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Mermay art I couldn’t finish on time lol
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your shark mer 141 and mer remora fic is one of the only things keeping me sane during finals week so please please please dump all of your thoughts on us because your writing style is so good and i can’t get enough!!!!!!!
thank you!! i sincerely hope finals are going/did go well for you! you should treat yourself with a little something if/when you're finished :)
and the shark mer 141 are always happy to be of service <3
37 / 1k / part 2 of shark mer Ghost tolerating remora mer reader
"But I'm fine!"
“You’re not. Look at you. You’re half-asleep.”
You’re not tired, you’re hungry. You shift against him, listless and unable to voice your needs. It's not that you're unwilling to do so--it's that you can't. It doesn't occur to you. Your kind doesn't survive by acting needy around a host.
Ghost notices your silent resistance. You’re weak--too tired, too hungry, too used to taking care of yourself--and still stubborn enough to keep your mouth shut anyway. He bites back a growl of irritation. It would be easier to fight. At least then he could shout it out of you. But no--instead you’re a tired lump in his hand, and your silence doesn’t give him anywhere to push back.
He's got one arm looped around you and both of your hands grasped in one of his. He only carries you like this, holding you by the wrists, when you accompanying him isn't up for debate. When you're being particularly fussy about it, he drags you by the wrists as if your arms were leads.
You don't relish that thought right now. You finally just bow your head, tucking it against his chest in submission.
He feels the change in your body language when you surrender to his control. He notices the way you go almost limp against him. Good. That almost puts the hungry, prowling animal in him to rest. Almost.
It’s a hard thing to explain--the gnawing dissatisfaction he felt watching you comb through the sand, small and alone on the ocean floor. The protective, possessive feeling that took root in his stomach.
It made him want to bite you all over. Not just to punish you, but to warn any other lurking thing who might confuse your loneliness for attainability. Not that he'd ever express the impulse to do so.
"Are you coming back to hunt again?" you ask him.
“Why? Do you miss me that much?”
You huff. "You didn't eat enough."
His fingers tighten around your wrists. You either have an inappropriate sense of humor or no self-awareness whatsoever.
“You're in a mouthy mood, huh?” he remarks tersely. “Must be even more tired than you look.”
He’s not stupid. He knows why you invited yourself along on his hunting trip. But he’s not going to coddle you while you shy away from the issue.
He glances up towards the coral reef, considering. If he brings you straight home, you'll just go back to ignoring your obvious needs. But he won’t let you wander the sea floor like some starving bottom-feeder. And he knows better than to hunt for you—you always refuse fresh kills.
The ones Ghost offers, at least. You seem willing enough to take fresh kills from Gaz.
Pisses him off.
You open your eyes when Ghost changes course and heads for a small cove carpeted in sandbanks. He dumps you unceremoniously into the soft sand. You look around, then at him.
"Stay right here." His tone brooks no argument. He swims off with an irritated lash of his tail before you can ask him why. You're left alone, moonlight curling across the surface of the water far above you and across the sand at your fins. Watching it makes your eyelids grow heavy.
You wake with a start when he returns. He holds in one clawed hand a fish. A live one.
He comes to rest on the edge of the sandbank. He doesn't speak, merely watching with a critical eye as you shake the sand from your scales and rouse yourself back into full consciousness. Then he holds out the live fish to you.
You frown but reach for it. Right as you lay your hands on it, it darts away. You jump in surprise, but one look at Ghost's face tells you he expected exactly that to happen. He can’t stop a small, satisfied smirk from curving his lips. That was exactly the reaction he wanted, and now you’re staring at him with six different accusations on the tip of your tongue.
His eyes fix on you with that smug, condescending look in his gaze. "Didn't Price teach you how to hunt for yourself?"
"Yes," you snap. You push yourself off the sand and dart after the fish, catching nothing but water again.
“Clearly not well.”
You strike out again. And come up empty. Again.
He huffs a laugh. You turn on him. "What's the point of this? You're the one who was going hunting."
He leans back, propping his weight on his elbows as he eyes you. Every failed lunge and dart bring him more satisfaction. "The point is that you should be able to feed yourself," he retorts. "You're too dependent, sweetheart. You’d starve in a koi pond."
You’d love nothing more than to tell him where exactly he can shove his stupid fish, but it’s far too mentally taxing for you to refuse outright. Instead, you cross your arms in a way that just as clearly says I'm not doing that.
Ghost’s eyes glimmer. He isn’t having it.
He pushes himself off the sand and swims toward you, pushing you back against the bank when he crowds himself over your smaller frame.
"You know” —his expression is downright patronizing— “refusing an order is a bad move. Bad things happen to disobedient pets."
"It didn't sound like an order," you mutter, avoiding his eyes.
