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Oh, should I...
Challenge accepted :)
Alright, right off the bat for Morro, I'm thinkinggg something with tea notes, leaning towards the fresh-spicy end of things. Maybe some smoky/incense accords? Nothing too sweet, definitely trying to avoid gourmands for him. We'll get into all of the sugary colognes with Cole.
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Either Black (Comme des Garçon) with notes of black tea, black pepper, red pepper interestingly enough, incense, violet, and moss or Armani Eau de Cèdre (Giorgio Armani) with notes of sage, bergamot, cardamom, black tea, and suede seem to be fitting for him. Personally, I find the former to be more interesting.
Now for some gourmands with Cole; as a gourmand guy myself, I could not be more excited and also worried considering that there are almost too many to choose from. I can absolutely just find a cake fragrance for shits and giggles along with something that's actually intended to be tailored to him. I'll try and stick to the pastry side of things here.
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FUCKIN' KNEW I COULD FIND A CAKE COLOGNE, LAST BIRTHDAY CAKE (TOSKOVAT), BABY; with notes of hazelnut spread, brandy, cake, tonka, vanilla bean, brown sugar, and custard, as well as some more... odd notes (this fragrance comes from a brand known for basically writing stories with perfume; the lineage of each fragrance projects a specific moment or event, specifically here, blowing out candles on a birthday cake (I'm assuming)) such as cork, milk, and malt. The second cologne is definitely more of a day-to-day fragrance, with hearty notes of hazlenut, dark chocolate, and roasted coffee beans laying on a base of leather and cedar.
This has been Chris Mashing His Interests Together Like Play-Dough Part 734. Thank you for joining me. If you'd like to see me do this with any other characters (including your own!), feel free to send a request to my ask box :)
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Promotional photo of Shakira for her fragrance 'Dance Star Midnight'. 🌟
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violentdevotion · 7 months
i don't believe jeremy fragrance would ever lie but I also don't believe him when he says he's never done drugs so there must be some kind of misunderstanding here. maybe drugs means something different in germany
edit: rbs turned off bc he's far right
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some people in tags were also saying he's a rapist
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Mhmmm !!! Missed your body fragrance....
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new candles otw <3
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Love a good fragrance….
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Berlin, City Smell Research. Sissel Tolaas (Norwegian, born 1962) 2004.
Glass and smell simulation
Each bottle: 5 7/8 x 7 1/16 x 2 3/8" (15 x 18 x 6 cm)
“Smell immediately locates you in a space,” says artist, designer, chemist, and odor theorist Sissel Tolaas. “It gives you new tools to perceive your surroundings.” Throughout her career Tolaas has worked provocatively with smell, applying headspace technology—used in the perfume industry to capture and synthesize natural scents—to render essences ranging from the objectionable (sweat, rotten fish, dog feces) to the everyday (fresh laundry, kebabs, shoe shop) and put them into an archive of more than seven thousand scents. From this archive she has created fragrances that do not adhere to the usual definitions of what smells good or desirable; instead, her aim is to stimulate emotional responses, evoke memories, and recreate places in all their chaos and specificity. While conducting her City Smell Research, which was presented at the Berlin Biennale in 2004, Tolaasworked in various Berlin districts to distill an essential scent for each one, creating an olfactory map of the city. The scents are contained in bottles that physically recall the city map and compass points. This work is not simply the charting of a landscape of smell; it also explores the potential of smell as information that enhances and subverts the physical and symbolic boundaries of the urban ecosystem.
found via Talk to Me curated by Paola Antonelli
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Sissel Tolaas: NOEA perfume (2004)
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𝒾 𝓌𝒾𝓁𝓁 𝒷ℯ 𝒷𝓊𝓎𝒾𝓃𝑔 ૮꒰ྀི∩´ ᵕ `∩꒱ྀིაᯓᡣ𐭩₊˚ ࣪˖ ִֶָ
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Feminine Tip: Smell as good as you look 🌸
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Chris Abani, from "Fragrance", 3 poems pub. Air Light Magazine [transcript in ALT]
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arijackz · 3 months
PICK A CARD: Your Soul's Signature Scent
✧ “Odors have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will. The persuasive power of an odor cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, imbues us totally. There is no remedy for it.” - Patrick Süskind
Disclaimer: This is a general reading, take what resonates. This is a gender-neutral reading, change any pronouns to apply to you. Also, I'm a rambler and I love going off track. One pile got a mini wattpad story. CHEERS!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
p1 → p2 ↙︎ p3 → p4
✴︎ Pile One ✴︎ (King of Pentacles, 3oP, Knight of Swords, 9oS, 1, Ascension, Worthy,)
Not to be weird but I’d sniff you like rich frat boy coke.
