#he show them tricks and all
carlyraejepsans · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm never gonna finish this fic, sooooo
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dunbarogers · 2 months
theo and liam always getting paired together in 6b during episodes where all of the other storylines focus on couples going through stuff together is so funny because when you look at it, the only episode where they really get split up is genotype, which is one of the rare episodes where scott ISN’T paired with malia (because he’s with liam) and mason isn’t with corey (because he’s with theo) aka the canon love interests. like these episodes were cutting from shit like scalia almost dying together to thiam having intimate conversations about how liam processes emotions and morey saying i love you to thiam swearing that neither of them are dying for each other 😭 just very amusing to me. theo raeken: the accidental love interest.
#like 😭#6b eps post theo getting kidnapped go pressure test -> triggers -> werewolves of london -> genotype -> 6.19 which i barely remember ->#then wolves of war aka the finale#pressure test: mason & corey are at deatons. theo shows up at the police station w everyone & shoves liam in the bathroom to berate him for#not being worried ab his own safety enough ??? 😭 & hes pretty much attached to liams hip in the group shots#also while theo & scott are outside doing their lil body bag trick malia and liam are pressed right against the window watching both of them#& during triggers we dont see corey but mason leaves theo & liam alone . & its a major bonding ep for them….#while scalia are also having their major bonding moment when they both almost Die#then during werewolves of london theo just shows up at the school and they end up calling scalia for help 😭#and again genotype breaks all the couples off from each other so its mason n theo / scott n liam / malia with her dad#and during wolves of war i literally laughed out loud because it bounces around from jethan to morey to thiam all having heart to hearts#not saying it was intentional but it was very funny framing TO ME#that ao3 tag thats like ‘they are dating in secret but only one is aware’ LIEKDJENEBR#they basically made theo liam’s love interest on accident just bcuz everyone else was already paired off w someone 😭#thiam#saw someone the other day say they just dont get how people Came Up with thiam and its like#ok if you dont ship it whatever but if you say you cant see why youre just lying 😭 look at the material
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natjennie · 9 months
it's about the fact that if stede had told ed he needed to find mary and set things right, he would've gone along. I know he would've. but in no world would stede be in a place to believe that ed would go. that someone would support him. so of course he goes off on his own, scared, in shock, delirious, exhausted, traumatized. of course he's on autopilot, trying desperately to go back to when things made a little bit of sense. if he was cognizant enough to include ed in his line of thinking, or course ed would be amenable, quickly reshaping their future to include a quick stop in barbados because it's what stede needed in that moment. of course he would. but they're both so fucking hurt and scared and have such low self esteem that badminton's speech and death, and subsequently stede's absence at the dock, were the nail in the coffin for them both. just.. the way that, logically, they could've come together, they could've communicated, they could have worked it out, but it makes absolutely perfect sense that they didn't. that they couldn't. yknow what I mean?
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chuckhansen · 14 hours
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💉🐾 DAYA BATRA ; raw as a wound. ( x ) 
#insp: daya#aspen needed a mentor so.#i getting ahead of myself and thinking about where her life was going to be come the tlou 2 timeline sort of thing and well#daya is the vet in jackson and since aspen has always loved animals i figured at nearly twenty years old (at that point) she would need#something to lend whatever skills she had learned to#she kinda takes aspen under her wing and shows her the tricks of the trade and stuff...lets that soft side she has come out#but it's also good for her to have an influence outside of kyle and stuff#though daya probably isn't the best at being a 'good' influence#homegirl has not made peace with ANYTHING that has happened in her life so she has the personality of a wet paper towel#she and titus pretty much grew up together though since he and her younger brother met though at after school program when they were all#pretty young! kamal and titus were besties but daya and titus TRULY hit it off and have been pretty inseparable since they were seven or so#her brother had too many cupcakes at a birthday party RIGHT before the outbreak tho and ended up getting infected#dad took him to the hospital and that was the last time she and her mom saw either of them#her dad's bestie (neal) ended up coming to their aide and they met up with titus and maria (shortly after kevin passed ig) and#they've all been pretty inseparable ever since#spends 99.9% of her time around the animals (or her mom) and that's how she likes it#she's not there to make anymore friends
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robbyykeene · 6 months
My distaste with season 5, and this show as a whole, boils down to the fact that the writers have gone all in on the idea that the only true Character that is allowed to exist in this story is Johnny, and nearly all the others are just malleable dolls for the writers to move around and play with as they see fit to advance the story in a direction that will make Johnny the Ultimate Winner Of Everything.
