocent eyes were still fixed onto the various crafts being sold. Silicone, feathers and lace was definitely a force to be reckoned with.
She rung you up quietly, watching as you still looked.
"Just a heads up.." She hummed, gaining your attention once more. "All of our lingerie is fifty percent off today.."
It’s a nice little box, wrapped up with a nice black bow. It’s obvious that you’d tied it, made it all pretty for him. And what was inside was just as pretty. He opened it up to find a little black remote. Johnny knew what it was instantly, snickering quietly to himself. Who would’ve thought that you, his sweet, well kept, and relatively vanilla lover just gave him access to their vibrator. Thats why you ran off so quickly. It was a game to be played, and a game he was gonna win. He hesitated, for about thirty minutes actually. Waiting for the perfect moment.
The moment came suddenly. When you were doing some chores around the house. He saw you, carefully drying the dishes you’d just rinsed. He sipped from his mug of coffee, and with three little clicks, he watched you crumble. He watched you gasp and fumble against the counter. Your eyes darted over to him, and he matched the mischief you held earlier. “Y’alright, bonnie?” He grinned, clicking the button once more. You set down your towel, humming loudly. Your knuckles went white as you gripped against the countertop. “Never- Never better—” You responded, quick gasps falling past the part in your lips.
He lifted his hand, looking to all the buttons, grinning before he cut the power off completely. “Glad to hear, love” He snickered, watching you turn back, your face heating up quickly. He was running off before you could scold him, mimicking how you’d ran away from him earlier when you’d given him the remote.
At least it was short, not dragged on or anything. Though it still left you huffing, a pout playing on your lips as you aggressively grabbed at your dish towel again, resuming your dishes with a growing dampness between your legs.
It wasn’t thought of again until you forgot, getting all pretty and pampered in your bedroom. It was nearing six thirty, and your reservations were at seven. You’d fixed your hair, done your makeup, slipped on the prettiest and tiniest black dress you had. Johnny’s favorite in particular. Nothing could’ve prepared you for the sudden vibrations against your cunt, causing you to gasp and keep to your spot on the bed, with Johnny watching from afar. His body leant up against the doorway, easing the intensity up further.
“Johnny!” You’d hollered out, hearing his devilish little laugh from where he stood. He didn’t stop it this time, leaning against the frame of your bedroom door, watching you. “I like the present you got me, really thoughtful, bonnie” He grinned, dangling the device between his fingers, watching you. Your hands fisted at the sheets, shaking your head. “You like it too much, ah-” You’d hummed, leaning your head back.
He relished in the sight of you. Sweet, lovely little moans that sprouted from your throat. How your legs spread and the little fabric your dress had rode up. The way your chest would heave gently, and your lips would wobble with every intake of breath, so sharp.
Johnny took it all in, matching your hum as he stepped closer to you. Towering over your form on the bed you two shared. His hands moved to your sides, head dipping down to trace his lips over the nape of your neck, his breath tickling in spots he knew you loved. He took note of the constant whirring, and how you whined for him.
You’ve ached for this moment all day, from the moment you put it on, you prayed he’d finish you in such a way. The agitation from it being kept still for so long, and now at the highest setting had sent you from zero to a hundred in minutes.
“Johnny…ohh-” You moaned, feeling his grin against your skin, past his perfectly saturated smile. “Thats it, bonnie, go on” Your arm hooked over his shoulder, gripping his shirt as you shook below him. The vibrations against you felt almost too much to bare, your whimpers spewed out next to his ear.
It’s taken steps further once he presses his index and middle finger against the front of your panties, shifting the small toy. The lace was so thin, so sheer. He wanted to rip it from you, to tear you apart then and there. You looked pitiful, rutting your hips against his hand in a desperate attempt to feel it further. The high setting had you going quickly, a little too quick for Johnnys liking.
He loved taking his time, now wasn’t going to be anything quick.
Your squeals were delightful against his eardrums, and the breathless sighs pushed past your lips made his cock throb desperately for you. You felt it, too. Pushed heatedly against the back of your bare thigh. Just the thought of him filling you had you aching. The mere thought almost had you creaming. And just as you began to squirm in his hold, right as it was hitting the right spot-
“Fuck! m’gonna-” You announced, but the admission was ripped away just as soon as it began. Your voice hummed a whine in protest. “Johnny..”
He gently removed himself from over top of you, smirking. He dangled the remote on his index finger, it was lifeless, much to your dismay.
“C’mon, we have dinner reservations.” He didn’t stop to acknowledge thr pout on your lips, the protests that came from the trembling in your thighs. It took strength for him to not pull your dress off to reveal the obviously new set you bought. “Keep it on, won’t you?”
He tugged you up, giving you a quick kiss to your forehead.
“Maybe i’ll let you finish by the time we get back…you never know.”
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1moremilgram-enjoyer · 6 months
Kotoko's Clothes Throughout HARROW
CW Death and murder, vigilantism, online radicalization, mentions of kidnapping, Little Red Riding Hood (so a wolf eating someone and animal death)
In my Kotoko brainrot arc (aka working on a full HARROW analysis), and I think it's really interesting how much Kotoko's clothes seem to change throughout HARROW. Changing clothes in general usually represents character change, which certainly fits how much Kotoko's attitude towards everything seems to switch up as she becomes more and more radicalized (presumably by online discourse seeing some of the other stuff in the MV) and violent. Not to mention the whole Red Riding Hood thing. Let's take a look!
(Btw, I'm not going to talk about the weird changing clothes at the end of the MV, where her clothes are completely different when she sees the kidnapping than when she actually kills the serial killer. It's too much of a mess for this post, so I'll leave it for the full analysis)
(This has probably been done before but you can't stop me from posting >:D)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So, there's four distinct fits Kotoko wears in HARROW, which I'll call White Jacket, Blue and Yellow Jacket, Foggy Forest Fit, Murder Fit. (Clarification: I don't think she actually killed the alley dude, I'm calling it that exclusively for the final murder)
Let's go one by one, in order of appearance. White Jacket shows up first. It's made up of, as you can imagine, a white jacket with red streaks, shorts of the same color, a black tank top, and white shoes.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The interesting thing about this outfit is that it shows up first, then completely disappears after Kotoko attacks the man in the alley. Even when we later see her back in the studio, by that point she's already wearing her red hoodie. This makes sense, as the primary color used here is white. In this MV, I believe white is being used to represent purity of some kind, while red represents danger and aggression. So in this outfit, we see a Kotoko yet untainted by violence (white), but who already has that latent danger lurking underneath (red streaks). Hell, for all we know, she hasn't even dropped out of the faculty of law at this point.
(T1) Q7: What did you study at university?
KY: For a while, I studied at the faculty of law. There's something I want to do, so I'm currently taking a break from studies, though.
But also worth noting, in that first shot, the red hoodie she uses to murder is already behind her. Again, latent danger.
Her shoes are also important, because for Kotoko, shoes are her murder weapon. But not these shoes. The white, pure shoes are those of an innocent individual. In this case, it's because she literally hasn't done anything with them yet.
Finally, the black tank top, which she shares with her "murder" outfit. Allowing myself to go a bit insane, this is the piece of clothing literally closest to her heart. The black doesn't represent evil, but rather grief and pain, I believe.
Becoming light-headed again, it all becomes crazy, the normalcy sought for, fading away, everytime death comes. The soul moves forward - I hate all the evils in this world, I feel like I’m about to break The surrounding net covered with poison
Want to find “HARROW” “HARROW” I feel like I’m going crazy after straining my nerves The person that can’t be saved, is now understanding the abnormality
(Note: I personally think the person being distressed (harrow-ed) is Kotoko herself, becoming distressed at the world's evils. I also happen to think she considers herself "the person that can't be saved" but that's for another time)
So yeah, Kotoko's suffering a lot. We been knew.
Next up we have the "field investigation" fit, the one with the blue and yellow jacket.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Apart from the jacket, she wears a cap of the same brand, Jacques Roulet (I talked about that in this post), and some shorts. As you can see, her shoes are generally hidden, but I think they're the white ones? Either pair would make some sense, but the white ones fit better since Kotoko never performs any violent actions in this outfit.
As stated, this is the outfit Kotoko uses to investigate outside. Going in person to check out crime scenes, talking to the one guy... Thus, the blue of her jacket likely refers to wisdom, patience, intelligence, that kind of thing. It's "calmer" than the colors of the other outfits, because Kotoko is not showing her more dangerous parts (red).
See, the main thing about this design is that Kotoko is being guarded when she wears it. Note that this is the only one where she doesn't show her undershirt, which before I related to her feelings. The cap serves to further imply that, she's keeping herself vaguely hidden. Basically, in this fit, Kotoko is both hiding her feelings and vulnerabilities, as well as "hiding her fangs", if that makes sense. Presenting herself as calmer, more put together, and more rational than she actually is.
However, there's still the yellow. I think that one's meant to represent fun; Kotoko still enjoys what she's doing here. It may even be somewhat stylized as a thunderbolt, because electricity is usually related to excitement. As shown in her T1 Voice Reveal distorted line:
...Fufu... This feels so good.
(I would like to say that she obviously doesn't do vigilantism just for fun, because that's a weird take I've seen mentioned. She has other reasons, she just happens to enjoy it a bit)
The point is that this "fun" is still muted in comparison to the blue of the jacket, because it's essentially in the background. Kotoko's analysis and investigations are the most important parts of these scenes, the fact she happens to enjoy vigilantism is sort of incidental.
Last note for this one, having a "yellow streak" means being cowardly, but that doesn't really apply to Kotoko so we ignore it.
Tumblr media
Then we have the outfit seen in the forest scenes. Red hoodie, white tank top, white shoes, black shorts. This one remains the same in all of these scenes.
The important thing to note here is that, because this is the one outfit we see exist inside her mind, this is how Kotoko sees herself, or more likely, how she would like to see herself. Note the black tanktop of despair (Milgram makes you say some ridiculouos shit huh) has been replaced with a pure white tanktop, because Kotoko doesn't want to be sad and hurt. Obviously. Similarly, her shoes remain white even after she attacks Oshii, because she still considers herself "innocent" in the sense of "justified."
Still, though, her hoodie is the red one she wears while murdering. Because she considers herself dangerous and powerful. And she is, girlboss stay winning (preferably away from the other prisoners though).