It's hard to describe scents so… walk with me.
You have had a long, stressful day and the world is pissing you off. You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place so after work, you open Google Maps in hopes of temporary solace with cheap liquor and bar food. You find one of those dingy sports bars with shitty beer, sticky tables, and drunk grown men yelling at a tiny wall-mounted television.
Not exactly your cup of tea, but as the French say… C’est la vie!
You practically had to beat half of the bar off with a stick, just to find a seat. Drunk old guys + A Pretty Pile One = Sloppy, slurred marriage proposals(?) You couldn’t tell, but “I wanna bring you home to my mama” sounds close enough.
You pay them no mind. You have one goal. Get fucked up. Don’t throw up.
Okay, maybe two goals.
You finally find a stool and raise a finger to signal the bartender.  
“Hey, bartender! BAR-”
“I see you. Don’t call to me.” 
A nervous drop in your stomach almost tips you off your stool. You feel them before you see them. Every bottle clink they make reverberates to that pit in your stomach. You only hear the bartender’s movements among a crowd of bustling people: their shoes stick and unstick to the floor, their fake chuckles at guests’ jokes, every time their hand slides across the bar to collect bills.
Maybe it’s delusion but you’re convinced you hear the steady drum of their heartbeat. 
You finally get a good look at the bartender. In a sea of hostile people drowning themselves to forget their sorrows, you see the calmest, most fearless person in the room. Squared shoulders, back straight, head held high, and the smoothest walk you’ve ever seen; they almost glide.
You watch in complete admiration as they de-escalate a fight, sanitize bar taps, count money, and make a drink all in one go. You haven’t spoken more than two full words to this person but something about their presence makes you want to kneel.
The bartender finally makes their way to you and their eyes lock with yours. Your neck begins to sweat so you quickly dart your head away. A deep, velvety chuckle comes from the pits of their stomach, “Don’t show me you're nervous, I usually charge the Bambis more.”
“You’re shivering like a scared little deer, aren't you?”
You have no words so you focus on twisting your hands under the tables. 
They find you cute. With another chuckle they lean in closer to you, “I’ll tell you what, how about I make you a drink to calm you a little, yeah?”
“Uhm, I’ll take a-” Before you could even tell them what you want, their back is to you making a concoction.
Forty-five seconds later, a glass of honey bourbon with an orange slice and a vanilla bean stick slides in your direction. Along with a… cigar?
“I doubt you can handle this, but I want to see you sweat.”
Hands shaky, you press the glass to your lips as the bartender guides you, “Take it slow. Let it sit. Savor it.”
You came in here looking for cheap booze and a deep sense of impending regret, but here you are drinking $400 bourbon you can’t afford and hanging off of every syllable this person says to you.
After a slow sip and a burn behind the ears, you ask, “How do you do that?”
They raise their brow.
“Ya know… command like that.”
They whip a towel over their shoulder, “Once you realize how scared and hurt everyone actually is, worthiness feels less unattainable.”
In summary, your soul has a very effortlessly commanding signature. Even if you aren’t aware, your energy dominates every space it enters. You might have people who seem to dislike you for no reason, this is why. BUT YES, a sweet bourbon with a hint of citrus and something smoked on the side is 100% your signature. Also… Petrichor. Your soul scent is the sweetened waft of smoked wood beneath grit and the smell of wet Earth after a storm. 
"Can You Taste The Spice On My Lips?"
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✴︎ Pile Two ✴︎ (9oP, 10oP, King of Wands, Lust)
✴︎ BAEEEE, don’t fucking play with me. Your soul just told me to take my shoes off in your million-dollar mansion. You told me to stop acting like a fucking hooligan???
There is a richness to you down to your very core. I’m getting Pushya, the most auspicious nakshatra representing wealth, prosperity, and milk (divine nourishment). But there is also a spiciness here.
SPICED CHAI MILK TEA. That is the scent that jumps out to me. The hominess of full-bodied, sweet cinnamon. The spicy warmth of red chai. Maybe even a little nutty, Spanish almond if you’re feeling crazy.
There is also a gradual build-up here. All earth signs, but primarily Taurus. There is this steady, sensual accumulation of your energy. You cannot be rushed, you savor moments and allow yourself to rest in all the sensations you experience in the present. If you don’t do this, your soul is calling you to do this. Slow down. Chew slower, shower longer, and take time out of your morning to listen to the birds sing. 
The leisurely flow of the universe is inviting you to join its dance. You are safe. You are provided for. The universe is your sugar daddy. Your guides want you to know that what you want, wants you; you just need to slow down.
