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happy pride to the gayest couple in the clergy
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Inspired by @potio-kanjiklub-zevzeca's post ->[LINK]<-.
STAR WARS: The Clone Wars/The Bad Batch © George Lucas/ Dave Filoni/ LucasFilm/ Disney
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kiwi-draws · 2 days
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famous cats from @temporalxanthosis !!! read my friends webcomic now!!!!
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kabukiaku · 12 hours
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omega as leon kennedy from re4 because....damn I really don't know- do i really gotta explain myself here
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polina-savitskaya · 3 days
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Zuria, Liselle's mentor / Early sketches, 2021 Will it be interesting for you to observe the sketches and searches for the appearance of the characters? Creation process vids? ---- Based on the story GBTQ by @sigmalied
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smolbendyhorn · 20 hours
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Omega Smiling in Every Episode -> Replacements (1x3) Part 1
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questforgalas · 3 days
Sibling moments in the Bad Batch that live rent free in my head
S1E7 "Battle Scars"
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"That depends on when Echo plans to get the drive back on line" said with so much nonchalant sarcasm while they're literally fleeing a space battle
"I'm working on it!" older sibling is done with younger sibling shenanigans
"You named that thing?"
"Well, we did steal from them" "Technically, the Rhokai stole the lizard first" sibling 101: make sure you correct your sibling even when in the middle of piloting a ship while fleeing a space battle
"They don't see it that way!" older sibling needs younger siblings to just concentrate
Wrecker's check in glances at Hunter when Cid's sassing them
Post mission traditions
Hunter's unamused, exhausted face as he waits for Omega and Wrecker to get to the point
Omega's "fuck off" glance at Wrecker when he tries to pin it on her
"Uh huh. The kid"
Hunter's exasperated sigh
Omega and Wrecker's little hoppy excited dance 😂
Matching scrunchy faces as Hunter, Tech, and Echo stare down Cid
Tech and Echo glances Tech and Echo glances
Hunter's high pitched utter shock at the number of mantell mix
the gasp i uttered at 8am when i first watched this episode and the two bar regulars go up to the hooded figure and i caught the small glimpse of blue on the vambrace when he swirls his cup i had to pause the episode and scream into my hands i hadn't even seen his face yet
lord Rex owns me. anyway
Hunter and Tech glances Hunter and Tech glances
Hunter's smirk at "That's not her ugly side?"
Tech and Echo glances Tech and Echo glances
Echo's dagger eyes at Cid when she shoves Hunter
Echo the entire bar scene with Rex - I know it's not the batch, but Echo is pure "younger sibling in awe of older sibling and so excited to be reunited" energy and it's so freaking cute
also Hunter and Tech look so admiringly at Rex the whole time. they genuinely look up to him i just caught this and it's so precious
Echo and Tech's fond smiles at Wrecker as he hugs Rex
Echo's little laugh and head shake at "This one we like!"
Hunter's immediate worry on his face and Tech's immediate move to Wrecker when he starts groaning
protective Rex activated is something that can be so personal
Hunter puts himself between Rex and Tech and Wrecker as soon as Rex moves for his blaster
Rex's haunted look as he reflects on his chip activating 😭
Tech and Wrecker glances Tech and Wrecker glances
Hunter's comforting shoulder pat on Wrecker
"I don't have an inhibitor chip" "Why not? That's not fair!"
"He means, it's almost finished"
this strut is so sexual and for what? ok back to the batch i promise
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It's not the batch, but Rex keeping it hidden that Ahsoka helped him until they have their chips out is brother protecting sister energy
Hunter and Tech practically shoving Rex to the side to try and see Wrecker when he gets pulled underwater
When Tech says "Time to get scanned, Wrecker" it's light but concerned and his eyes are so big and worried
All their concerned little faces 😭
Tech's so worried as he looks at Wrecker while the pod warms up
Little sister grab
"is it supposed to take this long?" worried impatient siblings
Hunter's deep sigh and look down while Wrecker's still in the pod
Neither batcher going more than 2 feet away from the surgical pod while they wait
Echo standing with his arms crossed, not taking his eyes off the pod
Tech and Hunter literally falling asleep in their chairs
The gentle head pat on Omega 😭
"Why the long face"
Tech shooting awake and nonchalantly saying "Oh, you made it" 😂
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robotsandramblings · 2 days
remember when Omega fell into the dark crevasse and Tech didn't even hesitate and immediately jumped in after her
and then Tech fell into the foggy abyss and Omega didn't even hesitate to try and go after him... she would have immediately jumped in after him, had no one been close enough to grab her and stop her
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4 Omega Speedmasters on Gemini IV June 3, 1965 Gemini IV astronaut Edward White became the first American to perform a spacewalk. Ed White wore a life support system at his chest and remained attached to the capsule with a 8 meter long umbilical assembly which consisted of a communication lead, a silicone rubber oxygen hose and a strong nylon tether. White used a Hand-Held Maneuvering Unit, nicknamed the “Zipgun” with a Zeiss photocamera attached to it, to produce controlled thrust bursts to move around the Gemini capsule. Both NASA-issued Omega Speedmaster 105.003-63 chronographs on long velcro straps could clearly be seen at his inner left forearm. Both White and James McDivitt wore two Omega Speedmaster chronographs during Gemini IV as NASA learned to work with different time zones (Florida & Texas)! (Photo: Moonwatchuniverse)
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drelldreams · 3 days
pick the planet/station you’d want to live on most if you were in the mass effect universe (no reapers AU)
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animentality · 13 days
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May as well start this off right These are a set of sprites I did as a challenge to myself last October, managed to finish them all within the month!
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mephiles the dark comics
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It's ok guys, season three opens with Omega and Crosshair being rescued and the Batch finding out that Tech survived, trust me I spoke to Mr. Star Wars in person
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Omega in Sagittarius © blastrophoto
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