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fanficgirly18 · 1 day
Eyeless Jack x Male Chubby Reader| One-shot
You awoke to pleasure.
Pleasure going up between your legs.
Your huge thighs were resting on someone's broad shoulders. It was too dark to see who's- but you caught a glimpse of their blue mask.
Three tongues were licking and suckling at your private. 
You immediately let out a groan. Your precum mixed with saliva. 
Sharp teeth teethed your balls.
You squeaked- trying to close your legs but claws held them apart.
"You like that....huh?"
came the quiet, hushed voice.
You pleaded for him to stop. You knew they were a 'he' from his deep voice. 
"No. Bad boy..."
You heard his mouth open wide, saliva connecting from his teeth and you felt sharp teeth bite into the meat of your huge left thigh. 
It took a huge chunk, and you felt warm blood pour down your leg.
You shrieked, almost like a girl.
He gave a quiet chuckle, blood dripping from his mouth onto the floor.
"Guess you didn't like that...."
But your erection was going up and your eyes rolled back nearly into darkness.
What took the cake was his many tongues started to lick at your open wound.
You slowly lost consciousness. 
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creepypasta65 · 4 months
Hi can you do EJ eating out fem reader?
Hi! Thanks for the request :)
⚠️Warning NSFW content below⚠️
Eyeless Jack eating out Fem Reader:
Jack loves eating you out and treats it like he hasn't eaten in weeks.
He has 8 tongues, and his tongues can reach places your fingers can't reach. Jack will tease you by constantly rubbing your clit with his tongue.
Jack loves it when you squeeze his head between your thighs and finds it adorable knowing he's the only one who can make you feel good.
Try to close your legs and push his head away from your pussy; he will force them open and will not allow you to push his head away from your pussy. Jack will overstimulate you making you cum five times and squirt at least two times, all over his face.
Jack will praise you, telling you sweet things like, "This beautiful pussy is mine and only mine", "Your pussy taste so delicious, love", "Please cum again all over my face, I know you can do it", "look at this pretty pussy clenching on my tongue", etc.
He loves hearing your moans, whimpers, begs, and pleas.
Jack loves biting your thigh when he finishes eating you out.
Have a nice day or night :)
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smutty-ki113r · 17 days
No thoughts… just EJs tongue thick enough to part your pussy and fill you up thinking it’s his cock, so wet and sweet he can’t stop eating you awake that feral part of him
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just-a-persontm · 1 year
-EJ is a freaking furnace, him being a demon makes him a warm boi.
-Toby is a lot smarter than we give him credit for, he just chooses to be a dumbass. Honestly is an entertaining way to live though.
-Ben and Toby make music together in their free time, Toby is surprisingly good at rapping and singing.
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opennwindows · 3 months
May I request a smoll eyeless jack x f reader nsfw story? Or headcanons?
eyeless jack x fem reader NSFW hcs
cw: 18+ content, medical kink, breeding kink, biting, blood, kinda disrespecting boundaries?? kinda not??, afab fem aligned reader
a/n: hey let’s all ignore my wildly different formatting for each post until i figure out wtf i’m doing lmfao. i decided to do hcs for this since i enjoy rambling and i have a couple fics already lined up and those take significantly longer for me to write!! i hope that’s okay anon, i just want to get more stuff posted :) also i threw a bunch of random ideas together for this so if you’d like anything else more specific please req again!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
sooo we all know eyeless jack is a demon, right? to say dude is into some freaky shit would be an understatement.
- jack has a higher sex drive than most due to his demon tendencies. pair that with the rush he gets after a good evening of organ harvesting and you’re in for a Very Long Night. his stamina is also no joke.
- wear a short skirt? it’s getting cut off with his scalpel. accidentally slice your finger while chopping vegetables? well you better turn off the stove because he’s bending you over it. he senses you’re ovulating? he’s fucking you twice as much.
- if you’re into medical play and getting cut up with surgery tools he will be over the moon.
- if not, you’re gonna have to have a sit down talk with jack. he will do his best, but he can end up viewing you as just a lowly human at times. you’re gonna have to put your foot down sternly to fully gain his respect. he cares about your boundaries (somewhat), it just takes a minute to get through to his human side.
- on that note, don’t even dream of dominating him. he’ll laugh in your face and restrain you if the idea even crosses your mind. the thought of a weaker being telling him what to do during sex is comical to jack. he might let you ride him if he’s feeling lazy, but his clawed hands will be gripped around your waist as a silent reminder of who’s in charge.
- he’s into degradation. not the typical “you’re a whore” shit. no, this guy will take every chance to remind you that you’re just a fragile little human that’s only breathing because he lets you. if you feed into his ego, jack will reward you with his face between your thighs for hours.
- ooh let me take a moment to talk about this monster’s tongue. godly is an ironic term to describe anything involving jack but it’s the only fitting word. it’s long, slightly textured, quick and strong. he looooves to edge you until you inevitably break and the only words you can form are broken pleas. you’re gonna have to pry him off of you during your periods. he’s a little nasty
- jack will pretty much refuse to cum anywhere that isn’t inside you or your mouth. during sex, he tends to fully give into his animalistic demon qualities. meaning the only thing running through his mind is ‘breed, breed, breed.’
- big corruption kink. like MASSIVE. i think all the pastas have some form of corruption kink, but obviously the whole demon thing brings it to a new level. if you were a virgin when you met him, he’s gonna have to physically restrain himself from pouncing on you the second its brought up in conversation.
- let’s talk about positions. jack’s not really picky as long as he’s fucking your brains out but he does have a few favorites. mating press is almost always a winner since it feeds into his need to breed (i crack myself up). missionary is a classic that ensures he can have complete control. jack is also a fan of fucking on operating tables???? don’t ask me ask him, he’s odd. his least favorites involve 69, cowgirl, or pretty much anything that involves you on top of him. he doesn’t really get tired so doing all the work doesn’t bother him.
- will 100% spit in your mouth and he doesn’t care if you think it’s gross. get used to it sorry. if you’re into it then you’ve won.
- probably will throw a tantrum if he finds out you masturbated without him. he’s given you so much special attention and you still want more? well. he’s gonna fuck you so hard that you’ll be too sore to even think about touching yourself. i’m praying for you girl good luck.
- LOVES TO BITE ON YOUR CHEST AND NECK. i cannot stress this enough. and he WILL draw blood, i mean his mouth is full of sharp teeth so it’s basically a given. bro will be fucking you and straight up take a drink break FROM YOUR THROAT. be prepared to never show your neck or cleavage in public ever again. unless you’re into that. then you go girl, we’re all cheering for you.
- jack thinks it’s hilarious to say terrifying unsexy shit during sex. “i can’t wait to cut you open and eat those delicious kidneys that belong to me….” you just look at him with your mouth open. you’d be better off ignoring his annoying ass he (probably) doesn’t mean it.
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jtkys · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐝: 𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐞. 𝐣𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐰𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐜𝐚𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐢 𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐥 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐢𝐭, 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐢𝐦 𝐦𝐨𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐬𝐨 𝐢𝐦𝐦𝐚 𝐠𝐞𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐬 𝐝𝐨𝐧𝐞 :𝟑
𝐭𝐰𝐬/𝐜𝐰𝐬: 𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐧 𝐠𝐮𝐭𝐬 (𝐣𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐞𝐦), 𝐛𝐚𝐬𝐢𝐜𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐣𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐞𝐣.
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬: 𝐢𝐝𝐠𝐚𝐟 𝐢𝐦 𝐟𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐟𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐥 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐧. 𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐝𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐝𝟎 (𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐮𝐦𝐛𝐥𝐫)
We’ve had our era years ago of unnecessary twinkification or crps, it’s time to be fr
He’s 6’6. Cause. Yeah. As shown in the middle image above, he’s a big dude. MUSCLES!!!!!
He literally eats people and I personally hc he hunts them down himself, ESPECIALLY if he’s super hungry. So he’s gotta have some muscle on him. (Foaming at the mouth rn)
Has ombré (retractable) claws u will not change my mind. His blood is either the same kinda ooze that comes from his eyes or a dark blue
He’s really fucking warm. Like he’s a god to be around in the winter because he’s just insanely hot. Figuratively and literally
I’m tryna figure out what he voice sounds like in my head, I definitely think it’s really deep. Forgive me but I think he’d sound a bit like corpse husband
He can definitely growl, but almost never does it because there’s no reason to since he’s level headed and hard to piss off, but also because it’s genuinely scary 😭😭
Not my original hc but I saw someone once saying he purrs in his sleep and AGH YES!!!
Has thermal vision: I think I mentioned this before, but I really enjoy this hc. As I’ve Also said before, he’s got really sensitive hearing and smell because of his lack of proper sight.
Is a gentle giant 100%. As much as Jeff can try his hardest to piss him off, he’s hyper aware of his strength and how easily he could tear someone apart if he lost control and that’s the last thing he wants, so he makes sure to keep his cool
Even if he’s somehow managed to get pissed off, if he can’t leave the situation he’ll just get more verbally aggressive (never physically) but if he CAN leave the situation, he removes himself immediately to make sure he or anyone else isn’t hurt.
Is actually really good with Sally and young kids in general, but has no idea how to handle babies. At all. Mostly because he’s scared he’ll drop them, but also because he can’t communicate with them like he can with young kids, and the crying and screaming babies do really upsets his sensitive hearing and ears 😭
Rarely removes his mask around the other creeps, and only really takes it off infront of sally and when it’s a small group of calmer proxies.
Loves loves LOVES to read books. It’s his favourite thing to do in his spare time
He either really loves or hates coffee, I haven’t made my mind up. But I’m pretty certain that he never drinks alcohol, because he doesn’t ever want to be put in a situation where he’s out of control.