And I hear the criticisms already of “but Johnny’s the protagonist! Obviously every other character is ultimately going to serve his story.” But Walter White is the protagonist of Breaking Bad and Jimmy McGill is the protagonist of Better Call Saul and Kendall Roy is arguably the protagonist of Succession. And obviously it’s unfair to compare shows of that caliber to Cobra Kai, but do you see my point? In all of the above, the characters that orbit the protagonist are fully fleshed out people, equally complex and just as motivated by their own desires and history and traumas as the protagonist is. And yet still, ultimately, their characters do end up serving the protagonist’s arc, and the story as a whole. Because that’s what good writing is.
But increasingly, all the other characters in Cobra Kai have stopped behaving like actual people—especially the ones that pose any challenge for Johnny. Their feelings get stamped down in favor of removing Johnny’s obstacles towards happiness, which only winds up reducing Johnny’s own character in complexity and likability.
I watch Cobra Kai now and I don’t find any of these characters believable, maybe Johnny most of all, because the writers steadfastly refuse to let him face any real serious consequence for his actions. Instead, they have everyone falling over themselves to forgive him, repeatedly giving him a do over—a chance to right his wrongs without ever ever fully acknowledging the hurt and pain he’s caused. This season, quite literally in the form of a new baby. And if that’s the story they want to tell, well fine. It’s their story to tell. But they can’t keep pretending like this is a redemption story, that there’s anything deeper beneath the surface of this show than just being about a guy who does karate and kicks ass and gets the girl and defeats the Big Bad of the week. This is not a story about trauma, Johnny’s or anyone else’s. It’s really not about anything at all anymore.
#cobra kai season 5#s5 spoilers#throwing in a baby is maybe the cheapest trick in the book when it comes to writing#its so so so so so so so so so stupid#and the fact that robby AND miguel aren’t allowed to have conflicted enotions about this—theyre happy for him and were supposed to see that#signals character growth#thats just so beyond#your deadbeat dad suddenly having a new kid is hard. youre allowed to FEEL thing about that#and being inextricably tied to the kid who almost killed you? thats also hard#they threw in a baby as a cheap and easy way to get all these characters on the same page#and its lazy and boring not to mention spits in the face of everything this show originally claimed to be about#not to mention the idea that carmen would WANT to have a baby with a chronic alcoholic who shes been dating for less than a year#who she’s barely even KNOWN for a year#but what are women if not baby factories right? :)#but whatever!#and the thing is. daniel this season was the kost believable character of them all. because his actions DO have consequences. again and#again and again he is challenged with the consequences of his actions#and forced to examine whether hes making the right choices#but johnny NEVER is#and in the process theyre trying to retcon and reframe the mistakes he HAS made over the past 4 seasons#as trying to be something less severe than they were#you don’t have to water down the deoth of johnnys flaws to make him a likable character!#in fact doing that just literally makes him unlikeable#and it doesnt evade me that daniels writing being at its best happens to coincide with thebseason where he poses zero challenge to johnny#but whatever!!! its fine its fine its fine#ck negativity
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ssaalexblake · 2 months
and not to be all like ‘and Another thing’ but assuming this dw casting bullshit is the result of a clusterfuck of moronic behaviour without malice when the way it played out was; 
A) announce the casting of a black man playing the next doctor, get praise for diversity.
B) seven days later announce return of former doctor, white man. Refrain from explaining what the hell is going on for Months. Allow people to assume he is reprising his old role for the anniversary event. 
C) Months later having the previous doctor inexplicably regenerate into said previous white man, state in press afterwards that actually He’s the next canonical doctor. Not the guy we told you we hired and let you praise us for casting bc diversity. 
is generous as hell. 
