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cod-dump · 18 hours
Soap: If I run and jump at König, he will catch me in his arms. Watch.
König, holding a coffee: Sergeant no-!
*seconds later*
Gaz: Why is there coffee all over the floor??
Soap, in König's arms: No idea.
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POV: lost your virginity to König.
Tumblr media
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lukiifer · 20 hours
Tumblr media
have this one too. pretty eyes :3
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deleteddewewted · 9 hours
Pegging König Drabble #1
W: Pegging, Sun! König, Dom Reader. Dom/sub Dynamic, Degradation, Nipple Play
He’s all showered and clean from a hard day of training and doing some basic repairs on his hummer. He’s tuckered out and his mind is finally calm and that gets disrupted when he gets back to his room and you’re laying on his bed.
You’re in shorts, and a shirt that’s pulled up just enough to show some stomach. He feels like such a perv because he gets hard at just the sight of some skin showing.
He can’t help how his legs shake when you tell him to take his pants off. He isn’t able to control just how quick his heart is pounding inside his chest when you close your book and order him to lay chest first onto the mattress with his ass lifted in the air. He can’t help the pathetic moan that leaves him when he fella the tip of your favorite dildo poke at his hole and push past the first ring of muscle.
With each thrust, you reduce him to puddy. His nipples are hard, his chest and face flushed red, his prostate sensitive and overwhelmed. His eyes roll into the back of his head all while you fuck him like a whore. You bottle him and call him names and he loves it all because he can barely hear it thanks to the loud pounding of his heart in his ears.
He’s leaking cum onto the mattress while begging you for a chance to take a short break so he doesn’t pass out from pleasure. He’s so far gone that he can’t even tell that you’ve changed positions and are now sucking and biting on his nipples all while pushing his legs right up against his chest all while you continue to fuck him.
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honeymoon-ss · 7 hours
Basically reader dying in konig's arms and just asking him to not let her go and caressing his cheek and telling him how much she loved him until reader dies and konig breaks down and he stays there, holding reader's limp body as tears fall to his cheeks and he gets pissed at the medics who got there late
dont love on the battlefield.
tw: death, my bbg crying, shouting
"nononono! shh..its okay...you're okay..I've got medics coming..stay with me, stay awake." he pleads as you bleed out. "i..im here, its fine- kön- könig don't cry- you'll make me cry.." you plead, your voice shaking.
for 20 minutes, you lay in his arms, fighting to stay awake and stable. "kön..are they nearly here..I'm..im tired-" your voice quivers. your cheeks where stained with tears and a little of your own blood where it spurt up. "its okay! stay with me, cmon..cmon, please.." he begs as he caresses your forehead.
"k..kön..kön i love you..so..so much, please don't let me go or I'll die sad.." you whisper too him before you slowly start fading in and out. the worlds a little muffled right now. you manage to lipread a few words. "its gonna be okay" you manage to decipher through his shaky breathing and tears.
you can't decipher the last few words before you close your eyes for the last time but all you know is you died in your lovers arms.
the air ambulances had arrived and people came sprinting over. he held your body close to him. "Don't fucking bother with running. you were all too late anyway."
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angi077 · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Look, a cat ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
you know what I mean….
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lvlyghost · 5 months
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crimsonbubble · 3 months
cw. nsfw, gn!reader, implied short reader, size kink, mention of being drunk, creampie *not proofread, just pure horny
[mayhap twt and lucy influenced this @lucyisdoingfine]
Tumblr media
Konig loves using his height to his advantage. so when he listened to your drunk mumbling about how easy it is for him to move you as he pleased and how you wanted something more, who was he to deny you?
that's how you ended up where you are, not even a day later.
your toes barely grazed the ground as Konig had you bent over your kitchen table. your nails scratch at the wood, eyes rolling back when Konig pressed into your g-spot. his hands are gripping your hips tightly, practically bruising as he pistons his hips.
you're reduced to a puddle of lewd moans and cries, desperately trying to regain the balance that Konig took away. Konig can't help but let out short whiny breaths and an occasional deep grunt each time he feels your hole clench and pulse around him.
Konig leans down, pressing sloppy kisses to your back as he held your hips against his. pushing in as deep as your body will allow him, to spill his thick seed into you. he rested his forehead on your shoulder blade as his cock twitched and pulsed in your stuffed hole.
