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artistfingers · 1 year
Tumblr media
soap bubble by @artistfingers [Ao3]
haikyuu | T | tsukishima kei/hinata shoyou
This time, Kei can’t resist the urge to look back. Even in the dark—even without his glasses on—his eyes find Hinata’s, peeking over the curve of his pillow.
The low light has robbed Hinata of most of his colors, but Kei likes him like this. Edges blurred, soft. His expression happy, open. Unguarded.
Kei’s breath catches, stutters. 
He holds it all in.
one of the first drawings i did while working on my tsukihina fic, soap bubble! I love this little moment at the end of ch.1 a lot <3 here's the full sketch too!
Tumblr media
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yanderecrazysie · 11 months
Entrance (Yandere Fan! Tsukishima)
Requested on my Quotev.
When I say that I love Yandere Fan x Famous Reader stories, I am absolutely not joking- I just freaking LOVE these stories!!! The most likely victim of a yandere would be someone in the public eye because these people are already put on pedestals and treated like gods. I’m so excited to write this asdfgfhfgsdfsad sorry for how late this is, but finally got inspiration AHH!
If you doubt me, go to a boyband concert and look around at some of the girls in the crowd and THEN tell me that not a single one of them would consider murder for their favorite band member.
Also, the way Tsukishima finds Reader’s location is based on a true story of how a psycho fan found and stalked a Japanese Pop Star named Hibiki Sato.
Tumblr media
Title: Entrance
Pairings: Tsukishima x Popstar Reader
WARNINGS: Yandere themes, Swearing, Slight incel vibes, not Tsukki stealing you from Yams lmao
Summary: You’re different from your bandmates- from every other idol somehow. At least, you are to your biggest, most obsessed fanboy.
fill (someone) with wonder and delight, holding their entire attention
The blond male sitting at his laptop paused in his typing and sent an annoyed glance to his bedroom door, which had been suddenly flung open by his closest friend.
“Shut up, Yamaguchi. Did you forget how to knock?” Tsukishima’s snide comment didn’t do anything to put a damper on his friend’s grin- if anything, the freckle-faced boy beamed even brighter.
The scowling man didn’t bother to ask his companion why he was so happy- he knew he’d find out in a moment. Sure enough, Yamaguchi eagerly brandished a shiny square case, practically shoving it towards him in excitement.
Tsukishima adjusted his glasses and studied the object- a CD case depicting a J-Pop girls’ group. The three girls were attractive in a somewhat-cutesy way. They stood close together, pearly-white grins across their faces as they held up peace signs, each of them clad in a different, glittery, pastel-colored dress with matching ribbons weaved into their long hair. The background was a faded pinkish color and covered in different illustrations of candies and sweets. A bold, bright, and cutely scribbled font above the idols’ heads declared what Tsukishima assumed was either the group’s or the album’s name: Candy Cloud.
“What the hell is this?”
Yamaguchi’s face flushed in embarrassment as his eyes darted away, his smile fading into a wistful expression. Tsukishima felt a twinge of regret for putting a damper on his friend’s spirit but… seriously? What was he thinking, acting so excited over some stuck-up celebrities?
They were all the same. Soaking up the fame and praise like narcissistic sponges when all they cared about was the money and attention their admirers gave them. The personas they showed off to the public were all for show, puppeteered by some publicist who knew what their audience wanted to see and hear.
Female celebrities were the worst- always so desperate to stay basking in the limelight that they would sell their soul to the devil if it meant that no one would forget about them. They’d pump themselves full of Botox and silicone, sleep with the most popular celebrities, and pull asinine stunts if they ever felt like the public wasn’t keeping their eyes on them.
The smiles and laughs they forced in interviews made Tsukishima sick to his stomach. So painfully fake. It was fascinating to see how bad singers were with words and how bad actors were at acting when it came to donning the masks their fans wanted to see.
He’d heard enough stories about these “sweethearts” and “oh-so-genuine” celebrities acting like disgusting monsters the moment they thought no one important was watching. Infuriating divas that verbally abuse their staff, condescending assholes that believe they’re better than everyone else, backstabbing bitches that no one likes but will never say so…
And what do their fans do when this news comes out? Even when faced with undeniable facts, they’ll defend their idol to the death, becoming utter hypocrites and making fools out of themselves. Simping for girls who would probably never know they existed and wouldn’t care about them if they did.
It didn’t matter to Tsukishima what these girls Yamaguchi was fanboying over pretended to be- he had no doubts that they went back to being self-absorbed bitches the moment the camera stopped filming.
Why would Yamaguchi invest any amount of time and effort into girls that would never know of his existence nor appreciate any support he gave them? Why couldn’t he just focus on a girl in one of their university classes or something? Tsukishima could stomach his friend gushing over just about anyone, as long as they weren’t famous.
The friend in question was looking at Tsukishima sadly, disappointed in the response he was receiving as it dampened the positive mood he’d been in, “Sorry, Tsukki, I just… thought you’d like one of them. All three of them are really cool and one’s your type.”
Tsukishima snapped back immediately, “And I’m supposed to believe she’d want to date me or something? They’re just braindead celebrities.”
Yamaguchi wilted and nodded reluctantly, muttering another apology. He stood there awkwardly as Tsukishima resumed tapping away at his keyboard and finally let out a meek excuse to leave.
“Goodbye,” said Tsukishima, not at all sad to see him go. Yamaguchi returned the parting word softly and scurried off, likely to listen to his CD at home.
As the night dragged on, a nagging feeling tugged at Tsukishima’s mind, distracting him from his essay. Why does Yamaguchi think I’d like one of them? Which one of those three girls did he think I’d even like?
Before long, the boy found himself typing “Candy Cloud” into the search bar and scanning the results. Sure enough, Candy Cloud turned out to be the group’s album name, their actual group being a mashup of parts of the members’ names. The first girl wasn’t his type, nor was the one in the middle, but the last girl, (Y/n), was just his type.
She wasn’t like the other celebrities he’d watched interviews of- she was entirely herself without a hint of deception. She giggled over the awkward moments but never lied, only ever saying “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you that!” when asked a confidential question.
Her interests and values aligned with Tsukishima’s, to the point that he began to imagine that they agreed on everything. And, as one night turns to one day, turns to a week, to a month, and so on, he begins to delude himself into believing that you know who he is and already feel the way he’s beginning to feel.
Tsukishima no longer lets Yamaguchi come over.