This could very easily be read as them wanting clout for hiring Gatwa for the job but not actually wanting to go through with it, and only letting people know months after the fact so they don’t get slammed for it because it’s out of people’s minds now as it’s been so long. A bunch of people don’t even seem to be aware they announced somebody pre DT now? 
the assumption of benevolent incompetence at this situation is being very kind. They announce gatwa as the next doctor, 7 days later said ten/nant is back, proving this was all set in stone already, but Conveniently wait months to let us know he’s actually back as the Next doctor, not as ten, blatantly showing that they effectively lied? That sounds far more like a deliberate attempt to get clout for diversity without following through on it, but not wanting to get shit for it like how they would have if they just told the truth with that original announcement of his return that happened, again, a single week after the og announcement. 
I mean, do i believe they’re this incompetent and clueless to do this without Realising what they did? Yeah but... If they did that by accident it doesn’t bode well for what’s going to happen in the future both on screen and behind it. 
The fact that tennant and tate have gotten a ton of press and the new white blonde lady got a live stage companion introduction when the doctor she’s acting against got a footnote of an announcement, and then immediately overshadowed in 7 days, is also an omen i’ve personally decided to take notice of. I remember people commenting saying Whittaker’s intro was lacklustre because Capaldi got a whole ass live tv show and she just got a tiny pre-recorded video, and that it looked bad considering the circumstances. Turns out she was doing fine, actually! Could be worse!  
The bbc (and disney, i guess) have openly demonstrated their willingness to place the white cast members front and center, and how they will Casually shove everybody else in the background as a footnote like they barely exist (even if they’re legit playing the titular character) because apparently they don’t think they can sell the show enough. I even had some person on my post suggesting this was a good strategy to sell the show and effectively trick people to watch it before Gatwa, so it has Not passed people by that this is happening, and apparently they openly don’t care if it spikes viewing figures. 
All i’m saying is, i am Not taking it for granted that this was a big accident that makes them look bad. It could equally be read as deliberately malevolent. Both of these things are bad though. 
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lisbonsteresa · 2 months
Tumblr media
going unbelievably insane over this
#tm#i i'm like i'm short circuiting#the way - when they both carry so much pain and trauma with them; where they deal with death and the worst of people every day;#when they've lost so much; lost each other more than once -#one of the most pervasive themes in their story; woven throughout it from the very beginning is happiness#wanting to give whatever happiness they can to others -#comforting families and getting justice for victims and jane's gifts and pranks and lisbon's supportive leadership and understanding -#wanting to be happy themselves; and maybe most importantly wanting the other to be happy#like just off the top of my head (and i'm so tempted to go right back and rewatch and actually write down every one) there's so much of it#and it makes me crazy because of how it's expressed on both sides#lisbon doesn't SAY it much - most of the 'i want you to be happy' kind of lines are jane's - but she SHOWS it#from the day they met and she helped him up off the floor she's there in support of him;#her quiet comfort when he's low; her eye rolls and indulging grins when he's pulling a silly trick on the team;#her soft smiles in the background when someone genuienly thanks him and he doesn't know what to do#with the pain she has in her past; in growing up; with the tough skin she's wrapped herself in to get through what she has#she appreciates the quieter moments; the moments where her big bombastic partner lets down his guard and#stops putting on so much of a show and she can see the joy he can still find in the little things even with all the darkness he carries#it's jane that has the big loud moments - the confessions and the spoken words - where he states outright (and repeatedly)#how much he wants her to be happy; how important it is to him and that makes so much sense because that's who he is#(not always of course but more often than not and that's how he presents himself)#he's dramatic and he's bold and his grief is the same; this giant unavoidable yoke that's never going to completely fall off his shoulders#and idk there's just something so beautiful to me about this man with the more obvious burden of pain being so doggedly - and vocally -#committed to the happiness of this woman who tries to hide her pain and shies away from comfort more than she's able to accept it#and that through everything they've been together the ways both of them approach happiness and each other have also come together#where he can say something like this and not only can she be happy for him but she can know just how much of that is because of her#'for the first time in YOU know how long' and she does#they just make me crazy
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roysenal · 2 months
thinking about the way (my portrayal of) roy doesn’t believe love is unconditional and fully thinks that he has to do something for others in order for them to want him around in any capacity and his way of expressing love is already acts of service but when it tethers to his self worth, it’s really detrimental. on the other hand, he does love unconditionally because he’s so non-judgmental and loves hard when he lets himself but, in true cancer venus style, he’s quick to retreat into his shell and get defensive when the other person’s reciprocity is in question. which i guess is good as a giver because he has limits but i wish he could communicate properly with his partner/friend/kin instead of convincing himself he’s not good enough or they find no use in him any longer and turning away
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nightsart · 3 months
It’s nice to see your PN Mickey is somewhat a nice person
While you have mine which is basically a kid
And mouses who can and will convince said kid to commit arson
He's a relatively chill dude, he's just tired and sad and wants to stop being forced to kill people LOL
He's not the biggest fan of humans but he isn't a murderer. He was created to entertain and bring joy, not kill :(
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firebirdsdaughter · 7 months
Always and forever…
… The Zanzibar Marketplace Job remains one of my favourite eps.
