stevieschrodinger · 15 hours
Okay so I see a fair bit of amnesia leading to forgetting that they're married or forgetting that they're a couple. Steve distraught because after the upside down Eddie can't remember who he is, or that they're together and he reverts to hating Steve because King Steve bullied Eddie, or Steve having one concussion too many and forgetting Eddie.
But what if Eddie wakes up after everything. Wakes up in the hospital. And he spent so long with a massive, raging, irrepressible crush on Steve Harrington that he wakes up and what he remembers is a relationship that isn't real. Months upon months of Eddie fantasising little domestic scenarios featuring him and Steve. Spending so much time thinking about Steve that it sort of becomes ingrained so...yeah. Eddie wakes up and he wants his boyfriend.
And at first everyone is like...wow. Steve and Eddie are together. I did not see that coming. But Steve is like, visibly shocked and confused and Eddie then starts to look like the bottom is falling out of his universe and Steve just...flips on a fucking dime. One hundred percent commited to a relationship that he literally just found out about and isn't at all real and claims that, "they weren't out yet and it just took him by surprise," and Eddie is clearly confused and in pain but also smiling at Steve like he's the god damn sun.
Meanwhile the only one in the room to see the truth of everything that just happened is Robin Buckley.
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incorrectbatfam · 2 days
Dick Grayson and Nightwing's last 5 google searches
Tumblr media
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When your love interest has powers that he can’t control when he feels strong emotions… well can be pretty a mess.
Tumblr media
Bonus 💋 (dw Mike will feel ok after this)
Tumblr media
I share also the version without the panels
Tumblr media
I wanted to try a less complicated style for the lineart, and I really like it! For the colouring I tried but it ended more elaborated than I established lmao
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ainyan · 14 hours
Azem's magic is summoning, right? Summoning the party. Bringing exactly what's needed to the fight. We regain this ability when we get our crystal from Hythlodaeus in Amaurot, and we've used it to really great effect since.
But if you think about it, we've always used a low-key form of this ability since we were wee bitty sprouts just starting out in Ul'dah, or Gridania, or Limsa Lominsa.
What is the one thing everyone knows the Warrior of Light can ALWAYS do?
Find anything. A person. A place. A thing. An idea. Anything that is missing, the Warrior of Light can find. The NPCs remark on it constantly throughout the MSQ and side-quests. Nothing can escape the Warrior of Light when they're looking for it.
And I think that's because even though we need the crystal to enact a full-out Summoning, it's innate to us, Azem, to be able to find exactly what we need when we need it. It's an integral part of Azem - the ability to always have a solution at hand.
After all, how can one be the Counselor to the People, the Warden of the Star, if one can't always find a viable solution to a problem?
Just some thought-rambles regarding Azem and the summoning and everything - but something I think might play into some Ancient/Post Original Final Days brainrot that I've been tinkering with. I thought y'all might like to think about it and play with it yourselves. <3
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deblklesb · 1 day
and I'm telling you I would literally do the same being a simp for abby and ellie? period!
like just imagine IMAGINE
Abby kissing your face and holding you from behind while you're in public, in the mall. Then she kisses your head, big hands on your waist and goes "hun, would you do something for me? It's totally okay if you don't want to...", and you already know there's something there. You know that woman, so you just hums for her to keep going. "I saw the prettiest skirt in that store... Would you wear it for me?", and you just bite your lip and nods, pulling her by the hand into the said place.
Ellie, on the other hand, would be all snuggly. She would put her face on the side of your neck, kissing there and making you chuckle while she pushes you on the way to where a manekin showcases a the skirt. "Babe, do you think you could pull these off for me? You'd look so cute in those..." She's a manace, and she knows it. You say "let's try it, yes?" and she smirks, following you inside the store with so much glee in her green eyes, excited for you to pick one piece up
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Good Source for Trans Monkey King Headcanon
While Sun Wukong is not historically or canonically transgender, I wholeheartedly support anyone with a headcanon portraying him as such. A great example of spiritual gender transition from Buddhist scripture that could serve as a basis for your headcanon is the “Dragon Girl” (Longnu, 龍女) from chapter 12 of the Lotus Sutra (Miaofa lianhua jing, 妙法蓮華經; a.k.a. Fahua jing, 法華經, c. 3rd-century).