He’s embarrassed, to a point, by how much you have taken over his living space. Your posters and pictures line his walls, your solos play on repeat, and he has every piece of merch, official or not.
Tsukishima studies the latest selfie you’d posted to your personal social media account. He grins. The name of the train station you’re at reflects in the iris and pupil of your big, beautiful eyes. It’s nearby. No more than a 15 minute drive and you’d mentioned “walking home” in the text portion of your post.
Soon enough, he’d be adding the best possible addition to his extensive collection.
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thelaughtercafe · 3 months
Convenient Interventions
Tea Type: Sweet Tea (Fluff)
Potential Triggers: None for this one! ^^
Pairing: Oikawa & Tsukishima/ Kageyama
Length: 638
Summary: Tsukishima realizes Kageyama is having trouble focusing, and Oikawa, helpful friend that he is, decides to help him relax.
A/N: Gods Kageyama is such a cute Lee and I feel like these two would be lethal Lers, especially to him. Poor Tobio-
Tumblr media
“Man, you really suck today- can’t focus King?”
Kageyama whirled and barked a retort. 
“Shut it, Four Eyes no-one asked you!”
“So aggressive. Scary~ What, did you not sleep last night, stressing about Oikawa again?”
Kageyama flinched and Tsukishima smirked to himself. 
He marched over to where Tsukishima waited on the sidelines and started ranting. 
“Why would I even care that he’s here- I’m gonna wipe the floor with him!”
“I’m sure that’s why you’re trembling.”
Tsukishima grabbed his arm, holding it up so he’d see his own hand. 
“Wow, you’re that on edge cause of little old me? I’m flattered Kageyama~”
Kageyama tried to whirl to face Oikawa but Tsukishima still had a firm grip on his arm. 
“You- don’t know what you’re talking about!”
“Oh, don’t I? You’d always get the pregame jitters- remember how we used to help you out with that~?”
There was a lilt evident now, and Tsukishima couldn’t deny he was curious, especially as Kageyama turned his attention back to him and tried to squirm out of his grip when Oikawa began to leisurely walk over. 
“Lemme go- this is stupid!”
“Aw, don’t be like that! I just wanna help.”
“No! I-”
“Don’t tell me your new teammates don’t know Tobio. That just won’t do! Tsukishima- you wouldn’t mind helping me dispel Kageyama’s fears, would you?”
Tsukishima probably should’ve been a good teammate and released Kageyama- but he could admit he was sadistically curious. 
“Whatever- if it’ll help him play at his best..”
He dismissed, raising his chin as he pulled Kageyama towards him, readjusting him a moment and putting his arms under his to hold the squirming setter against his body. 
Oikawa beamed at both of them, easily speaking over Kageyama’s cursing. 
“Kageyama here- is actually really ticklish. Here, I’ll show you! It’s the best way to make him shut that big mouth of his and make him squeal.”
He closed in before Kageyama could kick him away and dug into the boy’s sides but he held firm, glaring at him for all he was worth and biting his lip. 
Unfortunately for Kageyama, his smirk only widened at the challenge. 
“Ah, he’s playing hard to get. That’s fine by me- it’s more fun when I get to break him!”
Tsukishima couldn’t help snickering. 
“Well at least now your fear of him makes sense. Too ticklish to take it? The ones who talk a big game like you always have some sort of childish weakness like this. Wait till the others find out.”
Kageyama turned red, his blush raging and very evident and Oikawa encouraged it further with his own laughter, dancing his fingers up to scribble merrily at his ribs making Kageyama finally burst out laughing, unable to help himself. 
“Ahaha! Wow, you’re a mean one! Teasing is the perfect way to break that stoic facade of his. Isn’t that right Tobio?" 
"You guys are the whohohorst!! Cut it ohohohout!”
“We’re just trying to help Tobio- you don’t have to pretend you hate it.”
Oikawa cooed.
“I’m not pretending!! You guys shuhuhuhuck!”
“Your blush says otherwise. I didn’t even know it could go to your ears like that.”
Tsukishima quipped, blowing air into it and making Kageyama squeal. He could deny it all he wanted but the blonde blocker felt how relaxed he’d become. This really had helped him unwind. 
Still, he decided to be nice. Just this once. 
“Alright, I don’t want him too tired out before we beat you- thanks for the information though Captain.”
Tsukki finally released him and Oikawa jumped back with a laugh as Kageyama panted and glared at him.  He shook himself off and seemed dead set on taking the other down, storming off to practice with Hinata, and Tsukishima couldn’t help but snicker. 
This information would definitely have its uses down the line.
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giggly-squiggily · 5 months
Hi! If you’re still taking the sentence starter requests, could I please request lee Tsukki ler Yamaguchi with the sentence starter “don’t start fights you can’t finish.” Thanks!
{Puffs are officially CLOSED}
D'awwww! I love these two so much! I've gotcha covered, anon! :D
A pillow smacked Yamaguchi on the back of his head, making him drop his phone. His character on screen flew off the edge, ending his run. “Tsukki! I almost beat my high score!”
“Too bad.” Tsukishima smirked, lightly smacking him again with the pillow. He was in a surprisingly playful mood tonight.
“Oh, that’s it!” Yamaguchi reached behind him, grabbing his own pillow before leaping at the blonde. It was now a battle of the feathers, the two boys smacking eachother relentlessly with their soft weapons as they laughed themselves silly. For a second, it seemed that Tsukishima had the lead, but Yamaguchi was a Pinch Server for a reason!
Just when you think you’re about to lose, here he came to even the score!
“AH! N-No!” Tsukishima yelped when his sides were grabbed, throwing him off balance and into the messed up sheets. “Y-Yama, no!”
“Yama, yes!” Yamaguchi giggled, quickly turning the tables as he sat on the blonde’s hips, squeezing rapidly. “Don’t start fights you can’t finish, Tsukki!”
The blonde gritted his teeth, willing the giggle fits to go down. He refused to laugh, he wouldn’t! He reached for his pillow in hopes of smacking Yamaguchi right off of him-
“Aha! Ahehahhhaa! Whahahait, whahahahait!”
He just had to go for his belly, didn’t he?
“Uh oh, looks like I found a tickle spot!” Yamaguchi giggled, scribbling away as Tsukishima giggled and swore, halfheartedly shoving at his shoulders and kicking his feet against the warm bed. “What’s wrong, Tsukki? Where’s your fighting spirit?”
