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simdreams · 3 days
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Robi went exploring and now needs a bath to get rid of the fleas.
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fizlok · 6 months
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ethersic · 27 days
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17+ Through Death We Become — An interactive fiction story about grief. [Submission to Queer Vampire Jam — Other Entries]
Years ago, your life was taken from you, stolen by the teeth of a vampire. For a long time, anger at losing all you were had festered inside, building and boiling, threatening to pour out, but you had maintained it.
Until you heard that the vampire who turned you had shown up in some state, and it all came rushing forth.
Not wanting to lose your chance at revenge, you hunt him down, but before you get to him, you wind up in a random town with a stranger who wants to help you.
7.5k words
1 human (non-binary) love interest
Lots of angst
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agileo-101 · 5 months
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which role will you take? And will you help him?
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saffein-e · 10 months
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deeppink-man · 1 month
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Aftermath is finally on Steam!
A new ending, a new cut scene, and new options have been added to Aftermath. Find out on Steam now.
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petricakegames · 7 months
Another Round
Tumblr media
"Another Round" is a 25k word, interactive fiction, urban fantasy game made with Twine for the Single Choice Game Jam.
Written and coded for the Single Choice Game Jam! The Jam where you only give one choice to the player!
Tumblr media
You play as Maddie, a woman in love with a woman named Agnes. Actually, she hates her. Actually, it's complicated. You definitely broke things off with her. And you don't regret it. At least once.
Yes. At least once per day, you don't regret ending it with Agnes. Except tonight. You definitely regret it tonight.
Those are the facts you can't change. How any of those things came to be is up to your imagination. It's not part of the story, anyway. The story is about tonight. The night you save Agnes...or not. You don't get a lot of say in what happens.
Well, you get a say. Once.
So maybe you save her. Maybe you save yourself. Maybe the "fuck it" train you're on derails and takes the whole nightclub with you. The story is a bit unhinged. But, then again, so are you.
gender-locked; name-locked; appearance-locked, sexuality-locked (congrats! you're a lesbian) protagonist. No customization available--free yourself from the burden of choice!
bad life choices come pre-made! Never fear. I'm sure you'll be able to make some more of them. Or, hmm, I guess just one more bad life choice, technically
adult language the author has already used in this description without warning...dang
hundreds of endings, but only one place the story stops. Lots of things can end, you know. The breath you just took ended
set in a world with demons and half-demons because why not?
unhealthy coping strategies! Co-dependent former relationships!
a demon who calls himself Seven because he liked that movie and tends to shout "WHAT'S IN THE BOX?" at inappropriate moments
a single choice in the entire game. Make it a good one
"Another Round" is intended for an adult audience. Content warnings are available in the game menu before the story begins.
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morpheusfiction · 1 year
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You never set out to be a hero. You just wanted to survive. Play as the Guardian of Oscaire, newly named hero of the war. You fought in the war, uniting your companions to infiltrate enemy lines and open the gates to end the siege, killing the King of Avlijaan in the process. Now you're returning back to Serna to the acclaim of your countrymen. You just want to go home, to your small hovel where you lived in peace. Instead, you've been raised to nobility, invited to live in the palace as the Queen's advisor. You've been triumphant in war, but are you prepared for life in the dangerous court of Queen Aureya? With it’s backstabbing, cutthroat politics, it seems even more lethal than the battlefield. Make enemies. Earn allies. Change the course of the country's fate. And do your best to stay alive.
Tumblr media
Play as The Guardian, a hero of war and the Queen’s newest advisor.
Customize your character — choose your gender (female, male, and non-binary), pronouns (he/him, she/her, they/them), and appearance (height, weight, skin color, hair color, scars, tattoos, & piercings).
Five Romance options & two optional romantic encounters.
And be careful — your decisions will change the fate of the country of Venyre.
Tumblr media
— Lukiana Vioras — the princess
— Leonzio Vioras — the prince.
— Josefine Silvestri — the rebel.
— Kieryn Raethe — the ambassador.
— Nasir Shafiq — the apprentice.
— Aureia Vioras — the queen
— Felix Renault — the general
Tumblr media
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lordzuuko · 3 months
I had to record twice so I can have Pinocchio cry in a 3.5 second cutscene with (+ top hat) AND without glasses having his beautiful short grey hair in NG+ XD Was it worth it? Oh, DEFINITELY :')
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hime-bee · 6 months
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To celebrate my game reaching 600 downloads, I drew some sketches of Leumin! Thank y'all so much for playing my game 😭💙💙
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dreamtydraw · 11 days
8 endings ( 2 good, 2 bad and 4 neutral )
13k of text
genderless mc
 my tears
a queer vampire guy
a dog
Cursed by your friend, you seek to find a vampire to break the curse tonight. Encountering a mysterious man at a club, you face choices about how far you'll go and how you wish to spend the night with him. This queer tale explores themes of asexuality and the longing for platonic connections, with subtext about vampirism.
dudes you can't imagine how happy I am to finaly release it !
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simdreams · 1 month
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Calla and Cora went to the park by themselves for the first time and they were excited to play on all the toys!
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fizlok · 7 months
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Here's the traveling shopkeep: Nima! You'll be buying all your goods from her.
She's going to take the pink character slot from the dragon that I have still yet named. The dragon is going to get a whole design overhaul. I said there was going to be only one more character design, but that was before I thought Nima up. The other character will probably barely even be present in the game, but I think will be important to the overall cast. I'm not set on the name Nima and I think the scale of a lot of characters is off in the lineup. I think Macey should be a bit taller and stouter here and start should be a bit bigger all together.
I've been slowly making progress on the game, but have been having some mental blocks with it. I think designing characters has been my favorite part of the process and it was a good break to design Nima today.
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hmooncreates · 7 months
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The year is 1848, and gold has been struck in California. Your husband has decided now is the time to catch his fortune, and he wants you to come with him. Of course, you agree. You love him after all.
The Fool Who Got Married is a game about surviving the trip out west, and hoping your marriage survives it too. The game and story is told through letters written home to your family.
The Fool Who Got Married explores moving out west and leaving everything behind - including your family. Told through letters written home, you discover what it means to stay connected to those you miss. 
You play the game using the songs themselves as prompts and timers. 
If you choose to travel out west - good luck. And be careful.
What You Need to Play: somewhere to keep track of your letters, a d12, and access to The Fool in Her Wedding Gown by The Crane Wives.
Pay What You Want on itch.io.
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glugslove · 19 days
if you combine every element in my game together and cast it on yourself you become a weird chaos that destroys every object you touch
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helenacore · 7 months
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records of planet green 🌍 follow the red flag
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