One important thing which many have pointed out before me is that, by virtue of wearing this red hoodie and being in a forest with wolves, this outfit seems connected to the story of Red Riding Hood. How exactly is a fun question, especially since Red Riding Hood is a fairy tale and thus doesn't have an official version, but let's see.
I imagine you know the gist of the story. Red Riding Hood (RRH) is a girl tasked with delivering food to her grandma, who is sickly and thus weak, but along the trail finds a wolf who asks her where she's going. The wolf then goes ahead as RRH gets distracted, and the wolf ends up eating the grandma and disguising as her. When RRH arrives at the house, she notices the grandma looks slightly different, before she gets eaten too. In later tellings a huntsman comes in and cuts the wolf's stomach open, allowing the grandma and RRH to escape unharmed, somehow. The wolf is also insanely resilient evidently, as it's still alive at this point, but the humans fill its stomach with rocks and then it dies.
... This story is a lot darker than I remembered.
We already have a few superficially shared themes with Kotoko. Protecting the weak, calling out deception... wolves-
In particular, being devoured by the wolf could be seen as Kotoko being consumed by the radicalization which led her to murder. This is especially notable because of the actual underlying themes of Red Riding Hood. See, the story is generally interpreted to be about "rites of passage" and rebirth, where RRH exiting the wolf's stomach is the rebirth. Generally it's connected more to children growing up and going through puberty, but for Kotoko we need a more general reading. As I said before, changing clothes is sometimes considered a symbol of change of character, and Kotoko certainly changes a bit throughout HARROW. For example, by forming an idea of what a "win" entails in the context of her vigilantism.
Stained emotions, what is winning or losing?
“I didn’t mean to offend”, “I won’t do it again” How many wins in a row?
Hell, one of the last lyrics in the song, which plays over a scene of the foggy forest, explicitly says it.
Newly born “HARROW” “HARROW”
And if you need any more symbolism, Red Riding Hood is also sometimes interpreted as representing natural cycles, with the girl being the sun (that's why her cloak is red) and the wolf being the night "eating" her, before dawn (when the girl gets out of the stomach). A completion of one of these cycles is also a symbol of change and rebirth;
Goodnight “HARROW” “HARROW” Laugh and I can get to like myself
so when Kotoko says "goodnight" to herself, she's making an oath to change, say goodbye to the old her and greet dawn with a new version of herself, one which she actually likes ("laugh and I can get to like myself").
And there is an actual cycle referenced in the video. The moon in the forest scenes is always a waning moon, except at the end, where it's a full moon, which is not just connected to werewolves and thus indicates Kotoko "completing her transformation and getting her fangs", but it also represents the end of the lunar cycle. Again, rebirth.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Not to mention the fact dawn breaks in the last scene.
You get it? Natural cycles being completed, being reborn, etc. Kotoko transforms herself significantly as she kills the "wolf", probably the serial killer dude.
And yet, her clothes in these forest sections never changes. To me, this shows a disconnect between how Kotoko sees herself and the way she actually is.
Timelines - 20/6/18 Kotoko: Treat you [Amane] like a child? Hah, you’ve got to be kidding. Back when I was your age, I was already the person I am today. 
This is demonstrably false. I just spent several paragraphs talking about how much Kotoko changes throughout HARROW, let alone during the last 8 years of her life. The point is that Kotoko doesn't realize how radicalized she's becoming while browsing all the websites we see her going on during the video. And you know, there's probably some interesting social commentary and character complexity to talk about there, but if I get too much into it I will be here forever, so I'll leave that as food for thought.
Anyways, you may have noticed I'm not really talking about the pants. You're right! Moving on.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Finally, her murder fit. Same red hoodie as last one, but with a black tanktop and black leggings.
Her shoes are also different, a pair of men's shoes which are also her murder weapon. You see how they're (primarily) grey instead of white? Get it? Because she sees herself as only good and morally right, but she's (say it with me everyone) morally gray.
(Using both spellings to bother everyone)
I've already talked about how her red hoodie represents her violence and danger, literally covering up her black tank top of despair (might as well just run with the term).
Finally, I know I haven't been talking about the pants since I didn't see anything too interesting, but the change from shorts to leggings did catch my eye. However, I think that may just be a more 'practical' change as opposed to a 'symbolism' change. I imagine that if you're doing something illegal like beating up some dude in an alley, you'd feel more comfortable the less skin you showed, even if rationally there shouldn't be any way to identify Kotoko just by her legs.
I know I wouldn't kill with shorts and a t-shirt, but give me some leggings though, and I'm already looking at Amane's mother like she isn't dead enough yet-
Ehem. Disregard that last point.
Well, that's the end! As I said, I'm not gonna deal with the change of clothing at the end of the video, because to explain that I would have to explain an entire murder theory and talk about how I don't actually think Kotoko ever saw the exact scenes we see in the small room with the wooden floor, etc, which is all just too complicated for what's supposed to be a relatively short post. I'll address it in my full analysis, but there's too much going on for me to explain it here. With that said, I hope you enjoyed reading! Take care!
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doubledyke · 1 month
What do you think would happen immediately after BPS? How would all the parents personaly react to their disappeared and returning children? The kids would really ever throw a party, or just have to fix all the wrecks and be grounded? And Edd and Eddy would even have a face-to-face good conversation about their adventure and what they learned?
I think Eddy would need a validation from Edd more than ever, and the fear they could have lost each other would let them even more attached.
i had detailed ass theories written out for each kid as to what lies they could tell their parents and what the likelihood was that they'd be believed, etc. and then i realized that it could all be solved with a simple phone call from one parent to another lmao. and lbr, the chances that someone's kid is gonna be gone all night and they're not gonna flip the fuck out are slim to none. outside of a couple exceptions of course. i felt like a moron so i didn't include it here. i guess i like to pick and choose when to adhere to cartoon logic 😂
anyway i do think the non-ed kids would get into trouble and be grounded for varying lengths of time. they might have just enough time to have a little kiki in the lane before heading home and getting dragged inside by the ear/bear hugged/further ignored.
one exception might be rolf, because i don't think it'd be entirely out of the norm for him to be gone all night on occasion. maybe he had an urban ranger camping trip that his nana forgot to tell his parents about, or had to chase down an escaped animal into the wee hours of the morning. he enters the house, clearly disheveled and sweating nervously, but probably gets nothing but a fine howdy do from everyone inside.
eddy would be grounded for a comically short period of time because he's a spoiled brat. a couple of days tops. it's really only an attempt by his parents to appease the angry mob. all the other parents know he's the little shit stirring ring leader and berate his guardians accordingly. regarding his absence, he tells them he and the boys rode out the storm in the van and that they were fine. he accepts his punishment because telling them what really happened means telling them he visited his brother and that WOULD get his ass in big trouble. legal stuff, you know. as far as any takeaway he might have... let's be real here, eddy's still the same ole eddy at this point. i don't think the full weight of what just happened has hit him quite yet. he's still reeling about being invited to kev's for jawbreakers and whatever else preteens who don't really like each other do for funsies. i do think that while he's spending aaaaaall that time alone (again, 2 days max), in between trying on outfits for that party at kevin's, the image of edd standing up to his brother does cross his mind. edd, the coward. edd the wimp, stood up to his tormentor. and got swiftly beaten into the ground for it. yet still ran over to make sure he was okay after ed essentially saved his life. ed the dolt. ed the idiot was the one to think of pulling out the pin (literally), and blasting his abuser with a face full of door. i think the guilt, shame and embarrassment would hit him hard, along with a lot of weird mushy stuff that he doesn't really know what to do with. so he doesn't do anything with it. not immediately anyway. but i've already talked about post bps eddy a bit so i'll leave it at that.
i've seen people say that edd's parents wouldn't even notice that he was gone overnight, because... so were they. and yall know i'm the #1 hater of edd's parents so of course i agree lol. if word gets back to them somehow though, i imagine them being very passive aggressive about it. shocking, i know. i feel like they'd go their usual route and punish him by not talking to him - as in not even leaving sticky notes around the house. except for one that says something along the lines of "dear eddward, you are not to leave the house today, as you are hereby grounded until further notice." along with a scroll of chores of course. but yeah they make him wait around and wonder when he'll be able to see his friends again. probably a good few weeks or so. i've always had the headcanon that eddy would be banned from edd's house and maybe this is when that happens as well. if word doesn't get back to them- which is more likely imo because they're so elusive that no one knows how to contact them - i think edd could likely have a bit of a meltdown over their indifference. not to mention the guilt he feels in either scenario. for starters, he feels like he simply must tell someone what he's just witnessed- especially as a future mandated reporter... nah i'm kidding but i do think he'd want to tell an adult what happened to his dearest friend. but he knows it would only compound eddy's grief. outside of that, there's the fact that he feels that he never received a comeuppance of his own. eddy got thrashed by his so-called "hero" in front of his peers, and if his previous punishments are any indication, ed is very likely enduring what can only be described as suburban confinement for the foreseeable future. he, on the other hand, has gotten away with a horrible deed, with more than a year's worth of horrible deeds without so much as a scowl from his parents. he has to fight tooth and nail to resist his compulsion to confess his wrong doing, directly this time. cuz the confessional he wrote at the beginning of this ordeal is still on his desk when he gets home. it's kind of like when people say "at least if you're angry, i know you care", but magnified 100x for his entire life. i think this is when the switch kinda flips for him and he has to come to terms with the fact that his parents are at best, extremely cold and aloof. and at worst, knowingly neglectful. either will be hard for him to accept of course, because he's got an image in his mind already of what "true" neglect looks like:
ed's going in the hole, man. it's the cliche where his parents fawn over sarah and are so thankful that she's okay and "you had us worried sick, missy". only to turn to their other child who was also missing for 24 hours and proceed with the finger wagging and reprimanding. i don't think sarah would rat him out though. in fact at this point she might even try to stick up for her now suddenly not so bad older brother. but to no avail. in fact, it makes his mom angrier - she must have hit her head if she's sticking up for her troublemaking brother. "you see, edward? your erratic behavior has finally landed your little sister in the hospital. hope it was worth it." as far as they're concerned, ed put sarah in grave danger by running away. he was a terrible influence, and for that he's gotta be made an example of... to himself? i'm gonna venture a guess here that dad'll be taking the stairs again. he also boards up the basement window. they take his tv, his tapes, his comics, and all his model making supplies. his mom wanted to take his gravy tub but dad insisted it was too much of a hassle. luckily for him though, they can't take that vivid imagination of his. he spends the next two weeks staring at the ceiling, coming up with a storyline for his own comic, which he starts working on as soon as his belongings are returned. it ends up being sooner than he anticipated. he was told it'd be a month, but his mom is sick of looking at the box of his crap in their bedroom closet, so he's off the hook early. lucky feller. next time he runs away though, he's making extra sure sarah doesn't follow.
obviously i think edd and eddy, really all three eds are going to be even closer than they were before their little excursion. but i think it takes time for eddy to mature enough to truly grasp how meaningful it all was. like he knows, but admitting it is corny af. edd is probably gonna be so preoccupied with deconstructing his relationship with his parents that he's a somewhat aloof for a period. there's also a rumbling within ed, especially after seeing sarah's attempt at defending him. i don't really know what conclusion he comes to except that if he wants even a chance at having a good relationship with his sister, he's gotta get the fuck out of there asap. i do think he'd start "running away" more often, possibly staying with eddward during his burgeoning rebellion, or from time to time, eddy. maybe even rolf. he might also sleep in the van when the weather allows. anything to be away from that hell hole. i wrote in my fic that he'd move out and live with may at age like, 17 i think? literally as soon as possible lol.