She is first introduced to an assembly of Buddhist deities as the eight-year old daughter of the Dragon King Sāgara (Suojieluo longwang, 娑竭羅龍王) and one of an unfathomable number of dragonfolk enlightened by the Bodhisattva Mañjuśrī’s (Wenshu shili, 文殊師利) lessons on the Lotus Sutra. Her teacher describes her as a great student prodigy with a deep knowledge of Buddhist Law, as well as having many advanced spiritual achievements. But this upsets some among the assembly because the notion of a young girl approaching Buddhahood so quickly flies in the face of convention, which normally calls for untold aeons of severe austerities before one can achieve awakening. Her accomplishments are called into question at first, but everyone is appeased when she offers a priceless jewel to the Buddha, and he quickly accepts it as a symbolic gesture. Then:
The girl said [to the assembly], “Employ your supernatural powers and watch me attain Buddhahood. It will be even quicker than that!” At that time the members of the assembly all saw the dragon girl in the space of an instant change into a man (emphasis added) and carry out all the practices of a bodhisattva, immediately proceeding to the spotless World of the south, taking a seat on a jeweled lotus, and attaining impartial and correct enlightenment. With the thirty-two features and the eighty characteristics [of a Buddha], he expounded the wonderful Law for all living beings everywhere in the ten directions (Watson, 1993, p. 188). [1] 女言:「以汝神力,觀我成佛,復速於此。」 當時眾會,皆見龍女忽然之間變成男子,具菩薩行,即往南方無垢世界,坐寶蓮華,成等正覺,三十二相、八十種好,普為十方一切眾生演說妙法。
Tumblr media
A drawing of the Dragon Girl and the priceless jewel (larger version). Image found here.
1) For the Dragon Girl’s story, see Watson, 1993, pp. 187-189.
Watson, B. (Trans.) (1993). The Lotus Sutra. New York: Columbia University Press.
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Eddie has a huge crush on Joyce Byers and has for years due to a combination of mommy issues and having a thing for women who put their foot down.
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honey--autumn · 1 day
《 Scent + Purring = Headcanon 》
《 Wukong, Macaque + Mk / Qi Xiaotian 》
So I heard that demons would and could leave their scent on their crush / lover, just so other demons would know that they belong / are with them.
I would imagine that the monkey trio would do that to their partner / crush.
Like just rub their cheek against their shoulder / neck / or other body part.
Making purring noises while doing so.
I can imagine that in some cases, some demons would try and kidnap their partner / crush and try and do something horrible.
Like for example, Wukong unfortunately has a lot of enemies, so most demons who are either really stupid or just want his attention, they will kidnap their partner / crush and try to summon {?} the Monkey King to their lair.
It's the same thing with Macaque.
He has slightly less enemies than Wukong, but still...
For Mk it's different. He doesn't really know what the hell he is doing.
He just has an instinct of just rubbing his cheek against you, and leave his scent on you.
At first when he got his Monkey form, he didn't know what the hell was happening to him.
He wants to be more overprotective of you, and nearly be with you at all times.
When Mk turns into his Monkey form, he will wrap his tail around your waist or thigh, while nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck.
While making small purring noises.
And before anyone says something!
I headcanon that no matter what demon or animal-humanoid that they are, they can make purring noises or other similar noises like that.
Because they are demons, you can headcanon what ever you want!
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sandswirls · 2 days
Tumblr media
My favorite they them <3
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consistencydotcom · 2 days
Ok so since Animal was raised by Teeth and Floyd (that making them both his fathers figure)
Can i say that Lips n Zoot are his weird gay uncles then
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inklessletter · 3 days
I'm coming to terms that I'm here to throw steddie headcanons and prompts at you, and I'm not even mad about it. I'm embracing my mission in this life.
In today's episode:
What if Eddie wasn't flirting with Steve out of a secret crush, what if Eddie was indeed flirting with Steve because he was having arguably the worst week of his life so he dives right into "you know what? fuck it" duty. What if he thinks, yeah, Steve is hot, and a nice guy, and he has the cutest confused face ever when he flirts with him and it's fun to mess with him, but it's nothing serious. Nothing serious because in what other alternate dimension could he get a guy like Steve, so, yeah, fuck it. Not a high school crush since forever, not love at first sight, but just a little fun in this doomed shit of week he's having that he pretty easily might not survive.
What if when he ended up surviving the apocalypse and he's as surprise as everyone else he did (but he did, he so did survive it, and will not accept otherwise) but he's even more surprised when Steve is actually acting shy, and evasive, and Eddie then suddenly realizes that it might be because the flirting made him uncomfortable, so he feels the need to go to Steve to clarify that he wasn't seriously flirting with him, that he was just messing around, that he didn't mean it.
And what if Steve is like super heart broken after that because what was really happening is that Steve was actually considering asking Eddie out but he didn't know how because he never asked a guy out before, so this ends up with another random filthy bathroom floor talk between he and Robin so she sweetly asks Steve where is he keeping the nailed bat and the axe ("it's for a school project").
Tumblr media
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1-upboys · 18 hours
I headcanon them to have completly differents in movies or series and often they made debates of it !
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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aeryzdoesstuff · 2 days
Tumblr media
Here is a genuine thought of mine. Bakugou is all bark and no bite for the most part. Midoriya is no bark and all bite. This little green bunny would absolutely, without a doubt kill someone before Bakugou ever would; yet he's the one people consider to be the most violent. Doesn't make sense to me really considering how violently furious Midoriya gets for Bakugou. Just a thought really. One that I'm likely never going to change.