I sense that your energy is aphrodisiacal. Your sacral chakra is one of your dominant chakras (could be healthy or a leak but it is prominent) and when people enter your presence their chakra gets activated too. People get creative and fiery near you. If their sacral chakra is blocked, this may be repressed and they can hold resentment for the free-flowing energy you have which they feel they lack. 
Abundance. Abundance. Abundance. Abundance. That word is used a lot in this community and you may be tired of hearing it but that's too damn bad! You’re very fucking abundant.
If this puzzles you because you look around and don't see whatever you picture as abundance, it's because it's sitting within you waiting for you to actualize it. You have the skills, the intellect, and everything else under the sun needed to grab your dreams by the balls. I cannot stress this enough.
Go outside, journal, continue your affirmations, and remove yourself from anything lying to you and saying you cannot do this. It is a fucking lie. You have everything it takes to do what the world says is impossible. Shut the world’s opinion out and turn inwardly for your answers, because you have them.  
Ambrosia. Liquid gold. It flows through you. You are the gift. The universe’s greatest gift to you is you. You have the ability to spin anything into gold. 
I have some doomscrollers, spirallers, and people-pleasers in this pile. You may struggle with excess anxiety, digestive issues, acid reflux, and ulcers. Outside influences have tricked you into believing you are a pebble when you’re actually a diamond. 
Baby, you have to cut them off. By “them” I mean all negative energies that cause your mind to get stuck in a loop of self-hate. That includes social media, bad habits, fake relationships. Your solitude will heal you. Your peace of mind will heal you. Once you shut up the naysayers, you’ll finally hear the music that has been drowned out in your body and soul.
I know this is a lot but it is worth the effort. Your potential is worth the effort. A healthy state of mind is worth the effort. You are worth the effort. 
Sidenote: The star and temperance came out while I was cleaning up. BABY YOU A STAR IN THE MF MAKING!
"The great merit of gold is precisely that it is scarce”
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✴︎ Pile Three ✴︎ (The World, 6oW, 2oW)
🎵Nowadays, I be duckin' them cameras
And they hype that I'm up on them banners
Callin' my phone, but they know I don't answer (why?)
In the hood, I'm like Princess Diana (grrah) 🎵
✴︎ THE PEOPLE 'S PRINCESS (or prince… orrrr the #1 baddest barnacle in the seven seas, whatever fits).
3, “The creative child” and 6, “The Caretaker” came out. 3 is the number of self-expression and creativity. 6 is the most harmonious number centered around nurturing your community. In the world, you’re the center of attention. In the 6 of Wands, you’re the one decked out in Dolce and Gabanna, playing Robin Hood and giving to the people. In the 2 of wands, you quite literally have the world in your palm.
Your soul’s footprint is destined to be seen and recognized. Baby, you are meant to be loved by the world at large. 
Maybe you have aspirations of becoming an artist, actress, or influencer. If you have dreams of being in the public eye, I am telling you your desires are not coincidental. You are meant for these dreams so do not be afraid to actualize them. The stars are expecting you, your home is in the spotlight.
Everyone incarnates on Earth with a role and purpose, you are meant to have a large platform because what you have to say matters and will elevate our collective consciousness. You have the gift of being able to garner great attention. People like to see you, talk to you, see what you’re wearing, know about your life, and everything else in between. People are like moths to a flame with you, you’re an entertainer to your very core.
You have a youthful, creative, and colorful soul. 
I am getting strong floral scents mixed with a crisp, clean linen smell. Gardenia, Ylnag Ylnag, Cherry Blossom, and Honey Suckle. I just know the bees be tearing your nectary ass up.
You know how Ariana Grande’s perfume line is always sold out? It’s kind of like that. “Oh, Pile Three is wearing this perfume? PUT IT IN THE CART. NEOW.”
Strong Venusian energy. Libra, Taurus, Pisces, 2nd house (especially for my singers), 7th house, Bharani, Purva Phalguni and Purvashada.
People find you very attractive. Yes, physically so, but the true embodiment of beauty stems from the soul. And you are utterly gorgeous. I am getting snow white; the animals flock to her, the sky clears for her, the seas part for her, and the forest protects her.
I am not trying to be redundant but this Earth does not play about you😭. That doesn’t mean you haven’t experienced hardship but trust, you will get the love you crave, tenfold. 
I get the sense that love has felt very conditional in your life and once the metaphorical “love pie” was cut and served, you were served last and there was never enough for you.