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gt-jar · 4 months
Hi guys!
First of all, a huge thank you to those who have waited patiently.
Sorry for the delay, but my message tab showed up again in the night from wednesday to thursday, literally right before I went to bed. Futhermore, I probably live in a different time zone than you (assuming most of you live in north america), when the g/t community is the most active, I'm off to dreamland. And let's not forget... I'm an adult. I have a job. I didn't have the time nor energy to deal with this whole secret santa mess yesterday.
So now that I got this off my chest, let's get to the important stuff.
As you already know, my blog is back to normal. Hooray! Worst tumblr experience so far.
I still have no idea what the issue was. My message tab reappeared as suddenly as it disappeared. All issues that I have experienced are symptoms of a shadowban. You can read more about it here. (I could check off every box)
Those can happen to everyone for no reason at all. Mistakes like this just happen.
But the support never messaged me back, like "Hey! Sorry for the mistake. The issue should be fixed now", so was I actually shadowbanned or was this just a temporary bug?
Why do I care you might ask?
Well there is a chance that this might happen again. There is the possibility that I was mistaken for a bot or was flagged by tumblr's anti-spam control, because I was sending several blogs a very similar dm ("Your giftee is @username") in a short span of time.
I don't know for sure, if that had anything to do with this whole mess, though. But I don't want to take any risks.
So... Any ideas how I can avoid this and still send all of you the name of your giftee?
I will make a new draw!
Some of you received a name while some didn't. And to make all of this less complicated for me, I'll draw a new name for everybody.
So if you did receive a name, forget it!
I going to do this either tonight or on early saturday day, depending on how fast I come up with a way to avoid that issue.
Forget the deadline. This is not a contest. As long as you don't post your gift in spring you're good.
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vee-xxo · 10 months
You and Your Friends - Phone
Here it finally is! This is part four, and I've finally given this series a name! People have been liking this story a good amount so far, I even got a few reblogs! That really inspires me and helps me remain motivated to write, so please, go ahead and comment or reblog if you feel like it! It's well appreciated!!
this is a Bakugou x Y/N slowburn
???Warnings???: swearing
Genre: slice of life :)
Previous chapter!
Tumblr media
Kirishima took some quick steps to the exit. "I'll uh, I'll go and talk to him!" He said, before also disappearing out through the door.
The girls watched him leave, no one having anything left to say. Y/N simply rested her head on the desk again, while the others switched back to casual conversation.
Eventually, the short break inbetween lessons ended, and the students that had left the classroom earlier all returned.
When Bakugou entered, he avoided another glance at Y/N, just quickly going back to slump into his seat. Little did he know that Y/N held herself back aswell, not even opening her eyes at the sound of his harsh footsteps. She couldn't let him know that he really did strike a nerve there.
And little did she know that Aizawa, who had layed down in the corner of the room in his sleeping bag, had closely observed their interactions.
The next three lessons went by quickly, but not nearly quick enough for Y/N.
Once the lunch bell rang, several students seemingly flew from their seats and out through the door. Y/N was pulled out of hers by Mina, who was jumping up and down excitedly while doing so.
She was practically foaming at the mouth as she continued pulling Y/N through UA's large hallways, all while Y/N struggled with tying her uniform jacket around her waist. Meanwhile Sero and Kaminari were catching up with them.
It was their usual routine, the squad finding together every day for lunch to sit at the same table they'd claimed at the beginning of the year.
"So what was up with Bakugou earlier?" Sero asked as they were walking to the cafeteria. "I saw Kirishima trying to calm him down about something again."
"Yeah what was that about?" Kaminari added.
Y/N rolled her eyes. "Ughh, he was just being a bitch to me for no reason. Maybe Midoriya pissed on his breakfast or something." She said, already done with the topic.
"Sure but..." Sero started. "When was the last time he got that pissed at you? What did you tell him?"
"Dude, I don't fucking know, alright? If you're so concerned go ask him yourself on what's going on." Y/N sighed. "All I know is that he came at me like I was Todoroki back at the sports festival or something. He's probably just feeling insecure." She finished, leaving the others looking slightly puzzled.
Once they reached the large UA cafeteria, they all waited in line, chatting about whatever. Y/N was frequently checking her phone while Mina was talking to Ochako, who happened go be standing behind them in line.
After they got their lunch, Mina and Y/N automatically walked over to the Bakusquad table, Kaminari and Sero already there.
Though, Y/N's eye twitched as her face contorted into a shocked frown when she saw Bakugou sitting there aswell. Kirishima sat next to him, smiling awkwardly as he noticed Y/N's expression. Then, carefully, Mina tapped Y/N's shoulder.
"There's some space left at the girl's table..." Mina half whispered to Y/N, who was side eyeing Bakugou digging into his food like it was his last meal. The sight was revolting.
Y/N however would not give in and still sat down at the table. Across from Bakugou's side, on the other end of the bench. As far away from him as she possibly could.
"So now I can keep my form rock hard for up to three minutes longer!" Kirishima talked about his most recent training with Bakugou. "Yeah, well you still couldn't beat me in a fight anyway!" "Sure, but I'm getting closer to it!" To this, Bakugou just scoffed. "Yeah right."
While the others talked about their quirks and training, Y/N rarely looked up from her phone. Her expression seemed stern and her eyebrow twitched a couple times. And while the others noticed, sometimes glancing at her and to each other, they decided against possibly making her day any worse.
The rest of the day went by swiftly, but every five minutes Y/N seemed glued to her phone. This wasn't unusual for Y/N, but Mina just couldn't help but wonder what was so important on her phone that she had to check it in the middle of class when the teacher wasn't looking. Mina had asked and tried to look over Y/N's shoulder to see what she was doing, but every time Y/N would yank it out of her sight and either make a strange, annoyed noise or yell "PRIVATE!"
Even after class, it seemed like the entire world was drowned out for her, and she barely responded when Mina had asked her if they would make plans for the coming weekend.
Frustrated at the lack of conversation, Mina pouted a bit as her and Y/N walked back to the dorms after school. Then finally, Y/N tucked her phone back into the pocket of her skirt.
"What's up?" Y/N asked Mina.
Mina looked back at her, then crossed her arms, still pouting. Y/N frowned, half-serious.
"Oh come on, did I make you maaad?" Y/N did a weird baby voice, leaning forward, her head to the side as she looked back at Mina.
"Were you even listening to me?" Mina finally broke her pout and looked back at Y/N with a frown.
Oh. Y/N thought. A twinge in her chest as she saw that Mina, who now instead looked to the ground sadly, was being serious. It wasn't easy to get her seriously upset like this, Y/N knew that.
So she stood upright and cleared her throat. "I am free on Saturday, actually."
Mina looked back up at Y/N, who continued. "We could go to the mall, get bubble tea like you've been wanting to. And invite some of the other girls aswell."
Finally Mina's smile returned.
She was about to say something as they went up the stairs to the dorm's entrance, when suddenly Kirishima opened the door from the inside.
"Oh there you guys are!"
"Yeah!" Mina answered. "We took a bit longer 'cause someone couldn't help but stare at their phone the whole time!" She teased Y/N in friendly fire. Y/N responded "Jeez, who are you, Iida?"
As they entered the girl's half of the common area, Kirishima followed them. "Err, alright so, Y/N I wanted to talk to you. Or update you, actually." He scratched the back of his head as they walked over to the couches.
"On Bakugou?" Y/N responded while Mina threw herself over the back of a couch, hanging over it like a shirt on a clothesline as she sighed.
"Yeah uh..." Kirishima followed them to the couch, looking around a bit nervously. "Basically, about what Bakugou said to you earlier, don't worry too much about it. It doesn't look like he's got some deep-rooted hatred for you or anything."
"Well, that's good to know I guess." Y/N replied, still seeming dismissive though as she didn't even look back at him while throwing her bag on the couch and leaning on it next to Mina.
"However, on another note..." Kirishima continued, Y/N finally looking at him. "He did say something about you being, uh, like less 'capable' now I guess."
Y/N furrowed her brows at this, turning around so her back was against the back of the couch, her elbows resting on it as she looked at Kirishima, confused. "And? It's Bakugou."
"Yeah but... You do seem a bit more sluggish lately, or less motivated I guess." He looked at her worriedly, awkwardly pursing his lips right after.
To this, Mina pushed herself up from the back of the couch to look at the other two.
Y/N's frown disappeared, her expression was empty now, nonchalant.
"I've just got a lot to do. School stuff, family stuff, expectations are higher now." Y/N explained, her eyes on the ground.
Kirishima and Mina looked at each other for a moment. Kirishima wondered if she understood what he was trying to convey.
"Well..." He started again. "If you ever need to talk, we're always here y'know? No judgement." He smiled, but his eyebrows remained furrowed.
