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Did Buttmunch make it to the Night Court?
YES! He did and VERY SAFELY!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
icons by @copypastus
Since it's @cassianappreciationweek, I also wrote a little ficlet of:
The Adventures of Cassian and Buttmunch
Read on AO3, or below the cut.
"Cassian? Cassian, are you listening to me?"
It tickles. Oh, gods, it tickles.
Cassian squirms a little, tilting his head and wrinkling his nose. He's sure Nesta is saying something terribly important and while the sound of her voice is a symphony of sun and skies, it takes all of his self-control to contain himself.
"Yes, of course! I, the best husband in the world, devote my complete attention to my beloved wife."
"What was I saying?" Nesta deadpans, folding her arms across her chest. She drums her fingers across her bicep, patiently waiting for Cassian's excuse.
Before he can say anything productive, he bursts into a fit of giggled, and bites his lip. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I swear I was listning. But if you could repeat yourself, I would love you forever."
"You'll love me forever even if I don't," she counters without missing a beat. Her eyes trail him up and down, watching him squirm, nearly cross his arms over his chest and decide against it. "What's wrong with you?"
Her gaze narrows, and she steps closer. Nesta draws her hands back, and strikes hard and fast, tickling his sides. All is lost—completely lost!
Cassian bursts into laughter. "Mercy, mercy!"
"Not until you—Ah!" Nesta's yelp is sudden and pitched as she jumps back. "What's that?"
From the inside of his vest, a tiny baby bluejay pops its head out, using Cassian's chest hair as a tiny little toupee. It chirps at Nesta happily, then wiggles back into the comfort of Cassian's clothes.
"Well, you see, I wanted to ask how you felt about birds?"
He knows it isn't very fair to ask Nesta to keep the baby bird when he's already got the baby bird, but he is the General of the Night Court and battles aren't always won with fairness.
"What do bluejays eat?"
Azriel's voice is quieter than the little singing bird. He squats by the makeshift nest, watching the hatchling bury itself in scraps of Cassian's old clothing and hair they definitely didn't just pull out. They wanted to swaddle him in Cassian's scent, what else were they supposed to do?
"I dunno."
"Tamlin didn't give you a list?"
"Well, he did, but I lost it."
Azriel pauses, and looks up at Cassian unimpressed. Of course, Cassian would adopt a baby bird and of course, he would decide to wing it. Pun intended. The shadowsinger sighs, and conjures little shadow tendrils to entertain the chick.
"His name?"
A small smile creeps on Azriel's features. The two of them high five in some inside joke no one else is privy too.
"Want to make a bet?"
Cassian tilts his head, his bun following the motion and going lopsided. It's still too early to be stylish. It's just Azriel, anyway. He cocks a scarred brow, already invested in this brewing game. He doesn't win often, but this time, he will. If it's about Buttmunch, nobody knows his baby as well as he does.
"Gather food. Label them. Whoever's food Buttmuch picks wins."
"Okay, what do I win?"
"Your name goes first. Buttmuch, son of Cassian and Azriel. If you win."
The meeting is running long.
Cassian leans his cheek into his fist, half-lulling himself to sleep. There's only so much court things he can take. He is a man of action, a do-er, not a talker. His only saving grace is the grumpy little bluejay sitting on Rhysand's shoulder. Buttmunch didn't want to get up. Buttmunch also didn't want to left alone in Cassian's room.
He's in a mood, Cassian had told his brother, but Rhysand insisted that his winged-nephew join him.
The hatchling looks especially angry, trembling a little as he—oops.
"Buttmunch the first! Son of Azriel and Cassian!" Cassian yowls between fits of laughter. He gets up and swoops his little birdy with a grin. "I guess that's meeting adjourned? I'll buy you a new suit. Oh, and I told you so."
"With what money? You owe me from last time I spotted you."
"Sorry, gotta go! Potty training!"
The problem with being the most handsome and innovative male in the Night Court is that everyone wants to be him. Cassian rescued Buttmunch, and now Azriel wants one too.
He rushes to the texted location—to where his brother found an egg all by itself on the ground. Cradled in the mud at the banks of swampy water lies Buttmunch's future brother.
"Should we wait for the egg to hatch?"
"I don't know. Buttmunch game ready made."
"Ready—Ready made?"
"Yeah, hatched and chirping and all. He just kinda fell out of a tree."
The two of them stand there, inspecting the egg. Cassian feels little feet scractching at his head as Buttmunch pops out of his bun, joining in the open display of curiosity.
Beside them, the water sloshes. Both Illyrians turn their attention to the murky depths.
"Is that—"
A giant crocodile bursts out of seemingly nowhere, snapping its jaws at the two idiots invading its nest. Cassian holds onto Buttmuch while running for dear life.
"Sorry, Butt," Cassian says, breathless, once they reach safety. "We'll find you a sibling."
The scare by the swamp weighs on Cassian's mind. What if Buttmunch had fallen off? What if Cassian forgot to hold onto him and he'd been eaten? Oh, he'd be inconsolable if he lost his baby chikie.
"You're not a baby anymore. Look how chonky you are. That's teen-bird chonk. That means you're ready to fly," he lectures. "It's for your safety."
"Are we sure he understands?" Feyre squats down to scratch his fuzzy little head. "He is so cute."
"Did you understand your parents when you were born?"
"No. I was a baby."
"Okay, well, Buttmunch is a genius. Look at this." Cassian twirls his finger. "Do the cyclone!"
Right on cue, Buttmunch turns in a circle on the spot. The hatchling chirps and preens at his papa-bat.
"That's it, I'm kidnapping him and keeping him forever."
"You can try, but he's imprinted on me. It's why Tamlin let him live with me instead of releasing him back into the Spring Court forests."
"We'll see when he learns to fly and becomes independent. So, how do we start?"
As one of the last people who learned to fly, Feyre is the perfect teaching assistant to Cassian. The three of them stand on the roof. They try to show Buttmunch to flap his wings, but the chick only tilts his head to the left and to the right in confusion.
"Like this," Cassian takes big leaping steps, flapping his wings in demonstration.
Buttmunch hops after him excitedly, but his wings are tucked firmly at his sides.
"Okay, what if I just pushed him off the roof? His instincts are bound to kick in, right?"
"What if I pushed you off the roof?"
Feyre regards Cassian like he's lost his damn mind. Flying isn't easy and rushing that process isn't going to make Buttmunch successful. She bends down to scoop the tiny bluejay into her hands. He nestles into the warmth of her touch and that gives her an idea.
"Fly," she tells Cassian.
"Just fly. Pretend like you're leaving him behind."
Cassian frowns. Abandonment seems… cruel. He looks between Feyre and his munchkin, then steps back off the edge. As soon as he disappears, Buttmunch cries out desperately. Cassian swoops back up into the sky, flapping his wings and keeping a distance between them.
"Go to papa," Feyre tells Buttmunch, extending her arms.
The chick remains focused on Cassian, spreading its little wings and flapping. He tries and tries, trying to lift himself when Feyre decides to give him a little momentum. A little toss up into the air where she can still catch him and there he goes.
"He's flyin'! My baby boy is flyin'!"
Buttmunch's trajectory is a little unsteady, dropping a little as he tries to meet Cassian in the air. Oh, he doesn't seem sure at all, but he's determined. He chirps, chirps, and Cassian likes to say he's announcing his arrival—I'm coming! I'm coming!
Cassian cheers him on and catches him, howling his victory. His Buttmunch is the best, the very best!
Flying is freedom.
Flying is boundless.
He can go as far and as wide as he pleases, with nothing to stop him except his own will. Cassian soars through the clouds above Velaris, a fierce blue dart beside him. He twists his body, torpedoing through the white wisps, and the bluejay mimicks his prowess.
The two of them were meant to fly.
Velaris boasts the most beautiful sights, but there is nothing like the endless sky welcoming him and his Buttmunch with open arms.
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Anyway, I am bored so here is a list of Prythian High lords and the accents I imagine they have. I'm tired of all fantasy people having British accents.
Tamlin: southern US. Think Rip from Yellowstone
Kallias: Russian
Helion: Nigerian
Tarquin: Creole (I just know Summer has the best food tbh)
Thesan: Saudi Arabian
Beron: Cockney
Rhysand: Boston
Feyre: Valley Girl
I will not be accepting criticisms at this time.
But lmk if you want a pt 2
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
our favorite acotar men + “i could fix him” text posts
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Cassian: Do you want to play 20 questions?
