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Top 10 weapons too brutal for war but it’s just Riley the dog 10 times
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And this dude is there I guess
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keep your blood in
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Soap: Got plans for leave, Lt?
Ghost, lying: Yes.
Soap: Cancel them.
Ghost: Cancel?
Soap: Yep. You're coming with me instead.
Ghost: You think you can do better, I'm all ears.
Soap: I'm gonna show you what a real family dinner is like. My cousin owns a food truck that puts out the best chips ever. My Aunt Helena and Uncle Sebastian are coming, and I always bring them scratch-offs. But You! *slaps tickets into Ghost's hand* get to give it to em tonight. We just have to act disappointed when they lose.
Ghost, trying not to cry: Look, uh... I don't think so, Johnny. But. Thank you.
Soap, grabbing his arm and pulling him along: Let's go, Price's orders! They're all grand, havnae even told ye bout my niece yet. You'll see, cmon.
Ghost: Do I get a say in this??
Price, watching from his office: 😌
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may i request simon x reader in which he is like, kinda tired of being in the army, and him and resder decide that its time for both of them to retire and have a domestic life? all that while keeping contact with the 141 members ofc
thank you very much!!!
Burning Bridges | Simon Riley x Reader |
Chapter Summary: You and Simon have an important conversation about the future…
Warnings: Smoking, FLUFF
Tags: @pukbadger @fiveshelmet @whirly-birbs @myguiltypleasures21 @madamemelancholysstuff @emmaadlerrichtofen1 @swissy23
A/N: Thank you for the request! I hope you enjoyed it :)
Tumblr media
You step out onto the porch, the warm night air embracing you as you close the door behind you. The sound of laughter and clinking glasses drifts from inside, signaling the celebration of a successful mission.
As you make your way towards the edge of the porch, you catch sight of Simon. Leaning against the railing, he stands tall and imposing, his cigarette casting a faint glow on his face.
The moonlight filters through the trees, creating an ethereal ambiance around him. He looks different without his heavy gear, more vulnerable yet equally captivating.
Approaching him silently, you wrap your arms around his waist, pressing yourself against his strong back. The scent of smoke mingles with his unique cologne, creating a heady mix that is distinctly him. You rest your head gently on his broad shoulder, closing your eyes and taking in the moment.
The mission was a close call for the entire team, most of you lucky to even be alive. But it was moments like these that made you take in the time you get to spend away from the chaos of work.
You feel the tension in his body slowly dissipate, as if the weight of the world is lifted off his shoulders when he's in your presence.
You feel the tension in his body slowly dissipate, as if the weight of the world is lifted off his shoulders when he's in your presence.
You move to stand next to him, finally able to look into his eyes. The moonlight casts a soft glow on his face, highlighting the determination etched in his features.
The flickering ember at the end of his cigarette illuminates his intense gaze as he takes another drag, letting the smoke curl from his lips and dissipate into the night.
"They're missing you in there," you say, motioning towards the lively scene inside. "Soap, specifically. He's drunk." You chuckle softly, hoping to lighten the weight that still lingers in the air.
Simon remains silent for a moment, his eyes fixed ahead as he exhales a cloud of smoke. The faintest hint of a smile tugs at the corner of his lips, a fleeting glimpse of relief. "It's quiet out here," he finally replies, his voice tinged with a mix of exhaustion and gratitude.
As you glance up at him, searching his eyes for answers, you notice a flicker of vulnerability, a trace of weariness that wasn't there before. His grip on your hand tightens, and he takes a deep breath, his voice tinged with a mixture of fear and longing. “The mission was too fucking close of a call. I’m not the soldier I used to be, Y/N.”
A knot forms in your stomach, an ache that mirrors his own weariness. You listen intently, your heart breaking at his admission. The strength and resilience he has shown throughout all these years suddenly seem fragile, like a flickering flame that threatens to be extinguished.
“Si-“ You begin to say, tears threatening your eyes.
“I promised you a forever and I cant keep it if i’m not here.” He finally looks down at you. “I told Price.”
Your heart aches at his fears, at the thought of a future where he is absent from your life.
“You’ve given your entire life to fighting Si, you deserve peace.” His grip tightens around you, his arms pulling you closer, as if he's trying to draw strength from your presence. “I want us to have forever, safely.”
There’s nothing more you could want than to have a life with Simon, a future with him. You both know it’s time to put the 141 days behind you, moving on to finally live a life where tomorrow is a lot more probable.
“Soaps really gonna miss you, ya know.” You chuckle, tears now staining your cheeks. “Price might lose his mind if you’re not there to babysit him.”
“He’ll live.” Simon replies, hiding his own smile. “I love you.” He leans down, leaving a kiss on your hair, and pulling you into him.
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opposite occupations
┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊
summary: all the 141 boys have different plans while on leave, each having their own idea of how to spend the time. but when they run into a lovely civilian, they realize that all the long hours, deployments, and trainings worth it.
pairing: 141 x civvie! afab!Reader
warnings: swearing, all fluff :)
a/n: I love me a good little meet cute
┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊
Tumblr media
price - florist
Everyone knew that the minute Price went home, he would be making the trek to his favorite cigar shop. It had been one he frequented for years, the familiar sign welcoming him home. Most shops on the street stayed the same. He liked the constancy, the familiarity.
As he rounded the street corner, he noticed a new shop had filled the unoccupied next door. The pale pink awning and rose-tinted glass were a new sight to see. "Sentiments of Carnations" he read as he walked past. He could see through the window that the shop had not yet been opened, noting the smell of fresh paint and empty displays. He wondered what grandma had put their retirement money into this florist shop.
He continued, opening the cigar shops store and smelling the musk of smoke and tobacco. "Ah John, I have your regulars set aside," the old shop owner said with a smile. "Back again for long?" he asked upon his return with a dark oak box. "Just waiting for another phone call from his majesty," he joked and slid over the usual bank notes. "I'll be seeing you," Price said as he opened the door and exited with the familiar chime of the bell.
As he embraced the warmth of the summer England weather, he pulled out one of his fresh purchases, excellently wrapped and balanced. He flipped open his lighter from his pocket and sat down to have his first smoke at home. He closed his eyes and savored the notes of espresso and hickory. As he sat in his small nirvana, he heard the florist's doors open.
He turned as he saw you, a flower behind your ear and a pink apron that perfectly matched the outside of the shop. You were not the grandma he had expected and instead were beautiful, the sun catching your lovely features. You had placed an antique table outside, along with a bucket of a colorful array of flowers adorned with a handwritten tag. You hung a small sign on the table that read, "Take one for a friend, family member, or loved one." You smiled at yourself, proud of the little display. You turned your head and noticed the mature man enjoying his smoke only a meter away from you. You picked out a scarlet carnation and walked over to the man, handing it to him.
"Here, you go," you said as his calloused fingers held the flower delicately. "A flower to brighten someone's day," you said with a smile. "Thank you, although I am not a man for flowers," he replied and extinguished his cigar. "Well, flowers can be for a variety of reasons, a friendly gesture, a gift for someone you fancy, or even something to brighten up your flat."
You ended with a sweet smile and he could feel himself melt on the spot. Something about the floral aroma emanating from the flower behind your ear along with your soft voice and pleasantries added to his current state of nirvana. You were so radiant in this light and he appreciated the kind gesture, especially upon his return home.
"No one to give a romantic gesture to, but thank you," he replied. "Well if that ever changes, my shop opens later this week! The shop's number is on the tag" you said before giving him a small wave and wink. He could hear the shop's door close as you began to set up your display and paint a mural on one of the walls. As he twisted the carnation in his hand, he knew he would be adding your shop to his routine becoming your most frequent customer.
Tumblr media
soap - tattoo artist
Soap looked at his phone, making sure he was in the right place. His favorite tattoo shop near his Scottish home had closed and he was taking a recommendation from Ghost.
"She's got an attitude but her work is amazing," Ghost had said before Soap's deployment. He couldn't deny the craftsmanship of her work on Ghost's arm. He marveled at the attention to detail as Ghost proudly shoved off his ornate sleeve.
Soap had an appointment for today, previously approving of the artist's rendition of his vision. A black-and-white thistle, a charm his mother had said. It was commonly known to keep its owner away from danger and bad acquaintances. Something Soap needed on the battlefield.