"Yeah, totally!" Mina added softly. "I know you're tired a lot, so just relax with us when you need to!"
Y/N looked at them both, her eyebrow twitching once as she remained silent.
Until she suddenly pushed herself off the couch, reached over it to grab her bag and started walking to the elevator.
"Alright, cool whatever. I get it, you guys love me." She announced. "And I'm doing great. So stop being so worried, it's weird!" She yelled as she flashed them with a grin, turning around one last time in front of the elevator door.
The door opened and she disappeared inside, brushing past Hagakure in a casual afternoon outfit, who'se little wave to Y/N went unnoticed.
And as Y/N disappeared behind the automatic doors, Hagakure jogged towards Mina and Kirishima. "What are you guys looking so down for?" She chirped, her short sleeve pointing up at them.
Mina looked back at the seemingly floating set of clothes. "Ah, Tooru, its just-"
"HEY SHIT HAIR!" Bakugou suddenly yelled, having popped up from behind the corner, wearing his black tank top and UA sports pants. Mina rolled her eyes and sighed.
"IT'S TIME FOR TRAINING!" Bakugou continued. "What? Already?? But I havent even changed outta my uniform!" Kirishima complained. "THEN HURRY THE HELL UP AND STOP WASTING TIME!!"
Mina gave Tooru a look, which she was sure was returned, before the two of them made their way back to the elevator.
Meanwhile Kirishima jogged towards Bakugou, who was walking back to the boy's half of the common area. "Wait, how long have you been standing over here?" Kirishima asked a bit surprised.
☆ ☆ ☆
Thank you for reading part 4 of my story! Let me know if you're enjoying it so far! :D
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vay99 · 1 year
Nami x f!reader
Ferris wheel by the sea
Anime/Manga: One Piece
Something for my fellow 🏳️‍🌈 who are into woman
Tumblr media
"Where the heck is that dumbass of a captain again?!" Nami yells once you've arrived at the new island. Which happened 30 seconds ago.
"This island is famous for its festivals and food, he's probably somewhere eating." Robin chuckles right before Sanji jumps off the ship.
"Festivals mean that there'll be beautiful ladies!!!" following his captain into the city Sanji keeps calling out for ladies.
"Food and Ladies, shouldn't you run towards that city like a maniac as well (y/n)?" Franky questions as you watch the guys disappear.
"Weren't you the one swooning over this island due to their world famous cola?"
"Look after the Sunny for me I'm off!! Suuuuperrr!"
"And there he goes. Do the men on this ship only have the brain capacity for one focus? Look at Mr always lost over there is fast asleep." Nami comments causing Robin to chuckle.
"They all share one brain cell and Chopper is currently in charge of it." you point towards the reindeer dochter who's mixing some medicine.
"Agreed." Robin and Nami answer in choir.
"I'll just read a bit until the party starts tonight." Robin leaves you two behind.
"I should work on my maps as well. What will you be up to?" Nami asks, playing with a strand of her dazzling hair.
"I don't know yet, but haven't you asked me to cut your hair a few days ago?" you step closer, touching the ends of a few strains.
"Oh, right, yes, if you want to, maybe you could." she scratches her neck, pulling her head back in the process which let's her hair run threw your fingers.
"Your ends are getting frizzy again, let's go."
She sits down on the chair as you lay the coat around her, preparing everything.
"How short do you want them to be? Or just the ends?"
"Just the ends please."
You begin cutting her hair as you both share the room in comfortable silence, which is a rare opportunity since the chaos mostly dominates the ship. You run your fingers through her hair as you take another layer down to cut.
"I know I say it every time but you've got beautiful hair, strong and healthy, a real eye catcher." you compliment her as you move to her bangs.
"Thank you." she whispers, not wanting to move an inch so you could easily cut her hair.
The boys returned after a while and everyone got ready for the huge party this evening. Franky got some nee tools and decided to stay on the sunny and watch the fireworks from there later on. You styled everyone's hair, Sanji is begging you to do that on a daily basis, besides Nami, she's been avoiding you since you've cut her hair.
"We'll head to the party already!" shouted Ussop as he, Nami and Chopper disappeared into the city. You heard them leave, as you run out on deck they were already out of your sight, frustrated you walked back into your shared room.
"So what are you going to do now? Have you missed your chance to ask her out again?" you didn't like the how Robin pronounced 'again', it's not like you don't know that you blew another chance.
"Why don't you help me choose an outfit so I can go after her and ask her? I can't decide whether I should wear a dress or a suit." you hold up your preferred outfits.
"Nami wore a short red dress." Robin didn't have to say anything else because you immediately knew which dress she meant and which outfit would be the best choice.
"Thanks Robin, you definitely got your eyes everywhere." you look at the eyes above the door, before you leave to the bathroom to get yourself ready as well.
"(y/n)-chan in a suit looks absolutely perfect!" the lovesick cook expresses his feelings before he and Zoro go back to bickering once more.
"He's not wrong." compliments Robin, who knew that you'd pick a black suit, with an oversized blazer and a red lace lingerie top. Nami was always a blushing mess when you wore those tops and it fits the suit perfectly. Let's also not forget the rings on your fingers.
*Nami, Ussop and Chopper*
"Why did you not let (y/n) style you'd hair Nami?" Ussop asks, nudging her with his elbow.
"The way she touches my hair, the hair ruffling, how close she was to check the details... I just wanted to melt right there. I know that I couldn't keep it together if we were to be alone right now. I just wanna feel her touch." Nami sighs, face buried in her hands.
Ussop, Chopper and Robin are the ones she told about her feelings towards you.
"We're rooting for you!!" the boys start chanting Namis name causing the navigator to laugh and act as if she didn't knew them, by now everyone is staring at them.
Once you've reached the town you're blown away, the whole city is part of an amusement park, roller-coasters move in between houses, a ferris-wheel that moves you from the city to the shore and cotton candy growing on trees.
"Well that's something." you mumble, eyes searching for a certain navigator.
"Searching for someone special~" Robin chuckles while you just roll your eyes in return.
"She's with Chopper and Ussop so they're probably at some candy booth, I'll just keep an eye out for those." you head off, searching everywhere.
"Wow." Nami stops, eyes widening as she sees a big teddy on a shelf. It reminds her of the one Bellmere once sewed for her, same color with a rainbow heard on the tummy. Ussop and Chopper went further without noticing how Nami was falling in love with the bear.
"You want that teddy don't you?" you ask, glad you finally found her
"Oh no, I'm too old for that." she laughs, slightly startled by your sudden appearance. "But since you're here let's just go onto that roller-coaster!" she grabs your elbow, trying to pull you away.
"I just need one throw, you know that right?"
"For 78 cans?" Nami asks in disbelieve.
"Watch me." placing the money on the table you ask for a single ball, the guy handing it over already laughing.
"Young lady, don't overdo yourself, nobod-" the now speechless men watches the cans fall down... as well as the top shelf.
"Yeah I take this, thanks." you grab the teddy, Namis hand and run off as the men shouts at you for destroying his booth that has a huge hole at the back now as well. After all, you're a straw hat, so what else could he expect?
"(y/n)!" Nami tries to scold you but it comes out with a laugh.
"What? You wanted the Teddy." you laugh back, stopping to flee from a guy who's not even following you.
"I did... Thank you." she hides her face within the Teddy's fur, hugging it closely. Said plushy is the size as her upper body and has the perfect size to hug it.
/I love seeing her happy with the Teddy but I'd love to swap places/ you think to yourself, hoping this night could go on forever.
"What shall we do next?"
"There should be a ferris wheel that takes you to the beach, I'd like to go there." she says, chin resting on top of her new fluffy friend.
"Let's go then." you
"So the carts are open? That should give us a nice view." you comment as you two enter your cart. It is a classic ferris wheel, besides the fact that it's not spinning on one place but rolling over the island towards the beach, in a slow Tempo.
"It's moving!" Nami yelps, startled by the sudden movement, holding onto your arm. You're slowly on the way to the top as the last few people enter before the ride begins.
Once it does you two get an amazing view over the city, the lights dance and there are happy faces everywhere. Nami doesn't notice that she's still holding onto your arm so you slowly intertwine your fingers, feeling how cold they are.
"You're shivering." you state as you remove your blazer, wrapping it around her shoulders. "You didn't have to freeze Nami."
She stays silent but whispers a quite thank you before hugging the blazer and Teddy close to keep her warm. As you keep watching the city she rests her head on your shoulder while your hands find their way back to the other.
"Isn't this a cliché?" Nami breaks the silence after some time, pointing at your blazer over her shoulders.
"I can take i-"
"No!" she hugs the blazer even closer to her body as she sits straight up again. "Forget what I just said."
"I could do that, but you'd have to erase that from my memory." you suggest, daring to go for it.
"And how am I supposed to do that?"
"Why don't you replace it with another instead." one glance at her lips was enough to let Namis heart race and eyes to widen.
"Are you sure?" she asks in disbelieve, fumbling with her fingers.
"I've never been so sure of something in my life." you cup her cheek with one hand as the other wraps around her back. Brushing your thumb over her lips you let your eyes drown in hers. Her brown eyes have never looked more comforting than right now. "May I?"
"Please do." she pleads, answering your kiss by instant. Her lips are as soft as the cotton candy you can taste on her, she wraps her free arm around your neck, not wanting this to end either. Once you parten your lips from another you've both got a love sick expression in your eyes.
"This is more addictive than I thought it would." Nami breaths, forehead resting against yours.
"Then let's be each other's drug." you tug her chin upwards, about to kiss her again. "Want another dose?"
She answered by sealing your lips with hers.
Spending the rest of the ride with kisses and a tiny make out session you've reached the beach way to fast for your liking.
"How did you know??" Namis face bursts into red shades.
"I'm the only one you never ask for money. That spoke for itself."
"I'll charge you for this kiss then." she states with confidence, the red color on her cheeks say otherwise.
"Which one?" you smirk, enjoying her flustered state.
"Y/n!!!" she hit you with the Teddy before holding him close again.
"You're so adorable when you blush, we both know that you'd pay me to kiss you." guiding her lips back towards you with one finger under her chin you keep your eyes locked.
"When I'm with you I don't care about money, so you can have it all if that means I can kiss you again."