Probably smells blood after he’s eaten, but most of the time has a really nice earthy kinda scent to him
He uses Aussie hair products fight me rn. Look me in the eyes and tell me he doesn’t have luscious curls..
uhm sorry he likes sealife and worships David Attenborough i dont make the rules
Really likes the Lego Batman movie. I won’t elaborate
As I said before, gentle giant
Isn’t overly affectionate at first because he’s a lot more nervous than given credit for, and will sometimes overthink it if he wants to hug you or hold your hand because he’s scared of his claws or misjudging his own strength.
So if you wanna hug him I think he’d, at first, just kinda stand there awkwardly and stiffly but would probably give your head a soft pat or rub your back if you insist.
Eventually he’d probably become a lot more comfortable, and more secure and confident that he wouldn’t hurt you
(It’ll take quite a bit or convincing but oh well)
Is more than happy to let you read with him or be in the Same room as him, no matter what you’re doing. Just being in each others company is sweet and enough :D
hugs from behind from this man would be legendary bro. ESPECIALLY CAUSE HES SO WARM AUGH 💔💔
i dont think hes as possessive as the other creeps (cough cough the diy scrub daddy) (jeff) but he can certainly be protective imo
godly cook. bro.. i want him to make me food rn..
as in u call up this mf at 3 in the morning to ask for some spaghetti bolognese with extra cheese and my boy is in the kitchen before u can blink
like the real man he is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
look me in the eyes and try and tell me his claws wouldn't give GODLY scalp massages bro.
Is really good damn attentive, especially when it comes to people he cares for. As in he knows ur sleeping, eating, breathing patterns like the back of his hand to make sure that he notices immediately if anything is wrong
Likes watching his partner sleep NOT IN A CREEPY WAY. just probably finds it really enjoyable and endearing to see someone he cares for so much in such a vulnerable and calm state
He’s so silly I’m in love with him
I’m honestly not sure what kinda pet names he would use, because he doesn’t seem the type to use the generic “babe/baby” to me, but he’s def not like Jeff (who will come up with the most downright jaw droppingly nasty names ever for fun)
He’d probably use either “sweetheart” or “darling” nothing too major, but would probably just mostly use a shortened version of your name or a nickname he gives u. He silly he bbg
Really loves cats. Really really loves them, and will get on one knee and propose to you if you have any (/hj.)
𝐞𝐱𝐭𝐫𝐚/𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬: 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐦𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐰𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐦𝐲 𝐥𝐢𝐟𝐞 𝐡𝐚𝐬 𝐛𝐞𝐞𝐧 𝐡𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐜 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐦𝐲 𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐥 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐭𝐡 𝐡𝐚𝐬 𝐛𝐞𝐞𝐧 𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐲 𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐭, 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐢 𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐦𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐞𝐣 𝐬𝐨 :𝟑
𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐬: 𝐧𝐨𝐩
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crxshed-skxlls · 5 months
Hiiii I'm being anon since I've never done a request before and I'm mildly embarrassed about it KJHFUIOG
do you think you could do something with eyeless jack? either just nsfw hcs or even a fic! i guess to add any suggestions for a fic maybe ej breaking into the reader's home? Could also have dub-con and breeding elements to it if you'd like! Though you can do whatever! ^^ (also gn reader if that's ok!)
OVERALL THOUGH I've been enjoying reading your content n stuff so far and ty for reading this even if you don't do the idea! :D
Word count:
Ooo very intriguing request. Don't worry Anon, your sins are my command 🙏 (my apologies if this isn't the best; it's my first time writing with a gn!reader)
Tumblr media
— ❝ Home Invasion
Eyeless Jack x Gn!reader
Word count: 2k+
Plot: You were having an ordinary night, slowly slipping into your bed to a sweet slumber. Little did you know, an unwelcoming visitor gives you a sinful surprise.
NSFW tags: Dubcon, breeding, mating press, knife play, primal elements, bloodplay, biting, implied voyuerism, praise, Masochism elements
Credits for MDNI divider
Tumblr media
It was a dark, brisk night. The cold air of the night tickles for body as you lay in your bed. You lay peacefully bliss to your surroundings as you slip into a slumber, your breathing slow as you sigh. You had a long day, and you were ready to get some shut-eye. However, you had been tossing and turning from the uncomfortable chill of the room. You feel a subtle presence in your room, like prying eyes watched you, but you thought it was your anxieties about the dark night. It took a little while, but you finally slip out of consciousness, eyes fluttering shut as you slip away. 
Though, your gut told you right. A dark figure lurked out your window, careful not to draw attention to him. His features muted except for his cobalt blue mask with signature black eye holes. He watches you toss and turn, only for you to lose consciousness. He licked his lips as he prowls, silently opening your window you so obliviously forgot to lock. He lifts the frame with a click sound, quietly stepping into your room. You flinch in your sleep as you hear the subtle shift of your window closing, turning to where your back pressed into your mattress. 
Jack looks around, silently slipping to your bed. He looks down at you, his soulless sockets peering onto your sleeping form. He grabs the corner of your plush blanket, slipping the cloth off of your form. You mumble something in your slumber, shifting in your sleep. Jack has watched you many times before, knowing how much of a heavy sleeper you are. The noirette continued his prowl, getting on top of you gently. He straddles your hips, looking down at your figure with a small grunt. He licks the dried blood from his stained teeth as he slips your shirt up slightly, revealing your abdomen with ease.
You shutter under the taller being, humming as his hand traces your stomach. Jack soon takes out his knife, examining the thin blade made for incisions. Jack groans quietly as his stomach fills with a familiar warmth, the uncomfortable fabric sticking to his growing member. The uttered thought of watching you so vulnerable made his head reel with sinful thoughts. It wasn't long before your eyes start to flutter, which made Jack tense. Your eyes open quickly as you see the unwanted stranger, though there was a sharp feeling to your neck before you dare utter a word. Jack keeps his knife to your throat, leaning in to your face slightly. Your adrenaline made you wide awake as he traces the blade faintly on your skin, making tears prick your terrified eyes. 
Jack smirks at your body's reactions, his head tilting to the side. You watch as his soulless eyes prey upon your form. You shiver, closing your eyes. He let's out a small a chuckle, tracing the blade down to your chest. You don't dare utter a word, the silence filling up the air. It wasn't long until his grim voice spoke, his voice in a rough tone. 
" You're pretty for prey, don't you know? "
He breathes, letting the blade snag at your shirt. He watches as some of the cloth rips under the blade, making you shiver under his grasp. You feel your body become a little flush under the compliment, his rough voice melting at your scared thoughts. You want to shake him off, tell him to stop, but this was something you had been anticipating for a while. It was a weird fantasy of yours that not a lot of people understood, but you thought it was arousing with the unexpectedness that lingered around the thought of a break in. Jack interrupts your thoughts as you hear a tear sound, noticing the blade tear halfway down your shirt. It revealed your collarbones and part of your chest, making the man bite his lip under his mask.
" You're body structure is in great proportions, you know? Great for me to take in.. "
" Why are you doing this? "
You say in a hushed whisper, your soft voice ringing in his ears. It wasn't long until you realized the surprise in Jack's pants however, feeling it throb against his clothing. He pauses his movements, looking at your face. It wasn't long before he lifts a part of his mask with a dark chuckle. Your eyes widen at the inhuman features, his sharp teeth visible in his grin. His grayish features shimmered in the moonlight, dried blood visible on his face. Your hands ball into fists as he leans into your neck.
" Simple. You caught my eye from a greater distance, love. Ever since, it's been hard not to think about how lovely you would look tainted in your own blood. "
His soft tone as he explains to you was both frightening and arousing. The way his words coaxed you in an uncomfortable arousal left you to whimper under him. You never knew such an intruder that had a soft side to his words. You gasp as you feel his tongue lap at your neck, pressing in all the right places.
" Be good for me.. And you might walk off with your organs in tact. Understood? "
" M- mhm.. "
You nod and stiffen under his words, letting out a hushed moan as his tongue traces your collarbones. Jack grunts as he gets between your legs, hungrily nipping at your neck with his teeth. You moan out as you feel his erection press against your sensitive crotch, making him smile on your neck. You yelp suddenly as you feel a sharp pain signal down your spine. Your hands instinctively tug at Jack's back, feeling his sharp teeth bite harshly into your soft skin. He moans at your cries, listening curiously as they turn into moans. As his teeth release from your neck, he laps out the thick blood that spilled out.
It wasn't deep enough to hit an artery or anything, but it definitely was deep. You moan at the twinges of pain, gripping the figure's Hoodie. Jack moans as well, pulling up slightly. Your tear glazed eyes were able to make out the messy blood on Jack's lips, making your face flush a little red. Jack grins at your figure, licking his lips. You shiver tenderly as you watch him lick the blood off his lips.
" I didn't realize you were a such a masochist now.. After all, there's only so much I can see from your windows. "
You gulp as tears spill from your face, panting from the twinges of want and need. You knew this was crazy, the back of your mind berated you for wanting such a monster. However your body clouded any sane thought your brain could come up with. The way he teased and admitted to watching you made you squirm slightly, feeling a little more nervous if anything. You soon get snapped into reality as Jack takes off your pants, along with your undergarments. You squirm more, your hands shifting to Jack's chest as you slightly push. Jack let's out a guttural growl, his eyes piercing into your gaze. You gulp as you watch his blade come up to your neck again, making you whimper out as your hands fall down onto your mattress.