He pushed the maroon door open, admiring the many gold frames with what he assumed were some of the artists' work. He let out a light chuckle as he noticed a framed sketch of Ghost's sleeve. He was just about to snap a picture when a voice called out, "Hey Mohawk, this isn't a museum."
He turned around to see a woman, a gorgeous one at that. You were wearing a tank top that showed off a collage of various tattoos in different styles. You had been taking a break and relaxed, sitting behind a desk, feet propped up.
"Actually, lass, I'm here with an appointment," he said, walking over to you. "Name's John MacTavish." he finished with a cheeky smile.
"Ah MacTavish, one of Riley's military boys I'm guessing. How's that masterpiece of mine doing?" you joked, Soap didn't know what to say. Were you and Ghost a thing?
You laughed at his pause, "My tattoo, Mohawk. There's no way I'd be shagging his Halloween-looking-arse." Soap appreciated the heads up about your attitude and knew this was gonna be a fun session.
"Looks gorgeous, Sweetheart. Just like yourself," he poked back and you let out a loud laugh, almost doubling over. "Don't flatter yourself, you can go make yourself comfortable in my station over there. Looks like you're only getting a bicep tat, so I better not see your shirtless arse back there."
Soap made his way to where you motioned, sitting down in the black velvet chair. You came in a few minutes later with your sketch and supplies. You closed the scarlet curtains behind you before walking over to prep his arm.
As you sat in relative silence, Soap asked, "So what do the tattoos mean, Lass?" You finished your prep work and were working on the correct tattoo placement. "Travels from around the world. I took it upon myself to get a tattoo in every new country."
With that, you offered him a mirror so he could approve of the sketch and placement. The tattoo rested on his right bicep and he made sure to look at it at every angle and made sure to flex for your enjoyment.
"Alright, muscle man, this should only take a few hours as long as you don't pass out on me," you said and began to tattoo your next masterpiece. During the next two hours, you made conversation about the tattoos meaning, his life in Scotland, and you even shared more intimate details about your travels.
The hours flew by like minutes to Soap as you let him know you were finished. He admired the detailed flower and you handed him some care instructions with some cream. "And your buddy paid for you ahead of time, so you're all set, Mohawk" you replied and Soap got off of the chair.
"See you around, my world-class woman," he joked as he exited the door. You slightly cringed, wondering if writing your number on the tube of aftercare cream was a good idea or not.
Tumblr media
gaz - primary school teacher
Gaz looked at himself in his flat's mirror. He brushed a hand over his freshly cut hair and evened out his dress shirt. "Just a favor for a friend," he said to himself as he walked to catch the next tram. Two days ago, an old colleague during his days working with the metro police force had reached out to him. They called in a favor, "Kyle c'mon it's just a couple of primary students, all you need to do is give a little talk about stranger danger." Knowing he had nothing else better to do, Gaz agreed.
As he signaled the tram to stop, Gaz looked at the brown brick building reminding him of his younger days. Gaz walked in, checking in with the receptionist who directed him to the classroom where he'd be giving his talk. He was early, the school had not yet opened but he was asked to have the presentation at the beginning of class before the children's lessons. He admired the walls filled with the artwork of the students, silly attempts at drawing their families. He finally reached your classroom, noting the smiling sunflower on your opened door. He knocked softly and he saw you lift your head to greet him. If he had known you would be so beautiful, he would have not needed his friend's encouragement.
"Ah you must be Sgt. Garrick," you said, beginning to get up from your desk to greet him. You smoothed out your skirt and placed your glasses down. "It's just Kyle," he said and returned your friendly smile and warm handshake.
"Well Kyle, the children should be arriving in a few minutes. I'll get them settled and introduce you for your small talk today," you said with a grateful nod. You motioned for him to sit at your desk as you stood at your door to greet your excited second-year students. Gaz played on his phone and smiled as he heard you return the children's happy good mornings with a similar high-energy one. The students began to file in, placing their bags in their cubbies, and sitting with their friends. You heard small whispers from the children, wondering what you were doing at their teacher's desk. He let out a chuckle when he heard one boy whisper, "Is that Miss Y/N's husband? He's sitting in her chair."
Finally, with all the children in their seats, you walked to the front of the classroom and greeted your students warmly. "Good morning everyone, today we have a very special guest with us. This is our friend, Kyle, and he's here today to tell you all a little something before we start our lessons."
Kyle knew this was his cue, he rose from your desk and swapped places with you at the front of the room. "Hi everyone, today I'm going to teach you smart kids about something called 'Stranger Danger'." The children oohed in response as Kyle waved his hands in a fake menacing manner. You smiled as he was a natural. The children were attentive, writing down the information as he spoke and working together with their classmates to fill out the worksheet answers. Kyle ended his talk and asked if anyone had any questions. One child raised her hand and Kyle called on her. "Is Miss Y/N a stranger? I'm confused."
"I'm your teacher, Amelia. Teachers that you know aren't strangers," you responded and Kyle nodded in agreement. Another kid raised their hand and asked, "But you aren't Kyle's teacher, so you're a stranger to him."
Before either one of you could respond, his friend boasted, "It's because they're married, your Mum and Dad aren't strangers to each other." Both you and Kyle shared a look and he saw the soft blush rise to your face. "Ah we're just friends," he said and saved you the embarrassment.
Little did Kyle know, his email would chime that night with a thankful message from you along with your number at the bottom asking him to breakfast that weekend.
Tumblr media
ghost - veterinarian
Unlike most people, Ghost loved the quiet ambiance of London's rainfall. The streets were empty and peaceful as people were cozying up in their homes with a blanket. Enjoying the evening air and cold, he walked with an umbrella in one hand and a warm cup in the other. His boots resounded on the cobblestone street as he sipped his Earl Grey tea. His chest was warm from the bold citrus and bergamot liquid. This was, in his opinion, an ideal leave well spent.
The rhythmic rain fell and his walking was interrupted by a soft mewing. Simon hurried down the street to find the source of the noise. In front of a grocer's, he noticed a small cardboard box being drenched by the unrelenting rain. He placed his cup down and gently lifted the box. Underneath was a small grey cat, cuddled into a ball to experience some semblance of warmth. Simon placed his umbrella to shield the box and lifted the tiny meowing animal into his hands.
As he cradled the cat to his chest, he heard a click of heeled boots behind him. He turned his now-drenched head to notice you walking up with a bright orange umbrella adorned with cat paws. "Excuse me, Sir, but is he yours?" you asked gesturing to the ball of grey that laid meowing in his arms. "Uh he's not, I found this little fella underneath this box here."
"Ah a Good Samaritan, I see. Well, I own the veterinarian shop down the way, I can take him off your hands if you'd like and make sure this little lad gets the care he needs," you said and offered a hand to hold the kitten. You noticed his slight hesitation and said, "If you'd like, I'll give you my card so you can take the little one home when he's all better."
"That would be nice," he smiled underneath his black face mask. Simon loved animals, never being permitted to have one as a child. As you held the kitten in your arm, you handed him your umbrella. He initially tried to refuse but you insisted saying, "You're soaked, I'll be alright." You ended with a small giggle which made Ghost warmer than his now cold cup of tea.
"The least I can do is walk you back to your shop," he replied a little too quickly. He instantly realized the surprising force he had said that with and followed up with, "You know, just so you and Earl Grey can make it there in this weather.
"Earl Grey, I like that. That's my favorite order, especially on days like this." Simon moved slightly behind you, holding the umbrella to shield the three of you on your walk. The air was filled with the familiar scent of rain and the notes of your floral perfume. "I'm Dr. L/N by the way, but most people just call me, Y/N," you said as you continued on your way. "I'm Simon, a pleasure to meet you doc."
Three weeks later Simon's house was filled with all the necessities for a new cat father. As he grabbed his coat, he pulled out a water-stained business card with the vet's office address and your number written on the back. He smiled to himself as he traced his fingers over the small handwriting saying, "To Earl Grey's owner, fancy a cup of tea with me?"