“Shuhuuhuhuuhsh! Ahehahahaha, Yahahhama nohohoohohot thehehehhehre!” Tsukishima gave up on his pillow and went to tickle him back, but the moment he raised his arms to do so, Yamaguchi shoved his hands beneath them! “AH! AHHEHAHAH NOAHAHHHAHAHAH!”
“Hehe, I’m winning!” Yamaguchi giggled like a child, utterly delighted. “Forget my game- I’m going for a new highscore! Let’s see how long I can get you laughing!”
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floppy-fries-bbg · 1 year
Strawberry shortcake
Pairing: Kei Tsukishima x Amab!reader
Kei Tsukishima was a person of habit; he woke up changed ate breakfast brushed his teeth and went to practice. Today though he decided he was going to change it up.
His best friend: Tadashi Yamaguchi recently told him that there was a new cafe in town that served amazing strawberry shortcake. Tsukishimas favorite food.
The blonde slipped off his white headphones as he entered the cafe. Immediately he was overcome with the smell of croissants, cake, macaroons, and pastry’s. The mixture of smells was powerful but not overwhelming like a perfume. It had more of a cozy feeling to the area.
Welcome to Tsukareta cafe” someone greets the boy from behind the counter. He stops admiring the cafe and turns to see a handsome man with a warm smile on his face. His e/c eyes stare at the blonde with admiration. “You’re really handsome” the boy blurts out still keeping his eyes on Tsukishima.
Without waiting for a response he starts to talk again “so what would you like today? Handsome boy” the cashier questions warmly to match the environment he was in. “One slice of strawberry shortcake” Tsukishima answer politely. I mean sure he was rude but he wasn’t rude to cute boys who call him handsome.
“So, this for your girlfriend? Wait do you have a girlfriend? I hope you don’t have a girlfriend I don’t want to like a straight taken boy again.” He sheepishly chuckles handing the cake slice to the blonde. “No, and no. Here’s your money” Tsukishima hands over a twenty dollar bill.
“Thank you keep the change,” he takes the cake in the plastic container before leaving the cafe.
After that day Tsukishima returned every morning; greeted by the usual cashier with his warm smile. Soon enough Tsukishima and the cashier formed a friendship.
Like clockwork Tsukishima would come in exactly at 6:20 and would leave at 6:30 after chatting with his friend.
“So do you have a boyfriend?” Y/n asks taking out the boys usual order. “No, I don’t have a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend” the blonde responds taking out his wallet. “That’s good” the cashier mumbles as he scribbled something onto the plastic container of the cake before handing it to Tsukishima. The both talk for a little before the volleyball player has to leave.
“Hi Tsukki!” Yamaguchi greets his friend with a wave. “Hi Yamaguchi” He says monotony as he starts to open his container when he notices something scribbled on the side.
As he looks closer he smirks. ‘That bastard’ he thinks as he reads: ‘Hey handsome ;) call me’ Tsukishima adds the number to his phone before going about him day secretly waiting to call his cashier boy.
Should I make a part 2?
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itoshi-s · 1 year
scribbling down this stepcest tsukki ramble at 4am really did change your girl
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enstaries · 5 years
Hi! I was wondering if you had any headcanons for Adonis' sisters? We've only heard a little bit about them and how they are with Adonis, so I'm curious if you have any personal headcanons for them? What their personalities might be like, how they might act to Adonis' s/o if they ever met them, etc.? I hope this makes sense! It might be hard to make headcanons for them since we know so little about them, so if this is too difficult or confusing, feel free to ignore it!
www i don’t actually have solid hcs for his sisters but when i saw your request i thought of some personalities i’d like to see adonis struggle to handle HAHA so yes his three strong sisters
eldest sister~ ☆
→ as the firstborn of the otogari family, she’s the one in charge of keeping her younger siblings in check. they were raised under her praise and her scoldings, and is thus the most respected amongst the siblings. as much as she terrifies adonis, she’s the one he’d go to first for advice.
→ because she helped in raising them, she’s also extremely protective over her siblings. in the past, she’d beat up any bullies who targeted her younger siblings until they were strong enough to fend for their own. as such, she’s also become very wary of any strangers who enter her siblings live, including any potential significant others.
→ it takes a while for her to warm up to adonis’ new partner, but when they earn her trust and she recognises their care for her brother, she becomes very chatty. she doesn’t have many friends in japan - especially none that will listen to her chatter for hours on end about her siblings - and is the sister who’d show all of adonis’ baby photos to his partner and try to interrupt their dates to steal them away for herself.
middle sister~ ☆
→ the toughest of the three. she believes more than anything in the need to be strong, and gyms almost on a daily basis. her dedication to her physical fitness has made her the most muscular of her siblings, and also caused her to be unable to control her strength. more often than not she’s breaking down adonis’ door demanding him help her fix some keychain she broke.
→ she’s also the most feminine of the three, and melts overy cheesy romance novels. when they were younger, she was the one who read bedtime stories to adonis and swooned over the fairy tale romances, dreaming for her own one day. nowadays, she tries to hide this side of hers, and limits it to when she forces adonis to go accessory shopping with her.
→ of course, she’s thrilled to know that her little brother’s dating, though she laments over her own singlehood. demanding to know every last detail of adonis and his partner, she makes adonis recount all of his dates, and is the first to meet them. she’s also the one who gets her elder and younger sister to warm up to his partner.
youngest sister~ ☆
→ although she’s closest to adonis in age, she’s the one he’s the most wary about. after all, she’s usually the ringleader in them tormenting him, and he still has nightmares of how she’d fit him into her dresses and practise her makeup skills on him. of the three, she’s also the most bitter over his growth spurt, as it made her the shortest in the family.
→ indeed, she’s the one who has her two older sisters wrapped around her finger, and loves to tease her younger brother too. to adonis she may seem like a monster, but in truth family is of great importance to her, and she’s adonis’ greatest supporter in UNDEAD lives.
→ like her eldest sister, she’s aloof to adonis’ new partner at first. it’s only when she realises that she’s jealous of them seemingly stealing her baby brother all for themself that she starts to warm up to them. of the three, she’s the most determined to tease and embarrass adonis before his partner, which is also why he’s the most desperate to keep the two from meeting as much as possible.