Helion: Sure.
Cassian: What's your favorite color?
Helion, laser focused: Triangle. Do you like men?
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Please, stop... | Part 1
Pairing: Helion x reader (x Nessian)
Warnings: abusive relationship and descriptions of SA - MINORS DNI
Prompt: you’re Nesta and Cassian’s mate and yet you are so different from them. From day 1 you tried to be a good mate and do as they wanted and liked but they like it rough and you just don’t. Not only is it not enjoyable for you it is actually painful. And not just in bed. You always excused their behavior as being overprotective but recently you started calling it something else: controlling. And one night, all changed as you uttered the words you had tried so hard never to say, but always thinking if you ever did they would listen. But they didn’t. And that night, everything broke.
(A/N: it's my first time writing for ACOTAR - English isn't my first language)
Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Please, stop.
You couldn't remember exactly how many times you had said it. It hadn't mattered. You weren't sure if they just didn't hear you or didn't care. You couldn't bring yourself to think they had just ignored it, ignored you. But you didn't know if the alternative was better. Maybe they just didn't care.
You cried and Nesta called you a brat. You asked them to stop the first time and Cassian shoved his large cock down your throat to shut you up.
You had almost passed out then. Not because of the way you were choking on his hard length but because you had asked them to stop and they hadn't listened. They had ignored you. They had kept going.
You were crying and begging and it just didn't register. Like it didn't matter. Like you didn't matter. All that mattered was them and their pleasure.
They had gone to bed after they were done, leaving you to care for yourself. And it was then, when you were sitting in that cold bath alone, that you realized. Your mates didn't love you. They loved each other, but you were nothing more than a sex toy to them. You who had tried so hard to be a good mate. Nesta had called you a brat and a bad girl. You who had tried so hard to please them and give them whatever they wanted. It hadn't mattered. They would have taken it anyway, no matter what you wanted.
Your heart broke. You wondered if they felt it through the bond. They didn't stir from their sleep.
You silently exited the bath and put on clean clothes. You packed lightly and quietly and didn't look back at your mates before stepping out of the bedroom.
You went to Azriel, because you really didn't have any other choice. Azriel never asked too many questions. It was as much a quality as it was a flaw. That first time he saw your bruised neck for example, he didn't say a thing. Nor did he mention it the second time, or inquire after your well being the third time. He never asked. Because it wasn't his business. But Mor never mentioned it either. Neither did Feyre or Rhys. Your friends, your family. They all had seen it at one point or another. The bruises. The look in your eyes. The flinching when either of your mate raised their voices or got anywhere close to you.
Nesta and Cassian like it rough. That was the end of it.
Azriel brought a dagger to your throat as you approached him. That didn't surprise you. You apologized for waking him up and asked him if he could do you a favor, no questions asked. You weren't sure he would. His loyalties would remain with Cassian. But, maybe it was the look in your eyes, maybe it was the tears, maybe it was the bruises, or the sound of your broken and desperate voice, but when you asked him to bring you to the Day Court in the middle of the night, he had just looked at you and your packed bag for a few seconds, then silently nodded.
Helion wasn't mad you had his guards wake him up at 2AM. No, Helion was concerned. Even more so when he saw you. You knew you probably looked exactly like you felt. Like complete and utter shit.
Helion had always been nice to you. What was there not to like? You were smart, gentle, caring and beautiful. You had similar interests and powers and had become good friends while doing some research with his healers when you were looking for a way to help Feyre when she was pregnant with Nyx.
Helion had become a true friend. The only one you had left after Nesta and Cassian had restricted your outings so much your old friends had more or less forgotten about you.
Helion made you feel safe. You had nowhere else to go.
He opened his mouth, but you spoke first.
"I request asylum."
Both males stilled. Your small and weak voice broke as you said the words but they had heard you loud and clear. You had never seen Azriel so surprise. You wondered if he would try and take you back to the Night Court by force.
"What?" was all Helion managed to say.
"I ask for refuge in your court, please," you said, voice trembling, tears filling your eyes.
"What happened?" he asked, hurrying towards you, checking you for any injury, eyeing you from head to toe, noticing the bruises on your face and neck.
"Please," you begged, falling apart, your knees giving up on you as you collapsed at his feet.
He knelt before you, taking you in his arms.
"What happened?" he asked again, but not to you.
Azriel's face was grave. He knew exactly what had happened. You'd had enough. You'd reached your breaking point. Like he knew this would happen. And yet he had done nothing.
You were sobbing in the High Lord's arms and he embraced you gently, running a hand up and down your back.
"Please," your voice nothing but a whisper. "I request asylum."
Helion's eyes landed on Azriel once more and the High Lord's silence had you panic.
"Granted," he said and you fell apart once more.
You buried your face in his lap, letting your cries and tears flow out of you. Helion looked at Azriel like he would tear him apart, as if he were the one who had hurt you.
"Y/N is now under the protection of my court. Inform your High Lord as soon as possible."
Azriel paused, as if considering not leaving you here, no doubt thinking about his brother, your mate. But, eventually, he nodded.
"Take care of her," was all he said before he vanished.
And as the spymaster disappeared, leaving you behind, your broken cries filled the halls of the Day Court.
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Acotar Crack Headcanons
In which Reader introduces gold star stickers in the bedroom. Reader x everybody. Poly type deal. And it is most definitely a competition. There are sticker charts. Gold prize - for the male with the most stickers? A week alone with reader. No interruptions. No sharing.
(This crack list is brought you especially by the shared brain rot with @chairofchaos . Please enjoy our devolution into smut headcanons that tonight has brought us.)
Confused at first
When he realizes he’d be SO into the competition element
So competitive
“How many does this get me” as he’s just pounding
“And this?”
It devolves because you stop being able to give him stickers
“What about this, baby? What if you can’t walk tomorrow? How many stickers do I get then?”
You can’t do a damn thing about it as the sticker sheets fall from your hand
But when you’re done
The two of you curled up together
You take the whole sheet and start giving him stickers, one by one
He’s smirking as you line them up in rows along his chest and arms
Then you finally put one on his nose, grinning as you recall the feeling of his head between your legs
“It was that good, huh? Maybe we’d better try to one up ourselves. See how many stickers I earn from you then.”
Catches on quickly
He goes out that day to buy his own sticker sheets
Likes to give them to you too
Gives himself gold stars for how often he can make you moan
“Yep… that’s another one FOR ME”
Gives zero fucks about the overall competition
He just likes being in competition with himself
Puts the stickers on his nipples like pasties with a shit eating grin
You reach back to place a sticker on his thigh
He stills immediately
When you explain it, he’s so hurt about being interrupted
“What the fuck? What is this childish game?”
“Do not place your shiny sticker on me, woman.”
“I am doing sexy things here – leave me be”
He peels it off his thigh, sticks it on the small of your back and keeps going
He still kisses the star when he’s done
“So the stickers are a no?”
He’d sigh and kiss your forehead
“Just tell me first next time. I don’t like surprises.”
Has monkey brain - is super into it
Adds his own prizes to the mix
Is competitive but really just cares about making you feel GOOD
The stickers and prizes are just a bonus.
Walks around shirtless just to show off his stickers
“These are my rewards! Don't you like them?”
He has a sticker chart on the back of the bathroom door where he collects his stickers at the end of each day.
Eventually he just starts sticking them to random things around the house - mirrors, his daggers, the kitchen cabinets.
You give him a sticker on the forehead during oral
his little mechanical eye like gleams at you as he SMIRKS
he’s like 'hmm what's this?"
He takes one off the sheet and does his little smirk and the star just GLOWS
he sticks it on you down there
because he LOVES TO EAT
gives a little predatory grin as he crawls over you to move to the next thing
Gets distracted by you placing the sticker on his shoulder
Pauses mid thrust
“No no dont stop”
“What… what is that?”
“It’s a sticker. You’re doing a good job. Keep going”
“... what?”
He’s so confused
He doesn’t keep moving
You take the sticker back - “You stopped moving. You stop. You lose the sticker.”
He does NOT like the stickers
“Please put them away.”
He’s very butthurt over losing his only sticker
Immediately flaccid
Isn’t a part of the competition
That male is interested in Feyre and Feyre ONLY
Hears about the competition from Azriel
Immediately goes to Feyre
“We need to buy gold star stickers.”
“Trust me, Darling. Gold. Stickers.”
