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After your daughter's birth, Dad!König wouldn't allow you to get up for the newborn. You need to rest, don't worry, Liebe.
He'll sit there in the living room, leaning back into the comfortable leather couch while bundling up his sweet daughter in her soft knitted blanket. König had spent months preparing for the birth of his little girl, which included him knitting a bunch of blankets, all different designs, materials, and textures.
He gazed down at her, with one strong arm holding his sweet angel and another holding a baby bottle. König adores being a father, he adapted to becoming a dad so quickly, already knowing exactly what to do, as if he was experienced. König cooes at his little girl, watching as her eyelids close, while he rubs her soft, smooth face once she's fallen back asleep, smiling down at her.
Sometimes you'll find König fast asleep with your daughter resting against his sturdy chest, and other times you'll find him knocked out cold, still watching over his little girl inside of her nursery.
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tacticalprincess · 2 days
könig whose worship kink started off as a joke but now when he comes home from a mission demanding kisses and praise from his woman like a caveman, there’s authenticity behind it. metaphorical tail wagging like a dog when you treat him like the bravest of heroes, your knight in shining armor, even if it’s followed by laughter at how goofy it sounds. telling him you feel safe around him, voice and eyes soft with sincerity as you look up at him, and he goes insane, cock perking up as if on cue while he scoops you up and carries you to bed to show you just how well he can take care of you, where you can thank him for his service in the most special way.
(call him by his name in english — king — offhandedly, and he won’t be able to stop thinking about it. eventually demands you refer to him as that while he has two thick, calloused fingers stuffed in your silken, squelching pussy.)
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Tumblr media
You are the new sniper, a figure of mystery and unparalleled skill, and he is consumed with jealousy at your arrival. Yet, as time unfolds its intricate dance, he comes to a heart-stopping realization: you are the embodiment of his deepest dreams.
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Tumblr media
Hold me closer
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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frogchiro · 2 days
hii welcome backk!! i love your university idea with könig, there's something about loser geek virgin könig and hot aphrodite reader which i love so so much, especially when it takes place in a uni setting. so happy you're back 🍥
Loser nerd König is absolutely pathetic and so so painfully hard and desperate for your love and attention and he still can't believe that he bagged someone like you :((
Despite coming off as very, awkward, stand-offish and often plain weird or even a bit volatile, he's the biggest pathetic, wet-eyed puppy when it comes to his knock-out gf, you :((
He's super pathetic and whiny; he has to always have you in his line of sight when in your shared dorm, always has to touch you and sneak a few gropes here and there, particularly to your full tits with which he is obsessed over. You can whine and bat at him, saying that because of his stupidly large cock your poor cunt is achy but now due to his greedy mouth your nipples are sore and swollen too! And König doesn't even have the decency to look ashamed :((
He always get this stupidly smug grin and you can see the large bulge in gray sweatpants jump and thicken at your whining, his grabby large paws already groping at your bruised hips as he dry humps you right there in your tiny kitchenette :((
By the end of the session you're left even more sore and swollen, your puffy cunt now leaking 4 loads of thick cum and above you is your asshole nerd bf who is equally naked but happy as a clam, that boyish, super self-satisfied grin on his face so bright that even his pretty blue eyes crinkle as he happily massages your lower belly, insistently kneading at the place where your poor ovaries are and when asked what is he doing he'll just give you some bullshit answer how he just doesn't want you to cramp but in reality he heard somewhere that apparently kneading at ovaries helps to increase egg release and truth be told he wouldn't mind being a young dad all that much if you're the mommy...
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justadeadreaper · 3 days
This is part three (and the final part) of what König does before his long deployment. Do not worry; unlike the first part, this is pure fluff. I did have an idea for a bittersweet version and a smutty version, so if you want that, just tell me.
When König returns from his deployment, he has to make it a spectacle. König had decided not to tell you that he was returning home, neglecting to send you any notification that you would soon be reunited and in one another’s arms once more. He wants to see the overwhelming joy on your face when you realise he is here with you and alive.
He sits in the first class seat he booked so no poor souls have to be squished into a seat next to him and because his huge size is uncomfortable due to the virtually non-existent legroom and how he can barely fit into the seat. It may be more pricey, but at this point, he does not give a shit at all, he does not want to interact with any other being except for you, and he knows he will blow up on anyone that slightly annoys him since the adrenaline is still somewhat in his system and the exhaustion has made him irritable. He uses the isolation and the comfort of the bed to think of you, as now you completely fill every crevice of his brain, and even his dream is of you in his arms once he is finally lulled into sleep. But, when he was awake, he thought of what he could do to show you how much he had missed you as he knows that it needs to show how sorry he is for leaving you by yourself for so long. 
