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Whoever draws Itachi with glasses in official arts did nothing wrong
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I totally love him a normal and healthy amount
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r3dlif3 · 2 days
Sasori looking like his 15 year old self whilst being 35 could of had so much comedic potential. People assuming deidara is older when they're working together or maybe getting confirmed as a smoker so there's this middle aged man trapped in a teenagers body smoking 5 packs a day to cope with his erratic and destructive co worker.
Hidan would assume he's the youngest and it would followed by sasori throwing him through the ground with his strings he's got anger issues he can't be dealing with two men who are barely adults and act like frat boys. He's older than the majority of the main cast he can't be dealing with them all the only person he tolerates is Kakuzu because he couldn't care less about sasori's weird stature and they've both attempted to kill their partners on a multitude of occasions (more on Kakuzu's side seeing how Hidan is immortal)
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fuck your zodiac sign, whos your favorite Akatsuki member
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komihoyinsblog · 16 hours
Lol, imagine how funny the first arc of wave land will be.
Kakashi: *receives mission*
Kakashi the next day, reading the note: "here's the address of the rented house."
Kakashi, no longer surprised by anything: thanks for not buying this house.
(Obito would have bought the house, but some dead part of his brain responsible for logic told him that Kakashi would never come to this country again and therefore it was a waste of money).
Tazuna, when she sees that that house is rented by Kakashi's team: you are very prompt in your work
Kakashi: yes, I have good connections.
Kakashi's children: how you haven't been killed yet, sensei, you're a perfect prey for the black widow.
Kakashi, nervously: something tells me the black widow will die before me.
(he's right, lol, Obito's gifts are only for Kakashi, hands off).
Now imagine a meeting between Zabuza and Kakashi!
Zabuza: damn, I never thought the angel of death would turn out to be the shadow mizukage's favorite wife.
Kakashi: what? Who? What did you call me???
Zabuza, already with one foot in the pure lands: at least I learned the most guarded secret of the shinobi world, I can die in peace.
And what about Jiraiya, who does a lot of spying and follows the flow of money and information?
Jiraiya: you know-
Kakashi: no.
Jiraiya: I haven't said anything yet.
Kakashi: I don't need to hear anything you have to say.
Oh, it's going to be so much fun writing will Akatsuki here! Because Kisame is aware that Obito is the shadow mizukage, and Itachi is aware that he's Madara.
Kisame, picking up a piece of paper in the shelter: hmm...
Itachi: what is it
Kisame: I don't know, there's some sort of lifetime supply agreement for elite dog food in the name of Kakashi Hatake.
Itachi, wondering what his sempai has to do with this: how did this paper get here?
Tobi, appearing out of nowhere: oops, thanks for finding it! Tobi lost it and couldn't find it anywhere!
Kisame, looking doubtfully at Tobi: why do you need it?
Tobi, abruptly taking the document from Kisame's hands: because Kakashi-sempai has some really cute dogs!
Itachi: yeah, but-
Tobi, lowering his voice: but that's none of your business, thank you all, see you all soon
Imagine how funny Kakashi and Itachi's reunion will be later on!
Itachi: *throws a judgmental look at Kakashi*
Kakashi, in thought: what the hell, isn't he the missing ninja here? Why is he the one judging me then?
I can think of a dozen more funny situations here, maybe I'll write something else!
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Kisame: I will answer the questions only if you defeat me in a duel Q: Kisame, what was it like working with Itachi? Kisame: I can say that I was lucky. I got a fairly adequate partner. It could have been much worse. Kisame: It's just a pity, he's trying to keep me from waving my sword once again. Kisame: he-he-he Itachi: Kisame, no.
Kisame: And you also have to constantly keep an eye on his health. Kisame: It's better not to stand in the rain, catch a cold. Kisame: But in general, we have a lot in common. It's interesting to talk to him, he's a good listener. Kisame: ...And that guy's head flew off so funny from the blow, ahahhahahahah Itachi: *snuffling.*
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horny for them
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KakuHida...my problematic faves...
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18+, mentions of rough sex, hook up/one night stand, sub drop, female reader. Fluff & cuddles, sweet ending ^.^
You’d heard stories from your girlfriends and some women from work about after care. The time to mentally settle down and do other soft things after sex, particularly rough sex. You have experience, being in a few different relationships and some one night stands but you never experienced the joy of after care
So when the time came that you and your hook up finished, you were already slipping your clothes back on. Getting ready to head back home now that things are done. Despite this heavy feeling weighing over your head.
“Where you going princess?” He asked, your ears perked as you looked at him over your shoulder. “Home, we’re done here aren’t we?” You replied softly, your tone even despite the nagging feeling behind it
“Nah, come lay down with me.” He said, his eyes scanning over your face, wondering if you had something important to attend too. When he noticed your hesitation, he stretched out an arm, his muscles protruding as he wraps his hand around your waist, pulling you against his side.
Once he got you comfortable, your face nuzzled against neck, something overcame you and you couldn’t hold back. Tears started falling from your eyes, your hand gripping a small fistful of his shirt.
“Did I hurt you?” He asks, his usual husky tone laced with concern as he took in how vulnerable you are. You shook your head in reply, trying to slow your breathing down enough to answer him.
“Ah, I see” he spoke gently, a large calloused hand pushing strands of hair out of your face. “You’ve never experienced this have you?” His voice is almost like a purr as he watches you reply with a no. He shifts his body once again, him laying flat on his back with you on top of him. Your face resting against his broad chest, his thick arms wrapping around your small frame. Holding you tightly against him
“Don’t worry doll, I’ve got you.” He murmurs. You feel his lips graze the top of your head as he presses a kiss against your hair.
“You’ll never feel that way again. Not ‘s long as I’ve got you”
TOJI, soft SUKUNA, NANAMI, Zetsu, Kisame, HIDAN, KAKUZU, OBITO, SATORU, SUGURU, Pain, orochimaru, Kenpachi, Renji
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“I can fix him dw” [drill sounds] {screaming} [chainsaw revving]
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This screenshot made my whole day so I redrew it🥺 I thought it was just too cute.
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[Impulsive Decisions]
"Tobi didn't have to save Kakashi, he was just..bored! That's right! Tobi was bored."
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