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Ok but meemaw apple and turtle tots will kill me with cuteness!
Dead by cuteness? How silly-
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Pedro Pascal as popular raccoon memes pt.2
thank you to @not-a-unique-snowflake-blog for the perfect Din meme
[ comment if you liked them, pt. 3 out tomorrow ]
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Young Sheldon The Big Bang Theory
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start your day right (crying to family tree & house in nebraska)
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By Your Side
Georgie Cooper x grieving! best friend! Reader
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Requested by Anonymous: "hii:) so my idea is that reader is kinda sad cause she lost someone that she loves (u can choose) and Georgie is just there comforting her"
Warnings: Mentions of Death, Angst,one bad word, slight fluff
A/N: I'm kinda basing this off of Season 6 Georgie, but there is no Mandy and no baby.
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(Not My GIF)
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It's always good to have someone close by at all times. Someone who you know will love and care for you. That someone who knows what to say, even if you didn't ask. Because someday, something really terrible is going to happen, and that's when you'll need your someone.
For Y/N, that day was August 12, 1994. Y/N was 19 when she woke up from her sleep to answer the phone. Her parents owned a small rotary phone that kept its place on the kitchen wall. It was surprising that the girl could hear it from her room.
She sat up in her bed with a loud groan. One at a time, she carefully moved her legs to hang off her bed. When her feet touched the floor, she stood up and began to make her way to the constant ringing coming from the kitchen.
When she reached the phone, she leaned back, stretching her back, and released another loud groan. She pulled the device from off the wall and placed it to her ear. "Hello," she groggily said into the phone.
"Hello, is this Y/M/N or Y/D/N speaking?" the person said from the other side of the phone.
She looked around suspiciously before speaking again. "No, this is their daughter, Y/N. Is there something I can help you with?" Y/N responded back to the person.
"I'm sorry, but your grandmother, Patty, died in her sleep a couple of hours ago," The person said.
At first, Y/N thought it was a prank, but who jokes about someone's grandmother dying. Her body froze as the thought of never seeing my grandmother ran through her mind. Her hands began to shake, threatening to let go of the phone. She began to sob lightly. "Thank you," she said with broken words.
The person sadly said, "I'm sorry for your loss. And I want you to know that you and your family are in our prayers." And with that, they ended the call.
Everyone in the house and probably the neighboring houses heard the teenage girl's sobs become heavy tears as I fell to the floor with a loud scream. The phone slammed against the wall right before Y/N's parents came running in.
"Honey, what's wrong?" her father said as he walked up to the wailing girl to comfort her. "Nana's dead," she said through choked sobs. Her mother gasped, covering her mouth with her hand. If Y/N had looked up, she would have seen the same hurt on her face, on her mother's face.
Y/N's father began to rub both of their backs as he calmly said, "Oh." He didn't know what to say to that. He thought that maybe, someone had broken into the house, but this was a completely different situation.
Now he knew his wife's mother was old, and it was a matter of time before she died, but Y/M/N's mother was almost like Y/N's best friend. They talked about boys together. They crocheted together. Patty could be seen at every school play and concert. Patty was Y/N's #1 supporter... well, besides Georgie Cooper.
Before anyone else could open their mouths to say something else, Y/N stood from her spot on the floor and ran out of the room. "Where are you going, honey?" Her father asked, her mother still in tears.
"Out," she called back, grabbing her jacket from the coat rack, and rushing out of the house.
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Y/N didn't have anything on her when she left her house. No wallet. No form of ID. But none was needed because she was just going up the street to the Cooper's. The Coopers were always like my second family. They treated me to meals. if my parents were away on business trips, a bed to sleep in, and she always felt like she had siblings in their kids, seeing as she was an only child.
Looking for Georgie, she went to the garage, where she knew Georgie would be. She pounded on the door. Still teary-eyed from earlier. When Georgie opened the door, he stopped himself in his tracks as he saw his best friend crying.
"Who was it? Do you want me to beat their ass?" He said, balling up his fists. Y/N shook her head no as she quickly slipped past Georgie and into his "home." She made her way to his bed and sat on it.
"My grandmother died a couple of hours ago," she said as she sadly looked down at her feet. Georgie looked at his friend with concern as he sat beside her. He pulled her into his side as he slowly began to rub her back.
"Wow, I didn't see that coming," he said before continuing. "I know how much she meant to you. And honestly, if I found out my Meemaw died, I wouldn't be as strong either." His words soothed the girl enough to make her stop crying, but it wasn't enough to get her out of her "funk."
Georgie looked down when he felt the girl begin to move out from his hold. She carefully moved to the center of the bed, where she got under the covers and laid. "Cuddle me?" she muttered.
Georgie stood with a small, "Yeah. Sure." He got ready for bed, throwing on a pair of pajama pants before hopping in next to the girl. He threw his arm around her waist, feeling the silk fabric from her pajamas on his skin, and he lay there quietly.