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konigsblog · 2 days
Reader trying to get pregnant but their boyfriend/husband isn’t trying🥺 the 141 find out and all take turns putting their cum into reader all day everyday until a test comes back positive. After seeing how adorable the baby is the 141 keep reader pregnant, and eventually turn one of their safe houses into a family home🥺
they all takes their time pumping you full, cocks twitching and leaking inside your weeping, wet hole. holding your hips up, euphoria rushing over youur body causing your legs to shake and tremble. price's hands grasping at your hips, pounding into you desperately as you moan in escasty :((( gaz's fat, thick dick thrusting inside your sore hole. watching as their cum oozes out your pussy, pushing it back in with their tongue :(((
ghost being so caring? he's brushing the hair from your face as he reassures you through the pain. the stretch causing you to ache around his girth, slowly dragging out your walls and thrusting back in as you whine and whimper :((( soap's cock twitching, hardening at the sight of your pussy. swirling the tip around your entrance, pushing it, grinding his length into your raw and used cunny :(((
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John Price headcanons sfw & nsfw
I don’t usually do headcannons so please bear with me 👉👈
I hope you enjoy them tho :3 Will I use many of these in my writing? Yes, yes I will. These are both in general as well as him with you ;3
He has an entire routine for his beard. Keeps it trimmed regularly and takes very good care of it, which causes it to feel very nice and soft to the touch.
Absolutely LOVES when you’re the one doing it though. It’s a small act of love that he can never get enough of. Whether you’re the one trimming it or just putting some products in. It’s a moment where he can sit on the bath rim and have you stand between his legs - or the other way around where he props you up on the sink and stands in between your legs. He just places his hands on your hips and closes his eyes, trusting you with something so important to him. It’s a very intimate thing that he treasures.
He has reading glasses. I won’t budge on this. Square(rectangle) ones with a very thin frame. Tends to forget whenever he puts them on his head and proceeds to go searching for them for five minutes.
He is very warm blooded. Always runs hot like a furnace. A blessing in the winter, a curse in the summer. Especially because he loves to cuddle.
Has a little trinket on his desk representing each of the 141 (+ Nik, Laswell and Farah). Be it a gift they gave to him or something that reminds him of them. There’s something for everyone. It clutters the edge of his desk a bit but it’s worth it because whenever the paperwork gets too much, he can just look at the little shrine he built and smile.
His love language is physical touch and quality time. While he loves giving you gifts and being romantic too, nothing beats holding you in his arms while you cuddle on the couch or in bed.
Speaking of- this man absolutely adores you. He doesn’t think he deserves the love you give him because of the things he’s done in his life. But every day he sees you, you prove that you do love him and he wants to return that love twice over.
His biggest fear is coming home after deployment to an empty house. Finding a letter on the table stating you can’t wait for him any longer. He’d understand, of course. But it would crush him.
While we’re on the sad train already- he suffers frequent nightmares due to PTSD. Feels really guilty for waking you up but also can’t stop himself from seeking your comfort after one of them - craving it. If you allow him to (he wouldn’t bring it up unless you suggested it), he’ll call you if he’s out on deployment or at base. Give him that privilege to phone you awake just to comfort him? There is nothing that man won’t do for you anymore.
He is terrified of being the one to leave you too though. He knows that if he’s ever faced with the option to sacrifice himself for one of the 141, he would. But it also breaks his heart because it would mean he’d leave you for them. He tries not to think about it like that, but it’s a constant conflict in his mind.
While he’s probably more likely to be a dog person, I can also really see him with cats just curled up on his chest. Once again, this man is always warm. The little felines will search him out like a bloodhound, preferring him over laying by the radiator.
And he loves to do it too. His idea of a hobby is either reading, building models or cooking. You can often find him in the kitchen with a cook book, making a five star meal. Loves to see your reaction to the taste of it, makes him proud of himself.
Also, yeah, he likes building models :3. Miniatures. In his spare time you can find him on the couch, bent over the coffee table with his reading glasses perched on his nose while he’s building a ww2 bomber plane out of matchsticks from some random pattern he found online. He has very steady hands and it causes the models to always look fantastic. His best and biggest work is a ship in a bottle from a kit you gave him for an anniversary between you two. He only works on that in short increments to make sure he doesn’t screw it up - it’s about 2/3 done. You’ve repeatedly tried to get him to share his work online but he always gets bashful and refuses.
If he ever got the chance to do it together with the team though?? He’s gonna be beaming about that single evening for a week straight.
His favourite colour is dark green, like the forests :)
This is less of a headcannon and more just snippets of canon proof that I found. But he can speak English, Russian, Arabic and Spanish. Maybe even more.
He’s a tea person. Can’t stand coffee. It’s not about the taste, simply that every time he tried it, it gave him a headache.
When he first introduced you to the team, he was very nervous. Really wanted them to like you. So when Soap immediately took you into a hug and thanked you for ‘taking care of the old man’, followed by Gaz introducing himself with a warm smile and a praising regalia of the things he’d heard from Price, he couldn’t be happier. And when he at one point saw you at the kitchen table with Ghost, talking calmly and laughing with the hulking man who’s tension had dropped from his shoulders? He knew you were the one.
Loves going on double dates with Laswell and her wife too. You’re all good friends and it’s a chance to truly unwind and just catch up with Kate outside of work.
Please for the love of all that is holy, take a bath or shower with him. He ADORES them. Really wants so bad to take care of you. Will do your whole cleaning routine for you if you let him. If it’s something he’s not used to? Teach him, he’s very eager to learn.
All in all, this man just loves you so much. He finds himself so so lucky that you chose him of all people as your partner. Whether you’re civilian or military, he’ll protect you with life and limb. Literally.
So, those were the sfw thoughts bouncing in my head. I hope you liked them. Now we’re moving onto the spicy stuff. Please respect the banner, thank you and more stuff for this man is coming! ^^
Tumblr media
He is an ass man. All the way. Don’t get me wrong, he LOVES your thighs, seeing the way his fingers indent the flesh when he squeezes, being buried between them - it’s heavenly. But there is just something about your ass that he can’t get enough of. If his eyes aren’t on it, then his hands are.
He won’t randomly smack your ass - doesn’t really sit right with him, doesn’t find it proper (except for certain situations ;3). But dear god does he always have a hand on your ass to squeeze if he gets the chance. Walking somewhere together? If he can, he’ll slide his hand from your back/waist down to your ass and hold there. Sitting on his lap? You already know it, his hand is on your ass, keeping you in place. Brushing past you? One hand on your waist, one hand on your ass while he apologises and squeezes past.
A gentle over a rough lover. While he can go both ways, he prefers to go slow and deep. Watching your face contort in pleasure as he fucks you, hearing every noise you make.
This man is an absolute pleasure dom. He gets off on seeing you get off. There’s plenty of nights where he solely focuses on you and doesn’t cum himself.
Doesn’t like the word daddy but for the love of god PLEASE use honorifics. Call him captain and sir and you’ll have an entirely different man on your hands.
Prefers giving over receiving oral. There’s just something about working his tongue and mouth on you that never fails to make him groan against you - even if his mouth is otherwise occupied.
Will always properly prepare you. He doesn’t like hurting you. He’s big and he knows it so he doesn’t want to take any chances.
While he doesn’t mind quickies (in his office is a favourite), he prefers the actual thing. Like stated before, he wants to focus on you and give you all the pleasure he can and a quicky just doesn’t allow for that.
For those instances where you rile him up enough to forego his gentler side however? He knows how to work you. He can push every button you have and have you seeing stars while he fucks the life out of you. Don’t expect to be standing on strong legs the day after.
Man has stamina for DAYS. Prefers to make you cum multiple times before he cums himself. Need a moment in between orgasms to recover before you can go again? That’s okay, you can cockwarm him while he waits.
Speaking of cum. It’s thick, potent and by god he cums a lot. Properly stuffs you if you let him.
Big on marking you. Loves leaving bites, hickeys and handprints. Give him the same too. Scratch marks, bite marks, hickeys. He loves checking his body over in he morning to see what you left.
He has quite the libido on him. He can’t help it, you’re the most inviting and enticing thing in his eyes. Bend over to pick something up and his cock can already be hardening in his pants.
He’s very considerate of your wants and needs though. If you don’t want to have sex, he’ll cuddle you and hold you instead. If you’re not into a certain thing, he’ll refrain on doing it next time. Very much wants to make it a time of pure pleasure and love for you, because that’s what it is for him too.
Very into kisses. Sloppy, long kisses where you moan and whine into his mouth. Better yet if you muffle your moans in his mouth while he fucks you.
Favourite positions are missionary, mating press, doggy style, lotus and spooning sex. He loves them for different reasons.