His first stop after collecting his luggage and paying off the airport staff to let him bring in his collection of trinkets and not alert the authorities of contraband is his favourite florist. The small shop is tucked into a dodgy alleyway as it acts like a light in the darkness with all the colourful flowers in the window; it is run by a sweet old lady that König had met when he had first moved to the city and always treated him like a son when he came in to buy flowers for his mutter and oma. He trusts her completely as he asks her to make him a bouquet that features your favourite flowers with other flowers that complement their colour and meaning with decorations and decorations that are either plushies or ornaments on sticks that fit the colour theme she is going for. He always pays her an extremely big tip that is enough to cover her expenses for a few months to show his appreciation before he goes to his next destination. Of course, it is your favourite bakery, so he can get you all the sweet or sour treats he knows you like to try and make up for not being there and making you his own treats from all the family memories he has crammed into that oversized head of his. The staff knew him and his order off by heart from the multiple times he had come there to get you baked goods whenever you were craving them, feeling sad, or the two of you had argued, and he needed a way to show he was sad and sorry for your fight and what he had done. By the time he got to the counter to pay, they already had his order summed up and ready to pay, as half of it was already put into the bag.
With his collection complete he finally takes the journey back home to your cabin to see and touch you again. He does not bother to knock as his arms are filled with bags of gifts, and he quickly scrambles with his keys to unlock the door and get inside. Would he prefer to shower or pass out right out on top of you from exhaustion? Yes. But seeing your face at his return is the only thing spurring him on to last for a few hours at least. 
Your face is something that he can not describe with the raw emotions on your face but it is something he would willingly give up all the treasures in the world to see again with how it makes him feel so loved and happy. He tries to quickly put everything down without damaging anything so you can run into his open arms, and he can wrap his arms around your frame to give you the tightest bear hug known to man. König keeps you there for a good few minutes to bask in your scent and touch that he has so dearly missed. Once the two of you part for a few minutes to catch your breaths, he is already dragging you to the couch so he can sit down with you and gift you anything he brought back. If there are any living animals, he will obviously give them to you first, whether it be a toad that he stopped his colleagues from turning into target practice or a small orange cat that dared to hiss and climb up his leg to attack when he was scouting a village that had just been raided or something entirely different that he somehow snuggled back without being bitten to shit. Then he will take out all the trinkets, from the souvenirs to the grim, for you to look over and decide on what you will do with them as he asks you to tell him everything you have done in his time gone and how much you have missed him. He loves hearing your voice as you detail every single event from the minuscule to the major that has happened without him by your side; he may be upset that he missed everything, but the way you recount it is enough for him as with your voice it is enough for him to feel like he is there with you. He asks you to admire and tell him what you will do with the trinkets as he goes into the kitchen to make you some of his homemade hot chocolate (the use of the different types of milk and chocolate make it so decedent and sweet in just the right way when paired with the homemade cream, whipped cream, and marshmallows) while he continues to listen to you ramble about his gift like honey to his ears. Once you have your drink to eat with your treats, he forces you to lie down on the couch so he can lie on top of your chest with his head above your heart to listen to the drum of your heart as if it was a soothing lullaby. König keeps his arms tightly wrapped around you as your hands move to stroke them through the stands of his hair and massage his scalp a bit, just hearing you talk and being wrapped in your touch is enough to lull him asleep as he is finally at peace and happy.
The next day, you wake up to him gone, and once you adventure to the kitchen, you find him making bunny and heart-shaped pancakes with berries, ice cream, and syrup that he uses to give the pancakes details. When you try to sit down at the table that now hosts the flowers from yesterday in an ornate vase, he reprimands you and forces you to go upstairs and into your bed so that he can serve you breakfast in bed and cuddle you as you eat like a clingy puppy whose owner has been gone for a few days on a business trip. With your morning filled with cuddles, he drags you into the shower so that you can shower together, but also so he can have your hands massage the soap into his body to clean him while getting rid of the pesky knots that never seemed to go when he massaged himself. Of course, he also has to wash you in return and have his hands all over your body and have a few cheeky squeezes. When you are both clean and dressed, he insists that the two of you must go out for the day as a date and that you can go anywhere you want and buy as much as you want with the bonus he got for doing such an effective job on the mission. Even if he is sore and achy and should most definitely be staying home for the day he insists he is fine to go out until you agree with him and let him take you out for the whole day.
Once you are back home, he says a small white lie about how he forgot to get some produce that he needed tomorrow for when he did his meal prep for his workouts; with him in his rough state, it is obvious that you offer to go out to a local village or town to get whatever he needs. König agrees, knowing it would take an hour or two at least, which is enough time to enact his plan. With you off to get whatever he bullshitted and said he needed, he gets out all the vegetables and meat he had prepared earlier before he started making your breakfast so he would have them ready for tonight. He starts cooking one of your favourite dishes while he sets up the table with your favourite candles and cutlery to try and make a candle-lit dinner to be proud of; he pulls out everything he has, from fairy lights to fake vines to set the mood just right for when you get back. By the time you return with what he sent you out for, the table is set with the food served, and he is sitting there ready as a König-made version of your favourite meal ready on the plate for you with a glass of your favourite alcohol. He talks to you through your whole home date as you are filled with the absolutely delicious dish and you have to stop yourself from jumping at him to kiss him to death from thankfulness. Now that the night is over and both of you are full he carries you upstairs to your bedroom and helps you undress to just your skin before you both slip into the bed and fall asleep wrapped in each other's arms.