Your next visit to the river house becomes an adventure of finding all the places where the two of them left stickers while Rhys grins and Feyre rolls her eyes with a laugh
Your favorite find is under the tablecloth, where it’s next to a golden paint smear
“We recreated our mating night for the anniversary,” Rhys whispers to Cassian conspiratorially
He’s intentionally loud enough for all of you to hear
He doesn’t really understand the rules 
He just likes the idea of putting the stickers everywhere him and Feyre fucked so he can show off.
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The Power of Emotions | Eris Vanserra
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
SUMMARY: You are Feyre’s twin sister. But like your older sisters Elain and Nesta you were thrown into the Cauldron. Now dealing with the repercussions of your powers, your finally allowed to go to an event, where you discover your mate is Eris. Things take a turn for the worse after that.
PAIRINGS: Eris Vanserra x Archeron!Reader
CONTENT WARNINGS: 18+ MDNI, smut, oral (m receiving), unprotected p in v, family drama, mentions of trauma. If I missed anything else let me know but I think that covers it.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: So this will be split into at least 2 parts maybe more I'm not sure yet. I also changed how the powers could be used. That being said, i'm very excited for this. I hope you all enjoy it!
Tumblr media
Cold. Cold. So cold.
You were drowning, not able to breathe.
Suffocating in the Cauldron.
Your body was changing, you were no longer a human.
Cries left your mouth as you fell out of your bed onto the floor. Shivering, teeth clattering, emotions on high alert. Others crashing into you. It was the same thing every night. Every night never changes since you were thrown into the Cauldron.
You squeezed your eyes shut and pulled your knees up to your chest and moved into the corner of the room like you did every night after your nightmare woke you up. You were silently hoping that someone could help you. But Rhys, and Cassian, and Azriel, and Mor, and Amren, they didn’t know what was happening to you.
Nesta was more concerned about Elain, then she was about you. Though you didn’t blame her, Elain was a ghost in a shell. The days had passed and the only one that had started to show any trace of concern for you had been the three brothers. Every morning one of them would come into your room to give you food and make sure you were up.
Every morning they’d see you in the corner of the room. Your eyes vacant, your knees pulled up to your chest, your arms wrapped around your knees holding them in place, and your empty eyes staring into nothing. They had all tried to talk to you, to get you to move but you didn’t. By nightfall you were too exhausted to hold yourself there anymore that you’d finally eat.
Then afterwards, you’d drink the mint tea that you’d come to love. One of the brothers always made sure there was a sedative in there to make sure you got some sleep. You knew they gave you a sedative but you didn’t mind so much, it allowed you some sleep for a few hours until the same nightmare woke you up again.
But this was different, today was different. Emotions were high, the highest they’d ever been. You could feel everyones, from Rhys, to Cass, to Az, to Mor, to Amren (or what she’d let slip), to Nesta, and to Elain. Dear sweet Elain, hers were the strongest, and they were hurting you. Tears were slipping down your face.
You were in the middle of the room crying, silently. Your teardrops fell to the lush black carpet in your room. Finally you couldn’t take it anymore and stood, then you started pacing around the room. Your words were chipped, but they were the same phrases.
“Stop.”, “Please.”, “No, no, no.” All these were the same phrases that left your mouth. Your eyes were almost empty. There was pain in them, not from the nightmare you’d had but it was there. This alone was just from feeling Elain’s emotions. You didn’t understand why hers were so strong today. You still hadn’t processed the fact that you could feel emotions.
As a human you’d always been good with picking up on people’s emotions, but now it was heightened. Now it was miserable. Feyre had been back for a few days now, no one had told her just how bad it had been for you, until he had finally broken and told her before they’d gone to sleep. Rhys stood next to his mate, pain in his eyes.
Feyre was messing with her fingers, staring at her twin. They were watching you pace around your bedroom repeating the same phrases over and over. Mumbling to yourself as you pull on your hair. Emotions were everywhere, you could even feel yours. It was overwhelming and you were drowning in the sea of emotions.
You still hadn’t told them that you could feel, sense, and manipulate emotions. You didn’t understand it though so maybe that’s why you hadn’t mentioned anything to them. Maybe that’s why you had dealt with it for so long. While it was too much at the end of the day it was better than being stuck in that Cauldron all over again.
Feyre briefly pulled her blue-gray eyes away from you and connected with violet eyes that had become oh so familiar to her. “She’s been like this since you came back from Hybern?” Feyre questioned her mate.
Rhys gave a nod of his head. “Yes. If not pacing then she’d been in the corner of her room, knees to her chest, vacant stare. She’d stay in that position until she grew exhausted and we could get her to eat and drink.” Rhys explained. He then paused, running his hand through his black locks. “Then it repeats, then some days she’ll be pacing. Today, Az… he said that it’s been a rough morning.”
Feyre looks back at her twin. “What does that mean?” Her voice is broken as she asks the question and it pains Rhys to see her in pain over her twin.
“I don’t know. I might have a theory but I’m not sure yet.”
A broken sob escaped your lips. You fell to the floor, covering your pointed ears. Elain’s sadness was swimming around you, hitting you right in the face and you couldn’t stop it. You couldn’t block her and everyone else.
“Stop.” You whispered. “Stop. Stop. Stop. Make it stop.”
You cried harder, more tears falling down your face and onto the carpet. Feyre stepped into the room leaving her mates side as the General and Shadowsinger appeared behind Rhys. This was the first time since she had returned from the Spring Court that she was seeing you. The first night Feyre got back you’d been asleep, knocked out. You weren’t mad at all, though you had assumed that she hadn’t stopped by when she had.
“Make it stop, please.”
“What’s wrong, sister?” Feyre asked, kneeling down next to you.
When she placed a hand on your back her emotions filled you, tangled with Elain’s emotions as well as everyone else's. A scream of agony broke free from your mouth. You scrambled on your legs backing away from Feyre, moving to the corner of the room and pulling your legs to your chest as you hid your head behind your arms. The three brothers saw the hurt look that had washed onto Feyre’s face. But it quickly disappeared.
“Tell me what’s wrong sister.” Feyre demanded, moving closer to you.
Feyre needed to know why you had recoiled at her touch, why you’d moved to the corner of the room, why you’d been acting so so different from Nesta and Elain since coming out of the Cauldron Made. Feyre briefly looked back at her husband.
“E-Elain, she’s so sad. So sad. It hurts.” You cried out. “You, you’re happy, and sad, and confused. Everyone else… it’s a mix, it’s all over the place. Please make it go away.”
Azriel knew exactly what you were. Rhysand knew exactly what you were, what you were capable of. Cassian tightened his jaw, this was going to be a headache. Not so much because he didn’t like you. No he already loved you like a sister, but if this was the confirmation of your powers they’d have to keep you hidden. They’d have to keep you hidden from Beron. He’d want you for his own personal gain. This was not good.
“What do we do now?” Azriel asked his brother.
“We keep her hidden until she’s controlled her powers.” Rhys spoke, both in Cassian’s and Azriel’s mind.
“First we need to get Feyre out.” Cassian added.
“Feyre, darling,” Rhys spoke out loud. Rhys stepped into the room and held his hand out towards Feyre as she looked back at him. “I need you to come with me back past the door.” He said softly, his violet eyes steady on his mate.
“What? Why? I’m not leaving my sister. I’m not leaving her alone to deal with this. I refuse to do that.” Feyre said, still looking at Rhys.
“Trust me.” Those were the only words that left his mouth.
The battle raged in her eyes between wanting to help her sister and wanting to listen to Rhys. She looked back at her twin. She hated seeing you in this kind of pain. So Feyre stood from the floor and walked towards Rhys placing her hand in his. He pulled her out of the room, seconds later a shield had been placed on the entire room.
You could breathe, somewhat. You opened your eyes feeling only your emotions and no one else's, Amren included. It was just as it was before you’d come out of the Cauldron, before you could feel every single emotion in that dreaded room including that King. You could still feel your power, still access it, but it was more contained by the shield Rhys had put up to protect you.
Finally you pulled your hands away from your face. Your eyes immediately found your sisters, for the first time since exiting the Cauldron a small smile graced your lips.
“How’d you do that?” You asked, eyes on Rhys as you picked yourself up from the ground and walked away from the corner. You moved closer to the door and stared at each of them.
“You’re an Empath, Y/N.” Azriel stated, Feyre looked at him with the same shock that you had on your face.
“You can feel everyone’s emotions, can manipulate them and use them to your advantage. You can even manipulate your own. You’re a very powerful Empath, considering they’re a legend. You just don’t know how to control your power yet.” Cassian added, reciting from what he knew of Empath’s.
