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Another plume moth! This is one of the prettiest species of them in my opinion, the very creatively named "white plume moth". it looks so silky and feathery!!
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0and0its0doctor0 · 3 days
Keep on dreaming
Tumblr media
Aaron Hotchner x Fem! Reader Summary: You aren't tired. You totally didn't fall asleep. (You did)
Warnings: None this is fluffy
WC: 536
You sighed, rubbing a hand over your face, not really caring if you messed up your makeup. You were freaking exhausted. The case you guys just finished felt like it was going to drag on and it was actually really boring compared to your other cases. You guys hardly even left the office, the unsub turned themselves in and it was wrapped up in 3 days. But you were still utterly exhausted. “Why don’t you rest?” David suggested as you sat down next to him folding your arms stubbornly across your chest. “I’m not tired.” You muttered and he chuckled a little. “Yeah. Okay.” He went back to the stack of case files he had on the table in front of him, his laptop pushed off to the side as he tried to piece together all the information from the last case so he could easily wrap it up when you guys landed. 
You blinked as you looked at the papers, the words were bunching together and you were glad you didn’t have to read any of them. “What’s going on?” Aaron asked sitting down next to you so you were sandwiched between him and David. “She said she’s not tired.” David said with a subtle smirk. “You know it’s totally okay to be tired. Reid and JJ fell asleep like 30 minutes ago.” Aaron pulled up his own stack of papers and got into them. “Not tired.” You mumbled, you didn’t trust yourself to make a full sentence. 
Aaron and David started talking about the case and about administrative things that you didn’t really care about but their voices were so calming, you were sandwiched between your two favorite people. The one you loved and the one that protected you. On one hand you could smell Aaron’s cologne, which was earthy and reminded you of being in the middle of the woods in the rain and was what you fell in love with. On the other hand you could also smell David’s cologne which was surprisingly slightly sweet and subtly stronger than Aaron’s and you just felt so protected.
You closed your eyes, committing the smells to memory, you never wanted to forget this moment. You found your head listing to the side and before long you were out cold on Aaron’s shoulder. “I think she finally fell asleep.” Aaron said quietly and David smiled, pulling a blanket off the seat from behind him and draping it over your lap. You didn’t mean too but your free hand lightly clutched at Aaron’s. “Good. She’s too stubborn for her own good sometimes.” David sighed before going back to his work. 
There was light turbulence and you shifted in your sleep, your head turning and landing on David’s shoulder who stopped talking to Derek and looked down to see you snuggling into his side still holding Aaron’s hand. He waited till you settled before turning back to his laptop and continuing to type. He wasn’t going to say anything. He kind of enjoyed it. “Rossi. I think we both know I can get away with hiding your body.” Aaron glared and gently guided your head back to his shoulder. David huffed out a quiet chuckle. “Yes sir.” 
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atavist · 17 days
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The battle to own (and love) one of America's most famous elephants.
The newest incredible true story from The Atavist.
#animals #elephants #pets #longreads
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Comm! 🦊
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A new bean to add to the loaf pile. Although Fishy here is still trying to get loafing right...
Commission for: MistaFishay (Twitter)
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skywlker-sluvtt · 1 day
hello :D,
could I request a fluffy anakin imagine. Maybe some cuddling, kissing and words of affection after a long day or mission and just basking in eachothers presence? I'm craving that lovey dovey shit with ani rn. 😫
I love your writings btw, you're amazing!
- 🎧
Of course!!! Thank you so much for the kind words love, here's a lil something I wrote I hope you enjoy. Send me requests y'all I'm always open to hearing your ideas n stuff :)))
Warnings: None fluffy Ani stuff 🥰
Word Count: 746
Tumblr media
“Sweetheart” Anakin smiled walking over to you laying on the couch in a ball. You’d both had incredibly endless and shitty days and only wanted each other. You were dealing with another failed mission the council was not impressed and it weighed on you big time all you wanted was Anakin’s comfort. He sat by your feet and you immediately sat up wrapping your arms around him and nuzzling your face into his neck. “I missed you” You mumbled, not seeing Anakin in a week was already upsetting enough for you, but all these disturbances and mistakes during your missions made you miss his comforting presence more. Anakin was experiencing similar failures on missions giving him that same feeling. “I missed you much more” He whispered. “So tired” You sighed slumping into him and slowly pushing him back till he was laying down and you were on top of him.