" What happened to being good, huh? "
Jack comments, clicking his tongue on the roof of his mouth. You shiver with uncertainty, but as soon as Jack makes a small incision on your chest makes you moan out in surprise. You hiss from the twinge of pain, but Jack just chuckles at you. He licks at the small cut, making you moan out again in a more pleasurable tone. You soon hear an unzipping sound, making you tremble slightly under Jack. You knew what was coming, and there was no point for your aching body to fight back. You feel as Jack sighs in a somewhat relief, letting his member spring from his denim jeans. You audibly gasp as his cock hits your abdomen teasingly, looking at the sheer size made you flush a deep red. 
" Awwh, like what you see darling? "
Jack snickers at your actions as you watch his cock twitch. He soon positions himself to your hole, pressing the tip to your ass. You look up at Jack with a doe eyed expression, earning a groan from the man. You soon yelp out as you feel Jack slam into you with one strong push, causing twinges of pain and pleasure to fill your body. Jack growls as you clench to his length, using one of his hands to stabilize himself. You feel him slowly pull about halfway out of you, just for him to thrust back into you. You both moan out as he sets a rough pace.
" F- fuck- "
" Yeeah, tha- hah- that's right. Take it. "
You hear Jack mutter out loud as you feel his  dick press into all your sweet areas, causing you to shamelessly moan. He growls almost animalistically as he slams into you, moving to your neck to bite into the same mark he left on your skin. You yell out with breathy moans and pleas for more, but Jack continues to lick and suck at the blood that taints your tender skin. You tremble under him as you feel your body reaching a climax, whimpering out as he thrusts into you. You hitch your breath as Jack hooks your shaky legs to his shoulders, borrowing his dick deep inside of you. You let out moans and mewls as he aims for all your sweet spots, your back arching as you press against him. It wasn't long before you end up coming onto him, choking out more moans. Jack groans as your body tenses around him, earning you a stifled laugh from him.
" Awwh f- uck– you really think were- ngh- done yet? "
Jack grins into your skin as he slams into you, hearing your sultry moans and slapping sounds from his movements. You shake under him as he keeps going, holding you in this mating press as he growls and bites at your skin. You feel as if your ascending as your stomach bubbles and prepares for another climax. You give him choked out pleas, begs but none were answered. You hear Jack muttering in your ears about all the things he could do to you, possessive statements ringing through your body.
" Sh- shit– get ready doll.. I'll make sure you'll– haah– be mine. "
He hisses in your ears as he chases his climax. You let your arms fly up to grasp at his Hoodie again, whimpering as you both chase your orgasms. Jack groans as he slams his dick all the way in your poor hole, his hips sputtering as he splashes white ropes inside of you. You tremble from your final orgasm, spasming as his hips sputter for a final time. The room once filled with slapping and moaning sounds is now filled with pants and breathy moans. Your legs tremble against Jack before he peacefully rests your legs back down to your bed. Jack bites his lip as he pulls out of you, watching as some of his semen dribble out of your cute hole. 
You pant as you feel a sudden tiredness flood over you from all the midnight activity. Jack pulls you in for a bittersweet kiss, making you taste a mixture of himself and your blood. You whimper in his mouth as you feel his sharp teeth as he explores your mouth. He soon breaks the wet kiss with a smirk, a beaded mixture of your salivas connected together. The string breaks as he pulls himself up, getting out from between your legs as you weakly watch. He gets off your bed, watching your limp body as its covered in bodily fluids. Soon, in a timid manner almost, Jack pulls up the covers for you. 
He tucks you in, giving you a warm sensation as your eyes droop in and out of your tired focus. He kisses your forehead, slipping his mask into place as he stands beside your bed. You look at the figure shining in the moonlight, his blue features vibrant. He has a soft gaze on you as you tiredly close your eyes, slipping into your polite slumber again.
" You did so well, angel… Sweet dreams. "
The last mumbles of praise leaves his soft lips as you hear him faintly walk to your window. As he opens the window, you quickly fade into the nonchalant darkness of your subconscious. Your mind echoed his soft words with endearment rather than unsettlment, peacefully passing your subconscious in your sweet dreams. You look at this night in endearment, hoping to see that familiar face again one day..
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Eyeless Jack x Reader Headcanons: Ultra Horny Edition
Tumblr media
HHhhhrrrrrr big monster man
I headcanon him as being around 6'7
Big boy
Big big boy
Jack is so much bigger than you. He honestly can't help getting hard when he sees you look up at him with big doe eyes. You really have to crane your neck to make eye-er-socket contact with him
He loves taking your chin between his fingers and making you look at him
His hands are so big and he has such big claws on top of that
Jack will super use the tentacles in his mouth to eat you out (vagina and non-vagina having friends alike)
Your legs thrown over his shoulders as he devours you in the most amazing way possible
Jack usually likes to tease you
He can't help but coo at how desperate you get for his cock
"Aww, does my little pet need to be fucked? Do they want me to bend them over right here and pound them until they can't move?"
He can't really finger you because of his claws. They're too sharp to safely put inside of you, but that does open up one of his favorite kinks: mutual masturbation
Touch yourself in front of him, stroke your sex, finger your hole(s)
Bonus points if you break out a toy and use it on yourself while begging for his cock
However, you cannot cum with that toy in you
If you cum on some fake dick instead of Jack's own cock, he'll overstim you for hours
"I'm sorry, babe. I thought you wanted to be used like a whore? I mean, the way you were creaming around that plastic toy made me think you were desperate enough to take anything! Aww, it hurts? My poor little slut."
This demon man is packing
Around 10 inches with a good girth
It's going to take a lot of practice to get the whole thing in you let alone let him knot you
Jack's goal in life is to make you cum so much you go limp and become a sort of fucked out ragdoll in his arms
He just wants to know that he made you feel so good that you can't move anymore
If you have a vagina and squirt on him? He'll go feral
If you squirt in his mouth while he's eating you out? Good luck trying to move for the next week
If you have a penis, Jack will abuse your prostate to the best of his abilities
Toys, vibrators, his tentacle tongues
You better be extra lubed up to take him
His favorite position is probably doggy where he has his arms wrapped around your waist, his teeth sunk into your shoulder, and his hips pistoning in and out of you like his life depends on it
His second favorite position probably has to be a good mating press
Just being able to see your face while he fills you with his cum
The way you're folded in half underneath him like a toy
He'll definitely buy a plug to keep all of his cum inside
Wear his clothes while you guys fuck
Jack likes knowing that he's yours and you're his
He's a possessive demon
You have to smell like him in order to go anywhere
Wear his cologne, wear his shirts, cuddle him, or keep his cum in you when you go out
Bonus points if you let him cum in your underwear and wear it for the whole day
Jack is just super nasty on a regular day
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eldritch-nightmare · 1 month
idk idk im just imagining eyeless jack purring.
i'm just picturing in my mind. he doesn't know he can purr, it's not something that ever happens, not until he met you. it's something that surprised you both, really.
you two, cuddling on the couch or the bed or wherever. his mask is off, lazily thrown somewhere unimportant. his face is buried in your neck, breathing in your scent as you're scrolling through your phone or reading a book with one hand while the other is running through jack's hair, lightly scratching every so often.
it's a blissful state of calm and quiet between the two of you, and jack is beginning to doze off when—
"jack, honey, are you purring?"
and he grumbles slightly, a bit annoyed that you're talking to him when he's trying to sleep because no, he is not—
okay, so maybe he is purring. that's a thing he can do, sure. makes sense, i guess. i mean...
sharp teeth, multiple tongues, an insatiable desire to consume human flesh, black oozing empty eye sockets... why not add purring to the list of his quirks? it's probably the tamest thing there, honestly.
and you can't help but let out a small laugh, his purring growing louder at the sound of it as he tiredly huffs and buries his face further into your neck, lightly nipping at your skin.
and the two of you fall back into silence once more, except for the sound of him purring as he drifts off to sleep in your arms.
safe and sound, just him and his lovely mate.
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Creeps with an s/o that kisses their scars....
Homocidal Liu
He has a lot of resentment concerning his scars
Mostly because they are a daily reminder of his trauma
And he still loves Jeff, he's his brother and he always will be, and he knows jeff wasn't entirely in control of his actions at the moment
But that doesn't mean it didn't hurt.
So as he sits here, crying over his past, you are there to comfort him
You wipe his tears away with your thumb and kiss the stitches he's come to dread so much
You brush the hair out of his face so he can see, and you remind him that it's all over, Jeff's better now, and he won't ever get hurt like that ever again
He buries into your comfort, losing himself in your warmth
He ends up falling asleep, snoring softly and his face peaceful
You kiss his scars on the regular, showing how much you adore him, and telling him to never forget it
Eyeless Jack
When you crawl up into his lap, taking his book gently and putting it to the side, he is a bit confused
But when you begin to kiss at his face, and bringing up his hands to kiss at his arms as well, he is more than delighted
He smiles as your warm lips press to his scars littered across his body
He can't help but kiss you too
He kisses you all over your face, on your nose, lips, eyelids, and cheeks
This turns into a full blown cuddle session on the cushy library chair, his limbs wrapped around you and your body pressed into his chest, while he rubs your head lovingly
He appreciates it when you assure him that you love him in ways like this
Though, he does complain that you could've at least let him save his page
You tell him to suck it up
Ticci Toby
Another one who is insecure about his scars
Especially the one over his cheek
He hates the way it looks
But you love it, and you love him
If you want to kiss this area, you have to be very careful as it is prone to infections and is very sensetive
He melts when you do kiss it though
He wants you to kiss it over and over again, until he's completely drunk off of your love
He likely just lays down and let's you do your thing, while curling his fingers around yours
His favorite time to do this is when you are both wrapped up in a bulky blanket on his bed, your bodies so close to each other and your heat being shared as you sweetly embrace
It just makes him so happy
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whaleofatjme1920 · 2 months
Kinktober Day 4: Stalking/Obsession
Stalking/Obsession - Eyeless Jack X F!Reader
Warnings: DUB CON, breeding kink, biting, marking
AN: I don't speak Polish so forgive me </3. ALSO this is a take on my dear @creepynoodleheadcannons's prompt featuring EJ on Day 19 from their 2022 Kinktober. Will tag the fic HERE.
