somnambulant-seraphim · 2 months
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Various metal trinkets, keys and coins (and one plastic spider) I haven’t shown yet, I think. 
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hotelchlorine · 2 months
obviously theres overlap between many groups and I probably forgot a lot of stuff, but yeah polls!!! let me know if theres something I should know about
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lightaphorism · 2 months
Some stuff to start doing for no reason because life is hard and we deserve some fun whimsy every now and then:
If there’s one thing the fae have taught me, it’s that names are power. Always ask people their names and never give yours back.
Magpies are auguries and should treated with caution. When seeing one, you should always salute and say good morning to avoid any bad comings.
Change your handwriting every now and then; it makes you harder to identify.
Your room is a pure representation of your heart, keep it a mystery from others (especially those who you do not wish to see your soul).
Vampires love to count. Make sure to keep some rice around that you can spill in an effort to distract them (they can’t resist counting each and every one).
Keep asking questions; often when people are wrapped up in speaking about themselves, they forget to even think to learn about you.
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inner-space-oddity · 1 year
Me, picking up guitar picks, soda tabs, earrings, and anything relatively shiny off the ground: finders keepers heheheehe
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invasive-flora · 3 months
poem about being autistic i wrote before i knew im autistic
I am something that perhaps was once human
A thing caught in glimpses
But never clear enough to be real
Never seen fully enough to construct
  Something beautifully terrible
A wild thing
A child abandoned in the wood
Taken in by faeries
  Not a swap, not an even deal
One life for another
Just a quiet whisking away
For the chance that was in it
  But sídh are not men
They are secrets and whispers
Strange-mannered folk, easily angered
Not the type to make grown from a child
  I would have to do the raising myself
Create a person without seeing one
How odd, to craft what one has never lived
Like a medieval painting of an animal, never quite right
  So I set to task to build a self
A something, at least
A haphazard making of a man
An insulting impression of a woman
  A mask can take a battering
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gleamiarts · 11 days
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magpie study
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faunalightbringer · 5 months
who needs all this society stuff when really i just wanna be a small fluffy creature that collects shiny objects and eats plants and mushrooms (and probably also eat flesh but like we're ignoring the bloodlust today)
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clansocreations · 1 year
"Claire! Don't touch that Rusty metal, you'll end up catching something nasty!"
"So? I'm not having sex. That should balance the odds of catching something nasty, wouldn't you say?"
(This is an actual exchange I had last month and I'm still proud of that comeback 😂.)
Today I turned 18 years old.
I never had sex and I don't plan to
I never fell in love before and am pretty sure it's never going to happen. (Although I do have a friend crush)
My mental health is in a good place right now. I am happy with where I am in life (you tend to get a bit sentimental around your entrance into legal adulthood I have found) although anxious for the future.
I am aromantic asexual and I happen to also be a lesbian. I'm not 100 percent sure of my identity but I'm sure that I am. Not. Straight. And I'm no longer stressing about this part of who I am.
I love my friends
I love my family
I love the people that make my life brighter every day
And that little voice at the back of my head that exists because of how obsessed with sex and the concept of romantic love the world is? That can fuck right off. I'm not listening anymore.
Happy IAD, everyone.
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sanguinebutch · 2 years
crow brain when i see pretty rocks, crystals or random shiny things on the floor:
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insomniacescapist · 1 month
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Stimboard based off my aesthetic
🐌 🐌 🐌 📓 📓 📓 🐌 🐌 🐌
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Treasure hoard update!
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I have this little ceramic bowl that they all fit perfectly in! My favourite part of crowcore is the majority of the trinkets in your hoard have big stories behind their little existence in the collection :)
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See you next time trinket army <3
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somnambulant-seraphim · 3 months
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Here’s the most recent necklaces in my collection, I made most of them. I used a lot of wooden beads on them as well. 
There’s one with a tiger’s eye star, a coral fossil from my sibling (I think it’s horn coral), one with a moss agate heart (though the colours remind me more of lichen <|:-] ), a piece of quartz geode (also from my sibling), and I bought the final one, it’s two dried mushrooms and leaf fronds preserved in a resin heart <3
I’ve also made some chokers out of black safety pins, an old purse strap (with a metal heart charm) and a thrifted belt. 
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silly-rosemary · 1 year
look! shiny! cubic crystal system! iron and sulphur!
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tinkercore · 11 months
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Had a great haul at the lake today 🥺🥺🥺 Got snail shells, rocks, metal, glass, and bone!!! Will show clearer pictures after cleaning
Yellow circle is a strip of metal I found, green circle is a piece of white glass, and blue is the little bone!
I think it's a vertebrae but I don't know what animal it's from. Again though I'll post better pictures in a few hours ^^
~ Z
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magpiesandthings · 8 months
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March in Zakarpattia
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prettycanratha · 11 days
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