König is filled with true happiness and love now that he is with his beloved once more and the pit of anxiety has been replaced by relief as he thought you would have moved on and fallen out of love with him in his time gone. If he could, he would stay in this moment for the rest of eternity as he stays in your arms in complete bliss that only you and being together can bring him; he just prays he never has to go on a long deployment again and can stay right by your side for the rest of eternity with your love and the happiness it brings him.
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uhohdad · 2 days
Dawg what if we tortured König instead. Forcing him down on his knees after kidnapping him huh :(((. I need. To torture a man. But also he seems like a maso
(18+) König x Reader
Tumblr media
Bested by a meek little thing like you. He of all people should know not to judge a book by its cover, he was wrong to overlook you, to underestimate you. The hypocrisy is sharpened into a serated blade that shreds him from core to chest. Those half-lidded, dangerous blue eyes project nothing but icy hatred. Under his hood, his lips pull into a snarl, a growl threatening to leave grit teeth.
The aching, leaking cock straining against the give in his pants tells a different story.
His eyes roll when you catch it. Your brow raises, head tilting with a smug, arrogant grin that spreads like butter across bread.
“Well, would you look at that,” You chime, the patronization in your voice successfully searing his skin with heat.
The muzzle of your gun gets distracted, your aim leaving his chest, a slight rattle in your gun’s parts as you eye the taut zipper of his pants.
When you laugh, proud and sinful and cackling, he has to close his eyes, fingers clenching over the palms raised in surrender. He mutters under his breath, cursing his cock that only strengthens in response to your reveling in his humiliation.
Your draw is smooth, eyes narrowed at him, a playful smile tugging on the corners of your lips.
“You pervert.”
König has to look away, his eyes finding the ceiling, giving you a clear view of the adam’s apple nervously bobbing in his throat.
“You like this?” You give a two-note hum as your boots step closer to him, “You like it when someone tames a thing like you?”
Your gun gestures top to bottom, outlining his clearly superior figure.
He huffs a deep breath into his hood, tilting his head down to meet your eyes again, piercing you with a deadly stare. It would normally send a shiver down your spine, but unfortunately for him, König brought a stare to a gun fight.
Every muscle in König’s body tightens when you press the muzzle of your gun to the base of the strain in his pants. Craning your neck to meet his pretty, infuriated blue eyes, tracing your gun up the outline of his cock. He trembles and twitches under the teasing, dangerous touch, his eyes lulling behind fluttering eyelids.
You scoff, cheeks bunched with an arrogant smile.
“On your knees, soldier,” You mock, a light shake in your gun to pair with your demand.
König’s eyes crease when they pinch. His boots make a slight shuffle as he digests both hard truths - that he has no choice, and that his cock is pulsing in excitement because of it.
He has to force his muscles to obey your demands, his teeth grinding in frustration and his face burning under his hood while he plants his knees to the harsh touch of concrete, sitting back on his calves in defeat.
Each snicker, every scoff, every noise that conveys your superiority as you look down on him only sends more blood rushing to his painful erection.
The taunting, agonizingly slow steps you make as you circle him has his shoulders bracing a little tighter, his breaths shallow and his heart pounding in his chest.
His eyes pinch shut when you leave his sight, both your bootsteps and your voice behind him.
“Hands behind your back.”
König sputters, his fists clenching with a pause of hesitance before he meets your demand, giving any remaining control he had to you with trembling muscles. A shaky, deep exhale leaves him as you restrain him by his wrists, taut, scratchy rope digging into his flesh. He can’t resist the urge to sway ever so slightly on his thighs, granting minimal relief to his aching cock with the friction of his pants, smearing the generous bead of precum leaking from his tip onto his underwear.
When he’s tightly restrained, you circle him again, admiring the catch of the day before you settle between spread, powerful thighs. You give a long, drawn out hum as you ravage him with hungry eyes, drooling over him while you decide how you’re going to play with your prey. Your stare, the implications and the possibilities, sends a shudder down König’s spine.
He sucks in a breath through clenched teeth when the sole of your boot presses to his cock. Gently at first, rolling your ankle to massage him through his pants, relishing in the shaky, soft gasps, and the squirm of his sculpted body.
“Feel good, pervert?” You whisper, a seductive tone stitched into your words, “You like being under my boot?”
He lets out a low, guttural moan, his eyes closing and his hips rutting ever so slightly into your touch.