“This shield will protect you from our emotions while you learn to control your powers. If any of us step inside your room we will have a shield around us so you can’t feel them until you're ready to try and manipulate them.” Rhys paused, his violet eyes falling onto Feyre. “We’ll need to learn all the history we have on Empath’s, it’s not much but it’ll help. We will help you learn to control it, Y/N.”
You gave a nod of your head. “Thank you.” You breathed out. For the first time since you’d arrived at the Night Court you finally felt a sense of peace. To know the true name of your ability, it no longer seemed like a curse.
It had taken you six years to fully train your powers. During that time you’d healed, you’d trained with Nesta, Gwyn, and Emerie. You’d done the Blood Rite with them and completed it. You became a Valkyrie. You’d never again be the same as you were when they broke into your home, took you away. You’d never be weak again.
Your powers had become your friend, you’d learned to block emotions out that weren’t your own. You’d learned to manipulate them, to get others to do whatever you needed with just the single ability of manipulating your emotions. It would’ve helped in the Blood Rite but you made it far.
Training with your older sister had allowed the two of you to heal the broken relationship you’d had with each other. Now you couldn’t imagine not having a close relationship with Nesta. You were finally ready to step outside the Night Court for the first time since being Made. Rhysand wanted to test the limits of your powers.
Tamlin was hosting a party in his Court. Most were hesitant to travel to the Spring Court. He sent word that his court was finally rebuilt. He was hosting a ball. All Courts were invited, though you doubted that anyone from at least the Autumn Court would show. In the six years it had taken you to hone your powers you had discovered what they made you capable of.
Cassian was right, you truly were powerful and if Beron found out he’d want to have you. He knew that Beron would like that you could manipulate the emotions of others. That would likely be the moment they’d strike their bargain with Eris and kill the male so Eris could take over as the High Lord. You stood near a wall, a glass of wine in hand. You were near Cassian and Nesta, who were on the dance floor with a few others.
Some of the High Lords had stopped by and asked for a dance. You’d turn them down except for Helion. He’d piqued your interest. He was a beautiful male, it was glorious that he had created Lucien. Elain and Lucien were perfect for each other. In fact all your family was perfect with their mates. Even Mor and Emerie had started seeing each other and it made you so excited.
But now more than ever you felt so alone. You were thankful to be Feyre’s twin sister and thankful that they’d hidden you to keep you safe but now you felt as though you were missing something. You swirled your red wine around before taking a sip of it. Your eyes landed on your twin. She was so happy, dancing with Rhys with his hand on her belly. They were expecting their second child.
Nyx was also on the dance floor, the happiest smile on his little face as he danced with his parents. Everyone was happy, so so happy. And you, well, you were sad, so so sad. It was moments like these where you missed having your father around. A tear slipped down your cheek and you were quick to wipe it away. But that didn’t stop more from falling down.
There was a presence beside you, and now more than ever you wished the wall would swallow you whole so this stranger didn’t have to see you cry. You shouldn’t be crying; this was a happiest event. Tamlin had announced his mate's pregnancy at the start of the ball and here you were crying because you missed your father and you felt so alone.
“I don’t believe we’ve met.” His voice was oh so soothing as it echoed through your pointed ears. It was a voice you wouldn’t mind hearing on a regular basis. You were drawn to it and you didn’t even know why.
“My apologies.” You remarked, still not looking at the male. You’d tried to keep your voice steady as the words came out but it was broken. He kept his gaze on you, like he was refusing to remove his eyes from you.
“Oh, come on, Little Fox. Don’t be so mean.” He paused when you finally turned to get a better look at him. You took in his toned body or rather what you could see through the warm Autumn suit he’d been wearing. His red hair was short but styled neatly. Finally your eyes landed on his beautiful amber eyes. “Like what you see, Little Fox?” He smirked.
You rolled your eyes. “As if.” You mumbled, looking back down at your wine.
“I’ll repeat what I’ve already said, I don’t believe we’ve met.” He said holding his hand out to you hoping you’d take it. While he didn’t know exactly who you were aside from belonging to the Night Court just from the scandalous dress you were wearing. That was one thing he was certain of, the other being that you were his mate. He felt the golden thread in his chest the moment his amber eyes landed on you.
“I’m Y/N. I’m Feyre’s twin sister.” You said, taking a hold of his hand and shaking it. There was a spark she felt when he touched his hand, though she wasn’t sure if it was due to his powers or because she felt something between them. And for some reason, you couldn’t get a read on his emotions which was odd considering you could feel everyone else's.
“Eris Vanserra.” He paused looking out at your sister and her mate who were now looking over at you two. “I didn’t know Feyre had another sister let alone a twin. You two look nothing alike.”
You smiled at the mere mention of his name. Oddly enough you wanted to say it more and it was included in the bedroom. Shock found your face, why were these thoughts all of a sudden coming to mind.
“We get that a lot.” You smiled softly at him. The male felt that his knees would give out any moment if you continued to smile at him.
“Would you care for a dance?” He asked, hoping you’d say yes.
“I’d like that very much.” You placed your drink down on the table and placed a hand in Eris’.
He pulled you out to the dance floor. Some of the other’s had stopped dancing to watch you and Eris. He placed one hand on your hip while the other was in your hand. You rested your other hand on his shoulder, that sweet smile he was starting to like was still on your lips. Music began playing and the two of you began to dance, ignoring everyone in the room.
“So, dear Y/N, why has your High Lord and Lady kept you a secret?” Eris asked, as you and him spun around the room. More eyes were on you now but still you didn’t care. It was only you and Eris in the room and no one else.
“After I came out of the Cauldron I had a really hard time with a lot of things including controlling my power. They kept me locked up and protected until I got control. I trained with my older sister, made some new friends. Completed the Blood Rite and became a Valkyrie. Now I work alongside Cassian and Azriel going on missions. But Feyre and Rhys thought it was a good idea to finally bring me into the world of the Fae officially.” You explained.
Angry flared inside his chest at the mention of what had happened to you. “They kept you locked up?” He asked, bypassing everything else.
“It was a universal agreement, I couldn’t step outside the shield.” You shouldn’t be telling him this. But you felt comfortable around him, you trusted him completely.
“They locked you up.”
“Why does it bother you? We barely know each other.” You paused taking a breather. You didn’t want to talk about your powers not here. But he wasn’t giving you a choice, and you were trying to manipulate his emotions to move him away from the topic but it wasn’t working. It was like he was immune to your powers.
“It doesn’t matter. They kept you locked up these last 6 years.” His voice was the same.
“No. No. No.” You paused, then the two of you stopped dancing and the room erupted into an applaud.
But you didn’t hear it, your ears were ringing. The gold thread was tying around your heart. You were lifting your hand to your chest, a gasp coming from your lips. Eris was your mate, and suddenly everything made sense. You grabbed his hand tightly and pulled him off the dance floor leading him out of the room. Rhys and Feyre had watched the exchange between you two.
“She’s his mate.” Feyre said, a devastated look on her face.
“I think so, Feyre, darling.” Rhys’ voice was smooth as he agreed with her.
You and Eris walked into the hallway where no one else was. You walked into another room and closed the door behind you. Eris stood still watching as you turned from the door and looked at the male that was your mate. You knew the stories surrounding him, you had heard what he had done to Mor and now you were even more confused that the Mother thought this male was supposed to be your mate.
As you looked at the princling before you, you saw the sudden change in his posture. It was just the two of you and there was no audience. This male standing in front of you was so different from the mask he wore outside surrounded by everyone else.
“Why did they lock you up? Why did they keep you away from me? Six years they kept you hidden from me. Six years we could’ve had to get to know each other, exploring each other.” Eris’s anger was evident in his voice and you were trying so hard to change the way he was feeling but it still wasn’t working.
Tears started to break through again. “Because I was thrown in that Gods damned Cauldron. I was turned into a High Fae against my will. I struggled to not only control my emotions but I struggled to control blocking out everyone else's emotions. They were attacking me and I couldn’t breathe, I was drowning from the nightmares, from the emotions, from the pain of everything. I’m an Empath for crying out loud and for the life of me I can’t figure out why I can’t manipulate your emotions.”
The words left your lips before you even had a chance to stop them. Suddenly Eris was in front of you, his hands cupped your cheeks. He was wiping the tears from your face, a soft look on his face.
“Shh.” He whispered softly. “I don’t know how much you know about an Empath, but typically they aren’t able to manipulate their mates emotions because their mate doesn’t need to hide anything from them.”