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highball66 · 3 days
The Chreon Proposal:
Chris has to have everything planned out way ahead of time otherwise he'll panic and he's got the ring for Leon- a simple black band with a gemstone in it (it's Leon's birthstone)- but he's terrified. He plans to take Leon to the movies to see some double feature of a franchise Leon really likes.... but Leon gets called away on the mission. Chris is anxious, both because his plans are now foiled and because Leon got called in and Chris is always worried one of them might not come home. He was terrified of even proposing to Leon, let alone marrying him because he doesn't want either of them to leave the other behind if they die in battle. He didn't see the point in it. But Jill talked some sense into him, pointing out that even if something like that did happen, she knows Chris would rather die as Leon's husband than never have tried anyway.
So Chris waits a few hours, alone at their apartment with the cats before the BSAA gets called in to assist on the DSO's operation (so Chris knew it must be bad... the DSO never wants to willingly work with anyone). And in his haste to get ready, he forgets to take the ring out of his pocket. His team lands, and he meets up with Leon, who's sweaty and covered in blood but that somehow makes him even hotter and Chris is so painfully in love. And they win the battle, boarding the helicopter as they escape and the compound explodes in the distance. When they land and get out onto the tarmac, Chris feels the ring pressing against his thigh. He struggles to pull it out, nearly dropping it and Leon asks what the hell he's doing before Chris is on his knee, ring in hand and he can't control what's coming out of his mouth. He had this whole speech planned, had every moment carefully choreographed for their date at the theater but that all went out the window and he just speaks from the heart, unfiltered. Leon starts crying, so then Chris starts crying, and Leon says yes. Chris puts the ring on his finger and they hug and it's really sweet and teary and emotional and this is not how either of them thought their engagement would go but they couldn't be happier.
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writersmorgue · 3 days
Tumblr media
How did it get so many feet
Thanks anon!!! This is very Eri.
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deblklesb · 2 days
I'm always thinking about waking up next to abby
leaving kisses on her freckled back, on her shoulders, her arms, her half-open mouth 😔
honestly I would gladly hump her ass too
morning pee? ❌️ morning hump? ✅️
oh to wake up next to Abby Anderson 💭💭😔😔🥺🥺🤤🤤 (sorry for the delay anon, it turned out to be a drabble 🥺)
[CW: established relationship, somno (they talk about it, though), fluffy, they're oh so in love and living together, (MDNI)]
Sunlight makes you squirm a little bit, even though the window is behind you and it's linda early in the morning. The sleepiness still creeps into you, but you can't go back to your dreamland, got a lot of stuff to do today.
Still, looking at your girlfriend's back you think that keeping in bed a little bit longer is okay, right?
Her freckled, bare skin calls for your touch. You press light kisses there, fingers crawling softly from her lower-back to the side of her body, caressing with so much devotion.
It feels so good to wake up next to her, knowing she's okay, she's with you, she's safe. Sometimes it's just overwhelming to go day by day scared of what could happen to her during patrols, and you know she feels the same. Chest aching so tightly everytime one has to leave without the other, concern messing with your head; but right now, you're just happy you can wake up next to her.
Filled with glee and comfort, you kept kissing her back and strong shoulders. Your hand slipped to her abdomen and then you felt her holding it.
"Morning, sweet girl", her voice sounded so good even though she just woke up. You smile against her muscles, kisses going up her shoulder to her neck. "Woke up extra clingy?"
"I'm just thinking how much I love you", you whisper against her ear, seeing the smirk on her lips. She gets all blushed with your words and you find it so cute. "Good morning, love"
"What did I did to deserve this amazing greeting?", she turns, laying on her back and pulling you to get on top of her. Her sleepy face is so cute, you just want to fill her with endless kisses.
"Well, first, you are an amazing woman. So strong, helpful to others, who cares about people. And so, so skilled. You're also the best. The most pretty woman in the whole world. And also makes me cum a lot", you kiss her at each topic, having her chuckling and holding you by the waist. "And you're so smart. And I love you a lot", you finish with inumerous pecks on her lips.
She smiles lazily, caressing your sides.
"I love you too, babe. So much", she murmurs, looking at you so attentively that it makes you realize again how lucky you were for having her.
The days you both are in a hurry, the morning kisses are brief or distributed along the routine while you're dressing to go eat. You'll be kissing in the shower, picking clothes, before leaving the dorm.
There are mornings coated in heat and desire. Once you talked about it, the conversation was calm and careful to boundaries, and in the end you both agreed on giving free access to each other if in your sleep. So from there on, sometimes you wake up with her hand between your legs or on your tits, her mouth giving you wet kisses along your skin while she takes your scarce sleeping clothes.
When you're too worked up and being the big spoon... You can't resist but to hump her ass or thighs. She wakes up in the middle of the process, chuckling and grabbing your leg, enjoying your small moans and whimpers due to the sensations. It's lazy and fueled by the sudden desire that creeps into you seconds after you open your eyes, warm core and needy, foggy mind.
"Someone woke up ready for me", she said once, turning around as soon as you reach the climax. "You must be extra wet right now...", her addicted kisses on your neck makes you squirm, body sensitive but oh, so welcoming to her.
"Dreamed about you", you whisper, easy smile after that high.
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