Also just…
What Eliot says: I’m the retrieval specialist.
What Eliot means: I am the second in command/lieutenant and defacto leader in Nate and Sophie’s absence and you are not part of this family so back the fuck down.
#Leverage#aside from being one of the hottest things on tv in this show#right up there w/ the David Jobs and that fight scene where Eliot grabs guns#like that shot of him turning towards the elevator and smirking#be STILL my fucking heart#but anyway#the EVERYTHING conveyed in that exchange#Eliot proudly cementing his spot as eldest child/lieutenant#the way he detects the trick and then seamlessly plans the rescue#and then they just go right back to the usual#literally Eliot's loyalty to Nate is the only reason he's not just beating Sterling up for the egg#or refusing to come at all#the instant things go wrong he's switching into lieutenant mode and getting things under control#he is literally Nate's left arm Eliot is just as instrumental as Sophie in keeping the team running#and I adore it so much#I'm love them#also just Nate's practically beaming at the end there#proud of all of his kids#also that exchange between Eliot and Tara at the beginning#where she's butting in and he IMMEDIATELY closes ranks#Eliot's a professional and Tara has proven she can be relied on in jobs but there's a LINE#Nate's drinking is a complicated thing and Eliot's not just discussing it w/ anyone even if Sophie sent them#which of course on the other side justifies Sophie's decision to send Tara to keep an eye out#bc while Eliot will chew Nate out for going on a wild bent he will also close ranks to protect him#he'll shut Tara out to protect Nate and then he'll follow him into hell and try to protect him from that#I need to go to bed so it's a bit hard to explain but like#Eliot's issue is that his instinct will be to protect Nate#his loyalty isn't just about the job or fighting it's on a personal level Eliot and Sophie conspire a lot to#corral Nate's issues but I do feel like Eliot just as often takes Nate's side#Eliot worries and cares about him and is part if the Nate recovery plan and he's Nate's other closest confidant
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unproduciblesmackdown · 6 months
ten drawings and like twelve seconds of the song into this whodunit? project, determinedly progressing....and for fun, i was like, okay put Anything else into zeke’s locker / give it Any flair, like, always striking for a balance b/w not making things too difficult but not like cutting all corners & fully avoiding what i think would be fun &/or just good to include
Tumblr media
mainly had the spontaneous idea for like, put a poster/pic in there somewhat horror related, i was gonna do something kind of Scary Generic like a haunted house & then had the insight like oh hey make it hopefully evocative of the cover illustration for the first goosebumps book “welcome to dead house”
Tumblr media
and then added a kermit the frog keychain, fun anyways, and a bit of a shoutout to an element of the book in zeke’s like immediate introduction lol
Tumblr media
kind of the best of both worlds when it occurs to me to have something be kind of an easter egg / reference to Something touched on in any of this material, like also made sure to get zeke’s locker number right (or rather make the locker to the left One Number Below the number given in the musical synopsis (no locker number’s given in the book) to imply his correct locker number, but probably i’ll show the closed locker door also) which is itself an easter egg reference to how many years ago the events of The Legend occurred (in the musical), because coming up with such details wholecloth is a trial i might just otherwise avoid completely, and then idk i think it’s fun. like, i’ve read welcome to dead house, classic. i’ve also now read phantom of the auditorium lol and it’s always a great time, r.l. stine always talking about how he thinks that wtdh as the first book is a bit too scary and/or not yet tempered enough with humor, and pota makes me laugh aloud like every page. a delight