Closing the gap between you once more you can hear the fireworks going off at the sky.
"Nami, I love you." you hug her from behind, watching the last fireworks explode, feeling full of life.
"I love you too, y/n."
*Small extra*
"Nami are your legs alright?!" the reindeer worries about her as you two enter the kitchen the next morning.
"I'm fine, just really, really exhausted." she smiles, sinking into her seat.
Robin and you exchange knowing glances, you can't thank her enough for staying at the library the entire night... without having any eyes in the room as well.
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liaareneee · 4 months
─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ─── Happy Endings
pairing: highschool! hanma shuji x gn! baji! reader
t/w: swearing
synopsis: you happen to have dated hanma shuji and he decides to plan a little visit while during lunch.
Tumblr media
happy endings, the thing almost everyone doesn't get or gets. in your case, you never ended up getting your happy ending. you walked through campus, thinking about how your happy ending was cut short. you sat at a vacant table, pulling out your materials. when you happened to see your ex, hanma shuji, messing around with his friends. you avoided eye contact to not be seen.
to be away of distraction, you moved to another secluded area with a table and started to do your work. you took your earbuds out of you ear and sighed. you grabbed your eraser out of irritation, taking away the pencil marks you just had created. "hey Y/N. long time no see, eh? why haven't you been answering my calls?"
you looked up to see your ex, hanma shuji, standing right in front of you. you avoided eye contact, not answering any of his questions. "come on, love. are you still mad at me for breaking your heart? your brother wasn't too thrilled with it either." hanma laughed. of course, he had to mention your brother.
your brother happened to be baji keisuke, the former 1st division captain of Toman. and the one who passed gracefully during October 31st, Bloody Halloween. ever since you moved onto high school, Toman had disappeared into thin dust.
you looked up to stare at hanma. he smirked and you decided to grab his face, digging your sharp nails into his cheeks. "don't talk bout my brother, like you know him. his name and my name shouldn't be said, even if it's from your disgusting mouth of yours. got it?" you growled, pushing his face away.
"sheesh Y/N. take a chill pill. i ain't here to start any shit. i just wanted to come by because i saw you walking. i wanted to see how you were doing." you scoffed. "how am i doing? the thing you should be worrying about is yourself and your new girlfriend. don't think i wouldn't hear about it, you asshole." you laughed.
"i have eyes and ears all around this place. remember, this school is filled with people who like to gossip. and tell me about it, even if it involves you. or even Toman itself." hanma looked at you, with widened eyes. "Toman? i thought they disappeared into thin air. i thought they weren't all on speaking terms with each other. after Bloody Halloween."
"well, some aren't and some are. the ones who happen to be very close are the founding members. which includes mikey. the one founding member you despised the most. wonder what he's doing right now. he would probably love to fight because some asshole is bothering me."
you smirked while hanma scoffed. "as if Y/N. like you would call him up right now to just kick my ass." you grabbed your phone, going to your contacts. you pressed on mikey's contact, showing hanma. "all in one press, he'll be here in 2 minutes. or even less if i scream into the phone."
hanma grabbed your phone, placing it into his pocket. he sat down at the table and you huffed. you crossed your arms, not looking into his eyes. "Y/N, come on. stop being a huge baby. also, i broke up with the girl because she wasn't like you and she was really annoying. i came to apologize instead."
you snickered. "of course you broke up with her. what kind of apology is this time? hm? the one where you ask me to take you back? the one where you ask to take me back and promise you won't do anything like this again? which one, love?" hanma sighed. "it's neither. i just want to apologize for ruining your happy ending. i know how happy endings suffice your life. i'm sorry Y/N."
"wow, that's different. hm, i'll think about accepting that. thanks though for a good apology. instead of the shitty ones you have been giving me. i guess no one is getting their happy ending."
"i guess both of us get nothing. well, i guess i'll see you around Y/N." hanma said as he walked away. "yeah, see you around shuji." you whispered as he walked away from you.
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geekwritersworld · 2 years
Where the daisies grow *Part 2*
Part 2
Tumblr media
Pairing: Tommy Shelby x You
Warning: slight angst (few mentions of wounds), just a mention of throw up, nothing besides this :)
Summary: This is the second part to Where the daisies grow. Read the first part here 🥰
A/n: I've tagged the people who asked for a part 2, and of course, do let me know what you think❤️Part 2 of the request made by @luvlyencanto
Tumblr media
He felt cold. Arthur had gone back home to let the rest know what had happened. Tommy didn't leave. He refused to let go. Only releasing you when the nurses told him the longer he refused to let them get to work on you the quicker you would die.
Tommy didn't know how to cope. He couldn't smoke in the hospital to calm his nerves, pacing wasn't working and he couldn't sit for even less than a second- it hadn't even occurred to him to sit down.
His watch displayed the time to be exactly midnight, informing Tommy that he'd been standing in the hospital hallway and occasionally punching the wall for almost 3 hours.
Aunt Pol and the rest of the Shelby siblings had gotten there only a short while after Tommy had with you. They sat quietly, every so often pacing but mainly remaining quite for the most part. Arthur had headed to the closest pub and John was outside smoking. He asked Tommy to join him but he knew his older brother wouldn't step foot outside the hospital until you were doing the same with him.
When the operating room door finally did open , the doctor emerging taking his mask off, Tommy stalked straight in his direction.
"She's stable now" The doctor spoke immediately, afraid that Tommy would threaten him again "her injuries are severe, her ear and lip have been stitched, she has got a broken rib and we've stitched her the wounds on her arms, she has a concussion due to the force of the blow she suffered to her head, she needs as much rest as she can get"
"and?" Tommy eyed him, inches away from the doctors face.
"there will be scarring I'm afraid, but other than that she should recover completely in a month. Her eye is severely swollen but it will go down in its own time" He looked over Tommy's shoulder at the two women who were standing right behind Tommy now "Of course she is also running a fever which will make things slightly difficult, but she will pull through Mr. Shelby"
"How long will she have to remain here?"
"Another few days at least, just to be careful. You can see her now if you wish but she's under heavy pain medication so she may not wake for a while" slipping past Tommy he disappeared into another room.
"you wanna go in first Tommy?" Ada whispered, her hand on her big brothers shoulder.
"Yeah" he didn't look at her and instead pushed open the door to head into your room at the same time Pol went to update John and Arthur.
Tommy thought he could handle seeing people go through some of the worst, but looking at you he realized even war couldn't prepare him for the sight of you laying limp covered in bandages, bruises and stitches.
Quietly nudging a chair next to you and sitting down he eyed the little specks of dried blood near the gash in your arm that wasn't bandaged up.
There were chills going down his legs, he felt weak repressing the urge to throw up realizing the amount of pain you were probably in back at the alley.
"What the fuck happened" he softly caressed your knuckles aware that you couldn't hear him.
When Ada and Pol came in with John and Arthur following, Tommy hadn't moved nor acknowledged their presence. His attention solely focused on you.
Pol tried to get Tommy to at least hydrate himself "I'll fucking drink when she's regained the capability to do the same" he snapped causing Pol to sigh rolling her eyes.
Arthur and John took Finn home deciding to return later in the morning hours. Ada tried convincing Tommy to get some rest for which she only got silence as a response.
Heading home with Ada, Polly promised to return in the morning with the boys. Tommy continued to sit there and watch the sky turn light blue then yellow. Then he proceeded to shut the curtains when the afternoon approached not wanting the sunlight to directly fall on your eyes and hurt them if you woke up.
The Shelby's had come and gone. After all the betting shop still needed to be run.
It was only towards the following night that Tommy saw your finger twitch. Almost like a shiver. He'd immediately leaned in closer whispering your name.
Tommy watched your eyelid twitch and then a faint whine.
And then...nothing. Not knowing what it mean it, Tommy immediately fetched the doctor who assured him it was normal and you'd come to soon.
After waiting for another excruciating twenty minutes Tommy let out a breath letting his head fall into his rough palms and rested his elbows on his knees, hunching.
"you look miserable" your throat burned with dryness
Snapping his head up Tommy moved towards you so fast it was a surprise he didn't topple over onto your bed. He knew you'd be thirsty having been in this position himself before.
Pouring you a glass of water he helped you lift up slightly and drink. And then he poured you another glass of water which you sipped immediately. And then another.
"It won't be the drinks that will kill me, it'll be a stroke you'll be the cause of" Tommy sighed
You didn't dare to actually giggle remembering the pain in your lungs.
"Before you ask" you breathed " I don't know who it was"
Shaking his head "how do you feel?" he avoided the topic for the moment, not wanting you to see the rage he was feeling.
"fantastic" you sassed
"You're awake!" Ada let out a cry rushing to your side nudging Tommy away with her arm. Tommy rolled his eyes moving away reluctantly.
Ada wasn't the last of them much to Tommy's annoyance. Finn, John and Pol came next, fussing over not letting Tommy stand next to you. Arthur followed suit few hours later and it was when Arthur started exclaiming about how Tommy'd been moping since you'd been hurt that Tommy finally had enough.
"Alright fuck off"
When you were finally cleared to go leave, Tommy was there by your side. The same way he had been for every single day that you had been at the hospital. He hadn't left in the last three days. He ate when you did, walked around your room to stretch his legs when you were awake and rambling, held your hand while you slept and made sure the hospital covers were covering you properly to protect you from the cold and when he noticed you shiver in your sleep he wasted no time in asking for a second blanket for you and tucked it in carefully. He slept on the chair for all three days refusing to go home or make any other arrangement.
He didn't leave you at all and you weren't sure if it meant what you were hoping it did, or if if it meant nothing at all.
Holding your hand Tommy led you inside the house and helped you sit down on the couch.
"Are you sure you don't want to go to bed?" Tommy sat down next to you.
"I've been in a bed for 3 days Tommy" you leaned your head against the back of the couch.
"Right, tea?" Tommy raised a brow
"shower" you closed your eyes.
Tommy didn't respond for a few seconds making you turn your head "not me, you"
"what" Tommy never had such conflicting feelings before. He wasn't sure what to make of anything that happened in the last few days it made him uneasy.
He'd caught you staring at him multiple times at the hospital, he'd felt you caress his hand when you thought he was asleep. And he'd heard you ask the nurses to get him something to eat when you'd once again mistaken him to be asleep.