You looked up with tears at the edge of your eyes. “Ooh.” You nodded your head. You closed your eyes, inhaled, exhaled, then opened them again. “Rhys and Feyre wanted to keep me hidden out of fear that your father would take me and use my powers for his own advantage.” You felt Eris’s breathing stop, his body went still and he clenched his jaw as he looked down at you.
“I will not ever let my father get near you. You are my mate, I will protect you until my last dying breath.”
You couldn’t stop yourself, the gold thread in your chest was humming. You closed the space between you and Eris, then you placed your lips on his kissing him softly. He pushed you back against the door kissing you harder. His hand moved to the door knob and locked it to make sure no one would come in and interrupt you two.
Your hands find purchase in Eris’ red locks and you pull on them. You pull back from the kiss staring at him with glazed eyes. This is the last thing you expected to happen, but you need him, you need to feel him. Eris pulls your hands and walks you over to the bed. He pushes you down and crawls on top of you. His mouth finds your neck and he sucks some of your soft skin into his mouth. Eris moves his way down his mouth moving between your breasts.
His hands slid up your waist until they made contact with your breasts. A gasp left your mouth when he squeezed one of your nipples. Your scent was starting to mix with his and it caused a groan to leave his lips. Eris pulled his hands away from your nipple and moved down your body. Pulling your dress up off your body until it eventually comes off.
The only thing you were left in was your underwear and heels. An annoyed groan left your lips as you stared at Eris noticing he still had all of his clothes on. You leaned up just after he pulled your heels off and threw them onto the floor. You moved your hands up the length of his arm, pulling around his shoulder and down.
You grabbed a hold of his shirt at the bottom and pulled it upwards towards his head until it was off and discarded somewhere in the room. You placed a devious smirk on your lips as you moved your hands down towards his cock. It was hard and you couldn’t help but widen the smirk. You stood to your knees and shoved your hands down his pants dripping his cock tightly.
A moan left his mouth, his eyes fluttering close. “Gods.” A whisper breath left his mouth. You moved your other hand up and started to untie the strings until his pants were loose enough. Then you removed your hand helping him out of the rest of his clothes. You sat him down on the edge of the bed and moved in between his knees.
Your hand wraps around his cock and you start stroking it. Leaning forward you take his cock into your mouth swirling your tongue around the head. Eris lifts his hand grabbing onto your hair and moves it out of the way so he can watch you take his cock further into your mouth. You couldn’t fit the rest of his cock in your mouth so you used your hand to pump the rest.
This hadn’t been the first time you’d slept with someone you didn’t know. But Eirs was your mate, and you couldn’t wait to spend the rest of your life only hearing his moans as you sucked his cock. You pulled back, moving your hand up and down his length. You slipped your tongue out and moved to the bottom of the base and licked all the way to the top.
You sucked the head of his cock back into your mouth moving further on his length until you started to gag. Eris exhaled, pulling you off before you could have a chance to make him cum. You looked up at him, a sly smile on your lips.
“As much as I’d like to cum in that pretty little mouth of yours I need to be inside of you now.” Eris stood and picked you up, throwing you on the bed. Your legs were bent at the knees. He grabbed a hold of your underwear and pulled them off, throwing them on the floor. He moved closer to your cunt and licked a stripe from bottom to top tasting your juices.
He groaned at your taste. A moan left your lips and Eris moved up your body. He grabbed onto his cock and slid it through your folds getting his cock wet. Eris finally thrust his cock inside you, both you and him moaning in unison. Eris bottomed out inside you. His arms rested on either side of your head and you had wrapped your legs around his waist.
“Gods, you’re so tight, Little Fox.” He moaned out, closing the space between you and kissing your lips again.
“Please.” You whispered when he pulled back from your mouth.
“Please what?” He asked with a stern voice.
“Please move.”
He smirked at you. “Such a pretty Little Fox.” He whispers in your ear.
Eris pulls out, then shoves his cock back in. He starts to pick up his pace, his hips slamming into you. Another moan escapes your lips, your eyes close tightly feeling him inside you. Feeling so close to him like you’ve never felt before.
“So good.” You moan out. Eris pulls one of his hands away from your head and wraps it around your neck. A groan escapes your lips as he tightens his hand around your neck. You can feel your orgasm getting closer just as you feel Eris hit that sweet spot inside you. “Close.”
“What a needy little thing you are, mate.” He breaths, continuing to snap his hips into you. His cock pulled out only to be pushed back in. He can feel himself getting closer to his release but he wants you to get your release first.
“Yes. Gods yes.” You reply. The thrum of the gold bond sitting in both your chest grows brighter and brighter as you both get closer to your release. Eris pulls his hand from your throat and moves his thumb down to your clit circling it. That’s all it takes, your release hits you and you tighten around his cock.
“That’s it. Cum for me, Little Fox. I’m the only one who will ever make you feel this good. You’re mine.” He tells you.
“Yours, all yours.” You moan out. Finally Eris feels his release hitting him. He spilled deep inside you. Dropped his head into your chest and exhaled. Eris slowly pulled out and laid down on the bed next to you and pulled you into his chest. You felt the blanket being over you, your head rested on Eris’s chest. “So what now?” Your voice was soft and afraid as you asked the question.
Your earlier words of what his father might do to you replayed in his mind, Eris turned his head and looked at you finding you already looking up at him. “I think it’s time I kill my father.” He whispered.
You picked yourself up, pulling the sheet with you to cover your chest. Eris was standing pulling his pants up. There was a serious look on your face. “What? You can’t be serious? I mean that’s… Why do you want to do that?”
Eris turned around, his amber eyes resting on you. “I’m protecting my mate-” Before anymore words could leave his mouth the door was slammed open. Rhys, Feyre, Cassian, Nesta and Azriel walked into the room.
“What are you doing?” You asked, looking at your family.
“We could ask you the same. Sleeping with the enemy?” Azriel questioned a voice void of any emotion.
“Please, get out.” You whispered softly, looking away from them. Yes they were your family and you loved them all but they still made you feel like you weren’t a part of the family. Eris noticed the sudden change in your body, like you were trying to pull away. Feyre looked at the boys, and they turned around. Then Nesta walked over to you grabbing your clothes.
“Get up, get dressed, we’re leaving.” Nesta ordered. She gripped your arm and pulled you from the bed. A whimper escaped your lips.
“Let go of her.” Eris ordered, his angry eyes resting on Nesta’s grip on your arm. You and Nesta looked back at the male.
“She’s my sister.”
“And she’s my mate, and you’re hurting her. Let go of her.” The glare was evident on his face as he continued to stare.
“Go get changed now, Y/N.” Nesta was glaring back at the male. You nodded your head and walked into the bathroom. You could hear them arguing as you changed back into your dress. You didn’t want this. You opened the door and the scene before you horrified you.
“Stop. What are you doing?” You asked Azriel who had a knife to your mates throat. He looked back at you.
“He’s manipulating you, Y/N.” You could feel everyone’s emotions. They were all on high alert, Eris had his eyes on you. He was calm, it was like he was trying to make sure you stayed calm too.
“How? How is my mate manipulating me?” Your eyes were glowing, something none of them had seen when they started training you to control your powers.
“He lured you to bed, slept with you. Now you're defending him, he’ll use it against you.” Nesta’s voice filled your ears and you looked at your older sister.
“Get out. None of you get to decide who I sleep around with. None of you decide anything for me. You’ve all kept me hidden for 6 years because you thought Beron would capture me and use me against my own will. And you might be right, that might still happen. But Eris, my mate, he will not do that to me.” You didn’t realize what you were doing until Eris was in front of you.
“Let them go.” His voice was soft, his hands cupping your face as you contorted your face in confusion.
“What?” Finally you looked around the room, your eyes landed on Azriel who was grunting over in pain, then your eyes found your older sister. She too was in the same position. “I-I did this?” You asked, staring at Eris. Feyre was near Nesta while Cassian and Rhys were helping Azriel from the ground.
“It’s ok, breathe Little Fox.” Eris gripped your hand, you'd never done something like this that much was clear. Nesta’s eyes landed on you a glare you’d never seen her give you.
“I-I-I’m sorry.”
Suddenly you could feel everyone’s emotions again, you couldn’t control it. You’d hurt two people you cared about so much. A cry left your mouth as you started to back away from Eris.
“I didn’t mean to. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t mean it.” You were shaking your head moving back towards the window.