When he doesn’t answer, you apply more pressure, your perpetual cocky smile disappearing at his disobedience. Your voice shoots up from silky smooth to harsh and demanding, jamming the muzzle of your gun into his forehead in threat.
“I asked you a question,” You growl.
König flinches, eyes twitching as he buckles his core under your cruel touch.
“Yes,” He grits, his affirmation strained.
You give a pleased hum, holding your abusive boot to him for a moment longer before granting him relief.
With one hand you press the muzzle of the gun to his forehead hard enough to leave an imprint, and with the other you swirl the button of your pants to free it from its notch. König eyes follow your fingers with shallow breath as you undo your zipper before bunching the fabric of your pants and underwear to your lower thigh.
“If you bite, I’ll end you. Got it?”
When König doesn’t answer, you jam the gun further into his flesh, insisting he make eye contact.
“Got it?”
König gives a harsh swallow and a shaky nod.
Your thumb snags on the hem of his hood, pulling it up to reveal his lips and holding it in place with a strict finger on his cheek.
“Stick your tongue out.”
With cloudy, half-lidded eyes, he looks to you like you’re a higher power who just descended from the heavens, obeying to your wish, offering his tongue as a meager sacrifice.
The fingers on the side of his face tighten to guide him to your cunt, burying his nose and tongue into your clit.
His hood falls, caught in place by the bridge of his nose when you snatch a handful of the hair sticking out from the the t-shirt he uses as a mask, forcing him further into your cunt in the hopes of suffocating him. König’s eyes lull, glossy with arousal and the tears pricking in the corner of his eyes with each yank on his scalp. A pleased hum hides behind your sly smile, his stubble sanding along your cunt with each rut of your hips into his face, his tongue eagerly lapping at your clit.
“Grind on my boot.”
König lets out a shallow, hitched breath into your cunt, and uses the slack on his hair you’ve gifted him to lower himself to the top of your boot. Your light laugh twists into a groan, the grip on his hair harshening as he quickens his needy swipes along your cunt, painting you with his spit. König moans and grunts turn to a rousing vibration against your swollen clit, beads of sweat sheen on his forehead, his steady grinds on your shoe quickening.
König’s eager to please, wearing pussy drunk eyes and flushed cheeks while he hungrily coats his tongue with your arousal.
“Taste good?”
König nods, stifling a hum into your cunt, greedy tongue devouring you with sloppy verve.
“That’s a good boy.”
König whines, his cock throbbing against your shoe. When the rhythm of his slick tongue and grinds waver, you give a breathy laugh.
“Close already, hm? Been awhile since someone put you in your place?”
König’s needy groan is swallowed by your cunt, picking up the pace of his stripes as he indulges in your taste.
“It’s okay,” You coo with condescension, “You can make a mess in your underwear.”
König whines again, quickening his grinds until his truly pathetic moans come to a halt, muscles tight and trembling. He has to pull from your cunt to keep from nearly choking on his own breath, pressing his cheek into your thigh.
“Oh,” You draw soothingly, gently tracing your gun up and down the side of his face, “That’s my good boy. Did it feel good?”
König’s stubble scrapes against your inner thigh, smearing his spit and your arousal across your skin when he nods with short, puffy breaths. He melts into you as you scratch his scalp, your voice just a sultry purr.
“Don’t think I’m done with you yet, sweetheart.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
König who loves to just be a good boy for you. Never causing any trouble, making himself smaller as to not draw attention to himself and by extension you. Turning into a protective boy whenever he sees someone staring at you. Hands pulling you closer to him by your waist without any force, careful and making sure not to distract you.
König who nods his head just like a good boy should, no? Always agreeing to whatever you say. Following you around the house like a lost puppy. He just wants to help Schatz. :(
König who nods his head so excitedly when you ask him to get down to the floor, finally getting the chance to prove himself. Quick to prostrate himself before he gets up on his knees at your protest. Face lighting up and crunching up into a smile as you place your hands on his neck. He would be wagging his tail if he had one just at your touch.
Tilting his head ever so sweetly when you have trouble seeing his neck from how tall he is. Only pausing in confusion when he hears a soft click. A collar on his neck with your name.
König who accepts it with quick nods of his head. Clutching it with his hands, pulling it as close to his heart as he can without breaking it as he thanks you. Hands on your thighs and wide cheerful eyes.
A whine quickly pulled from his lips as you tug at the leash. Pulling his whole body forward just like you wanted him to right? He's making guesses at this rate from how quickly his mind was muddling. Thinking bad bad things about you, he's a good boy right? Should he even do that? He has to ask you if he should even think. Like a good boy.
××××××××××××××××××××××x x××××××××××××××××××××××
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latenightdaydreams · 3 days
Just read Tutor pt 1 and 2 and I've got to say... How dare we treat our precious boy like that- I need part 3 (if there is one-) to be like.. König somewhat distances himself and tries to stop having these constant feelings. I need more angst cause I am a fiend for good angst TwT
🤭of course!