He'd felt you run your finger through his hair when he was beginning to wake.
Tommy wasn't sure if you felt the same for him as he did for you or if it was just the heavy medication you were on.
"I said, shower- for you, not me"
Tommy looked at you incredulously "right".
He decided to wait till Pol got home so you wouldn't be alone.
"I have to ask" Tom said out of the blue walking into the living room with a glass of liquor.
Sighing, you opened your eyes knowing what was coming " like I said, I don't know who it was, all he said was to tell you it wasn't over"
Tommy's expression remained neutral but you knew the wheels were turning in his head.
"FUCK" you flinched not expecting him to suddenly shout.
Tommy turned to look at you with another yell.
"Tommy, look you can go after them later" you sighed not wanting to deal with him
"damn fucking right I will, I'm going to find those bastards" he paused to throw his glass of liquor against the wall "I'm going to put a fucking bullet through their eyes" he yelled looking at you.
Letting out a worn sigh you turned to look back ahead and slowly got up from the couch.
Tommy called looking at you "What are you doing?"
Rushing to your side Tommy put an arm around you carefully.
"Going to go to my room for peace and quiet since you won't let me have any here" you smiled sarcastically making Tommy roll his eyes at you. He couldn't comprehend your persistence to remain sassy despite the hell you'd been through.
Helping you up the stairs he was tempted to resort to carrying you up the stairs but the pressure on your ribs made the pain unbearable.
You decided to attempt and change your clothes later on since you were already exhausted considering your injuries.
You spent the next few days falling asleep due to heavy medication, waking up at odd hours and losing track of time and days by the end of the following week.
However, the one thing you noticed was that Tommy had been around all the time. He was there when you woke in the middle of the night, he was there when you woke in the afternoon to get you to eat.
You appreciated all of this, no doubt. But it made you nervous. Nervous because the more he was around the harder it was to push away your feelings.
You spent a lot of your time in your room. Either sleeping, reading or staring at the ceiling.
Tommy sat with you every now and then. But today you hadn't seen him much. Pol was home - you knew that much. She said Tommy was at the betting shop, but you didn't believe her when you caught her eyeing her cigarette intently.
Deciding to wait till Tommy got back you laid back down on your bed. It had been a week. Your eye was looking better and the wounds were healing too. But the weakness still lingered around.
You'd fallen asleep, you realized when you groggily opened your eyes and saw it was broad daylight outside, realizing you had slept the entire day you began to slowly try and get up wincing at your injuries.
That was until you heard arguing downstairs, which you could heard quite clearly since your door was wide open.
"What were you bloody waiting for Thomas ?"
"Just fucking tell her how you feel Thomas, you've been in love with her for a year now"
Furrowing your brows wondering who Polly was talking about. Your stomach dropped and your heart tightened at the thought of Tommy with another woman.
At the sound of approaching footsteps up the stairs you immediately closed your eyes not wanting them to know you'd heard them.
It took every bit of strength left in you to swallow the lump in your throat and keep the tears at bay. Whoever it was coming up the stairs, though you imagined it was Tommy since you could tell by the footsteps, you weren't in the mood to explain the cause of your tears to them.
He spoke your name with such softness it could've very well gone unheard. Except that you heard him and ignored him prompting Tommy to call your name a little louder yet still softly.
Slowly opening an eye you feigned exhaustion and looked at him "Tommy?"
He sat next to your legs on the bed after helping you sit up placing the white daisies next to your bedside table and ran his fingers through his hair "How are you feeling eh?"
"Better I suppose" your voice croaked and you hoped he'd assume it was because you'd just woken up. Tommy snapped his head up in your direction looking directly into your eyes.
Your felt warm and your palms felt clammy. His icy blue eyes bore right through yours. You shuddered at the way he looked at you, you never could get over his eyes. They always made you weak and you often felt as though his eyes resembled the ocean during the coldest winter morning, though you didn't know what that looked like having lived in small heath your whole life.
His eyes seemed so cold and yet, they were the cause of the warmth that spread through your skin. The eyes that made you long for home. The eyes you could lose yourself in- the eyes you were already lost in.
You ached all over- not from your injuries, but from the pain in your chest at the realization that he wasn't yours. That there was someone else- possibly Lizzie- who could call him her home.
You felt gray, like the days when the cloudy skies made small heath dull and gloomy.
Tommy watched you stare right back at him. He wasn't good with words- he never had been. So he did the only thing he thought of in that moment.
He didn't plan to ever reveal how felt to you. But spending almost 3 days at your side and hearing the nurses talk about how it was a surprise they were able to save you, Tommy didn't want to think about how long he spent hurling the contents of his stomach in the hospital bathroom while you slept.
It was only this morning when Pol told him that you felt the same for him that he finally realized he had to tell you before he lost you to some fool.
When he came up to your room he knew you were awake but he didn't point it out.
Instead he sat down next to you looking at his feet trying to form the sentence to tell you, when he heard your voice however, he knew you heard him and Pol. But he wondered if it was shock or something else.
But the longer he stared at you the longer he focused on your injured eye, lip and nose and the more his heart tightened at the thought of you almost slipping away just a few days prior.
Although Polly told him you felt likewise about him as he did about you he couldn't help the nerves. He almost rolled his eyes at the fucking nerves he hadn't felt since the war.
Tommy wanted a future with you, a life -whatever was left of it at least. He wanted to give you a home, to live with you near the fields where the daisies grew and he didn't want that with anyone else.
He craved to be the one to protect you, the one you quarreled with as his wife, to be the one to kiss you and make up for it. He wanted a child who had your eyes, who called him their father and you the mother. He wanted to make you tea when you were tired, he felt a need to be the one who protected you and held you on the nights you were haunted by your past at the orphanage and had panic attacks as a result of the memory, he didn't want you to be alone with those thoughts anymore, he didn't want you to deny them anymore; instead he wanted to kiss your forehead as he helped you through them.
He loved you more than he realized his war torn heart was capable of.
Finally snapping out of his thoughts he was still looking at you in the eyes and then proceeded to do the thing that would either make you his or render him incapable of having children as a result of you either kicking him in the groin or you denying him. Either ways, without you Tommy didn't give a fuck about the future.
You never noticed Tommy leaning in but when you felt his warm breath on your lips; you weren't about to complain.
Tags: @jyessaminereads @cevans-winchesterr @elliaze @ladespedidas @budugu
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catt-leya · 2 years
Touch Me Pt.1 || Rick Grimes
First I wish @toxic-ink a wonderful birthday and love to post the fic you asked for 💗💗💗
I've been asked before for a fic with more than one part and here we have it 👉🏼👈🏼 I don't know yet how many it will be in the end, but you can count on a small series 👀
(I won't just post the fic though, I'll keep throwing in other fics 💅🏼)
Tumblr media
Summary: You meet a group in the forest and learn what it means to meet Rick there. (S5)
Tumblr media
I try to breathe regularly and not to stumble over some protruding roots as I make the sprint of my life.
Hectically I take a look back and fortunately I can't see him anymore, which doesn't mean that he might not reappear in a moment.
Again and again I dodge hanging branches until I can recognize a group of hopefully living people between the bushes. Briefly I stop and hear them talking softly, so they must be alive.
I realize that they must not be good people and I can really get myself into shit, but when I hear it crack behind me, I don't think any further and break through the bushes.
I am still a few meters short of the group and I notice most of them pointing guns at me.
I aim at the person closest to me and get over another meter gasping, "Help me please."
The fact that I can speak is the sign that I am not a living corpse, and the guy I throw myself at is so surprised that he drops the rifle in his hand and I pull him to the ground with me.
We both hit the ground thudding and the impact squeezes the air out of his lungs, but he catches himself surprisingly quickly and spins me around so that I'm lying pressed on the ground underneath him and I'm already regretting showing myself to the group until I look to the side and also see women in the group who don't look like they're being forced to be here.
Every woman I can make out is carrying weapons and one guy even stands protectively in front of a young woman.
The guy above me barks, "Daryl! Go see where she came from!"
A man with longer hair breaks away from the group and walks with a woman through the bushes where I ran through.
As they disappear, I look for the first time at the guy I picked up in my sprint.
With his weight he presses me to the ground so I can't move much more than my head and geez, probably would have been better if I couldn't look at him.
His face is extremely close to mine due to the interesting position and I can feel his breath on my lips. Although his mouth distracts me a bit, my eyes are fixed on his eyes.
In this dreary world, they seem far too blue and I have to blink several times before I can break away from his face and look down his body instead.
He kneels over my hip and presses my wrists firmly to the floor with his hands. Surprisingly, while he holds me firmly in place, he doesn't hurt me in the process.
I don't know how long we stare at each other silently, but in the background I hear this Daryl guy come back with the woman and says, "Don't know what the lady was running from, but there's nothing there."
Still staring at the guy above me, Daryl mutters, "Rick?"
Now I at least have a name to go with the handsome face, but still can't bring myself to say a word. Rick doesn't respond to his buddy either, which is why Daryl kicks him lightly in the leg and says, "Dude, what's up?"
This seems to snap Rick out of his thoughts and he hisses, turning to me, "You got any guns on you?"
When I used to read novels, I always wondered what the authors could possibly mean by bedroom voice, and now I'm pretty sure I get it, what they mean. That smoky undertone of his makes me sigh softly, but I bite my lower lip just in time to not come across as a complete idiot and answer truthfully, "Two knives on my thighs."
Hesitantly, he lets go of one of my hands and reaches for my thigh.
I completely blame it on the fact that it's been a long time since I've seen a man I found as attractive as the one above me, but my whole body reacts as his hand strokes my thigh and he removes both knives from their holders and hands them to Daryl before asking, "No guns?"
I shake my head, not really expecting him to believe me. I wouldn't believe me either.
That's why I don't bat an eye as he pats me down and, of course, finds nothing else.
Apparently I'm no longer an immediate threat and he sits up before getting up from me and holding out his hand for me to stand up too.
I proudly ignore his helping hand and hoist myself to my feet far more inelegantly than he did.
I get stares from everyone and feel the need to say something, "Thank you."
In a raspy voice, Rick asks me, "What were you running from?"
Unsure, I squint again at the bushes and then shrug, "There was some guy."