Reblogs are appreciated!
In the darkness of your room, you sat curled in your sheets with the feeling of dread coursing through your veins. Sweat ran down your brow, down the back of your neck and soaked your bed as you stared at your window. You saw his shadow looming just outside, a monstrous being that had been tormenting you for the first half of the year. Your heart thumped wildly in your chest like a little rabbit about to be caught in the jaws of a wolf as his claws scratched against it. 
He’d never been so bold before. 
When he first started, he was silent. His sharp claws played with the seams of your mind, delicately lifting the fragile threads before popping them up and breaking them, reveling in the sound of the strings snapping. It was small. A coffee cup you’d thrown away with your lipstick marks had gone missing but you assumed you’d managed to throw it out somewhere else. The hairs from your brush had been cleaned out but weren’t in the trash. Some of your clothing had gone missing. You assumed that you were becoming increasingly forgetful, but your underwear going missing? Your still full shampoo and conditioner bottles disappearing? 
And then he revealed himself. You thought you’d accidentally summoned a demon when he first appeared in the corner of your eye. He was always there, watching, waiting, and so fucking persistent. The way he spoke about you was deranged, like you were the only thing he craved in the entirety of his life. He spoke of how sweet you’d be - his final meal, the feast to end all others. 
“Go… Go away,” you shakily cried out while you dug your face into the pillow in an attempt to fend him off. But you knew it was a useless attempt. Tonight was the night he’d finally make you his and devour you whole. Your body shook with fear as you watched the shadow of his hands move sluggishly, like he wawa toying with you on how slow he could be. Toying with you, building up his own anticipation with glee. You heard Polish spill from his lips, or maybe an archaic form of it, and like magic, the window flew open. It invited the colder of October air into your room, red and orange leaves spilled across your floor as his large form blocked out the light of the moon herself. 
“You don’t really mean that,” he purred. His voice was deep and laced with a Slavic accent that sung with the cadence of ancient gods and their demons. His face was hidden by a mask, a dark pool of inky blue while the eye sockets wept with tar. If you looked close enough, you could see the knife marks of where it had been carved a very, very long time ago. He slipped through your window despite his size. Your nose filled with his scent. Musk. The earth. Iron. Smoke from campfires not long doused. Ammonia. 
Your stomach wanted to wretch at the very smell of him. Fear stoked every part of your body as you pried your eyes away from your pillow and peeked up at him. He was large, much too large. The moonlight framed him as dark and imposing. He was strong, you knew that, and his skin was the color of ash. And for a creature that seemed to take joy in pursuing a much more human form, he still reeked of otherworldly. His legs were cloven, like that of a black goat, and his teeth were sharp, slightly yellowed and large like that of an apex predator. Roots and the earth seemed to crawl up his legs like the earth itself wanted to reclaim him, and his joints didn’t seem to fit him right. His elbows, his knees, shoulders, everything was popped into place haphazardly, a vessel to contain something much larger than what he was born as. 
He took advantage of your fear as you looked up at him. His grin only widened behind his mask. He crawled up your bed, caging you in with his body. His clawed hands traced your warm body as you balled up in a weak attempt to shut him out from you. 
“Please, don’t,” you murmur as you watch his clawed hands crawl up your body. “I already told you no-”
He gave you a look from behind his mask before reaching his hand upwards to remove it. His arm moved over to rest it on your nightstand, as if he were making himself comfortable. His mouth was curled upwards into a grin, large and knowing. 
“Come now, kochanie moje. Don’t be so frigid towards me. Open up. Let me in.” His sharp talons moved to cut your clothes from your body, not caring about your cries of protest. “You cannot resist me forever,” he whispered in your ear as your body trembled. “Try and fight as you may, your body calls for me, and I must answer. You were meant for this,” he breathed in your ear as you meekly held your hand up to his large chest in another attempt to push him off. 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you whispered. 
“Tak kochanie,” he whispered back, “you do. I need you. Don’t you see what you’re doing to me? I need your body, your heart, your mind, your very soul,” he groaned as his hand traced your soft, supple skin. “I want to breed you to make you mine forever.” 
His words sent chills down your spine as you shook like a leaf. You shook your head. “You can’t-”
“Don’t worry,” he purred once more, voice hungry and lusty, “I’ll make it feel good. I always do.” 
You were almost snapped out of your fear from the second half of his sentence but found it quickly returned when his teeth sunk into your neck. “Oh fuck!” You yelped, feeling the warm blood from your neck bead downwards to drape your collarbone and your nape. “What the hell was that for?” 
Jack didn’t immediately answer, only grinned and opened his mouth. A long, purple tongue slithered out and lapped at the teeth marks he’d left, a soft apology for drawing blood. “Mating mark,” he answered. “One of the many physical kinds I can give to you.” 
You kept your mouth shut as you felt his hands barely leave you to the belt of his pants. He undid it, and then slowly pumped his cock. Large, knotted, that was all you could see in the darkness only illuminated by the moonlight. So distracted by how girthy and large he was and the fact you KNEW he wouldn’t fit inside of you, a cry ripped free from your throat as his other hand effortlessly pried your legs apart. 
Jack’s clawed fingers easily moved down to your pussy, already wet from the budding anticipation. He cooed condescendingly. “Awh, and here I thought I would need to convince you even more.” His index and middle finger opened your lips up, and through the darkness, his sockets keyed in on your glistening pussy. “You were made for this, to please me, to be bred by me.” Slowly, he slid his index finger inside of you and watched through the darkness of your room as you bloomed for him. Heat painted your entire body, most notably your cheeks - Jack’s always had the ability to sort of ‘toggle’ thermal vision - and that’s where the heat was most notably concentrated. Well, that and definitely between your legs. Your pussy was burning for him. Needed to be filled, didn’t it? 
His index finger was soon joined by his middle, and he stretched you out as best as he could. “You feel so warm, kochanie,” he grinned. “So soft and sweet, and you smell just as good too. Maybe I should get a taste before I take you,” he thought aloud. 
Fearing retaliation, you hesitantly nodded. “Okay,” you squeaked like a deer caught in headlights. It didn’t help that your body seemed to call for him. Despite how much you knew this wasn’t good, your body squeezed around him. When his thumb circled your clit, you moaned softly, embarrassed that you showed him even a smidge of pleasure. He thumbed your clit some more and felt your hips buck up. 
And he laughed. Jack laughed. 
“See? I knew you couldn’t resist me.” After he fingered you a little bit more, enjoying the sounds of your soft moans and how you desperately tried to deny your true feelings towards him, he pulled his fingers out. “Do not pout,” he chuckled as he lifted his fingers to his lips. One of his tongues slithered out of his mouth once more before curling around his slick covered fingers. An obscene moan left his lips, and if he had eyes, you were sure that they would be rolling up. “Gods, you taste so good,” he praised. “So sugary and meaty,” he moaned again. “Perfectly made for me.” 
Jack mounted you this time, the head of his cock pressed against your tight lips as he watched you squirm underneath him. It was magical to see you buck your hips up like you could hardly resist him. “Open up, kochanie,” he cooed as he started to push his thick cock into you. He grinned when your nails dug into his uncovered forearms while your eyes widened. “Wrap your legs around me and breathe. Take me. Take me,” he whispered again and again, his hips pushing closer and closer to your body as his cock split you open. 
You did just that, legs wrapped tightly around his waist before moving your hands up to his back. Your nails dug into his hoodie while you pulled him tightly against you. Your heart rate skyrocketed as he pulled his hips back and then thrusted sharply forwards, the head of his cock hitting your cervix while not even fully hilted inside of you. His knot was thickly pressed against you, far too big for you to take, balls rested against your ass and heavy with cum. “Oh, oh my gods-” you wept as your body struggled to adjust to his size. He felt so big, every part of him. 
“Bloom for me,” he urged as he started to thrust his hips. His lips danced across your neck as he cock filled you with every thrust. “My sweet, sweet girl,” he praised, “look at you. How beautiful you are.” 
Your thighs were tense as he began to pick up the pace as you softly moaned for him, unable to deny any longer just how good Jack was making you feel. The tears that had welled in your eyes slipped down your cheeks but you unashamedly kept calling out for him. Your pussy felt so stretched open and still small as your slick gushed around him. You were soaking the bed from how good he stroked you. You arched your back slightly into his chest and tipped your head back to allow his lips to travel back up to your throat. You felt his teeth playfully move around where he’d already bitten you before softly biting you on the opposite side to mirror it. 
“You’re mine now, kochanie. Mine now forever.” The sounds of your moans were like music to his ears as he listened to your moans and how your body grew closer and closer to being knotted. He’d breed you, and then you’d have no choice but to be his for all eternity. 