Rhys, Feyre, and Eris were walking towards you trying to keep you away from the window. The windows were opened but you didn’t know how far of a jump it would be. All you knew is you needed to get out of here. You needed to breathe.
“It’s ok, Y/N. We know you didn’t mean it.” Feyre’s voice said calmly. Everything happened so fast, you felt Rhysand’s power rumbling through the room. You didn’t mean to do anything, but Feyre was on the ground. The same pain that ran through Azriel and Nesta was running through her. The tears were back again.
“I didn’t mean to. Rhys, I’m sorry. I don’t. I don’t know what’s going on.”
“Let her go, Y/N.” Rhys’ voice rumbled, suddenly the rest of the High Lords, your sister and her mate, Mor, Emerie, and Gwyn were at the door. Eris looked back and saw his father, he had his eyes on you.
You nodded your head. Eris tried to walk closer to you, but you shook your head. Feyre could breathe again and that was all that mattered. You backed up too closely to the window and before Eris could catch you, you fell out. Eris was the first to turn around and run out of the room heading to the side of the mansion. You groaned, lifting your hand up to your head feeling a wet substance.
You pulled your hand away to see blood dripping down your fingers. Panic still running through your body you stood up and grabbed a hold of your dress taking off running. You felt dizzy. So dizzy. You didn’t know where to go, only that you had to get away. You didn’t make it far though, you ran right into the chest of someone else.
You looked up seeing the one person that Rhys and Feyre had been trying to protect you from the last 6 years. It wasn’t your mate, it wasn’t your sister’s, and it wasn’t any of your friends. Beron placed his hand on your arm and gripped it tightly causing you to whine out at the pain. You were sure that a bruise would be there tomorrow.
“You’re coming with me, Empath.” With those words the two of you winnowed away, disappearing from the party.
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booksandfantasies · 19 days
Do you ever think about how well connected Elucien's children will be? Their grandfather is the High Lord of the Day Count. Their aunt and uncle are the High Lady and High Lord of the Night Court. And their other uncle will be the High Lord of the Autumn Court (because let's be honest, Eris is going to find a way to get rid of Beron before the series is over). Nobody is going to be messing with those children.
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honeybeefae · 1 month
Happy Father’s Day to
The Dads: Rhysand, Tarquin, Thesan, Tamlin
The Daddies: Lucien, Kallias, Cassian, Varian
The Daddiest: Helion, Eris, Lucien, Azriel, Suriel
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xmalfoyweasleyx · 2 months
Look who it is - Lucien x reader
A/N: Here's the second part of "fun night", I couldn't let Lucien and reader be after all those drunk confessions, right? It can be read as a stand-alone too!
Warnings: injury, pining (tiny bit of angst), hot daycourt!lucien, happy ending!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Your head was pounding because of the alcohol you drank yesterday, when you lazily strolled into the sitting room that connected Lucien’s bedroom to yours. Lucien was casually lounging in the couch, a book in his lap. “Look who it is, mrs drunk face!” he grinned. “Ugh” you could only answer when you fell next to him on the couch, your palm on your forehead. “I’ve got some tonic for you, over there” he nodded to the table. “Oh you’re the best Lu” you smiled.
He was always so sweet to you. Yes, he could be a prick sometimes, but that was out of love. Probably because he felt some sister/brother relation between the two of you, to your disappointment… “You said something like that last night” he snickered. “I-what?” you asked confused. But Lucien only stared at you with his signature grin. “Nothing, nothing” he sighed.
“Well, I hope I didn’t make a fool out of myself, because I was obviously too drunk to be aware of what I say” you chuckled. You could’ve sworn you saw hurt flicker in his pretty russet eye, the metal whirring next to it. You really hoped you didn’t say something horrible to him last night. “I didn’t… insult you or something yesterday, right?” you hesitated, carefully placing your hand on his leg. Lucien only shrugged, “Of course not, nothing to worry about y/n/n." Relieve washed over you, but your hangover still felt horrible. That stupid excuse of a high lord Helion feeded you alcohol again, you scowled him in your head, laced with affection.
“What you should worry about though, is the fact you look horrible, with all do respect” the man next to me teased. “It’s not like I have to go anywhere today, it’s Sunday”. But Lucien started laughing at what you said, “it’s Monday honey, we have a meeting with the lord of Tevedra in… half an hour”. You shot out of the couch. “What?!”
Tevedra was an important city in the day court, the meeting you, Lucien and Helion had with him was also very important. How could you forget this, how could Helion possibly give you that much alcohol the evening before? “I’m going to kill your father” you groaned, stomping to your bedroom to get ready. You heard Lucien laugh behind you.
You quickly dressed appropriately to meet the nobility, choosing a sparkling white dress that squeezed your hips and flowed around your ankles. You also put on some jewelry and make up and you curled your hair, trying to cover up the fact you had a hangover. You ran out of the bathroom, back into the joined living room. Helion and Lucien were already standing there, both very handsome in the typical Day Court gowns. They both looked up when they heard you run in. “Just in time” you breathed out. “You look really beautiful y/n” Lucien was staring at you. The compliment, if it was one, made you blush. You tried to hide it, but it was no use, both males saw. “T-thank you Lucien” you stuttered. “Let’s go” Helion grinned, looking at the both of you with a big smirk. 
You followed them into the corridor, you couldn’t help but notice how much they look alike when you walked behind them. The power radiated from both of them, they both walked with such grace and strength, the sun reflecting on their beautiful skin. When you first met Helion you had a little crush on the High Lord. But it was nothing compared to how you felt when you’d first met Lucien. The same beauty and flirtatiousness as his father, but with such beautiful copper locks and an interesting metal eye. You felt different with him, it was more than just a silly crush. 
“How are you feeling y/n? Not to worn out I hope?” Helion teased, looking at you behind him. "You got me drunk" you grumpily said. Helion laughed, "don't act like it wasn't your choice too y/n, luckily our dear Lucien was so kind to put you in bed”
“Oh, yeah, I remember” you tried to think about what had happened. “You do?” Lucien suddenly snapped his head to you. “Well, not that much, just… I don’t know” you sighed. Lucien seemed disappointed by that. And then you remembered. Oh shit, this was so embarrassing, you practically told him that you wanted him last night. You said you'd get over him. “Oh no, I-I remember…” you stuttered. It was a challenge to face Lucien, you were too scared of his reaction, but in the corner of your eyes you saw the distraught look on his face.
And before you knew it, Lucien was falling. Hard. Tumbling down the big marble stairs you were descending. You weren’t even surprised by how graceful he fell, Lucien was always graceful. But he kept falling. His head smacking against the stone. “Lucien” Helion shouted with worry. Your own heart stopped beating for a moment. He was Fae, he would survive this. But still, it was like your instincts were screaming at you, like a rock crushed your whole body. Worry flooded your senses. “Oh my god” you breathed out, running down the stairs to him. He looked unconscious.
And then you felt it. A snap. A thread, trying to pull you closer to him. “No, no, no, this can’t be real, this- this..” You started to panic. All this time? All those years that you've been pining over you best friend, he was actually your mate? “Don’t worry y/n, he isn’t that injured, he will heal quickly, I promise” Hellion said. But that wasn’t what you were so panicked about. “I know.. but he’s… he’s…” the words were stuck in your throat. Helion grabbed your shoulder, “Hey y/n, he'll be okay, calm down”
“He’s my mate”
Lucien still looked so beautiful and powerful like his, that subtle halo still shining around his bronze skin. Even when he was laying there, on the bed you were sitting on, so vulnerable, bruises that where already healing all over his face. You stroked his hair carefully. Then he stirred. "Y/n", his voice was raspy and soft, eyes still closed but a soft smile on his lips. It was love and appreciation you could hear in that voice, you then realized. “Gods, I’m so embarrassed, a High Lord’s heir, falling from the stairs like a clumsy human boy” he groaned. You laughed softly, playing with the copper strands between your fingers. “You are embarrassed? I should be the embarrassed one when I think about what I told you last night” you giggled. Lucien laughed with you. "How are you feeling?" you breathed. "I'm okay, it'll heal fast." There was a comfortable silence for a moment. Just you and him, your hands stroking him lovingly. "Lucien, we... we need to talk."
"If it's about last night, it's okay, really, you don't have to be sorry for things you didn't mean" he sighed. But you shook your head. "No, not about that." Lucien's brows furrowed. You didn't know how to put it into words, so you just tugged on the invisible thread between you two. Lucien gasped, eyes in shock. "W-Where...W-what" he stuttered. "You're my mate" you whispered, your fingers softly traced his cheek. "You know? It snapped into place?” he said, tears lining his eyes. "You knew? Why didn't you just tell me Lu?"