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bratdesire · 3 years
All Bark and No Bite
Tumblr media
Pairing: Tsukishima Kei x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Noncon, lowkey incel Tsukki, yandere ( i think?), degrading language, knifeplay, misogyny, slut shaming, brat taming, slapping, belting, mentions of blood, choking, emotional manipulation, belly bulge, overstimulation, painful orgasm, unprotected sex, general meanness, time skip spoilers?
Genre: Smut (gross)
Author’s Note: This is mean, nasty Tsukki brain rot and I had no reason at all to write this. He’s a fucking beast in this and I apologize for nothing. Hopefully someone likes it tho. As always, thank you to my betas @sempiternal-amour​, @kidwine​, @india-katsuki​!!
Word count: 3.9k
Summary: Tsukishima teaches his roommate’s bratty girlfriend a lesson or two.
Please heed the warnings, it’s dark in here ;;;;
Tumblr media
Tsukishima has hated you since he laid eyes on you. 
You personify everything that he despises, from your big bratty mouth, to your typical bitchy attitude, to your ridiculous wardrobe which must only consist of tiny crop tops and slutty skirts that barely cover your ass. 
Most of all, he hates that you never fail to give him a raging hard on anytime you’re around. But it’s really not his fault, not with the way you prance around his and Kuroo’s apartment in your tiny, indecent outfits and surely not with the sinful moans he hears you make through the thin wall between their bedrooms. He knows you know exactly what you’re doing.
You can’t not know.
He knows you’re trying to tempt him, test his resolve. He doesn’t miss the way you make sure he’s looking when you bend over in your too-short skirt, panties conveniently missing. You’re always mouthing off to him, trying to goad him into an argument, knowing Kuroo will always come to your defense.
You’re trying to push him until the thin, fraying thread that is his self-control snaps.
One day, it does.
You’re standing in the kitchen, boiling some pasta for dinner when Tsukishima unlocks the front door. Great, he thinks, he’s had a long day full of stressful negotiations for the museum and now you’re here to sour his mood even more. Usually Kuroo is there to smooth out any tension that develops between you, quickly defusing any arguments before you start full-on screaming at each other, so your conflicts have never risen above that threshold. 
But Kuroo’s not here, as Tsukishima learns from you in your annoyingly snarky tone, “Tetsu won’t be home until late tonight. He told me to tell you he said to fuck off if you bothered me.” You’re smirking, feeling superior in the belief that you’re safe from his wrath because you’re his roommate’s girlfriend and he wants so badly to wipe that smirk off your face, preferably by belting you until you bleed.
“I didn’t ask, brat,” Tsukishima sneers, narrowing his eyes at you as he passes on the way to his room. He’s trying to keep a calm, collected persona, but you just get under his skin in a way that no one else does. Usually he lets those types of comments go but he’s just so tired, so tense, and so fed up with your attitude that his bubbling anger threatens to break the surface and boil over. He breathes in, breathes out, breathes in, breathes out. He can tolerate your unruly behavior for at least a few hours until Kuroo gets home, he tells himself. He truthfully doesn’t care about his relationship with his roommate, Kuroo just offered him a cheap place to stay after high school graduation, but he knows that if he did hurt you he’d have to find a new place to live and that would just be a headache that he doesn’t want to deal with.
After changing out of his work clothes and putting on sweatpants and a t-shirt, he makes his way down the hall and back into the kitchen to make himself dinner because he sure as hell isn’t going to eat anything you make. Girls his age never know how to cook, only knowledgeable in spreading their legs for any alpha male that looks their way.
Much to Tsukishima’s irritation, you’re still in the kitchen piddling around like the clueless bitch you are, incapable of boiling a simple box of pasta without the water boiling over and making a mess of the stove. He lets out a groan of exasperation, walking over to where you’re standing in front of the stove to remove the pot from the burner.
“Can’t do anything without fucking it up can you, brat?” He growls at you, purposefully clipping your shoulder as he moves behind you to throw the ruined pasta away. He knows he’s baiting you into an argument and that you’ll take the bait, but the knowledge that Kuroo won’t be home for a while makes him want to see how far you’re willing to go without your boyfriend present.
“You’re such a fucking asshole, you know that? No wonder no one likes you,” you huff, leaning against the stove and crossing your arms. The action squishes your breasts together and he can see the faint outline of your areolas through the thin material of your shirt.
“As if I care about what a useless brat like you has to say about me.” Tsukishima scoffs and he can see your anger in the way your shoulders shake.
“You barely fucking know me, who are you to call me useless?” You push yourself off the stove and take a step closer to him.
“I know enough about you to know that you’re useless.” He can feel his resolve fraying more and more as each word leaves your bitchy mouth.
“Oh, I’m useless? Didn’t that little ginger boy you played volleyball with in high school get on the Japan National team while you work at a museum?” You’re smiling triumphantly as if you’ve won this battle of wits, but Tsukishima can rattle off insults in his sleep and this isn’t his first time putting someone in their place.
“You know Kuroo only keeps you around because you’re pretty and you’re a warm, wet hole waiting for him to fuck when he gets home.” He crosses his own arms this time, a satisfied grin spreading across his face. 
“So you think I’m pretty?” You’re snickering at the reddening of his face and the twisting of his delicate features and it fills him with so much rage that the thread... 
He’s on you so fast that you can’t even blink before he has you pinned to the countertop, one hand squeezing the back of your neck and the other twisting your arm painfully behind you. Tsukishima relishes in the little yelp of pain you make when he twists your arm back farther.
“Absolutely not. Your slutty cunt is the only good thing about you and even that has probably been stretched out by all the cocks you’ve taken.” His voice is calm, collected, as if he were discussing the weather and not verbally abusing you while he has you pressed into the countertop. Your fight-or-flight response triggers and you start kicking and screaming, thrashing against him in a blind attempt to wrench yourself from his grasp. 
“What the fuck are you doing? Fucking asshole get off of me and let me go!” The hand that’s holding your arm quickly grabs your other wrist while his other hand wrenches you upward by a painful grip in your hair. Your back is now pressed against Tsukishima’s chest, wrists restrained by his long fingers and head bent back so your eyes meet his. They’re cold, unfeeling and send a sickly chill down your spine that makes you still immediately.
“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll be quiet and calm down. It’ll be easier that way for the both of us.” The monotony of his voice is even more sinister in this moment where you’re completely at his mercy. Your eyes widen in horror as you feel his cock pressing against your ass and it causes you to start fighting him again, no coordination in the way your muscles move in your frantic movements. You’re screaming, just hoping somebody will hear you, somebody will come save you.
