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this was my description of Wargames to my friend who doesn’t watch WWE
accurate? I think so.
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mamirhodessxox · 3 months
One request. 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Angry black suit cody. 😍😍😍
That's all.🙃🙃🙃
Ask and you shall recieve shnookum 🤓☝️
Settle Down
Cody Rhodes x Fem!Reader
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Desc: Cody fires himself up during his Monday Night Raw promo which results into Y/N having to help calm him down backstage.
Contents: Fluff, Cussing, Y/N being a sweetie, angry cody 🤗‼️ (No smut in this one since next oneshot will include smut)
🏷️ list: @alyyaanna @ginswife @coolpastelartshoe @greatkoalawizard @cokolin044 @kotoriarlert @alicerosejensen @bunnybot55 @agent-dessis-posts @adollonyourshelf @mini-rhodes @southerngirl41 @harmshake @femdisa
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“The Rock, took to instagram last week following up with a very entertaining rock concert, too bad he didn’t wanna be here tonight..” the crowd booed “Rock referred to himself as our favorite heel..?” Cody’s voice echoed throughout the arena talking & saying “The nature boy rick flair was a heel. Rock..I don’t think you’re a heel I think you’re an asshole..” Cody scowled directly into the Camera while standing inside the ring as if you two were making eye contact despite the fact you were backstage watching this all go down on the tv that laid against the wall of his dressing room.
“Haven’t you been crying behind the scenes this whole time? I mean once that hashtag came out once they started chanting something else, you went and CRIED to your buddies on the TKO board ‘HEY HEY! This is gonna be some good pr for the rock I need to save wwe’ god knows look at thise house we sure needed saving right?! He said it’s gonna be this great pr for the rock until it wasn’t..” Cody ranted while circling around staring directly at the live camera & you immediately noticed that he was beginning to fire himself up the more he spoke.
“Rock, the TKO folks said to you oh my gosh yes rock yes put on your gucci shirt your muscles will look so big YES YES YES YES! The reason they said it is because they are YES people they are enablers they don’t tell you like it is, so I’m going to.” Cody scoffed as he went on another tangent on how he could admit many things on the Rock but then he pissed himself off so much to the point where he started becoming more verbally agressive “Rock you are also a terrible Salesman a carny succubus and for those who don’t know what that means..Your a whiney BITCH.” He snapped.
Y/N sat in the dressing room staring directly into the fury of his eyes right through the television screen, all this talk about the rock had genuinely started becoming angering to him & bothersome that he somehow managed to upset himself the more he spoke. “You haven’t been in the ring in real time action in YEARS! And April 6th the BELL is gonna ring! What happens rock when it rings? Are you gonna have all that Big Dwayne Energy or LDS?! Little. DICK. Syndrome!” He shouted while all of the fans within the arena started Chanting, Cheering, Shouting waving around their signs while even the announcers chuckled to themselves.
For the rest of his promo he continued ranting, shouting & even going as far as making a sudden deal with The Wiseman Paul Heyman, threatening to pull a Homelander & rip out his throat if he didn’t get to the point which left Paul a little shocked. Once his promo for the night was finished You immediately left the dressing room just as he rushed his way backstage huffing and puffing mumbling with Jey & then approaching you hut you held up your hands that lightly knocked against his chest about to speak but you shook your head
“Cody I can tell you’re pissed off, You upset your own self just by talking about Dwayne alone & before You do anything like take off the suit, get comfortable, go to the bus I need you to grab some water & take a breath.” You spoke softly as you noticed his hands were shaking in irritation and inner rage before he took a deep breath & exhaled while nodding.
“Good. Now let’s get you out of that suit & into the bus before Pharaoh looses his mind..” you pat his shoulder while you two went to the dressing room. You helped him get undressed and for a moment he just legit stood there with boxers on ranting his heart out “Had the nerve on him to mention MY mother y/n and complain about me shedding ONE tear ONE SINGULAR TEAR but this entire time he’s bitching and WHINING to TKO” he started shouting a bit while you folded his suit & packed it away. You turned around & started shushing him softly and pat his chest “Baby your yelling, Settle down okay? I know your pissed hell I would be do if someone talked about my parents like that. But I need you to lower your voice, your throats gonna go raw. Like Monday.”
Cody chuckled at the corny joke you had made to help cheer him up while pulling him into a warm hug as you practiced deep breathes with him “Thank you sweetheart I don’t know what i’d do without you.” You smiled shrugging “I don’t know either.” He snorted and pressed a kiss against your lips “alright now pipe down a bit.” You laughed before giving him one more kiss.
Cody was not an easily angered man, until things like his parents or loved ones getting mentioned but when he had You around? He was going to go a long way when you knew how to calm down in the right ways.
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sydsaint · 7 months
These two bitches r so fucking boyfriend coded its ridiculous.
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espioakakeith · 2 months
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gutwrenchflowerbomb · 2 months
Y’all. That was the most fuckin fanfic ass, overbooked spectacle I’ve ever seen. And that’s saying something cuz my ass has been watching this shit for 30 years.