Anakin slid his hands beneath your shirt to feel your skin on his. The chill of his metal hand made you shiver momentarily. He sighed contently and kissed your head. The two of you stayed quiet for what felt like hours. You kissed his exposed neck before looking up at him. “Another bad mission?” You asked softly breaking the silence. “Let’s not talk about Jedi stuff” He whispered confirming it. “Can we go to bed…it’s uncomfortable here?” You requested. “Mhm,” He hummed in response. You sat up first feeling his hands slip to your hips. You got up and held his hands to pull him up with you. Anakin stretched up leaning back to release the tension in his spine and you kept your hands on his waist just needing to touch him. He then bent down to scoop you off the floor into his arms.
��Ani” You giggle softly wrapping your arms around his neck. “I think I should carry you around all the time” He smiled taking you to the room and using the force to slide the door open. You felt so cozy pressed into his chest though you wanted to rip all the robes off his body to hear his heartbeat more clearly. Anakin carefully placed you down on your duvet covers. He was the most gentle man in the world with you, treating you like a porcelain doll, it’s almost like he thought you’d shatter under too much pressure.
You snuggled into the freshly washed covers and watched Anakin undress. The sun was still setting over Coruscant putting a soft ray of golden sunlight across your lover. You smiled to yourself letting your force signature intertwine itself with his making you feel so safe with just his presence. Anakin let his clothes fall to the ground and you smiled as his back became bare letting you see every freckle and scar across it, every mark you knew so well. The smile on your face widened as he turned around. Anakin is an angel. When he was only in boxers he jumped in beside you pressing the lightest of kisses to your forehead in the process.
The two of you looked at each other lovingly, though there was so much to be discussed neither of you spoke letting peace consume your time together. Leaning up you pressed a tender kiss against his plush lips one, two, three times for good measure. “You’re so beautiful” He mumbled returning a few kisses. He was constantly enamoured by your divinity, how one person could possibly hold this much beauty. “What?” You whispered noticing how his eyes were getting lost in yours. “Nothing I just love you” He grinned. “I love you more” You replied happily shifting closer to him.
He opened his arms for you resting back to let you decide how you wanted to cuddle. You rested your head on his sternum and let your hand run over the expanse of his stomach feeling his abs before resting it over his heart feeling every beat it made. You threw one leg over him and snuggled closer trying to close any gaps between the two of you. Anakin’s warm, muscular arms wrapped around you and he kissed the top of your head as he always did before letting his whole body relax. His fingertips began to brush up and down your spine lovingly. You both shut your eyes with no intention to sleep but just to be in each other's presence.
Heart to Heart.
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kilesamara · 3 days
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Behold! My new OC, Red. He a red panda raccoon hybrid and he hella cute. He loves fried chicken and sharing his favorite songs w/ people. He also loves vidya games. 
Ok ya he’s basically me shuddup ok let me have this
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Good morning!
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ikemoths · 1 day
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The pine processionary moth is a very goofy moth in its larval form as they make these massive conga lines when walking around. Very goofy and silly 10/10.
The adult moth is a more typical moth with boring colours but AAAHHHH that fluff!! it has a little fuzzy scarf!!! :3
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zabimarushoney67 · 3 days
💟 any fluff Hirako Shinji headcanons please?
Oooo fun, fun 😇 I get a 2nd shot at headcanons! I simp for Shinji so hard✨👀 Here’s a whole bunch of sweet, loving, fluffy headcanons for boyfriend Shinji💖🙏🏼
✨Boyfriend Hirako✨
Mentions: one boob grab, butt patting/squeezing, mostly fluff, humorous content, simp Shinji, simp reader, healthy relationship opinion
Tumblr media
Shinji Hirako, what a clumsy situation of a man he is, and it's been that way from the very beginning. You never saw yourself ACTUALLY falling in love with this weirdo, because that's what he is. He's a weirdo and very proud of it.
