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re-dracula · 2 days
We enjoyed @closebutnotquitewright's post a lot so we narrated it.
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moonsun2010 · 5 hours
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in honour of @re-dracula podcast, an updated version of this DracDaily fanart from 2022
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I can’t believe Dracula is keeping my good friend Jonathan prisoner during pride month.
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the-worst-of-temms · 2 days
dracula truly speaks to the uniquely human-in-a-capitalist-society experience of going through the most horrific events imaginable, being in a terrible situation, and still doing your fucking job lmao
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Everyone needs a Quincey Morris in their life.
Celebrates your wins even when that win might mean his loss
commits to the bit to make people he loves laugh (yeehaw!)
Respects boundaries (romantically this is a no, accepts it immediately)
puts together social gatherings
Man of action, why just talk when we can do something about it? (to be seen)
Ride or Die babes
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sapphiremcguire · 2 days
How does Jonathan still have his diary if his paper was stolen please
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madam-mina-harker · 2 days
I've been thinking about how Victorians had tattoos. Also add who you voted for and what they would have a tattoo of in the tags.
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starlitartworks · 3 days
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Happy pride from the Dracula gang!
Characters from left to right: Van helsing, Lucy, Mina, Jonathan, John, Quincey, Arthur
These are my own headcanons for the characters, they're just for fun and not to be taken too seriously :D
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toaster-trash · 1 day
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Miss Lucy Westenra, beloved, love of my life
Art trade with my friend @/human_octopus123 on Instagram!!
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mxsoyo · 2 days
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I’ve started watching Dracula movie adaptations in celebration of this years Dracula Daily so here are some Nosferatu (1922) screenshot redraws.
I really love this version of Mina, (oh I’m sorry I meant Ellen, F. W. Murnau’s original character, do not steal!) and how goth she is in this version (plus apparently just having psychic powers for no apparent reason).
If anyone would be interested in me posting like a mini review for the different adaptations and how they hold up to the book (from a dracula daily tumblr readers perspective) and to point out some funny or interesting moments, let me know! (or if anyone has any dracula drawing requests!)
Original under the cut.
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+bonus meme
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immediatebreakfast · 3 days
Another irony is that Lucy says that she would share a secret with Arthur, and then she tells him nothing while [redacted] because she doesn't want to be bothersome.
Oh that... that it's one of the worst character points of Lucy for me. As much as Lucy is excited for her wedding, and her upcoming new life with Arthur, a man who she truly loves, a lifetime of ingrained social education, and gender roles set in victorian england is not easy to forget.
More since, from an outside perspective, Lucy is basically the picture perfect depiction of a young victorian lady. She is sweet, and kind, and joyful, and well mannered. All of those things not only come naturally to Lucy, but also her possible education taught her to share all of those with everyone else.
Lucy's happiness is not her own, is everyone's because how wonderful it is to share her happy moments. Lucy's secrets are Arthur's secrets because a wife never has to hide anything from her husband, the wife's happiness is the husband's happiness.
However, what about the wife's sorrows? Her fears? Her worries? Her sickness? To those questions, society answers to Lucy: Oh, you wouldn't be a bad wife and bother your poor husband with your... Feminine fragilities right?
You wouldn't want to bother your soon to be husband with your sickness right? He doesn't need that, he needs you happy, and kind, and engaged in what he is talking about, it's just another thing that people don't want to hear about you. That doesn't fit the persona you created out of need. So powder your nose, fix your hair, and put on your best high neck dress, and go face the world you live in young lady.
And it is going to be heartbreaking to see.
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sepublic · 9 hours
Maybe we’d have more updates if Jonathan had more paper and didn’t need to make every diary page count.
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Jonathan?? You okay, bud?
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I saw this little creechur on my wall and I just had to 🦎🧛‍♂️
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June 4th
There will not be a Dracula Daily update today.
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