Tutor Part 3 (fem)
Part 1 Part 2
Master List ✍🏽
>cw: fem/afab, angst, fingering, oral, p in v, public sex
2.1k word count
It’s fifteen minutes past the start time for class when you enter the lecture hall. No backpack and wearing a tight fitted dress, the hem barely coming down to the middle of your thighs. König looks over your body, noticing his marks, before looking away with a stoic look on his face. He can feel you looking at him occasionally from over your shoulder, but he doesn’t return the gaze.
In all honesty, König had been debating on even showing up to class today. He never thought that he would grow to love you so easily or that you would break his heart just as easily. He’s angry with himself for thinking that you would change for someone like him. All he can focus on is what you did with Troy once you left. His stomach growls from missing breakfast. He completely lost his appetite.
Every time you look back, König’s eyes that usually follow your every move are not even glancing at you. There is a pit in your stomach. You definitely ruined things this morning. If going back and redoing this morning was a possibility, you’d do that in a heartbeat.
Once class is over, you stand and approach König. You stand there watching as König packs up his laptop. He doesn’t even look over at you, ignoring your presence. The tension between the two of you is suffocating.
“Hey.” You tap on the desk waiting for him to look over at you finally.
“Hey.” König’s voice is low and gruff.
“Are you ready to…get to work?” You bite your lower lip and cross your arms behind your back, swaying slightly.
König lets out a deep sigh and stands up, looking down at you. “Ja, let's go to the library.”
“But König—”
“Do you want help, or no?”
You stand there gazing at him for a moment, feeling your heart sink. Your eyes roam over his face, seeing the slight frown on his lips. Instead of trying to insist on going to his room, you give in and back up.
König takes long strides, leaving you behind while he walks to the library. His palms are sweaty as he thinks about the fact that he will have to sit beside you and talk to you. As much as he hates it, all he can think about is how your body feels on him, how sweet you looked snuggled up next to him all night. Then also what you did with Troy that caused you to be fifteen minutes late.
You take a seat at one table in the back of the library, sitting in the chair closest to König. He lets out an annoyed huff, but doesn’t move. With soft eyes, you watch him unpack his back and get his laptop out. The surrounding air both feels thick and uneasy, both aware that a conversation about this morning will have to happen.
König shifts his head to you, looking at you with a guarded glare in his eyes. “What?”
“Why won’t you talk to me?”
“I am.”
“About us?”
“There is no us.” His words make your face feel flush, but you’re y/n, you try to keep composure.
“I just sucked your dick last night.”
König waves you off after that comment and logs into his laptop before pulling out the textbook, handing it to you. You take it but drop it on the table with a loud thud and just look at him. Annoyed, you nudge his shoulder.
“Talk to me! Are you mad at me?”
“Do you want me to help or not?” König snaps.
“I want to talk to you!”
König stands and packs his things in a rush, his voice sounding as if he’s holding back tears. “Then I’m done.”
You sit there as you watch König as he walks out of the library, leaving you with no answers. The sound of your heartbeat pounds in your head. Just then your phone rings, Troy. With shaky legs you stand and answer your phone.
“I’m done with you Troy. I don’t want to talk.” You say through gritted teeth before hanging up on him.
Knowing König’s schedule, you wake up early the next morning and get ready to see him. You get dressed in jeans and a cropped white shirt, grabbing your backpack before heading out to buy him breakfast. In the back of your mind, you’re aware that he might reject you again. You stand nervously at his door before knocking.
König answers the door, looking down at you with sleepy eyes. His shirt off exposing his beautiful body before meeting his eyes, blue pajama pants hugging him. He looks you up and down, taking in your beautiful figure before looking you in the eyes.
“What do you want?”
“I got breakfast.” You smile and hold it up to him trying your best to be soft.
König looks at the brown bag in your hand then back to you before grabbing it from you. He looks inside, trying to not show how much he appreciates this gesture from you. There is a lull in conversation as you both stand there scared to speak next.
“Uh, I have my backpack if you have time to…study.”
“Ja, I’ll meet you in the library in twenty minutes.” König closes his door on you. You take a deep breath, fighting down the want to bang on his door and demand he open it. At least he’s agreed to meet you.
At the library you sit at the same table as last time, you book on the table and a pen between your fingers as you nervously fumble with it. Your eyes drift to the doors anxiously waiting for König to grace you with his presence. Thirty minutes pass before he does.
You sit with König and watch him unpack, keeping your comments to yourself. The last thing you want is for him to leave so soon. He jumps into the lesson without giving any room to talk. All you can do is look at his hands as he moves around, the way his lips curve as he speaks.
“What?” His pale eyes meet yours.
“Can we talk?”
König sits back in his seat and looks around the library, seeing how many people are here. It’s early but there is still a bit of a crowd. He shouldn’t make a scene, but he has to know. His body adjusts in his seat to face you.