He grabs your jaw and forces eye contact. "Sure as hell wasn't a suggestion, sweetheart. If you're not gonna ask for food when you need it, you're gonna learn to hunt." His eyes are hard, and that smug, self-satisfied demeanor is buried far underneath. "You learn or I make you learn. What do you say?"
You swallow. "Thank you for catching me such a nice practice fish?"
"Good pet." He releases your jaw.
He moves back onto the sand, propping himself on his elbows once more as he leans back. His black eyes linger on you, and you feel a chill.
"Now go."
part 1 / [part 2]
more mer au / more Ghost / masterlist tag
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Next ->
anyways, turns out god really is dead bc i made this comic in MSpaint and, GOOD LORD, it took a lot of willpower lol.
Anyways, here's a bonus panel <3
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tommy went out hunting for food, got a very unwilling big brother in the process <3
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Day 27 of mermay. Secret
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I did something simpler this time due to my tight schedule ; v ; I had fun drawing those tho❤️
Also, I did Alex as the t bc I wanted an excuse to draw human Elisa, arrest me
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Oh this is how he looks like in colors!! I wanted to polish it more but I'm happy with how it turned out anyway c:
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Next in the line up, Mikey is a Loggerhead Sea Turtle. Kind of a given considering most reference photos of Loggerheads are orange or a variation of orange/brown. The other reason I wanted Loggerheads for him is in their shell patterns, since a lot of them look like sun bursts to me. He's rounder, smaller, bigger feet flippers and hands. His arm frills are a bit like Leo's, but his build is more like Raph (which you'll see soon.) I've included two of my favorite photos from my vast folder of Loggerheads (they're my favorite.) And the first sketch I did of him.
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the pirate and the mermaid 🗡️
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Mermaid Y/N: so I just sign here?
Kraken Sun: indeed, angelfish! Just one innocent little signature right here! Ignore the tiny letters beneath the line, don't you worry about them. Decorative purposes only!
Mermaid Y/N: don't you think this price is a little bit drastic just for one day on land? I just need to go to a store before it closes for the day. Is that really worth my soul? I didn't know inflation hit that hard in this economy.
Kraken Moon, wrapping his tentacles around Y/N's waist and pulling them closer: Worry not, my melody, such a debt shall be collected only if you fail to reach your desired destination in time. Surely there shall be no obstacles that will throw your heart into the darkness of despair as you race against Time itself.
Mermaid Y/N: well, that was unnecessarily ominous and totally not suspicious.
Kraken Sun, playing with Y/N's soft hair: nonsense! We are definitely not planning to sabotage you and then capture you for ourselves for all eternity!
Mermaid Y/N, slipping out of their grasp and swimming away:...I think I will try the witch next door! Thank you for your time!
Kraken Sun, with a sinister laugh: should we tell them that we already sealed the exit?
Kraken Moon, humming: let them find out on their own, it will be funnier.
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Lighthouse keeper!Eddie x siren!reader
Happy Eddiversary to those who celebrate (this is so late lol)
words: 1k
cw: none i don't think.
a/n: besties this is my first ever fic please be nice to me I tried my best.
Thank you to my friend @theold-ultraviolence Irma i wouldn't have come up with this au or written any of it, if it wasn't for you and our Self Indulgence Sundays. Thank you for nudging me i love you <3
Lightkeeper!Eddie headcannons
Tumblr media
August 17 1824
It's been a week since the mysterious lass appeared on my doorstep. Two more till the supply dingy visits, it's been strange, readapting to living with a person but we’ve fallen into a routine. I've found a smile on my face many a time as I'm working. Her voice carries on the wind, it's almost as if it’s blowing it directly to me. 
Eddie hardly counted the sailors he’d met and slept next to people, not civilized people at least, forced to wash with salt water to preserve the limited supply of fresh water. He spent many a night with a makeshift mask over his face to hopefully block out the scent of sweat and the sea but when she arrived, he found he didn't mind it, almost like he missed it. 
The keeper's house contained 2 rooms as the tending was intended to be a 2-man job, he never realized how empty the small space was until she occupied it. Grown used to the loneliness the sea brings he forgot that the ocean also gives, and she had given him a beautiful gift. He tried to be the perfect housemate before he went off to his tending. He left coffee already brewed in a small metal pot for her to reheat when she woke, fetched a bucket of water for her from the cistern and left a note on the kitchen table : back at sunset. Will cook dinner- E
Morning work was easy enough; take inventory, rain fell last night meaning the cistern had to be woken up with chalk and a good mixing and then any odd maintenance works the buildings needed. He would always know when she was awake no matter how far he wandered from their quarters, her voice seemed to carry on the wind straight to him. Often time he found himself singing along, whistling is a bad omen on ships he remembers this even on land. He knew quite a few sea shanties, picked up a few local songs while he was on the mainland, but she often sings songs he's never heard before and sometimes he thinks in a language he can't understand.
