blissfullyecho · 3 days
some spring deep cleaning ideas for your apartment 🤍
today i’m focusing on deep cleaning my apartment because i completely forgot spring started on monday lol. my advice: always give your space a good deep clean at least 2-4x a month (or more, who cares) and always deep clean every season.
clean blinds
clean windows
sweep balconies
clean mirrors
organize under the sink (kitchen + bathroom)
clean inside drawers
move furniture and sweep/vacuum/mop underneath
strip wash your pillows
repaint over scratched walls + patch up holes
organize closet
mop inside the closet
laundry + fold and put away
change ac filter
change water filter (refrigerator)
pest control (i have it included in my rent but because i live in a semi-tropical environment, i do have crawlies come in sometimes so i buy my own pest control and make sure i place it inside and outside)
deep clean litter box
disinfect doorknobs and handles
clean makeup brushes
clean garbage cans and trash cans
wash bedding
dust ceiling fans
clean base of plant pots
wash/clean your sneakers
put your backpack in the laundry
throw away expired food
organize important papers
get rid of wasp nests outside
oven cleaning
clean garbage disposal
new air fresheners
fresh air from keeping windows open (turn cleaning fans on so the air can circulate)
wipe off computer, phone, tablet, and tv screens
scrub toilets and bathtubs/showers
put things back where they belong
spray and wipe off washer and dryer
sweep floors, then vacuum (i have hardwood all over my apartment and i still vacuum because it’s easier), then i mop (pine sol is amazing— i love the scent).
put in maintenance requests if needed
clean dryer vents
wash sofa cushions and pillow cases (even on throw pillows)
wash mildew off shower liner
get hair unclogged from drain
clean out your car
refill anything like pens, water bottles, etc.
steam clean carpets
have a professional come and clean rugs
clean welcome mat
replace lightbulbs if needed
toss, donate, and keep clothes in your closet and dressers
happy spring
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glowdiamond · 3 days
men’s type is the opposite of what they say
When men talk about their “type” they’re really talking about who they can afford not who they ideally desire to be with
men will say i want a woman who’s natural and doesn’t wear makeup
but who do they follow on IG, and mast*rbate to while watching p*rn, and cheat with, who do they pursue and spend money on : women wearing makeup
men will say i don’t want a gold digger or  high maintenance women
but when given the choice they’ll always go for the high maintenance women, a man will walk into a room and look at the most boojee expensive looking woman, the woman who’s nails and hair look like they cost 2 months of rent, and THAT’s the woman they’ll approach
men will say they want a good girl who loves them for who they are but will be bored with her and actively chase the self absorbed woman who puts herself first
so whatever men say they want they’re lying
they’re describing who they can afford
they can only afford a low self esteem woman, who doesn’t take care of her look and doesn’t ask for much
but who they dream about and wish they could have, who they salivate over and actively pursue and jump hoops for is the exact woman they claim they don’t want
they want the high maintenance bratty chick, the girl who wants to get flown out and go on shopping sprees, the girl who knows her worth and ads tax,
they might hate on her for show, they might go on these podcasts and claim they don’t want that kind of woman, but deep down every man wishes he could show off having a pretty girlfriend and being able to spend on her, no one aspires to be with bottom of the barrel, low maintenance easily accessible women.
so this is your reminder to STAND UP, and know your worth and act like it ! 
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graceandopulence · 2 days
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wordsbyjenpoetry · 3 days
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Her gentle heart needs to feel safe in your hands.
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man2maiden · 2 days
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Feminine Inspiration
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It seems like the more traditional and feminine I become, the more my friends withdraw from me. They poke fun when I wear a dress to lunch, question me when I mention my growing involvement in my church, and actively discourage me when I mention that I want to homeschool my children. They also roll their eyes when I say I want God to decide how many kids I have and not use birth control in marriage. Is it just me? Has anyone else experienced this?
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laces-and-pearls · 3 days
First try at making a peach jam pie with a lattice on the top 🍑
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notsomodernwoman · 3 days
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I did get a new dress and it made me feel so girly and cottage core!
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keepmefocused · 6 months
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🏷 teairawalker
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malusokay · 3 months
2023 reset guide
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Glow up
2023 vision board. Visualize your dream 2023 and write down your goals!
Daily Hot girl walks. No excuses, babes; let's get moving!
Reflecting on 2022. Look back at what you've accomplished and what you could have done differently.
Make a Bucketlist. Write down places you want to visit and things you want to do.
Extended self-care. Take some time to yourself to recover from the stressful holidays and get back on track. <3
Buy a good SPF. Do some research and find something that works for you!
Start Investing in yourself. Money, time, and energy. Put yourself first!
Annual check-ups. Make a dentist appointment, go to the optometrist etc...
Buy a Silk pillowcase. Protect your skin and hair!