It wasn't long before Y/N fell asleep. She had one of the longest nights a person could ever have. And it's safe to say that she earned a good night's sleep.
Georgie hovered over the girl as he took in the girl's soft snores. He carefully moved the hair from Y/N's face as he traced the small tear lines covering her face. Placing a kiss on the girl's forehead, he turned off the light and laid back down, holding the girl. He soon fell asleep, and they both slept peacefully.
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me on my way to therapy
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Ethel Cain is like if liminal spaces were a person who has religious trauma
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Final | Sass: who does it best?
Meemaw v Javier Peña
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Here are the final two to battle it out! Javier is the crowd favourite, but Meemaw has a history of defying the odds - may the sassiest one win!
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Pedro boys being sassy AF
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Lucanus simply has two hands
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ethel cain at coachella ♡
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I miss Harveston 😔
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memaw? 0:
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mother. . . can’t get enough
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I Got You
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Georgie Cooper x Reader
Summary: Y/N has her first time with the one and only Georgie Cooper, and he makes sure to take care of her.
Requested: Anonymous
A/N: They didn’t really give me a summary. All they said was that they wanted fluff/lime. I hope this is okay. BTW, this is season 4 Georgie.
Warnings: I’ve never done one of these, so be warned. There is also mentions of sexual interaction (Nothing too serious), and some minor language.
Tumblr media
It was quiet in the Y/L/N household. Y/N���s parents were gone, and it was the perfect time for some “one on one” time with her boyfriend. Of course, it was her first time, but she didn’t feel like it was important. What was important to her was that she liked Georgie and she wasn’t gonna let something as stupid as being a virgin stop her from being happy with the one she loved.
If her parents were home they would hear and disapprove of the sounds that left the walls of her room. The constant thumping and squeaking of her bed could be heard just from walking into the kitchen. And a mix of Georgie and Y/N’s moans and groans sounded loudly throughout the hallway. But of course, her parents weren’t home, so she could make as much sound as they wanted.
Soon, all the noise stopped, and the only sound heard was the heavy breaths that the two released as they started to calm down from their “activities”.
Y/N laid on her bed as Georgie hovered over her. She laid facing the ceiling with her eyes closed in a sense of bliss. Both of their faces were red from the heat. And Georgie’s hair glistened in his sweat, making him look as if he had just gotten out of a shower.
“Oh, Y/N, I love you so much,” Georgie said, still trying to catch his breath.
“I love you too, Georgie. Wow! That was amazing!” Y/N exclaimed.
“Oh, that was nothing. Maybe I can highlight some of my “talents” during round two,” Georgie smirked.
Y/N couldn’t help but chuckle. She uses her hand to push Georgie onto the other side of the bed before getting up so she can clean up the mess. As soon as her legs touch the floor, pain rushes through her legs. Georgie sees this and quickly helps Y/N sit back down.
“I don’t think I could handle round two tonight,” Y/N says looking up at her boyfriend. A scoff along with a soft laugh escapes Georgie’s mouth.
“Clearly. How about I run you a nice warm bath? It always helps after a good leg workout,” Georgie offers, causing Y/N to silently nod.
Georgie slides his boxers on and runs into Y/N’s connected bathroom, and he runs her a nice warm bath with some Epsom salts. When the water is done, he runs back into her room, picks her up bridal style, and softly puts her into the bath as if she was a delicate doll.
When Georgie knows that Y/N is comfortable in her bath, he gets up to leave. But his actions are stopped when a hand pulls him back towards the girl. He looks at her as she says, “stay.” Georgie tells her that he’ll be right back, and so she waits.
A couple minutes later, Georgie comes back with two candles and a lighter. He puts one on each side of the tub and lights them. Y/N couldn’t help but smile as she watched her boyfriend run over to the lights before cutting them off. He makes his way back to the tub and slides in behind Y/N.
Y/N lets out a moan as Georgie slides his muscular arms around her body. She feels a tingle run through her as Georgie’s breath fans her neck. He starts to whisper sweet nothings in her ear. He says things like “You’re so sexy” and “you were amazing tonight”.
“I’m glad you like it, because that was my first time,” Y/N confessed.
Georgie gave her neck and earlobe a slight peck and said, “Well that was the best sex I’ve ever had. You’re one hell of a woman, Y/N.”
Y/N let out one last moan before sitting back against Georgie’s chest. They both lay in the tub together, letting the Epsom salts soak into their skin until the bath starts to get cold.
When they got out of the tub, Georgie puts on a t-shirt and boxers that he left from previous sleepovers. Y/N put on some underwear before popping on one of Georgie’s t-shirts and some track shorts.
They made their way over to the bed, throwing the covers forward so they can get in. Their heads touch their pillows, and right before their minds can enter slumber, Georgie throws his arm around Y/N's waist and pulls her tightly into his chest. And for the rest of the night, the two stay engrossed in mind of peaceful slumber.
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