Missionary because of how close he can be, feeling your legs wrap around his waist while all of him touches all of you.
Mating press because of how deep he can hit and keep such control. He can see your face contort in pleasure while folding your legs up and holding you down.
Doggy style is obvious as to why. But he also really loves watching the way your back arches with this one. He can hold onto your hips and just let his eyes rove your body.
Lotus he loves a lot when cuddles on the couch evolve into more, or when he’s in his office and the need arrises for you both. Just having you seated on his lap, your legs around him, body pressed so closely into his while he gently fucks up into you? Heaven.
Spooning sex? You mean cuddles + sex? Hit. Him. Up. He absolutely loves fucking you like this in the morning. Lazy, tired, properly waking each other up with pleasure.
If you’re into it and allow him to, he’d even actually wake you up like that. Big on somnophelia like that for the thought of pulling you out of your dreams and your sleep with pleasure. If he gets to the stage where he’s opened you up and his cock is filling you without you waking up until then, he’s oh so proud of himself. Would only do it if you’re comfortable though.
Very big on cockwarming. Watch a movie together on the couch and let him rest his cock in you from behind. Can evolve into spooning sex on the couch while making you try to keep your attention on the movie. His hand on your chin, keeping your face pointed to the screen while he whispers against your ear.
I said it before, he’s big. Long and thick and knows how to use it well. He’s a very hairy man all over but he keeps it neatly trimmed down there.
The h a p p y t r a i l of this man. Run your nails over it and it instantly sends blood rushing into his cock.
Overall, John will fuck you whenever he gets the chance. And by the gods he will show you what it’s like to be truly worshipped.
Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to interact or send me any asks, I’d love to chat ^^
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captain-mj · 2 days
May I humbly ask for the part 2 of wolf shifter au
Soap fixed them dinner and was relieved when Ghost sat at the table without being told. If he had tried to sit on the floor, Soap didn’t really know how he’d react. 
Slowly, he took the muzzle off. Ghost let him do it this time and Soap, like always, soothingly rubbed the places it was tight. He took a small moment to really look at him. With the mask gone, Soap could see scarring along his mouth. It looked a bit like Glasgow scars but they were twisted and rather dark. Another ran over his nose and looked like it had been made my claws. 
Freckles covered his nose, but they were so light he could barely see them. 
Gorgeous brown eyes. Blond eyelashes. Ginger hair that had waves to it. It was pushed back, giving him a better view of his face. 
Ghost let him look for a few minutes before looking away, unable to handle the scrutiny anymore. 
Soap quickly saw a problem though. Ghost’s hands shook when he grabbed things. It was astounding he didn’t notice when he was smoking. He tried unsuccessfully to grab the fork, unable to keep a proper grip on it. After a few tries, he gave up and just picked the food up by hand. Normally, Soap would scold him or grimace, but right now, he was more concerned with finding out why his hands shook. Might be nerve damage from the fights. They’d have to talk to a doctor about it. 
Despite eating with his hands, Ghost was surprisingly clean. He washed his hands afterward and Soap had to keep his eyes on his food instead of Ghost’s ass in those pants. 
Soap took a deep breath and reminded himself that Simon was a victim of horrible abuse. That he needed help. Assistance. Support. Not Soap being a creep. 
Ghost started to wash the dishes. 
“I have a dishwasher.” 
Ghost’s nose wrinkled. “How do I… use that? My mom didn’t like using them.”
Soap frowned. “Later, we’re working on a timeline for you. Chances are there’s a lot of stuff that I need to catch you up on. Plus just… things I need to reteach you.”
Ghost nodded and followed his lead on how to load the dishwasher. Soap turned it on and Ghost shoved himself in front of him, backing them both away from it. 
“Is it always this loud??”
“Yes. You’re just usually already asleep…” Soap gently put his hand on Ghost’s shoulder blades. 
“Hmph…” Ghost did not seem pleased. He handed Soap the muzzle and leaned closer expectantly.
Soap tried to think of a new reason why he didn’t have to but drew a blank. So gently, he put it on him. He checked it with two fingers, always making sure it wouldn’t be too tight. Ghost watched him with the same mild curiosity he always did, like Soap was doing a funny ritual Ghost was used to. A familiar song and dance. 
Soap supposed it was one. 
New problem. Sleeping. 
For the past few weeks, Ghost had slept near Soap. After a little encouragement, he had started to sleep in the bed like a person. It was mostly to help with the nightmares that plagued him. The first time he had started twitching and then woke up howling, Soap had almost screamed himself. It had been a very frightening situation!!
 Soap hadn’t really considered that until just now. He’s not sure why he thought it was a good idea at the time. But Ghost was sleeping in his bed during the day anyway, catching up on years of not being able to, so it just made sense. And it had helped with the nightmares. Plus, Ghost had looked comfy with his head on the pillows. There had been a lot of pros. 
Ghost did not notice Soap’s change in demeanor. He fell into the bed the same way he always did, curled around the same pillow he always did and laid on his tummy same way he always did. The only difference was now, he looked human. He twitched a little and looked uncomfortable before starting to pull off the too tight clothing. 
Soap watched him. Watched him stretch with his back arching and then settled into the bed, looking up at Soap. 
“Still don’t want you to cuddle me. Not a teddy bear.” Ghost growled at him and closed his eyes. He didn’t look peaceful, but he looked… a little softer. His body melting into the bed. 
Soap settled in next to him and stared at the ceiling. He counted his breaths as he tried to sleep. They didn’t touch at any point. The place between them felt both very small and chasm like. 
Ghost slowly shifted on to his back as well. 
“Have trouble sleeping?”
“Always do when I’m human.”
“You could shift now and go back in the morning?”
Ghost just shook his head. After a few minutes of silence, he added. “I don’t think I’ll ever go back to being human if I do.” 
Soap nodded slowly. “Alright, Simon. Guess I need to start calling you that.” 
“I prefer Ghost. Unless we’re close.”
“We not close?”
“Getting there.” Ghost promised. “Making friends… isn’t really something I’m used to.”
Soap looked at him for a moment before reaching over the small divide. Ghost’s eyes never left him. Twin flames thanks to how they reflected the light. They followed him until Soap’s hand ended up on his shoulder. The area was thick with scars from claws and teeth. 
Ghost stared at it for a minute and then slowly relaxed again. 
“When was the last time someone touched you without hurting you?” Soap asked softly.
“Before you, I’m assuming… I don’t know. I can’t really remember.” Ghost looked at him, dark eyes slowly closing. “Johnny.”
“Yeah, Simon?”
“We’re going shopping tomorrow, right?”
“Told you we would.” Soap smiled at him and Ghost’s eyes went to his mouth. He watched him nod and then close his eyes fully, turning away to sleep. 
In the morning, Soap woke up to Ghost half on him. His head was on Soap’s chest and his arms were sprawled all over him. He was sleeping peacefully though. 
Soap slid his hand under the pillow to grab his phone and sent a message to Price.
“Ghost finally shifted back. Need money for supplies. Thanks.”
Price answered back quickly. “Having any issues?”
“No. I’ll introduce you two tonight, don’t worry.” Soap put his phone down and ran his fingers through Ghost’s hair. It was incredibly soft and it made Ghost nuzzle closer into him.
Ghost started his usual twitching and Soap quickly shook him to wake him up. Ghost’s claws sank into his sides for just a moment and he growled before pushing up. He quickly pulled away. 
“Good morning, Ghost.” Soap smiled, pretending nothing had happened. “You alright?”
Ghost slunk off the bed and shook himself. “Morning…”
“Alright. Let me get dressed and we’ll go. Just wear the clothes from yesterday, alright?” 
Ghost nodded and started getting dressed. His back popped and he groaned slightly. Soap grabbed his clothes and went to the bathroom to change. He slipped his clothes on and looked at himself briefly in the mirror. There were a few bruises on his hips that were still healing and a few bites scattered about. He quickly covered them back up. 
Ghost was dressed now and sitting on the bed, ankles crossed. He perked up when Soap walked in. Soap wondered briefly if his tail would be wagging before remembering that no it wouldn’t because Ghost never wagged his tail. 
“You can’t go out muzzled.”
Ghost tilted his head. “I’ve done it before.” 
Soap cringed at the idea of him being forced out like this. It explained his… insistence on it though. Probably was beat into him. “Really?”
“Yeah. I didn’t like it at first but I got used to it.” 