“What did you do with Troy after seeing me?”
“Wha- why is that important?”
“Because I don’t understand how you can be soft in my arms on moment and fucking someone else the next.”
“Yes, we fucked, but I broke up with him.”
There is nothing said with words, only looks. König’s eyes drop down to your lips and back to his eyes. Did you break up with him? But yet you still fucked him and that hurts. His eyes bore into your soul as if he is trying to read your mind.
“Why did you two break up? The marks?”
“No, I mean he was upset but I broke up with him after yesterday.”
“For me?”
You can feel your walls wanting to go back up and deny him, but you also know that does nothing but cause pain for the both of you. As you drop your gaze down to the table in front of you. “Yes.”
König lets out a soft hum, his expression hard to read. His heart beats picking up pace as he leans forward, grabbing your jaw and pulling you to him. Your lips meet in a fiery passionate kiss; sparks flying between the two of you.
As surprised you are for the kiss, you don’t pull away, but lean into it. Your mouth opens, forcing your tongue past his lips to taste him. A gentle moan leaves your lips as your tongues slowly swirl around one another. His hands slip down your face to your waist, pulling you to him. Without a second thought on where you two are, you get up and straddle him.
König wraps his hands around your ass, squeezing your supple flesh through the fabric of your jeans. The feeling of your tongue on his, the taste of your lips, you’re his. So lost in the moment, the two of you fail to see all the eyes that have shifted focus and are now zeroing in on your public display. Some laughs, seeing you, the hot popular one, shoving her tongue down König’s throat. The awkward nervous giant groping you publicly.
Being a self-conscious person, König turns his head when he hears the loud group of people talking. Your lips move to his cheek and down his neck as he looks, your hand gently cupping his face to turn him back to you.
“Ignore them.” You whisper.
“Let’s go.”
You nod, moving off of his lap to grab your things. The both of you quickly packed up. As you do, your phone buzzes, Troy. He's sent photos and videos of you making out with König already. He sends text after text insulting you for leaving him for that “ogre”, but you ignore the text. König grabs your hand and guides you through the hall before leading you into the men’s bathroom with you.
König grabs your bag and drops it on the counter along with his. His lips kiss your neck, roaming down your neck as he bites you, pressing you against the wall. You’re being submissive to him as you allow him to explore and touch your body in any way he wants to. He lifts your shirt, pulling one of your breasts out of your bra. The trail of bites continues until he bites your nipple, pulling a gasp from you.
“You’re mine. Not Troys, or anyone else’s. Mine.”
You nod, gazing up at him as he undoes your jeans. His eyes travel over your exposed breast and then back up to your eyes. He slides your jeans down, his warm hands grazing over the soft skin of your thighs.
“Say it.” König drops to his knees before you, his eyes lingering on your clothed cunt.
“I’m yours.”
König pulls down your underwear, a small smile on his face as he sees your pussy, already wet for him. One of his hands gently lifts your left leg, placing it over his shoulder. His middle and ring finger leisurely graze across your folds. He lifts his head to look into your eyes as he slips his two fingers into you, opening his mouth to match your gasp.
“Say my name.”
“That’s right, you're mine.”
He moves his fingers in and out of you as he watches your head drop back against the wall, eyes fluttering shut as his two fingers stretch you out more than Troy's cock did. König smirks, reaching up with his other hand to cup your breast as he leans forward, flicking his tongue on your growing clit.
“Oh fuck…” A light moan leaves your lips.
“Only my name, Liebling.”
König presses his face more between your warm thighs as he pumps his arm faster, his fingers curved forward to rub on your g-spot. With his other hand he gently twirls your nipple between his thumb and pointer.
“König, please.”
He responds by letting out a soft hum against your clit before wrapping his lips around it and sucking lightly. The taste of your creamy cunt consuming his taste buds as your leg twitches over his shoulder. His eyes gaze up at you as you look down at him, his pupils full blown by the excitement of having you so publicly. Anyone can hear your wet pussy, your pleas as you call König’s name out.
“König!” Your mewls become more pathetic and desperate. “Please!”
“Are you going to cum?”
“Ye- yes…” Your voice trembles.
König doesn’t change his pace, moving his face back between your legs to roll his tongue in waves over your sweet sensitive clit. Your velvety walls begin to tighten around his two fingers. His cock twitching and leaking, desperately wishing to be inside of your cunt feeling your tightness.
From outside the bathroom, a few people walking by can hear your loud moans. The way you’re desperately crying out for König’s touch. It’s clear by your voice and the photos in the library being circulating around social media already. No one dares to interrupt you too, scared of your attitude and König’s size.
König has you now bend over the counter in the bathroom, a handful of hair pulling your head back so you can look at yourself. His hips slam harshly against your ass, watching the ripple effect of each thrust. He looks up at your reflection. Your slack jaw face is completely overwhelmed with ecstasy, eyes fluttering as your body succumbs to his.