Lucien shook his head, speechless. He carefully placed his hand over the one you had on his cheek. "I wanted it to be yours too. I wanted you to have the liberty. And I-I thought you didn't want me." he whispered with desperation is his eyes. “Lucien, I’ve been in love with you from the first day I met you” you smiled shakily, tears in your eyes. Lucien only stared at you, his expression unreadable. “Tell me what you think” you sighed, hopeful. Lucien smiled, “It’s not often that I’m at loss for words”, he waited for a second, “I-I love you y/n. I really do. I’ve wanted to tell you that for so long. I got scared, I’m so sorry”
“Oh Lucien” you sighed “don’t apologise, can I… can I lay next to you?” He opened one arm slowly, inviting you. “I love you too” you whisper, while laying down next to him in his arms. You placed your leg over his and burried your face in his neck, breathing in his scent. Your mates scent. You could feel it in every sense now, that he was yours, and you were his. Finally.
“Guess I should wait and offer you some food when you’re healed, right?” you smiled. He laughed. “Yes, when i’m in good shape for the… acceptance phase…” he smirked.
You couldn’t wait for all that was ahead of you. Your life, with your best friend and mate.
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lilac-witch · 5 months
Opalescence - Azriel x Reader
Summary: A visit to the esteemed day court sets the Mother's plans for a certain shadowsinger in motion. Meaning: "a unique gem that can pick up all colours of the spectrum depending on the light" Word Count: +1k Warnings: None
The Day Court was the polar opposite of the Courts of Night. Sunshine illuminated every corner of the vast land. The golden palaces gleamed in the light, appearing like masses of molten metal.
"Welcome, my friends!"
The booming voice of the High Lord of Day broke Azriel's trance, his eyes squinting to look past the glowing light that inevitably followed Helion wherever he went.
"Thank you for the invitation, Helion. We are extremely grateful to be offered a few days of sanctuary and relaxation," his High Lord replied, his tone as cool as the breeze that wove through Velaris.
"Ah well, I would be lying if I didn't say my intentions were slightly selfish," Helion replied, winking in the direction of himself and Mor.
Before Azriel had the chance to roll his eyes, a gentle yet firm voice echoed through the space.
"Come now, Uncle. No one wants to be subjected to your atrocious flirting."
A figure emerged from behind Helion's colossal bronze body.
A female, with skin as pale as quartz, brown hair that glowed gold in the sun, and eyes that reflected the molten gold of the Day Court palaces.
"Ah, nieceling, you wound me."
The inner circle's eyes widened in shock. No one had been aware that Helion's long-dead sister, Mother protect her soul, had conceived a child.
The female's attention shifted from her uncle to the inner circle, before finally resting on the hazel of Azriel's eyes.
"It's wonderful to finally make your acquaintance. My uncle has told me all about you, some things I wish he had rather kept to himself," she said, shooting a look at the grinning High Lord.
"Forgive us, my lady, but we happen to know nothing about you."
The female turned to Rhys, a soft smile on her effortlessly beautiful face.
"There is nothing to forgive. My uncle likes to keep me private, although his attempts are becoming more and more futile. My name is Y/n," she said, once again shooting a look at Helion, who had now grown seemingly bashful.
Her attention returned to Azriel, and his skin felt an immeasurable warmth, as though he had been bathed in pure sunshine.
Their eyes remained locked throughout the rest of the introductions, until only he remained unknown.
"And your name, lord of shadows?"
Her voice was like music to his ears, his shadows twirling about in excitement at being acknowledged.
"Azriel, my lady. But I am no lord."
Y/n nodded, her lips turning upwards slightly, before turning to follow her uncle through the maze of halls.
Three days later, Azriel once again found himself in Y/n's company.
He had been wandering through the palace before he stumbled upon one of the hundreds of libraries that called Day Court home. Now, Azriel busied himself with filtering through the shelves of leather-bound novels, looking for something to occupy his time.
"That is one of my favourites."
Azriel almost dropped the book he was holding. His shadows hadn't alerted him of another's presence, and he hadn't heard any footsteps echoing on the wooden floor.
He turned, coming face to face with the golden-eyed female who had been haunting his thoughts, thoughts that had previously been occupied by Elain Archeron.
Y/n raised an eyebrow, lips tilting to the side in an attempt not to laugh at the situation.
"Did I scare you, Shadowsinger?"
Azriel found himself at a loss for words as he gazed upon her. She wore a black jumpsuit, a common colour between the Day and Night Courts, accompanied by golden jewellery that was the same shade as her eyes.
Azriel cleared his throat, a light blush forming on his cheeks.
"I, uhm, didn't hear you coming, my lady."
She waved him off. "Please, call me Y/n. I hate formalities."
Azriel nodded, his hands still grasping the book tightly.
Y/n glanced down at the book, and then looked back into his eyes.
"Can you still feel the heat of the flames?"
Azriel's mouth fell open in shock.
"I apologize if that was too forward. It's just that your hands appeared to have been burned..." she said, her face warming slightly.
"Yes," Azriel breathed. "Sometimes, it feels like I'm reliving that night..."
Azriel watched as she attempted to take a step towards him before hesitating. Azriel willed the flinch he felt to not appear physically through his body.
A moment later, Y/n stepped forward, her hands outstretched.
"May I?"
It was Azriel's turn to hesitate. His hands were his biggest insecurity, his greatest disappointment. They were a horror to gaze upon, a horror to feel, and a horror to remember. So many awful things had occurred to his hands, and his hands in turn had done so many awful things.
He snapped out of the daze, gazing into those pools of molten gold. Swallowing hard, Azriel shakily placed his hands into Y/n's awaiting palms.
Moments passed with the pair standing with intertwined hands, gazes locked on one another. But then Y/n's hand began to glow with a soft, golden light.
Azriel's expression morphed to one of shock as he watched the scene unfold, as he felt a cooling sensation flow through the scarred flesh.
"I could heal them if you want, but I think the scars provide proof of great strength and resilience," she said as soft as the first winter's snow.
Azriel returned his attention to Y/n's face. It was then that he felt it. That magnificent warmth and pull of fate. A mating bond that glowed gold, like the female before him. The female at the other end of the bond.
Azriel dropped to his knees as tears of joy clouded his eyes.
"Mate..." he said with disbelief. Disbelief at the blessing the Mother had presented him with after so much torment.
He watched as Y/n kneeled before him, taking his face gently in her hands, her thumbs brushing the stray tears away.
"Yes," she said, smile as bright as the sun. "If you'll have me."
The mating bond thrummed with a multitude of colours, resembling the whirlwind of emotions felt between its two participants.
Azriel had been alone in the dark for so long But now, there was someone to guide him back into the light.
HI lovelies! When I tell you I've had this ingrained in my head for weeks, and I've been dying to write it out! I'm so sorry for keeping you waiting so long, but I promise to do my best to get content out. Gossamer will be released sometime tomorrow, so you'll have two new reads for the weekend! I hope you're all doing well... until next time ;)
p.s. Don't forget my inbox is open to any and all requests!
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personally I don't think that there's a MoST PoWErFuL HiGh LoRD EvER. I think they're all equal across the board BUT they can take each other out/cancel each other out the same way pokemon types can ok thanks
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Day 7 for @nestaarcheronweek - Free Day
Who should Nesta's new partner be!
Tumblr destroyed the quality of the whole piece so I had to split it. Full picture below!
Tumblr media
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Lucien showing up at Helion’s court:
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Please, stop... | Part 4
Pairing: Helion x reader (x Nessian)
Warnings: mentions of death - MINORS DNI
Prompt: you’re Nesta and Cassian’s mate and yet you are so different from them. From day 1 you tried to be a good mate and do as they wanted and liked but they like it rough and you just don’t. Not only is it not enjoyable for you, it is actually painful. And not just in bed. You always excused their behavior as being overprotective but recently you started calling it something else: controlling. And one night, all changed as you uttered the words you had tried so hard never to say, but always thinking if you ever did they would listen. But they didn’t. And that night, everything broke.
(A/N: Thank you for all of your support, this has been fun! I hope you enjoy this last part 🩷 PS: English isn't my first language)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Nesta and Cassian were lying in bed, facing each other, staring at the empty space in the middle, where you used to lie in between them. They did so every day, twice a day in fact. Once in the evening, when your absence kept them awake, and once in the morning, when it made them want to die.