#goosebumps the musical#and with this one also just:#goosebumps#i vaguely remember the plot to wtdh also. girl with a little brother & parents & the family dog move to a new neighborhood#where it's like weirdly cold & dim all the time i think but don't worry about it? there's not much going on & like; a cemetary; don't worry?#think the dog goes missing at some point :( with perhaps a ''the animal knew too much'' implication to that#and i don't remember if they even find it lol. their parents definitely go missing & then have to be rescued from like some nocturnal ritual#where like the lore is that years ago everyone in the town was poisoned and died and so now it's just like. undead neighborhood ofc#and idk they lure in living people & then idk if it's like give us your life force &/or just be undead like us. expanding the community.#not much of a diff i guess. anyways they save them & seemingly like get everyone w/the ol First Sunbeams Of Dawn* trick#(*i thought dawn was like a synonym for sunrise but turns out it's like the Dusk to Sunset equivalent. i.e. dawn is when there's still only#indirect sunlight. i think that's fun to know) but when driving away they see the Realtor Who's Supposed To Be Dead But This Time For Real#showing some other family to Dead House(tm) like well that's not good. The End#meanwhile total segue some lines that got me from pota even just extracting that one brief quote were like#the self contained paragraph ''rich is zeke's older brother. he spends most of his life being grounded.''#and a line i misremembered as ''as if he had anything to do with it'' which was already always funny to me#is actually ''as if he had something to do with it'' which imo is at least twice as funny lol
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livvyofthelake · 2 months
yes yes actor commentary can be fun ok whatever. director commentary is where it’s really at though fuck these actors. oh the actors have jokes? the directors are overflowing with earnest love for their creation. so that’s that
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seilon · 9 months
thinking about the fact that pv said the weird goo clone things he was torturing trapping ko with were, indeed, just clones of his friends and not the real deal. but then went on to say something about them being cloned to have souls and actual feelings and memories so that they essentially are actual people and he IS killing them in front of ko every time. they’re just not the original two. like am I. am I just remembering that wrong or was that like. severely fucked up
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adachikiyoshi · 8 months
me after getting half the cherry magic the movie spoiled through tiktoks
Tumblr media
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briarhips · 6 months
Just received the most humiliating submission comment possible on a discussion board
Tumblr media
I’m going? To kill? Myself?
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friendzoned61 · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ego redesigns, Jim twins edition!
Thanks @ambrosiadreamer for the help!
#jim twins#markiplier#so the Jim’s were surprisingly hard#because in my head ive always thought of reporters as professional but the twins completely not#so the trick was giving them personality while also making them look good at their job#studio Jim is for the most part bland; hes got a grey suit gray shoes and a regular watch to complete the look#but if u look closer u can see how hes got a little highlighter on or contour and looks almost passive#hes got a makeup crew to help him between shots and to hide away anything that makes him looks stressed and is more likely to have a calm#or contemplative look than be expressive first for the quick story being told#field Jim has more leeway in what he’s allowed to wear since hes going to actually be out and needs to be comfortable in what hes moving in#so hes redder in the cheeks got slight eye bags and well worn tennies for moving fast#hes less messy and more casual is what i went with so button up and a tie but also those jogger type pants that look like capris??? idk#since hes out of studio he has to have everything he needs close by so hes got a big carrier bag thats got papers his mic water snacks all#making them twins was the hardest part cause every mark ego is just mark so to tie them they both have glasses and graying sides#the graying was to show theyve been at their job a while and theyve got those eye wrinkles and forehead lines#their glasses are opposite colors studio Jim has blue and field Jim has red i thought it’d be cute
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