Your hopes are meaningless when you’re so small, so vulnerable. Tsukishima knows no one will come for you and he knows you’ll never be able to overpower him. You’re completely at his mercy, whether you choose to comply or not.
 “You know, even if nobody comes for me now, Tetsu will be home later and I’ll tell him everything you did to me.” You’re confident that the threat of your boyfriend will deter him from taking his abuse any further. You struggle in his grip to hold yourself a little higher so you’re more eye level with him. “He’ll kill you if he sees one hair out of place and I tell him it was you.” 
How cute, you still think you have control of this situation.
“I’ll just deny whatever you claim that I did or didn’t do. Who do you think Kuroo will believe? Me, his longtime friend from high school, or you, his whore girlfriend he met a year ago?” A smug smile tugs at his lips, knowing he’s planted a seed of doubt in your mind that Kuroo will believe you.
“Tetsu loves me! He’ll believe whatever I tell him.” He can’t tell if you’re trying to convince him or yourself.
“You really think Kuroo loves anything more than your tits,” he uses one hand to grope at your breasts, “or your ass,” the other hand sliding down to fondle at the supple flesh. The feeling of his long, thin fingers on your body causes you to start fighting again, but this time your arms are free so you start flailing them blindly, hoping to stun him long enough that’ll give you enough time to get away. You manage to twist around and smack him in the face and almost wriggle out of his grip but as luck would have it, you don’t get away. You won’t get away. 
Rage takes over his features, his muscles tensing and flexing. Tsukishima quickly raises his hand and brings it down across the left side of your face. It takes a moment for you to realize that he slapped you, confusion slowly morphing into an expression of sheer, unadulterated fear. The horror that dawns on you, overtaking your features, warms his heart.
“If you’re not going to behave and continue to be a brat, I’m going to treat you how a brat should be treated.” He drags you, kicking and screaming, down the hall to his bedroom. He wishes you’d shut the fuck up, but that’ll be taken care of soon enough.
Kuroo thinks you’re his sweet, innocent girlfriend but Tsukishima knows better, knows what you really are. You’re a mouthy, bratty whore who needs to learn her place and he’ll be the one to remind you what you are.
Once you’re in his bedroom he turns and uses one hand to lock the door. How pathetically weak you are that he only needs one hand to restrain you. He digs around with one arm underneath his bed, slowly getting frustrated before he finally grabs what he’s looking for.
He grabs your arm and fastens a cuff to your wrist, tightening them just enough so the cold, hard metal digs into your flesh. It only takes a few moments of your incessant struggling for redness to bloom across the skin of your wrists and Tsukishima can’t help but smile at the sight. 
“What kind of sick fuck just has a pair of handcuffs lying around?” You’re scared, he can hear it in the way your voice shakes, but you’re trying to act tough and he can’t help but roll his eyes.
Tsukishima hauls your body over to his bed, forcing you to follow him if you want to prevent fracturing your wrist. He forces you onto the mattress, body bouncing with the impact. With the other cuff in hand, he fastens it to his headboard.
“The kind that’s going to beat your bratty ass into submission before I fuck your stupid cunt.” He hooks his thumbs into the waistband of your flimsy, tiny shorts and pulls them down your legs. You start thrashing harder, trying to slow the movements of his hands but your efforts are futile. 
“Stop! What the fuck do you think you’re doing a-asshole!?” You’re on the verge of tears, eyes welling up, bottom lip trembling. You shut your legs as tight as you can in an attempt to impede his quest to remove what’s left of your clothing, but you both know that won’t stop him.
Your entire body stills then seizes up when you see the glint of a box cutter blade in Tsukishima’s hand.
“W-What’re you planning on doing with that?” Your wide, terrified eyes are trained on the blade as he waves it around in the air.
“Stop your whining, I’m not going to cut you with it. It’s just to make removing your clothes easier.” He’s looking at you like a parent would look at a child that was throwing a fit, exasperated and tired of your nonsense. “Hold still and I’ll make this quick. I don’t want to get blood on my sheets just as much as you don’t want to get cut.”
You’re cowering from him, trying to scramble away from him despite the handcuffs anchoring you in place. You gasp when you feel the sharp edge of the blade against your hip, not daring to take another breath. Tsukishima slices through both sides of the little bits of string you call panties, revelling in the way your body trembles underneath him. Another long cut is made down the front of your shirt, the box cutter making quick work of the fabric, and his suspicions are confirmed that you’re not wearing a bra. Of course a whore like you wouldn’t be wearing one.
He admires the enticing curve of your breasts, the way your nipples are hardening in the cool air of his room. Your cheeks are wet with fresh, salty tears and you’re sniveling pathetically. He’s almost tempted to tell you that you’re beautiful like this, tied up and naked, crying, but you don’t deserve his praise. 
“Turn over, face down ass up. If I have to tell you a second time, I have no problems carving you up with this blade.” The threat has you scrambling onto your hands and knees, the action hindered by your restraints but you manage to turn over and present your ass to him.
Tsukishima unbuckles his belt, sliding it through the loops of his jeans. He takes it in his hand and folds it in half, inspecting its structural integrity to ensure he won’t destroy it as he whips you with it. The belt is real black leather, heavy in his palm and he knows it’ll make pretty welts on your skin.
“Now, it’s time to beat all of that sass and attitude out of you.” 
There’s no warning, no pretense before he starts viciously whipping you with his belt and you’re already screaming. If you hadn’t been so difficult, he might have warmed you up beforehand but he doesn’t mind. Your struggle was like foreplay, a little taste before the main course and it has his cock is straining against his pants. 
Every broken cry that leaves your throat sends arousal down his spine and he thinks he 
should’ve done this sooner. 
He would have if he had known how delicious your screams were.
The blonde is relentless, the impact of the belt never lessening, if anything, the smacks become even more ruthless. Your ass is an angry red and he can see some of the skin beginning to split, fresh, warm blood bubbling to the surface around your deeper wounds.
“P-Please stop, it hurts so much. I can’t take it anymore!” You’re fully sobbing now, tears and snot dripping down your face. “I’ll do a-anything,” you choke out between cries, your voice hoarse from overuse.
“Look at you, bawling hysterically from a few licks with my belt. You really are all bark and no bite. How pathetic,” he sneers.