They had no time for it this morning, however, as Rhys had called a meeting, and they were already late for it.
It had been a little over a year since you left and they had never recovered from your loss. And they never will. They didn't want to.
Their friends had gotten used to their empty eyes, to the bags under them, to the paleness of their skin. They had even started to forget the sound of their laughs or the way they smiled. It was an unspoken rule not to mention you in front of them, ever. And had they been paying attention, had they cared at all about anything anymore, they would have noticed their friends' nervous behavior. They had gotten used to the pity in their eyes, but this morning, there was something more than just pity. They sat on the couch across from where Rhys and Feyre waited for them. Amren in the armchair on their right, Mor on their left, Azriel standing behind her, his back against the wall. They had no idea what the meeting was about, they didn't care. They were utterly unprepared for what they were about to hear.
"We have news," Rhys started carefully." From the Day Court."
Nesta stilled. Cassian looked up at his brother, a hint of light in his hollow eyes.
"Y/N?" he asked, your name only a murmur on his lips, as if he could hurt you again just by speaking your name.
"Is she alright?"
"She's fine. She... Helion sent word to every court. They have married, and he's made her his High Lady."
Neither of them felt the watchful eyes of their friends as their High Lord told them the news. They had no idea what to expect from them. When it came to you, their behavior had been surprising ever since you had gone. They had given up so quickly. They had let you go. They hadn't even tried to go and see you in the Day Court. As if every day since your departure was self-inflicted torture, penance, for what they had done to you. They were miserable, and they knew they deserved it and worse.
"That's good," Cassian nodded, a small smile forming on his face, quickly fading away. "Helion makes her happy. I'm glad."
Nesta said nothing. She didn't react. She just stared at nothing, like she so often did now. Cassian placed a hand on hers and squeezed gently.
"That's good," he repeated.
And that had been that.
Tumblr media
Your laugh echoed through the courtyard, like it so often did now. The servants and caretakers smiled as they watched you and their High Lord embrace in the sun.
You were brushing Thea's mane when your husband had come up behind you and pressed a kiss in your neck. His hands ran down your body as he enveloped you in his arms.
"Good morning, my love."
"'morning, sunshine," you smiled, leaning into him.
Thea had been his wedding gift to you. The most perfect pegasus, 'a steed fit for a High Lady', he had written on the note. Unfortunately, you had said, you would not be able to ride her for a few months. That had been your gift to him, and you swore the smile on his face, as you brought his hands to your swollen belly, had shone brighter than the sun.
You were only three months along, but already so big. You had complained about it to him, feeling somewhat insecure, but he had assured you you had never looked better. And the healer the next day had easily explained it. You were carrying twins. A boy and a girl. Both healthy. You were both overjoyed.
The past year had been absolute bliss for the both of you. There was really nothing that could ruin it.
It was the middle of the afternoon when it happened. Two months after your wedding. You were sitting comfortably on your canopy in your chambers, reading a book, when death came upon you.
The scream that came out of you was the scariest thing Helion had ever heard. He rushed into the room to find you shaking on the floor, bent over your knees. He knelt in front of you and seized your face in his hands, checking you for any injury. He found none.
"What is it?"
The look in his eyes was wild with worry but yours, yours were grieving.
"Cassian," you breathed. "He's dying."
Tumblr media
Cassian's screams echoed in the Court of Nightmares as Madja and two other healers worked on him. They had managed to control the bleeding of his opened wounds but his wings... it was his wings that made his screams so horrible.
It took two more healers to save him from death's grip, but his wings... only time would tell if he would ever be able to fly again.
He slept for hours, only waking for a few minutes at a time. Nesta never left his side. She had already lost one mate, she wouldn't lose another. She had threatened and barked at the healers to save him. It was the most spirit she had shown in the past year and a half.
He was awake, however, when Rhys came in.
"How are you feeling, brother?"
"Half-dead," he coughed, "half-alive."
"There's someone who wants to see you, if you're feeling up to it?"
The Illyrian warrior frowned.
"Who?" Nesta demanded.
And if the bastards who had ambushed him that morning, about 20 men against one, hadn't managed to kill him, the sight of you standing behind his brother could have finished him right then and there.
"Y/N," Nesta breathed as she slowly stood from the bed.
Your eyes quickly moved from him to her then back to him again. He stared right back at you, at a lack for words. He wondered if he were imagining it, if he were hallucinating you. He wondered if you had come to spit on his dead corpse.
Helion stood behind you and remained close as you approached and came to a stop at the end of his bed.
"Hey," you said to him. You spoke to him.
"Hey," he murmured back, tears in his eyes, a knot in his throat.
"I felt you die."
He swallowed hard. "I couldn't die without seeing your pretty face again." He tried to smile. But ended up wincing. You didn't smile back. Tears fell on his cheeks. "You're pregnant."
You took a deep breath as you nodded, your hands coming to rest on your belly. You eyed Nesta quickly. Her cheeks were wet. You understood she never thought she would ever see you again.
"I'm glad you're not dead," you said, and this time, his smile was true. And this time, you smiled back.
You moved to sit on the edge of the bed, near where Nesta stood. You nodded at her. She nodded back.
You slowly brought a hand to Cassian's face and cupped his cheek, wiping tears away with your thumb.
"Will your wings heal?"
"'don't know."
"I'm sorry."
"Don't," he shook his head. "Don't ever apologize to me, to us," he said as he took your tiny hand in his large one. "I'm so sorry, Y/N," he sobbed. "I'm so fucking sorry."
You nodded, then looked up at Nesta. You didn't expect her to apologize. She didn't apologize to anyone, and you doubted she would to you.
"We fucked it up," he spat, angry and disgusted at himself. "We didn't take care of you like we should have. We didn't treat you right. We hurt you, and I'll never forgive myself for that. Ever."
You nodded again. It's not that you couldn't find the words. It's that you had absolutely nothing to say to that. To them.
"I will always love you," he continued. "As long as I'm alive."
"I know," you finally said. You had felt it that day you had tried to destroy the bond. That was that tiny thread left between you. Their love, however painful it had been to you.
He smiled again. A sad smile that should have broken your heart.
"Are you happy?"
"Then I will die a happy male."
"You won't die at all, even if I have to bring all the healers of the Day Court to save your life."
He chuckled, then winced.
"Spoken like a true High Lady," he said with a proud smile. "So," he cleared his throat. "Boy or girl?"
You smiled slightly. "Both. Twins."
"I'm so happy for you," he beamed at you. You felt Nesta boil from where she stood. You knew she was trying her very best not to say a thing. Not to ruin this moment. For Cassian. And for you.
"Be happy, Cassian," you told him, running your thumb once more on his cheek before letting go of his face.
You gestured for Helion to help you back up and he was with you in an instant. You looked up at Nesta as you stood on your feet. She wouldn't say a thing, but you saw enough in her eyes. She had lost any hope of happiness the day she lost you. And she would live with that for the rest of her life.
You smiled at your husband as he linked his arm to yours and walked you to the door. You were halfway across the room when a voice stopped you.
"Tell me what I have to do to have your forgiveness."
You turned to meet Nesta's eyes. Determined. Desperate.
You had thought about it. You had thought about it many times. What it would take for you to forgive them. You never could find the answer. And as you stood there with her you understood there was nothing either of them could do. Nothing they could say. But there was one thing you were dying to know.
"Why didn't you stop when I asked?"
Cassian's face turned grave. Nesta didn't even flinch.
"I didn't want to," she answered honestly. "I took what I wanted from you and I didn't stop to think how that made you feel. I didn't even consider the possibility that I was... that we were hurting you. Because you were my... our mate, and you were mine..." she paused, a knot forming in her throat as tears formed in her eyes. "And I was so wrong."
"So you didn't know you were hurting me?"
She shook her head. Cassian said nothing, he only lowered his eyes in shame.
"Would you have stopped, would you have changed, had you known?"
"Yes." It was Cassian who answered. "But we should have known."
"We should have known," Nesta nodded.
You paused to look at them both for a moment. Then, you squeezed Helion's hand before you turned your back to your mates once more.
"Yes. You should have."
Tumblr media
The end!
I hope you liked it! I am curious though, do you think reader should have / could have forgiven them? Were you hoping for another ending? 🤔 Let me know!
Thank you all for the likes and reblogs, I really enjoyed writing this, I haven't written in so long! 🩷
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