At noon he returns to a simple meal tack and stew she so proudly displays to him half burnt and over salted, but he grins and eats it anyway. She told him in the first week with misty eyes
“I don't want to be a burden, let me….. Let me cook lunch at least you work so hard let me help you” lip trembling and how could he deny her.
“The poor thing” he thought “could make anything taste like salt water and gruel” but he eats anyway.
“Thank you darling, what would i do without you?"
“You're welcome" grinning she looks down at her plate before shyly muttering
"if you're not too busy, would you like to join me on a walk at sunset?"
"OfCourse, anything for you" he smirks leaving her with a kiss on her hairline.
Sunset at the lighthouse made it seem like the sky and sea were competing for your attention, seeing which could glimmer brighter, but Eddies attention was elsewhere. He was enchanted by how her beauty seemed to be enhanced in the golden light.
"Open your hand" she blinks up at him one her fists closed tightly. Wordlessly he gives her his palm and she places an oyster shell, no longer than his pinkie, in it
He grins "an oyster?"
"Yes, my mother told me they were a sign of good fortune"
"Huh I only know them as dinner"
She laughs, mouth opening to give him a clever word or two when she suddenly goes stiff looking over his shoulder. 
"What is it?" he spins to look at what could've possibly rattled her, and behind him on a boulder is a seagull, a bit unremarkable too no missing limbs or gnarled features.
So, he laughs” You're scared of that little thing?”
“Yes, they're retched beasts of the sky with no manners” she grips his bicep keeping him between her and the bird.
“Y’know on the ships they say they’re the souls of drowned sailors, so we treat them kindly just like our human shipmates” he laughs as she moves her glare from the gull over to him.
“I think they should be chum” she says, squinting at the bird, almost daring it to attack.
In a sudden move the gull swoops over their heads missing hers by a centimeter and continuing out to sea.
"Did you see that! that that monster nearly killed me"
"Maybe you need this more than i do" he dropped the oyster back into her palm
"What? no, no i want you to have it, besides you'll need it if you're going to try befriending those creatures"
He chuckled, the sound like warm honey in the cool sea breeze. "Alright, if you insist. But I promise, no more gull attacks on my watch."
Shakily she grabbed his arm again as they continued their walk down the shoreline.
"Do you ever miss it? sailing? "
"Hmm, sometimes" he sends a wistful look out at the water the sun spilling over it as the last of it slips below the horizon.
"it was my life, the only thing I was good at" he grins, but it's sad round the edges.
"but i needed the change, it was getting too repetitive"
"so you decided to tend a lighthouse? the same job day in day out" her eyebrows pull together eyes squinting in confusion
another smile this one woven with affection "well I'd travelled a while but i needed to return to the sea almost- almost as if something was"
"Was calling you back" her tone changes, her voice becomes layered whispers singing and screaming. her eyes gleam, a secret understanding.
"Yes like-like it was calling me" he steps towards her without thinking, mechanically putting one foot in front of the other, eyes locked on hers until he feels wet? Looking down he realizes his boots are drenched, shin length in the waves his brows furrow.
"What are you doing?" asks melodic laugh behind him and he turns to see her, face lit up with the last of the afternoon glee and a smile.
"Think I wanted to go for a swim" the end lifts like a question, he looks back down to his feet barely visible in the water
"But it's getting dark, we should head back" again her voice changes and he moves without remembering, until they're back to their quarters and she bids him goodnight.
That night as he refills the oil and cleans the lense at the top of the lighthouse out in the distance on a cluster of rocks he sees a figure bathed in darkness. He can only make out a humanoid figure with their hair whipping in the cold sea air behind them. Leaning over the railing to squint into the darkness his blood runs cold as a wail crosses the distance, then a soft whisper, as if it was said over his shoulder, of his name.
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Silly goofy thing I did for Mermay. Always running out of time, so instead of realistic I tried for simple and cute.
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sing me a song and let me love you
rated m | 12.4k words
tags: siren gnf, childhood friends to lovers, non graphic violence, fluff and angst, time skips, possessive behaviour
Dream doesn’t know what George is, all he knows is he has a tail and gills and can breathe underwater. He shows Dream one day, takes him underwater with a quick kiss to his cheek that grants him the ability to temporarily breathe underwater. He speaks five languages his school taught human languages as extra credit coursework.
or, dream meets george, a Siren, at eight years old
for @promise-me-moon for a mermay gift exchange the rats decided to do! (the fic writers did not finish before may ;-;) i hope you like it!! i loved writing it when i wasnt crying over writers block :p
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Day 26 of mermay. Seal
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Don't turn him into sushi pls <3
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