The young man who had earlier stood protectively in front of a woman breaks away from the group and takes a few steps toward me, "What guy?"
Again I shrug my shoulders, "I don't know. Just a guy."
Out of the corner of my eye I see Rick tilt his head, "So you ran away from some guy and then figured your best bet was to run into the next one and kiss the ground with him?"
With narrowed eyes I look back at him, "Exactly. I thought to myself: Great, there's a new guy. The best thing for me to do is test him out and see if he'll catch me if I run into his arms."
His eyebrows go up and I sigh, "My goodness. I was taking out some of the walking corpses in the woods and this huge man suddenly appeared. As far as I could tell, he was alone and at first he helped me take out the rest of the assholes. Then I went to ask him who he was and he tried to get in my pants. As you can imagine, it wasn't my dream to have sex with this guy and when he wouldn't let up I took off. Instead of letting me go though, he came after me and no shit, the guy made a move, I had to make 3 to keep up so he couldn't catch me. Then I saw you guys and thought to myself: A group with women might be better than falling back into the guy's arms."
I point to Rick, "That's why I fell into your arms and I have to admit I knocked you off your feet pretty easily."
Of course he doesn't take the teasing and asks, "What's your name?"
I tell them my name and look to Daryl, "Can I have my knives?"
He merely shakes his head and I look to Rick with a sigh, "I could have easily stabbed you when I ran into you."
The young woman mutters, "She's right."
Still, Rick, like Daryl, shakes his head, "No, you're not getting them back yet. We'll take another look around for your ominous colleague and then move on. By 'we' I mean you, too."
Immediately I raise my hands deprecatingly, "Noooo, you can forget that real quick. I thank you guys for your help, but I'm not staying with you."
Rick takes a step toward me and I'm too stiff to react, only flinching when I feel the cool metal around my wrist.
Hectically I look down at my wrist that is encased in one side of a handcuff and can't believe the other side is encasing Rick's wrist, "What did you do that for?"
Quietly he says, "I don't trust you."
In disbelief, I throw my free left arm in the air, "And you think that's a good idea?! What if I have a group out looking for me and then take you all down?"
Rick pulls on the handcuff and says, "You don't."
Slowly the group starts moving and I have no choice but to follow Rick, "How do you know?"
Looking over his shoulder at me, he says, "If you did, you would have run to them and not strangers."
In fact, he's right, and I really don't like him for it, even if his pretty face makes up for a lot.
Still, I don't let up, "And what if I was bitten."
Again he replies, "You weren't."
These smartass answers make my skin crawl and I hiss, "Nice to know you're omniscient."
I hear him laugh softly and, unfortunately, I can't stifle a grin either and don't ask any further questions.
Again and again, some of the people disappear into the woods and I assume they are scanning the area. They don't seem to find anything that calms me down and so slowly I also get used to the fact of being handcuffed to a strange man, except that the handcuffs rub against my hand with every step.
I look at Rick from the side and ask, "Is the handcuff really necessary?"
Silently, he nods, not even looking at me, so I ask the group, "How long have you all been traveling together?"
The young woman I've seen time and time again comes forward to join us and nods at me, "I'm Maggie and most of us have known each other for a long time."
I smile at her, "That sounds nice."
We talk some more and she introduces me to everyone in the group before she is called out by her husband (I'm told) and I'm alone again with Rick and my aching wrist, "Why don't you take this stupid handcuff off me?"
He brushes a few strands out of his face and says again, "No." That's when I groan in frustration, "Come on. My wrist is burning like fire."
I can see him roll his eyes and then take my hand in his. Nothing more happens.
He holds my hand in his and just keeps walking.
I'm also too surprised to say anything, but the fact is that the metal doesn't rub on my hand like that anymore. So I walk next to him holding hands.
The longer we walk silently side by side like this, the more familiar it feels, and as I yawn, I slide my fingers through his, which catches me a quick glance from him, but he just bites his lower lip and doesn't comment further.
I have no idea how long we go on until he says, addressing everyone, "This is where we will sleep."
Everyone immediately knows what to do and I can't help but be impressed with how strongly the group sticks together and works with each other. Even in this short time, I feel safe in their midst and although I miss my knives, I don't feel like they're throwing me to the corpses.
Rick walks with me to a tree and slides down it. Through our intertwined fingers, he pulls me along with him and I plop down on the ground next to him.
Lowly, I say, "I was so snotty earlier, but I meant it about being grateful to you."
Lazily he looks at me, "You're welcome."
A small smile forms on my lips and I slide around on my butt so I can look right at him, "I'd like to know what went on in that guy's head that he had to run right after me."
The sun is slowly setting and the light that falls through the dense canopy of leaves casts advantageous shadows on his already handsome face as he wearily replies, "Some people were sick in the head before all this shit. But to a certain extent, I can even understand him."
I frown and his gaze slides along my body, "You're really pretty, which of course is no excuse for what he wanted to do to you nor can it pass for an explanation, but I can understand that he was thinking about having sex with you."
And my mouth drops open.
Did he just shamelessly tell me he wanted to have sex with me?
I should be indignant and maybe even feel some fear because I'm tied to the man, but I'm not.
Instead, I cough, "Wait. What?"
He laughs softly and leans his head against the tree trunk, "Oh come on. I wouldn't touch you in my life without your consent, so just take it easy. You can't blame me, though, for thinking about it ever since you ran into me."
To be continued...
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zaewriteshere · 10 months
I'll be here for You
AO3 Link Cypher never liked spring.
Actually, it was a lie.
He stopped liking spring after their deaths. 
The flowers blooming, transforming forests into a myriad of colours, always gave him a bitter taste in his mouth. 
Nora used to love this time of year, especially in northern countries, where the four seasons existed.
She always loved the sight, and liked to make flower crowns for everyone in the family. 
He had to admit, he missed those moments. “Missed” here, being an understatement.
He longed for what he had lost.
“Amir ?” Said a voice that he immediately recognised as being yours.
How could he forget ?
You were nothing but a lighthouse, illuminating the way to better himself, to heal.
“Yes nour ayni ?” He replied, turning to you. 
You looked like you’ve just woken up, and to be fair, it probably was the case. Cypher was an early riser, contrary to you, which is why he was surprised to see you awake when the sun was barely out.
Did Amir wake you up when he got out of bed ? Apparently, he didn’t need to ask the question, since you read right through him.
“You woke me up because I heard you sob in your sleep. I was watching over you, and I might’ve dozed off or something, because when I opened my eyes again, you weren’t there.” You sleepily explained, some yawns cutting you off here and there.
Coming to the table in the common area, you sat down next to him, taking his hand into yours. Squeezing gently, he watched your expression change from drowsy to worried. 
Actually, it was already worried, but the tiredness melted away, as if the concern you expressed to him was stronger than exhaustion.
It warmed his bleeding heart, just a bit.
“What’s wrong, love ?” You asked oh so kindly, worry bleeding into your words.
It took him a while to muster the strength to explain.
Or even say what he needed from you.
But you waited, ever so patient, always so loving, for his answer.
“It’s… It’s their anniversary.” Cypher finally blurted out, after who knows how long, holding back a sob.
He tried to blink the tears away, before feeling a soft hand on his face, rubbing his cheekbone. 
He knew that warmth was yours, and he leaned into it, oh so needy, so desperate for your comfort.
“How can I help you ?” You wondered, your tone soft and reassuring. 
He just needed you to be with him. To not go on that mission today, to stay with him where he knew you’d be safe and sound. 
But he couldn’t trust his words.
So instead, he freed his hands and pulled you in for an awkward hug, since you were both sitting. Understanding the unspoken request, you shifted position so you were sitting on his lap and cuddling him. Putting his face in the crook of your neck, Amir took deep breaths to try and calm himself down. You rubbed his messy hair in a soothing manner, whispering sweet nothings and reassurances into his ear.
He thought he had his feelings under control, then you simply said : 
“It’s okay love, you can cry. I’ll be here for you.”
And he sobbed uncontrollably as soon as the last word escaped your mouth. 
He didn’t know for how long he cried, just that he needed it.
Your presence and reassuring touch was enough for him to feel safe to be vulnerable, even in an open area like the living room. He clinged onto you, as if letting go would make you disappear.
In his mind, it was the case.
He mumbled a demand between two sobs.
You probably didn’t understand, at the non committal answer that Amir received. Trying to calm his crying for more than a couple of seconds, he finally said after a while : 
“Nour ayni… Please don’t go on that mission today,” He managed to say, his nails digging into his palm as he pulled you in even closer.
“Okay” you answered after a short moment. He breathed out a shaky sigh of relief.
And you stayed there, cuddling each other, waiting for Cypher to calm down.
When his breath returned to an even pace, you tried to move away while saying that you’ll prepare some tea for the both of you. Out of instinct, he tightened his grasp for a quick instant. 
Realising what he was doing, he immediately let you go and apologised softly.
“Do you want to accompany me into the kitchen, love ?” You asked gently, extending a hand to him.
He nodded, taking the offered hand as he stood up.
As he watched you prepare the tea – he noticed it was his favourite – he stood near you, your shoulders almost touching, observing you like a hawk. You seemed unbothered by the intensity of his glance, doing the task at hand with great expertise and concentration.
He did teach you how to properly brew tea, after all.
It did make him smile, ever so slightly, to see his partner do so well in a field that was important to him. 
After a while, you finished the two cups and you turned in his direction, presenting one of the drinks to him. 
Taking it into his hand, he watched you lovingly smile at him.
“I hope you like it, love” you expressed. 
Of course he will.
You made it, and that alone made this tea the best beverage he could possibly have.
Making your way back into the living space, you sat down like you previously did.
Taking a sip of the warm drink, he sighed in contentment.
“Thank you, nour ayni” Amir said, looking at you and trying to just show how much he loved you with just a glance.
It seemed to work, or at least you got the message, since you gently kissed him on his forehead, temple, cheek, corner of his mouth and finally, right on his lips. Each kiss was loving, gentle and caring, and he almost melted to the touch.
“I’ll be here for you, always, my love.”
In this moment, it was Cypher’s only truth.
For @kltira <3
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bricksduhh · 1 year
The way I loved you
Mickey Altieri x Male Reader
I apologise to everyone who has sent me story requests 😭 I probably should of worked on one of those instead and i promise I'll do them soon but i noticed there is no Mickey x Male reader fics, so i had to take it upon myself to do him justice. I also really wanted to write something with Sidney in it lol.