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ashs-pastas · 6 months
provide us with some nsfw headcanons for eyeless jack please 😻
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝖓𝖘𝖋𝖜 𝕰𝖞𝖊𝖑𝖊𝖘𝖘 𝕵𝖆𝖈𝖐 𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖉𝖈𝖆𝖓𝖓𝖔𝖓𝖘
- Size kink for sure. He’s HUGE. He’s not meanest pasta but he loves bullying his big cock into your hole(s)
- He doesn’t necessarily choke you but he likes to place his hand on your throat during intimate activities
- ORAL KING he has multiple tongues what do you expect, he loves using them on you
- Jack is really into thigh riding. He likes to have you on his thigh, grinding onto his thick thighs and whining about how it’s not enough
- Jack has a very strong sense of smell and he can always tell when you are aroused. It never fails not make him smirk under his mask. He loves the fact that he is flustering you
- He really likes missionary sex since he is able to watch your expressions. He also likes that he is able to be so close to you and can kiss you
- Jack doesn’t necessarily have a breeding kink but he loves cream pies. He wants to stuff you full of his cum and see that slight belly bulge
- When you are having sex he almost always has a hand on your stomach. He is BIG and it makes him so turned on that he can feel himself rearranging your insides
- Teasing but not in a mean way. “You want to cum? Poor baby always needs my help.”
- This may be cringe but he definitely has a daddy kink
- He wants to be in charge but also wants to take care of you
- Slightly more of a giver then receiver
- Your pleasure always comes first but if you want to please him then who is he to complain?
- Who needs fancy bondage to tie you down when he is already stronger then you? Jack likes to pin your hands above you head a lot. It makes it way easier to overstimulate you when you try to squirm away from him
- He LOVES your stomach. It doesn’t matter if you are on the skinnier or chubby side. He loves kissing and leaving marks on your stomach
- Jack is a big fan of cock warming. You are just so warm and tight and he wants to be inside of you all the time
- He moans a lot but he isn’t crazy loud. He does a lot of dirty talking though
- Jack does want you to be loud. It makes him feel like he is doing a good job. He could care less who could hear but he needs to hear you moaning his name
- He is sadistic but I don’t see him being as mean as some of the other pastas
- But I think Jack definitely loves to fuck you dumb. He wants to see that glazed over look in your eyes and you drooling and the only thing you can say is his name ( but his aftercare is top tier so no worries )
- He does go into heat. He is scared at first of letting you help him but he would go crazy if you offered
[ i am so sorry if this is short or has spelling errors. the last two days were sooooo loooooooong i am tired. i will make a pt 2 for this because it seems so short idk ]
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creepypasta65 · 6 months
Ello! I wanna request E.J,Ben, Helen the bloody painter and liu with a S/O that's literally like a sloth, they sleep so much and basically almost the whole day, just like babies 😭❤️❤️
Also have a great day/night/weekend!!
Hi! Thanks for the request :)
EJ, Ben, Helen/Bloody Painter, and Liu with an s/o who is like a sloth:
Jack finds you adorable.
He will feel bad for waking you up on accident. But he will make it up to you by cuddling.
He loves it if you cling to him like a sloth clinging to a tree.
Jack will also give you nicknames like sleepy pumpkin, sleepy angel, snooze bug, and more.
He makes sure that your bed or his bed is comfortable and has many blankets and pillows so you can sleep well.
Ben finds it funny that you act like a sloth, sleeping all day.
He will also give you nicknames like sleepy head or sleepy sloth.
Ben likes to lay by you while he plays video games. He makes sure to have the volume of the game low, so he doesn't disturb your sleep. But if he wants to annoy you, he puts the volume up.
Ben sometimes throws a pillow at you to wake you up since you've been sleeping all day.
Bloody Painter:
Helen finds it adorable and loves calling you sleepy head. When you're sleeping, he will join you and falls asleep or sketch while you're asleep. Helen will sometimes draw you sleeping if he runs out of ideas. He will cover you with blankets, so you don't get cold.
Liu loves you so much.
He finds it funny that you can sleep all day like a sloth.
He will fix your bed or his bed making it comfortable, adding blankets, pillows, and candles if you want.
Liu loves sleeping with you and cuddling with you. He will melt if you cling to him like a sloth.
Liu gives you nicknames like sleeping beauty and sleeping princess/prince.
Have a nice day or night (❁´◡`❁)!
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the-s1lly-corner · 6 months
He accidentally hurts you (Eyeless Jack edition)
I've been meaning to explore something like this and I'm still hungry for angst! Very heavy on my hc of "eyeless jack is cursed and has moments where his monstrous side takes a hold of him especially when it craves flesh",
Basic idea is reader gets hurt, jack smells blood, curse immediately totally takes over, blah blah things happen
More fan fiction-y than my usual short headcannons, but still using the bullet point format since I couldnt commit to the bit
Cw for mild injury, blood, mentions of SH but I wont dwell on it
Not proof read we die like Jack's self esteem
Tumblr media
It wasnt too often that the ugliest side of Jack's curse showed itself; at least that's what you thought. You were under the impression that it happened rarely, due to the fact that you only visit Jack when he gives you the go ahead, on nights where he knows it wouldn't be an issue
But tonight, as your anniversary draws near, you decided to drop in unexpected for a night with your boyfriend. It was hard enough getting to his cabin, what with the rain and it being dark..
When you made it to his door, you could hear... noises..
Growls, hisses, howls; all pained. It sounded like there was a fight happening on the other side of the door... the sound of things being thrown and someone's body slamming against the walls made your worry spike
Of course you opened the door, fearing that someone had intruded into your partners cabin.. but when you threw it open, you saw that Jack was alone. Covered in bruises, and his arms bloodied with claw marks and bite wounds; showing off his blackened, inky blood. The man's small body heaved with ragged breaths as his empty sockets locked onto you
You quickly explained yourself after assessing that he was in one of his.. low points..
He wanted you to leave, but the rain had become to pour harsher outside; far too dangerous to walk out alone
And how could you leave him be when he was so obviously wounded? You insisted on patching him up, to which Jack reluctantly agreed to.
So you took him to the bathroom and took out his small first aid kit, and got to work.
Washing the wounds, adding pressure to where he needed it, added bandages. When you were done, you placed a light kiss on his arms
That seemed to soften him up, even through his building bloodlust and hunger
"I'll go get some bedding and we can set camp out in the living room," you said, trying to keep him pacified. He seemed to enjoy the idea..
He was smiling.. that's good, and his breathing seemed to calm down just a touch, though it was still on the.. hissy growly side..
You headed to his room, gathered some of his comforters and pillows, and walked to the living room, then went to his room a second time to grab his radio, knowing it can help keep him calm.
Unfortunately; due to the cabin being run down, one of the wooden floorboards was loose and lightly curled upwards... and, well. You tripped. You managed to save the radio, somehow, but your face slammed down onto the floor
Instant nosebleed
You cursed, and pressed a finger up to your upper lip.. yep, that's blood.. lots of it, the burning in your face intensifying as the pain set in, making your eyes water
Before you even had time to process anything else, a growl caught your attention. Spinning around, still on the floor, you saw Jack. The leaking ink of his eyes doubled in pace and volume; making a mess of his face and shirt as his bared teeth flashed down at you, nose flared and ears peaked at attention. Because of course, how could you forget, the smell of blood is basically a death sentence when Jack's curse is flared.
Your mind raced as you scooted backwards, Jack seemed to be fighting himself; but he lost. Before you could choose between running or bracing, he jumped on you
Bracing it was, then. Your arms shot up in front of you, and you felt white hot pain almost immediately
But just as soon as he jumped on you, you felt him pull himself off. Blood was all over his jaw, and getting spread all over the floor as he began to force himself to spit it out. Growls were replaced by low whines, before he scampered off, leaving you alone
It all happened so fast you were left confused on the floor, holding your arm. It felt worse than it looked; his teeth didnt seem to go that deep, and since he didnt... pull at you with his teeth still in, you were still intact... that was nice, at least..
Your mind went back to racing as you processed what happened.. you needed to get cleaned up before Jack slipped again
And that's exactly what you did; you rushed into the bathroom you were in just earlier, and began the process of cleaning the wound..
After a minute, the door cracked open; Jack peered in, more mellowed out than before but guilt was written all over his face. It was clear he was still struggling with his hunger, and you can tell just by looking that he was debating whether or not to approach you
His face twisted in pain when he, although hard to tell due to his lack of eyes, seemed to glance at the wound
"Its not that bad," you insist, but he shook his head. "You could have died.. I should have dealt with this sooner, you shouldn't have to.." he trailed off, "get hurt," he finished. His ears drooped slightly as he slumped. He pushed the door open, and entered the bathroom
His hands shook slightly as he removed yours from your arm. "Its my fault, I need to fix it.." he mumbled. You didn't push him away, although it may have been a dumb idea to let the starving man eater handle your bloodied arm
Cleaned, applied pressure, bandaged
He stared at the bandages, still holding your arm in his hands
You finally noticed just how cold he was. Jack was always on the cooler side, but at the moment he was freezing, even though he was covered in a layer of sweat
He ran his clawed fingers along where the wound would be, as light as a feather, as not to risk hurting you again
He leaned down, and lightly pressed a kiss to the bandages; just as you done for him
"Im so sorry," he whimpered, leaving another kiss
"You shouldn't have to be put in danger just to try to help me," his eyes welled with inky tears, and he left another kiss
"You shouldn't have to see me like this," his voice creaked out, another kiss
He was about to lay down a fifth kiss, but you stopped him
You reassure him; it wasn't exactly his fault. He didnt ask to be cursed, he didn't mean any of this to happen, he had been roped and manipulated into the situation that made him this way. You reassured him that you'd heal, and you weren't going to think badly of him, how you took the chance for something like this to happen when you first got together. Things like that. Though, this will call for a more in depth discussion about how to prevent this in the future, make a system and means of communication so he can warn you ahead of time during flare ups... but right now, comfort was top priority
It took a minute, but his tears slowed and he got control on his breathing. He whimpered, before peeling himself off of you
He backed off, but you tugged him into your arms
Cue the waterworks, again. You both hugged, not speaking.. just standing there for a few minutes. He rested his head on your chest, and you rested yours in his shoulder. You pulled away, and pressed a kiss to his forehead. "Do you still want me to stay?", you asked. He looked conflicted. He didnt want to run the risk, but he didnt want to be alone. Besides, the storm was still raging outside
"Why don't you.. stay here tonight, I'll step out.." he said softly as he stepped back. He cut you off before you could respond, "I'll be back soon, I just.. need to get this.." he gestured to himself, "dealt with, I don't feel safe having you around.. its only a matter of time before.. " he trailed off. You nodded, "I understand.. be back in the morning?"