“Tsukkiiiiii! Please, stop. I’ll do whatever you want as long as you stop hurting me.” The way you say his name is harsh and grating against his ears, but he overlooks it in favor of taking what you’ve been dangling in front of his face all this time.
The sound of Tsukishima’s pants hitting the ground makes you stiffen on the bed, slowly and apprehensively turning your head to look at him. Your eyes widen to the size of dinner plates when you see his cock: thick, hard, and leaking precum.
When you feel the dip of the bed underneath his weight, you start shaking and hyperventilating at the realization that this is really going to happen. “You… You’re really going to do this.” You sound so small, so defeated and his chest swells with pride because he did that—he smothered that blazing fire inside you with little more than a few flicks of his wrist.
“Yeah, and there’s nothing you can do about it so just lie there and take it,” he says as he lines himself up against your slit. When he notices the copious amounts of slick drooling out of your quivering pussy, the man can’t help but laugh at your expense. “Are you actually fucking wet from this? Does being fucked against your will turn you on this much?”
Your cheeks burn with shame and disgust because you are wet from Tsukishima’s abuse. It’s wrong, you know that, but your traitorous body doesn’t even feel like your own as it reacts to his touch. No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop the thrusting of your hips to try to catch the head of his cock each time it slots against the tight ring of muscle around your entrance.
“I always knew you were a cock hungry slut. You don't care whose cock is inside this filthy pussy as long as you’re getting fucked, do you?”
You don’t respond, tears welling up in your eyes and leaving watery trails down your cheeks. He’s right. You asked for this—if you hadn’t tempted him, you wouldn’t be handcuffed to Tsukishima’s bed, waiting for him to defile you. 
“I asked you a question,” Tsukishima snarls, fisting your hair in your hand and delivering a sharp spank to your ass. “Tell me how much of a disgusting whore you are.”
“I-I’m a—hiccup—dirty slut that loves t-to get fucked,” you stutter, the words like acid, foul and caustic on your tongue. “All I w-want is a cock inside me.”
“At least you know your place. Now let’s see if this slutty hole of yours is worth anything.” Tsukishima finally thrusts inside you, meeting some resistance from how unprepared you are, but he just pushes harder.
Your walls spasm and clench to try to adjust to his length, but you feel like you’re going to split in half. He’s much bigger than any other man you’ve slept with, stretching and filling you so full your stomach bulges where the tip of his cock is pressed against your cervix.
You scream and writhe on the bed in an attempt to get away from the hard, throbbing length painfully probing your delicate insides, but it’s futile with the handcuffs keeping you firmly shackled to the bed.
“Urgh, shit, for a used hole, you’re so fucking tight. I’m d-definitely going to cum from this.” The blonde takes a sharp breath through clenched teeth, sweat beading on his forehead. He doesn’t want to cum so soon. He can’t cum so soon when he’s waited for this for months.
“P-Please, not inside… I-I’m not on birth control,” you plead softly, hoping he’ll at least spare you the humiliation of having to clean his cum out from inside you.
“Tch, you think I give a shit about that? I’m gonna cum deep inside this pussy, ruin you for Kuroo and any man that’s sorry enough to want to fuck you.” He speaks low, muttering to himself but just loud enough for you to hear.
Despite the aching of your heart each time he speaks, you can feel your pussy begin to give as he fucks into you with abandon, his hips smacking loudly against yours. The sharp burning in your core slowly fades to pleasure as Tsukishima’s cock presses against that little spongy spot inside you that makes you cry out. You bite your lip so hard it bleeds to try to muffle the noise, but it’s no use. He heard you and it just gives him more reason to taunt you.
“Ah, I found it, did I?” the man asks as he hits the spot again and again, making you clench around him as the fluttering of your cunt tells him that you’re close to orgasm. “What a dumb slut you are, about to cream on my cock as I ravage your pussy.”
How utterly fucking humiliating. You’re going to cum on his cock and you didn’t even want this, not with him.
A particularly rough thrust into your g-spot sends electricity down your spine, down your body, and sends you careening over the edge, mouth open in a silent scream. Your sensitive cunt clamps down onto Tsukishima’s cock like a vice, but his ruthless pace doesn’t stop or slow as you shake and convulse underneath him. 
It isn’t like any typical orgasm you’ve had, which are usually blissful and warm, flooding your body with pleasure that makes your limbs heavy and your head fuzzy. No, this is almost painful, as if your orgasm was ripped out of you by force. 
All of your muscles contract as hard as they can and several seconds pass before they relax, your body shaking all the while. As it hits it feels as if a bucket of ice water was poured over your head, shocking and jarring, and you want to claw your way out of your own skin it's all so intense.
Once the last of the aftershocks leave you, you slump forward on the bed, boneless, chest heaving with every breath. You’re too exhausted to hold yourself up as Tsukishima keeps fucking into your overstimulated cunt, taking no regard for you or your body as he chases his own climax. 
You’re whining, gasping, hands fisted into the sheets to try to keep yourself grounded as electricity shoots through you with each thrust. 
“Too muuuch, ‘s too much,” you slur, but it only falls on deaf ears.  
The blonde pulls almost all the way out before shoving himself back inside the tight, wet heat of your cunt, and pushing against your cervix so hard you think he’s trying to fuck that hole too. You’re so fuck drunk that your eyes cross and your tongue lolls out of your mouth, strings of drool staining the mattress.
“Hey,” he calls out, yanking your hair backwards so you’re arched back towards him. “Don’t pass out; I’m gonna cum soon, so tighten up.”
You’re barely conscious by the time his thrusts become sloppy and uncoordinated, his own peak just on the horizon. His grip on your flesh is bruising, no doubt leaving purple marks in the shape of his fingers. The pistoning of his hips gets even faster, lewd squelching noises filling the room.
“Fuck, I’m gonna cum inside this slutty little pussy and you’re going to take it all,” Tsukishima groans, digging his long fingers into your hips as he fucks into you.
All you can do is whine and mewl as he buries himself to the hilt, cursing and groaning as he shoots thick, warm spurts of cum into your sore, quivering womb. He leans forward, resting his forehead on your sweaty back as he catches his breath.
Some time passes before he withdraws and you twitch and gasp, the barest stimulation too much for your abused cunt. You try to curl in on yourself to go to sleep, but Tsukishima grabs your ankle and drags your limp body toward the edge of the bed.
“You really think we’re done here? Not even close. I’m not stopping until I’ve soiled every single one of your filthy holes.”