In fact, when you first met as visored, you could barely stand the guy and his out-of-pocket, goofy character. You questioned why HE was the leader of the group, since you recalled seeing him fuck around most of the time.
Shinji is naturally very nonchalant and carefree, he lives for new experiences to remember, and so he can add to his arsenal of puns and wise-ass comments. He is beautiful chaotic humor, wrapped neatly in jazz music, underhanded pranks, tacky ties, and satin button-up shirts.
His style and the way he dressed was the first thing that caught your eye about him. Shinji is very fashionable and loves to look good, and smell good. Seeing him all put together and confident, made flirting with him irresistible.
Just because you gained the title of ‘girlfriend’, didn't mark you safe by any means. Shinji loves pushing your buttons, and once you had made it official, the teasing had just gotten worse in remarks to you, all out of love, of course.
Astonishingly enough, Shinji acting like a wise ass only strengthened your bond with him and brought you two closer together in love.
Especially once you finally picked up on his humor, and started throwing it back at his face. You became just as ruthless as him. Slowly becoming 100% his mini-me. Maybe even more chaotic than him sometimes. Two menaces against the world vibe.
Whenever anyone sees you guys together, it's just you two laughing your asses off. Like red in the face, can't breathe, knee-slapping laughter. It is untold how many inside jokes, asinine memes, and sarcastic comments you two have of one another.
Physical Touch is his love language type.
Shinji adores the time he gets to spend being up under you. After a long day of work, he loves to come home and discover you in bed.
He secretly hopes to find you there, just so he can crawl into it with you. Shinji loves being babied, cuddled, and held under your arms. He’ll have one hand squeezing a boob, and his face will be buried in your chest, kissing your skin and nuzzling softly into you.
You ARE his safe space, he trusts you. If a home was a person, that would be you for him. He tries his best to be the same for you too. Shinji is an incredibly supportive partner, accountable, and willing to learn about you so he can love you better.
Shinji loves you so much, he may not say so often, but he most definitely shows it in all the little things he does for you and the way he openly craves your attention. Not a day goes by when you won't be reminded that you are loved, appreciated, needed, and wanted.
As much as he loves being touched by you... Oh boy, does he lovveee getting his hands on you, and giving you his undivided attention.
Every morning, and every night you can find yourself in these two places:
Either you’re tightly wrapped up in his arms, in the little spoon position with his face in your neck kissing you, and nibbling your skin.
Or you're facing him with your head resting on his chest. His fingers will play and lightly detangle your hair in this position. Leaving small kisses on your forehead.
Before waking up for the day, and before going to bed, Shinji loves to spend time with just you. Making you his whole world for just a moment. Holding you, caressing your skin, kissing you all over, with soft bedroom chat. He would spend all day in bed with you, if he could.
Shinji has a knack for feeding you, be it grapes or your favorite candy. If he’s eating it with you he’s gonna hand feed you one and kiss you after.
During his busy days, if he gets a chance to see you, your conversations will always start with a sweet kiss, he’ll give you genuine eye contact, and hold your hand when you talk. He’ll softly kiss your knuckles, and tell you how beautiful you look.
It’s when parting ways, that he likes to leave a lasting impression, to say the least.
Shinji loves to pull you in a lazy hug, his hands roaming of their own volition. Usually, he’ll rest them on your waist or butt, squeezing you or pushing you against him while his kisses are teasing and feather soft.
Once he knows you're all worked up he’ll abruptly stop, leaving you with a kiss on the nose and a pat on the butt, grinning his usual cheeky smile down at you.
He can't help but laugh out loud, at the reddened and frustrated expression on your face. If he finds an opening to tease you he will. “Cause, I can darlin,” and “You love it. Heh.. you can't fool me,”
And lowkey you do love it, it just means you can get back at him and make him regret his decisions later!
✨Shinji overall is your biggest stan. A simp for you. He makes sure you're well taken care of in all aspects, worshipping the ground you walk on. You're his best friend, someone he can trust, and he couldn't be more thankful to you for putting up with his incredulous insanity.✨
Tumblr media
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gemini-sensei · 2 days
Tumblr media
Imagine Eli and his girlfriend are the only one of their friends that don't have kids yet. They haven't really talked about it and they're both just enjoying each other's company and time together. He takes her out on dates and trips away when work gets stressful. Sometimes it's just as simple as sitting at home and watching a movie ot cooking dinner together. It's nice, they love it.