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writingfromasgard · 3 days
Waldeinsamkeit pt 2[König]
Tumblr media
[Masterlist] || Requests || More Konig || Part 1
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Synopsis: König and his forest decide to keep you.
Tumblr media
König shudders as the trees of his forest swayed, telling him the sweet one with the tree babies had returned. He found you in another clearing that had been decimated by mankind, attempting to unearth a decaying stump with your meager strength and a metal shovel. He watches you struggle before making his presence known, snapping a dead twig between his fingers.
It's cute how it startles you, he thinks.
He approaches you, touching the stump which rapidly decays into fresh soil - roots and all. Your eyes look up at him with wonder. He crouches beside you, digging his claws into the soil to make way for the sapling you've grown for his forest.
"Thank you." You speak politely, planting a sickly looking sapling in the soil. "This one isn't doing well and I read that rotting wood can help plants thrive."
His claws carefully lift the leaves of the sapling, studying it for a moment. He yanks his hand back unexpectantly and growls, anger flooding him. Your body leans away from him, eyes wide with fear again.
"Poison." He hisses, ripping it out of the gown and tossing it aside.
"Poison?" Your lips curve into a frown. "I'm not trying to poison the forest."
His claws reach for your chin, dragging you to look at him. His eyes are boring into yours, trying to choose the correct words - he didn't make contact nearly enough to fully speak your language.
He settles on, "Not my tree."
"Not your tree.." Your brows furrow, gears turning behind your eyes as you try to understand. "It doesn't belong here."
König lets go of your chin, patting the top of your head like he'd seen other humans do. "Good."
You shift your basket, full of saplings in various states of growth. "Can you tell me which ones I shouldn't plant?"
He takes little time, tearing the invasive ones in half and tossing them over his shoulder. Your basket is still halfway full, pleasing him. He stops with the last one, holding up a tree from his forest beside it.
He shoves them in your face, hoping you see the difference in their leaves and color. You gently take one then the other, looking at both of them.
"Bad." He tapped the grotesque one - lighter color leaves, lighter stem.
König prowls the ground around you, keeping an eye on which saplings you're planting to ensure none of the poison tries to take root in his forest. Sunlight grows sparse between the canopy as you finish planting the last sapling.
He watches you brush the dirt off your hands, leaving dark smudges on your clothing. Your contented smile tells him you're done for the day as you pick up your basket. Your smaller limbs creak and pop as you stretch, ready for the walk back home. He wants you to stay.
His forest groans and shifts when you go to leave. It calls out to you, roots and branches alike trying to grasp at you. Your feet stumble over a root. His hands are quick to reach out, catching you before you can fall.
With his hands curled around your waist, purring with satisfaction when you're pressed tightly against him. "You can't leave."
"Why can't I? I've left before." You question, relaxing in his grip.
"Forest wants to keep you. I want to keep you." He nudges your cheek with his, making that same purring sound. "Our - K̵̼̍̓̀͝į̶̲̟̒͠n̴͒̒͊̚͜d̵͎̺̟̄ͅè̶̱͇̠̌ř̷̢̞̠̐̀͜͝ need you."
Confusion is evident in your features. Rather than wait for you to ask more questions, König lifts you, carefully placing you on his shoulder to easily carry you to his home deeper in the forest.
The path twists and turns so frequently that he doubts you will escape the forest before he finds you again. The trees along the path rustle with approval. He stops at a large tree with carvings in the wood before he sets you down.
"Home." He simply says, shoving open the door.
The air is filled with the scent of earth and moss inside. Your nervous glances settle soon into wonderment. He lets you walk around, exploring the small inside. You approach his bed and a familiar ache builds in him.
"This is your home?" You ask, sitting down on the soft moss bedding.
"Our home." He corrects.
He reaches out tentatively, lifting your chin with one of his claws like he's done so many times before to get your attention. He leans down, making gentle contact with your lips. He was only attempting to understand more of your language when your hands came up, pulling him in deeper.
König sinks into it, his magic dancing across your lips and then your tongue when you gasp. His instincts force him to step forward, making you fall backward onto the mossy bed.
He hovers over you, humming with a need that is quickly becoming an ache. His claws graze down your sides, making you arch into his chest. His tongue lolls out, licking his own lips. He leans down, blue eyes staring at you. He can smell something sweet coming from you that he wants to consume.
With a few movements, you're removing the protective layers you wear against the elements, baring yourself to his gaze. That sweet smell grows without your clothing, making his mouth water with hunger.
His head dips between your legs where the smell is the strongest and his tongue laps between your thighs, purring yet again. The tangy taste that coats his tongue is delightful. Your hips move against his tongue so his hands hold them down while he drinks his fill.
Your breath hitches as König's tongue slithers deeper, finding a better source for the taste inside you. The heat around his tongue makes his chest rumble, his cock begins to harden. He watches as your hands claw at the moss beneath you, his magic slowly filling the space he's invading. You loudly cry out then he feels muscles tightly clenching around his tongue.