Soap nodded. “Well… Where we are now, it would not be good. You can’t wear it.”
Ghost’s grip tightened on the bed. “But… how will people know I’m owned? If I’m not wearing it, someone else may grab me.”
Soap knew for a fact that Mexico was not much different on wolf shifter rights than America, so he wasn’t sure where this idea came from. Was it set up by his previous… Soap did not want to call them owners. Ghost was not owned. Captors. He had heard once of traffickers convincing victims that there was a giant conspiracy of people that would bring them back if they ever disobeyed. Soap guessed being told people who wanted you were around every corner wasn’t that different. 
It also made Soap realize the amount of trust Ghost must have in him to do this at all. It would be so easy for him to snarl and fight and hide under the bed. Soap didn’t know how to show appreciation for that so he didn’t. He instead reached over and gently cupped Ghost’s face. 
“No one is going to touch you.” Soap undid the leather buckles and slid it off his face, taking him in again. 
“They’ll see my face.” 
“What if you wear a mask?” Soap offered and Ghost looked up at him, clearly thinking. 
“A mask?”
Soap nodded and found one of the medical ones he kept on hand. He, despite knowing Ghost could probably figure it out, put it on him, making sure it was tight around his ears and against his face. It was just a plain black one, but Ghost immediately relaxed. “See? Now no one can see your face.” 
Ghost stood up and grabbed the collar from the first time Soap brought him home. He handed it to him. “Just to be sure.”
Soap wouldn’t take it. He refused. “Listen, Ghost. No one is going to try to take you anywhere.”
“How can you be sure? I want them to know.” 
Soap sighed softly as Ghost managed to get his hand open and put the collar into it. 
Soap grimaced. “Fine.” 
Ghost smiled and leaned closer, exposing his throat to him. Soap carefully slid it on him and patted his cheek. It looked nice against his skin, but Soap would never ever admit that. 
“Thank you.” Ghost did look much calmer so Soap decided it was another thing he’d have to let go for now. The mask also looked nice. 
Soap took him to the car and Ghost put the rock station he liked on. He tried to curl up in the seat but he didn’t really fit so he tried again. He grumbled and eventually settled on sitting normally. 
Soap started to drive and Ghost stayed looked out the window. Occasionally Ghost would grab the little loop on the collar and play with it, turning it around and around. He glanced at Soap.
“Eyes on the road, Johnny.” 
Soap quickly looked back at the road, continuing to drive. Ghost chuckled. 
“Tonight, I’m going to introduce you to some people.” Soap explained. He felt Ghost start to panic. “Don’t worry, they’re just some friends. Remember the people at the rescue place?”
“The ones that pointed guns at me and shot me with a tranquilizer dart? I had a headache for a few hours afterwards.”
Soap frowned. “They were just scared because I was so close to you. Didn’t want me to get bit.”
“I would’ve.” Ghost glanced at him. “Was planning on tearing you to pieces.”
Soap stared at him and the car ride got very quiet from there. 
Once at the mall, Soap went in search of something that would fit Ghost. He looked for brighter clothing too, thinking of how nice Ghost would look in blue. Or green. 
A few people looked at them. It was easy to see why. Ghost was a giant man with scars and tattoos with a collar on, following Soap, a more… average sized person who was trying to not think about the collar. They were an odd pair. 
Soap found some shirts and turned around to see Ghost staring at band tees. He noticed specifically it was the older ones from early 2000’s. MCR, Paramore, Green day. His fingers ghosted over the fabric and he pulled away quickly, like he shouldn’t. 
“Do you want some?”
“It’s what I used to wear.” Ghost explained. 
Soap grabbed a few. “Let’s get you some pants now, yeah?”
Ghost nodded and followed him, putting his fingers through his belt loops so Soap couldn’t get too far away. Soap tried to steer him away, but Ghost only wanted the military fatigues and black sweat pants, clearly preferring comfort and a bunch of pockets. He supposed as long as he had clothes and was happy, he’d never deny Ghost what he wanted. 
“Now to try them on!” Soap shoved Ghost into a changing room. “Show me whatever fits.”
Ghost looked around the tiny room. He moved his weight back and forth between his feet.
Don’t look at the mirror. 
Soap is right outside. 
Ghost started to undress. Then he slowly put one of the band shirts on. It showed his arms. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that. Then he tried on a pair of the pants. It was one of the looser ones but it still hugged his thighs. He couldn’t tell if it was supposed to fit like that or not. 
“Yeah, Ghost?” 
“Can you come in here?”
Soap was quiet for a second before opening the door and quickly stepping inside. “Wanted to make sure no one saw. Get the wrong idea ya know?”
Ghost didn’t really get why that would be a problem but he nodded. “Can you help me?” 
Soap stared at his body for a minute. “I like the way that looks.”
Ghost stared at him for a minute but… Soap’s attention was different. It didn’t make his skin crawl the same way other men’s did. He allowed him to keep looking before he tried on something else. 
“Too tight. Worried it’ll tear.” 
Ghost nodded and continued that way. Before long, they had two small piles, ones that Ghost wanted and ones that didn’t fit. Also in the didn’t fit pile were the pieces of clothing with any color other than black on them. Ghost refused to try them on. 
“You’re a very picky person.” 
Ghost hummed.
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Tumblr media
Call of Duty: MWII + MW2019 ↳ Infinite gifs of Cap. John Price [11/∞].  
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Thinking of replacing Amanda Seyfried with straight up just Janja Garnbret for Jade's face claim  ( ⁠⊚⁠ ͟⁠ʖ⁠ ⁠⊚⁠ )
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Gaz Headcannons
Damn y’all, sorry for disappearing for six months. I’ve been in and out of the mental hospital like a yo-yo, so uh, have some headcannons to make up for it ig.
Tw: Cursing, brief mentions of violence, (very brief) sexual themes.
I picture him as a night owl, but that doesn’t mean he likes sleeping in super late. He likes some structure in his day (a side-effect of being in the military) and if he’s not out of bed by 9 he starts to feel guilty, like he’s wasting the day.
Despite me saying he’s a night owl, he’s not truly a night owl so much as he just gets so absorbed in what he’s doing he looses track of time and next thing he knows it’s 2am.
From an outside perspective it would be easy to assume he has more trauma than the rest of the 141- but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. He probably has the same amount for the most part, he’s just the only one who handles it in a healthy way. He’ll reach out for help if he needs it, has a therapist he sees regularly, and takes a low-dose of anti-anxiety medication (I want to say Zoloft cause that’s what I’m on lol). All said, he’s the only one who actually acknowledges it and doesn’t pretend it’s not there.
This man definitely games. He might play a first person shooter here and there, but honestly I don’t think he’d like them, they remind him to much of work and in his free time that’s the last thing he wants to be reminded of. I can see him playing Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, and Graveyard Keeper (it’s not well known but it’s SO good). The grim themes while still managing to be a cozy game really appeal to him.
His perfect date is you two ordering take-out and eating it on the couch while you play games together. He just absolutely adores being in your presence.
Despite this, quality time is not his main love language (although it is a close second). His first is words of affirmation. He loves how you get flushed and turn away from him when he compliments you out of nowhere. Literally you could just be in the same room, not even interacting, and this man would out of nowhere be like “You’re so fucking gorgeous. It’s a miracle I don’t drop to my knees every time you enter a room.” And then just causally go back to what he was doing.
On that note! This man is so into body worship. Just let him kiss, and lick, and suck, on you to his heart’s content and you will have one happy Gaz.
Also he just adores showing you off. He likes staying home sure, but he also likes taking you out on date nights and flaunting you (respectfully). He’s just so very proud to be in a relationship with you.
On the theme of bars, if someone gets close to you or touches you without your permission, this man is watching. He won’t say or do anything, he’ll just silently watch the person’s behavior. His years in the military have made him very good at reading people.
If he sees that they’re getting closer than you want, or otherwise making you uncomfortable, he’ll suddenly get very close to you. He won’t outright say anything, he knows you can handle yourself, but he’ll rest a hand on your shoulder. Both telling you that he’s there if you need him, and the creep to watch themselves.
If they back off without him having to intervene, great, you both can go back to enjoying yourselves, if he does need to get involved gods help the person his aggression is aimed towards.