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baufraus · 5 months
Tumblr media
he's such a baby.... my lil girlypop
school's about to start and I am too tired for a big piece .. so here are some doodles
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ergione · 4 months
Tumblr media
getting ready for school  🎒
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dropped-their-sniper · 5 months
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if you enjoyed this set, please reblog!
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Two bros nappin', wish them sweet dreams.
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sweet-as-an-angel · 5 months
OMG HII I'M A NEW FOLLOWER AND I LOVE YOUR WORK!! May I please ask for HCs or a one shot of Ghost with his s/o being self conscious/ashamed (YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN LOL) about squirting so much that he AND the bed got soaked?? THANK YOU SO MUCH MANY KISSIES MUAH 💋💖
Ghost & König w/ an S/O who is Self Conscious about Squirting a Lot
Warnings: 18+, Sexual Content, Heavy Implications of Smut, Squirting, Insecurity, Embarrassment, Dom Ghost, Dom König, Unprotected Sex, Profanity, etc.
Tumblr media
First time it happened, Ghost couldn’t quite believe his eyes.
He just stared down at where his hand connected with your cunt, your cum spattered across his arm, reaching all the way up to his elbow.
The sheets below you were covered, too, a heavy downpour of your juices coating them, soaking them.
“Fuckin’ Hell,” Ghost rasped, licking his lips.
You lay wide-eyed and stationery beneath him, chest heaving with the coat tails of your orgasm.
You’d never done that before.
And the fact that Ghost only looked upon you with a heavy gaze did nothing to soothe your nerves - did nothing to reassure you that what had just happened was normal. Or appreciated.
Sweat-skinned and face flushed with embarrassment, you tried to withdraw, to cover yourself and hide from Ghost’s dark eyes.
They were unreadable. Void of anything discernable.
Before you could pull the soaked bed sheets over you, Simon’s hand tore it from yours.
“Oh no, Princess,” he said. The corners of his lips turned up, not a smile, but one of its off-colour variants, one that spelled devious.
“I’m not lettin’ you go until you’ve covered me.”
Your eyes almost popped out of your head, face burning. You tried to object.
“You…you don’t think it’s weird?” you said, testing. Receding. “I-I don’t think I can do it again–”
“Let me put it this way,” Ghost began. He pumped his fingers into you, four strong, making you squeal, sensitive from your orgasm. He began unbuckling his belt with his other hand.
“We’re not stopping ‘til you do.”
Tumblr media
König didn’t stop pummeling into you until you’d finished.
And, upon doing so, your orgasm tearing through you, you ended up spraying.
König felt your warm cum shoot against his abdomen, coating him in a thin layer of you.
You noticed, but your mind was far too hazy with the after effects of your high to register it properly.
König finished inside you shortly after, unable to contain himself any longer.
He flooded you, painting your insides white, much how you’d painted him.
Minutes passed, your conjoined, deep breathing filling the silence.
Head somewhat clearer, giving way to distinguishable thoughts, you looked down at König.
He was, simply put, wet.
Not damp, not moist - wet.
And then, the memory hit you.
Your heart sank.
“König…?” you said, voice meek. You watched his chest and shoulders heave, with him bent over you like a bridge, eyes screwed shut.
You went to call his name again, but his lips on yours stopped you.
Between laboured breaths, he muttered dark words into your skin as if they were incantations.
“Why did you hide this from me?” he said, breathless.
You blinked, confused.
“You thought you could keep this little trick of yours a secret from me.”
He said it as if it were true. The actual truth was that you’d never done that before; not with König, not with anyone.
“I should punish you,” he said, retracting only to roll his hips against yours.
You gasped, a shock of painful euphoria tightening inside you.
“I can make you do it again,” he said. There was no mercy in his eyes. No negotiation. 
“And I will.”
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cod-dump · 13 days
Soap: So... you saw me eat that hot pocket I found in the garbage Konig: Yes Soap: Any thoughts on that? Konig: No Soap: Oh man, I like you
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cerosin-bis · 7 months
Tumblr media
The way the canonically "severely socially anxious" character looks like this terminates me. I can fix him.
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