Set clear boundaries. And make sure that people respect them!
Less screen time. Self-explanatory.
Manicure, lash lift, haircut. High maintenance to be low maintenance! ;)
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Daily vitamins. Visit a doctor to discuss which ones you should be taking for the best results.
Morning stretches. Wake up your body and drink some water!
Skin/hair care. It's time to find products that actually work for you.
Reading more literature. Set yourself a daily reading goal.
Planned grocery lists. Make a grocery list that aligns with your dietary needs and goals to make shopping less stressful. <3
Less coffee. Especially if you struggle with anxiety!!
More greens and protein. Let's give our body what it needs.
Journaling. Truly helps with overthinking!!
8 hours of sleep. Beauty sleep. <3
Cooking for yourself. Such a cute form of daily self-care.
Yoga. Or just any low-impact exercises in general.
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Deep cleaning
Organizing your closet. Only keep things that make you feel beautiful.
Budgeting. Check your bank account and plan ahead.
Clean your hairbrushes. Trust me...
Donating clothes. Donate the items that you don't wear anymore.
Clean your make-up brushes. The first step to clear skin!!
Fresh sheets. Wash your pillows too.
Charge your electronics. IPad, Mac, Camera etc...
Get rid of expired make-up and skincare. Step 2 to clear skin, lol.
Declutter stationary. No need to keep dried-out pens.
Delete old emails. I currently have 1840...
Delete unnecessary apps. Anything you don't need.
Clean your camera roll. Making some space for new memories! :)
Cut out toxic people. <3
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Pretty, smart, kind, and prioritising myself.
Positive affirmations!!
Your daily habits play a huge role in your mood/life. Be mindful, and take care of yourself.
It's okay to outgrow people!!
Decide what kind of life you actually want and start saying no to everything that won't get you there.
"I'm attracting opportunities that align with my dream life."
A girl who will do big things can't let small things bother her.
Honestly, reinvent yourself over and over again until you are satisfied with who you are.
Do you want to be comfortable, or do you want to grow?
"Am I doing this for me, or am I performing for others?"
very high standards. VERY HIGH STANDARDS.
Be obsessed with yourself.
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2022 has been such a life-changing year for me, not only personally but also regarding my social media! As I already said on Twitter, I'm incredibly grateful for this little community that has formed this year, and I'm excited for all the things that lay ahead of us! I wish everyone a successful 2023 with many beautiful moments and lots of growth!!
✩‧₊*:・love ya ・:*₊‧✩
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unfvzed · 4 months
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blissfullyecho · 1 day
unpopular opinions i have on self-improvement
what's a blissfullyecho text post without being a problematic queen? i have no idea, but anyway, here i am spilling what i think is just not it when it comes to self-development ;) lol
saying/writing/listening to affirmations aren't as powerful as you think. if you don't love yourself, forcing yourself to say "i love myself" 100 times every morning and every night isn't going to magically change how you feel about yourself. i get that people like affirmations because it makes them feel good in that current moment, but actual CHANGE isn't going to happen. you have to work on what it is you're trying to accomplish and actually be hands-on.... not just saying shit that you don't believe in right now. saying "i weigh 120lbs" when you weigh 210lbs is ridiculous. saying "a lot of quality men are attracted to me" when you are a psycho loon with bad hygiene and no life direction is also ridiculous. affirmations will make you feel good and cutesy in the moment, but you need to be HANDS ON and actively work on yourself. being passive rarely ever works.
2. gratitude lists are so unnecessary. while i think it's important to remember that you're in a position that some people are dying to be in, i also think you don't have to write a gratitude list of 10 things you're grateful for every morning either. it's just a "filler" to add to your morning routine that gives you a sense of false productivity.
3. romanticizing your life is just a fancy way of saying "my life is just not where i want it to be right now so I'm going to settle for it and make it look better than what it really is" girl, go work on what you're trying to romanticize. if you really had a life you loved, you wouldn't try to come up with ways to make it feel more cutesy and comfortable. work on it.
4. NOT EVERYTHING IS TOXIC. i had an anon tell me the other day, the word toxic has been thrown around so much that it holds NO weight. just because your little feelings were hurt, doesn't mean you can label someone as toxic. toxic requires manipulation and malintent. if your feelings were hurt over someone else's opinions, they aren't toxic. not everyone will see things how you see them. i shouldn't have to tell adults this.
5. some of you abuse the fuck out of rest days. "oh I'm resting because it's good for my mental health". listen girl, you taking a rest day 1-2 days a week is a lot different than you taking a rest day EVERY DAY. be an adult and tackle your responsibilities. life waits for NO ONE.
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bloxdeverywhere · 3 months
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graceandopulence · 2 days
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fairygyaru · 5 months
Snow Angel ❄️🫧
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man2maiden · 17 hours
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Feminine Inspiration
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