I am going to hold your hand as I say this,
Feel this pain. Process this pain fully. Cry all your tears, scream your sorrows out in the open, and let the winds carry it away. Let these feelings of being unloved leave your body because there is no space for them anymore. Eternal love is flowing in to fill those empty cavities. You are so loved. I am so sorry the environment around you has blocked this energy but please know that justice will be served and the love you are karmically owed is growing within you and you will be seen in this lifetime.
You better not go Hollywood on me 🫵
The Cosmos' Countess
Tumblr media
✴︎ Pile Four ✴︎ (The Hanged Man, Knight of Wands, 5 of Swords)
✴︎ Random, but have you heard stories of those cool warrior monks? Who devotes themselves to their practice but when it’s time for battle they whoop ass?? That’s so you, boo.
You’re all peace, love, and light but you don’t fucking play about protecting your peace of mind. I sense that you live an alternative lifestyle. With the hanged man, you see life differently from the average person, and don’t waste your time with the world’s bullshit. 
You’re not on Twitter arguing about Drake’s tummy tuck (BAHAHA I HAD TO), you know shit like this doesn’t add to your life in any way. You focus your energy on activities and discussions that add to your self-evolution. You have made lots of sacrifices in life to progress forward and the universe sees your hard work and is proud of you. Hell, even I’m proud of you. 
You and the Universe like this 🤞. Here’s an affirmation that already rings true but is good to practice anyway, “I surrender to the natural flow of all existence.”
A lot of you study esoteric divinity practices. Tarot, scrying, rune-casting, psychometry, etc. We also have some healers. This may ruffle some feathers. Maybe your family or friend circle doesn’t understand your interests and may push against it but quite frankly… you don’t give a fuck. 
As you shouldn’t.
Your self-resolutions are impressive. You may feel nervous at times but your faith in yourself makes you fearless. You’ve done your studying. You’ve done your healing. You're ready to take the world by storm, and nothing is knocking you off your horse. You are the first to ride into battle and will be the last standing. I don’t know if you’re aware but you thrive in conflict, your soul spirit is akin to Martian energy and loves a good fight, to be honest. 
Your power is in your belief that everything will work out in your favor. “I have the power of God and anime on my side.” 
If you’re not quite at this level yet and you don’t see yourself as this peaceful warrior, you got the “soothe”, “present”, and “friendship” cards. It’s your nerves, baby. It has nothing to do with you as a person. You are smart enough. You are capable. You have everything you need to ride into this new life. 
The entire collective is being asked to slow down. The hustle in society right now does not allow our nervous systems to regulate themselves so everyone is miserable and drained. Remove yourself from this hustle and ground yourself in the present. You have to soothe yourself and lower your cortisol levels. Baby yourself, you deserve it.
Look up techniques to regulate your parasympathetic nervous on YouTube.
Anyway, your soul caught me off guard, you're that sexy mf fr. Ummm back to scent..
YES, okay so please don’t take this the wrong way because I am obsessed with what I'm getting. Hear me out, I used to take kickboxing classes for a few years and that particular gym’s scent was my favorite fucking scent. 
It sounds weird but it smelled like pent-up stress relief: sweat, blood, and Clorox. 
Of course, I’m not saying you smell like this, but this is how I perceive the scent your soul carries.
Your soul’s scent is victory. Particularly, through a bloody means. Your soul understands the purification in blood. Extremely Martian. You’re chill but you’re really fucking intense dude. I like you.
Oooo and also, hang out with friends!! Genuine contact can help relax your body.
Mmmkaye bye!
The Blood You Spill Is The Blood of Kings
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it girls guide to fragrance⋆.ೃ࿔*:・🎀
Tumblr media
strawberry pound cake (bath and body works) + fresh cream warm cashmere (philosophy) 
pink sugar body mist (aquolina) + candy baby (victorias secret)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
choose complementary or contrasting scents based on whatever u like the smell of 
start off with a base layer and use a body wash that enhances the base (try and keep the scents similar) 
if ur layering perfumes, spray the stronger scents first and top with lighter scents so that u won’t overpower the more delicate notes 
pair a rose scented fragrance with a fruity vanilla fragrance (rose + fruity vanilla) 
pair a vanilla scented fragrance with a fruity fragrance (vanilla + fruity) 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pair a spice scented fragrance with a floral fragrance (spice + floral)
pair a fruity scented fragrance with a musk fragrance (fruity + musk) 
after u get out of the shower, spritz ur dry body with ur favorite fragrance and let it dry onto ur skin before u apply ur cream 
hot tip : when ur putting on perfume, press and dont rub bcuz then the scent will stick and last longer
the back of ur knees
ur ankles 
the base of ur back
the insides of wrist
behind ur ears 
on ur neck 
in the crease of ur elbow
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Misty dark purple as a smell…..very mysterious..
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