He’ll take a few steps towards them, subtly growling (you know that one scene with price? Yeah that). He’ll tell them to back off, that you’re obviously not enjoying the conversation. If words don’t work, he won’t hesitate to resort to a fist fight. He won’t land the first hit however, he knows better. He might not be as physically strong as Ghost or Price, but this man has technique, and his opponent is knocked out in an heartbeat.
After that he is all over you, asking you if you’re alright, if you want to go home, etc. Whatever you need or want will be provided. He isn’t feeling jealous in that moment, just concerned. He wants to make sure you’re okay more than anything. After the fact, when he thinks back on it, he may feel a spark of jealousy, but it’s nothing he can’t quickly and easily reason away. After all, he trusts you completely.
Tw: Body worship, nipple play (but no mention of breasts), biting, mentions of BDSM (in general), choking, slapping, Praise kink, minor degradation, quickies, aftercare
As mentioned earlier this man is the king, of body worship. He’ll work you up slowly, sensually. Kissing, licking, and teasing every inch of you before he even thinks of touching in-between your legs.
Your nipples will be sore by the time this man is done with them. He’s just enthralled by them, watching them get hard at he pinches and bites.
Speaking of bites, it’s not just your nipples. Afterwards you’ll find plenty of dark bite marks on your chest, neck, waist, and inner thighs. The feeling of your flesh under his teeth is just… exquisite.
Yes this man may be a tad bit… nippy, but he isn’t into anything that would truly hurt you. The farthest he would go would be choking you (after a long conversation and plenty of research), or a quick slap or two to your ass.
He also mixes degradation and praise together beautifully. Things like “such a beautiful little slut for me.” And “Damn, you’re such a good little whore.” He’ll sprinkle in a healthy bit of praise to. His main priority is your pleasure after all. <3
While he isn’t opposed to aspects of BDSM, I can’t see him being interested in the strict dynamics side of it, at all. Yeah sure he enjoys doming and subbing but I can’t see him wanting to bring them outside of the bedroom. And even in the bedroom, there’s no strict rules. He just wants to have fun with it, and he wants you to as well.
He isn’t opposed to quickies. He doesn’t partake in them often as I see him having a sex drive that is average to low. But if you both need to be somewhere soon and you just have to have him? He’ll get on his knees and make sure that yours are wobbling as you walk out to the car. Don’t worry about him darling, you can make it up to him later. Like I said, your pleasure is his priority.
When all is said and done this man takes very good care of you. He’ll insist on a shower or bath together (depending on if you can stand or not). He seriously enjoys taking a bath with you afterwards though. He’ll run a bath that is steaming hot, “To relax your muscles” he says. He’ll also add some lavender and sandalwood oil to the water, to relax and ground you.
He’ll take such good care of you. If your hair needs washed he’ll give you the best scalp massage you’ve ever had. If it doesn’t (or you just don’t want him to) he’ll put it in a remarkably neat bun on the top of your head so it doesn’t get wet. And if you don’t have a lot of hair/no hair? You’ll still get a scalp massage. It doesn’t matter how little hair you have, this man is rubbing shampoo into your scalp claiming “It helps keep you clean!” Just let him take care of you please.
After he’s dealt with your hair he’ll lather up a rag with a generous amount of soap and take his time gently cleaning off every part of you. He won’t ask you to, but his heart will melt if you return the favor and wash his body clean.
After you both are clean he’ll take his time drying you off with the fluffiest towel he can find. This man knows your skincare routine by heart and WILL make sure every step gets done in the correct order. Once you’re all clean and dry he gives you some of his clothes to wear. And you know this man wears oversized clothes when he’s off duty for the sole purpose of making sure they fit you.
If you’re hungry he’ll order your favorite take-out, if your not he’ll still insist you eat a granola bar and drink some water. You burned a lot of calories and sweat a lot! You need fuel!
If you’re somehow still awake after all this he’ll gently pick you up and bring and you to bed. Falling asleep in this man’s arms is a dream come true. <3
A/N: I’ve never written any kind of smut before, so constructive criticism is very welcome. I got kinda out of control with the aftercare part. I had to stop myself. Plz let me know if you enjoyed!!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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I love finishers in cod ha!
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gentle giant | konig x reader | ch.3
Tumblr media
warnings: slight, VERY slight nsfw, little spicy
summary: you finally open up about the worries keeping you awake at night...and it goes as well as one could expect. In fact, better. (i did say this was a slow burn, right?)
Word count: 2.3k [._.]
chapters: | 1 | 2 | 3 |
a/n: I am...SO sorry. I've had this chapter in the works for weeks but when finals came I literally had no time to finish. But since finals are done, LET'S EFFING GOOOOOO!! anyway, hope you like this one! thank you!
Tumblr media
A few days had passed from your fainting spell. You had woken up underneath your covers, completely naked. Immediately you were panicking, immediately trying to remember what happened the night before. There was paperwork, and then Konig escorted you to the showers and then… Safe to say Konig was terrified when you stomped up to him in the middle of the gym, finding his ear with expert precision through his hood. He was quick to explain the situation, Ghost surprisingly backing up his claims. Admittedly, you were more embarrassed than you've ever been in your life, quickly excusing yourself to your office to bury yourself in paperwork. When in reality, you wanted to throw yourself off a cliff. 
Little to say the next few days consisted of you burying yourself in paperwork, sometimes helping the odd private here and there, ultimately avoiding Konig as much as you could. Which was nearly impossible, seeing as the behemoth stood watch outside your door constantly. It was strange, you hardly ever saw the man move from his post even for food or water. Sometimes your gaze would lift up to his tall figure peeking out from around the door frame. You thought you’d seen his ash green eyes follow you a couple times, but his gaze was gone as quickly as it was there. You must have imagined it. 
The sun had begun to set when you finally finished the last page of paperwork. You let out a groan, sitting back in your chair, throwing your hands above your head to stretch, hearing a few pops from your spine. You let out another sigh, your gaze turning up to Konig who stood still at the door. The two of you hadn’t spoken since the gym, embarrassing not only him but yourself. The guilt began to weigh heavier than before, a frown coming upon your lips. You walk over to Konig whose back was still to you. You look up at him with a small nervous smile, gaining his attention. 
Konig looked shocked and apprehensive with you approaching him again, scared that you were going to yell at him again. Truth be told, you were tiny but you were terrifying. 
“I didn’t scare you, did I?” You said. 
“A-ah, no ma’am,” Konig responded. 
You frowned at his answer. You grabbed his arm, pulling him into the office. Konig was more than strong enough to pull away from him but he allowed you to guide you into the seat across from your desk. You reached for his shoulders, pushing him down to sit, his eyes never leaving you. You stepped away, slightly amused that he had listened to you. For once you stood taller than him as he sat his knees together. You finally released him, still holding your hands up as if to calm a cornered animal. 
“Stay, I’ll be back,” you said. 
With that, you left Konig alone. He craned his head to see around the door frame, thinking that this was maybe a prank.  But no, you weren’t hiding behind the door, he knew this by listening to your footsteps leave down the hall. Konig didn’t slouch, he stayed ready, prepared for what he was assuming he was supposed to wait for. His leg bounced with rising anxiety, his fingers fiddling. She said she’d be back, so…she’ll be back, any minute now, Konig told himself. 
A max of ten seconds passed before the worst of fears began to resurface. What if you went to tell Price that you wanted a new guard? Guard wasn’t the right word, protector? Bodyguard? No, these were all worse. Konig couldn’t stop himself from assuming the worst each second that ticked by until your voice cut through all the noise.
“Hope your hungry,” you said. 
Konig’s eyes whipped up to you, immediately finding your hands full of snacks. You looked down at the mix of junk food in your arms, looking over the foreign labels. 
“I don’t know which one you prefer, so I got everything the vending machine had,” you said. 
You stumbled over your words, feeling like a blushing schoolgirl. You were embarrassed, a feeling you’ve become more accompanied with in the last few days than your entire lifetime. You placed the snacks on the desk, plopping yourself in your chair, avoiding Konig’s piercing gaze. 
“You can have first pick,” you said, “I haven’t seen you move from your post all day, and I know you must be hungry so, please, just eat something.” 
Konig blinked in shock, trying to piece words together. Finding it easier to pick a snack, he picked up a bag of crisps, dwarfed in his big hand.
“T-thank you, doctor,” Konig said softly. 
“Maus,” you corrected with a frown. “Konig, I need you to listen to me.”