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artistfingers · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
sketches from the first 3 chapters of my tsukihina fic, soap bubble (●ˇ∀ˇ●)
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nothoughtsnoya · 2 years
Tumblr media
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haikyuuuuuhypeeeee · 3 years
Tumblr media
September Scribbles - Monday, September 27th
Genre: Humor
Featuring: Tsukishima Kei (900 wc)
Prompt: “Why are you doing that?” “Doing what?” “Treating me like a person.” (prompt from www.thefakeredhead.com)
A/N: Okay I had to make up for the Tsukishima angst I wrote last week Lolol. Happy birthday to the sassy middle blocker! 🎉 Also just a heads up Tsukishima thinks something mean about celebrating birthdays - celebrating birthdays is important and existing is something to celebrate! Didn’t want anyone taking it the wrong way!!!
"Happy birthday Kei dear.”
"Little bro! Happy birthday!”
"Tsukki! Happy birthday!”
Tsukishima is ready to tear his ears off.
Everyone and their grandma (as well as his own) has gone out of their way to wish him a happy birthday.
Frankly, Tsukishima can't stand birthdays. Why make such a fuss when he's literally only existed for 365 days? Only dummies who are hazards to society should be praised for not keeling over.
He could understand it for his teammates, but not for him.
And another thing - a bunch of random people feel the to need come up to him and talk to him, just because it's his birthday? Isn't the day about what he wants? Why would he want a bunch of random stuttering over their words to talk to him? He’s certainly not going to do the same for them.
The only thing he can do is get to school soon and find you. Because you won't give a damn that it's his birthday. Tsukishima could trip break his leg and you would point and laugh. And probably call him a dumbass.
That's why Tsukishima gets along with you so well- you both hold a similar disdain for the human population in general and have no problem telling people. A lot of people hate you for it, but Tsukishima’s been there to watch you say you don’t give a shit.
Hinata and Kageyama wont eat lunch if you're there. The last time you had nearly made Hinata cry with frustration and pissed off Kageyama so bad he crushed his milk carton in his hand. It was the best day of Tsukishima's life.
So he finally get to school, dodging people trying to talk to him and makes a beeline for you. But when he open his mouth to greet you, you turn around and surprise him.
"Happy birthday Kei-kun."
You're reading a book, so you don't see the look of utter confusion that comes across his face. He for sure thought you'd treat him normally, and here you are, saying 'happy birthday' like all of the other freaks?
He doesn't like it, and he's gonna get to the bottom of it
"Why are you doing that?'
"Doing what?' You reply without looking up.
"Treating me like a person."
That makes you look up from your book, only to give Tsukishima a glare. "I'm always this nice."
"Not to me." Tsukishima smirks at you, sinking into the familiar banter. "I didn't think you here capable of those emotions."
"Well if you're going to be a prick,” you snap you book shut. "I'm not going to give you your present."
That brings him up short again, and he just stares at you. "You got me a present?'
You look at him like he's the crazy one here. "Yeah, it's your birthday. Here, just take it." You shove the wrapped gift into his hands.
He takes it gingerly, staring at the dinosaurs on the paper. He can't remember the last time he got a birthday present from someone outside his family. Maybe Yamaguchi when they were kids. But he doesn't think he had the same fluttering feeling in his chest like he does now. Careful not to rip the paper he opens his present When he sees the photo on the box, he freezes.
No way.
He tears his eyes away from the brand new, top of the line headphones with noise canceling technology, and looks at you. Your eyes are firmly on the present, intently watching him open it up. But Tsukishima can see the light blush dusting your cheeks and how hard you are trying to not look at him.
“I had to ask your mom if they would be alright.” You must have noticed Tsukishima staring at you but you still weren’t looking at him. “Because the last thing I wanted was to give you the same present you had already gotten or if you even had these already but she said you’d like them and I thought the same thing too so it works out I guess.”
You’re rambling. Tsukishima knows you only ramble when you get nervous, really nervous. Like, final exams and things that ride on your future nervous. So seeing you ramble in front of him now is…unexpected.
Tsukishima doesn’t know how to respond. He loves his present, he loves you (his brain freaks out at that thought but he ignores it for now) but you’re looking like you’re going to faint so he speaks up.
“I’m surprised that your pea brain was able to think of such an useful present.” He drawls. “It seems above your abilities.”
Your gaze snaps to Tsukishima’s face immediately, and he catches the brief glimpse of relief that crosses your face before it’s replaced with indignant rage. You shove his shoulder, making him snicker in response. Back to familiar grounds.
But he does have to change it up once more. “Thank you,” he says sincerely. “Really, this is an amazing present. Probably the best I’ve ever gotten.”
Tsukishima is pleased to see another blush cross your face and relieved at the shoulder shove he gets again.
“C’mon,” you say. “Let’s go to class.”
He follows you to the classroom, still riding the high of receiving brand new headphones and getting them from you. He spends his last few minutes of free time planning what he’ll be getting you for your birthday.
Tumblr media
September Scribbles Masterlist🧡
Taglist: @psycho-nightrose @camcam1617 @kamalymaly @toobsessedsstuff @shookykookie30 @ara-mitsue @meianshugoswife
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giggly-squiggily · 2 years
Good morning!! If your sentence starters are still open, please write lers tsuki + yamaguchi (a fun duo), with lee kageyama, with the sentence similar to "you cannot escape us".
This will be evening for me but Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening anon! :D This is so cute and I love a chance to write for Ler!Tsukki! I've gotcha covered! :3
“Kageyama….” The setter shuttered, twisting around to find himself trapped. His back hit the cool wall as Tsukishima and Yamaguchi approached. Eyes dancing with devilish glee. “You cannot escape us, Kageyama!”
“Stay back…” He tried to sound scary, at the very least serious. His body betrayed him with an involuntary grin, only encouraging his pursuers. “Don’t come any clohoser!” “Was that a laugh?” Tsukishima smirked, raising his hands. “Someone’s excited.”
“Look how giggly he’s getting! How cute!” Yamaguchi agreed, his playful side coming out. He was just as giggly if not more, the sound contagious to the setter before them.
“Stahahay back! I’m wahahharning you-ohohohohoohohohoohoho!” Kageyama arched with a cackle when Tsukishima grabbed his waist, gently kneading his sides. He immediately slid to the floor, smile wide and lips firmly pressed together as he tried to fight back the rest of his laughter. “Noohohoho! Not-Nohohohohot thehehehhere!”