He hesitated, before nodding back, "I'll be back as soon as I can be," he said quietly
You let him make his way to the front door, tugging his hold and mask on
"I love you," you said as you watched him open the door
He paused.
"I love you, too," he said, the cracks returning in his voice, likely choking down his emotions again
"We'll talk.. more about this in the morning," he added, smoother this time
"Alrighty," was all you said
And he left for the night, closing the door behind him
I hope that wasny too bad
This was really just a VERY vague idea I had for a few days that i wanted to write but I'm too lazy to do proof reading and rough drafts <\3 and im not used to writing longer detailed stuff like this, let alone dialogue
I hope it's not too cringe, I feel like the ending it rushed because
I didnt know how to end it
Eyeless jack angst
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smutty-ki113r · 3 months
NSFW||~ One shot x afab gn!reader, includes- vouyerism, pleasure dom masky, mirror play, teasing, edging, pilot masky, minors—dni (3.4k)
Inspired by: Britney Spears
(Fun fact I wrote this on the plane 😗)!
Tumblr media
Working as a flight attendant was such a hassle, keeping you up at ungodly hours and having you deal with customers that complained about their seat. But it certainly had its perks, learning how to balance 4000 ft in the air and ending up in some incredible places, layovers in Hawaii, Dubai, Spain. Out of all these things you never would have imagined joining the mile high club…
You had an hour to get from terminal 1 to 3, your last flight was to Miami, so you were at MIA, looking around for a bathroom. Fixing up your hair quickly and adjusting your uniform before reaching the gate.
The other attendants were also waiting to the side, you were early. Of course you had to board the plane beforehand to check the seats and restock the drink cart.
There was only a few passengers waiting around too, you swayed against your luggage. Looking around to see the two pilots that would be driving the plane walking towards you, one of them you had flown with before, Brian Thomas.
The other one, particularly, caught your eye- probably because you had caught his first. Your heart skipped a beat and you gave him a friendly smile, then averted your gaze to avoid being awkward.
You had never seen him, he was probably new, laughing at something Brian said, but his sight was on you.
The corner of his lip was raised just slightly, he was practically undressing you with his eyes. You couldn’t even complain, he was hot as fuck, and he was flustering you. But his face remained innocent, nobody noticed but you.
He had this dark brown hair and defined features, he was classy, wearing his white uniform and a tie, you couldn’t help but let your eyes wander to how it fit him so perfectly. His build so defined- you stopped from staring at his pants.
If there’s one thing you loved it was a man in uniform.
Nobody had ever flirted with you on the job, and while no words were exchanged, you could feel his burning gaze.
You gulped and tried to look ahead, relieved when they called for all the attendants to board, it took the pressure off.
You took your post at the front of the plane and awaited for the passengers to board to then do the safety demonstrations and make sure everybody had their seatbelts on.
Soon enough zone 1 people started coming and you greeted them all, the door to the cockpit opened and you found yourself face to face with the pilot, glancing at his name embroidered in gold.
“Wright” you said softly, meeting his gorgeous eyes.
“yeah like the Wright brothers” he joked, looking you up and down and giving you a subtle smirk.
“That’s fitting” you told him. “Nice to meet you…”
“Tim” he finished, catching your name as well. “We’re about to take off, be a dear and get me some water will you?” He requested.
Nodding obediently and scurrying off to find him some water, he watched you go. Knocking on the door to the pit to alert them of your arrival and handing him the drink.
“Thank you gorgeous” he said, your face turning red at the compliment and instead moving to greet the other pilot, Brian nodded to you and you left.
Your thoughts remained on the beautiful man and you mindlessly did your rounds before the plane took off. Strapping in and listening to the men over the intercom.
“And we are ready for departure, flight 113 from MIA to JFK”
Smiling at yourself at the thought of your one day vacation in New York City. You wanted to go shopping and maybe visit the Statue of Liberty.
It was two hours into the grueling flight, your ears had already popped from the altitude, you never did get used to that.
You sat at the back, passing around the cart once and letting your other fellow flight attendants do the rounds for trash and such. You were all alone, looking out the window, your head in the clouds, and being almost startled as you saw the handsome man approach.
“I thought you were driving this thing” you whisper-hissed.
“Brian’s doing it, I’ve been at the wheel for almost three hours” he said, stressed. Flexing his arms out and stretching, leaning against a wall.
You couldn’t help but stare at his hands, his thick fingers, how you wished he could fill you up and make you pant out his name and-
Shaking yourself out of your thoughts and getting up, “you can have my seat if you want” he was probably exhausted.
“Sit back down” he said, his tone low. You did as he said; a tingle in between your legs at how commanding he was.
“I just came here to get a- snack” he said slowly, smiling as if he wasn’t looking at up and down you when he said that.
“I can make you something if you like” you offered, his tense posture relaxed.
“You’re a godsend, yeah, I’ll take a black coffee” you nodded attentively and got up to make his drink. Focusing on making sure it didn’t spill and stirring it for him.
Turning to him and handing him the drink, he took a sip and set it down on the counter. “Thank you beautiful”
You shook your head, it was nothing, “yeah of course” you laughed nervously, “whatever you need” you told him in a passing tone.
His gaze pierced through you, “whatever I need?” He said, his voice teasing, dripping with desire.
Right then you knew you had made a grave mistake, gulping and looking away. He approached you, his lips so close to your ear, tucking hair behind your ear and letting his fingers brush upon your neck.
God damn turbulence betrayed you, swaying the plane and making you lose your footing and slide right into him. His hand at your waist to keep you upright.
“Now that you mention it” he whispered in your ear. “There was something else…and I’m still hungry” his gentle touches were making you weak at the knees.
You glanced behind him but nobody was watching, you were afraid of what would happen if you were caught, he seemed to notice.
“I’ll be careful” he promised, his head an inch away from being buried in the crook of your neck, and he smelled so good, like this expensive manly cologne.
“We’ll be quick” his words so soothing and convincing you. There was already a feverish throbbing at your clit that you severely needed to attend to. A wave of desperate heat at your lower abdomen that you craved for him to satisfy.
You couldn’t resist this man, he had a mesmerizing effect on you. So you focused on his lustful gaze as he walked you back into one of the bathrooms, locking the door behind him and wasting no time in leaning down to kiss you.
Tim sealed the small space separating the two of you, a knee already in between your legs because of how compact the space was. You let out a few pants at the way he rubbed you, unable to stop yourself even though there might have been people just outside that door.
His kisses passionate and needy, like he had been craving you ever since the moment he laid eyes on you. And everything he did was intoxicating, you were so receptive to him, slick already gathering in your panties as he met your lips in an open kiss and bit down on your lip, nibbling and teasing you,
There was barely any space in that bathroom, moving around and escaping him would be difficult, it almost didn’t give you a choice, but Tim felt so good, you couldnt help but whisper his name in need.
“Oh fuck” he cursed, “your kisses are so delicious” he reached a hand down to your stomach, trailing it down your torso to your most intimate area, replacing his knee and pressuring your cunt gently through your skirt, “I wanna know if the rest of you tastes just as good”
Your breath hitched when he hoisted you on the small counter, your pussy embarrassingly wet at every one of his touches. He spread your knees open and bent down to get to work.
“So this is what you meant by hungry” you said in the middle of the heated moment.
His eyes met yours and you gulped at the mischievous glint swirling his pupils. Feeling a throb at the view of the captain on his knees. “Exactly” He chuckled lowly and pressed his lips to your thighs impatiently, sinking his teeth into your soft skin and leaving marks nobody would know about but him.
You whined, having to bite your lip to stop yourself from letting any lewd noises escape. “Oh god” you whispered, when he finally got to your pussy. It was too much tension, his hot breath lingering where his teeth marks lay, and now- right on your clit.
He hooked his fingers to your panties and brought them down, amused at the wet spot on them. Now there was nothing else below that short skirt. Your body involuntarily bucked forward, and his big hands held you in place. “Impatient are we?”
But he was just as rushed as you, it was supposed to be a quickie in the bathroom not lovemaking. If you wanted to do that later he would gladly lay you down in a proper bed and do so, but for now all he was focused on was your pussy glistening with your juices that he so desired.
Bringing his lips to you and lapping a stripe up your slit before opening you up and tasting you in full. Groaning at the sensation of your sex clenching around his tongue while he fucked you with it.
His fingers digging into your skin to bring you closer to his face and encourage you to ride as wildly as you pleased. You weren’t one to resist, your knuckles white as you held onto a handle on the wall and the roof above you. Praying that the passengers on the plane thought the rough movement was from turbulence and nothing more.
Tim ate like a starved man, in a way you had never felt before. There was no stopping him either, he wouldn’t cease his tongue fuck until he was satisfied, and nothing would please him more than you gushing over him enough to let him know you were ready for something much larger.