You had his full attention but the mere thought of that  made you even more nervous. Even so, you took in a steely breath to calm your nerves. 
“I haven’t known you for long, but I get the sense you’re a good person- god what am I saying? I mean to say-” 
“I accept your apology, Maus” Konig said. 
The depth of his voice made your mind turn blank, but you had the feeling you didn’t need them. You let out a shaky sigh, staring down into your bag of crisps with the sorrow you’ve kept buried deep for the past weeks. 
“I take it John didn’t really brief you why you have to babysit me, huh?” you murmured. 
Konig shook his head silently. You leaned on your desk, head hanging low. 
“I saw something, something I shouldn’t have seen…and now I’ve put everyone in danger, including you,” you said, unable to help the tears pooling in your eyes. “No one will say it but I know, I’ve fucked everything up. Laswell and Price have no idea where to go from here, because if they did, we’d be moved on by now. But we’re not, we’re stuck because of me.” 
“...Is that such a bad thing?” Konig said gently. 
Your eyes shot up to his, confused. He avoids your gaze but you could see how he carefully constructed his next words. 
“I, I know that the circumstances aren’t ideal, but…I am happy to have met you, Mauschen,” Konig said. 
Though you couldn’t see underneath his hood, his cheeks were tinged a strawberry red that reached up to his ears. You on the other hand couldn’t hide the dusted blush on your cheeks as you looked at him in shock. Konig’s eyes widened hearing your childish giggle. 
“Jetzt fühle ich mich wirklich wie ein Idiot. Ihr Partner muss glücklich sein, Sie zu haben,” you smiled. 
It was Konig’s turn to laugh now, “Es gibt niemanden, der so viel Pech hat.”
You quirked a brow, “really, no one?”
“Is it really that hard to believe?” Konig smiled underneath the hood. 
“Well, yeah actually,” you shrugged. 
Konig felt like he was in a furnace. He didn’t believe he could survive another one of your compliments. 
“What about you?” Konig spoke meekly. 
You sighed, “I had someone before I joined, but that didn’t really work out. ‘Creative differences’ was how they put it, but it was just them wanting to fuck my best friend.” 
“Did they?” Konig said in disbelief. 
You quirked a brow, “what do you think?” 
Konig scoffed and shook his head, finally opening his snacks.
“Arschloch,” Konig grumbled, earning a nod from you. 
A silence came over the two of you as you watched Konig lift his hood almost slowly as is ceremonial, revealing his chin and nose. You studied him like a moth to a flame, committing him to memory. His roman nose, the scar that ran over his full lips -- in fact, he had a good number of scars from what little you could see. Konig immediately noticed your stare and self-consciously began to hide again. Before he could, you reached across and stopped his hand, his wide eyes staring deep into yours. 
“Don’t, I’m sorry for staring,” you said gently. 
Your touch felt hot and cool on his skin and he yearned for more, but just as soon as it was there it wasn’t, you falling back into your chair. Your gaze never left him though, curiosity taking hold. 
“Ber, why do you wear your hood?” You finally ask. 
Konig gulped, having to finally face the question he’s heard a thousand times before. Each time he had different answers, ‘So no one can find me,’ ‘To scare the living shit out of the enemy,’ ‘To keep the bugs out’ -- all bullshit but it was easier to lie than to unpack everything.  Those before didn’t want to know, they wanted the easy answer, and that always seemed like the appropriate one. But now, that answer didn’t seem enough. 
“To be honest… You figured out the first time we met, Mauschen,”he said softly. 
You didn’t understand but you waited for Konig to continue, wishing him to have a safe space to speak his troubles. 
“I get…anxious? When people look at me, they only see me for my size. And when I’m out there, that’s what they’re betting on. They just see as some…monster,” he said barely above a whisper. 
Your gaze softened as you looked upon the poor man. You tossed your chips onto the table, having stopped nibbling on them a while ago, before standing to your feet. You walked around the desk, placing a hand on Konig’s shoulder. He looked up at you expectantly as you gestured your head toward the wall. You walked over, stopping before a wall-mounted mirror long enough to show the head and torso but nothing else. Konig approached you, hood falling back down, waiting for you to speak. 
You pointed to the mirror, “what do you see?” 
Konig took a moment before looking at himself and plainly replying, “I see me.” 
You playfully rolled your eyes, “Ja, I know that, but what do you see?” 
Konig looked upon his reflection, searching for the answer to your question. You raised your hand to his hood, your gazes connecting as you waited for his consent. Finally, Konig gave a curt nod, lowering his head to allow access. As if in holy matrimony, you raised the veil over his helmet revealing his face. From this close, you could feel his breath bristle your eyelashes. You could see him now, fully in all his beauty. And he was seraphic. 
 You could see his emerald eyes clearly and the exhaustion held in them. His hair, a shocking auburn that matched his brows, his left brow interrupted by yet another scar. Scars littered his pale skin, some hiding underneath the beginning of stubble around his jaw. You could fully see the burning blush running over his cheeks now, no matter how desperately he wished to hide now. There were several adjectives that could be said, but none of them did him justice. 
You were completely lost in your disbelief that you hadn’t registered that your hand was ghosting over his cheek. Konig let out a hum, his hand enveloping yours as he leaned into your touch. 
“I don’t disgust you?” He asked. 
You smiled, “not even in the slightest.” 
Konig cast his gaze down in shame, “Maus, I’ve done things…I’m not proud of.” 
Your brow furrowed, “we both have, it comes with the territory. But that is not you.”
“Maus,” he whispered, leaning down to you. 
It happened quickly, his lips pressed gently against yours, as if holding them to flame. But he kept them there and you dared not move, your eyes falling closed. Konig didn’t push for more, his kiss innocent and sweet. Finally pulling from you, he took your face in his hands, staring down into your eyes with longing.
“Tell me to stop, and I will, Mauschen,” you could hear the straining restraint in the poor man’s voice. 
The right thing would have told him to stop, to put an end to something that would land the two of you in a load of trouble. That would’ve been the right thing…But fuck the right thing. You wanted to be selfish for once. You pulled Konig by his neck, capturing his lips once again, sealing in your answer. 
That was all Konig needed to have his hands on you, one hand on your waist, the over tangling in your hair, pulling you closer. He pulled you flush against him, desperate for more but fearful of seeming too desperate. But you weren’t a complete stranger to military time, AKA there being no time at all. You yanked on his vest, your lips ghosting over his. Your stomach sank seeing Konig shake his head. 
“Not like this, liebling… Wenn wir das machen ... möchte ich, dass es etwas Besonderes ist,” König said, his gaze looking for your approval.
Your gaze softened again, before nodding, “yes, I’d like that.” 
Konig wrapped his arms around your waist, “but this isn’t too bad, right?”
You giggled before kissing him again, Konig licking your lips, parting them. Konig grabbed the back of your thighs, lifting you effortlessly as you wrapped your legs around his waist. The two of your desperation was thick in the air, but even still you could feel Konig holding back by how his hands didn’t leave the plush of your thighs. Your hands found purchase underneath his hood, tangling with his locks. He sighed before pulling away from your lips, his drowning gaze never leaving you. 
You began to feel embarrassed, the nasty feeling rising in your chest. 
“I-I’m sorry,” you mumbled, tearing your gaze away from his. 
Konig followed your’s, a small smile on his lips, “for what, Mauschen?” 
“I-I…we’re basically strangers…” you said, overthinking like you always do.
Konig hummed, a frown replacing his smile, “do you want to stop?” 
Your body was set ablaze in this question alone. Everything in you told you wanted this, wanted him. You were snapped out of your thoughts with his lips pressing lightly against your burning forehead. 
“We’ll take it slow then, Mauschen,” Konig smiled, “and once the mission in complete, I’ll take you to wherever you want. Your choice.” 
You grinned, “anywhere?” “Anywhere, liebling,” Konig smiled lovingly before leaning in to press a sweet kiss on your lips once more.
Tumblr media
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rascal-xo · 2 days
What's up! Got another request for ya!. Ghost x reader request where ghost and the 141 are like having drinks in the kitchen at the task force or something like that and reader in their room doing whatever but has a crush on ghost and soap knows it so he dares ghost to go to the reader and makeout with her for like 4 or 5 minutes and then leave the room like nothing happened... this was a midnight idea🫣.