Meanwhile, Miguel and Sam already have a handful of kids and she's pregnant again, Tory and Robby have twins, and Demetri and Yasmine have a sweet little girl. They're always going to the park or staying home, spending time with the kids of course. Though sometimes Demetri and Yasmine need a break, which is where the best godparents ever come in.
Eli and Reader have a pretty townhouse because they don't need a ton of space. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, maybe even a little more room than they need. However, it's perfect for when their friends want to go on dates or a mini couple's vacation. As much as they love her, Yas and Dem's daughter is just a bit too much like the both of them - sarcastic, demanding, and always certain of what she wants. She's four.
So they drop off their daughter, who adore Eli and Reader, and go have a night or two for themselves. They love when she comes over because it's always movie night when she's there. They watch watcher she wants, be it Barbie movies or Star Wars. Sometimes they make sundaes or Demetri hands them a packet of arts and crafts they can do with her. It's always fun.
My whole point I was getting to, though, was group outings where all the little families get together to go to the zoo or something. Eli and Reader are always invited because their like the fun aunt and uncle to their friends' kids. They love joining them even if they don't have a kid of their own. The same goes for Moon, whether she has a partner/kids or not. It's also just really helpful since there's one or two more kids than there are parents (thanks to Miguel and his breeding kink 👀).
So on an outing to the zoo, one of Miguel's sons can't see and he starts crying. Hawk is closest to him and crouches down to his level, asking him what's wrong.
"I-I can't see the wions!" the little boy cries.
Eli rubs his arm in comfort. "Hey, it's okay. We can fix that. Do you wanna sit on my shoulders?"
The little boy nods and makes grabbed hands, so Eli wipes his tears and picks him up, lifting him over his head and onto his shoulders. He didn't have time to do his mohawk earlier that morning because of... staying in the bed with Reader a little longer than necessary, so his hair isn't in the way. Miguel's son hold onto him tight and looks into the lion's den.
"Can you see, buddy?" Eli asks.
Reader watches from the side, standing with Sam closer to the back so the kids can see. She's smiling as she watches him laugh and talk about how big the lions are.
"So how come you and Eli haven't had any little ones yet?"
Reader turns to Sam. "What?"
"You heard me," Sam giggles, rubbing her swollen belly. She smiles teasingly. "Have you thought about it?"
Reader shrugs. "A little but, but we haven't talked about it."
She looks back at Eli, seeing him pointing out the lions to Miguel's son. "Do you know which one is the boy lion?"
"Which one?"
"The one, uh, the one with all the hair on his head." Miguel's son gestures around his face with his hand wildly.
"That's right," Eli tells him, smiling. "That's called a mane."
Sam watches as they continue talking about the lions and looks at Reader. "You should think about it. You two would make great parents."
Reader can't help but smile at the thought, but she tries to hide it with her hand. She hums and shrugs, but now the seed is there and firmly planted in her mind and she asks herself what to do next as she watches Eli with the kids...
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beebopbeeboop · 3 days
gfs (abby+reader) who play horror games together ❤️‍🩹
oh em gee
Tumblr media
“fuck , im bad at this.” abby mumbeled. you giggled and stared at the tv screen in concentration. “what’re you laughing at? you died like 20 times , you’re not any better.” you scoffed and elbowed her. “im wayyy better then you. y’know how many ghosts I’ve caught? so many i can’t even count , and how many have you caught? none , exactly.” abby chuckled and “accidentally bumped your controller out of your hand. “oops.” you yelped and hit her as hard as you could. “you’re so mean!” you pouted and crossed your arms. “c’mon you know im kidding. even though you suck at video games , you’re still my favorite girl.” you tried not to crack a smile but you gave in.
“okay , okay. you’re too sweet for your own good.” you gave her a big hug and looked up at her. her hair was all disheveled from playing and you could tell she was really concentrating. “i love you so much, abby.” you held your breath as you waited for her to respond. she chuckled and patted your head. “i love you more babe.”
Tumblr media
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