Besides, he couldn’t get his eyes off you, he was particularly enjoying making you squirm at the brink of your first release. He liked teasing you this much, it showed him that he held all the power, and you were wrapped around his finger. Technically you were, when he slipped one in and curled it in your soft spot.
His lips sucked at your bundle of nerves hard enough to make you spasm and clench your legs around his head, everything was going according to his plan. “Yeah? Does that feel good?” He asked, taking a breath and dipping another digit inside your dripping pussy.
You struggled to keep your voice bellow a whisper, but he didn’t seem to care about a possible audience. All he was focused on was pulling more of those pretty cries from your swollen lips. “Yes-yes” you repeated.
Your brows furrowing at the pleasure he was providing you with, and Tim himself was getting off at just the taste of you. His cock twitching in his uniform pants, he was painfully hard so he had to take himself out and stroke when you creamed on his tongue.
“You taste so sweet honey” he praised, “I love it when you struggle to speak because I’m making you cum with just my tongue” he smirked. The flat of his tongue once again swirling your swollen clit enough to make you let out a mutter of incoherent nonsense.
Too drunk off the bliss you couldn’t argue back, you didn’t want to. It was like you were in heaven, preforming acts that were so sinful they would have led you to hell.
“T-Tim” you gasped, “I’m close” you warned him, “gonna cum”
Once again he started eating you like you were his las meal on earth, your eyes rolled back in delight. But he wasn’t going to let you get off that easily, you should have known. “Not until you ask for permission”
He pulled his touch away slightly, enough to keep you just at the edge of your orgasm for a bit longer.
“Please” you cried, tears in your eyes. “Can I please cum, captain?”
The man saw the look on your face but just cooed, “you haven’t said my name” he reminded you.
“Captain wright” you babbled “captain wright”, again and again because once you spoke the magic words he just kept going faster. Pumping his thick fingers in and out of your sopping hole hard enough to make you come undone. Crying out for him and gripping onto the edge of the counter to restrain yourself.
“That’s right, just like that” he coaxed, helping you ride down from your climax so perfectly, You were thankful that he was there to hold you steady. Lapping at your release before standing up again and pressing his bare cock to your entrance.
“Gonna need you to beg for this one too” he said, to fuel his ego and also for consent reasons. His lips to your neck now. You had barely managed to come down from such ecstasy before registering what he was asking.
But you were far too gone, your cunt still clenching for him. There was nothing you wanted to do more than to satisfy him like he did you. Nodding and letting a few “please’s” to let him know you craved it too.
“Mhm that’s what I thought”, you could hear the cockiness in his voice, looking down to see if he had the package to back it up but your jaw hug open once you felt it. Prodding at you and letting his precum mix in with your slick.
“‘S not gonna fit” you said in a hiccup, eyes wide and narrowed at his heavy cock that pressed against your slit as you dripped on him. “It’s too big” you squeaked.
“Oh it’ll fit” he panted, mimicking the motions of sex but just grinding himself raw on you. “I’ll make it fit” he hissed. Finally rolling his hips into you in one swift movement. “Fuck” he cursed under his breath, it was quite a tight fit, enough to make him pause because he didn’t want to cum instantly.
A stray groan fell from your mouth but he caught it with his own, meeting you in a heated embrace. His hands on either side of you, pressing prints onto the mirror behind you. He pulled out and thrusted back in, working a good pace. You slowly acclimated to his thick girth with every stroke in your pussy.
Even with the stretch it felt so delicious, your hands clutching his once ironed uniform into wrinkled bunches. There was barely any space in that god forsaken bathroom, but it just gave him the excuse to stay closer to you. That and he just had to give smaller, quicker thrusts.
His big cock splitting you open time and time again, his tip reaching your cervix, thudding against your g spot in a way that made you squeeze him like a vice.
A hand keeping your knee open while he fucked you, practically pounding you. Making you lose your breath and your head go fuzzy. “You’re so tight” he hissed, “practically milking me”
He was panting, pulling out momentarily to turn you around and fuck you doggystyle. Except now, you could see your reflection and his own. The whole image of the captain pounding your pussy till it turned red on full display for you. A grin making its way to his lips, he liked seeing you struggle to fit him fully.
But the look on your face and the way you gripped around him told him that you wanted it, that and those obscene noises you were making every time he hilted. “Thats a good, pretty baby” he rasped, “servicing all your captains’ needs”
You looked at his eyes in the mirror, a pout on your lips from how he was acting. A hand making it’s way to your chin to redirect your gaze to your own body. “Watch yourself” he whispered, his breath hot on your ear.
“Look at yourself while you take all of me” he panted, and you felt yourself melt at the obscenity of his words. “I want you to see how good I’m fucking you”
Doing as he said and feeling his balls clap against your ass, it was almost more unholy to watch your expression and the way he made your body bounce back and forth on his cock.
“Do you see it?” He asked, “that fucked out look on your face from how deep my cock is right now”, a gentle touch at your lower abdomen to press where he was bulging. “Here, all the way inside that slutty little hole of yours” he teased.
It was all too lewd, you felt yourself sizzling with desire, about to burst again if he kept whispering those sweet words in your ear.
“You look so hot when I’m inside of you” he praised. “Mhm with me stretching you out, you’re so hungry for it” he growled. “Isn’t that right?”
“Yes sir”, You were struggling to piece together your words, the ones you could were just ‘more- more more more”, so thats exactly what you said.
“Please” you cried “please sir, more”,
Your noises getting a bit too out of control, he had to discipline you. A hand moving to your lips to hold your mouth as he told you to be quiet, but that almost made it worse. Now the sound of the lewd squelch and clapping of balls was the only thing that could be heard along with your muffled groans and pants.
“Shh that’s right” he said, softly. “Just keep taking it, just let me take care of you” you nodded at the finger at your lips telling you to be silent. “stay and let me fuck that pretty pussy just a bit longer.”
You bit your tongue and did as he instructed, trying to hold on but the throbbing at your cunt was aching. “Please captain, let me cum” you whispered.
Meeting his eyes through the mirror and he seemed to relent, it’s not like he would hold on much longer either. You were squeezing him too tight, and he couldn’t pull out too much, there wasn’t any space in that damn little cabin.
His hand gripped the rails to steady himself, the other at your ass to take a handful of. “You’ve been good, go ahead, you can cum” he whispered in your ear.
It felt like such a relief, shivers going down your spine and directly to your pussy. “I’m cumming-“ you warned, fluttering around him as you found your release.
“That’s a good baby just let yourself go” he said in a raspy tone, his fingers digging so deep into your ass there would definitely be marks. “Let your captain take care of you”
Your legs were weak, trembling as he hilted and spilled deep inside of your hole, groaning into your shoulder as he filled you up.
His cock twitching as you squeezed him until his balls were empty. Eventually he pulled out, his release dripping out from your hole and down your legs.
His big hands helped you pull up your panties once again, it wasn’t much help concealing the act, your hair was all disheveled and your cheeks rosy.
His release still inside of you a lewd reminder of what had just transpired on the planes bathroom.
“You did so good for me” he praised, making sure you were good before sending you off.
He put your skirt in place, “welcome to the mile high club” he whispered with a chuckle, “have a safe flight now”
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In prison AU, I feel like darling would be an young cop in training and with not very much experience and that Darling just got out of college and just started the work. The reason why they hired Darling in an such dangerous prison (Probably the most dangerous prison as there's demons and ghosts and insane man) is because just like in the Mental Asylum AU, Darling is very good the job and pretty good at it.
Well those are my thoughts but I would like to hear yours words at the Darling in this AU, If you don't mind😊 .
Something Short (Prison AU Introduction)
Warning: Criminals, death row, rape and sexual assault mentioned, murder, violence, cannibalism, graphic descriptions of crimes, mental disorders, mental instability, sadism, apathy, sexual themes, robbery, drug use, sexual harassment, short tempers, big sentences I'm talking life, massacres and more. This AU is not for the faint of heart.
Yep! I didn't do all of them (I think I left out 2 people, but besides that they're all here.)
I feel like you would be having a paid internship at the maximum security prison due to you being the best cop at the college you're attending.
Here's what you need to know.
Jeffery Woods. A man in his early 30s, arrested for multiple accounts of serial Murder, Mutilation, Kidnapping, Torture, Stalking, Vandalism, Arson, Breaking and entering, Parricide, Drug use and rape. He has the reputation of assaulting, mocking, teasing and harassing guards. Jeff is often in solitary confinement, but that doesn't stop him from his usual actions. Has to be kept away from Jane Elizabeth Arkensaw due to them activity starting fights. He is deemed one of the deadliest prisoners. During your internship, he will be one of the prisoners you'll be interacting to help sharpen your skills. He will by far be one of if not the hardest to interrogate.
Tobias Erin Rogers. A man in his late 20s arrested for Serial murder, Torture, Vandalism, Arson, Stalking, Patricide, Breaking and Entering, Kidnapping, and suspected of multiple accounts of sexual assault but is yet to be confirmed. Currently sentenced to life in jail with possibility of parole after serving a minimum of 30 years. He suffers a handful of disorders and quite often causes trouble for both staff and other inmates. He struggled with controlling his emotions and his impulsive behavior which often leads to himself, inmates and staff to be harmed. Despite this, you will be interacting with him during your internship due to him being able to get a long with staff for a short period of time if he finds them "hot." Warnings, don't get too attached, don't believe most of the things he says, don't give or take anything from him, and don't let his suffering fool you. He has a history of using his suffering against others and actually led to him escaping when he was first sent here when he was 19, and they didn't capture him again until last year when he turned 27.