Dare or Dare | Simon Riley x Female Reader |
Summary: Things begin to get heated during a drunken game of truth or dare…
Warnings: Drinking games, language, making out
Tags: @pukbadger @fiveshelmet @myguiltypleasures21 @madamemelancholysstuff @emmaadlerrichtofen1 @swissy23
A/N: Thank you @glitteryeggalmondherring for never letting me run out of fic ideas 😭🩷 I hope you enjoy :))
Tumblr media
You sat around a table in the kitchen of the lowly lit base housing, surrounded by your teammates.
The adrenaline from the intense mission earlier had finally started to wear off, and now it was time to unwind. Bottles of whiskey and vodka adorned the table, evidence of your collective desire to let loose.
Soap, you got any more dramatic stories from selection?" Gaz chuckled, pouring himself another shot. You sat lazily on the floor in front of the couch, feeling the liquor truly getting to your brain.
Soap grinned, his dark eyes gleaming mischievously. "Oh, you know I've got plenty. But maybe we should spice things up a bit. How about we play a little game?" You and the Captain shared a look, knowing the chaos to come from Johnny’s words.
You raised an eyebrow, intrigued. "What kind of game?"
Soap's gaze swept across the room, locking eyes with each member of the team. "Truth or dare."
“What’re you, five?” Simon spoke, crossing his arms from up on the couch next to you. You laughed, a bit more giggly than anticipated.
"Alright, let's start with you, Gazzy boy," Soap said, his voice tinged with anticipation. "Truth or dare?"
He contemplated for a moment, weighing your options. "Dare."
A mischievous smile tugged at the corners of Soap's lips. "I dare you to take a shot of vodka, no chasers."
Gaz feigned surprise. "That's it? Easy." Gaz grabbed a shot glass and filled it with vodka. Holding it up, he gave a playful wink to the group before bringing it to his lips. With a swift motion, he downed the shot, the liquid burning its way down his throat.
He slammed the empty glass on the table, a triumphant grin plastered across his face. “Piece of cake, mate!" he exclaimed, his voice slightly slurred.
Soap leaned back in his chair, a twinkle in his eyes. "Alright, Y/N, your turn," he said, directing his attention towards you. "Truth or dare?"
You glanced around, locking eyes with Simon’s serious gaze a beat too long, feeling a mix of excitement and nerves. "Dare," you declared, trying to match Soap's mischievousness. You were past the point of drunken return, feeling yourself let loose completely, every intrusive thought coming to your brain in that moment.
You paused for a moment, letting the anticipation build, before breaking into a smile. "Actually, Soap, I've got a better dare in mind.”
Soap arched an eyebrow, clearly intrigued. "Oh, really? Do tell." You turned back to Soap with a sly grin. "I dare you to let me do a shot off of you."
The room fell into a stunned silence, and all eyes turned to Soap. He blinked a few times, clearly caught off guard, flustered. But a mischievous glint danced in his eyes as he looked back at you. "Well, well, Y/N, you're full of surprises. Challenge accepted."
Soap unbuttoned the top buttons of his shirt, revealing a perfectly sculpted six-pack. He leaned back on the couch, his abs glistening in the dim light of the room.
You grabbed a shot glass and poured a generous amount of vodka into it. The adrenaline coursing through your veins made you forget about any embarrassment or nervousness. You leaned over Soap's body, carefully placing the shot glass on his toned stomach.
Unbeknownst to you, Simon's jaw tightened, but he remained silent, hiding his jealousy beneath a facade of indifference. “Crazy you are, the lot of you.” Price sighed, blowing out smoke from his cigar.
Leaning dow, you picked up the shot glass from Soap's abs, maintaining eye contact with him. The vodka sloshed slightly as you brought the glass to your lips and downed the shot, feeling the familiar burn and warmth spreading through your body. “Bloody hell, lass.” Soap chuckled, his face still red.
You didn’t notice Simon's clenched jaw and the way his gaze flickered between you and Soap. The game went on, dares upon dares.
The hours passed, and the night grew late. The effects of the alcohol had settled into a pleasant buzz, leaving you unable to sleep. You slipped out of your bunk quietly, making your way back to the living room area.
As you stumbled into the dimly lit space, you noticed Simon sitting on the couch, meticulously cleaning his knives. His focus was intense, his brows furrowed in concentration.
“Hey," you hiccuped, your voice betraying your intoxicated state.
Simon glanced up, his gaze meeting yours. There was a flicker of surprise in his eyes, quickly replaced by a guarded expression. "You’re awake." he said, his voice low and steady.
You shook your head, plopping down on the couch beside him. The warmth from the alcohol still coursed through your veins, dulling your inhibitions and making you more open than usual. You leaned closer, studying Simon's masked face.
"Why do you clean your knives at night?" you asked, your words slurring a little. "Aren't you afraid you'll cut yourself?" You look the basic black balaclava covering his features, only leaving his eyes to the open.
Normally they’re tinted with black but now his true skin was glowing under the dim lights in the room. “Never.” He replied, monotonously as ever.
The alcohol had loosened your inhibitions, and you found yourself leaning in closer, your voice dropping to a hushed tone. "You know, you’ve always been my favorite soldier.”
“That so?” He didn’t look up from his knives, instead letting you continue to ramble.
"And I have to admit, Lieutenant, you're not just my favorite soldier because of your skills. You look good doing them too."
Simon's eyebrows raised ever so slightly, but he maintained his composed demeanor. A faint smile danced at the corners of his lips under the mask, and he leaned back, giving you space to continue your tipsy confession.
Heat rose to your cheeks as you realized the full extent of your words, but the alcohol-driven courage propelled you forward. You find yourself laughing then, “The truth comes out when you're drunk, right?"
Simon's lips quirked into a small smirk, his eyes shimmering with amusement. “Spose it does.”
Simon's gaze flickered, a hint of surprise crossing his features as he processed your words. He adjusted his position, turning to face you more fully, his eyes meeting yours.
The air crackled with a sudden tension as you inched closer to Simon, your words and actions fueled by the intoxicating effects of alcohol. The atmosphere grew heavy, charged with a mixture of desire and uncertainty. The weight of your words hung in the air, leaving both of you acutely aware of the implications of your actions.
His fingers twitched with the urge to touch your skin, to let his hands wander through the strands of your hair. But a part of him, the disciplined soldier within, held him back.
As your body leaned into his, Simon's grip tightened on your waist. His eyes, filled with longing, traced the lines of your face, taking in every delicate detail. He could feel the warmth of your breath against his skin, enticing him to surrender to the temptation.
But in a display of self-control, Simon gently pulled away, his grip softening. His voice was laced with a mix of desire and concern as he spoke, his eyes never leaving yours.
"Y/N," he whispered, his voice barely audible above the beating of your heart. "I want this, I want you. But not like this, love.”
“Simon-“ You whined, drunkenly.
His words sank into your clouded mind, a gentle reminder of the importance of clarity and sobriety. Though the desire between you burned bright, his restraint and concern grounded you in the reality of the situation. “I want you to be able to remember how much I want you.” He said.
The least you wanted was to just feel him, even for a second. “Kiss me, just once.” You whispered, your hands laced under his mask. He brought his own hands up to yours guiding the fabric just to the edge of his nose.
His eyes searched yours, filled with a mix of uncertainty and longing. Slowly, he closed the gap between you, his lips tentatively meeting yours. The taste of whiskey mingled in the kiss, heightening the sensations swirling within you.
You unknowingly moaned onto his mouth, making him grip you tighter.
Simon's grip tightened around your waist, pulling you closer to him as if he couldn't bear to let you go. His lips moved against yours with a hunger matched only by your own, fueling the flames of passion that burned between you.
Your hands, still intertwined under the edge of his mask, traced the contours of his face, feeling the familiar roughness of his stubble. The touch was electrifying, making your heart race even faster. With each passing second, the world blurred, and it was only the intoxicating connection between you that mattered.
Unbeknownst to you, a mixture of longing and guilt swirled within Simon. He knew that giving in to the moment was dangerous, that he needed to honor his desire for both of you to be in a clear state of mind. He finally pulled away, resting his forehead against yours.
The taste of that stolen kiss lingered on your lips, a reminder of the passion and connection that awaited when the time was right. Because knowing Simon, he intended to leave his mark on you on a night you’d surely remember…
A/N: Part two maybe??
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