Your body trembles under him as he climbs over you. His hands fumble to grab hold of himself, memories of humans that would press tightly against each other. Their bottoms moving up and down..
König settles between your legs, poking the tip between your legs. He grumbles, unsure how this feels good to anyone when his cock is hardly making contact. Your hands reach down, grasping him.
"Let me help." You say, voice breathless.
He allows it, body tensing at the feel of your hands touching him there. His eyes watch your squirm to the edge, biting your bottom lip. Heat engulfs him and his hips buck forward, the need for more filling him.
His hands plant beside your hips, grunts leaving him. Your hands leave his length the more he works into you. Your groaning beneath him, clutching his arms.
The pleasure is intoxicating - filling his head with how hot, tight you are around his throbbing cock. Your legs hook on his waist, enabling him to bury all the way.
He lowers his head, licking at your neck. Your body shifts each time his pull-push motions happen. You mewl and arch up against him. His tongue flicks across a nipple on your chest, enjoying the sounds coming from your lips.
Sweat is forming on your skin as he continues on, digging his fingers deeper into the moss bedding. You're as beautiful as the forest around you - sweaty, pleasure stricken, and crying out.
König purs as he feels you clench around him. The sounds you're making turn to screams, your legs locking him in deep. He haunches over your body, drool dripping on your chest. His cock swells before flooding you with his seed.
He keeps thrusting deeper into you, butting against your cervix to make it welcome his cum. It feels too good to stop. His hips keep moving, dragging along your already sensitive nerves. You're crying out, hands shoving at his broad chest.
"Again." König grunts out.
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konigsblog · 2 days
König and his breeding kink. 🍼
Tumblr media
König couldn't possibly wrap his head around your thought process, the reason you were so against the idea of falling pregnant with his offspring. It's all König has ever wanted and yearned for, a large family that he can call his own. Jealousy and envy burns inside of him at the thought of his teammates starting a family of their own. He's always wanted exactly that – to have multiple children, to hear their adorable giggles and to fall asleep with them laying on his sturdy chest, ever since he was in his early twenties. To have an adorable and mischievous baby running around all day that he could chase after and dote on.
Perhaps the decision König made was immature, disturbing, and irresponsible, but he couldn't stand the horrifying and heartbreaking thought of never having his own blood and flesh, his own sweet children. He refused to accept it and couldn't help but become heavily concerned and anxious as he aged and grew older, with grey hairs visible through his locks and wrinkles forming on his scarred face. König wanted to get you pregnant as soon as he possibly could. You trust him, don't you?
He poked and prodded a thin pin into the condom he had been planning to use that night. He tampered with it, in the hopes that you'd fall pregnant, that you'd assume that the contraception had failed to prevent your pregnancy, and not that König had selfishly chosen to play around with it, to impregnate you. König's stomach churned with guilt and shame as his depraved mind screamed at him that he was going too far, but God, he'd do anything to have a family with you, to see your stomach swell with his little babies inside of you, to build the nursery using his own bare hands.
You didn't expect a thing. You had no reason not to trust König, after all, you'd been together for years and he'd promised to never break your boundaries, to never force you into anything that you weren't comfortable with. Now, here König was, shamefully impregnating you and easing himself into your hole, with his girthy and meaty cock sliding in and out from your velvety, sticky walls. You clamped down around König's shaft, your nails dragging down his bare back, while moans and mewls fell from your lips. It was music to König's ears as he continued to drive his broad, fat hips into your soft and plush rear, all while fantasising about the sight of his creamy, potent come oozing out from your slick, soft folds.
Your reaction was heartbreaking, yet amusing and entertaining. The lines of the pregnancy test revealed exactly what König was hoping for. He couldn't hide the grin plastered on his face as he rubbed his large hand down your back soothingly, an attempt to ease your worries, while promising to protect you and his future children.
It's for the better, Taube, let it happen.
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tacticalprincess · 2 days
you say you want a clingy man until you can’t even use the restroom without könig’s burly figure trailing behind you, hovering with his arms crossed and blinking blearily while he waits for you to be finished so you can go back to cuddling. there’s no silently sneaking out of bed with him because he feels your lack of presence like a missing limb.
… or until he’s poking the soft pudge of your cheek with his hard, leaky tip while you’re doing work on your computer or on the phone because it’s been 5 minutes and he’s horny and attention starved. look, maus, even his dick misses you. doesn’t stop annoying you until you give him the affection he craves </3
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Tumblr media
What is under your mask?
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milkywayhou · 3 days
Tumblr media
Winter Snow!
Getting tagged by @cloudofbutterflies92 !! ((Thank you for the tag)) 💖💖❤
Also have this silly art of König and Her heheh
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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phantomqa · 2 days
Guys the time I spend on here is becoming concerning, but do I care no. 🤠
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