Liu Woods, also known as Homicidal Liu. A man in early to mid 20s, arrested for Serial murder, stalking, kidnapping, robbery, breaking and entering, assault, and vandalism. Currently serving a a sentence of 50 years but has a chance of parole once he serves 20. Liu is the little brother of Jeffery Woods, and after Jeffery almost murdered him, he developed an alter ego named Sully. Lui is is relatively quiet, observant, possessive and violent. But his violence gets worse when he's Sully. Lui normally doesn't harm guards or prisoners unless provocted, but he has attacked them with no apparent reason on multiple accounts. Liu is one of the prisoners you will be seeing often due to you working mostly in his section of the prison, where most of the pastas are such of Eyeless Jack and Toby. Warning when dealing with Liu, watch your words and actions, DO NOT touch anything of his unless it's a danger to him or others, and don't asked him too much about his past due to it being his biggest trigger in becoming Sully. If you're dealing Sully, be extremely careful, don't make sudden moves and don't anger him. Sully is extremely violent, sadistic but oddly childish. Sully is supposedly a seven year old according to both himself and Liu, so treat him as an extremely dangerous child.
Helen Otis, also labeled The Bloody Painter. A man between the ages for 25 to 35, arrested for Serial murder, kidnapping and breaking and entering. He culprit of both the 1994 school massacre and a murder case in 2003. He is sentenced to 45 years without parole. Helen is extremely apathetic, cold and selfish. Despite this however, he can be polite, a gentleman. All of his murders represent some form of art, using the blood of his victims to create beautiful work at every crime scene. Helen is two faced, meaning that his gentleman front is an act, nothing genuine. Helen doesn't fight staff or prisoners, only attacking if they were to attack him first. He's known to be polite to both staff and prisoners, even flirting with some of the staff members. You'll be using Helen's cases as a way to practice investing crimes scenes, and you'll be interacting with Helen occasionally in order to figure out the motives behind his murders. Warnings when interacting with Helen, don't fall for his manipulation, don't fall for his charm and never allow yourself or him to go off topic.
Eyeless Jack. A demon is what he is. Not a human, not a ghost, but a demon sent from hell. EJ's age is unknown, we don't how long he's been commiting his crimes or even how long he's been around. But, relying on appearance alone, he appears to be a 24 year old humanoid with no eyes. Ej is charged with serial murder, cannibalism, kidnapping, breaking and entering, and stalking. EJ's sentence is life in prison without parole and the judge is consider the death sentence. Ej doesn't talk much, always watching the other prisoners with hunger written on his face. He's often wearing a mask, but when he isn't you can see the Eyeless sockets and if he opens his mouth, the hundreds of tentacle like tongues he has. No staff member is allowed to be alone with EJ due to him in the past immediately murdering and eating the staff members' organs. EJ is known to be cruel, sadistic, highly intelligent and scarily patient, he's a predator. During your internship, you won't be interacting with EJ unless told, and even then you won't be allowed alone with him. But you can't shake off the feeling someone is following or watching you. Is that... Blood?
Laughing Jack. Another demon we holp in or facility. To be honest, we don't even know if he's a demon or an imaginary friend gone real, we really don't know. We don't know his age or how he manifested. Even if we rely on his appearance, we can't determine how old he might be. Jack is arrested for serial murder, torture, mutilation, kidnapping, and breaking and entering. Jack is extremely playful and childish, his main victims being families, but mostly their children, he claims he's a child's best friend, he's also evil, sadistic, cruel, and an overall mystery to us. He is sentenced to life in prison, but even then he has escaped multiple times. You won't be interacting with Jack at all during your internship, due to his case still being looked into and more and more charges are being found for him. But every day he finds you, talking to you, showing you tricks, being playful and entertaining, but you can't ignore the look in his eyes. You don't exactly know how to explain it, but whatever it, his plans for you are far from innocent fun.
Timothy Wright. A man in his early to mid 30s, arrested for serial Murder, Stalking, trespassing, kidnappings, rape, vandalism, breaking and entering, and arson. Sentenced to life in prison with possibility of parole after serving a minimum of 30 years. Tim is quite the unstable prisoner, often seen yelling and cursing and fighting people oen minute, and muttering, pulling at his hair, screaming and crying the next. Tim suffers from both schizophrenia and MPD, and due to us restricting his meds so he wouldn't abuse them causes him to be, uncontrollable. Tim has an alter ego named Masky. While Tim is more calm yet violent and moody and often in some form of distress, Masky is short-tempered, violent, sadistic, and an awful man. Whenever Tim is Masky he claims he doesn't even remember the stuff he did, but he describes it as him blacking out. Tim isn't out often so during your internship you'll mostly be interacting with Masky, not Tim. If your interacting with Tim, don't think for a second he's nicer or safer. Tim can be rude, mean, manipulative and violent, but with Masky it's at a whole different degree. When dealing with Timothy, don't fall for his manipulation, tricks, charms, nothing. In the past he's been known to have lighters, cigarettes, guns and other things just from having one conversation with a guard. If Tim starts become more and more unstable, leave and call a hard to take him back to his cell to calm down. You have to have Strong skin if you're gonna deal with Tim/Masky. He's ruthless, blunt, sadistic and will make you cry and breakdown, all for his amusement. He often fights with Tobias and yells at his 'friend' Brian, who often either ignores him and mocks him.
Brain Thomas. A man in his early to mid 30s, arrested for Stalking, serial Murder, Theft, Kidnapping, suspected of sexual assault but is yet to be confirmed, vandalism, hacking, blackmail, breaking and entering, arson and torture. Sentenced to life in prison with possibility of parole after serving a minimum of 30 years. Brian also has an alter ego by the name of Hoodie. Brian is often quiet, observant and keeps to himself most of time, mostly only interacting with Tim and a few others but tends to be by himself in his cell most of the time. He has a reputation of being a charmer and a flirt with the guards only to use them to get stuff such as phones and cameras. What he needs the camera's for, we don't know. Hoodie on the other hand rarely talks. And when he does it's slightly deeper than Brian's voice. Hoodie is way more hostile and alert than Brian, and unlike Tim, Brian remembers everything that he does while as Hoodie. When you interact with Brian, don't listen to words, don't fall for his charms, and more specifically, don't fall for his blackmail. It's not sure how, but Brian has dirt on everyone who works at the prison, and anyone who hasn't followed his orders became another victim to his blackmail. Brian, just like his co-workers Tobias and Tim, is very sadistic and cruel, and surprisingly apathetic. He admitted that everytime his victims would cry or tell him how bad of person he was, he'd only smile and laugh and told them that he didn't care. When dealing with Brian, don't talk too much, and don't talk too little. Brian is a gather, an interrogator, he knows how to get info by any means.
Benjamin Lawman, also known as Ben Drowned. A man in his between the ages of 18 and 23. Ben is a ghost, or more a vengeful spirit, but he's like a human, being able to touched and seen. Ben was charged with serial murder, kinda of a cult leader, drug use, kidnapping, hacking, vandalism, torture, stealing government files, tampering of evidence, and suspected of rape but is yet to be confirmed. He is also on death row but the judge is considering possibly taking him out if he's willing to help them with tech, but by how things are going so far Ben is stuck on death row. Ben is a sadistic, apathetic, oppressive, controlling, perverted, master manipulator who literally doesn't give a shit about anything. His mugshot was like those teenage dirtbag videos you see on TikTok. Ben is known for starting power outages, corrupting camera footage, sexually harassing staff and making the prisoners in the other half of the prison his bitch just by manipulating them. Ben doesn't see prison as prison, he sees it as a small little vacation, the only thing missing is the tech and drugs. You are forbidden from interacting with Ben due to him being a high level threat. Those who have to interact with him remove any and all tech, including walkies and watches. Ben is held in a special cell, with him cuffed and against the wall. When you walk into his room, his glitched out voice erupted into laughter and he has a deranged smile on his face. He's extremely close with Jeffery and EJ, all them being trialed together and sentenced together. When he heard about you from Jeffery, he paid you a little visit on the camera feed, even walking out of the computer and touching you. They thought moving the computers to a different building would stop him, nope! If you ever were to run into Ben, protocol is to do what he says and get out as soon as possible. Ben loves how hot you are, he mainly wants your ass. Ben wants you purely for his own pleasure, both sexually and physically, he wants to hurt and fuck you so bad, but until he gets the chance to work with you, he must wait.
Jonathan Blake, or popularly known as The Puppeteer. A ghost between the ages of 20 to 30. An evil spirit. Charged with serial murder, Stalking, Breaking and Entering, and Abuse. He's been sentenced to life in prison without possiblity of parole. The Puppeteer is a dangerous and hostile being, in the past having interns and staff who struggled with their mental states to kill themselves after interacting with him only once. Due to this, you'll be getting a mental evaluation to see if you're classified to interact with him during your internship here. The Puppeteer does tend to be quite an emotional rollercoaster, sometimes he randomly enters states of rage and confusion before shutting down. We don't know much about his past, any time we tried asking he'll either be confused or enter a state of rage. If you are classified to interact with him, here's what you need to know. We don't call him Jonathon, he doesn't respond to the name, it's possible he might've blocked out his memories, so we call The Puppeteer, since that's what he responds to. Don't let him get to your head. The Puppeteer is infamous for the mass suicides in the area. He's extremely manipulative and also a charmer, so it's important not to fall for his antics. We does have two confirmed accomplices, but we are yet to confirm who exactly they are, nor have we caught them. One day during your internship you were caught by, golden strings? That's when you saw him. He claims that you were too beautiful to kill, but you would be perfect as a puppet. His mindless, emotionless puppet. Be careful around him, very careful.
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