“Hm? What’s wrong king? Too ticklish, you’re majesty?” Tsukishima teased, the usual bite to his comments softening as Kageyama squeaked. Feeling generous, he moved his hands from Kageyama’s sides to his knees. “Okay, why not here?”
“GAH! Wahahahhahahahhait! Noohohohohohohot thehehehhehere ehehheheheheheithheheheher!” The setter cried, his giggles increasing in octave as his knees were squeezed. In the corner of his eye, he could see Yamaguchi slowly approaching. “Stahhahahahy bahahhahahack! Bahahahhack!”
“Tch. So demanding. First you want to tell me where to tickle, and now you want to give orders?” Tsukishima shook his head fondly before once again relocating, dropping down to Kageyama’s feet and tugging off a shoe. “Alright. Yama, get him.”
“Whahahhahat ahahahre you-AHEHAHHAHAHA NOOHOOHOHOHOO!” Kageyama howled when the mentioned boy scribbled into his belly, pressing into the soft spots. Tsukishima at the time had finished tugging off his shoe, scrunching up his nose briefly before scribbling into the socked sole, adding to his tickly torment. “COOOOHOHOHOHOOHME OHOHOHOOHOHN!”
“Hehe, time to give the king his Royal Treatment.”
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oikirstein · 3 years
𝐈𝐤𝐞𝐚 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐩𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠 | ft. T.Oikawa, K.Tsukishima, O.Miya, & K.Sugawara
Tumblr media
Synopsis: After finally getting a place together, you and your s/o go furniture shopping at your favorite store on Earth—Ikea 😍
Contains: Fluff
Posted: 1/5/2021
A/N: Hi um this is my first time doing headcannons and also my first post of 2021, but I don't wanna go to sleep so I’m gonna write these instead! Ikea is one of my favorite places to go to so I think this would be really fun. I also have been binge reading Ikea headcannons. This may or may not just be an excuse to think about domestic life with Oikawa...
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐨𝐫𝐮 𝐎𝐢𝐤𝐚𝐰𝐚
Oikawa is the type of person to go into those little show rooms and say “This is it! This is our apartment right here”
He gets distracted by every little thing, and I mean every little thing
Mans is like a whole ass child. 
You guys could be walking by the TV consoles and he’ll just leave the cart in the middle of the aisle to go look at—and fantasize—about where that specific red metal locker-looking TV console would go
He’ll run up to different displays, point to them, and turn to you with literal sparkles in his eyes and go “Y/N! Y/N-chan! Wouldn’t this go great in the living room?”
You enjoy seeing his child-like smile as he eagerly visualizes how your apartment would be decorated so you let him play interior designer
He honestly is pretty good at creating a cohesive room and you firmly believe that if he wasn’t married to volleyball, he’d definitely be doing something creative
Definitely checks himself out in the mirror section
Tumblr media
𝐊𝐞𝐢 𝐓𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐦𝐚
This man looks bored out of his mind
You’re like running around the store picking up different things and putting them back, throwing stuff into the cart, asking him whether he prefers the canvas or fleece throw pillows, and he’s just pushing the cart and smiling at you
After playing around with the strings of a questionable looking chandelier(??), he remarks that “it’s the ugliest lighting fixture I’ve ever seen”
You’re definitely excited enough for the both of you
He trusts your judgement in the furniture choices for the new place, as he doesn't particularly care, but he makes sure to tell you if something is absolutely horrendous
Acts pretty indifferent until you get to the kids section
He’ll quickly and smoothly slip away from your side to go look at the dinosaur plushies
“You’re a grown ass man and you’re still looking at stuffed animals?”
“Pfffft no,” he says while rolling his eyes and gently placing the triceratops back into the bin
“It’s okay. It’s cute,” you say while placing a chaste kiss on his cheek and throwing the toy into the cart before running away
Tumblr media
𝐎𝐬𝐚𝐦𝐮 𝐌𝐢𝐲𝐚
Osamu’s favorite part about going to Ikea is visiting the restaurant before the shopping begins, and the little eatery by the registers at the end
This man is counting down the seconds until he can eat one of those warm cinnamon rolls
Nonetheless, he proves to be pretty useful in the decision making between furniture
You can kinda go crazy while picking what to put in your new apartment, but he’ll be there to remind you if something won’t fit or if something doesn’t go with the rest of the decor
Let me tell you, this guy is a whole wanderer
You’re the one left pushing the cart most of the time because he’ll just walk away from it to go look at something else
At the same time, he’s also the type to go into those faux apartments, sit on the couch, and tell you to go look around while he waits there
Will sneak up behind you while you’re looking at picture frames and give you a lil tap on your ass when no ones looking so he can see your cheeks flush red
You guys probably pick plants for each other when you get to the end
Tumblr media
𝐊𝐨𝐬𝐡𝐢 𝐒𝐮𝐠𝐚𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐚
You’re both equally crazy
Like borderline getting kicked out crazy
At least one of you owns one of those limited edition Ikea bucket hats
Neither of you can be trusted with the cart
You’d both be feeling up all the rugs in the carpet section and then it’ll click
Both of you look up at each other at the same time, your eyes wide, like “Where’s the cart?!”
It’s safe to say that at the end of the day, your place is going to look like an organized mess
Colors and shapes clashing in all the right ways
It’s almost abstract?
Anyway, you guys are probably taking turns sitting on all the mattresses, all the chairs, and all the sofas you come across
At some point, when you both get tired of running around, you find yourself standing behind the counter of one of the kitchen displays imagining what your new life’s going to be like, when Suga suddenly comes up behind you and hugs you by the waist
“Can you believe it?”
“Believe what?” you say turning around so that you’re facing each other with your back against the marble island
“This could be our kitchen,” he took a step forward to trap you between his arms, “We have a home, baby”
“I wouldn't have it any other way,” you whisper into his ear as you snuggle your face into his neck, taking in his scent like there's no tomorrow
He spins you around and says, “Let’s go,” to continue your adventure
You find it really cute that he makes sure to get some of those arts and crafts supplies for his class
Tumblr media
© all content [unless stated otherwise] belongs to gellysticks 2021. do not modify or repost.
reblogs are greatly appreciated :)
Tumblr media
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bokutsumie · 3 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media
scene redraw :) i wish i made the hair more flowy now that i look at them next to eachother
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levsart · 5 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I have many OC’s and not nearly enough time to draw all of them 
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