And now all the “good guys” are out here in the ring celebrating like it’s the end of fuckin Return of the Jedi 😂😂
But I’m glad Cody finished his story.
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harderhart · 2 months
And the moral of the story is.. nine inch nails peppa pig
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730spitz · 4 months
Idk how big of a fandom Grayson waller has, but no matter what I'm in it. He's a goofy little guy who does goofy things, and sometimes wrestles if WWE lets him.
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damiansgoodgirll · 11 months
Coming out from an abusive relationship and Jey uso finding out that yr boyfriend was violent please ❤️😩
jey uso x reader
tw : abusive relationship, mention of violence and angst
Tumblr media
no one can hurt you
your best friend jey was helping you moving out from your old apartment into your new one.
it was hard leaving everything behind but after years of struggling with your psychotic boyfriend you knew you had to do something.
so you did all by yourself. you looked for a new place to stay and without even saying it to your boyfriend you applied and got the apartment.
you knew your boyfriend would never let you go that’s why you needed someone to help you packing and moving stuff out before he would come home. jey said yes without even questioning you. he believed you had your reasons and didn’t want to overstep your boundaries.
he knew your boyfriend was the jealous type. he knew he was very possessive towards you and he also knew he would scream at you sometimes but he he definitely didn’t know about him laying his hands on you. that man would be dead if jey knew.
but jey’s eyes caught a purple spot behind your neck while you were moving boxes around.
“y/n…what is that?” he asked without thinking twice. he really hoped you fell, he really hoped it wasn’t what he was thinking but it definitely didn’t look like a bruise you could get from falling.
“what is what?” you asked.
“that…” he pointed out your neck and you quickly went to cover it with your hair.
“nothing…i just fell” you said trying to drop the topic.
“no you didn’t” he said coming towards you but he stopped the moment he saw you flinching.
“we should hurry, he’s gonna be home in a few hours” you said.
“did you just flinch?” he asked completely shocked. you didn’t answer but your look told him enough “y/n please…tell me what’s going on” he begged you.
he cared to much about you to see you suffer like this.
“nothing’s going on…now can we continue please?” you asked, not wanting to talk about it. but jey wasn’t having it.
“did he do that?” he asked and your look was enough to give him the answer he was looking for “fuck…did he lay his hands on you?” he asked, clearly mad. still you didn’t answer “fuck…”
you turned around not even being able to look at him in the eyes but he gently moved you to face him.
“y/n please…”
“yes…he did this” you whispered.
jey’s hand gently lifted your chin up and made you look at him in the eyes.
“tell me it was an accident…tell me he didn’t purposely do it, tell me…shit please tell me it was an accident and that he didn’t mean to hurt you” he hoped with every cell in his body that it was like this but he already knew the answer. why you were moving out without your boyfriend to know it.
“he…he…i’m sure he didn’t want to hit me” you said “it just happened”
“we both know that’s not what happened…” he gently said “how long has this been going on?”
you knew you couldn’t keep any secret to jey so you started telling him all the truth “he…he started being violent four months ago” you saw jey getting mad “it started as an accident but then i felt like he had fun doing it…i just i couldn’t stop it, i was terrified and i had no idea of what to do…” you cried and his arms engulfed you in a big hug.
“it’s okay y/n, he can’t hurt you now, no one can hurt you…i promise you i’ll keep you safe” he said gently stroking your hair.
“i’m not your problem jey, you have a lot going on and i don’t want to be a burden…”
were you crazy? he wanted to shout and scream how much he loved you but he knew he couldn’t, not when you were in this state, so delicate and fragile.
“no y/n, don’t ever think you’re a burden to me, shit no…you’re my best friend” he wanted to tell you, he really wanted to “…you’re my best friend and i want to keep you safe, i want you to feel safe and happy again”
you couldn’t believe it. for the first time ever you felt like someone really appreciate you and you couldn’t be more grateful.
“okay…” you whispered.
he gently wiped your tears away and helped you packing. you knew you had to be careful and move quickly because your boyfriend was coming home from work and you didn’t want to see him ever again.
he helped you pack everything in his big truck and together drove towards your new place. you liked it there, it was quiet and peaceful and closer to jey’s home.
he stayed with you that night, offering you to help emptying all your boxes away so with two large coffees you stayed up all night. your boyfriend saw you went missing and called you so many times you thought your phone was going to explode but jey handled the situation by blocking him and deleting his number.
you were really grateful to have someone like jey in your life.
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champsamizayn · 19 days
samis keffiyeh im so emotional
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abadbitchblogs · 2 months
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The Shield music had me scared
why’d i think Mox would show up lmao
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mamirhodessxox · 2 months
I’m getting war flashbacks of when my parents would look at my report cards exactly like this
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sydsaint · 2 months
Just a quick reminder that these two goofball boyfriends,
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espioakakeith · 4 days
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Oh yeah.... this fucking dope
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gutwrenchflowerbomb · 2 months
Brother versus Brother. Twin versus Twin. Family turmoil. High drama.
(Brought to you by Dude Wipes. Guys - wipe ya ass)
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star3sworld · 2 months
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Just going to leave this here ☝️
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