This takes place during the final act, the beginning is the same as the movie but i changed the ending to cut it short because I was really tired writing this so if there is any mistakes than im sorry <3
Tumblr media
You ran through the college campus trailing behind Sidney. You two had just been attacked by ghostface while being escorted away from the college to protect Sidney. You were still processing your friend, Hallies, death. She didn't deserve to die. You felt guilty for not staying close to her, instead you went with Sidney to try to de-mask the Ghostface that lay unconscious in the car they had crashed in. When you and Sidney reached the car you noticed he was gone. You turned to see him jump out behind Hallie, brutally stabbing her to death. 
That's when you two ran, as far as you could. Sidney held onto your arm, you didn't know where she was going. You didn't question it either, she had been through this before. You trusted that she knew what she was doing. She guided you to the college's theatre. You both ran down the aisles upon aisles of chairs, calling for any help. You stopped when you and Sidney reached the stage. 
"Sid, I need a break." you bent over, placing your hands on your knees. You struggled to catch your breath. Sidney looked at you, her hand on your back. She looked around. Suddenly you two heard a noise. You saw the mechanisms on the stage start to move, walls being lowered down, blocking your ways out through the back stage. 
Sidney ran towards one of the barriers. "Fuck" She yelled, banging on them. She looked back at you, before noticing something coming down from the roof. It looked like a star. You glanced up at it, seeing someone hanging from it. 
"Derek?" You questioned, squinting your eyes. Sidney ran over when the mechanism lowered. She placed a hand on his chest. 
She began to untie him, struggling to undo the many knots that had been tied to keep him in place. You went to help her until you noticed a figure moving closer to the stage. 
"Um Sidney?" You moved your hand to tap her shoulder. "Who's that?" You asked, pointing your hand forward. It took you both a second to realise it was Ghostface. 
Sidney slipped out a curse, picking up the speed of untying Derek from the play prop he was tied to. 
The Ghostface climbed up onto the stage. You backed up. "Oh I wouldn't do that if I were you. You really want to try free your boyfriend?" He said, looking at Sidney. He began to talk again, this time with no voice changer activated. "Don't you know history repeats itself?" you all turned to look at him. He sounded familiar. 
"No" you whispered. You realised who it was. It was Mickey, your boyfriend. You denied it at first, hoping it was someone who sounded similar. Mickey would never want to kill someone.
You watched as the Ghostface removed his mask. Your heart dropped. It really was Mickey. He placed the voice changer over his mouth. "Surprise Sidney." He reached his arm out, dropping the device. 
He began to remove his costume. "Since Derek here disappeared on my ass, I've been on my own all fucking night." you all stood there, still in shock. "Thanks alot partner." You couldn't take your eyes off Mickey. You couldn't believe you trusted him or even loved him. Sidney slowly turned towards Derek, backing away. You realised what he said. Partner? Was Derek working with him? 
"You mother fucker" Derek exclaimed. "Sid he's crazy, you know me better than that." 
"Oh come on Sid, I gotta have a partner. I couldn't have possibly done this alone." Mickey looked manic. You were becoming scared of him. You've never seen him like this. 
Sidney's eyes began to water. She let out a breath of disbelief, staring at Derek. Derek began to panic, begging Sidney for help." No no, Sid he's lying" He turned his head to face you. "Y/N you don't believe him right?" You finally took your attention off of Mickey. Turning to face Derek, you didn't say a word. 
You heard Mickey laugh, he held the knife to his head. He kept repeating "Boyfriend or Killer '' Obviously directed towards Sidney. Derek began shouting at Mickey, claiming he was going to kill him. You and Sidney jumped when a bang suddenly filled the theatre. You heard Sidney screaming as she covered her hand over Derek's chest. You saw blood begin to drip down Derek's torso. You could barely process what happened. 
Mickey held the gun towards Sidney. "You should really deal with your trust issues. I mean poor Derek, he was completely innocent." You grabbed onto Sidney, pulling her back from your manic boyfriend. Mickey's focus finally fell onto you. "Ah Y/N. What a pleasure to see you here." 
"What the fuck is wrong with you." you said, voice cracking. "This isn't you, it can't be." You couldn't get your mind around the fact you have been dating a serial killer. 
"Oh but baby it is." He held his arms out to his side, smirking. "The one and only." You shook your head. 
"You fucker" Sidney shouted out. Mickey pointed his gun towards her again. 
"Don't you get involved bitch, I'm not done with you." You put your arm in front of Sidney. "Baby, come over here." Mickey motioned for you to go beside to him. You looked at Sidney. "No, no. Don't look at her." He ordered. "Look at me. Come over. This is between me and Sid. You don't need to be involved" 
Your eyes began to water. You didn't know what he was capable of. He could easily shoot you or even stab you the second you stand by him. "I- '' was all you could get out. You felt a lump in your throat. 
"You'll be ok. Just stand by me and I won't have to hurt your pretty face." He said, gun still pointing at Sidney. You closed your eyes, letting out a small cry. You turned to Sidney, apologising before walking over to Mickey. "Smart boy. You were always the only one out of them all to have common sense. It's what I love about you the most." You stopped as you stood beside him, your back facing Sidney. 
"Now, Sidney. What am I going to do with you?" Mickey asked, grabbing your hand, placing a knife in it. Your heart skipped a beat. Was he going to tell you to kill Sidney? You couldn't. No way. He leaned in towards you. "If she tries to run you swipe at her ok babe?" He patted your back, walking towards Sidney. You turned around, you could barely see. Your vision blurred from the tears that lay in your eyes. 
"Y/N.. No" Sidney looked at you, shaking her head. "We're friends." 
"Don't talk to him." Mickey shoved the gun closer to her. "He's none of your business now." You heard footsteps coming from behind Sydney. "Ah, our special guest has arrived." Sidney turned to look at the door. Gale walked in. 
"Gale?" You and Sidney both questioned. Gale shook her head. Walking forward more to allow someone else to walk in. You didn't know who she was. 
"Mrs Loomis?" Sidney questioned. You recognised the last name. You remembered Sidney telling you about her past boyfriend who shared the same last name. You guessed they must have been related. 
"Hello Sidney." She said walking behind Gale, pointing a gun to her back. 
"Surprised?" Mickey asked, smiling like a maniac. 
Mrs Loomis looked over at you, noticing the knife in your hand. "Recruiting someone else without my permission Mickey?" She looked at him. "Have you even explained why we are doing this?" She questioned, giving him a disappointed look. 
"No not yet, I was going to-" Mrs Loomis cut Mickey off. 
"No. You know what the deal was, no one else gets involved and we both get what we wanted." Mrs Loomis gave him a stern look "This is your fault" She moved her gun towards you, opening fire. You felt pain in your shoulder, shouting in pain. Sidney jumped in fear, screaming your name. 
"NO" Mickey shouted, watching you fall to the ground. He aimed his gun towards Mrs Loomis. He shot too soon. The bullet instead hit Gale's stomach. She hunched over in pain, stumbling to the side and falling off the stage. Mickey growls in anger. "You fucking bitch." He went to shoot again before Sidney grabbed his arm, pushing it up. Instead Mrs Loomis shot at Mickey, hitting his chest. He roared in pain. His gun falling out of his hand. Sidney backed away in shock. 
"Oh Mickey, you sweet dumb boy." She walked over to him. You looked up, seeing him on the ground. His gun had fallen and glided across the floor. It lay in front of you. "Your plan was never going to work. Blaming all this on the movies? Really? Nobody was ever going to believe such bullshit." She stood over him, aiming her gun at his head. "I'm doing this to Avenge my son who was murdered by that bitch." She turned her head looking at Sidney. "It's the most understandable motive." 
You knew Mickey probably deserved to die. He killed your friends but something in you didn't want him gone. Maybe it was the love you had for him that still lingered in your mind,you weren't sure. You grabbed the gun from in front of you, aiming towards Mrs Loomis, firing. She howled in agony. Turning back from looking at Sidney to see the blood spilling over her blouse. The bullet hit her shoulder. Her gun fell from her hand. Her free hand reached at the wound. She looked at you. You could tell she was furious. She stormed over to you,kicking you in the face causing you to fall down. You heard Sidney shout your name. 
"Fucking teenagers" Mrs Loomis said,grabbing the gun you held and pointing it towards you. You heard a bang, causing you to close your eyes, crying out. You heard something fall. You opened your eyes to see Mrs Loomis laying on the floor, blood coming out of her head. You looked over at Mickey. He was holding the gun Mrs Loomis dropped. He laughed to himself. 
Sidney ran up to him grabbing his arm, pushing it up again. He shot. The bullet striking the roof. He groaned, trying to fight Sidney off him. Sidney easily overpowered him, thanks to the bullet wound left on Mickey's chest. She grabbed the gun from his hand. Pointing it towards him, ready to pull the trigger. 
"Sidney." You said through a hoarse voice. She turned to face you. She looked at you with sympathy. She couldn't kill the man you loved right in front of you. She lowered the gun. 
"Pussy" Mickey whispered through a pained voice. Sidney rolled her eyes, kicking him in the face. He fell to the ground, losing his consciousness. You released a deep breath. She ran towards you. 
She kneeled down in front of you,placing her hand on your shoulder. "How are you feeling?" She asked. 
"Could be better" You laughed, wincing in pain at doing so. You both heard movement behind Sidney. 
Gale popped up from where she fell. "I'm fine too, thanks for asking" Cotton suddenly ran in, with paramedics coming in behind him. 
You sat in the back of an ambulance, looking at the paramedics wheeling Mickey out of the theatre in a stretcher. You felt yourself start to cry. You still couldn't believe that Mickey would do this. Sidney sat beside you, she rubbed her hand over your back. The paramedics ushered you into the ambulance. You forgot you had been shot, the pain of Mickey's betrayal hurt more than any bullet wound. You sat on the stretcher. Sidney didn't leave your side. Your head fell onto her shoulder. You didn't know what was going to happen to Mickey. You hated him for what he did, but something in you hoped things would work out in his favour. You knew it was unlikely but you still had a sliver of hope. 
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